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*Offspring Slavery*

---This is a sequel to the story where Eric gets both his mother and sister as his slaves, which begun with the second choice from the introduction in Sibling Slavery second edition. I will be working simultaneously on an alternate version of this story with an alteration of the age of the characters to make it a "lolicon" story. I'll warn you when it's finished.---

It's been exactly eighteen years now since Eric became the father of two beautiful baby girls; one his own sister and the other his niece. Some years ago Eric began to feel his slave-mother was getting a bit old. Of course she still looked a lot younger than she actually was, but still when she reached her fifties her breasts were getting saggy and her body was loosing it's attractiveness; so Eric decided to sell her to a brothel. Emily was sad to have to leave but she had fallen so far in her life of slavery that she almost didn't care who owned her as long as she had an owner.

Eric's daughters were Ann and Beatrice, Ann was his mother's daughter and Bea his sister's. Lydia was now thirty-six and, as her mother did, she looked about twenty-five. Her boobs had grown a bit and were now a nice pair of thirty-four Ds and since she never stopped breast feeding her Master's daughters she was still lactating. She quickly regained her former figure after giving birth to her Master's niece/daughter. Ann was the perfect replica of her mother Emily. She already had large thirty-eight DDs (from the way she was growing Eric expected her to end up with F or G cups), her waist was about twenty-six and her hips were around a thirty-six. She was a redhead (her only real difference with her mother) and had green eyes with sexy lips and a round firm ass. Bea was the smallest of the girls, only four feet eight inches. She had black hair, green eyes, pale creamy skin, twenty-eight C tits, a waist of twenty-three and twenty-nine at the hips. All their lives they knew their mothers more as slaves than actual mothers. They both knew the treatment they endured and the fact that they loved it. They knew that their mothers were mother and daughter and their father was their mothers' son and brother. It was all very normal for them and never even questioned that life. Lydia and Emily made sure to raise their daughters so they would, one day, know the pleasure of serving a master of their own.

All their lives Eric watched his daughters grow and all the time he looked forward for the day when they would both be eighteen. As soon as their bodies started to develop he knew how hot they would be, also he knew his actual slaves wouldn't last forever and one day he might have to replace them. From the age of fourteen Ann and Beatrice learned to always be naked in the house, just like their mothers; but Eric never went any further... until now. He had already grown tired of his mother so he was short one slave, although he was particularly happy today. His daughters thought he was happy for them since they were celebrating both their birthdays at the same time, but in fact the thing that made him smile so much was the thought that he would soon be gaining two new young slaves.

What's next?

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