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A Dream Come True Ch. 01

This is a two part story. Part I is reality and true while part II is my Dom's dream.

PART I - The truth

I'm an American abroad, been in Europe most of my life, now 58 years old and have been married twice with little success. I decided to change what I'm looking for, after having reflected on my previous relationships, where I had also two TG/TS relationships as well. After a short period of thinking I decided to look for a submissive TV that desired a slave relationship while being transformed into passive shemale with the mentality towards a 24/7 TPE relationship. Luckily I don't have financial problems in realizing my dream slave if only I can find the right raw material with which I can work on.

I subscribed to various alternative internet sites that showed many CD/TV/TG profiles and I set my entire search basis on submissives/slaves. In the meantime I had been a long time subscriber to the hot BDSM literary site called from where I was getting further ideas of my ideal shemale slave. At this point the search began.

I riffled through many profile searching for the one person that had those qualities that I retained necessary or fundamental that he/she needed to become the slave I desired. He/she needed to have an effeminate body, young enough to have the most effect from the hormone therapy that he/she would endure, a female mind and a slave's heart.

I chatted, I messaged and e-mailed with different potential candidates describing what I was looking for and what I wanted to do to them, how I would transform them and what I expected from them. I read their responses, some shied away from 24/7 TPE relationships, some refused body modifications such as piercings or tattoos, others were too masochistic for my tastes (I like inflicting some pain but more as a method for training, punishment or pure public humiliation, but not for the pleasure of the victim), others were willing on the transformation but to keep the slavery/BDSM/humiliation activities within the walls of the home and lastly I was refused for my smoking habit.

One day in early January 2017 I may have found my ideal candidate. His/her profile seemed a bit extreme but sincere.

"Have you ever wanted your own custom made transexual?? Well here is your chance. I'm looking to be made into a slave shemale for the rest of my life. I have not started any part of the transition so you would have total control over it. Whatever you want done surgically to me to make me a woman is yours to decide.

You will one night come without telling me and kidnap me as I am walking in from work. Then you would sedate/drug me and preferably flown out of the country to somewhere where I can't be found.

Then, while I am still knocked out, you will have a professional surgeon do all the surgeries needed to make me a bimbo shemale. Breast implants, vocal cords surgery, Adam's apple shaving, castration, body hair removal, and whatever else you desire. Then, while I am still unconscious recovering, have someone come in and permanently trim my eyebrows to look more girlish, have a weave/extensions put in my hair, and have long fake nails put on me. Then when I wake up I will be trapped as a shemale forever with the last memory I had before, while walking home from work.

I AM 100 PERCENT serious about it. If you can make that happen then I will live the rest of my life as your wife/girlfriend/daughter or whatever you want, personal sex slave. Once again I am completely serious about this."

The photos were nice, the profile presented nicely and I started messaging with him/her.

At this point I'll refer to my candidate using simply the female gender as I want her to identify herself always as a female as I did in our messages.

I described what I was looking for and that I wanted to transform her into a sexy shemale bimbo slave full of piercings on nipples, tongue and boiclitty (to be locked to another ring under her boiovaries), humiliating tramp/sissy/property tattoos on her future large breasts, ass, legs, ankles, and wrists. She always came back with positive answers even when I sent her sissy comic illustrations of my dream shemale slave.

Part II - My Dom's dream

After a few months of messages, chats and Skype conversations I send her a draft of a slave contract and we discuss it. To my amazement she agrees to everything even though the contract is in English and we both know that it would never be legal in Europe but in our minds we both recognize it as being a legal document. It's fashioned as a single copy contract that I would put in the safe and whomever has it is the slave's Owner.

She signs it with her male name (aka Emily Kennedy, name that I will allow her to legalize and only use for legal purposes. Otherwise she will be better known as sissie b. "bitch" barbie), inserting in the blanks her full male name and her SSN (Social Security Number). The document is then scanned and sent back with an e-mail with her work schedule and the hours she would be going to work and coming back home after work.

In the meantime, I've been chatting with a Domme that happens to be a Doctor for a hospital local to my slave and has access to drugs that can knock sissie out while we kidnap her coming home from work. We begin to organize our thoughts as to how and when to put the kidnapping into effect and how to get her out of the country undetected. I forgot to mention that the kidnapping has been previously consented in the contract, therefore, not illegal and eventually can claim that it was simply role playing.

Once the plan seems to have been well organized, I fly to the slave's country and meet up with the Domme Doctor to fine tune the plan, I stake out the slave's home for 3 days to see if the schedule she gave me is correct, it is. In the meantime I check out if there are in the area police camera's that might identify me or the Domme Doctor and the "kidnapping crime", I don't see any.

Day 4 - The Doctor borrowed a van from one of her subs and drives it to the area where the snatch will happen, I'm already there waiting. It's morning and the victim is about to go to work, better the morning, she may not expect it as she has always referred to her kidnapping being done upon her return from work. The Doctor is ready, with her hands in her pockets in rubber surgical gloves holding onto the bag that contains the chloroform drenched rag ready to be used. My assistant draws the victim to the van with an excuse regarding map direction, she takes out the rag and presses it against the victim's mouth and nose as I pop out of the van side door to grab her from falling and drag her into the van.

The Doctor having rendered the slave unconscious slips into the van after us and takes out a syringe with a drug that will keep the to be sissie barbie unconscious for a few hours. Then the Doctor goes back to the driver's seat and drives off to an abandoned warehouse where we then transform the victim into a sissy slave ready for transportation.

Upon arrival to the warehouse I drag the unconscious body to a table and together with the Doctor we remove her clothing. Undressing her to my surprise, under her outer clothing she is wearing pantyhose, panties and has pink nail polish on her feet. My excitement rises as we remove all her clothing.

Next I prepare her for the trip; I place on her a CB6000 on her boiclit, a steel slave choker collar, steel wrist bands and a full-head ball gag. I tied with some soft rope her ankles and knees together and turn her over so that I may tie her elbows and wrists together. Nearby there is a smallish 1930's travelling wardrobe trunk waiting open, in it there are four loose belts fastened on the narrower side, I lift my new slave from the table and carry her to the trunk, lay her in a sitting position on its floor with her legs bent and quickly position her as I start strapping the first belt just over her future bust so as to keep her in the sitting position without slouching over. Next the belt at the waist is fastened and for last, the longer belt that forces her knees to her chest. The last thing before closing it is to place in the metal slots next to her head the padded cushions and close the belt around her head including the padding so that she may not be hurt during the travel and hold her head in position. I close the trunk and lock it and load it on the van.

I had told her to always carry her passport with her and as I riffle through her things I find it and place it in my jacket pocket while stuffing any money she had in my pants. In a barrel I drop everything else, pour gasoline and light the fire to destruction.

The Doctor drives us to a nearby port where I chartered a 35' Bertram, with no small difficulty I load the trunk onto the boats' deck, I thank the Doctor and we say our goodbyes.

We are near the Mexican border, in Texas with destination a small port in the Tamaulipas region where my slave will start her new life and transformations. I toss the lines and the boat starts surfing on the water toward the exit of the port. Once out and well beyond the 12 mile limit, I open the trunk just enough to see my slave and give more breathing air than she had, I release the belt around her legs and wait till she shows signs of life as we cruise toward Mexico. After about an hour and a half later I start hearing muffled sounds coming from the trunk, she's awake. I put the motors in neutral and go to her, release all the other belt straps and pull her out of the trunk, she recognizes me as I untie the ropes around her ankles and knees, she struggles to her knees as I place myself in front of her and say:

"Hello sissie barbie. This is the moment your new life begins."

She struggles to bend forward and places her gagged mouth on my bare feet. At that point I bend over, slip my hand under her chin and raise her to a sitting kneeling position and ask her:

"If I take off the gag will you behave?"

She quickly nods.

I was not surprised. I removed her gag and she spoke her first words as my 24/7 TPE slave.

"Thank you Master."

(To be continued)
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