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A Friend Electric

So I open the door

It's the 'friend' that I'd left in the hallway

This is a relatively quick short, I have written to show those people who have expressed an interest that I am still writing. At the moment I am struggling with the prequel to Inheritance and this came along. Don't know how far it will go, or even what people will think about it, but here it is. All the usual disclaimers, all human characters are over 18. And remember a 'bot is for life not just for Christmas.


Kami pulled her hair back and slipped the plug into the port on the nape of her neck. There's only so much you can do over Wi-Fi, sometimes you need a really high-speed cable connection. Lying back she let her awareness, her 'ghost', dive into the web.

Freed by the software in the implant at the base of her skull, from the need for a monitor and keyboard, Kami 'saw' the internet as if it was real or as if she was a part of it. In a sense both were true, the eighteen year old was both submerged in the internet and reclining comfortably on her bed at home, but she was also surfing the net with her ghost. It had been an expensive fitting, but freed from hardware Kami's 'ghost' could manipulate the web as if it were solid, she could float through websites as if they were mist, and even mask her presence using a piece of software she been given by an ex-boyfriend.

Kami kept away from all of her usual haunts, away from the places where her friends would be, hiding her presence 'onlne', and headed in a different 'direction'. She had an asset ID and she was heading for that. This was exciting and she felt a thrill in the forbidden nature of her quest. Her ghost slipped through the bright neon of the web, past pop-up advertisements, past the university domains, and some commercial domains, until she came to the place she was looking for.

Now she was here and she was sure she had the right address.

A lever sub-routine -- the infotech student had written some of the code herself, and password -- but she knew what that was (a name and the date of a first birthday) and the door before her opened and she was in.

Her 'eyes' opened.

They weren't her eyes, Kami's eyes, they weren't even human eyes. They were the eyes of a cyber-sex doll, a fembot, or as some people called them -- Companion Dolls. Not as sophisticated as a full cyborg, or as expensive, though they weren't cheap. The dolls were loaded with sensors and subroutines designed to give the 'bot's owner and user all the pleasure they wanted. Owners could customise their appearance, make the breasts larger or smaller, choose options for nipples and areolae, they could pick a pussy from a catalogue, even down to the size and shape of the clit. More importantly they could select the subroutines and actions -- what the doll would be willing to do, even not be willing to do(for people so inclined). For many customers the dolls were popular because they offered no commitment sex and an absence of emotions (though many owners were strongly attached to their dolls, and related to them in ways they often found it difficult to relate to other humans).

Kami extended her ghost further into the machine -- coming at the doll from inside she did not need the activation code - and tested its limbs, the fingers and torso movement. The doll had a quite a range of movement, as much as a normal human female, but normally the movements were dictated by the owners and their established routines. Rarely were the dolls able to move freely. However Kami was able to experience the feedback loops as the doll stood and took several steps. Kami discovered she could use her ghost to feel what the doll was feeling, even down to the feel of the chair beneath her.

Kami wasn't sure why she wanted to 'dive' the doll. Kami had seen it brought into the house and ushered into her father's suite, and after that she had spent hours looking at it, trying to understand the steel, silicone and software. Kami didn't understand why her father wanted it. He was a handsome man, and was often in the company of beautiful women, why did he need the doll? It piqued her curiosity and she wanted to know more about it. Often when she found something she didn't understand she would poke around it until she understood more. Her friends and her father all laughed about it but it was something she did. It made her what she was. As she explored further Kami could feel a tiny conflict between the sex-doll's software and her ghost -- as if the software was resisting her -- as her ghost roamed the pathways inside the machine.

The doll's eyes were looking at a very familiar room, Kami knew it well. It was her father's room. Kami wasn't supposed to go in there but she did so regularly. Kami activated the aural sensors, and scanned the head from side to side, up and down. Looking down she saw the doll was dressed in a generic school girl uniform, complete with white socks.

A red symbol appeared in her cyber 'vision', it was a warning that her father had entered the main gate of the house. Quickly Kami retreated from the doll, returning its pose to what it was before she started her exploration. In the time it took her to frame the thought she was looking across her own room, and she was able to remove the cable and get up.

"Hey princess!" Kami's father greeted her warmly, "How was college?"

Kami kissed her dad's cheek, inhaling his scent as she did. "Oh! It was okay! We have some coding projects, think I may have to put some in over-time."

Dan Hendrix smiled, he was proud of his lovely daughter and her ability. He particularly admired her work ethic. "Is there anything I can help with?"

"No thanks daddy. Just don't expect to see a lot of me this weekend."

"Wow! It must be important." He laughed.

"Super high Priority One." Kami told him.

Dan sat down, and looked at her. "Well to be honest I was planning on going away for the weekend, so I wasn't going to be around much myself. Will you be okay being on your own?"

"Let me see." Kami told him thoughtfully, "I might have a problem booking a band, and getting caterers, but it shouldn't be problem to recruit eight hundred raving maniacs to drunkenly trash the place on Saturday night...."

Dan looked at her -- reminding himself how much she looked like her mother when she smiled -- he shook his head, "the problem is -- I know what you're like. You'll probably spend the evening hooked into the net -- just don't forget to eat and drink." He said as he moved towards the door to his suite.

"Are you taking the doll?"

Dan stopped, looking at his daughter, wondering whether this was a loaded question.

"Yes, I am." He told her, "It's an owner's event."

Sometimes, Kami reflected, her father was more Japanese than her mother had ever been. He had adapted to Japanese culture when they had lived in Tokyo, and brought it with him now they lived back in Britain. This doll meet thing was -- as far as she understood -- a typical Japanese male thing. "Have fun." She said simply, and went back to the kitchen to make something for them to eat.

On Saturday morning Kami watched from inside as Dan had the doll walk to his car and then sat her inside, buckling her in the back passenger seat. He kissed Kami goodbye and left her a wad of cash for emergencies, and set off for the hotel where the meet up would take place. Dan was heading around the M25 to a hotel in Surrey. He would be on the road for a good hour and a half.

Kami went upstairs and actually did do some work on her college project. After a couple of hours she inserted the network cable into her implant and began a dive.

Reaching the doll was easier now, instead of having to traverse the web she found the portal for the doll's software waiting for her, the equivalent of a favourite on a desk top system.

Carefully she entered the software, trying not to give her presence away with any unusual signs or anomalous movements. The aural pick-ups on the doll heard her father moving around the hotel room, she could hear him in the bathroom. From where Dan had seated her, the doll's vision picked up Dan's clothing laid out on the bed

Her father walked out of the bathroom towelling his head dry, otherwise he was naked and Kami saw her father's cock, flopping from side to side as he walked. Dan was not a muscleman, but he did keep himself in shape. Kami was impressed, it wasn't the first one she had seen and it compared favourably and she watched him as he dressed.

Kami had no sexual feelings towards Dan, she was driven purely by curiosity. She was trying to learn about the doll from the inside. It wasn't that she didn't see her father as a sexual man -- he was tucking the evidence for that inside his trousers now. And she often saw him with women, so why, she asked herself again did he dedicate himself to this doll.

She was extracting herself from the drive, in the process of dropping out and going back to her room when Dan looked down at the doll and said, "Come on Kami, ready to go?"

Looking up at the ceiling of her room Kami was stunned.

He'd called it by her name.

She reached for her water bottle, and took a drink as she thought about what it might mean. Was she annoyed because he'd called the doll after her? She wasn't sure.

Why call it after her?

He couldn't?

He didn't?

Would he?

Could he?

Kami dove again.

The scene had changed -- the optical pick-ups scanned the room in front of it -- she refused to call it a she or by her name. It was obviously a function room and it was scattered with exotically dressed fembots, all dressed in an eclectic assortment of costumes, there were school girls -- several of them ranging from classical to slutty. There were a couple in leather or rubber, one in a kimono. One, she saw briefly, was 'naked', but not human naked. This doll was exactly as she emerged from the factory, with the synthetic skin normally preferred on a doll like this replaced by the sleek panels normally beneath the skin. Kami caught a glimpse of the dark outlines of the panels before her father's doll followed him onwards. The men she saw were, an assortment of types and sizes were in formal clothes.

But finally the doll stopped as her father gestured it should stand next to his chair, and turn around. As the doll turned around Kami realised she was looking at herself/it in a mirror. And what she saw stunned her. The doll did not look like her, though it had black hair like hers. But it was wearing clothes exactly like hers -- a t-shirt featuring Klock, a rock band she had been a fan of for years. The skirt that the doll wore was similar to one she owned, black knee length socks and the sneakers were a brand that she wore as well. For a moment Kami was tempted to stop the dive and go and check her cupboards, but she wasn't going to miss any of this.

And a boring hour later Kami was wondering whether she should have stopped the dive there and then.

Her father had the doll sit down and even placed a glass of something in front of it -- and that was it. A series of men came and admired 'her' -- discussing the sex doll in a generally dispassionate way, though one or two of them got a bit 'trembly' when they came very close. Kami wondered if this was how a car felt at a car show. At one point her father went off for a walk round so he could look at some of the other dolls. During his absence one of the men who had been there earlier came back, quite furtively. It was very disconcerting to Kami when he leaned in and examined her minutely. The eyes of the doll picked up every little detail of the man's face -- especially the myriad of blocked pores. Kami wanted to back away from his probing gaze, but she resisted.

Soon the man moved away, muttering and not long afterwards she saw him leave with his doll -- the one dressed in a kimono following on behind him.

Her father returned soon after his departure. With him was another man, as tall as her father, but not as good looking as far as she could see. As the man sat down with his doll, Kami saw that it was the one with no synthetic skin. The panels were a smooth biscuit coloured plastic with black lines where the panels met and the joints flexed. Only one part of the doll looked human and that was the face. Still the pale biscuit colour of the other panels, the dolls face was heavily made up with thin, dark plum-coloured lips. The doll's eyes had been outlined with an airbrushed black, showing her pale grey eyes. Lastly a silver wig streaked with slivers of blue covered the dolls head. It was a startling look, and Kami was surprised by how well it worked.

The two men talked about the dolls for a while, mundane things like names -- the android looking doll was Pris. Kami thought it was from a film, but she was too busy to call up a new window to google it. The other man -- Dave -- liked the name Kami, he said it suited the doll. They talked about maintenance and power consumption, even comparing the model and mark details. After both men had had a couple of drinks together they parted and Kami's father went back to his room.

By now Kami was very, very bored. She wasn't sure what she had expected -- her wildest thoughts had been some sort of cyber doll sex orgy, but this was almost as bad as stamp collecting. A timer in her cyber world told her she'd been diving for over three hours, time for a pit stop.

As Kami was leaving the bathroom her phone rang - called ID told her it was her dad, checking up.

"Oh yeah, it's good Dad. There's less than 50 of them, but Jessie's older brother got us beer and people are getting ready to jump into the pool from my bedroom window."

Her father laughed, "Just remind them we don't have a pool Kam."

Kami put her over the phone for a moment then went back to her father, "It's okay, dad, Robbie Walsh just found that out." Without a pause she went on, "How's your thing Dad? Seen any other good dolls."

Her father laughed at the other end of the phone, "Oh I've seen a couple, but's it's actually not that exciting."

"So we're probably going to end up playng spin the bottle, at least when the paramedics are finished with Robbie, what're you doing?"

"Dinner and a few drinks I think," her father told her, still laughing.

"Okay! Well, behave, I love you," his daughter told him, starting to close the call down. She heard her father say "Love you too!" as she shouted "OI! NO!" at an imaginary party goer.

In the quiet house Kami took a juice from the fridge and a banana. Lounging in her leggings and t-shirt, she flipped through the tv channels before she activated her implant and googled the name Pris.

A 'replicant' from an old film, she could see how the man had come by the name even if the doll didn't look entirely accurate.

Flipping back to her living room Kami thought about it. She could see the logic of it. The man had obviously called his fembot doll after the character from the film because he was attracted to Pris in the film, Kami could see that. Beside the obvious, created, resemblance to herself, what was it her father saw in his doll? What was it he needed from it?

Kami called up the film and watched it for a while, but she couldn't settle to the dark style and constant rain. She went to her room and dove again.

As she entered the doll, Kami's ghost senses were immediately assaulted. Through the doll's eyes she could see her father looming over her, supporting himself on his arms and moving against her. Oh! She realised her dad was fucking the doll! Well that explained a lot.

She could feel his hardness moving inside it, feel the doll's arms around him, sense the movement of its legs around his waist. Kami wasn't a virgin, and hadn't been for a couple of years, so she understood well what was going on and despite the fact it was her father, her curiosity over-rode any sense that what she was doing was inappropriate and she herself was beginning to feel more than a little turned on. Even so, and despite the fact that her senses and the dolls sensors were linked, Kami also felt a curious sense of detachment.

The vocal circuits for the doll kept making "oooh!", "aaaah!" and sqeaky "myeah!" sounds, which Kani thought were quite disappointing, certainly, she mused, if it was her doll, she would want more. But her father seemed to be enjoying it certainly he was working hard at coming and mauling the realistic flesh of the bots tits and hips. The harder he fucked the more the software reacted, and the doll responded.

Kami felt the arms and legs move as they wrapped themselves around her father's broad shoulders and lean hips. Its feet crossed behind him and pulled him in to it. The sensors felt each thrust and responded within micro seconds giving a very good -- or so Kami though -- simulation of matching her father's rhythm. One dispassionate part of her mind admired what the designers had done. Without a very expensive AI they had managed make the fembot's responses look as if they were being run by a much more expensive 'brain'. It was actually, she thought, quite clever. They even threw in the odd mis-timed thrust to give it a more natural feel.

She watched her father -- he really was very handsome and she could see what her mother had seen in him all those years ago. Kami watched him for a few minutes, saw him working at his relief. Saw him tense and felt the doll hold him close, the feedback loop making sure it didn't injure him, a he shot deep inside the 'bot. Fleetingly she wondered who would clean the mess up, but she decided it was time to go.

Back in her room Kami took a long drink of juice before heading for a shower.

She couldn't deny what she had seen had made her horny.

She could feel the 'itch' and she reached down inside her sweats and stroked herself. It was delicious, if a little strange. At first, as her finger slipped between her outer lips she could feel her clit grow, even as the image of her father's thrusting body loomed over her mind's eye. If she wanted to Kami could have replayed it in her ghost, but at times like these she preferred to keep it 'natural'.

She slipped her sweats off to free her legs and teased her clitoris -- growing sick with her juices, before she reached for her night stand, and the small silver vibrator she kept there.

Clicking it on she played the tip across her clit, and down around her lips. "Mmmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned loudly writhing luxuriously at the feeling. Kami slid her hand up under her tank top, pushing the sports bra out of the way and teasing her right nipple.

"Oh!" She gasped aloud, the orgasm was small but intense, and still images of her father fucking away at the doll flitted through her mind.

"Yes!" She began penetrating herself with the vibrator, slipping it in and out rapidly with her right hand and she twisted her hips on the bed and she slipped her left hand back to her clit. Working for the big orgasm she knew was lurking, Kami worked with an intense look of concentration on her face. Each effort was made with a puffing hiss of expelled breath, like a tennis player or similar.

Soon she could feel the orgasm coming, she started to reach for it timing the bursts of activity to draw out, coaxing it, working for it, teasing it from deep in her hips. Interspersed with each surge of activity there was an image of her father looming over her, thrusting into her, fucking her.

"OOOHHH!" it was as much a yelp as it was anything else as the orgasm grabbed her and shook her. Kami shuddered each time the pulsing cums hit her, and she sank into the sheets of her bed, still twitching.

At last she lay still, the after-glow of one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had fading slowly. Kami knew that eventually she would need to get up and get a shower, but for now, she decided she would just stay right there. She smiled to herself at the thought that her father had helped her to such a powerful cum.
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