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A Beast Unleashed

You will be taking on the role of creatures of Myth and Fantasy. From Minotaur's to Lamias and anything in between.

Whilst there are no RPG elements to this story you will be able to choose between giving in to your more animalistic side(This path will tend more towards Forced/Non-con scenes) or using whatever intelligence you have (Still mostly reluctance/Forced but not nearly as hardcore).

The end goal of all the creatures is to feed and breed and as such the end point of each story will be when you have bred enough times. However it can also come to a end if you are killed. People will come after you if you attract too much attention and so death is a risk.

The first story I am going to write for this will mostly be focused on Forced/Non-Con with Large Loads of Cum but I have a few planned that will also go in to Mind-Control and even Consensual Couplings. Hence being under the Miscellaneous tag.

To make things clear the first chapter of each will have its main fetish in brackets.

What's next?

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