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A New Janet

My wife, Janet and I have been married almost fifteen years. Janet is 5"3," 115#, hazel eye's, blond (only on the top though) 36c-27-37. Her nipple's are the size of a dime when they get hard and they are sensitive and she loves to have them licked on, sucked on and played with and she keep's her pussy hair neatly trimmed. For years, our sex life has bee almost none, existent, maybe a Fuck once every six month's. Janet did not care for sex and didn't even care to talk or hear about it.

Up until about six month's ago, Janet had never had my cock in her mouth. She love's to have her pussy eaten though and that's what I would usually do to her, eat her delicious cunt to bring her to orgasm. One time after eating her pussy and bringing her to an orgasm, she unexpectedly took my cock and started jacking me off and ask me if I liked it and before I could answer, she moved down, took my cock, engulfed it in her mouth and started sucking it.

I didn't pop a nut though, I was ready and she must have sensed it, because she took it out of her mouth and finished by jacking me off until I blew a nut and then we just laid there in each other's arm's before drifting of to sleep. I used to tease Janet too about a threesome and she would always give me a dirty look and tell me to shut up. But the last time I teased her about it, she ask me if I meant her with two men or me with two women. Naturally, I told her it would be her and two men as I would love to see another man fucking her and his cock in her pussy and see another man's cock in her mouth, her sucking his cock. She smiled and said that might be interesting.

The following Friday night, Janet and I were getting ready to go out and just for kicks I looked at Janet and said to her, "Why don't you go without a bra and panty's?" And to my surprise, Janet took them off. We got to Club 21 and it was packed as usual. About 10 o'clock, Janet was a little tipsy when some guy came up and ask her to dance. she looked at me and I told her to go ahead. I watched them dancing and I could see the guy pull Janet to him, it wasn't long before his hand was rubbing her ass cheeks and they were grinding their hip's together, as if they were dry Fucking. Then I noticed his hand slip under Janet's skirt and his hand went right to her pussy. He must have started finger fucking Janet right there on the dance floor. Janet's eyes were closed and she looked wobbly and weak kneed.

he song finished and he brought Janet back to the table and her nipple's were hard and proudly visible through her blouse and I think her pussy was soaked and she was very excited and horny. Janet ask him to join us and I started thinking, was this going to be the lucky guy that finally gets to Fuck Janet and I started to get excited. He went and got his drink and came back to the table and sat on the other side of Janet. We casually talked for a few minute's and I noticed that his hand had slipped under the table and Janet's eye's got wide. He was running his hand up and down her leg and it didn't take him long before he actually noticed and realize that Janet didn't have any panty's on and his hand went straight to her hairy pussy and he started massaging her cunt right there. Janet's eye's got wider, but she didn't take his hand away.

She wickedly looked at him and put her hand under the table and went for the zipper of his jeans. She unzipped them, reached in and grabbed for his cock and pulled it out. It was bigger than mine, it was a full 9 inch's long and somewhat thicker. Janet started stroking his cock and when she looked at him, his eye's were closed. Without a word, he slipped under the table and went straight for Janet's pussy. Licking and sucking, eating her pussy right there, a bar full of people and he was eating my wife's cunt and Janet was loving it!

Janet as usual, loved having her pussy eaten and I don't know if it were because we were in the bar with a bar full of people getting her pussy eaten or a strange man eating her pussy, but, Janet just sat there until the orgasm building in her became too much, she grabbed his head and pulled it tightly to her pussy. She started moaning and had to bite her lip to keep from screaming, started cumin and her juices were flowing out of her pussy and the guy was licking up all he could.

When Janet's orgasm subsided, the guy got up from under the table, still licking Janet's pussy juice's from his lip's. Janet was very hot and horny as I had ever seen her, looked around to see if anyone was watching, smiled and said to him, "the least I can do is return the favor." And to my wild surprise, Janet disappeared under the table! She grabbed a hold of his hot, rock hard, 9-inch cock and started gently stroking it. I could tell when Janet put his cock in her mouth.

He sucked his breath in. I just sat there with the biggest hard on I have ever had. I looked up and seen Dee, Janet's daughter was standing there. Dee asked me where her Mom was and I smiled at her and said "under the table." Dee said, "yea right." I put my arm around her and told her to look. Dee leaned over and she and I peeked under the table and there Janet was, her head bobbing up and down on the guy's cock and we could tell they both loved it. Dee sat down in shock and amazement, but got a strange, wild look in her eyes, so I ordered her a drink.

About this time, the guy was close to coming and I knew that Janet would not leave his cock in her mouth when he blew a nut.. All at once the guy reached under the table and with both hand's, grabbed Janet's head, holding it onto his cock, his cock got bigger and started twitching and Janet could feel it twitching and jerking and she knew that he was going to cum, she tried to take it out of her mouth, but the guy held her head on it. He was pushing Janet's head back and forth on his cock, when he exploded, squirting a huge load of cum into Janet's mouth, she couldn't take it out of her mouth, so she had no choice other than to start swallowing his squirting load of cum, realizing that cum did not taste all that bad, as a matter of fact, Janet realized that it tasted good and she liked the taste of his cum.

But, just when Janet thought he was done Cumming, her mouth still wrapped around his cock, he let loose with another huge spurt of cum, which Janet happily swallowed. He finally let lose of Janet's head and she let his softening cock slip out of her mouth with a plop, kissing and cleaning it up with her tongue before she was done. It was right at that moment that Janet realized that she liked to suck cock and sperm tasted a lot better then she had ever imagined and she liked the taste of sperm and wondered if every guy's sperm tasted that delicious and tasted the same and that she was determined to find out.

Janet got up from under the table, seen Dee there and said "hi" to her. Janet still had a little bit of cum on the corner of her mouth and a drop on her chin and she surprised me when she took her finger and scooped it into her mouth and swallowed it. I realized that I had my hand on Dee's cunt and was massaging it, so I started to remove it for fear of Janet getting upset, but Dee had other idea's. She grabbed my hand and put it back to her pussy. Janet ask the guy if he wanted to join us at our house for a drink or two and he told her he would love to and he would tell the other's he was with, not to wait for him. Janet looked at him and asks him to invite the black guy that was at the table to come with them. So I got an idea and asked Dee if she wanted to come over too.

She smiled and said she would be a half hour or so behind us. When we got to the house, I could tell that Janet was ready for a good fucking and I was confident that she was going to get it! When we were in the house, Janet sat on the couch and each of the guy's sat on each side of her. Janet started to unbutton her blouse, but the black guy moved her hands away and finished unbuttoning it and pulled it off her and let it drop behind her, leaving her beautiful, 36c tit's exposed. The other guy had unzipped her shirt and pulled it off her also. There sat my wife, completely naked, her tit's and pussy plainly in view for them. The black guy got down in front of Janet and started eating her pussy, while the white guy got up so he could have Janet give him another fantastic blowjob.

He aimed his cock for Janet's mouth and she eagerly swallowed every inch of it! They all came within seconds of each other and Janet suggested they take their cloths off and get naked with her and we all go into the bedroom. As Janet was getting on the bed, the black guy grabbed her by the waist and held her there while he aimed his cock for her pussy. He was having a little problem hitting her cunt, so I went up to him and took his cock in my hand and I admit that it felt good and put it up to Janet's pussy and with one big lunge, he buried it to the hilt. Janet screamed at the size of it as it rammed it's way deep into her pussy, it had to have been every bit of 12 inch's long and at least 4 or 5" around.

But she was meeting his thrusts with her own; his ball's slapping against her ass, her tit's swaying with every thrust. I got undressed and had my cock in my hand jacking off by then. The other guy was facing Janet and he was jacking off too. Janet had orgasm after orgasm with the black cock slamming her pussy. The black guy let out a grunt and started Cumming, Janet was cumin and the guy in front of her started cumin at the same time, he shot his cum all over Janet's face while the black guy was filling her cunt with a load of hot, gooey, creamy cum!

They were not done yet, while the black guy's cum was running out of Janet's pussy, the white guy got behind her and plunged his cock into Janet's cunt and started fucking her. It was then that Dee came in; she looked at her Mom, who had just taken the black guy's cock in her mouth and was sucking on it. The guy was literally mouth fucking her and Janet was loving that 12 inch cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. That excited Dee and she took her cloths off and I motioned her to come over to me, I was still jacking off, but slower. Dee came over to me, took my hand away from my cock and replaced it with hers. Dee stood over me and lowered herself down and I felt my cock at the entrance to her well used pussy as she had fucked some guy in the parking lot before coming over.

She dropped down onto me and my cock went all the way into her wet, juicy cunt. She started riding me, raising up and down, her little tit's swaying to her rhythm, letting the head of my rock hard cock feel the inside of her pussy. I reached around and started massaging her small tit's, which I guessed to be about 32b tit's and squeezing her small, rock hard nipple's. It wasn't long before I could tell I was going to shoot a load in her. I let loose and shot stream after stream of cum into Dee's pussy. Then, without a word, Dee got up, her pussy dripping cum and went over to the bed and got under her Mom and started licking the white guy's cock and her Mom's pussy at the same time. I had never wanted to eat Dee's pussy, but for some reason, I got up, went over to Dee, threw her legs over my shoulder's and put my head between Dee's leg's and started licking and eating her delicious tasting pussy.

The black guy seen that and he pulled his cock out of Janet's mouth, came around behind her, and positioned himself to slam his cock in Dee's cunt. I seen it coming and took his big, black cock and put it against Dee's cunt and he slammed it all the way in. Dee screamed as 12 inch's of black cock buried itself in her cunt. He didn't waste any time as he began giving Dee a fantastic Fuck! Dee's head, not far from her Mom's pussy, she turned her head and started licking her Mom's cunt and the guy's cock pounding her Mom's pussy, every few second's, stopping to suck or take one of his ball's in her mouth and suck it.

I watched the black guy's cock pounding Dee's pussy, so I started alternating between licking Dee's cunt and the black guy's cock and balls, then got an idea and I knew then that I wanted to suck his big, black cock before the night was over. I got up and went around in front of Janet and aimed my cock for her mouth, she greedily took it in her mouth and was finally sucking my cock like I had always wanted her to! I knew I wasn't going to last long before I popped a nut in Janet's mouth and I wondered if she would let me cum in her mouth or not.

Suddenly, I let loose with a huge shot of cum, right in my wife's mouth. Shooting squirt after squirt of cum, it was the biggest load I have ever had, into my wife's waiting, warm mouth, Janet swallowing all of my sperm that she could! There we all were, my wife Janet, my cock in her mouth and swallowing my cum, while some white guy was Fucking her, her daughter, Dee, licking the white guy's cock and her mom's pussy and the black guy holding onto Dee's tit's and pounding away at Dee's Pussy. I took my cock out of Janet's mouth and moved around to where I could get under Janet's and I started licking the guy's nut's as he was fucking Janet. Suddenly, her took his cock out of Janet's pussy and aimed it for my mouth.

I let his cock slid into my mouth and he started fucking my mouth, I realized then, that I liked to suck cock and I would be a cocksucker from that moment on! I knew that before we were done, I was going to suck the black guy's cock too. I couldn't wait to get that 12-inch hunk of black meat in my mouth and taste his cum! It felt warm and meaty in my mouth. Janet moved next to me and took the guys cock and she started to suck it. We took turns licking and sucking his cock until he was ready to cum. Then Janet took his cock, put it in my mouth and Janet watched him mouth fuck her husband and watched as he shot his load into my waiting mouth.

Janet was masturbating, massaging her pussy and the sight of the guy coming in her husband's mouth was too much for her. We all cum within seconds of each other and just laid on the bed, a cum filled, cum covered tangled mass. And it wasn't long before someone became aroused and we started all over again! I finally got to suck the black guy's delicious cock. It was wonderful.

That 12-inch hunk of black meat, my head bobbing on his big, black 12-inch cock, taking as much as I could into my mouth. I sucked his black cock until he cum and blew his nut in my mouth and I swallowed every drop and wished he had a bigger load I could swallow and I knew too, I would suck a black cock every chance I get from that moment on! Fucking and sucking one another until the sun came up. My wife Janet, was full of and covered with cum and I had my share to as I had again sucked off both the black guy and the white guy and swallowed both their loads of sperm!

We were all exhausted and the guy's and Dee went home, but not before agreeing to do it again the next weekend, with the Guy's and Dee agreeing to bring along another friend or two. Janet told them all before they left that she wanted to fuck everyone that came over the following weekend and it was fine if they brought some women too! Some of our fantasy's finally fulfilled. As Janet and I lay there, she told me that now she wanted to and be the center of a gangbang with just black men and even eat some black pussy.

Since we now knew that she could take at least a 12-inch cock, we wondered just how big a cock she could take and we were both determined one way and another to find out just how much she could take. So I told her I would arrange every one of her fantasy's before we drifted off to sleep!
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