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A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 08

I'd like to preface this chapter with first a profound Thank You to my loyal friends/readers who have told me how well you have liked the story to this point. And to those of you who have emailed encouragement. You guys are the best! Thank you for your patience! Chapter 8 is finally here.

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At the risk of repeating myself, if you are looking for a short stroker story, you are at the wrong place. My story is about characters that develop love for each other, and share that love in some rather unconventional ways. It's not intended to please everyone. If you like it, please tell me.

I hope you enjoy; A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Chapter 8


The "From Elise" rocked gently against the dock at the private Turner North Shore Resort. Marshall Mitchel woke up slowly to the sound of fenders squeaking between the fiberglass hull, and the aluminum dock. The sound of the surf outside the marina was soothing, as were the sounds of the morning birds around the small harbor.

Marsh opened his eyes and scanned the cabin. Beside him, next to the starboard wall of the cabin, slept his beautiful mother-in-law, Trish Turner. On his other side, slept his favorite pilot, who also happened to be his fiancée, Rebecca Andrews.

Marsh was spooned to Becca's back, and Becca in turn was spooned behind a Hawaiian Goddess, Leyanni Lau. Right next to Leyanni lay Beth Thompson, the gorgeous fiancée of the guy spooned behind her, Dan Morrison.

On the far side of the cabin, Kim Morrison slept, spooned to the back of her husband.

Marsh lay still and contemplated the logistics of getting out of the large berth, without waking anyone. He quickly came to the conclusion that no matter how he chose to get out, he was going to wake someone, and maybe everyone. Fortunately Marsh was rescued by something completely beyond the scope of his consciousness or even his imagination.

No one in the cabin of the boat could see it, but they all heard the Dassault Falcon 900LX jet fly past the resort at surf-top level. The Falcon was not a supersonic jet, but at upwards of six hundred miles an hour the thundering jet made enough noise to waken most of the guests in the sleeping areas within a few hundred yards of the beach.

Marsh knew immediately who it was and why it was here. Marsh had called his friend and airplane mechanic Morgan Barnett, and had asked Morgan to fly down to Durango, Mexico, and bring Carlos Rosario to the island. Marsh recognized the sound of his own airplane and knew who was flying it, and why. The minute Marsh heard the jet plane he knew Morgan and Carlos had arrived.

Marsh had called Carlos and asked him to make several more rings. He had asked Carlos to start them a week earlier, and had put out the emergency call yesterday when the plans were accelerated to today.

Morgan would park the Falcon in Marsh's hanger at the Honolulu International Airport, and spool up Marsh's Bell 412, to bring Carlos out to the resort, where Carlos would set up his tools, and finish the additions to Becca's ring, and complete the ring Marsh had ordered for Trish.

Marsh had also asked Carlos to bring some extra supplies, in the event that Dan might need a little work done on any of the rings he was going to give Beth, or if he or Kim wanted to customize their own rings. The thought had also gone through his head that there were a number of people here that might want to order some custom jewelry sometime in the future. Giving them the opportunity to meet Carlos and see him work could generate interest and maybe get Carlos some more business.

Morgan flew the Falcon past the resort sometime around 0630. Marsh and Leyanni both looked up at the digital clock built into the small stove and oven combination in the Donzi's galley.

"Oh shit!" Leyanni exclaimed. "I've got to get moving. I've got a double wedding to put on this afternoon."

Everyone in the berth was on the bed with their heads toward the door, and their feet up at the bow end of the cabin. Leyanni curled her body into a roll, and her feet came over her head and landed on the floor. She stood up, and shook her hair back behind her shoulders.

Marsh looked up at the beautiful Hawaiian and commented, "My God, girl. You sure wake up beautiful. Would you like to come home with Becca, Trish and me? You could just hang out and make the scenery more beautiful."

The other occupants of the cabin chuckled, and Leyanni blushed. "I'll have to check with my boss. He may want me to keep up with the job I already have, and love doing. I really appreciate the compliment though. Thank you!"

Leyanni started on the starboard side of the berth, and gave a warm good morning kiss to each drowsy occupant of the "From Elise" cabin. Then she headed out and up towards the cafeteria, where she was going to meet Terri.

Marsh was the next to climb out of bed. He knew he had a lot of things to do this morning. There were at least two more aircraft inbound for the island. One of his transports, and at least one FA-18 Super Hornet that belonged to the US Navy. Marsh knew his transport would fly sedately to HNL, but the Navy fighter, or fighters, if Uncle Randy brought friends, might not be any less obvious than the Turner Air duet that had arrived the afternoon before.

Marsh knew that his C-141 was due soon, and he had arranged for Ron to have a CH-53 ready to load the mini-van, and the additional guests into. They would off-load the van, and Leyanni would assign someone to guide Holly to the best place for her to set up her equipment. Marsh had arranged for there to be appropriate sized outfits for everyone on the transport. Marsh, Terri, and Leyanni were the only people here that knew about the additional transport. Marsh had no idea how many additional transports Leyanni had scheduled to bring in supplies from around the globe.

As Marsh thought about all this information he also wondered just how much money he was spending on this weekend. The Jet fuel bill would be astronomical in and of itself. As quickly as he thought that he also realized that whatever it was, it was worth every penny, or every hundred thousand dollars he spent. Just to see the joy he was seeing in the faces of the people in this cabin, not to mention the joy he had witnessed on the faces of the Banks family and the Simpson children. He knew it went way beyond those folks. Bottom Line; it was worth the money.

Marsh opened a cabinet and pulled out three boxes. One contained a dozen new toothbrushes. One box contained at least as many travel sized tubes of toothpaste, and the other contained travel sized bottles of mouthwash.

Marsh paused as he opened the medicine cabinet next to the sink. There were three toothbrushes in there. Marsh had not been on the "From Elise" since the accident. Becky and Elise's toothbrushes were still in the same place they had been the last time Marsh had taken his little family out on the boat. The "From Elise" had been covered on the trailer, in the garage, at his home here on the north shore.

Becca had gotten up silently and was just pressing her warm body against him, as he opened the cabinet. She saw his hand reach into the cabinet, and then pause over the toothbrushes. Her hand reached up and laid on his, and she whispered in his ear. "I know this hurts you Marsh. I'm right here for you."

A couple of tears ran down Marsh's cheeks as he thought about that last boat trip. How he wished there had been many more.

Trish and Kim both spoke softly as they watched the moment of sorrow, and love, from the berth, "I love you, Marsh." They both said almost simultaneously.

Marsh shook his head a couple of times to snap himself out of the pity party he was having for himself. He looked at the ladies on the bed, and softly thanked them. "I love y'all too." Marsh replied. "More than I know how to express."

Marsh reached for, and removed, his own toothbrush. Becca picked up the other adult sized toothbrush and looked at Marsh with a question mark written all over her face. Marsh nodded in agreement and Becca opened the case, and took out her sister's toothbrush. It was essentially a new toothbrush, and had been locked in the garage at Marsh's estate just five driveways down the road from the resort. Becca felt a closeness with her twin sister as she put toothpaste on the bristles and brushed her teeth. This was a very personal connection; to the sister she had never known.

When Marsh finished brushing his teeth, he gave everyone a kiss. Kisses on the lips for everyone but Dan. Dan got kissed on the cheeks. Then Marsh told everyone in the cabin that he was going to go up to the cafeteria to see if he could help Leyanni and Terri. Since it was his resort, and he was at least partly, If not wholly to blame for the work-load this weekend, he felt he should at least put in an appearance.

Becca asked Marsh to wait for her to finish her tooth brushing so she could walk up to his Gator with him, and ride along. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity as Dan, Trish, Kim, and Beth asked Marsh to wait for them as well.

Marsh turned the big bed into a pair of dining area seats while the rest of the group brushed their teeth. Then as a group they walked up to Marsh's Gator and Marsh drove over to where Dan's golf cart had been parked last night.

Dan, Kim and Beth got off of Marsh's Gator and into Dan's cart. They were going to head over to their own cabin to take showers. Marsh took Becca and Trish back to the boat house, where the three of them, along with Wolf, went in to take showers as well. Wolf had showered with Marsh, several times a week, for the last four years. Joining the ladies was enjoyable for both Marsh and Wolf.

By the time Marsh, Trish and Becca were back in the Gator; Marsh could hear the light hum of his Bell 412, and the heavy pounding of the blades of a Ch-53. He knew that meant that Morgan had arrived with Carlos, and whomever Ron had assigned, had arrived with Holly, her children, her van, and the babysitters that Terri had asked him to bring in.

Wolf hopped in the back of the Gator with Trish. Marsh had buckled Wolf's S.O. (sheriff's officer) vest on his partner, after he had dried the K-Nine's coat.

Before they had left the main-land, Marsh had put Wolf's paperwork in one of the pockets of the vest. The paperwork certified Wolf as a registered deputy sheriff in California. There was also a federal LEO (Law enforcement officer) registration certificate in the pocket along with a veterinary medical clearance. Wolf was registered as a search and rescue dog, and an explosives K-Nine. (Bomb sniffer+) He had trained in several other specialties, but was only certified in the two mentioned.

Marsh, Becca, and Trish were having a pleasant conversation as Marsh drove the Gator towards the main administration building, which also contained the main cafeteria. The resort had cart paths crisscrossing the whole place, and the path from the marina to the ad building was a little over a mile long. Marsh could see the front of the admin. building from about a half mile away.

As he topped a small rise in the path Marsh could see two people hurrying out of the front doors, and getting in a cart. The cart headed directly toward Marsh's Gator, and as it got close Marsh could see Leyanni and Terri in the cart.

As she got close, Leyanni turned her cart across the path and stopped in front of Marsh. She and Terri both jumped out, and as Marsh stopped his Gator, Leyanni stepped up beside him, with a concerned look on her face.

Leyanni put one hand into the back of the Gator, and laid it on Wolf's head, as she spoke to Marsh. "There are a couple of guys here that told me to come get you and your dog. One of them said they were going to take the dog for quarantine. What do you want me to do, Marsh?"

Marsh put the brake on the Gator and hopped out. He pulled Leyanni close and hugged her, kissing her on the top of her forehead. "It's OK beautiful." He told her. "I'll handle them. But, I will need to get up to the office, or where ever they are hanging out."

Leyanni smiled at Marsh. "Don't say I didn't warn you, boss. These guys can be real assholes. They think that since they work for the state, they can pretty much do what they please."

"Yyyyyeaaahhh," Marsh drawled. "I know the type. I've dealt with their kind before, and I'll bet these guys are amateurs, compared to some of the feds I've met." Marsh was chuckling as he sat back down in his Gator.

As Terri and Leyanni got back in Leyanni's golf cart, Marsh's phone rang. Becca picked up the phone and looked at the screen with the caller ID. "It's Doug, Marsh. Would you like me to take a message for you?" she asked.

"Sure," Marsh responded. "But I need to make something very clear, at this point."

"Yes?" Becca said. More like a question, than a statement.

"You just need to remember that you're my wife, my friend, my lover, and the vice president of our company. You are NOT my secretary! If you ever get that mixed up, I want you or your mother to beat me within inches of my life, because I shouldn't be treating you that way." Marsh leaned across the Gator and planted a kiss on her lips before he let her push the talk button.

"Good morning Doug," she answered. "How are things on the mainland?"

"Yes, he's right here next to me. What's up?"... There was a pause. "Sure, I'll put it on speaker."

Becca pushed the speaker phone button, and Marsh greeted Doug. "Hi Doug!" he quipped. "How did things go with Mr. Smith at the car dealership?"

"Boss, you must have put the fear of God into that guy." Doug sounded very impressed. When we got there, Mr. Smith met us in the showroom. He was very pleasant and he had four envelopes, not three."

"Uh-huh." Marsh hummed.

"All the envelopes had a cancelled check in them, and they had cash in the amount of the check. One was labeled as a 'paycheck', one said it was 'vacation pay', one was 'accrued leave', and one was 'Christmas bonus".

"Boss, when he handed me the envelopes, he told me to pass you a message. He said he doesn't want any trouble. If what he sent wasn't enough, he'll send more if you ask him to. He just doesn't want any trouble."

"And so you know, Marsh. The envelopes weren't sealed, and he asked me to count the money. There's a total in excess of six grand ... in cash."

"Very good," Marsh replied. "I guess I got through to the bastard, eh?"

"I think you did, boss." Doug replied. "I'm sure glad you came in on my side. I'd hate to be on your bad side."

"I'll have Emily call you, and Mr. Smith." Marsh told him. "I think she owes him a thank you. Don't you?"

"Oh yeah," Doug gushed. "I think she owes you one as well."

"Thanks," Marsh chuckled. "And thanks for handling that for me. I'm glad to have guys like you that I can depend on."

"No problem, Marsh." Doug replied. "I am really happy for the job I have with the company I work for."

Marsh parked the Gator in front of the Turner Resort main complex, as he told Doug good bye, Becca turned off the cell phone.

Marsh walked up the four steps and opened the door to the main lobby. Leyanni had followed Marsh and he held the door for her, Terri, Becca, and Trish. He and Wolf followed them all into the building.

The men from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture stood up and started to walk to meet Marsh and Wolf. They both had badges on their shirts, and one carried a capture pole. Neither of them wore a name tag or any other kind of ID.

The man in the lead position spoke; "We'll take the dog." He said gruffly.

Marsh had walked in front of the ladies, and Wolf was at his left side. Marsh stepped in front of the first man, and stopped. Wolf immediately stopped and sat just barely behind Marsh and at his left side.

The first badged man stopped in front of Marsh, but the second one stepped forward and extended the capture pole.

Becca had stopped to Marsh's left side, right next to Wolf. As the unidentified man extended his hand and the pole, Becca's action was just a blur. Her right arm extended as she bent her knees to lower her body to Wolf's level.

In an action that lasted less than five seconds, Becca was standing straight up, with the capture pole in her right hand. There had been a snapping sound as the capture pole left the hand of the man that had extended it, and he began to scream in pain. -- After Becca was upright with the pole in her hand.

Marsh now spoke as he leveled his gaze into the eyes of the man in front of him. "First let me assure you that you will not be taking my K-9 partner anywhere. Next let me warn you that if either you or your crying friend makes another threatening move, you will both leave here in either an ambulance or a coroner's van."

"You walked up to me, my wife, my mother-in-law, and two of my friends, in a threatening manner, without so much as a word of introduction. You are wearing a dime store badge, and no identification of any other kind."

Marsh reached into the belt pack he was wearing, crouched next to Wolf and reached into one of the pockets in his vest. When he stood up, Marsh had two open wallets with a badge and an ID card in each.

"As you will see if you can read, and if you take the time to check these, you'll find that my K-9 partner and I are both law enforcement officers, authorized to enforce the law in fifty of the fifty United States of America, including the one we are standing in."

"Now I really don't care who you call, but you need to get the head of your department and/or the governor out here, to talk to me, before you are going anywhere. And be advised if either of you make another attempt to take my dog, I'll assume you are a danger to him and me, and I will do whatever I deem necessary to end the threat, up to and including lethal intervention. Right now I'd like to see some identification from both of you."

"I...ah... I'll call my boss." The lead man replied.

"Not till I see some identification." Marsh was curt in his reply. "Until I see some ID, you are guilty of trespassing on private property, and I'm inclined to lock you up, and have the local police come and pick you up. If you'd rather I can call some of my staff, and we can detain and try you here. Choose wisely."

By this time, Leyanni had made a call to her security department. The lobby was filling with operatives from all around the resort. There were at least twenty uniformed and heavily armed security agents.

Marsh took another step forward, his face now within a couple of inches of the man in front of him. "Identification or incarceration?" Marsh yelled at the now shaking man.

"Ah...I...ah...I have identification in my pocket. I...I'll get it out for you. Here... It's right here." The man produced his wallet out of his right rear pants pocket and his hand shook as he pushed it towards Marsh.

"Open it." Marsh commanded.
The man stepped back a little and opened his wallet. On one side of the open wallet was a Hawaii driver's license. On the other was an ID card from the Agriculture Department. Both documents agreed that the man's name was Nathan James, and he was an animal control officer.

Next Marsh sidestepped Officer James, and stepped in front of the next man. "And who do we have here?" Marsh asked.

Marsh's cell phone, that happened to still be in Becca's left hand, rang. Becca looked at the caller ID and laughed. She turned the phone towards Marsh who paused to look at it. Leyanni looked at it and laughed as well. All three recognized the name on the screen. Sondra Nelson, the governor of Hawaii.

Marsh pushed the speaker button, while Becca still held the phone. "Hi governor!" Marsh greeted the caller. "How can I help you this beautiful morning?" Becca smiled again with recognition as she remembered the face to put with the name.

"Oh Marsh," Sondra replied. "As I heard the story, you already did me a favor, my friend."

"Oh?" Marsh quizzed. "How's that, governor? I haven't done much yet today. What did I do for you?"

The two men in front of Marsh blanched white as they recognized the voice on Marsh's phone, and heard Marsh and the governor talking like old friends.

Sondra laughed. "Well Marsh, the report I got says you didn't kill any of my animal control boys yet this morning."

"Awww, Sondra." Marsh responded. "You know me. I'm a lover, not a killer."

"Right, Killer Doc." Sondra used his nickname with respect. "And my animal control boys came in with the highest level of courtesy and respect, uh-huh. Really Marsh?

"Have you been slumming, governor." Marsh asked. "You've obviously got friends in low places if you have all this information already. Your boys aren't even out the door yet. Would you like to speak to them?"

"Hell No! The governor responded. "I haven't got time to waste on those idiots. I'll have a talk with their boss before they get back to the office, but I'll let him deal with them as he sees fit."

The second man was still holding his right arm with his left hand and whimpering. "I... I'm...Thomas Latham, sir. I think my arm is broken."

Marsh reached out and palpated the man's arm and wrist. "Your arm isn't broken," Marsh told him. I'm an emergency room doctor, and you may have a strained muscle, but nothing more. At that you're very lucky my fiancée stopped you from using that pole. If I had done it you would have a broken arm, and you would be lying on the floor, unconscious. Now do you have some identification to show me?"

"If I'm hearing things correctly," said the governor, "not only have you not even hurt anybody yet, but The Widow Maker next to you didn't even break any bones yet, let alone make any new widows. Oh, and what does the state owe you for the exam, and diagnosis?"

The man slowly reached back into his pocket and retrieved his wallet, as he listened to Marsh talk to his boss's boss. He held it out to Marsh and indeed he was also an employee of the agriculture department, and his ID confirmed that his name was Thomas Latham.

"OK boys." Marsh began. "Today is your lucky day. I'm in a good mood today, because it's my wedding day. It's also a going to be a very busy day, so I don't have time to play with you. If I ever see you again I may not feel so magnanimous. Get in your car, or truck if that's what you are driving, and get as far from my resort as you possibly can."

Marsh looked at his security team. "Would a couple of you guys or gals escort these gentlemen to their vehicle and make sure they leave the property. Thanks!" Marsh said as almost all the agents answered, "Yes sir!"

Thomas Latham started to reach for his capture pole. Marsh looked at him and growled, "If you want to take that hand home with you, you better get it away from my fiancée. A long way away, and do it NOW!" Marsh leaned forward as he emphasized the word NOW, and Thomas Latham jumped back, nearly tripping himself. The front of his pants developed a rather obvious wet spot as Mr. Latham pissed his pants.

A female agent with a stern look put her hand on Mr. Latham's shoulder, and helped him turn around and walk out the door.

"OK then. Now that that's done with, let's move on my friend. Sondra, if you're not busy this afternoon, I'd sure enjoy having you come out here to the garden, for my wedding." Marsh paused, and the governor squealed.

"Marsh!" Sondra exclaimed. "I haven't heard from you since before Becky's accident. Now you tell me you're getting married this afternoon. I'm happy for you, Marsh! I'll come out as soon as I can. Who's the lucky gal, Marsh? Anybody I would know?

"Ahhhh, you named her as being right next to me a few minutes ago, Sondra." Marsh replied.

"Marsh!" Sondra shouted. "Are you telling me you are linking the Killer Doc and the Flaming Red Widow Maker, in unholy matrimony? Marsh, you put Becca on the phone right now."

Marsh knew better than to argue with the governor of Hawaii, he pushed the phone back to Becca. "It's for you," he smiled as she turned off the speaker feature on the phone.

"Hey Sondra!" Becca excitedly spoke as she turned and walked away from the group of people around Marsh. That was the last of that conversation Marsh heard.

Leyanni called the group together and led the way through the open doors into the cafeteria, suggesting that everyone should get some breakfast.

Just as they were walking through the door from the lobby into the dining room, Papa Victor walked out of the elevator from the resort's hotel rooms on the second floor. Nobody but Marsh seemed to notice that Papa Victor was showing off his tan lines. He had stayed in great shape while working with his men on the docks, and while he didn't exactly sport a six-pack, Papa did not have a lot of belly fat, and his arms and his legs looked like he could be a weight lifter. Papa Victor had "guns".

Marsh stopped and waited for Papa to walk over to where he was standing, with Leyanni and Trish. "Good morning, Papa." Marsh greeted his "adopted" father. "Where's Mama this morning?"

"Victoria is still up in the room." Papa replied. "She's still not sure of herself with the all-natural look. Maybe you should go up and convince her. She always did have a soft spot for you and your smooth talk. Marsh, don't tell her I said this, but I think she always hoped you'd slip that smooth talkin tongue of yours somewhere it didn't belong. I lost count of the times I got "lucky" after you kids were out skinny dipping in our pool."

"You know Marsh, when your sister was 14, Victoria was pretty sure that you and Mario were both spending "quality" time with her. Mama made sure to take her to the gynecologist and get her on the pill. She didn't want you guys to get your sister pregnant."

"I knew about that." Marsh responded. "Lizzy told me, so we wouldn't have to use condoms anymore. She didn't tell Mario though. He hated using condoms, so he didn't score nearly as often as I did. Mario thought I was spending a fortune on rubbers, and I never told him any different."

"OK Marsh." Papa Victor changed the subject. "Why don't you go up to suite 214, and see if you can convince your Mama to come down and participate. I tell her she still looks good naked, but she thinks I'm just BSing her."

"Damn Papa!" Marsh exclaimed. "I haven't seen her naked since she was in my ER a few years ago, but she was still looking great then. I guess I'll have to go up and show her what I think."

"Here's my card key, Marsh." Papa said as he handed Marsh the room key. "Surprise her."

"Hey, Papa!" Tell Becca where I went. I'll be back down when I'm done convincing Mama to come down "as is". Marsh laughed as he walked over to the stairway.

Mama Vicky gasped, as Marsh opened the door to the suite she and Papa were staying in. She was pacing back and forth in front of the full length mirrored closet doors. Her robe was off of one shoulder, and she had her hands under her breasts lifting them and mumbling about how they didn't have the perky lift they used to.

"Oh my God, Marshall!" Mama exclaimed. "Didn't I teach you to knock? You nearly scared the pee out of your old mama." Victoria pulled her robe up and held it closed.

Marsh smiled as he latched the safety catch on the door. "Desired effect, my beautiful Mama." He said. "Papa told me you were doubting yourself. He said you thought he was lying to you when he told you that you've still got it, and that you should come down and flaunt it."

Marsh walked deliberately over to where Mama had frozen. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled mama close enough to look into her bright brown eyes from about six inches away. He held his gaze for somewhere in the vicinity of two minutes, before he moved his hands up to cradle the back of her head.

"Victoria Martinelli," Marsh whispered. "I've wanted to do this since I was twelve years old." Marsh pulled Victoria's face to his and gently put his lips where they had never been: directly on hers.

His eyes stayed open and locked on Mama's. Marsh saw an instant of shock in those eyes and then an excitement unequaled by any other he had ever witnessed. Their soft gentle kiss turned into a passionate expression of the kind of love that Marshall and Victoria had kept in check over the twenty some years since Marsh had hit puberty.

When they broke for air Victoria heaved a big sigh and voiced a husky whisper. "Oh Marshall! I wish you had done this when you first wanted to. Oh my God! Marshall, Marshall, Marshall." Victoria's voice trailed off as she laid her head on Marsh's chest and just melted.

"I wasn't as good at it then as I am now, Mama." Marsh replied with a smile in his voice. "I've learned a lot since then. Lizzy and I got quite a bit of practice, but...."

"I don't want to know, Marsh." Mama interrupted. "I knew about you and Elizabeth, and I was jealous of my daughter. Not enough to do anything about it, but I sure wished you would practice with me."

Marsh held Mama close to himself for several minutes before he took a step backwards, and put his hands inside the robe she was wearing. His hands brushed across her breasts, then slipped up to her shoulders and lifted the edges of the robe as he spread his hands outward. The robe slid off of Victoria's shoulders and she let it fall down her arms, and then flutter to the floor. Marsh took a step backwards and took in the sight of the Italian beauty he had fantasized about for so long.

Victoria Martinelli was past the middle of her sixth decade. She was five feet four inches tall and weighed one hundred thirty pounds. Her skin was as smooth and beautiful as you might expect to see on a woman thirty years younger than Victoria. She was what many would call "olive skinned" and the rich smooth color was exquisite, along with the softness Marsh felt as he touched her.

Victoria's breasts had less than normal sag for a thirty five year old soccer mom, let alone a fifty something year old grandmother. They were a "B" cup size, with medium brown areola and pencil eraser size nipples that were sticking out firm and proud as Marsh let his hands brush over them while slipping under the breasts to cup each of them in his hands.

As Marsh continued to slowly lower his gaze, Mama Vicky tried to "suck it in" so to speak. She tightened her abdominal muscles trying to make her tummy look flat. She shouldn't have bothered. She did have strong abdominal muscles, and they might have had a skosh more relaxed tone then when she was a teenager, but Victoria Martinelli had nothing to be ashamed of. If anything her slightly rounded tummy looked better than most of the typical thirty something moms that thought they were hot stuff because they went to the gym and did Pilates a couple of times a week.

Marsh looked back up at Victoria's face and saw her smile and her bright moist eyes that silently said "I'm yours, Marsh, have your way with me."

Marsh browsed his gaze back down Mama's body and didn't stop this time till he was staring at the top of Victoria's trimmed landing strip, at the top of her clean shaved, tight lipped pussy. As Marsh watched, the hood of Victoria's clit pushed through the top of her slit, and Marsh was pretty sure he heard it calling out for him to hurry up and make some serious contact.

While Marsh was taking in the beauty of his Mama's tight slit, Victoria made a point of lifting her left foot and moving it to shoulder width apart from her right foot, effectively opening herself for further inspection. Marsh obliged.

After a long pause Marsh continued to let his eyes wander down to the floor. Victoria's hips were flared to perfection, and her thighs blended from her iliac spines into her muscular legs flawlessly. Mama had spent hours swimming in the back yard pool at her Malibu home, and her legs showed it. Her powerful thighs slimmed to her knees, and her calves showed the effects of kicking through countless laps in the water.

This time when Marsh brought his wandering eyes back up to Victoria's, she was smiling even brighter. "So," Mama asked. "Does my Marshall like what he sees? Is Mama Vicky still hot enough to make her boy think he wants what he can't have?"

"My Mama taught me to be truthful." Marsh began. "And to tell the truth, Marshall Mitchel doesn't see Mama Vicky right now. Marsh sees the very hot Victoria Martinelli. And Marsh would love to pick that smoking hot body up in his arms, carry it to the big bed over there and make serious passionate love, to the woman he has had fantasies about since he was twelve years old."

Victoria gave Marsh a flame igniting look and asked, "What the hell are you waiting for, man child? I'm not getting any younger, and it looks like that hard piece of meat at the top of your legs is just what Victoria Martinelli needs RIGHT NOW!" As Victoria ended her statement, Marsh swept her off the floor, and carried her to the king sized bed, where he deposited her very near the middle. Victoria bounced once as Marsh tossed her onto the bed, and then followed her by crawling on it beside her.

Marsh knelt beside Victoria and began to kiss her passionately. Their tongues dueled for several minutes while they each explored the others body with both hands. Marsh discovered that Victoria's nipples were extremely sensitive. Even the slightest brush across the tip of her nipples with Marsh's thumbs caused her to shudder and moan.

Marsh closed the thumb and first finger of each hand around both of Victoria's nipples. With just the lightest of touch, he twisted and squeezed. Victoria's moans increased in volume then progressed to open mouthed oooouuus and ahhhhhs. It took Marsh maybe a full five minutes of playing with Victoria's nipples to ignite her first orgasm. Her body stiffened, then shook from head to toes. "Oh my God," She wailed, "Marshall Mitchel, whatever you're doing to me, pleeeeaase don't stop!"

Marsh pinched, rolled, and pulled on Mama Vicky's nipples long enough to stimulate three strong orgasms, before he moved his hands lower across her abdomen and stopped at the top of her pubic landing strip, where he brushed the soft trimmed fur with the ends of his fingers.

Marsh lightly massaged across Victoria's pubic mound and out to the points of her iliac crests, (hip bones) then back to her landing strip.

Mama Vicky continued to hum and purr. She was not a screamer, but her muted sounds were definitely indicative of the pleasure Marsh was inflicting.

Marsh worked his way down to Victoria's knees, and proceeded to lift her legs from there, letting her feet stay on the bed while he opened her thighs and then let her knees fall to the sides exposing all of Victoria's womanly charms.

Marsh crawled between the knees he had just spread apart, and began kissing his way up the inner thighs, alternating from one side to the other. When Marsh was just about half way between Victoria's knee joints and where her leg met her torso on the inside of her hips, Mama Vicky cried out, "Marshall Mitchel! Are you just going to tease me all fucking day? I'm supposed to be going to a wedding this afternoon. Will you please get up here and make love to me? Pleeeeaase?!!

Marsh lifted his head and looked up at Mama Vicky with an impish grin. "Victoria," he drawled. I've waited over twenty years for this and I am NOT going to rush through and play one of those wham-bam thank you ma'am games. When I get done with you, you will know without a doubt that your little Marshall loves you exquisitely."

Victoria took a huge breath and sighed, "Oh God! I've waited twenty some years too, and now you're going to make me wait another twenty years just in this one day. Marshall, you are a cruel son of a .... of a.... aww hell, I'm talking about myself, you are one cruel son of a bitch."

"MMM-Humm" Marsh toned as he continued kissing his way up Victoria's inner thighs. He pulled his head back away from her legs long enough to look up at her face again. "Just what my mama taught me to be." The impish grin was back.

By the time Marsh reached the outside of Victoria's outer pussy lips, she was trembling with anticipation, and when the tip of Marsh's nose brushed across her outer labia Mama Vicky began the first of many gentle climaxes. Her body shuttered and she moaned in pleasure.

Marsh slowly moved his lips to her center, and nibbled on Victoria's outer slit, adding just a wisp of tongue action back and forth across the slick, shiny opening. That opening was just a slight crack to begin with, but by now it had opened to a chasm big enough for Marsh to get several fingers in.

Victoria's hard clit was certainly not "big" by any means, but it was very hard by now and there was no way it could be missed, even to a casual glance. Victoria Martinelli was tuuuurrrrned on.

After Marsh had felt Mama Vicky experience numerous small orgasms he decided it was time to get serious. He pushed his tongue into the open petals of the flower in front of him, and swept it up to her clit and back down to her taint and then up to the base of her clit several more times. Victoria arched her hips up off of the mattress to gain additional contact pressure with Marsh's tongue.

Marsh carefully covered his teeth with his lips and latched onto Mama Vicky's hard clit. He gently inserted two fingers into her pussy and arched them up to strum lightly across her "G" spot. Victoria shuddered with yet another mild orgasm.

When this climax slowed just a bit, Marsh began to slowly stroke his fingers in and out of Victoria's pussy as he flicked the end of his tongue across the tip of her clit. Mama Vicky started to experience a rolling orgasm that got stronger and stronger till she arched her back, stiffened her legs out straight, and then shuttered into a limp wet rag.

Marsh took his fingers out of Victoria's pussy and moved his mouth down to lick the juices out of her love tunnel. Victoria was drenched, and Marsh's face was coated from his neck to his forehead with her luxuriant woman fluids.

Mama slowly regained awareness and began to purr again. "Ooooohh Maaarrrrrsh," she repeated over and over. Ooooohhh!"

Marsh lifted himself up on his hands and knees and started to walk his hands up along the sides of Mama Vicky's body. "Are you ready for a bit of dessert, Victoria?" he asked.

"Oh God!" Mama groaned. "I'm ready for anything you are inclined to serve me Marshall. I'm all yours, now and forever. Have your way with me."

Marsh lowered his face to Mama Vicky's and kissed lightly across her forehead at her eyebrows, then down the bridge of her nose, and ultimately began kissing her soft lips, progressing from light feathery, dancing kisses, to a passionate tonsil turning tongue duel.

Marsh had slipped his hands under Victoria's shoulders, up to his elbows, and now his hands cradled her head as he kissed her. His hips rocked back and forth, with his hard cock dragging up and down across Mama's slick slit. When Marsh was ready he moved down just a bit further than he had been and pushed his dripping, titanium hard cock into Victoria's steamy love tunnel.
Mama was actually quite a bit tighter than Marsh had expected. Certainly not virginal tight, but definitely not loose, by any stretch of the imagination. As Marsh pushed himself into the heat of Mama Vicky's slick, wet, vagina, Victoria tightened her muscles and proceeded to teach Marsh what a pussy with a PHD in love making, could do.

Marsh had given a few classes to some less experienced women. He had shared the talents of some really good lovers. Now he was getting schooled. Victoria Martinelli was a master. Her pussy contracted and vacuumed, and gripped, and released, and twisted, and Marsh could not keep track of what she was doing to him.

Victoria asked Marsh to let her on top, which he gladly did. Mama rode him cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, reverse missionary, and several ways Marsh was sure there was not a name for.

Several times Marsh felt like he was about to cum, but Victoria sensed his impending orgasm, and made just the right adjustment to prolong the ecstasy.

After about twenty minutes, Victoria asked Marsh to get on top again, and she continued to inflict more pleasure on Marsh than he had ever even fantasized about. The medical doctor was given a beyond graduate level education on just what the female human vagina is capable of.

This time as Marsh climbed to the peak of the human pleasure mountain, Mama Vicky let him reach the summit, and she let herself explode right along with him. Mother and son experienced a monumental euphony of sexual release.

Marsh rolled to his side, taking Victoria with him and keeping his cock buried in Victoria's pussy. With their arms wrapped around each other, Marsh and Victoria melted into one another and drew long deep breaths to catch up with the exertion that had spent them both.

Youth prevailed, and Marsh recovered just slightly before Mama Vicky. "Oh, My, God!" He slowly blurted out. "Victoria, ..." Marsh paused. "Yeeeaasss." Mama Vicky softly replied. "Ooooohh just Victoria." Marsh hummed.

"I had no idea it was possible to be so spent, and so invigorated at the same time." Marsh paused again then continued. "I think we should get off this bed and take a shower and then go down to the dining room and show our family that we survived the earthquake."

"And Mama," he added. "I hope you knew already that I love you, and I hope this is NOT a one-time demonstration of the love we share."

Victoria looked into Marsh's eyes. "I did, Marsh, and you better bet your sweet little ass this will NOT be the last of this. I've loved you from your original birthday, but this is gonna keep getting better and better. You can take that to the bank, young man!"

"Mama," Marsh said questioningly. "Papa Victor sent me up here to convince you to blend in with the au natural atmosphere. Do you think we can tell him I was successful?"

"Marsh," Mama replied. "I may never put any textiles on this body again. I need to be ready for an attack like you've just made, whenever it happens. You rocked your Mama's world baby boy. Mama is a whole new woman."

Marsh and Victoria were both laughing as they rolled off the bed. "I think we need to put the "housekeeping" tag on the door," Marsh commented as he looked at where they had just been.

"D' ya think?" Victoria mocked.

Marsh adjusted the water temperature in the shower, while Mama Vicky sat down and peed, and then washed her pussy on the bidet that the resort had in this room and in most of the bathrooms in the resort.

Marsh went over and lifted the toilet seat to pee while Victoria was on the bidet. "Marshall Mitchel," Victoria questioned. "Aren't you taking liberties with your Mama's privacy? What makes you think it's OK to just stand there and piss in the toilet right next to your mother while she is using the bidet to wash out the cum you so wantonly just instilled in her pussy?" Victoria could hardly finish her question as she laughed.

Marsh looked down at Mama Vicky as she let the last of the warm clear water drip out of her. "And what makes you think I'm not going to just take you down and refill that hot love tunnel, Miss Victoria?

"Oh God," Victoria moaned. "Don't get my hopes up, if you aren't going to follow through."

Marsh and Victoria were both laughing as they stepped into the shower and proceeded to wash each other's body parts. None were missed, and some were washed much longer than it took to get them sufficiently clean, but Marsh and Victoria had fun getting each other cleaned up.

The two happy lovers dried each other with the towels they put in their hands as they got out of the shower. Then came another first for Victoria. Marsh picked up the blow drier and her brush, and proceeded to dry and style Mama Vicky's hair. "I could totally get used to this, Marsh. Do you think I can get you to do my hair on a regular basis?" Mama smiled at Marsh in the mirror as he finished running the brush through her hair.

"I'd certainly do it more often if you move home with me." Marsh told her. "I'd love to have both you and Marguarita living in my home and cooking for me again, like the old days in Malibu."

When Marsh was finished with Mama Vicky's hair, she put some lip gloss on her soft pink lips, and Victoria and Marsh headed down to the dining room, - au natural.

Marsh held Victoria's hand, and they ran down the stairs to the lobby of the resort without even bothering with pushing the elevator button to see if it was close.

When they went through the dining room doors Marsh and Victoria paused to look around the room and see where everyone was.

Papa Victor was at the head of a table where Trish, Becca, Jenni Turner, and Sue Davies were sitting along the sides. Sue Davies looked up and was the first to see Marsh and Mama walk in.

"Oh! My! God!" Sue exclaimed, accentuating each word. "Will you look at Mama Vicky?" That girl got LUU - KEY! That Mama is oooonnn fire!"

Everyone in the building heard Sue's outburst, and turned to look where Sue was looking.

"Ho-ly Shit!" Papa Victor responded. "You ain't lied yet, girl! That woman looks very well done! Or maybe I should say it looks like Marsh did her really good. I'm gonna have to hire that boy to keep my woman happy, now. That is a GREAT look on that Mama!"

Almost everybody in the room had paused after Sue's declaration to see what Papa Victor's response was going to be. Would he be OK with the obvious? Or would he be ready to rip Marsh's body apart limb by limb?

Now there were whistles and shouts, with everyone praising Victoria and Marsh. Victoria's glow immediately doubled as she blushed. Having everyone turn and look at her at once, and being the absolute center of attention had not been on her radar.

Marsh leaned in close and whispered in Victoria's ear. "Work it girl, work it! You own this room Mama. It's yours!"

Victoria stopped and turned to face Marsh as her smile widened. "Do you see what you did? Do you see what you've done!" she repeated. Marsh read Victoria's face. Mama was enjoying every minute of the lime light.

Turning back to face the room Mama Vicky addressed the whole place. "Yes girls, Mama's boy is that good! And Becca's getting it all to herself this afternoon! I got mine this morning while the getting was good. The rest of you will just have to watch and weep! You missed your chance."

The room erupted in laughter and applause. Shouts and whistles were the sounds of the day. As the room slowly returned to something that was close to normal, Marsh and Mama Vicky turned and walked towards the serving lines, to get some breakfast.

Marsh paused as the back doors of the cafeteria opened and some of the resort staff entered with some absolutely stunning wooden boxes. Marsh recognized the boxes before Carlos followed them into the cafeteria. Someone else in the room recognized the boxes as well. From across the room Marsh watched as Marguarita recognized the boxes, jumped to her feet and screamed.

Mita was running across the cafeteria as she yelled: ¡Carlos, hermano! que bueno que llegaste! (Carlos, my brother, I'm so glad you are here.) ¡Oh, Dios mío! ¿por qué estás aquí? ¡Estoy tan contenta que estés aquí! (Oh my God, Why are you here? I am so happy you are here!) Oh Carlos! It's been so long. I am so glad to see you!

The two guys and one girl that had carried boxes in for Carlos put them down in the far corner of the room, and pulled three tables into place around them. Two tables were placed end to end, and one was turned perpendicular on the end of them. The tables formed an "L" shape and the female employee put two chairs against the wall behind them.

One of the cafeteria staff spread tablecloths on the tables, and the guys set the boxes up on the tables, after asking Carlos where he wanted each one.

Carlos had carried one box into the cafeteria himself. Marsh made his way over to Carlos and joined his elated ranch manager in welcoming her brother to Hawaii, and to the Turner Resort. Marsh knew what was in the metal box Carlos was carrying. He didn't know for sure, but suspected that the contents of the box were probably worth upwards of a million dollars. Carlos would later confirm that he was right. Between the jewels and the precious metals in the box, Carlos was carrying close to $1.5 million.

When Leyanni arrived, Marsh introduced her to Carlos, and asked her to show Carlos where the safe he could use was located.

"How safe does it need to be?" Leyanni asked.

Carlos looked first at Leyanni, then at Marsh. Marsh nodded his head, and said; "She's my manager here, Carlos. I trust her with my life, and a multi-million dollar operating budget. You can tell her."

"I need to put it where you would put a little over a million and a half dollars' worth of jewelry." Carlos whispered.

Carlos, Marsh, Becca, and Marguarita followed Leyanni back to the lobby and into a room down the hall behind the main desk. Leyanni typed a code into a keypad on the wall, and asked Carlos to type in a code of his own. "Carlos," she said. "You, Marsh, Jimmy and I are the only people with a code for this door. The vault is in here. Marsh if you want Becca to have a code we can do that later."

Leyanni swung the heavy door open, and led the way into a small room with a desk and three chairs. There was a large vault door on the far side of the room. Leyanni sat down at the desk, and typed a user name and password on the keyboard. The computer screen came to life, and a small door opened on the wall next to the big vault door.

"I'll need both of you to let me scan your finger prints, and your retinas. You can use either hand, but you need to scan both eyes."

Marsh scanned in first, and then Carlos followed the procedure. Leyanni typed in instructions to the computer as the guys got their scans. When they were finished, Leyanni asked Carlos to scan into the vault first, then she closed it and had Marsh scan in as well. The huge vault door opened for both of them.

Leyanni told them how to open the wall scanner with the computer, and showed Carlos where he could put his box. There was one wall of the vault with what looked like safety deposit boxes. The other two walls had commercial grade shelving units. The shelves on the end wall had stacks of US currency.

"Before you ask," Leyanni said. Jimmy asked me to keep an average of $10 million dollars here for emergencies. We've never needed more than one of them, but it's what he asked for.

"Holy shit," Carlos gasped. "And you're giving me access to this vault. En mi Dios! (Oh my God) Marsh! Do you really trust me this much?"

"Carlos," Marsh softly replied. "Your sister is the closest friend I have. I know you would not do anything that would bring shame on your sister. Yes. I trust you this much."

Marsh moved over to Carlos, and wrapped him in a tight hug, kissing each of his cheeks. Marguarita, Becca and Leyanni had tears running down their cheeks as they realized the significance of the gesture Marsh had just made. Marsh trusted Carlos with a huge amount of money, but in his actions they saw the love he had for Marguarita and Carlos, as family.

When Carlos had put the box on the shelf, he opened it and took several items out, and put them in his pocket. Everyone then exited the vault. Marsh closed it and Leyanni showed them the procedure for locking everything up again. When they walked out of the vault's computer room, Marsh closed the door, and if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't see it. The entry keypad was behind a switch plate with three working light switches, two of which actually turned lights on and off.

As the little group walked back into the cafeteria, they all walked over to the serving tables, and began to choose their breakfast. Except Marsh, that is. He walked over to Lynei Moheyla, and asked her for her best twelve ounce boneless steak, brazed rare, on a ten inch plate.

"What on earth do you want that for?" Lynei asked. "I'll get you anything you want, Marsh. But I heard you are a vegetarian, and a rare steak doesn't fit that diet."

"Do you see that security officer over under the table, on the other side of the room?" Wolf had taken a position under the tables that had Carlos' boxes on them. "Occasionally I like to give him a treat. He's earned one already this morning." Marsh explained.

"Ahhh, yes." Lynei agreed. "Now I understand. You go get your breakfast Marsh. I'll take care of the security officer. Marsh went to the servers, and chose a hearty breakfast. When he had a little more than enough on his tray, he walked over to the table where Becca was sitting with the rest of his family.

When Marsh got to the table there was a place for him to sit between Becca and Trish, so he just took a seat. There was not, however room for him to get a word in edgewise. Marguarita was talking almost non-stop, to her brother and about him. She was mixing her English and Spanish and it was beginning to amuse everyone at the table. To describe Mita as very excited would be like saying Hiroshima had been a little explosion.

Becca quietly turned to Marsh. "Marsh?" Becca asked. "I'm sure it will be clear to me soon, but why is Carlos here?"

Marsh smiled at the beautiful redhead. "Well, let's see. If my brain is not completely washed out, I seem to recall that your engagement ring," Marsh picked up Becca's left hand as he spoke. "Needs to have the wedding band attached, right?"

Becca's face brightened, and then got a confused look, as she pondered what Marsh had asked, "And he needed three boxes of tools, and a million and a half dollars' worth of metal and stones to silver solder my rings together?"

Marsh put his chin on his other hand, with his index finger up alongside his nose, and his middle finger across the front of his lower lip. "Hmmmm," he mused. "Seems a bit suspicious, at that doesn't it?" He looked at Becca with a sly smile. His face was the very image of guilt.

"Marsh," Becca chided. "You just don't quit do you? You've got more tricks and surprises up those non-existent sleeves of your birthday suit, don't you?"

Now Marsh laid it on thick; "Becca my love. What on earth do you mean? Do you think I would pull a trick on you on our wedding day? Becca, surely you can't suspect me of something like that."

Marsh paused then took Becca's hand and stood up. Speaking to everyone at the table Marsh announced; "We're going to get some orange juice, does anyone else need anything?"

After an extended silence, the table talk resumed, and Marsh led Becca towards the drink dispensers. When they were out of hearing range of the table, Marsh whispered to Becca. "Sweetheart, I haven't been quite as open with you and your mother about this because I wasn't sure how Dan and Beth were going to feel about us cutting in on their day."

"Now that I know they are onboard, I can tell you. I am taking you to be my wife today. I can tell you I have never been so relieved and so happy in my life. Girl you can't possibly understand how happy you have made me. It started the day I met you and its gotten better each minute since that one."

Marsh led Becca into the main lobby and into a quiet corner, where they sat in a couple of comfortable Queen Ann chairs. He then continued.

"The day that I met you, you and your mother told me that you were a package deal. Do you remember that?"

Becca nodded her head. "I do remember, and I've been just a little concerned about breaking mom's heart by taking you away from her. Marsh I want us to include mom in everything we do."

Marsh leaned his face in about an inch and a half from Becca's as he interrupted her. "Now you can know why Carlos is here."

As Marsh talked the lights came on in Becca's head. She gasped and started to tear up as Marsh continued.

"Carlos is finishing the ring I asked him to make for me last week. I ordered the ring before this trip came up. Sweetheart, I'm going to include your mother in our ceremony this afternoon. I will pledge my love to you and your mother, and I'm going to put a ring on her finger as well as on yours."

Becca came out of her chair and into Marsh's lap in one motion. Her arms went around his neck and her face locked onto his, at the lips. She sobbed as she clung to Marsh. The hug and kiss lasted several long minutes, and when she could talk again Becca leaned back and whispered; "Marsh you'll never know how much that means to me. I recently found my birth mother, and the magnificent husband of my twin sister. Now we are cementing our family back together in a very open and public way, and I have just been reminded that I'm marrying the greatest guy in the world. OOOOOhhhh Marsh! I LOVE YOU!"

Marsh spoke again. "Becca, Carlos told me that your mother's ring is ready. He needs to put the finishing touches on yours, and the reason I asked him to bring so much extra material is so he can make custom rings for Dan, Kim, and/or Beth, if they want them."

"Now let's go back in and join our friends and our guests."


One of the resort staff walked to where Leyanni and Terri were finishing their breakfast. She spoke to Leyanni, and immediately both Leyanni and Terri got up and went through the door to the lobby, then out the door to the helipad.

Holly's children were looking all around asking questions of anyone who would give them the time to speak. They had no idea where they were. It was all very new and exciting to them.

Leyanni gave some instructions to a couple of the guys that were unloading Holly's van, and then she invited all of the latest arrivals to come in and get some breakfast. Since they had been sleeping while they flew all night, they were ready for some good food, and the children were ready for some serious fun. They would have plenty of both in just a few minutes.

Leyanni asked Holly if she would mind if the two SEALs took her van down to the beach where Leyanni wanted Holly's equipment set up, while Holly, Josh, and Jean came into the cafeteria with Leyanni and Terri, and had some breakfast.

Holly was still admiring the two SEALs. Leyanni stepped over and tapped Holly on the shoulder. "Huh," Holly jumped as she responded. She turned a bright red. "I'm sorry, I...ah...I'm OK. I'm only slightly distracted. I've never been to a nude resort with this supply of eye-candy."

Leyanni put her arm around Holly. "Just you wait, honey-child, you ain't seen the half of it yet." Leyanni smiled as she spoke. "Have you met my bosses, Marsh Mitchel or Jimmy Turner? They're real easy on the eyes, and they don't seem to know how to hire anybody less than a nine and a half, and frequently over a ten."

"I haven't met either of your bosses, Leyanni." Holly replied. "I've talked to that Marsh whoever he is. He sounded like a pretty nice guy. Who is he?"
Leyanni looked kindly at Holly. "You're going to at least like Marsh, Holly." She explained. "He is a former emergency room doctor that retired at a very young age. His wife and seven year old daughter were killed by a drunk driver."

"Marsh was afraid he couldn't work on the drunks that came into his ER after that, so he quit emergency medicine and went into law enforcement. He's at the top of a very new medical specialty called tactical medicine. I've heard he's a really good doctor. He also happens to be a really good law enforcement officer, and he is super protective of people who may not be able to stand up for themselves."

"Did you hear the news piece about the lady that was attacked at the Best Western in your home town?" Leyanni asked.

"Oh my God!" Holly exclaimed. "Yes I did. Was that him? Oh my God, Leyanni. That guy is a doctor? I heard he killed, like, was it two bad guys and two bad cops? And you're telling me he's your boss? I'd love to meet that guy."

"Tell you what, Holly." Terri responded. "Let's go in and get you and your children some breakfast, and since Marsh is in there eating his breakfast, I'll introduce you to him."

"Just so you know, Holly. One of the reasons you are here for the party today is a reception for his wedding." Terri continued. "His fiancée is the gorgeous redhead you'll meet. The wedding is a double wedding for Dan and Beth, and Marsh and Becca."

"Wait a minute here Terri." Holly stopped just outside the lobby. She turned and looked at Terri with a very confused look. "Did you say Dan and Beth? You're not talking about Dan Morrison are you? He's already married, isn't he?"

Terri laughed. "That's right Holly. It's kinda long and complicated. Don't try to understand it, just go with the flow. Dan and Kim are taking Beth into the family as a kind of sister wife. Kim can't have any more children, due to complications when Jenna was born. They both want more children, and Beth is going to get pregnant and have Dan's children. All of the parties involved are really in agreement that the children should have a mother and father that are together, so they are going to exchange vows. There won't be a license, but they will consider it a marriage just the same."

"Oh wow!" Holly exclaimed. "It sounds like quite a loving family relationship. Do Beth's parents know about it?"

Terri smiled. "They're here. Marsh picked them up yesterday in his souped up Gulfstream and flew them over for the weekend. We told you he's a really great guy. Everybody from the Morrison extended family is here. Like he did for you, Marsh brought a big transport over from the mainland yesterday. I haven't seen anyone like Dan and Marsh. Seems like those guys will do anything for anybody that deserves to be taken care of."

Leyanni had continued into the lobby and then the cafeteria with Josh, Jean, Colleen, Brianne, Rachel, and Jen. All of whom were greeted very warmly.

Patty and Tony had just come into the cafeteria and were at the serving tables choosing their breakfast when the group walked in.

Patty did a double take as she saw her mother and little sister walk into the cafeteria. She saw them walk in, but couldn't believe her eyes at first. Then she dropped her tray on the counter and ran over to her mother and sister.

"Mom! Bri!" Patty shouted. "How did you get here? How long have you been here? What the hell are you doing here? I... ah... I mean, I'm glad to see you, but I just didn't expect to see you this weekend. Oh my God! This is so cool!"

Patty stopped to take a breath, and Colleen replied. "In answer to your questions sweetheart, we flew to Los Angeles and swam from Long Beach....Actually Terri called us last night. She wanted some babysitters, so she invited us to come over here so your sister, and Jen could watch some children during a party this afternoon."

"Some guy named Dr. Mitchel got on the phone, and told us to go out to his private airport where we got on a transport plane with Holly Smith and her van. We flew all night and here we are. Now if it's all the same to you, I am hungry, and I would like to go get some breakfast."

Colleen started to walk towards the food tables. Patty followed her and asked, "So Holly Is here? Where is Holly?"

Colleen and Brianne continued their walk to the food serving tables, as Brianne replied to her sister. "Holly was outside with Terri when we came in. Holly was watching the eye candy unloading her van, and they were talking about the guys that are here, and about this Dr. Marshall Mitchel, that flew us over here. It seems, Terri really thinks highly of him."

"He is a pretty cool guy." Patty told her mom and sister. "We wouldn't be here if he hadn't set up a ride in his luxury jumbo jet. That is one cool airplane. You should see if you can ride home with us on that big thing. It's got like six bedrooms, a really nice kitchen, a bunch of bathrooms, and some very luxurious seats. It's got a great entertainment system, too."

"I'll have to ask if that's an option." Colleen responded. "Sounds like fun."

"Mom?" Patty looked around the room. "Where's dad? Did you dump him out over the ocean, or something?"

"Well honey," Colleen replied. "I told him that your sister and I were going out for a weekend with Rachel and Jen. He told us to go and have fun. He even gave me a couple hundred dollars for spending money. Where we were going just never came up, so I assumed he didn't care about going anywhere this weekend."

"Oh my God, mom!" Patty gasped. "You mean daddy doesn't know where you and Bri are?"

"No sweetie, I don't think he does." Colleen smiled at her daughter. "I got the impression he was going to have a football and golf weekend, and would be just as happy to have your mother and sister out of the way."

Patty, Colleen, and Brianne picked the foods they wanted for breakfast, and joined Tony, Beth and Barbie who had already picked out a table and sat down to eat. Rachel and Jen joined them in just a couple of minutes.

Leyanni had led Josh and Jean over to the food line and helped them pick out what they wanted to eat. Then she invited them to come over to a table right next to where Marsh, Becca, and Trish were sitting. Leyanni went back and got another plate of hot food. She had picked up a tray earlier, but with the task of greeting the newcomers, her food had gotten cold.

Jimmy and Rick saw Leyanni sit down with the Smith children, and immediately got up and brought their trays to the table where she sat. Jimmy sat down next to the children and Rick sat next to Leyanni. The two grandfather types began to interact with the children in a way that totally captured their interest.

By the time Terri and Holly walked into the cafeteria, Josh and Jean were completely enthralled by their two new grandpas, and they ate and laughed and talked like they had known the two gentlemen all their lives.

Holly looked around the room and saw many people she knew from the Morrison's home. She also saw quite a few strangers that she thought she might like to meet. She decided that the Turner Company really did in fact hire a lot of hot guys and gals.

Terri led Holly to the serving line and Holly picked out a good breakfast. She proceeded to walk over to the table where her children sat, with Leyanni, Jimmy and Rick. Holly sat beside her children and just listened to the conversation.

Josh and Jean were asking the older guys a lot of questions, and Jimmy and Rick were answering them with honest answers that the children could understand. Holly got a warm feeling of belonging as she watched and listened to the two gentlemen interact with her children. She hadn't been quite sure what to think when she had stopped to think about what she had done last night. She had agreed to a quick trip in a transport plane, supposedly to a party on Oahu, in Hawaii. With people she didn't even know. Now Jimmy and Rick helped put her mind at ease as they lovingly interacted with her children, putting the children at ease as they did.

The cafeteria buzzed with the sounds of serious business talk, happy conversations, and laughter. Marsh stood up and walked back to the corner of the cafeteria where Wolf was still under the table licking his lips. Lynei had asked one of the chefs to prepare the twelve ounce steak, lightly brazed, cut in one inch squares, and slathered in a made from scratch bacon gravy.

Wolf had stood up and watched as Lynei set the plate down. He had slowly licked Lynei's hand to say thank you, and then he lay back down and ate the steak, like the gentleman he was. He cleaned the plate completely, then moved just a little and put on the appearance of dropping off to sleep.

As Marsh stood up from his seat at the breakfast table, Wolf opened one eye just a slit, and watched his partner walk over. When Marsh turned the chair and sat down with his back to the table Wolf was under, Wolf closed his eye and let out a soft whine that told Marsh he was glad to have his company. Marsh and Wolf had been together enough in the last four years that they understood each other perfectly. Now Marsh began talking to Wolf like he would to a human partner.

Marsh sat quietly, watching and listening to the sounds of the room. If you had asked him, Marsh would have told you he was "reading the room" like Bruce Boxleitner had told Kenny Rogers in the movie "The Gambler". Marsh quietly took in all the minute details in the room, and could tell you exactly how many people were in the room, and the names of any/all of the people he had met. And probably most of the ones he hadn't met. As he sat surveying the room, he quietly explained his observations to Wolf. Wolf whined a little now and then to acknowledge that he was listening.

Marsh watched as a tall, powerful, good looking man walked in from the main lobby. Marsh knew Michael Taylor immediately, even though they had never been formally introduced. Mike had been a Navy SEAL two years ago, when Marsh and a small group of San Bernardino Sheriff Deputies from the SWAT team had assisted in a drug operation in South America.

It was a joint operation with the host country, the DEA, and a team from the Navy SEALs, under the DEAs authority, and the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Mike had been the SEAL team leader, and the op had gone perfectly. Mike had done his homework, and had missed nothing in his preparation. None of the team members had needed the tactical doctor's services. Marsh liked going along with the teams that had that kind of reputation.

As Mike stepped into the room, he immediately stepped to the side of the doorway and leaned his back up against the wall as he scanned the occupants of the room. It had become a habit with him. He wasn't the least bit paranoid, he was a consummate professional, and erred on the side of caution.

One of the first people he saw was Marsh, sitting on the far side of the room, with his K-9 beside him. His eyes scanned the room deliberately, and he saw where Jimmy and Rick were seated. He saw several other Turner assets, and as he scanned the room his eyes stopped at the sight of not one, but two flashes of beautiful flaming red hair.

"The Widow Maker must have a sister," he thought. Mike had never met Rebecca Andrews, but knew her from her reputation. She had been a naval aviator as well as spending time with one of the SEAL teams. Mike smiled as he thought this was his lucky day. He was going to meet his new boss. The girl he met last night, Katie something, had said Jimmy Turner had stepped down and Dr. Marshall Mitchel had been chosen to replace him. Mike's initial mental reaction was favorable. He was also likely to finally meet the Flaming Red Widow Maker, and maybe her sister. Mike had just guessed that the gorgeous red heads across the table from each other were sisters. They were both drop dead gorgeous, and Mike was determined to get himself introduced.

The Killer Doc had been on a mission with his team a couple years ago. The team didn't need his medical services, but Mike had been told that deputy Mitchel had held up his end of a skirmish that the team of SWAT guys had encountered. That SWAT team had covered his SEAL team's six, and Mike had been grateful. If this Marsh Mitchel was the same guy, Mike figured he'd be an all right boss. Mike had liked Jimmy Turner since the man had hired him, and if Jimmy had picked Marsh, Marsh had to be OK.

Having read the room, Mike strode towards where Marsh and Wolf were watching. Marsh stood up and extended his hand as Mike got close. "You'd be Mike Taylor." Marsh offered. "I've heard enough good things about you, to be glad you're on my team, sir."

Mike took Marsh's outstretched hand and shook it firmly. Not a bone-crushing domination hand-shake, but a firm friendly hand-shake. "And I've heard the same about you." Mike replied. "As I recall, you had my six a couple years ago, and I'm really glad you came through. That mission could have gotten ugly if your team hadn't stepped up."

"Why don't you get yourself some of the good food this outfit serves, and come back and get acquainted a little better. I'll see if I can get Becca to come over and join us." Marsh invited Mike.

"Marsh," Mike replied. "If Becca is one of those two redheads on the other side of the room, I would be a fool to say no."

"Then don't be a fool." Marsh said with a smile. "I bet I can get both of them to come over."

"Hot Damn, Boss!" Mike exclaimed. "I'll be right back."

Mike trotted towards the serving line, and Marsh walked over to the table he had been sitting at a few minutes earlier. Becca and Trish were both more than happy to come and join Marsh and Mike on the other side of the room.

When Mike got back to the table, Marsh and Becca were sitting on one side of a table, and Trish was sitting on the other. Mike put his tray down beside Trish and Marsh made the introductions; "Mike Taylor, I'd like you to meet my fiancée Rebecca Andrews, and her mother Patricia Turner. My fiancée goes by Becca and my mother-in-law goes by Trish. And to complicate it just a little more, Trish is Jimmy's daughter, making Becca his granddaughter."

Mike's gaze went back and forth from Becca to Trish and then to Marsh. "Mother-in-law...daughter... Excuse my language, but no fucking way Trish is old enough to be your mother, Becca. You may have Marsh fooled but I'm not buying it."

Becca gave Mike a look that might kill a lesser man. "Are you saying I look old? Do you have a death wish, chump?"

"NO, NO, NO!" Mike started to back pedal. "I'm saying Trish looks too young to have a daughter your age. No...wait that didn't come out right, either. Awe hell, I'm gonna shut up. You both look young and beautiful. Shit! I've been out in the jungles of South America. I've lost my ability to speak English. Please forgive me. You both look young and beautiful.....Not too young, but....Oh shit!..I..."

Marsh saved Mike from further embarrassment when he said, "Ladies, this is Mike Taylor. He's one of our best operatives. He has a problem talking to beautiful women, but he's good at his job. I worked with Mike a couple of years ago, and I didn't have to sew anybody up, during the whole op. He leads a tight, clean mission."

"I've heard reports about Mike," Becca responded. "The guys on my team had nothing but good things to say. Nice to meet you," she continued. "How long have you worked for my grandfather, and what kind of flowers would you like at your funeral?"

"I had my twenty years in and retired a year and a half ago. Some of my guys had gone to work for Jimmy so I applied and he hired me a little over a year ago." Mike told her. "I'm still doing pretty much the same job that I did in the Navy, but your grandfather pays me a lot more money for doing it. Actually I guess it's Marsh that's paying me now." Mike smiled as he said that.

"And I'm really sorry for the age stuff. Like Marsh said, I have a hard time speaking to beautiful women. Most of my team members are big ugly guys. Please forgive me and postpone my funeral."

"And I'll be happy to keep right on paying you," Marsh remarked with a smile. "You are good at your job, and you are making me money. I'll be happy to keep you on the payroll as long as you will keep doing that."

Marsh, Becca, Trish and Mike enjoyed a stimulating conversation. Mike asked questions about mostly Trish and Becca, and they asked him about himself. Marsh just sat listening and learning.

As the conversation continued, the front door of the cafeteria opened, and the Simpson family entered, followed by Todd and Emily Benson. They all paused as they entered the cafeteria. John was the first to react to anything in the room. He saw Josh and Jean Smith, and ran over to the table where they were still visiting with Jimmy and Rick.

"Hi Josh! Hi Jean!" John exclaimed. "I didn't know you were here. Isn't this place awesome? And Jimmy is really cool. I got to drive his boat last night and we got to sleep in it, too!"

"Thank you Jimmy!" John looked at Jimmy and continued. "I slept really good last night. My mom and dad had fun out there too. You should have heard them and the Bensons this morning. They were having a screaming good time."

Tina turned crimson as her son blurted out the facts as he knew them. Emily was very nearly the same color, and Jeff and Todd tried to take a position under the floor.

"John!" exclaimed Tina. "Go get your breakfast. Josh and Jean don't need this much information."

Everyone in the cafeteria had heard John's greeting and his commentary. There was laughter everywhere in the room. Tina walked over to the table where Jimmy was sitting. "We did enjoy the cruise and the hospitality, Jimmy. You've been a superb host so far. I'm really glad we met you."

Jimmy stood and pulled Tina to him for a close, warm hug, and Tina turned her head up and kissed him warmly. When the kiss ended Jimmy told Tina she was very welcome and he hoped it continued to get better.

The Simpson children got their breakfast, and chose to sit at the table next to the one Holly and her children were seated at. Jeff, Tina, Todd, and Emily sat at the same table, and the conversations in the room resumed.

Marsh excused himself and walked towards the Simpsons and the Bensons. He had his cell phone in his hand and pushed the talk button to call Doug Sanders. He handed the phone to Emily before Doug answered. "It's for you." he smiled at Emily as he handed her his phone.

The first thing Emily heard was Doug answering his phone. "Hi boss, this is Doug."

Emily was taken by surprise, and fumbled for words. "Ah...umm, ah... Hi Doug," she finally got out. "This is Emily Benson. Marsh handed me the phone and said the call was for me. Did you need me for something?"

"Emily!" Doug exclaimed. "I met your former boss this morning, girlfriend. He is such a nice guy. He acted like I was his best friend since childhood. He also gave me four envelopes with your name on them."

"Four?" Emily questioned. "I thought it was supposed to be three."

"Yeah." Doug replied. "That's what Marsh told me. Apparently Mr. Smith got confused. There were four envelopes. One said it was a paycheck. One was paid leave. One said accrued "sick leave". And the last one said "Christmas bonus". And the checks inside were cancelled, with cash in the envelopes to match the check amount. Emily," Doug paused for effect. "I counted over six thousand dollars in those envelopes. Mr. Smith told me to tell Marsh that if it wasn't enough he would get more. He said he just didn't want any trouble."

The phone was silent for a long minute. Emily finally gathered her thoughts and exclaimed; "Doug, did you just say over six thousand dollars? Are you shitting me? Over six thousand dollars!?!? Doug, that's great news. Doug? Did he say I got a raise? I.... ah....Oh my God, Doug! Thank you so much! Oh WOW!"
Emily listened to Doug for just a little longer, then switched Marsh's phone off, and threw herself at Marsh. Marsh wrapped his arms around Emily's hips, and grasped her ass cheeks, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She squealed and kissed his cheeks, his lips and wherever else she could land her lips.

"Oh Marsh!" Emily screamed. "Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You made this happen! This is wonderful! Oh Thank You! Marsh, if Becca gets cold feet this afternoon, I'll take her place in a heartbeat. I don't care what my husband says."

The room burst into laughter again. Trish was the first in the room to respond. "Get in line, girlfriend there's some of us already waiting for that bitch to drop dead."

"Mom!" Becca exclaimed. "I'm NOT going to let any of you horny bitches get a chance to move in on my man. Y'all need to just get used to disappointment and despair. He's MINE!" The laughter in the room crescendoed.

Mike Taylor responded next. "Hey Marsh?" he queried. "Where's the line forming to take your place? I wouldn't mind getting some of what you've got lined up. I'll be happy to give up the wandering soldier image, to stay home with these ladies."

"I'm beginning to see a short employment history for you Mr. Taylor. I hope you didn't unpack your bags just yet." Marsh growled as he walked back to the table he had left a few minutes earlier.

Emily was still wrapped around him as he walked. As Marsh sat back down next to Becca, Emily had to unwrap her legs from around his waist. Marsh still had his hands under her ass cheeks, but when he sat down he let go and Emily slid down into Marsh's lap. Marsh had been getting hard as Emily had been rubbing her bare pussy on his pelvic area, and as she slid down she impaled herself.

"Hmmmm," Marsh hummed quietly.

"Ooouuuuh," Emily cooed.

Becca had been watching and knew exactly what had happened. "Girlfriend," she said quietly. "I don't mind sharing, but, there are a lot of people here that might not want to hear your exclamations of ecstasy, at their breakfast table. And there's a crowd of children in the room as well. If you can't ride silently you better postpone your ride."

Emily leaned towards Becca and replied. "Thanks Becca. This was not what I had planned, and I actually don't think I'll take you up on the offer, at this time. That thing sure feels good in there though. I'll dismount in a minute or so."

Emily used her pussy muscles to squeeze Marsh's cock a few times, and rocked her hips a little to enjoy the feeling of fullness. Marsh felt Emily shudder and her pussy tightened around his cock as she experienced a soft climax. She moaned softly, and then she grabbed a cloth napkin and wiped her pussy and Marsh's cock as she stood up, pulling Marsh out of herself. "Awwwww," Marsh murmured. "That felt nice while it lasted."

Emily smiled at Marsh as she replied, "Maybe another time boss. You need to keep your strength up for this beautiful lady here beside you. I have a feeling she's gonna give you a workout before this day's over."

"You got that right, girlfriend." Becca smiled. "And thank you for thinking that way. I'm all about sharing, but this is a kinda special day."

Emily returned to the table where her husband and the Simpsons were seated. Marsh, Becca, Trish, and Mike continued a conversation that covered many topics. It included an exchange of personal information that helped the participants get better acquainted with each other.

Marsh did more listening than sharing. He was both amused and gratified by the exchange of information between Mike and Trish. He could tell that Mike was carefully trying to get personal information from her. And Trish was carefully and tactfully answering Mike's questions in a way to not lead him on.

Mike was getting a bit of a vague impression, that while Marsh and Becca were getting married this afternoon, Trish seemed to talk like she was Marsh's girl. There were no blatant statements to that effect, but Mike read the subtle hints that were tucked into the spaces between the lines.

By the time everyone at the table was finished with their breakfast, Marsh had a warm glow inside. Becca would be his wife this afternoon that was for sure. What hadn't been put out in black and white was the fact that Trish would be "attached". What Trish didn't know yet was just how attached Marsh was planning for her to be.

There were numerous Turner Company employees entering and exiting the cafeteria. Some came in, ate their breakfast, and headed out for the tasks of their day. There were several types of Turner uniforms on quite a few of the Turner employees. There were far more naked men, women and children.

A group of four men and three women entered, and headed over to get their breakfast. Before they were halfway across the cafeteria, Marsh recognized them as well trained covert operatives. They had all stopped upon entry, and read the room. Then they walked across the room, and past the food line with a confidant, almost arrogant, carriage.

All seven of the new comers walked over to the table where Mike was sitting with Marsh, Becca, and Trish, before they went over to the servers.

Mike introduced each member of the group as they walked up. Four of the team were Army Rangers, two were SEALs, and one was a Marine. At this time all were part of the Turner Security Special Operations Group.

After he introduced his team, he introduced Marsh, Becca and Trish to his team, as the new Turner management team. Mike's team was appropriately impressed and showed appropriate respect.

Mike told the Turner management team that these were members of his team, and that they had all arrived the day before, and that this morning they were going into one of the conference rooms to debrief and that he would be going with them.

Before the team turned to go, one of the female members of the team cocked her head and looked hard at Marsh. "You were on an op with us a couple of years ago, weren't you?" Marsh was nodding his head, as she continued. "You are one of the founders of the tactical medicine specialty, and you saved my ass on that op."

Marsh was still nodding and responded, "Not with my medical skills though. That guerilla fighter was set on taking a chunk of your flesh. I did what any other team member would have done, in that circumstance."

"You sure did it quick and clean, Killer Doc. It's nice to know I'm working for a boss with your skill-set. I don't know if you remember me, Mike told you I am Laura. That's Laura Wilkinson. I'm here today, 'cause you had my six that day. Thank You!"

Marsh stood up, stepped over to Laura, and wrapped her in a hug. "I'm glad you kept going. That guy had some friends that might have caught up. Our team cleaned up on them, but it was dicey there for a few minutes.

The special Ops team turned and headed for the serving tables, and Marsh and Becca walked with them. They were about half way across the dining room when the door opened and Dan, Kim, Beth, and most of Beth's family walked into the cafeteria.

Now Marsh went into a silent sign language mode. He pointed at Dan and beckoned him to come over to where he and Becca were. Dan pointed to Kim and Beth, with a question mark clearly displayed on his face. To which Marsh just shook his head, no. Dan excused himself and made his way towards Marsh.

Next Marsh caught Marguarita's eye, and pointed at Carlos. Marguarita stopped her chatting and pointed Carlos' attention to Marsh, who beckoned Carlos to join him also. Next Marsh asked Becca to get a couple glasses of OJ and told her he would be back to the table in a few minutes. Becca complied with a look that showed her curiosity. Marsh led Carlos and Dan through the door into the lobby.

Marsh introduced Dan and Carlos, and then led them back to the first secure room outside the vault.

"Dan," Marsh began. "I asked Carlos to make a second ring last week, so I would have one for
Trish. As you know, Carlos made the rings for my first wife and daughter, as well as the ring Becca is wearing."

"I haven't told anyone, including Carlos, until right this instant that I am going to include Trish in my commitment today. You aren't going to be the only one with two wives Dan. The day after I met Becca, she and Trish told me they were a package deal. I'm going to show them today that they are just that, they just don't know it yet."

"Since I had Carlos make the second ring, I asked my chief mechanic to take my other jet down to Durango, and bring Carlos here to put the finishing touches on them. I asked him to bring enough extra materials along to customize Kim's ring and make one for Beth. I didn't know you had gone out yesterday and bought her one, nor is it any of my business. If, however, you would like to customize either Kim's or Beth's rings, or if you would like Carlos to make a mother-in-law's ring, or bracelet, for Kathy, I'm pretty sure he can do some really nice work for you in the next six hours."

"The reason I brought you in here, is because this is where Carlos' ring blanks and extra stones are."

Marsh proceeded to open the ante-room and then the vault. Carlos walked over and opened his safe-box, and proceeded to show Dan what he had available.

When Carlos pulled out the drawer with the loose jewels, Dan gasped. "!" Dan exclaimed. "There's a million dollars' worth of jewels in that drawer!"

"About that." Carlos nodded and confirmed. "You've got a good eye, Dan. I have settings in white and yellow gold as well as some platinum here and I can put almost any of the stones in a setting for you if you want."

"The only thing I have to do for Marsh is to weld Becca's engagement ring together with the wedding bands, and then I can customize anything you would like. Any friend of my brother Marsh is a friend of mine. You just decide what you would like, and I'll get it done."

Carlos looked at Marsh as his smile got about a mile wide, and he pointed Dan's attention to the end wall. "Marsh said if you don't have enough cash in your pocket I can just take the money out of his stash. Right Marsh?"

Dan's gaze followed Carlos' pointing finger and the contents of the shelves registered. "Holy Shit! Marsh, there' ten million dollars or so there. What the hell are you doing with all that cash here?"

"OK, first things first," Marsh began to explain. "I didn't put it here. I guess technically it's mine, but Jimmy had Leyanni put it here for emergencies. Second, I trust both of you. Dan it looks like a lot of money when you see that kind of cash in one place, but I know, that you know, that is small pocket change to the operating budget of either my company or yours, no?"

Dan turned to look directly at Marsh. "When you put it in that perspective, Marsh, it does seem rather insignificant. We do keep a pretty deep slush fund. I just have never seen it sitting in the vault....Actually we don't have a vault like this at our headquarters."

"I don't suppose." Marsh replied. "Your business doesn't need to have the kind of access that we might need. With agents and assets in some crazy places around the globe, Jimmy chose to be ready for emergencies, and I'll follow in his footsteps. The money is available if we need it, anywhere around the globe."

"What do you say we head back out to breakfast with our families? Dan you decide what, if anything you want to do about jewelry and tell Carlos what you want."

Dan paused to think, and then responded; "I think maybe I'll consult with Kim and Beth. A ring or bracelet or something for Kathy is a good idea. Thanks for mentioning it. You sure think ahead, don't you Marsh?"

"It sure beats trying to play catch-up." Marsh responded.

Dan, Carlos, and Marsh left the vault, and Marsh went quickly through the lock-up process, and followed them both out into the lobby. All three of them went through the door, and into the cafeteria, where Dan rejoined his family, and Marsh and Carlos went back to the tables they had left a few minutes earlier.

Trish and Becca were sitting at the table across the room where Marsh and Mike had been. There was a full glass of Orange juice at Marsh's place. Wolf was no longer under the table he had been under. His head was on Becca's lap, and she had one hand on his neck, behind his ears. Marsh could tell they both enjoyed the contact.

Marsh sat down and took a long swallow of the orange juice, and joined Becca and Trish's conversation. At a convenient pause, Marsh suggested that they had a couple of hours they could afford to kill, and he asked Becca and Trish if they would like to go see their Oahu home. They both had questioning looks on their faces and said sure. Marsh led them out to his Gator, and along with Wolf, they headed back down to the "From Elise".

There were several boat and dock crew members working in the small harbor when Marsh and the girls got to the dock. Marsh had not covered the boat, so he asked a couple of the dock workers to cast off the bow and stern lines when he got the boat ready to start.

A couple of the dive and parasail boat crew members were there and they started a casual conversation with Marsh, Becca and Trish. One of the captains casually asked where Marsh was headed. Marsh told him they were just going down about a mile to his own north shore estate.

"Let's see," the crew member mused. "A mile west would be the Mitchel place. Nobody has lived there for about four years, and there's no boat access, other than a small section of beach, between two mangrove biomes. Good luck parking that hot rod at that place."

"No sweat," Marsh cheerfully replied. "You're welcome to follow me down and watch, but I doubt you can keep up, with anything here. What's your name, friend?"

"I'm David Jones." The boat captain answered. "I've worked here for Leyanni for about five years now. I used to see this boat out on the ocean occasionally when I first started here, but it's been pretty scarce for several years. You the same owner?"

"I am." Marsh replied. "The boat's been parked for just about four years. I have a mechanic that kept it clean and well-oiled for me though, so it'll still do what I want it to do."

"I know those Donzi's are pretty fast, but I've got one of these parasail boats tuned up pretty good. You might be surprised how well it'll keep up." David bragged.

"Uh-oh." Becca muttered. "I feel a testosterone pissing match coming up, mom. You ready for a quick little race action?"

Trish smiled at her daughter. "I'll bet my next paycheck Marsh waxes the kid's balls."

Marsh turned and smiled at Trish. "Naw mom, I think I'll let you do it."

Marsh turned back to David Jones. "How brave are you David?" He asked.

David got an arrogant look on his face. "I don't need to be very brave," he replied. "I got this thing dialed in."

"Tell you what." Marsh told him. "You get your fastest boat. You take one of your friends, and one of mine. You idle out and open that thing up when you leave the harbor. Head down to Ka'Ena Point, and turn around and come back. I'll take one of your friends here, and I'll have my girlfriend drive out of here after you open yours up. She'll pass you before you get to Haleiwa. She'll go to Ka'Ena, and be back here at the marina before you get back to Haleiwa."

"I wish I could take you up on that, but Leyanni would fire me for taking the boat out for that." David said ruefully.

"Let's see." Marsh responded as he took out his cell phone. Marsh brought up Leyanni's number and pushed the "talk" button.

Marsh pushed the speaker button so everyone around could hear. "Hi! This is Leyanni. How can I help you?

"Leyanni, this is Marsh." He answered. "I'm at the Marina with a few of your boat crew members. David Jones is pretty proud of your fleet, and I just challenged him to a run to Ka'Ena. You OK with him taking one of your guys and Becca for a quick run to the point?"

"Marsh?" Leyanni questioned. "Does David know who you are?"

"I haven't got a clue, beautiful." Marsh replied. "I didn't think to introduce myself, but does it matter?"

"Am I on the speaker, Marsh?" Leyanni asked.

"Sure are." Marsh quickly answered.

"David?" Leyanni asked. "Have you met Marsh?"

"Ahhh, Not formally. We've just been talking about our boats." David told his boss. "Is there something special I should know?"

Leyanni chuckled as she replied. "David, Marshall Mitchel is my boss. He probably has a couple of red headed beauties with him, and if you take his challenge, he'll probably hand you your polished testicles on a platter. If you want to take one of the boats out and get humiliated, go ahead. They're all his boats anyway."

"What do you mean they're all his boats, Leyanni? Doesn't your friend Jimmy Turner own this whole place, and you are the manager here?" David was sounding a little less sure of himself.

Leyanni laughed. "That was last week, David. Jimmy retired last week, and he turned the whole empire over to his grandson and granddaughter. David, you've been punked. The redhead with the shorter hair is Trish Turner. She's Jimmy's daughter. The redhead with the long red hair is Rebecca Andrews. She's Trish's daughter. And the guy that challenged you is Dr. Marshall Mitchel. He owns this resort, and he's getting married to Rebecca this afternoon. Good luck digging out, David."

"Hey Marsh!" Leyanni continued. "Go easy on my boat crews. They really are pretty good kids. David is a good employee, even if he's got a testosterone overload."

"OK sweetheart." Marsh replied. "I'll try not to hurt anybody. I can't speak for the Widow Maker though."

"Marsh!" Becca exclaimed. "I'm not going to hurt anyone."

One of the dock hands leaned over to David. "Like one of those babes is gonna hurt any of us." He whispered.

"Oh shit!" Leyanni exclaimed. "I heard that. Marsh....Please?....."

Marsh was nearly rolling on the floor of the "From Elise". "OK Leyanni. Go back to work. I'll handle this." Marsh pushed the end call button.

"David, can your friend swim?" Marsh asked.

"Sure, why?" David asked.

Marsh turned and winked at Becca, who was sitting in the back of "From Elise", as he replied. "I just didn't want to watch a smart mouth kid drown for making a wise ass remark."

While Marsh was answering David, Becca did a forward summersault, onto the aluminum dock, and ended up standing next to David, with his friend grasped by his crotch and his shoulder. Becca dipped her knees, and then stood up straight. When she was fully upright again David's friend was airborne, over the front deck of the Donzi, and landing in the water on the other side of it.

"Any of the rest of you want a piece of this babe?" Becca asked sweetly.

David's friend came to the surface of the water sputtering and spitting out the water he had swallowed. He swam to the back of "From Elise" and used the swim step to climb out of the water and started to step onto the dock.

He was met by the fiery redhead. "Did I hear you get permission from the captain to board his vessel, young man?" Becca was directly in front of the young dock hand.

"I ah...." He began as he splashed back into the water.

David Jones took a step towards Becca, and stopped as Marsh put his hand up, and said; "Stay back, David. You don't want to get into anything with her."

David stopped in his tracks and yelled. "Tommy! No! Don't...."

Tommy Jones was David's kid brother, and he was a typical nineteen year old male. Lots of brawn and not nearly enough brains. He came to the surface again, sputtering and cursing at Becca, telling her what he was going to do to her when he got back up on the dock.

Becca's left hand closed around Tommy's right wrist as he put his hands on the swim step again to climb on board the "From Elise" again. One minute Tommy was facing the swim step, the next thing anyone saw was Tommy's right arm twisted behind his neck, Tommy facing away from the boat, then he was lifted out of the water.
Tommy was still facing away from the boat, but now Becca had hold of him by his right arm, with her left hand, and her right arm was through his legs, at his crotch, and Becca's right hand had his testicles crushed in her grip. Becca lifted Tommy out of the water and laid him out face down on the dock, writhing in pain, and screaming obscenities.

Becca released Tommy's right hand and wrapped her left hand around the back of his neck, applying pressure on his carotid arteries, with her thumb and middle finger. Tommy quieted down almost immediately. "Nighty night." Becca said softly, as she let go of Tommy.

Becca stood up and looked at David. "His testicles are gonna be sore when he wakes up. You might want to tell your friend to be careful who he chooses off with, next time." Becca extended her hand to shake David's.

"By the way David," she said. "I'm retired Navy SEAL, Rebecca Andrews. In a few hours I'll be Rebecca Mitchel. I'm in a particularly good mood today, since I'm getting married this afternoon. I don't want to mess with the paperwork I'd have to do if I'd actually hurt this boy."

"I'm really sorry, ma'am." David said. "He's my little brother, and I'm trying to help him learn to handle the boats here. I guess I need to teach him how to handle his temper, too. Thanks for not killing him."

The whole confrontation on the dock had lasted a little less than five minutes.

Marsh had turned on the bilge fans, before the start of the little misunderstanding, and now he flipped the fuel pump switches, and then the ignitions and the starter switches. From Elise's twin Mercs roared to life and Marsh asked David to cast off the bow line, as Becca cast off the stern line.

"We'll talk later, David." Marsh called as he put the transmissions in gear and idled the big boat out of the marina. At the breakwater, Marsh rolled the throttles up to full speed, and the big boat seemed to jump out of the water and then skim along on top of it.

It was a little less than a mile from the resort to Marsh's house, but Marsh went a couple of miles straight out to sea, at full throttle, as the Donzi skimmed smoothly across the light swells. He had just brought the throttles back to about seventy five percent, when he noticed the fighter group approaching from the east.

Marsh recognized the four planes as FA-18s, and figured he was watching Uncle Randy approach the island. Marsh turned the big Donzi towards the west, and opened it up to full throttle again.

Admiral Randall Andrews saw the big off shore boat surge out on top of the swell, and dropped his approach to less than twenty feet ASL. (Above sea level) He asked his wing-men to follow him in, single file, as he passed about twenty feet off the starboard side of the boat, at 0.9 mach. (about 670 MPH)

The wake turbulence from the thundering jets kicked up a spray off the ocean surface that washed over "From Elise" and soaked the three occupants.

Marsh was a little over ten miles west of the resort when he turned the big boat around and brought it back up to speed. He now had the boat only a few hundred yards off shore as he thundered towards the beach where he knew there would be friends and family members.

Admiral Andrews brought his FA-18 around and slowed it down. He applied full flaps, and extended the landing gear, as did the other three pilots in his group. As he approached the Donzi, Randy Andrews could see his nieces flaming red hair, and knew she was in the boat.

He pulled up just enough to turn his jet upside down and then flew inverted above "From Elise" passing the 130 MPH boat at just enough airspeed to keep the FA-18 stable. He saluted Becca as he passed about twenty feet above her, then he firewalled the throttles and lifted the jet to a vertical climb, and flew straight up, hanging the fighter on its nose.

The Navy aircraft had gone out of sight, and most of the people on the beach thought the air show was over. Marsh was suspicious that there was more to come. He throttled the Donzi back and slipped the transmissions into neutral, about a hundred yards off shore in front of the resort.

Sure enough, the fighters came back in single file, and they were a couple hundred yards further off shore than Marsh and the Donzi. This time Admiral Andrews led the four FA-18s in a mock bombing run, dropping some harmless but noisy flash bang incendiary bombs in the water off the shore of the resort. The ocean turned into a harmless inferno for about sixty seconds, and the Navy jets disappeared after that run. Marsh and Becca knew that Admiral Andrews would land at the Pearl Harbor Naval air station, and he would likely get someone to helo him back to the resort for the wedding.

Becca was ecstatic! She had been quiet about it, but she was secretly thrilled to have her father's brother coming here for her wedding. Now he was here.

Marsh pushed the Donzi's transmissions into gear again and throttled the big boat up to a nice cruising speed to eat up the mile across the ocean to his estate. As he approached the beach at his house, he stayed to the left side of the beach, and just to the right of the mangrove forest at the edge.

It looked like he was going to ground the boat on the beach, but as he crept close to the beach, the boat slipped into an underwater dock, that was a bit like a boat trailer. The Donzi seemed to lock into something and when Marsh pushed a button under the boats dash, the dock system began to lift the boat out of the water. A boathouse on the grass above the beach opened up, and the dock slipped into the boathouse, high and dry.

Marsh had shut down the engines as the boat had come out of the water, and there was a set of stairs in the boat house so the occupants of the boat could walk out of the boat and out of the boathouse on the house side. There was a sidewalk from the boathouse to the large covered patio on the beach side of the large home.

Marsh stopped as he approached the sliding glass door that opened to the dining room. Lined up just outside the door were three pairs of flip-flops. One pair was a small child's size. One pair was exactly the right size to fit Becca or Trish, and the last pair was Marsh's size. They had been in that exact location for four years.

Marsh's chin sunk to his chest, and his hands covered his face as he dropped to his knees and wept. His memory could see Elise and Becky as they had stopped in front of him to take off the beach flip flops the last time they were here, and entered the house.

Marsh cried for several minutes, and Becca and Trish knelt on each side of him, with their arms around his neck and shoulders.

Marsh finally stopped crying and uncovered his face. He looked first at Trish, then at Becca. "Thank you both for coming down here with me." He whispered. "I could not have done this without both of you. It's something I've needed to do, like going back to the ranch. I just needed the support you two have given me."

There was a keypad beside the sliding glass door, and Marsh keyed in his code to unlock the door, and disarm the alarm. With just a gentle push, the large glass door glided open, and Marsh invited Trish and Becca into the house.

Marsh showed the gals around the house. When they got to the master bedroom, Marsh showed them Becky's closet and told them it was theirs now. Everything in the closet fit either or both of them. Becca wandered through the huge walk-in.

"Your Becky had a lot of really nice stuff." She offered.

Marsh smiled at her and replied. "Her husband thought his world revolved around her. - Kinda like he thinks the same thing about her mother and sister now." Marsh paused and then continued. "And if her mother and sister don't want second hand "stuff", he'll give them the plastic, and let them go get anything else they want."

Trish walked over to Marsh and laid her head on his chest. "Marsh, you don't need to buy this lady's love. You've got it. The "stuff" is nice, but my late daughter's widower is more than man enough to keep this old lady happy, without any of the stuff."

Becca joined her mother with her head on Marsh's chest. "And that's the God honest truth for her other daughter as well." Becca added. "Marsh, you're gonna complete my world this afternoon."

As they stood in the doorway to the closet, Mother and daughter took turns kissing Marsh. Trish was the first to reach down and wrap her pretty fingers around his cock, and start to slowly and gently stroke it.

Trish looked at Becca and smiled. "I hope you don't mind baby girl, but I would like to ride this stud pony one last time before you lock it in the barn."

Becca put one hand on the side of her mother's face. She stroked Trish's cheek with her thumb. "Mother," she whispered. "Whatever barn this stud pony is locked in, you... above any other... will have unlimited access. Let's get out of this closet, and over to the bed. I'll ride his talented tongue, while you ride his hard cock."

Marsh looked between mother and daughter. "I realize that right now I don't have a voice, but I do in fact approve whatever plan you two have for me. Please, take me, make me your bitch." Marsh whined as pitiful as he could.

Becca and Trish doubled over in fits of laughter. It was only a couple of steps to the big king sized bed, and Becca fell over backwards on it, pulling Marsh with her. Trish took a nose dive onto the bed beside Marsh on the other side from Becca and all three of them laughed like school girls, at a slumber party.

Marsh bent his knees, dug his heels into the mattress, and pushed himself up near the head of the bed. Trish drew up her knees and crawled up between Marsh's legs, till her face was just above his hard cock.

Trish wrapped her right hand around Marsh's cock, and began to slowly stroke it while she massaged his balls with her left hand.

Marsh watched as Trish crawled up and over his hips and her lovely pussy opened slightly. Marsh could see her lips were shiny from her womanly moisture. Marsh was mesmerized as Trish bent her knees and began lowering her body over his hips, with the tip of his cock getting closer and closer to the wonderfully, warm, juicy slit that would soon engulf his manhood. Marsh didn't realize he was holding his breath until his lungs began to ache slightly from lack of oxygen. He exhaled just as the tip of his cock disappeared inside Trish's tight love tunnel. Trish looked directly into Marsh's eyes and gently lowered herself down the length of his cock until she was firmly sitting on his pubic area. She didn't move for a few seconds as she smiled at Marsh, then she slowly started to grind her pussy against his pubic bone causing the head of his cock to push against her cervix. Trish adjusted her position then settled back down and started to grind her pussy against his pubic area again. Marsh now looked up at Becca saying, "Come on down my love and let me have a taste of that sweet pussy of yours."

Marsh watched Becca step over then place one foot on each side of his head. He looked up at the tight crack at the base of her torso, between her thighs. It stayed closed until Becca began to slowly sink to her knees and then he saw the glistening pink pedals of her flower bloom open as she continued her downward motion. When Becca was kneeling she moved backwards slightly until her pink flower was over Marsh's mouth, then she slowly lowered herself until she felt his tongue slip inside her. Marsh reached up and held her hips so he could move her into the position he wanted then feverishly licked her sweet nectar, moving slowly towards her clit. A couple of laps across Becca's clit and he had her pushing her pussy downwards trying to get his tongue in constant contact with her clit. Marsh had other plans as he pushed her slightly forward and kissed her little anal ring before he started probing it with his tongue. Marsh was unsure who was doing the most moaning and screaming but the volume rose when both were fully involved. Trish began bouncing up and down on his cock and Becca ground her pussy into his face. Finally, Marsh attacked Becca's clit, and she leaned forward giving him better access to her clit. Marsh held her in place until she experienced at least two major orgasms. When Marsh felt Becca trying to pull up and away from him he knew she was too sensitive to continue so he let her go.

Meanwhile Trish had already experienced one orgasm when Marsh felt her push down hard against him and her hips began to tremor. Now that Marsh could see again, he reached up and cupped Trish's tits and used his thumb and index fingers on each hand to pinch her nipples and pull on them. Trish screamed and yelled, "OH MARSH, DON'T STOP! My nipples are so sensitive right now. I'mmmmmmmm going to cum, OOOH MARSH! OHHHHAAHHHHH MARSH!"

Trish's eyes rolled back in her head and her body went rigid. Marsh could feel the inner tremors of her body as she experienced a mind boggling orgasm which lasted almost a full minute while she gasped for air. When it was over she flopped down on Marsh's body and just laid there impaled on his cock and breathing hard.

Marsh heard Becca ask, "Mom, is he still hard, may I take a ride on that wonderful cock now?"

Trish didn't answer Becca; she just rolled off to his side and onto the bed. She landed on her back and she didn't even try to move as Becca moved into position and slowly sank to her knees impaling Marsh's cock into her tight pussy. Marsh looked up at her and said, "As tight as you are sweetheart, it won't take me long before I cum inside you."

Becca smiled at Marsh before she replied, "It doesn't matter Marsh, I've already had some great orgasms on your tongue. I want to feel you shoot your hot load into my pussy. I want to do something for you since you're being so good to mom and me. I'm going to milk your cock with my pussy muscles when you cum. Just make love to me Marsh, like you always do!"

Marsh reached up and encircled Becca in his arms then rolled both of them to one side and ended up between her legs. Both of them shuffled until Becca was back up at the top of the bed and close to the middle. Then he did as she had asked him to do, Marsh made sweet passionate love to her. It only took five minutes until Marsh felt his cum moving fast towards the end of his cock and suddenly the Mighty Mo released another broadside inside Becca. Marsh felt Becca grip his cock with her muscles and he couldn't pull out of her pussy even if he had wanted to. Becca was smiling up at Marsh before she asked, "Does that feel good Marsh?"

Marsh hummed his pleasure as he bent his face down and kissed her passionately. "Becca, you always feel good. I just never want to have to pick or choose between you and your beautiful mother. She always feels good, too."

"I think we should probably get to the shower and then head back to the resort sometime in the near future. I'm getting married this afternoon, and I think I should probably be there for the wedding ceremony." Marsh smiled at both Becca and Trish as he said that.

Becca clamped her hand around her pussy to keep it from leaking as she made a beeline for the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

Marsh had not made a deposit in Trish, so she walked into the bathroom and waited for Becca to finish on the toilet. When Becca moved to the bidet, Trish sat on the toilet to pee. Marsh went directly to the shower and adjusted the water, and then went back to the toilet to pee after Trish got up and transferred to the bidet.

Becca was the first to actually get under the spray of the shower. Marsh was mesmerized as he watched Becca tilt her head back and let the warm water fall on her face. To Marsh there were not many things more captivating than watching a beautiful naked woman under the spray of falling water. Be it a shower or a mountain stream, Marsh loved to watch water fall on the face of a beautiful woman.

Marsh stood at the toilet for several minutes after he was done peeing, while he watched Becca, and then Trish as she joined her daughter under the spray of the second shower head. Marsh felt a wave of gratitude for the events of the last few weeks that had brought these two beauties into his life. Today was going to be huge! Marsh joined the girls and they each washed the body of one of the other occupants of the shower.

When each of them was just a little bit more than clean, they turned off the water flow, and each of them dried the body of one of the others. The ladies each picked up a hair dryer, and Marsh went out into the living room.

Marsh walked over to a small table that was positioned just inside the front door of the house, where he picked up a thick manila envelope. Marsh had contacted his Hawaii based attorney, and had had the envelope delivered to the north shore estate earlier this morning.

Next Marsh went to the round kitchen breakfast table, and arraigned three chairs evenly around it, and placed towels on each of them to sit on. When Trish and Becca walked out of the bedroom, Marsh asked them to each take a seat at the table, where he had placed the manila envelope in its center.

When all three of them were seated both Trish and Becca looked at Marsh with questioning looks. Becca voiced their question. "OK Marsh, what kind of trouble are you in? Mom and I didn't do anything to be in trouble for, so it must be you."

Marsh smiled lovingly at both women. "Actually you both did do it. Not today, but you did it."

"What did I do?" Trish questioned with genuine curiosity written on her face. "And when did I do it?"

Marsh reached out and put one hand gently on the face of both of the ladies, before he responded. "Do you ladies remember what you told me on the day after I met Trish, and the same day that I met Becca? We were at the breakfast bar at our new house."

Becca was quick to respond, but Trish still had a blank questioning look on her face. "I remember exactly what we told you." Becca was quick to reply. "We told you that you didn't have to choose between one or the other of us. We said we were a package deal."

Trish's face lit up joyously as she remembered that day. It was the day she had found out that her long lost daughter was back in her life. It was also the day she had found out that the man who had molested her was not her father, and that her real father had been supporting her all her life.

Marsh smiled at both of them as he replied to Becca. "That's right. And I have been somewhat remiss in my response to your solidarity. What neither of you knew however, is that I have not forgotten that conversation."

"This morning I talked to you, Becca, and told you my plan for this afternoon. Since I spoke to you I have been thinking that I need to bring your mother up to speed, so that she has a clue what she is in for."

"Trish, I'm pretty sure you know that I love you. I know that you love me, but I have taken that love for granted, and I want to fix that right now."

Marsh got out of his chair and knelt beside Trish's chair. "Trish," Marsh asked. "Will you marry me this afternoon? Your daughter has already agreed to do that, but I never gave you the chance to say yes or no. Please forgive me, and do me the honor of being my lifetime partner."

By the time Marsh was finished with his proposal, Trish and Becca were both in tears. Trish slid off of her chair into Marsh's arms, and tried to respond. "YES, Oh God Yes, Marsh. I have no idea how you will pull this off, but I'm yours!"

Becca got up off of her chair and knelt with Marsh and Trish. They all joined in a group hug and kisses and "I love yous" were exchanged freely, for the next few minutes. Eventually the tears dried up and Marsh, Trish, and Becca all got up and sat back in the chairs they had been in.

Trish looked at Marsh with a questioning face. "How are you going to try to make this work, Marsh? You can only be legally married to one woman in the United States of America. Are we going to move to some South American or African nation?"
Marsh smiled, and picked up the manila envelope. He opened the clasp, and pulled out the contents. "If my lawyer is as good as I think he is, and if he did what I asked him to do, the answer is right here in these papers."

Marsh separated the papers, and found four copies with the title "Marriage Contract". He set two copies in front of himself and handed one copy each, to mother and daughter. "Read this and see if you think you could live with the stipulations," he suggested.

Trish and Becca were quiet as they read and flipped through the three page document. Becca finished first, and sat quietly with a smile on her face, while Trish finished reading her copy.

"Marsh," Trish said as she looked up at him with a smile. "This says it was drawn up by a law firm here on the island, but it reads like something you would have made, like the contracts you had the corporate attorneys do when you took over daddy's companies. It looks like its legal, but it is easy to read, and I understand what it says."

When Trish paused Becca spoke up. "Marsh, this contract says the three of us are joined as marriage partners, with equal rights and privileges the same as a husband and wife. It just says we agree that there are three partners. The signature lines are labeled with only one last name, - Mitchel."

"Is this a problem for either of you?" Marsh asked.

"Not for me," stated Trish.

Marsh looked at Becca. "Not for me either, not just no, but HELL NO! That is NOT a problem." Becca exclaimed. Becca looked at Trish. "Mom, this evening we are going to have the same last name for the first time in our lives, and we can keep them for all of the rest of our lives."

"Just for clarification," Marsh inserted. I went to the trouble of having Becker draw up several extra sets of contracts. If either of you wants to keep your name and hyphenate your last name, you can. I also asked Jimmy if he would mind me changing Trish's last name. His response was a lot like Becca's last statement."

Trish looked at Marsh. "If daddy doesn't mind, and Becca is alright with it, I'd just as soon change my name to Mitchel. - Patricia Mitchel. I like the sound of that." She said softly.

Marsh looked at Becca with a mischievous smile. "Are you OK with having me as your father, kiddo? You have to realize that if I'm married to your mother, that automatically makes me your "step"-dad. Marsh was laughing as he finished, and Trish caught on as quickly as he ended his sentence as well.

Becca looked at her mother with a wicked grin as she picked up Marsh's manila envelope. "And you realize that this makes me your daughter, and your wife-in-law, as well." Now everyone at the table was laughing, as Becca shook the envelope in front of her mother's face.

Trish took hold of the envelope and gave Becca a "look" right back. "That goes both ways, little missy." She sneered.

When the laughter subsided, Marsh looked at both ladies with a genuine smile on his face. "All joking aside, I had Becker put Sondra Nelson on here as the official, and we'll use Leyanni's notary when we all sign these, this afternoon. I don't think anyone will argue with the governor of the State of Hawaii being our contract witness. Now let's put the paperwork back in the envelope and get ourselves back to the resort in time to attend our own wedding."

The three of them stood up, and started towards the back door when Trish stopped in her tracks. "Marshall Mitchel," she said sternly. "This is why you brought Carlos Rosario here this morning, isn't it? You sneaky bum. I knew there had to be a reason that a jeweler showed up, besides just to put a wedding band and engagement ring together. You had a ring made just for me, didn't you?"

Trish ran at Marsh and wrapped herself around him at waist level and above. "Oh Marsh! I can't wait to see my new ring!"

Marsh smiled. "I guess you'll have to though, won't you. I don't have it here. You'll get yours about the same time Becca gets hers, maybe a few seconds ahead of her. I hope Becca won't mind her mother being married when she gets married."

"Marsh, if my mother gets her ring a few seconds or even a few minutes ahead of me, it's just fine with me. I am so happy right now I could care less which one of us gets our ring first. We're both getting one and that's all that matters to me." Becca stepped over and wrapped her mother and Marsh in another group hug. "Besides," she added. "There are a lot of mothers that are married when their daughter gets married. I don't know of any that were married to the girls groom, but this isn't a normal situation anyway."

Trish let herself back down to standing on the floor, and the three lovers walked out the sliding glass door that they had entered through earlier. Marsh keyed the code into the alarm system and the doors all locked and the alarm set.

Marsh gave each of his lovers a hand as they stepped into the "From Elise", and then he took a seat in the passenger's chair, and left the pilots seat open.

Trish was the first to realize what Marsh was doing, so she sat in the pilot's seat. Her hand went under the dash and found the button Marsh had pushed to activate the boat recovery system. When she pushed the toggle switch, the doors of the boathouse opened and the docking trailer rolled out, placing the big Donzi back in the water.

Trish turned on the bilge exhaust fans as the boat was exiting the boathouse. Next she switched on the fuel pumps, then the ignitions. She waited till the big boat was completely in the water and then the pair of Mercury racing engines roared to life when she pushed the start switches.

Marsh knew that Trish had been observing what he had done each time they were in the "From Elise", and he knew she would handle the big boat as well as almost anyone else, - aahhh, with a couple of exceptions.

The transmissions shifted smoothly into reverse, as Trish backed slowly away from the beach. Marsh was impressed when Trish shifted only one of the transmissions into drive, and left the other in reverse. She spun the wheel and handled the throttles like a pro, spinning the forty three foot boat around from the transom and heading out into the open water, like it was a sixteen foot runabout. Her timing was impeccable as she shifted the second transmission into drive and pushed both throttles wide open to accelerate to ninety miles an hour.

Becca had cuddled into the front passenger seat with Marsh, and was content to lay herself back on his chest, with her head on the front of his shoulder.

The trip from the Mitchel compound to the Turner North Shore Resort could easily be made in the Donzi in less than two minutes. Trish enjoyed the wind and the open water, so she turned the trip into a fifteen minute cruise. When she got back to the Turner marina, Trish idled in and docked "From Elise" like she had been doing it for years. There were several Turner dock hands at the marina, and they tossed fenders in place and tied off the bow and stern lines as Trish gently nudged the big boat to a standstill on the end of the dock.

The big Mercs went silent when Trish turned off the ignitions, and she then shut down the exhaust fans and the big boat was silent except for the squeaking of the fenders against the hull.

Marsh made a mental note of the quick study Trish had made of operating the big boat, and the manual dexterity she had demonstrated in operating the throttles and the helm. "This gal's good" Marsh thought silently. "I'm going to have to get her in an airplane, and let her learn to fly." Though she didn't say anything at the time, Becca silently made the exact same observation.

With "From Elise" snuggly secured to the dock, Becca, Marsh, and then Trish, stepped off and walked to where Marsh had left the Gator. Becca claimed the driver's seat, so Marsh parked himself in the back seat, and let Trish sit up front.

The trip back to the administration offices was quick, with a light conversation about anything and nothing.

Leyanni and Terri were in Leyanni's office giving instructions to messengers who were coming and going at rapid intervals. When the Mitchel management team walked in Leyanni's face lit up like a ray from the sun.

"Terri!" Leyanni exclaimed. "Look who's here! We've been waiting for you three! I need Trish and Becca to go up to suite 201. There are people up there ready to fix your hair and make-up, and get you dressed. Marsh, you need to come with me. I'm taking you to my quarters where there's a few ladies waiting to get you fixed up as well. Terri please walk Trish and Becca up to their suite." Leyanni took Marsh by the hand and walked to her golf cart.

"Marsh," Leyanni said as she drove her cart down the path towards the east side of the coconut grove. Your sister brought me a twenty four by thirty six inch photo of your late wife and daughter. I want to show you where we put it. If you think we should move it we can do that right now.

She also brought me your guitar. She said you haven't used it much for four years but you asked her to bring it with her from your ranch. When she took it out of the case, the lead guitar player from my band started to drool. He said a custom built guitar by James L. D'Aquisto is one of the finest guitars in the world, and he'd sacrifice his left nut to have one. He had one of his band guys put a new set of Martin Marquis strings on your guitar, and asked me if I thought you would mind if he played it tonight."

"Marsh," Leyanni asked. "You didn't bring that guitar here this weekend just to impress my band. What do you have planned?"

"That's a fair question." Marsh replied. "I was planning to work in a song for my best ladies. I'm hoping the band will accompany me while I sing them "Like Red on a Rose". It's an Alan Jackson song, and I really like it. I brought my guitar, 'cause I wasn't sure what the band situation would be, and I don't like singing a Capella."

If your band will accompany me I'll be happy to let the lead guitarist play my guitar for the times I'm not using it. When I'm playing at all, I'm partial to that instrument. I met Jimmy D'Aquisto one night when I was a kid, and he was in Los Angeles at a get together that Uncle Tony was throwing for some friends. Uncle Tony talked Jimmy into making me this guitar as a favor to Uncle Tony. It's very special to me. I used to sing to my Becky a lot, and then I would sing lullabies to Elise after she came along, and I always used this guitar. I'll start using it again regularly, now that Trish and Becca have brought the music back into my life."

Leyanni stopped in the flower garden to show Marsh where she had placed the picture of Becky and Elise. It was just to the left of the arch where Marsh and the girls would be standing. It was turned in a way that looked like Becky and Elise were watching the ceremony, but everyone in the audience could see them.

"Let's go talk to the guys," Leyanni suggested as she got back in the cart. Marsh got in beside her, and Leyanni drove down a couple hundred feet to the stage and dance floor that she had had brought in and set up at the edge of the coconut grove.

Out here on the open edge of the beach, the stage and dance floor looked small, but Marsh realized that the stage was every bit as big as a stage in a civic auditorium would be and the dance floor was the size of a high school gym floor. Marsh marveled at the resources Leyanni had at her disposal, and her ability to pull them together at a short notice. Marsh mentally thanked Jimmy for his ability to put the right people in the right positions.

On the stage the band consisted of a keyboard artist, two guitarists, a banjo player, a bass player, a fiddle player, a drummer, and a lead singer. There appeared to be a couple of back-up singers as well and there were several sound techs on stage and out around the periphery, working on speaker and monitor set ups. Marsh counted at least a dozen microphone locations, and figured there were more that he just hadn't noticed yet. Down at the control board Marsh saw several portable, wearable mics. He would want at least one of those, and would want a setup to plug into the hook-up he had for his guitar.

Marsh noticed that Holly, the DJ he had flown in for Terri, was working with a couple of the Turner sound techs, to get her equipment hooked into the larger system. Holly looked like a happy camper as she worked and as a couple of Leyanni's men helped her with any part of the work she asked them to do.

Leyanni introduced Marsh to Leyland Brooks; the band's lead singer and manager. She stepped back away and let Marsh discuss what he wanted to do and what he would like the band to do with/for him.

For his part, Leyland introduced Marsh to the rest of the band and to the band's one sound tech. The other techs were Turner employees, and Leyland was both impressed with and grateful for the deep resources that Leyanni had brought in.

Marsh asked Leyland about playing his song with him, and Leyland told him they knew the song well, and would be happy to accompany him.

Marsh saw Rosie down in one of the chairs near the back on the right side of the dance floor. He picked up one of the mics and asked her to come up on stage with him. Marsh and Rosie had been singing together for years, and Marsh asked her to sing with him again today.

Marsh also asked the sound techs to get his guitar hooked into the system, and put a portable headset mic on him. He would take it off after the practice, but it would be ready for him to wear when he came back.

When the techs had him all hooked up, Marsh began to pick his guitar, and he started to sing;

Like red on a rose
When your lips first smiled at me....

Marsh went through the whole song once, and the sound guys made adjustments to all of the microphones and sound levels, taking notes so they could remember the settings when the actual performance took place.

Rosie sang the harmony parts that Marsh was so familiar with. Marsh's eyes were moist as they finished. It had been way too long since his sister and he had sung together.

After running through the song a second time, Marsh put his guitar on its stand and walked over to hug Rosie. "I'm sure glad to have you back little sister."

While Marsh had been singing, Dan Morrison and a group of his family and friends had walked down in front of the stage. After Marsh had worked out most of the details with Leyland and the sound techs, he walked off the stage and went to talk to Dan and the group that Dan had walked in with.

When Dan found out Marsh was planning on singing the song to Trish and Becca, he asked if Marsh thought the band would accompany him to sing a song to Kim and Beth during the father/bride dance. Marsh said, "Let's see." He turned and led Dan up on the stage.

Marsh picked up his guitar again, and asked Leyland about accompanying Dan. When Dan told Leyland the song he wanted to sing, Leyland told him that was THE most popular father/daughter dance song they did. He offered to have his wife do back-up vocals, with Dan, and with that, Marsh and the rest of the band led in with an intro. Leyland nodded to Dan, and they went through "Butterfly Kisses". Dan's smooth tenor voice was beautiful, and the people that were listening gave Dan a vigorous ovation. Dan went through the song a second time, just to be sure of himself, and it sounded even better the second time through.

When Dan was satisfied that he was comfortable with his song, he asked the sound techs if they thought everything was set-up OK, then walked off the stage.

Marsh walked back to the band, and handed his guitar to the lead guitar player.

"Oh man, Dr. Mitchel, It...."

Marsh interrupted Carlos. "It's Marsh. I'm just a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like you do. Let's be friends and call each other by our given names, OK?"

"OK Marsh," Carlos replied. "But it's still an honor to be able to play your guitar. I'll cherish this night for a long time."

Marsh walked off the stage, and Carlos sat down on a stool and ran through a few of the songs they would be playing tonight with Marsh's guitar.

Carlos spoke to Leyland. "Leyland, do you know what this thing is, and what it's worth?"

"I have no idea." Leyland honestly replied.

Carlos looked at him. "A custom one off from James D'Aquisto, is worth at least a half million dollars, and this one is really special with the autograph and all. There is a number inside that I can see. It says 01/001. That means it's the only one he made like it. This thing is really special, and it wouldn't surprise me if it would sell for over a million dollars at auction."

As Marsh walked up to the small group of friends around Dan Morrison, Jake Thompson stepped over and asked him, "Marsh did you hear that kid talking about your guitar?"

"I did, Jake. Why do you ask?

"Marsh I think he said your guitar is worth over a half million dollars, and it may even be worth over a million. Is he right?" Jake asked.

"He could be." Marsh replied nonchalantly. "He is in the business. He would know better than me. Why do you ask Jake?

"Well, ... I ... I just am surprised that you would leave something worth that kind of money out here, and let some kid that you don't even know play with it. You act so casual about things that some people are so uptight about."

It's a nice guitar, Jake. That kid is a guitar player, and even more, he knows guitars, and loves a special instrument. He'll probably take care of it as good as, or better than I will. It's a pleasure to hear a kid like him play a fine musical instrument. Jake, I play pretty good, but that kid is going to be on the level with Carlos Santana, and Jim Hall someday. He's good Jake. I want him to remember the day he got to play one of the best guitars in the world, even before he could afford to have one of his own. And Jake, He'll have a really good guitar someday. It may not be a million dollar guitar when he gets it, but with his talent, it will be worth that when he's done with it."

Leyanni walked over to the small group, and got everyone's attention. "I need Dan Morrison, Marsh Mitchel, Jimmy Turner, and Jake Thompson, to come with me. The rest of you should go up to the rec hall within the next half hour."

Leyanni was speaking in her "I'm in charge and you better do as I say!" voice. No one gave her a word of resistance. The four named victims followed meekly. They had no desire to choose off with the queen of the beach.

Leyanni led the guys to her golf cart, loaded them up, and drove them to her resort home. It was well hidden behind the marina, in a secluded grove of banana trees, orange trees, and pineapple plants. Marsh noticed that there were well camouflaged security personnel amongst the trees. He was fairly sure that though Jimmy probably knew they were there, Dan and Jake were most likely not paying enough attention to actually see the guys and gals that were making sure Leyanni was secure.

As he got out of Leyanni's cart, Marsh caught a glint off of a sniper's scope on an elevated crest above most, if not all of the resort. Marsh made a silent vow to hike up there so he could have the sniper's view of the resort. It gave Marsh a little bit of a comfort to know the sniper's nest was there and his family, friends and employees were being protected by one of the best.

Jimmy paused in mid step, and turned to Dan and Jake. "Did you see that?" he asked. "See what?" Dan and Jake asked at the same time. "Not a thing." Jimmy quickly replied, as Marsh chuckled.

"Private joke." Marsh interjected. "You had to be there." Now it was Jimmy's turn to chuckle.

Dan and Jake both looked from Marsh to Jimmy and back again with very suspicious looks on their faces. It was clear to both of them that Marsh and Jimmy had seen something that they had missed.
Leyanni didn't give them time to think about it long enough to cause any concern, as she led them all into the front door of her home. The furniture had all been removed from her spacious living room and dining room. It had been replaced with four massage tables and four barber's chairs.

Terri and Leyanni gave instructions, then turned and walked out. None of the guys got the impression that the instructions were optional suggestions. As Terri and Leyanni turned and walked out, Marsh looked over at Dan.

"Dan, imagine for just a minute what we could look like if we could get those two both working together for us full time. Your company or mine."

"Oh my God." Was Dan's reply as he got up on the massage table like he had been told. "That would be so awesome."

The four young ladies that were working as massage therapists, took positions at each table, and soon three of the four men were groaning in pleasure as lumps and kinks were worked out that the men had not even known they had.

The reason that only three of the men were reacting had to do with the fact that Marsh had stepped out to the kitchen, explained to his therapist that he had to check on something, and then silently exited through the back door.

It was between a quarter and a half mile from Leyanni's house to the road. It was a fairly steep hill, and it was covered in the natural plant life, native to the island.

Wolf had followed Marsh out of the house, and now man and K-9 trotted soundlessly through the woods. Marsh had blended into the terrain about three steps after he had left Leyanni's kitchen. The man and his dog traveled without making a sound, and there were probably less than a dozen humans in the world that would have been able to see them move through the natural flora of the Hawaiian hillside.

Marsh had reached the road that bordered the resort, above and behind the sniper's nest, before he stopped and turned to get a good look at who was there. He was immediately surprised and livid.

About eight feet below the road was an ideal location for a sniper's nest. It had a dense natural blind of trees and brush. Across the front of the nest was a tree trunk that was growing out of the hillside horizontally, and extending nearly eight feet across the face of the hill.

Bent over at the waist and across the tree trunk was a man wearing a Turner Security uniform, with his camouflage pants around his ankles. Standing behind him was another man in the same uniform, in the same condition. He had his cock buried in the ass of the man in front of him. Both men were moaning in sexual pleasure.

As the two fucked, the sniper rifle that was laid across two branches of the tree, rocked up and down, and the sun caught on the lens of the long distance optics of the sniper's scope. It reflected in an abstract pattern through the terrain below. This is what Marsh and Jimmy had seen flashing as they had walked into Leyanni's house.

Marsh had been exposed to gay lovers frequently. That was not a problem for the former emergency room physician. What set off Marsh's anger was the fact that two of his employees were snagged in this activity while they were on duty, and had thus compromised the security of any and all of the guests at the resort below them. The fact that Marsh had exited Leyanni's house and made his way up the hill in front of the snipers was evidence that the two security personnel were completely distracted and NOT doing the job they were supposed to be doing.

Marsh's response was quick and decisive. He landed on the ground behind the couple with his body already in action. His left hand closed on the right shoulder of the man whose dick was buried in his friend/lover. Marsh's right hand gripped the right wrist of the man, and he pulled the two men apart abruptly.

Marsh's continuation of motion sent the man to the ground with his right shoulder dislocated, and his coccyx broken by the severity of the fall.

Within seconds of Marsh's initial action, Wolf had made the trip around to the outside of the sniper's nest. The seventy pound canine launched himself through the air, and his head connected with the face of the man that had been bent over the tree trunk. Wolf's momentum propelled the man upright and then backwards to a landing place right next to his lover. There was blood pouring from his broken nose, and his eyes were unable to focus on anything he tried to look at.

There were some towels in strategic locations in the sniper's nest. They were cleaning cloths for wiping down the rifle, the spotting scope and any other equipment that needed to be kept clean. Marsh picked up two of them and stuffed one in the open mouth of each of the crying men on the ground in front of him.

Marsh had been silent as he dispatched the two former security personnel. Now he addressed the first man that he had put down on the ground.

"Shut your mouth and don't move. I'm going to put your shoulder back in place. Just in case you don't know what just hit you, my name is Dr. Marshall Mitchel. I am the owner of this resort, and you were supposed to be working for me."

"I don't give a damn about your sexual preference, or what you do on your own time, but I will not tolerate employees fucking on the job, and not only NOT doing your job, but compromising the safety of countless guests that I'm paying you to protect."

While he talked, Marsh manipulated the injured man's upper arm, and replaced the ball of the man's humorous into the socket of the shoulder that he had dislocated when he slammed the man on the ground. It would hurt like hell for a few days, but the man would have no residual injury from this particular event. Well, the coccyx would be painful for weeks.

As it turned out the man that Marsh had dealt with was the spotter, and the man that Wolf had dispatched was the sniper. Marsh didn't really care, as neither of them would be employed by the Turner Company after today.

Marsh picked up the sniper's hand held radio, and called the communication center. "Comm center this is Turner Admin One. I'm at the sniper's nest at the following GPS location." (Marsh had picked up the spotter's GPS receiver and read off the coordinates that were listed on its digital readout.) I need a security van on the road closest to this location. I also need the security supervisor on duty and a replacement team to take over this section."

As he spoke into the radio, Marsh was surveying the resort below him. It was a little over a mile to the administration offices from where he stood, but Marsh had a clear view of both the front and the back of the building. Before he was finished with his conversation with the comm center Marsh saw the team of Lau and Powell exit the building and head their cart up the road towards where he was standing.

The two gorgeous administrators arrived and came over the hill like an invading company of Marines.

"What the hell is going on here?" Leyanni exclaimed. "Marsh, you are supposed to be down in my living room, getting ready for your wedding."

"And Curtis, what the hell happened here. How come Marsh is up here getting involved with the resort security? What the hell did you do?" There was silence for a few seconds, and then Leyanni asked, "Marsh, I'm not inclined to extend any favors today. What did these idiots do that brought you up here?"

By this time, the chief of resort security had arrived. Marsh took a deep breath, and began at the beginning.

"Leyanni my dear, as near as I can tell, Curtis and his partner here are one of the company's sniper teams, no?" Marsh continued without waiting for a reply. "As you led me and the other gentlemen into your house, I caught a flash off of a sniper scope. That gave away the position, and compromised our security."

"After you and Terri left, I came up here to see what was going on. I found Curtis with his pecker stuffed up his partner's ass, fucking like the world was ending this evening. The rifle was rocking like a hardware store paint mixer, and these two were oblivious to the world around them."

"I proceeded to pull them apart, with the help of my canine partner. A few minor injuries were inflicted in the process. I didn't waste any time asking for an explanation, I simply picked up the radio and called for back-up. You showed up, and just in case anyone needs clarification, neither of these gentlemen works for the Turner Company from this moment on."

"If we are going to maintain a sniper position up in this general vicinity, I would suggest that a new location be found, as this location is now public information. I wouldn't want to be sitting here with my back exposed to whoever wants to walk up behind me and toss something into my back. I must say it was a great location for a sniper nest until these ass clowns gave it away. God knows who all knows about it now."

"Does anybody have any questions? Marsh paused. "If not, I have a wedding to get ready for. I'm supposed to be getting married this afternoon."

Marsh had found some nylon zip-tie restraints, in a turn out bag at the sniper nest, and Curtis and Timmy had been cuffed while Marsh had been waiting for back-up.

Leyanni wore a forlorn look on her face. She stood silent until the two were led up to the security van. Then she spoke. "Marsh, I'm so sor...."

Marsh interrupted her. "No you don't," Marsh told her as he stepped close and took Leyanni into his arms. "You have nothing to apologize for. Those two violated every principal of just normal employment, let alone compromising the security of you and everyone else on our compound. There are codes that are written and codes that are understood, and those two violated them all, in spades."

"Leyanni, while this little incident happened at the resort you manage for me, you bear no responsibility for the decisions they made. It was their choice to violate the rules and codes of their profession."

Marsh moved his arms down so they were wrapped around Leyanni's waist. He moved his face and shoulders back just enough to be able to focus on Leyanni's gorgeous face, and look into her shining eyes.

"Sweetheart," Marsh crooned. You have done so much for Jimmy and now me; you have a million fuckups to do before you are in jeopardy. The best part of it is that this doesn't even qualify as your fuckup. You're very safe. OK?"

Terri was laughing and Leyanni's smile came back. "God I love my job." She said. "And I especially love my boss. You're the best Marsh!"

"Hey now," Terri added. "My boss is pretty damn good, girlfriend."

Marsh put an arm around both gals. "Hey! Any chance I could get you two beauties to give me a ride back to where I'm supposed to be? I seem to have gotten a bit out of place."

The three of them walked up the hill to the road, accompanied by their K-9 security agent, and Marsh got in the middle of the front seat between Leyanni and Terri. "OOOOOhhhh," Marsh slurred. "I'm sure a lucky man. Most every man in the world would give any part of his body to have escorts like mine. Please just get me to the church on time now, OK?"

It only took Leyanni a few minutes to get Marsh back to her house. She and Terri escorted him into the living room again. Leyanni looked at the girl she had assigned to take care of Marsh. "Please make him beautiful for his wedding. And don't let him out of the house again till you are done with him." Leyanni and Terri walked out the front door for a second time. Marsh decided he'd do his best not to interrupt the process again.

The young lady who was assigned to be Marsh's personal assistant was named Lilliana. She led Marsh straight into the bathroom, and adjusted the water temperature in the large shower. Marsh stopped at the toilet, and peed, and then he went to the shower where Lilliana joined him and made sure Marsh was clean. -- Everywhere!

After she toweled Marsh dry, Lilliana led him back out to the one barber's chair that wasn't occupied, and after stretching a towel across the chair, Lilliana helped Marsh get comfortable in the chair.

There were several hot towels in a pan of hot water, on a table next to the chair. Lilliana wrapped Marsh's face in one of the towels. Next she retrieved a bone handled straight razor and a razor strap from a drawer under the table top. After stropping the razor to an extra sharp finish, Lilliana set the razor down, and applied a fresh layer of foam/shaving cream to Marsh's face.

Marsh could hardly feel the strokes of Lilliana's extra sharp razor. She was an expert, and Marsh's face was as smooth as Lilliana's exquisite ass cheeks, when she was finished shaving him.

She put another hot towel on Marsh's face, stropped the razor again, and then applied a hot towel to Marsh's crotch. She was careful to tuck it in snuggly around his cock and balls. Marsh began to feel his cock filling with blood, and by the time Lilliana took the towel off, he was fully hard.

Now Lilliana spread her shaving foam gently around Marsh's cock, balls, and pubic mound and his ass crack. Her soft nimble fingers made sure there was cream on every possible surface, and if Marsh had not been hard when she started he was diamond hard by the time she was finished.

With the razor in her right hand, Lilliana manipulated Marsh's male parts with a finesse that kept Marsh turned on and hard throughout what would have been scary if it was not so stimulating.

The hot towel on Marsh's face began to cool just a little, and while Lilliana kept her attention on shaving Marsh's crotch area, someone else replaced the towel with a fresh hot one. Lilliana bent and whispered in Marsh's ear, to reassure him all was just fine, and by the time she was finished shaving every bit of Marsh's cock, balls, ass, and pubic mound, Marsh was so close to having an ejaculation that he warned Lilliana, so she wouldn't be startled and slip with the razor.

"No problem." Lilliana whispered. Marsh felt her warm mouth close around his cock head. Her hand stroked his hard shaft briefly, and Marsh exploded in her mouth. Lilliana hummed in appreciation as she swallowed Marsh's huge load. When Marsh was empty, and his cock was beginning to soften Lilliana pulled off, and kissed Marsh on the lips. "That was really nice." She whispered. "Becca is a lucky woman. You taste marvelous."

Lilliana finished wiping all of the excess shaving foam off of Marsh, and then opened a tube of aloe vera after shave, which she applied liberally to Marsh's face and his crotch. The after shave lotion was unscented, but it left Marsh's skin cool and refreshed.

After she applied the aloe vera, Lilliana looked at Marsh with a question on her face. "Marsh?" she asked. "Rosalea said you wore English Leather when you went out with Becky. Would you like me to splash some on for your new love, Rebecca?"

Marsh felt a lump in his throat as he remembered how much Becky liked the smell of his English Leather cologne. "If you have it." Marsh replied softly. Lilliana picked up the bottle and splashed the cologne on Marsh's face and neck.

"OK," Lilliana said. "Time to get you dressed."

Marsh had seen Te pāreu on women and men of all ages. He had never taken the opportunity to wear one himself, so putting one on in such a way as to keep it on was going to be a challenge. Fortunately for Marsh, Lilliana was also an expert with said garment, and she put Marsh's dark royal blue wrap on him so that it wouldn't come off by itself. Sandals were not a problem. Marsh was able to do that by himself.

Finally Lilliana led Marsh over to a large full length mirror so that he could see the finished product. As Marsh looked at his reflection in the mirror, he had to smile. He knew he had not looked this "put together" in a long time. He remembered that when Becky was alive, she made sure he had been dressed very well. He had not cared much about how he dressed in the years since she died. It wasn't the clothes he wore, it was the attention to his body, and Lilliana had paid very good attention to making sure Marsh looked like the very happy groom that he was.

Jimmy's personal assistant had completed his make-over a few minutes ahead of Marsh's, and Jimmy was just sitting on the edge of a massage table waiting for Lilliana to complete her work with Marsh.

"Marsh," Jimmy began. I think the lady has made you about as pretty as you will need to be, for now. If she makes you any prettier, I may decide to marry you myself, and the girls will have to find themselves some other schmuck." That got a laugh from Dan and Jake. Jake was all spruced up, and waiting with Jimmy. Dan was still under the gentle hands of the young lady who was almost finished with his make-over.


Up at the main lodge, in suite 201, Becca, Trish, Kim, Kathy, and Beth, were being pampered and primped like never before. Leyanni was a girl, and knew what every girl wants. The brides and their mothers were getting everything they could want and more.

It started with a luxurious bubble bath, followed by a hot oil massage. When the massage ended each lady was led to a large shower where they were washed with an exquisite body wash and shampoo. The shampoo and conditioner was different for each of the ladies. Becca was washed with the light fragrance of lilacs. Trish with strawberries and cream. The fragrance remained as just a subtle smell in each woman's hair, even after they were blow dried and styled.

Trish's hair was pulled up and braided in a crown, and adorned with a floral crown of baby's breath and orchids. Becca's hair was hung in long curls, and also adorned with the baby's breath and orchid crown.

Each of the ladies had a professional make-up artist apply just the right amount of eye shadow, foundation, and blush. The net result was that no one would notice that each woman had make-up on, but each woman's face had exactly the right places highlighted.

Finger nails and toe nails were trimmed to perfection, and then painted with just the right color and design for each woman.

Each of the ladies was dressed in their Te pāreu by one of Leyanni's experts, so that the wraps would not come off until the woman wearing it wanted it to come off.

As a final touch, Marsh had prepared a surprise for each of the ladies. He had asked Carlos to make matching necklaces and ear rings for all five women. The necklaces were all styled similar to the necklace Julia Roberts had worn in the movie "Pretty Woman", but they each had a different primary gem stone.

Becca's necklace and ear rings were made with sapphires. Trish's were made with emeralds. Kim's were rubies. Beth's were garnets, and Kathy's were amethyst. Each necklace had the primary gem stones surrounded by small diamonds, and the ear rings had the precious stones hanging in an oval of small diamonds.

Leyanni had been handed the jewelry by Carlos after the ladies had been taken to the suite. Carlos had given instructions that the boxes were not to be opened until they were ready to be put on, so when each necklace was put on its wearer, everyone in the room was struck with the beauty and the artistry of the stones and settings. All five ladies looked exquisite.

Terri was the first to speak. "I had no idea what the surprise was." She began. "But Marsh did tell me that Carlos had a surprise for each of you. He said to tell each and every one of you that you are worth more than a few baubles, but you might not want to wear these to Wal-Mart or Mac Donald's. If you ask Terri Powell, Marsh just made a huge statement about what he thinks each of you is worth."

"Damn straight." Leyanni responded. "I've never seen so much beauty in one place, at the same time, and the jewelry is nice, too." You could hear the laughter in her voice as she spoke.

Leyanni continued, "Now if you beauties will wait here for a few minutes, I have transportation arranged for all of you to be taken to the multipurpose room at the garden. Terri and I need to go make sure your men are ready and see if we can get them to the garden as well."
While the girls had been getting pampered in suite 201, there were a couple of Leyanni's makeover artists sent to suites 214 and 215.

Suite 214 had been attacked by the house cleaning crew and all evidence of Marsh and Victoria's romp on the bed had been erased. Two Hawaiian artists came in and went to work pampering Mama Vicky at Marsh's request.

Two more artists went to suite 215, where Marguarita had been sequestered and was receiving the royal treatment.

Their hair styled. Their makeup while applied in just the right amount was applied to perfection. Their Te pāreu was wrapped for comfort and to stay put as long as they wanted it. Each of Marsh's mothers was adorned with flowers that set off their hair and eyes. When the Hawaiian girls were done with them the mothers of the groom looked like royalty.

Victoria's smooth, beautiful, olive skin was highlighted by the perfect use of makeup on her face. Marguarita's Hispanic features could have been mistaken for Hawaiian, and the artists had optimized her skin tones and dark hair color with their use of makeup and flowers.

Victoria was, of course escorted by Papa Victor, and accompanied by Uncle Tony. Marguarita was escorted by Uncle Joey, and accompanied by her brother, Carlos.

Marsh did not know that Antonio and Giuseppe had flown in this morning, and would be surprised to see them when he arrived from his prep session at Leyanni's house.


Marsh, Jimmy, Dan, and Jake were sent to wait on Leyanni's wide front veranda. There were numerous chairs, a couple of love seats, and a couple of love seat swings on the veranda, so seating was not a problem. Jimmy and Jake had begun a conversation, and continued it as they sat down. Dan and Marsh were actually a little bit nervous, and their conversation required some extra effort. If you had asked either one of them if there was a problem they would both have denied it, but as sure as each of them was, with the decisions they had made, the situation just lent itself to jangled nerves, if for no other reason than they both wanted everything to be perfect for their ladies.

It was only a matter of minutes before two golf carts appeared, and stopped in front of Leyanni's house. As it turned out, Jake and Jimmy were going to a different location than were Dan and Marsh. Leyanni had Jake and Jimmy climb into Terri's cart, and they were taken away immediately.

Dan and Marsh were invited into Leyanni's cart, and received a few instructions. The atmosphere in the cart was not the least bit uncomfortable, but to say the least it was a new feeling for the two high powered CEOs. They were receiving directions on what was going to happen, and what they were responsible for. Leyanni's take charge demeanor was very pronounced. It may not have been needed in its entirety but it was certainly evidenced, and did make Marsh and Dan feel confident that everything was under control.

Leyanni had absconded with Marsh and Dan's cell phones hours earlier, but she had allowed them to each keep their wrist watches. Marsh looked at his as Leyanni pulled up to the side of the garden. It was 1350, and they were ready to walk straight up to the front of the gathering of family and friends.

The non-denominational chaplain was waiting at the same location as where Leyanni stopped with the grooms. The string quintet was playing. Marsh could see that there were a lot more people in attendance than he had expected to see.

Uncle Tony and Uncle Joey were sitting with Papa Victor and Mama Vicky. Marsh was totally surprised to see Uncle Tony and Uncle Joey sitting in the audience. He honestly thought they were too busy to come on such short notice.

Marsh was really surprised to see a large group of his friends from Southern California. Jenni and or Sue must have told a few key friends, and the word had spread. Marsh's former boss Dr. Tom Green was there with his wife, Ruthie. There were several of the nurses from the ER where Marsh had worked.

John Donnelly, the sheriff from San Bernardino County, Marsh's reserve boss was there, along with Marsh's part-time partner, and full time friend, Paul Johnson and his wife Jackie. Marsh knew that Jimmy had also had a hand in spreading the word of this occasion.

Marsh didn't have time to think about all that had to have happened behind the scenes, for all the people that had arrived without his knowledge. The minister was leading Dan and Marsh into place on a small terrace that served as the location for the participants.

Almost immediately the strings began playing a traditional wedding march, and the doors opened at the side of the multipurpose room at the back of the garden amphitheater. Jake was the first person to step out, followed by Kim and Beth. The ladies flanked Jake and then he began the slow journey towards the front.

Marsh's eyes had followed Kim and Beth until they were standing beside each other, and in front of Dan. Dan had a smile that seemed to extend beyond the sides of his face. Everyone in the garden could tell that Dan was smitten, and with good reason. Kim and Beth looked gorgeous. Every detail from the hair on the top of their heads, to the toenails on their pedicured feet was stunning.

Kim and Beth were side by side, standing in front of Dan when the music changed to a different wedding march, and the doors of the multipurpose room opened again. This time Jimmy stepped out followed by Trish and Becca. The ladies flanked their father/grandfather, and began the short, but slow journey to the garden terrace.

Trish and Becca looked more like sisters than they ever had. To almost everyone in the garden, Becca looked like the same woman that was in the photo at the front of the terrace. Trish looked only slightly older. No one that didn't know them would have had a clue that they were mother and daughter, and even those who knew had a hard time accepting that it was a fact.

Marsh's attention was at first drawn to the picture of Becky and Elise, and a touch of sadness flashed through his thoughts. Then he was swept back to the vision of loveliness walking up the isle towards him. His friend Jimmy looked like the proudest father/grandfather in the world. (Though Jake Thompson really wasn't noticeably different.) And to Marsh, Trish and Becca were beauty beyond description.

Marsh was captivated in a sense of unreality. His first wedding had been a joyous occasion, but this was something entirely different. He had been in love with Becky at that first wedding, but then the love he and Becky shared grew over the years that they were together. Elise had joined that love, and it had been a living growing part of Marsh's life.

As Marsh watched Trish and Becca walk up that garden path, his soul was lifted. Marsh felt like he was starting over with the love that had already grown. Trish and Becca were combined into one and that combination was starting out with the accumulated love he had built with Becky.

The chaplain began to speak. Marsh vaguely heard the short homily. He heard Dan, Kim, and Beth speak words of love, and he heard them each say something about doing. (Simple wedding vows, "I do") He heard himself saying something, and Becca and Trish spoke as well.

In all the wedding ceremony lasted about twenty five minutes, Marsh and Dan each slipped the brand new rings that Carlos had made on the fingers of their brides. Trish and Becca slipped Marsh's ring on his finger together. After the ceremony was over, there was a lot of talk about how nice it had been. To Marsh, it had been a blur. A semi-conscious transition from a place where darkness had predominated, to a place where light was again the driving force. It was brought to life by the love and acceptance experienced in the union with Patricia and Rebecca Mitchel.

The strings played a recessional, and the chaplain led Dan, Kim, and Beth towards the back of the garden amphitheater, followed rather closely by Marsh, Trish, and Becca.

Marsh was jogged back to reality as he was directed into a receiving line, to greet, and be greeted by, his friends and relatives.

Leyanni and Terri had somehow taken the time to get into their Te pāreu, and sandals. Their hair had been styled, there were flowers in their hair, and someone had artfully applied just the right touch of makeup. All in all for the casual observer, Leyanni, Terri, and Jenna, looked very nearly as lovely as the brides and Kathy Thompson.

Hmmmm, Kathy Thompson. The mother of the bride. Kathy had been made up and dressed by Leyanni's beauty crew, and with her excitement in full force, Kathy glowed. Her daughter was married to a great guy. He had a really super family, wonderful friends, and he wasn't dirt poor, and though he seemed well off, he wasn't a rich jerk by any means. As Kathy took her turn to congratulate Marsh, Trish, and Becca, her happiness and her gratitude were glaringly evident. If you were to ask Marshall Mitchel, he would tell you he thought Jake Thompson was a very lucky man. - Not as lucky as Marshall Mitchel, of course, but very lucky none the less.

Leyanni brought Terri, Hanna and Jenna over to join the receiving line. Besides the fact that they were part of the family, it gave Leyanni an opportunity to introduce the Turner employees that were in attendance. She figured Marsh and Dan should know who their guests were.

It also gave Marsh an opportunity to introduce the friends and family who had been invited by Jimmy and Jenni. The doctors, nurses, and Sicilian "family" members were genuinely glad to meet Marsh's new friends and family, not to mention that for a number of them, it was the first time they had seen Marsh in four years.

The Martinellis and the Rosarios came through the line with Paul Johnson, John Donnelly, and their wives. Marsh had to pause and absorb the exquisite beauty of his mothers. He was very proud to introduce them to all of the new family members from his current surroundings.

As Marsh introduced them all to Dan and his family, the irony of the group situation was not lost on anyone. Even Jenna, the baby of the group, realized that Marsh's heritage included a wide cross section of the population. His childhood Sicilian family, and the law enforcement officers that he had worked with.

After Marsh had introduced everyone, Uncle Tony pulled him aside and asked Marsh if these were the neighbors that owned the house where Tony Jr. had been killed.

"They are Uncle Tony," Marsh informed him. "Please don't be angry with them. They are really good people, and I love them."

"And this Terri and Hanna?" Tony asked. "Where do they fit in?"

"Terri is the first girl that Dan and Kim rescued. Hanna is the second girl they rescued and was more abused than Terri." Marsh paused, and then went on. "Uncle Tony, I know that you, Uncle Joey, and Papa Victor are different from the kind of gangsters that include the likes of Harold Gordon. I am pretty sure that if you had known about him, you would have done something long before the interventions that I had a part in."

"Thank you, Marsh." Uncle Tony responded. "It's good for this old man's heart to have a boy like you in the family. Your mother and father would be proud as well. I want to change the subject a little Marsh. The young police officer who was guarding Dan's house. Is she the one who killed Tony Jr.? And is she here today? Marsh I want to put her mind at ease. If she knows who Tony was and who his family is, she could easily be afraid for her future. I need her to know how grateful we are and how grateful I am, for what she did."

As Uncle Tony paused, a beautiful young lady stepped over to where he and Marsh were talking. "Mr. Martinelli," Joanna spoke softly, and extended her hand to shake his. "I've been eavesdropping, I confess. My name is Joanna Doyle, and I am the officer of whom you speak. I'd like you to know that my first choice would not have been to kill your son. I was reacting to what I perceived as a threat to the ladies I was with."

"I'm not going to apologize for what I did, however. You may not know about it, sir, but Tony tried to molest one of the young ladies who got married here today. When she rejected him, he vowed to kill her. He may have gotten the chance to try, if I had not landed that first kick."

"Marsh has told me that the Martinelli family does not have a grudge against me. I've taken his word for it. Though I've only known Marsh for a short time, I've quickly come to trust him. Your sister-in-law and your brother must have made sure he grew up as an honest and an honorable man. I'm proud to call him my friend."

Giuseppe and Victor Martinelli had both heard Joanna's response to Antonio, and they both stepped over where there was now a small group. It included everyone that had been in the receiving line. It was a good thing that the Martinellis had been at the end of the line, so having the Morrisons, Thompsons, and Mitchels all now in a group, with the "cops" and the "mob" was not going to inconvenience any of the wedding guests.

Uncle Tony had held Joanna's hand through her introduction. Now he gently pulled her close and wrapped his huge strong arms around her in a Sicilian family hug. The hug included kisses on both cheeks, and Uncle Tony had some moisture in the corners of his eyes. He took a deep cleansing breath and then spoke to Joanna without letting go of her.

"Joanna Doyle, the Martinelli family has close ties with some Irish police families in New York. There are some Doyle's in the mix. If you're one of them, you come from a good, upstanding, family. My brother Victor is the head of this family, but I know my brother well enough to know he will approve of what I'm about to say."

"Marshall came to us a short time ago, the day after you and he had each killed a member of our family. Just now, Joanna, you came to me and looked me in the eye, telling me what you did, and why you did it. The Martinelli family knows that it takes courage to face the consequences of your actions, regardless of how it might be received."

"I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a part of the Martinelli family. You are everything that we have tried to foster in our children. My son Tony didn't get it. I still have no idea where his mother and I went wrong. You however, personify strength, honor and truthfulness. Please accept this invitation to be a member of our family."

Uncle Joey had a huge smile when he added. "Young lady, you can tell your friends now that you are a "made woman".

Everyone in the group burst into laughter.

The group had grown as the conversation had progressed. Ted and Marion, Mary, Shelly, and Hanna, had wandered over to see what was going on.

"Oh no," Ted groaned. "How am I supposed to explain to my department that one of my best rookie officers has been drawn into the dark side?"

Uncle Joey turned and made a pretense of speaking in a hushed voice. "You want a job, Sergeant Johnson? I'm pretty sure the Martinelli family has some openings for some good cops. None of that garbage like your chief though. We don't hire any riff-raff."

There was more laughter before Jimmy spoke up. "I'm sure glad everyone is having a good time. If it's not too much trouble though, could we break up this human resources recruiting committee and get back to the wedding reception somebody here spent a lot of effort pulling together. My gal Leyanni will really be disappointed if all her work gets overlooked and wasted."

Uncle Tony let go of Joanna, and Uncle Joey stepped up to give her a hug and the traditional kisses on the cheek. He was followed by Papa Victor. Then Mama Vicky took Joanna in her arms for a few hugs and kisses like only a Sicilian Mama can give. Joanna knew she was accepted into the family, by the time they were done with her.


Marsh led Becca and Trish up on the stage. He had made arrangements for someone to put a couple of chairs on the stage, and he asked Trish and Becca to sit down in them.

Marsh walked to the side of the stage and picked up a headset microphone, with an earpiece for a monitor. After he got the mic situated just where he wanted it, he asked for everyone's attention. The microphone was linked into the PA system, and Marsh could be heard by everyone within the boundaries of the resort.

"I'd like to thank everyone for coming here today to celebrate the love that Dan Morrison and I have the privilege of sharing, with our soulmates. I know it was short notice for most of you. Even the beautiful lady that made the original plans for this trip had no idea just how big this day would turn out to be. "

"Thank You, Beth Morrison, for getting this event in motion, and thank you Dan Morrison for instigating her."

"I hope you all have fun here today. This event was not part of the initial plans. For those of you who don't know, Beth Morrison was Beth Thompson as lately as this morning, when she woke up in the cabin of my boat, The "From Elise".

"As it turns out, Beth proposed to my friend Dan Morrison, only yesterday. He seems to have accepted, with conditions. Those conditions had to do with whether or not a wedding could be arranged on short notice."

"At this time I would like my resort manager, Leyanni Lau, and Dan Morrison's estate manager, Terri Powell-Morrison to come up here with me."

Leyanni and Terri both turned bright red through the total bronze of their normal skin tones. They walked up hand in hand, to where Marsh stood.

"Leyanni started the process. She sent me to pick up Beth's family. Then she and Terri got to work to make this an event to be remembered. I think they were wildly successful. Would you give it up for Leyanni Lau and Terri Powell-Morrison?"

The assembled group of friends, family, and Turner employees gave a rousing round of applause while Leyanni and Terri stood there and blushed.

When there was mostly quiet, Marsh began to speak again. His voice was a little softer this time.

"Some of you are aware of the dark period my life has gone through recently. I'm not going to put you all through the long story. Today my life opened up to glorious light. The two beautiful ladies here on the stage with me have rescued me from the depths of hell."

"One of the things they have unlocked in me is the music. My life had music until four years ago. Trish and Becca have made my heart sing again, and now I would like to sing a song that gives a little bit of insight to my relief."

With that, Marsh walked over to the side of the stage again and picked up his guitar. He strummed a couple of chords and knew instantly that Carlos had made sure it was in tune. He nodded to the back of the stage where Rosalea was standing. She stepped out where everyone could see her.

"I'd like to thank my little sister for joining me. Rosalea Rosario and I have been singing together since before Rosie could talk. She has a beautiful voice, and knowing that I'm biased, I think Rosie and I have a blend that is second to none."

"This song was written by Alan Jackson, who I've had the privilege of meeting. He told me I could cover any of his songs, but that if they ever charted higher than when he had sung them, he was going to sue me for royalties."

"Now to Trish and Becca Mitchel, I dedicate "Like Red on a Rose".

Marsh began picking the lead on his guitar, and the band joined him. After a short intro, Marsh and Rosie sang.

Like red on a rose
Touched something deep inside....

Marsh and Rosie blended their voices like they had been doing for years. The music filled Marsh with the warmth he had lost when Becky and Elise had been killed. The old Marsh was back with the music that flooded his sole. As he sang, Marsh sat on his heels and looked from Trish to Becca and back.

....You're where I belong
Like red on a rose

When the song was finished there was several moments of applause, while Marsh just stayed on his heels and looked into the eyes of his two loves.
Rosie handed her mic to Marsh and walked to the stairs where Dan Morrison was waiting. Marsh stood up and turned to the audience.

"I'd like Jimmy Turner, and Jake Thompson to come to the front and center stage on the dance floor. Trish and Becca, please join Jimmy. Beth and Kim Morrison, Please come up with Jake. Dan Morrison, Please come up and join us up here."

Marsh stepped back with the band, and turned off his microphone. He took the headset off and put it on Dan, who looked at Marsh with a very quizzical look.

Marsh put the mic that he had taken from Rosie up in front of his mouth and stepped to the front of the stage again.

"Earlier today Dan asked the band if they knew Butterfly Kisses, and if they would mind if he sang it as the father and bride dance. Our band leader Leyland told Dan that this was THE most requested song for this dance at all the weddings they have done."

"I've made an executive decision that Dan was not aware of. I'm going to play along with the band, and I would like Jenna Morrison to join her father here on the stage. Dan you had a hand held mic when you went through the song a couple of times earlier today. Now you have a headset boom mic, and a daughter to dance the daughter and groom dance with."

Dan gulped and looked at Marsh taken completely by surprise. Jenna walked up and wrapped her arms around him. "I know you can do this dad." She whispered, as Marsh and the band played an introduction.

At just the last second, Dan turned to Marsh. "Thank you Marsh!" He said just before his tenor voice began to sing.

There's two things I know for sure:......

Leyland's wife sang backup, and there wasn't a dry eye in the zip code. It was a miracle that Dan got through the song, but somehow he did. Jenna was almost a puddle on the stage. Trish and Becca were glued to Jimmy, and Beth and Kim were plastered to Jake.

Marsh and the band continued to play softly as Dan took off the headset microphone, and turned to exit the stage with Jenna.

When they were gone, Marsh handed his guitar to Carlos and thanked the band for their help. Then Marsh went down to the dance floor and joined Trish and Becca. As Marsh, Trish, and Becca made their way toward the back of the dance floor they were met by Marguarita, who had Rosie with her. Marguarita had a very serious look on her face.

"Marsh," Marguarita questioned in a soft tentative voice. "Can I interrupt for a few minutes?"

Marsh had never heard Mita sound so insecure. He knew she had something important on her mind. "Let's walk down to the boat." He suggested.

When the four ladies and Marsh settled into seats on the "From Elise" Marguarita took a deep breath and looked at Marsh, Trish, and Becca, and then began to speak.

"Becca and Trish, I need to come clean to both of you at the same time as I tell Marsh and Rosie. I don't think anything will change but I need to get this off my chest."

"I have no idea what you need to make right Mita, but anything you say is safe. Becca and I both love you." Trish spoke with love in her voice.

"I know." Marguarita replied. "I just got my non-existent panties in a wad and I want to tell you all at the same time." Marguarita paused. "So here it is. Marsh, you have always referred to Rosie as your sister, including just a few minutes ago. Well... She is."

After a long pause Marguarita continued. "Marsh, after you were born, the doctors told your mother she would probably not be able to have any more children. Your mother is my twin sister, and she asked me to have a baby for her."

"We tried in vetro fertilization several times before I got pregnant. I was sleeping with your father as well, so when I got pregnant we weren't sure if it was your mother's egg or one of mine. When your mother and father disappeared I could never figure out a way to tell you what we had done."

"This afternoon I was so proud when you introduced Rosalea as your sister and I decided I wanted to tell you that she is the sister you have treated her like all these years. Now I just hope you will not be mad at me for keeping this inside me for so long."

The occupants of the "From Elise" were silent for a minute as what Marguarita had said sunk in. Then Marsh got up and took the two steps over to where Marguarita was sitting. "Mita," Marsh said softly. "You've raised me like my mother would have. Rosie has been a fixture in my life for all of her life. Nothing has changed. Perhaps I should admit that I thought she was my "biological" sister for a lot of years. We were just too much alike."

Marsh smiled as he continued. "How else could we blend our voices like we do?" He laughed.

"I guess that now I know why Rosie looks so much like Marsh." Becca spoke up. "She has all the same DNA, and whose egg it was doesn't change anything one bit. I love you Rosie. You were Marsh's little sister when I met you the first time at the ranch out in California. You still are."

Trish joined the conversation. "And Mita, I don't care if you are Marsh's aunt, his Ranch manager, or his mother. I love you no matter what! And I love Rosie just as much, too."

The five occupants of the big speed boat got up spontaneously and joined in a group hug before Marguarita suggested that they should probably go back to the party on the beach. It was after all a celebration for Trish, Becca, and Marsh.

As the five of them stepped off the boat and walked from the dock to the path, Marguarita laughed. "Trish," she said. "I can't be Marsh's mother. I was still in Mexico when he was conceived. I moved to California the week he was born, and Olivia invited me into her bed when I got there. She said she wanted her man taken care of while she healed."


Becca, Trish, and Marsh walked back to the beach side of the dance floor, and stood on the sand, or sat on the beach chairs. Most of Marsh's friends and family from SoCal made their way to where the newlyweds were, and tried to catch up on all that was going on in their lives now.

Tom Green had been able to read a little about what Marsh was doing in the journals that did references to the new and growing field of tactical medicine. He and several of the RNs from the ER where Marsh had worked peppered Marsh with questions about his part in the development of the specialty.

Marsh was grateful to have Jimmy there with him. The old Navy surgeon was surprisingly up to date and was in fact one of the physicians who had helped lead the specialty to where it was to date.

Marsh asked Sue Davies to join them, and between Marsh and Sue, it looked like the Turner Medical group may well have recruited a physician and several nurses for the urgent care and specialty practices. Tom and Ruthie were almost certain, and one of the RNs gave Jenni Turner a firm "yes". She would be turning in her resignation when she was back in SoCal the next day. The idea of relocation, and working for the brand new medical practice, actually appealed to her.

Everyone from SoCal was very interested in Trish and Becca also. They had all known and loved Becky, so meeting her mother and twin sister, made them all friends immediately. They all had things in common, and were genuinely interested in the vastly different histories of the mother and daughters. Trish didn't go into all the gory details, but everyone from Marsh's past life quickly learned to love her almost like they had loved Becky and of course loving Becca was a no-brainer. She was, for all intents and purposes, Becky Mitchel.

The dance floor stayed quite full. The band did live forty to forty-five minute sets, and Holly played her music for at least a half hour in-between the bands performances. The mix was just right, and everyone had a chance to mix in and get dinks and food, while the wedding parties and their guests were able to dance as much or as little as they wanted to.

Mama Vicky made her way to where Marsh, Trish, and Becca were mingling. "Marsh?" Mama questioned. "The Martinelli family has asked me to come and make a request."

"We know this is a wedding celebration, but there are a lot of both your friends and Dan Morrison's friends here. We, the Martinellis, think this would be an ideal time to recognize the young lady that saved many lives by eliminating The Butcher."

"Mama," Marsh replied. "I think that's a good idea, but I need to talk to Dan and Ted before we do that. Let me round those two up, and make sure it works for them."

"Fair enough." Mama Vicky responded. "Just let them know The Martinelli family has been known to make offers that "you can't refuse". Mama was laughing when she finished.

Mama drifted back through the dancing guests to where her family waited. Marsh asked Becca to find Joanna and get her to make the final commitment as to coming to work for the Turner Security Division, while he went to talk to Ted and Dan.

"Her two weeks isn't technically finished, Marsh," Ted told him when Marsh told Ted and Dan what the Martinellis wanted to do. "But I think we can let it slide. This would be a nice place to give her the recognition she deserves."

Marsh turned to Dan with a sly grin. "Dan, I was thinking I'd have Leyanni take a couple of her guys with her, and bring a briefcase down from the safe. Would you approve of something like that? We should probably put the cash back in the safe after the presentation, but the show would knock her socks off. -- If she was wearing any." Dan smiled, and Ted wore a questioning facial expression.

"You'll see," Dan told him. "And Marsh, I'd like to be a participant, since she was covering my ass at the time."

"I wouldn't have thought of it any other way," Marsh told him. Marsh left Dan and Ted, and went to find Leyanni.


Becca made her way around the dance floor till she found Joanna. Joanna was sitting at a table with John Donnelly, Paul Johnson and their wives. They all had drinks and snacks, and were involved in what looked to Becca like a friendly conversation. Paul stood up and invited Becca to sit and join them.

"Hey Becca," Joanna quipped. "These guys know a lot about your husband that I didn't. I'm learning a bunch of cool stuff."

As Becca sat down at the table, one of the cocktail waitresses from the Lava Pit came to the table and asked if Becca would like something to drink, and if any of the others needed refills. Becca joined the conversation and shared a few things about herself and her mother with the Donnellys and the Johnsons, while learning a few things from them that she hadn't yet heard from Marsh or Jimmy.

During a slight break in the conversation Becca turned to Joanna and asked her, "So Joanna, have these law enforcement officers given you enough information about Marsh to convince you to take our offer and come to work for the Turner Security Company?"

"Oh Becca," Joanna replied. "They certainly haven't given me any information that would deter me, but I decided to take Marsh's offer a couple days ago. There's no way I'm going to go back to jail duty when you and Marsh will pay me so much more money to do a job I have already fallen in love with. And to think Mary had to talk me into even considering the initial duty at the Morrisons."

Paul Johnson cocked his head, and looked at Joanna. "So much more?" he quizzed. "Just how much is Marsh going to pay you? I may have to see if he has any more openings."

"Hey now," John Donnelly jumped into the fray. "Becca, don't you go recruiting one of my best deputies at your wedding reception. Marsh told me you are his executive VP, and you probably have very deep pockets, but I can't afford to start losing my best officers to the private sector. - Even if you are working with one of my best deputies already."

Becca laughed as she turned to John's wife. "Sandy, would you like to come to work for me? In your place, you can probably have access to all the best deputies. You can be my west coast recruiter."

Everyone was laughing now except for John. "Oh sure!" he cried. You're gonna even turn my wife against me? I'm screwed!"

Now Becca looked from Sandy to John with a wicked smile. "I think that could be arranged," she retorted. The laughter went on.


Leyanni Lau appeared to be a tiny little girl sitting in the middle of her golf cart between the two very big security guards that were escorting her back from her office. Almost no one knew why the guards were there, and the guards didn't even know what Leyanni had in the briefcase she was carrying.

Marsh had told Jimmy what he was doing, so he knew. Marsh obviously knew, and he had told Becca. She had not given a clue as to what was about to happen, even as she chatted with Joanna and the San Bernardino County LEOs.

Marsh met Leyanni as she got out of her cart, and they walked together to the stage, where they both walked up the steps. Leyanni stayed at the side of the stage while Marsh walked over and picked up a microphone. He waited till the band finished the song they were playing, before walking to front and center stage.

"May I have everyone's attention, please?" he asked. Marsh waited for most everyone to end their conversations and turn their attention to the stage.

"I need some assistance for this part of our celebration." He announced. "I'd like Dan Morrison to join me up here. I'd also like my executive vice president, Rebecca Mitchel to come up and bring one of our newest employees Joanna Doyle with her."

Everyone looked around and watched for the specified people to get up and move to the stage.

Joanna turned and bowed her head towards Becca. "Oh shit!" she whispered. What the hell did you get me into now, Becca? I'm NOT on the program."

Becca stood up and took Joanna by the hand, lifting her to her feet, and leading her toward the stage. She smiled a wicked smile at her victim and softly told her, "You may not think you are on the program, but you are certainly on the menu, girlfriend."

Marsh began to speak again as Dan came up the steps, and everyone waited for Becca and Joanna. "I'd like y'all to give a big round of applause to a genuine hero. Miss Joanna Doyle!" Everyone applauded even though most of them had no idea why. Joanna turned red from the top of her face to her navel, which was as far as anyone could see.

Kim took Beth's hand and the two of them made their way to where Ted and Marion were sitting. Kim looked at Ted and asked, "Ted, do you know what's going on? Did you have anything to do with this?"

Ted put on his best, innocent, hurt little boy look. "Kim, how could you think these thoughts? I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this. And you'll see that I could not have even started to run in this circle." If you read Kim's face, you knew she was sure Ted was withholding evidence.

Everyone listened as Dan took the mic and gave a brief explanation of how Joanna had come to work on the Morrison estate, and that he was proud to tell everyone that she had saved many lives as she had stepped up to meet the challenge when his home had been broken into. When Dan finished his glowing praise, Joanna's red skin color had deepened a shade or two.

When Dan was finished, Marsh asked the Martinellis to come up on the stage. He knew that some of them wouldn't be inclined to just walk up in front of a crowd, so he named each of them and asked them individually to join him.

Marsh began to speak as the last Martinelli, Uncle Joey, walked on the stage. "I know at least some of you have heard of the family that I grew up in. I want you to know about the good, strong, happy childhood I experienced."

"My mother and father both disappeared before I entered my teenage years. We lived next door to Papa Victor and Mama Vicky. My aunt Marguarita Rosario stayed in my parents' house and looked after me and her daughter Rosalea. I spent a lot more time at Mama Vicky's house than my own. Mama Vicky treated me the same as she treated her own son, my best friend, Mario Martinelli. It's my very unbiased opinion that Mama Vicky did a really great job raising both of us."

Marsh paused for the laughter to subside.

Papa Victor made sure I knew how to show respect, not just to him and Mama Vicky, but to everyone I met and had any interaction with. I consider Mario and his sister to be my siblings, and Antonio and Giuseppe Martinelli are my uncles.

"Now that you know a little more about this family I'm going to ask them to tell you why they are up here on the stage."

Marsh handed the microphone to Papa Victor, who looked very uncomfortable. After a pause however he began to speak. "Mama Vicky and I are very proud of the man that Marshall has grown into. Not long ago Marshall called and told Mama that he had something to tell us, and that he would be at our house for lunch the next day. Victoria was elated, and of course when Mama is happy, I am happy, too."

"We had no idea what Marshall had to tell us, but we were just happy to have our boy coming home for lunch. We thought Marshall was just driving out from the Inland Empire of SoCal. Victoria made Marshall's favorite meal, and my brothers and our other son came to lunch as well. After we finished with lunch, Marshall asked us to join him in the den, where he loaded a disc into the DVD player. I would like Victoria to tell you what we saw."

Papa Victor handed the microphone to his wife.

"I'd like you all to know, that Mama knows her boys. I could tell that Marshall did not have good news for us, but he kept up a very brave face, considering what we saw next."

"The DVD was a copy of the view from several security cameras at the Best Western Turner Inn, where the mother of Marsh's deceased wife was working at the front desk."

"Three men came in and attacked her. -- One of those men was my grandson, and within seconds, Marshall entered the picture, along with his K-9, and killed my grandson and his friends."

That night my nephew Tony Martinelli, with six more of his friends entered the home of Marshall's neighbor. Marshall entered the house just after my nephew, and Marshall and his partner neutralized five of the seven intruders. Two of the men got past Marshall and his partner and were taken down by the young lady on the stage here with us. Joanna Doyle, will you please come over here with me?"

"Today the Martinelli family would like to reward Joanna for her part in neutralizing a man that had become a problem for the family. Antonio, will you join me as well, and bring the briefcase."

"Members of the family had decided to buy a contract on my nephew. Tony was known to many of you that are here as The Butcher. "

"Joanna, a contract on The Butcher would have cost our family a very large amount of money. We would like to reward you for your courage in facing The Butcher, and the skills you demonstrated. My brother-in-law is holding a briefcase with a small token of our appreciation. If you don't want to take all two and a half million dollars home with you on the plane, Marshall has assured me that you may leave it in his safe here, and he will arrange a transfer into a bank account of your choosing back on the mainland."

As Mama Vicky finished, Uncle Tony opened the briefcase, and Joanna gasped, and her bright red flush turned pale. She probably would have fallen on the floor if Becca had not followed her and was at once behind her to catch and steady her.

There was an audible collective gasp from everyone in attendance and you then could have heard a pin drop on the dance floor. Uncle Tony took the microphone from Mama Vicky. "Joanna, I want to assure you that I am not only not angry with you, but I am grateful. Tony's mother and I were at a loss to find a way to help our son. We were never able to do that and my wife died in part out of the grief Tony caused her. Joanna, if you ever need anything. And I do mean anything! You have a very grateful father who will take care of you."
Mary was sitting at a table with Shelly, Jenna, and Hanna. Looking at Shelly, Mary whispered, "a small token?" Damn Shelly, can you imagine what a large token would be?"

Shelly's mouth hung open. "God Damn, she replied. "I guess that butcher really was a bad man. I had no idea. I'm glad it was Joanna and not me."

Mary looked at Shelly and replied; "Shelly, you weren't there when Dan, Ted, and I first met "Judy". She told us that The Butcher was the worst of the worst. The guy Joanna killed was the devil in the form of a man."

Joanna closed the briefcase and turned to Becca. "Would you and Leyanni take me to the safe? I don't want this here with me." She turned back to Uncle Tony then and gasped. "Uncle Tony, I'm sorry I didn't say thank you till now. You kinda took my breath and my brain away there. This is way more than I could have ever imagined. I didn't do this for a reward, I did what I thought was my job. I was protecting my friends. You really didn't need to do this."

Antonio Martinelli had some moisture in the corners of his eyes as he replied. "I know Joanna. The true heroes never think of themselves as heroes. They just do what needs to be done. Unfortunately most of them never get the true recognition they deserve. We are glad you are alive and are here to receive the recognition you deserve. Tony would not have paused a split second to think twice about killing you. I am grateful to be able to meet you and show you our gratitude."

Leyanni, Becca, and Joanna went to Leyanni's golf cart, and accompanied by the two Turner Security gorillas, Leyanni took them up to the office. Leyanni opened the safe, and Joanna put the briefcase on a shelf inside. Becca, Leyanni, and Joanna left the office, got in Leyanni's cart, and returned to the wedding celebration.


Jake Thompson made his way over to where Dan was just coming off the dance floor with Beth. They had been dancing a slow dance, but both were ready for a break, so they found a table to sit at, and a waitress took drink orders from all three of them.

Jake looked at Dan with a serious face. "Dan," he asked. "Does this Marshall Mitchel belong to the mafia? It sounded to me like he said his mother and those guys on the stage with him are part of a mob family."

Jake was startled when a voice he recognized came from behind him. "Jake, if you want to sit in judgment, the short answer is yes. If you are the man I think you are, you'd like to hear the whole story, and I'd be happy to tell you the long version if you would like to hear it." Marsh stepped to the end of the table, and sat down.

Jake looked from Dan to Marsh and then responded. "Marsh, I may be a farmer from a small country town, but I have always tried to be fair with everyone. I have time to listen to the long version if you are inclined to take the time to tell it."

"It's a deal." Marsh said. "I'll tell you how I fit in a "mob" family." Marsh gave the waitress his order for a tall glass of strawberry lemonade, and then began to tell Jake the long version.

"From my earliest memory, my father was in the US Navy. He worked sometimes at Point Hueneme, just north of Los Angeles. Sometimes he drove to San Diego. In either case he frequently left early on Monday morning and didn't return until Friday afternoon. I've learned than he was a SEAL."

"My mother was a lawyer. She worked for a large firm in Westwood. She would occasionally get sent to San Francisco, Chicago, or New York, for a day or two. I never knew what she actually did. I have also learned that the "firm" my mother worked for, was a government agency with a three letter abbreviated name. It started with a C and ended with an A. I didn't know that when I was ten years old."

"We lived in Malibu, and my best friend was a kid named Mario who lived next door to us. I knew his mother as Mama Vicky, and his father was Papa Victor. Mama Vicky was my mother's best friend. Papa Victor worked somewhere in Los Angeles, and a ten year old boy really didn't care exactly where it was, or what he did."

"The week that I turned ten years old, my father took a week off, and took my mother and me on a camping trip to Sequoia National Park. On Thursday, my actual birthday, we hiked to the top of Mt. Whitney. My mother packed cupcakes and we had my celebration at the summit."

"We went home early Sunday morning so that dad could get ready to go back to work on Monday. I was about as happy as a ten year old can be."

"Dad left the house before six o'clock Monday morning, and I got up to see him before he left. We had breakfast together, and we talked about what we were going to do the next weekend. He was driving to San Diego for the week, and I watched his truck drive down the road."

"I have never seen my father since."

"My mother had Monday off, so she took me to school, and picked me up again after I got out. We went to the grocery store and then home, like any normal day. She told me she had to go in to the office first thing the next day, and Marguarita would take me to school, but mom would be home in time to pick me up. My mother tucked me into bed that night, and I have never seen her since."

"When mom didn't show up to pick me up from school, the principal called the house, and Mama Vicky actually came and picked me up."

"Marguarita and Mama Vicky told me that my mother probably got sent to one of the out of state offices, and she hadn't had time to call to let anyone know."

"By Thursday I was really upset. My mother should have come home by now or at least called. I was only ten, but I knew something wasn't right, so I asked Marguarita to call the number for my father in San Diego. The people there told Marguarita that dad had been sent on a mission, and they didn't know when he would be back."

"I lived with Marguarita and Mama Vicky for the next seven months until Marguarita had to go to the hospital. She was pregnant and delivered my little sister. She came home in three days, but she was really busy with the new baby, so I just went to Mario's house to live."

"Mario's family became my family and I got to know his Uncle Antonio and Uncle Giuseppe as my own uncles as well. Uncle Joey, as we called Giuseppe, was our favorite adult type person."

"Uncle Joey lived in New York, but he came out to visit several times a month. Mario and I had no idea he was coming out for business, we just loved it when he was there. He took us to the beach. He took us to Dodger games, and some weekends he took us to New York to watch Yankee games."

"I had no concept, at ten years old, about what people did for money. I had no idea who had what kind of jobs. I lived a blessed life. I got used to the fact that my father and mother had disappeared, and as time went on I thought about them less and less. I missed them whenever I thought about them but the weeks turned into months which then turned into years, and so on."

"Mama Vicky made sure I studied and did my homework. I was smart enough to get good grades, so high school and college went surprisingly well."

"The summer I was fourteen Uncle Joey took Mario and me to Viet Nam to study martial arts with an old man (to us) that had been his friend and mentor when he was there in the war. Mario and I spent our summers in Viet Nam from then until we graduated from college. Uncle Joey only went with us the first year, but Papa Victor gave us the trip each year because he thought we were learning a lot from the old guy. We were."

"Let me tell you a few things I've learned over the years that make up the history of the Martinelli family."

"Victor and Antonio Martinelli came to New York with their parents from Sicily. Giuseppe was born in New York after his parents immigrated. Victor and Antonio became naturalized citizens when their parents, Bartolommeo and Gisella were naturalized. I knew them as grandpa and grandma Martinelli."

"Several of Bartolommeo's brothers came to New York at or near the same time, and brought the Martinelli crime family with them. Bartolommeo refused to get into the crime business with his brothers, and forbade his sons to get involved with their uncles and cousins. He and Gisella made sure their boys went to school and all three eventually graduated from college. Victor and Antonio graduated before they went to 'Nam, but Giuseppe had to finish after he came home."

"Uncle Joey's lottery number was going to come up when he was nineteen, so all three of the brothers joined the Marine Corps, and they went to Viet Nam together. Victor and Antonio both became officers and helicopter pilots and Giuseppe was a machine gun operator in Antonio's Huey."

"Dr. James Turner was a Navy surgeon and worked in several different field hospitals, where he had occasion to patch up all three of the Martinelli brothers, at one time or another. Victor would probably be dead if Dr. Turner wasn't as good as he was/is."

"When the brothers came back from Viet Nam Victor and Antonio started a company that worked the docks, unloading ships. They started out doing some of the manual labor themselves and progressed till they were hiring a lot of men to do the work for them. They did quite well until they were at a place where they needed some capital to expand."

"One of their uncles had some money to invest, and in the end it was a mistake to take the money. Antonio ended up as part of an investigation into the Martinelli crime family, and he spent a couple of years in prison as a result. They convicted him of fraud and tax evasion, along with his uncle and cousin."

"Giuseppe graduated from college just in time to fill in for Antonio while he was in prison. When Uncle Tony got out, the three brothers agreed to never have anything to do with the organized crime side of the family. Because of the name recognition, they have been on almost every government agency's watch list at one time or another. They were investigated frequently, but nothing was ever found again."

"Papa Victor moved to the Los Angeles area to expand the business to the west coast and we were neighbors as far back as I can remember."

"Since Papa Victor, as well as Uncle Tony and Uncle Joey were all helicopter pilots, it was easy for me to start flying when I was fifteen and by the time I was in college I was teaching flight lessons to earn money."

"I put myself through med school with my pilot's license and I started investing in tax lean properties and drug seizures while I was in my residency, and by the time I finished and got my FACEP (Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians) certification I was already pretty well healed."

"I will always be grateful for my Martinelli family roots. Mama Vicky, Papa Victor, Uncle Tony, and Uncle Joey gave me many opportunities that a lot of orphan kids never have had. They also taught me right from wrong and taught me to work hard but also smart. I am who and where I am today because I have a wonderful family support system."

"So you see Jake," Marsh finished. "The short answer is yes!"

Beth's eyes were moist as she stood and rounded the table to where Marsh was. "May I give you a hug, Marsh?" she asked. "I knew about your Becky and Elise, but I had no idea you had lost your parents and at a young age. You have made me much more grateful for my loving parents and my close family."

Marsh stood up and hugged Beth. "I'm OK now Beth. The Martinellis and Marguarita did right by me. Now that I have Jimmy's resources at my disposal, I'm going to try to find out just what did happen to my parents."

Marsh looked at Jake with a wicked smile as he said, "And Jake, The Butcher may be gone now, but if you need a mafia hit man you just let me know. We still have assets." Everyone at the table had a good laugh.

Trish had been standing behind Marsh for most of his monolog, with her hands on his shoulders, gently massaging them. When Marsh stood up to give Beth a hug, Trish wrapped her arms around both Marsh and Beth. "Now I know a little more about my wonderful man too, Beth," She volunteered.

When Beth let Marsh go, Trish turned him around and kissed him. "How 'bout a dance with my special man?" Trish cooed, as she batted her eye lashes.

"I can't think of a way any man in his right mind could turn down an offer like that." Marsh replied. "Excuse us, please?" he said to the friends at the table as he and Trish made their way to the dance floor.

Marsh and Trish danced closely through two slow songs, making their way indirectly to the north-east corner of the dance floor. Jimmy had gotten some guys to move several tables together in a wide "U" shape. He and Rick had joined Becca on the end of the "U". Most of the SoCal friends that had flown in for the wedding had also gathered at the table where they all participated in a conversation with Becca, Rick, and Jimmy, learning more about the people Marsh was now close to.


If a person was standing on the beach end of the dance floor, and looking toward the stage, that person would be facing south. Looking to that person's right would be west, and west of the dance floor was where the Lava Pit had set up the outdoor kitchen. In terms of a well-equipped picnic kitchen, you would be hard pressed to find a better one anywhere.

The Turner North Shore Resort was in the habit of throwing parties, aka luaus. They did it very well.

There was a pit barbeque where the chef had put a pig on the rotisserie. There was a large smoker, where they were burning mesquite wood that had been brought in from Arizona. The smoker had a half of a beef cow that was just about perfectly done by around 1730. The pig was about perfect at the same time.

The wedding guests had been treated with drinks and snacks all afternoon. When the band took a break Leyanni asked Holly to give her a chance to make an announcement. She went to the stage and invited the guests to help themselves to the feast. There was enough food to insure that anyone who went hungry did it at their own choosing. The guests were encouraged to walk around the food tables and choose what they wanted. The choices were seemingly endless, with the meats, vegetables, fruits, breads, pastries, and of course cake and ice-cream.

Bri and Jen brought the children down from the recreation center, and along with their parents, the children had their pick of foods too. Given the chance, kids would be kids, so their first choice was cake and ice cream. Fortunately there were parents with them to insure that they also had some healthy foods first.

As the afternoon had progressed, Marsh had noticed that more and more Te pāreu had gotten "lost" somewhere along the way. After all, this was Leyanni Lau's resort. And Leyanni did prefer the "natural" look. And the Morrisons were more comfortable "au natural". So it didn't come as any surprise that Leyanni was the first to lose her Te pāreu, and the Morrisons and Leyanni's crew were not far behind.

As Marsh sat and watched the guests, he felt a comfortable sense of satisfaction. He had done very little to bring about this event. Becca had connected Beth and Leyanni. Leyanni had welcomed the Morrisons and Banks families, and had put together a smashingly successful party event, where it appeared everyone was enjoying themselves.

Marsh himself had in fact invited a few of the guests, and he had transported some of the guests, at Beth's request. Most of the resources were arguably his, but only just recently, and they had been dropped in his lap quite unexpectedly. None-the-less, Marsh felt a warm satisfaction to see the happiness prevailing around what was now his resort.

Over the conversation that he and Trish, and Becca had joined, Marsh learned that Jimmy had called John Donnelly, and John had contacted a significant number of Marsh's friends from his past life in SoCal. Jimmy had then sent a BBJ 777-200LR, (a Boeing Business Jet) to San Bernardino, to bring anyone from SoCal that had been able to come. Short notice had prevented a few who would have liked to be here, but transportation, lodging, and food, had all been arranged by Jimmy. That also made Marsh happy. All in all, Marsh felt his life coming together in an enormously satisfying way.

Since his dance with Trish, Marsh had spent most of his time at the table where his friends and family came and went. Coming to sit and talk for a while. Leaving to dance occasionally. Wandering to the outdoor kitchen for food or drinks. And generally having a good time with old friends and making new ones.

Marsh, Becca, Trish and Jimmy had stayed put at the head of the table. The wait staff had been instructed by Konia Lohunukonu to make sure that those four should want for nothing, so whenever one of them needed a drink or some food, the wait staff made sure it was there.

As he watched what was going on around the dance floor, Marsh observed what looked like a board meeting, across the dance floor from where he was sitting. The Simpson children seemed to be driving the business side of the meeting, but there were several more children participating. The group was larger than the group of children from the Morrison contingent. Marsh could see that several of his friends from SoCal had brought young-uns, and there were a group of children who were associated with the resort staff, and Turner employees. Marsh watched the dynamics of the group, and decided that whatever Terri had agreed to pay Jen and Bri, it was not enough. The two girls were masters at their craft. The children were being courteous and respectful; while it appeared that any of them that had something to contribute was given the chance.

When the meeting began to break up, most of the kids headed back up towards the recreation hall. Jen and one of the resort staff teenagers, made their way over to Marsh. "Dr. Mitchel," Jen began. Marsh held up his hand and interrupted the beautiful teen.

"Jen," he told her, "I appreciate your demonstration of respect, but I would rather have you use my given name. Most of my friends call me Marsh, and I would like you to feel familiar enough to do the same, so Marsh will be the best way to get my full attention."

"OK Marsh and thank you for being so easy to talk to. I heard you were cool, but I didn't want to take any chances. I respect my elders and I want you to know I respect your hard work of getting an education, way beyond what I have."

"And Jen, I appreciate that a lot. I just want you and everyone else to feel comfortable coming to me with whatever they want to talk to me about. Now let's get back to why you came to me in the first place. What can I do for you?"

"Well Marsh, the Simpson children told a lot of us that weren't here last night, that you and Jimmy took people, including the kids, on a boat ride. John Simpson said that Jimmy let him and his sisters as well as Andy White have a chance to drive the boat. I know there's a lot more kids today, and this is a party mostly for adults, after your weddings, but is there any chance that we could all go out on the boat again tonight."

Marsh looked at Jimmy as he smiled and replied; "You'll have to ask Jimmy about going out on his boat, but I'll take as many as I can out on my boat. It's kinda small next to Jimmy's big yacht, but it goes faster. If you can talk Jimmy into going out, maybe we can arrange to take turns. Some of you can ride in my boat for a while and then we can make a switch and the ones on my boat can go on Jimmy's and some more can take a ride in the fast boat."

Jen turned towards Jimmy, but he spoke before she had a chance to ask him anything.

"That sounds like a workable plan, Marsh. Jen? How soon do you think you could get everyone down here and ready to go?"

"Oh my!" Jen exclaimed. "I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take long at all. I'll go up to the rec room and tell the ones who want to go out on the boats to get their asses down here."
True to her word, Jen soon had twenty excited children gathered around the table where Marsh and Jimmy were sitting.

When they were all pretty much calmed down Marsh asked the kids to all come up on the stage with him. Once Marsh and the twenty kids were near the stage, Marsh waited for the band to finish the song they were playing and then had the children follow him up on stage. Marsh picked up a microphone and addressed the guests.

"I'd like the parents that are here to look up here on the stage. If one or more of the children up here with me is yours, this announcement pertains to you."

"The children have asked Jimmy Turner and me to take them for a boat ride. If parents think that they should go with us, they have the first open space on the boats. Just so you are aware, Jimmy will be taking out the sixty foot Hatteras motor yacht, and I will be taking out the forty three foot Donzi. We will be stopping every now and then to allow people to switch from one boat to the other. Also so you will know, there are life jackets for all on board, and children under eighteen will be wearing floatation at all times."

"Also if your child is up here on the stage and you do not want them to go out in the boats, I will wait here at the stairs for a few minutes so you may come up and lodge your reluctance. If your children choose to disagree with you, I cannot insure your safety." There was a round of applause that started on the stage, and continued with the rest of the guests as they realized what Marsh was inferring. There was also a lot of laughter from the adults.

There were three parents, one couple and one single mom, from the SoCal group that came up and asked if they could go along, and one couple that were Turner employees, with children in the group. Trish quickly welcomed them and they joined the happy group that Jimmy was leading to the marina.

The single mom, Wendy Wilson, was a nurse friend of Marsh, Jenni, and Sue. She had been a friend of Becky, and was very excited to meet Becca and Trish. Wendy was one of the friends Becky had shared with, and was trying to figure out a way to ask Becca and/or Trish if they had a similar attitude.

Jenni and Sue were walking with the group to the marina. Jenni listened to Wendy's conversation with Becca and started to smile. Sue saw Jenni's smile and looked at her with a question mark all over her face. Jenni held up her hand with her index finger pointed up, indicating she wanted Sue to wait for an answer.

At a convenient pause Jenni interrupted. "Wendy, the answer you are looking for is 'YES'. Becca and Trish will share. You might not get lucky tonight, as it's their wedding night, but if you come to work for me at the Turner medical group you will find that Becca and Trish have the same inclinations that Becky did. And Marsh is every bit as good as he was four years ago. Maybe even better."

Becca, Trish, and Sue were laughing hysterically by the time Jenni was finished. Wendy was beet red. "Oh my God." She gasped. "Was I that transparent? Jenni! I'm so embarrassed. Trish, Becca, I'm really NOT a wicked slut. Becky was my friend. I miss her a lot. I'm really not going to try to steal your main squeeze. Oh Jenni! What kind of woman are you trying to make me look like?"

Becca walked over beside Wendy, put her arm around her shoulder and responded. "Wendy, Jenni was just trying to make you look like every other woman who's ever had the privilege of spending some quality time with my husband. I happen to have the best! I know what I have, and I know that I have him. He's mine to share. -- Well mine and my mother's. We agreed to share him before he even asked either if us to marry him. Yes, we know he's that good."

As Becca was talking to Wendy, Trish walked to Wendy's other side and put her arm around Wendy's waist. "My daughter speaks the truth, girlfriend. Marsh is the best man I've ever met. And in the past, I've probably been at or at least near the bottom of the pile as well."

"If you have access to the rumor mill, you've heard that he saved my life only days after we met. One of the guys he rescued me from that day was one of those bottom of the pile jerks. I really appreciate what I have girlfriend, and there's enough of him to share."

"Oh Trish!" Wendy gasped. "That was you? I had no idea. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I'm glad Marsh and his K-9 got to you in time."

"Do I need to remind y'all that I'm right here?" Marsh interrupted the conversation. "I can hear everything you are saying. I'm beginning to feel a little like just some piece of meat. I may be cooked perfectly, but jeeze ladies, take it easy on me."

"Yeah ladies," Sue volunteered. "He needs to be able to still get his head in between my hips once in a while. Don't swell his head too big. I like riding that magic tongue, too."

It was a good thing the children had run ahead and were laughing and squealing with delight at the edge of the boat dock. Jimmy had told them to wait at the edge and not go on the dock until he had given them their instructions. John Simpson and Andy White had gotten there first, and had stood there to make sure everyone did what Jimmy had told them to do.

By the time Marsh and the ladies got to the dock, Jimmy was holding a meeting at the shoreline side of the dock. He was giving the children instructions. There were life vests in a couple of lockers in front of the boat shed. Andy White was assigned to pass the vests to each of the kids, and John Simpson was helping anyone who needed it, to get their vest on properly.

When all the kids had a life vest on Jimmy led them to the "Little Snot", and helped them all on-board. He and Marsh talked about their plan to meet out on the open water and switch passengers around. The "Little Snot" was ready and left the dock before the adult crew had the cover off of the "From Elise".

When she was uncovered and the lines were loose, Becca took the helm of the big speed boat. She went through the start-up process and soon had the "From Elise" out of the harbor and on to the open ocean.

The adult passengers on the Donzi included the current captain, Rebecca Mitchel, as well as Marsh, Trish, Jenni Turner, Sue Davies, and Wendy Wilson. Becca took her passengers on a shoreline cruise from the resort to Ka Ena Point. Everyone onboard enjoyed the sun on their bodies and the wind in their faces.

Jimmy had turned the "Little Snot" toward the west, and was coming at the "From Elise" as Becca headed east, after having made the trip to the point in about fifteen minutes.

As the distance closed between the two boats Marsh stood up behind Becca and reached around her to adjust the power trim, changing the drive angle of the big stainless steel propellers so that the "From Elise" shot a huge rooster tail up behind the boat as Becca passed the "Little Snot" going about eighty miles per hour. Becca slowed the boat and turned her around to come back to the Hatteras yacht.

Becca had been with Marsh as he and Jimmy had discussed the procedure for switching passengers from one boat to the other so as Marsh attached fenders to the swim step at the back of "From Elise" she began to back the Donzi up to the back of the 60 foot motor yacht. Jimmy had stopped to wait for Becca to push up tight to the back of the "Little Snot", and then he put his transmissions in reverse effectively holding both boats together.

Marsh and Trish stood on the swim steps of the two boats and gave each person a hand as they stepped off of one boat and onto the other. Becca and Jimmy sat at the helm of each boat, and Jimmy used the bow thruster under the Hatteras 60 to keep the boats matched up perfectly. The step off of one boat and onto the other was as easy as stepping off of the dock and onto the boat.

Jenni, Sue, Wendy, and Marsh got on the "Little Snot" and six of the children got on the "From Elise" with Becca and Trish. There were a few minor squabbles about who got to go on the speed boat first, but nothing that lasted more than a few seconds. Marsh and Trish assured the children that everyone would get a chance. Andy White and John Simpson showed a little disappointment when Marsh told them that they would be the last of the kids to go on the Donzi, but they hesitantly agreed. Andy whispered to John that he thought Marsh must have a reason, so they both just helped the other children transfer from one boat to the other.

When all the other children had had a chance to ride in the big, go-fast boat, Marsh invited Andy and John on-board with Trish, Becca, and himself. When the boys were in their seats, Becca idled the Donzi away from the Hatteras while Marsh stowed the fenders that had been between the two boats. When Marsh was in a seat she pushed the throttles full forward and the forty three foot boat leapt out of the water.

At one hundred thirty miles per hour, Becca began a moderately tight one hundred eighty degree turn and raced toward the "Little Snot". Jimmy watched the "From Elise" approach, and called everyone to get inside somewhere, at least under cover.

Becca feathered the trim for the outdrives, and even though it slowed the Donzi's high speed, the "From Elise" raced past the "Little Snot" at over ninety five miles per hour with a rooster tail that sprayed a wall of ocean water over the yacht.

When the "From Elise" was well past the "Little Snot" Becca lowered the outdrives and throttled the boat back and brought it to a stop. Becca knew why Marsh had made Andy and John wait, so she turned in the pilot's seat and motioned for John Simpson to come up to where she was. She stood and moved to the side allowing John to get up in the seat. Becca moved the seat forward so that John could reach the helm, the shifters, and the throttles in comfort.

Becca showed John how to operate the shifters and the throttles, and then said, "Be careful", to the extremely excited boy. With that Becca stepped back and let John have control.

John Simpson had never been so excited. He was at the controls of a very high tech, high speed, monster boat. He had goose-bumps from his neck down, and at first he sat frozen in his seat. He looked from one side of the cockpit to the other, then looked out above the windscreen at the open ocean surrounding him.

John was tentative to say the least as he shifted the transmissions into gear. The big boat idled forward, and John very cautiously eased the throttles forward. At a very slow speed John turned the steering wheel a little to the right. The big boat responded appropriately. John eased the throttles forward again, and turned the steering wheel back to center. The boat again responded exactly as John had wanted it to.

Once John figured out that the 43 foot boat would do exactly what he wanted it to do, he started to relax a little and have fun with it. Rolling the throttles up, John watched the speedometer climb to one hundred miles per hour. His skin was covered in goose bumps and John was trembling with excitement. This was absolutely fantastic to a kid who just days ago could not even go outside to play in his own yard. The feeling of power. The wide open ocean. The wind in his face. John Simpson was not likely to forget this for a LONG time, if ever!

Trish, Becca and Marsh watched as a child became a confident young man. The Donzi responded to his every adjustment as he turned the helm and adjusted the throttles, for about a half hour. The gratification for the Mitchells' was enormous as well.

John would have been happy if this trip never ended, but like all good things, this one had an expiration. Becca came up beside the ecstatic boy, and suggested that it was time to give Andy a turn. John began to ease the throttles back and eventually stopped the huge hunk of excitement generator. His happy face literally glowed as he looked up at Becca and gushed Thank You, Thank You, again and again.

There was no complaints or negative comments as John climbed out of the pilot's seat, and willingly turned it over to his friend Andy White. As Andy climbed into the seat, John went to the back seat and jumped up between Trish and Marsh. His body still trembled with excitement, and the goose bumps were obvious.

Becca stood beside Andy as he got himself comfortable in the captain's chair. Andy reached down and pushed the button to move the power seat back from where Becca had set it for John. When he was comfortable, Becca gave him the same set of instructions she had given John, then she went and sat in the front passenger's seat again. Andy was on his own.

With the throttles at the idle position, Andy shifted the transmissions into forward. The "From Elise" began to cut through the smooth ocean water. Andy was initially a lot like John had been. He turned from left to right, making gentle turns and getting used to how 43 feet of off shore monster reacted to his input. He eased the throttles forward and continued to experiment with the helm.

After about fifteen minutes, Andy slowed the "From Elise" till the speedometers indicated fifty miles per hour, and he could have a conversation with the others in the boat. He asked Becca how close he could go to the beach, and if there was a speed limit when you got close to the shoreline. Becca told Andy he could get as close as he wanted as long as he kept the boat in water that was deep enough to keep the hull and outdrives out of the coral, the rocks, or the sand, whichever was under them at the time. No speed limit!

Andy had been keeping track of where he was, and now he navigated the big boat close to the shoreline just off of Marshall's estate. Andy didn't know that it was Marsh's place, he just knew he was close to the resort where they were staying and where there were probably people he knew down on the beach.

He made a rather slow drive-by while he checked out the depth of the water, by looking at the depth finder that was built into the instrument panel in front of him. He then turned the powerful boat around and pushed the throttles forward to thunder past the resort, less than fifty feet off the beach, at over one hundred miles per hour.

Nobody could miss the sight and sound of the "From Elise" tearing through the water just outside the breakers. Most of them could also see the driver, and some even waved at the speeding boat as it passed by them.

Andy had just turned the "From Elise" away from the shoreline and throttled back, when the marine radio in front of him crackled to life. "From Elise" This is the "Little Snot" Come in please."

Andy jumped in surprise. He hadn't expected the radio to bark at him, and he looked over at Becca with a huge question mark written on his face.

"You better answer that, captain." Becca told Andy.

Andy picked up the microphone. "Little Snot" he replied. "This is the "From Elise". Captain White at your service. How may I help you, "Little Snot"?"

There was a pause. Now it was Jimmy's turn to be surprised. He had expected Marsh or one of his (Jimmy's) girls to answer the radio call. Marsh, Becca and Trish caught Jimmy's hesitation immediately and started to laugh.

When Jimmy caught on he replied with laughter in his voice. "Captain White, Captain Turner here. The "Little Snot" is inbound for the Turner North Shore Marina. I just thought you would want to be informed. Most of the passengers on this vessel are reporting hunger pangs, so the consensus is that we should return to port."

Captain White made a command decision. "Little Snot" The "From Elise" will meet you at the marina. Have a safe return. "From Elise" out."

Now Andy turned the speed boat towards the resort and the marina. He had just been running a high speed pass along the resort's beach, so he knew he could be at the marina in just a couple minutes.

When he got close, Andy throttled the big boat back to an idle, and asked if one of the Mitchel family wanted to take over to dock the boat.

"You're doing just fine." Marsh told him. "Keep her slow and steady."

Andy was within about fifty feet of the dock when he shifted the transmissions into neutral, and the boat slowed to a stop. "I don't want to go any closer," Andy said. "This thing is too big for me to dock it yet."

As Becca and Andy switched seats, Marsh made a mental note. This kid was a very smart and responsible young man. He knew his limits, and wasn't going to do anything to put himself or anyone else in jeopardy. Marsh liked the kid.

Marsh and John got the fenders out of the storage compartment, and Marsh hung one on the bow as John hung his at the stern, and Becca nudged the "From Elise" against the dock. Marsh tied the bowline and Trish took the time to teach John how to tie off the stern line. "From Elise" was snug in the harbor when the "Little Snot" eased into her berth.

Andy White and John Simpson walked over to the "Little Snot" with Marsh, and the three of them had the motor yacht tied to her cleats in short order. When she was secured, Becca and Trish stood on the dock and helped the passengers off of the "Little Snot".

The excitement level was palpable as the children and adults alike thanked Jimmy and the Mitchels for the fun excursion. It was quite plain to the boat owners that everyone had had a good time and enjoyed themselves.

Becca asked John Simpson and Andy White if they would help the rest of the children remove and stow the life vests they had worn. Both boys enthusiastically agreed to take on the job. It didn't take a genius to observe that John and Andy were in love with the beautiful redhead, and would at least try to do anything she asked them to.

Bri and Jen led the group of children back to the wedding reception area, where Trish had asked them all to check in with their parents. There were excited tales of the fun they had experienced out on the water in the two big boats.

Marsh and Jimmy had lagged behind so they could compare notes and debrief each other on what had gone on with the children on the two boats. Neither of them had anything negative to tell the other. The children had all been so happy out on the ocean that they had all behaved very well.

Trish, Becca, Wendy, Sue, and Jenni, had all waited together, and walked up to the reception with Marsh and Jimmy. There was a lot of conversation between all of them, and the subject of recreation (read sex) was one of the primary topics. Jimmy invited all of them up to his Hawaiian estate when the party was no longer part of their desired activities list.

As the group of Turner management plus one walked close to the dance floor, they were met by two very happy boys, and those boy's mothers. John Simpson had Tina in tow, and Andy White was leading Amy. Both boys were still so excited they seemed to be floating on air, rather than walking on the ground.

The two boys ran up to Becca and wrapped her in tight hugs. Becca had been the adult that had given them the go ahead to drive the big Donzi, and had thus insured that John and Andy would be in love with her till their dying days. The boy's mothers knew that Becca had acted in total coordination with Marsh and Jimmy, but to John and Andy, Becca was the hero. Marsh and Jimmy were OK with that, and they both got a kick out of seeing the two young men fawn over their new best friend.

John was the first of them to ask Becca if he could kiss her. Becca was a bit surprised, but told John she would be happy to have him kiss her, then she bent down so he could reach her face. She was again a little surprised when John gave her a quick peck on the lips.

Becca decided it was time to give John a little surprise, so she pulled his face back to hers and gave him a warm fifteen second open mouth kiss.

John had no idea what had just happened to him. When Becca broke the kiss, John leaned back and took a huge breath. "Wow!" He exclaimed. "My mom never kisses me like that. I liked it!"
It was all the rest of the adults could do not to laugh out loud, except for Tina Simpson. She was aghast. "Becca!" She blurted out. What are you teaching my son?"

"What?" Becca replied. "It's not like I used any tongue. I just thought the boy should have a real kiss."

Now the rest of the adults couldn't help themselves. Andy White was the most reserved. "John," Andy began. "You should kiss my sister. She's a great kisser. She can teach you a lot of stuff to do when you're kissing her."

Tina resigned herself to the fact that her little boy was getting a rapid introduction to the fine art of kissing a girl, and began to see the humor in the situation. "Andy?" she asked. "Just what "stuff" has your sister Angela been teaching you?"

Now it was Amy's turn to get the shocked look on her face. "Hey now," Amy said. "Andy, I know I've taught you not to kiss and tell. You just keep your lips buttoned up here. If you want anybody to know what your sister has taught you, you just ask Miss Tina here if you can kiss her, and you show her what you've learned."

"Aaamy," Trish joined the discussion. "That sounds a little like the voice of experience. Should we get the idea that Andy's been showing you what his sister has been teaching him?"

Amy turned beet red. "I'm not saying another word." She replied.

"Don't tell my mom I said so," Andy piped up. "But my mom is a great kisser, too." His smile was as telling as his words, and without vocalizing a word, Amy's smile told volumes.

Now Andy turned to Becca. "Becca, may I kiss you, too? Oh yeah, Marsh do you mind if I kiss your new wife?"

Marsh was quick to reply. "Andy that is completely up to Becca. If she says yes, you are going to get a kiss from one of the two hottest women on the planet. Her mother is just as good, Andy, and if you can talk them both into giving you a kiss, you'll be a big winner today."

Andy was tall enough so that nobody had to bend down for kisses. Becca pulled Andy tightly into her body, and held nothing back. Andy was already an experienced kisser, and he and Becca dueled tongues for several minutes.

When Andy pulled back for air, he took a deep breath, and he too exclaimed, "WOW! Marsh, your wife can kiss!" With that Andy leaned in for seconds.

This time Becca made sure Andy was pulled tightly against her body, and his cock was trapped between the top of her thighs. She had felt his cock raising to the occasion during the first kiss. Now she was planning on teasing the young man enough to get him completely hard. She was wildly successful, and she rocked her hips just a little to coat Andy's erection with her juices.

Marsh was only one of the people who noticed what Becca was doing. "Jeeze Becca!" he chided. Aren't you getting a bit mean?"

Whaaat?" Becca whined. "Andy, am I being mean to you?" she asked as she drew back and everyone saw Andy's slick, hard cock, coated with Becca's leaking pussy juices.

"What?" Andy replied in genuine curiosity. "Hell no! You're making me feel really good."

Becca bent her face next to Andy's ear and whispered. "You better go someplace and take care of that thing, sweetheart. It's gonna hurt in a little while if you don't."

Suddenly Andy realized what she was talking about. Andy stood up proud. "This is for you Becca. Dan Morrison said there's no shame in getting a hard-on from watching all the beautiful women that are around. And then to have one as beautiful as you kiss me like that, I don't have a choice. They don't get much more beautiful than you, and you're the best kisser I've been with in my life. I'll find somewhere to take care of it, but it's gonna come right back at regular intervals around here. There's just too much eye candy. Not that I mind, of course." He stated rather matter of factly. Andy turned and let his hard cock lead him towards the restroom and shower building over in the area where the beach kitchen was set up.

As Andy walked away, Amy stepped up to Becca. "Do you suppose I could get a little of what you just gave my son?" she asked. "I want to thank you for what you've done for Andy. He came back here from the marina still floating. On air this time, but floating none the less. Becca, you, your mother, and Marsh really gave those boy's egos a huge boost. I can't adequately express our gratitude."

Becca pulled Amy into a tight hug, and kissed her passionately. When Amy stepped back from the embrace, Tina stepped up and asked for the same thing. Becca responded the same way.

Amy asked for and received a hug from Trish and Marsh after her hug from Becca. She was followed again by Tina Simpson.

Tina stepped back after hugs and kisses were exchanged, and commented, "Marsh, you and these beautiful women have gone out of your way to make this a wonderful weekend, and it seems like it just started. There is still two days left to enjoy here. I really want to thank you for everything you've done and whatever is still to come. My children haven't been this excited and happy since I can remember. Thank you soooo much!"

Amy was quick to chip in her opinion as soon as Tina paused. "Marsh," she began. "I guess you and Dan Morrison must have a lot of money, but I'm both amazed and grateful for your generosity. We've had to work hard to get where we are. Ken finally got a good enough job so I could quit work, and stay at home with our children, but it's been tough sometimes, and we really appreciate what you have done for us."

Now it was Marsh's turn. "Well ladies, you are certainly welcome. Please understand, I've worked hard all my life. I've been blessed, or lucky, however you believe it. I had great parents, both biological and, hmmm, I guess you would say adoptive. They taught me to work hard, and invest wisely."

"I haven't always had the assets that I have now, and I am very grateful for the opportunities I've been given. It comes with a huge amount of responsibility as well. People see what they want to see, and some think guys like Dan and Jimmy and me, are just money grubbing users. I hope you don't think that. I really want to live up to the oath I took when I graduated from med school."

"All my life I have wanted to help people. I was motivated by Marguarita and Mama Vicky to be the best I could be, and that led me to be a doctor. I am really happy that I can say there are people in this world that are alive because I was there. Another doctor could have done the things I did, but at that time I was there, when someone needed help, so I was the one to help them."

"Now I am in a position to help even more people, and I want to be the best I can be with the things I have been blessed with. If you ever need something that I can help with, I hope you will feel that you can come to me and ask for my help."

"Both of you have raised some really great kids. I like your boys. I hope they keep going in the direction you have pointed them in so far. We need more children in this world with parents like you."

Marsh paused and Trish spoke up. "Amy, Tina," she looked at each of them as she addressed them. "I want to commend you both as well. Your boys are really respectful and they listen when an adult speaks to them. I could tell they were a little disappointed when Marsh told them they were going to be the last to get to ride in the Donzi, but they didn't complain at all. They just pitched in and helped the other children have a good time as well."

"When it was finally their turn, they were excited, but they were still helpful with the other children. That shows that they understand the value of others. Not a lot of kids have that in this day and age."

When Trish was finished, Wendy spoke to Amy and Tina. "Amy, Tina, I want to go back a little. Your boys were very well behaved but I want to say something about my friend Marshall Mitchel."

"I've known Marsh for a lot of years. Marsh's first wife was my friend in nursing school, so I've known him since our college days. He's been the same kind and generous man as long as I can remember. Marsh worked hard to keep his bills paid in college, but if any of his friends or acquaintances needed help, he was always there with a hand or a few dollars to help us get by. I've personally tapped into his generosity a couple of times. It's just the way he is."

Marsh didn't know that a bunch of us from SoCal were coming over here for his wedding, so he wasn't the one to arrange for us to fly over here. I could not have come if I hadn't had Marsh's friend Jimmy make the flight available. It looks to me like Marsh just surrounds himself with really good people. Whereas I really don't know them yet, I'd bet my next paycheck that Becca and Trish are pretty damned generous, too. I've heard rumors they are a couple of sharing ladies, like his Becky was."

Wendy had a mischievous smile as she finished. "I'm not going to tell any tales, but his Becky made sure we knew she had the best of the species, and I've got reliable information that Trish and Becca will let me get a refresher course." Everyone in the group laughed because everyone knew just what Wendy was talking about.

Becca rolled her eyes and half whispered. "Sounds like somebody wants to get lucky tonight like Mama Vicky did this morning." Now everyone but Wendy cracked up. Wendy had not been in the dining room when Marsh and Victoria had walked in this morning, so she had a very blank look.

"Huh?" she murmured.

"OH ...You had to be there." Trish told her.

Marsh looked around at the group that surrounded him. "I hope nobody has any serious objections, but it's been several hours since I've been on the dance floor with my wife. Becca, may I have this dance?" Marsh and Becca stepped out on the dance floor, held each other close, and danced.


The rest of the group that Marsh and Becca had been with returned to the tables where they had been sitting before the boat excursions, and where the Martinelli family was in a conversation with the San Bernardino County Sheriff and his deputies.

John Donnelly knew the Martinelli brothers from 'Nam. They had crossed paths several times, and John liked the Sicilian "mob" brothers. Antonio had flown one rescue mission that had pulled Major John Donnelly and his squad out of a VC (Viet Cong) ambush. John owed his life to Uncle Tony's flying skills and Uncle Joey's lethal M60 machine gun.

At this point, the Martinellis and the SB county LEOs were talking about more current events, including the lethal interventions that Marsh had been involved in recently. Mama Vicky was not surprised that Marsh had the abilities he had demonstrated, but she was surprised that he had turned them into such a dark force.

John Donnelly told Victoria about the events that had led Marsh to where he had gone. Mama didn't really know much about Becky, and she had only seen Elise once, when she was just a baby. Mama had no knowledge of the accident that had taken Marsh's two loves. Marsh had just disappeared four years ago.

As John had told the Martinellis what had happened, how deep Marsh had sunk into darkness, and the long road he had traveled in his return, Mama Vicky was extremely grateful for the Sheriff's fatherly love, and his commitment to rescuing Marsh from his major depression. She was also very pleased that Jimmy and Rick had made the decisions they had made to bring about the completion of Marsh's rehabilitation.

Looking out on the dance floor at Marsh and Becca dancing in the embrace they were locked in, Mama Vicky knew her Marshall was the grown up version of the Marshall that she had helped to raise and that she had taught to love others.

Now when Jimmy, Trish, Jenni, Sue, and Wendy joined the conversation there were several more perspectives, and Mama felt happy just being part of this group.

Uncle Tony and Uncle Joey seemed to strike up a really good repartee with Jenni Turner and Sue Davies. The ladies were really interested in the older gentlemen, and Antonio and Giuseppe were flattered that the two "younger" women were paying attention to them.

Leyanni Lau had put the Martinellis up in rooms at the main resort. It didn't seem like very long until Jenni and Sue had been invited, and had accepted the invitations, to spend the night up in the main hotel.

Uncle Tony and Uncle Joey had left New York early in the morning, New York time. They were winding down a bit before the party was actually over. Mama Vicky and Papa Victor were ready to turn in early as well, so the Martinellis all went up to the hotel together with Jenni and Sue accompanying Antonio and Giuseppe. All three brothers were going to have a good time tonight.


As the evening turned into the night several of the parents went up and rounded up their children, and went to their designated lodging. Leyanni had made sure there was private places for everyone who wanted or needed them. The resort was big enough to fit everyone, with space left over.

The band had agreed to play till 2200, and actually stayed till a little after 2330. Holly played music till midnight. The band had enough help from Leyanni's crew that they were able to tear down and pack their gear pretty quickly. Carlos made sure Marsh's guitar was safely in its case, and gave it to one of Leyanni's employees to put in the office.

Holly was pleasantly surprised that Leyanni had authorized enough help so that when she quit at midnight, her equipment was taken down and loaded into her van in record time. Leyanni had told her she could just leave the van parked where it was, and there would be plenty of help to get it loaded up on Sunday for transport. Holly was also assured that she didn't have to get up early and rush to get home. She could actually stay as long as she wanted to hang out on the beach. One of Marsh's transports would be available whenever she wanted to go home. If that was Sunday, OK. If that wasn't till Wednesday or even later, she could go home when she was ready.

John Simpson dragged his parents and his sisters over to where Jimmy was, when Jeff and Tina had gone up to tell them it was about time to wrap up this fun day. They had been assured that tomorrow would be another day to have fun here at the resort, so though they weren't completely enthusiastic about quitting for the night, they did say goodnight to their friends and head out.

John politely asked Jimmy if he and his sisters could sleep on the boat again tonight. That of course would mean that Jeff and Tina Simpson would also be spending the night on the yacht as well, and Jimmy was more than happy to say yes. He told John that it might be nice to invite Josh and Jean Smith to go down to the marina and sleep on the Hatteras, too.

After a short amount of discussion between Tina Simpson and Holly Smith, the two Smith children were happily on their way down to the marina with the Simpson children. Jeff and Tina had agreed to make sure they all were safe and got some good rest.

Marsh had given Andy White permission to take a few of his friends to the "From Elise" and sleep there, if they wanted to. Andy talked Bri and Jen into coming down to the marina along with the two Hawaiian girls they had all met, and one of the teenaged guys, that had flown over from SoCal. The guy's name was Bret, and he seemed to get along well with Andy and the girls.

Marsh had insisted that all of the teens get permission from their parents, and before the teens went down to the marina all of the affected parents had come to Marsh and given permission, as well as thanked Marsh for giving the kids the opportunity to have the adventure.

Holly Smith was going to have a night without her children, and one of the SEALs from the Turner organization overheard the arrangements, as Tina and Holly discussed them. Holly would not have to spend the night alone if she didn't want to. As it so happened, she didn't want to.

It was around 0100 when Jimmy rounded up the people he had invited up to his house. Jimmy took his Gator. Leyanni took her cart, and Marsh took his Gator. Rick and Marguarita as well as John and Sandy Donnelly rode with Jimmy. Terri, Rosalea, Carlos Rosario, and Wendy rode with Leyanni. Trish, Becca, Paul and Lynette Johnson, and Tom and Ruthie Green rode with Marsh. The ride up the hill and across the road to Jimmy's palatial estate was only about eight minutes. Jimmy had the gates opened before his Gator got there. He pushed his remote just as Marsh was driving through, so the gates almost swatted Marsh's Gator in the ass.

Before Terri got in the cart with Leyanni, she looked around till she found Joanna. Terri went to her and told her where she was going and that she figured that spending the night with Jimmy Turner, Marsh Mitchel, and Becca Mitchel, would probably be quite safe. Joanna agreed, and told Terri to have fun. Not that she had any doubt about that.

The driveway was close to a quarter of a mile long, and it was fairly steep until you got to within a hundred yards of the house. There was plenty of parking space for cars or limos depending on who was invited to the estate. Jimmy led the little group of UTVs around the side of the house, and they all parked on a pad that was marked out for the type of vehicle they were driving.

There were OOOUUUUs and AAAAAHHHHHHHs as the group arrived in front of and circled around the house. It was beautiful. It had been built using white stone, in large sizes. There was a lot of white marble, white granite, and white quartz. It was accented with the inside of various shells. Oysters, Clams, Conch, Capiz, Mother of Pearl, and many others. It was illuminated with strategically located low voltage LED lighting.

Jimmy stood by a sidewalk that looked like it led back around to the front of the house. When everyone had gotten out of their particular mode of transportation Jimmy made an announcement.

"I'd like to welcome all of you to the Turner home on the north end of Oahu. I've owned this home for a little over forty five years. My late wife and I spent a lot of fun times here. Only three of you have been here before this trip. Leyanni spent time here long before I bought the resort that she now manages for the Turner Company. Trish, I don't know if you remember it, but I used to bring you and your mother over here to get you and your mother some time without your father's rages. In retrospect, I wish I had moved here and brought you here with me. That's water under the bridge now, and I think Marsh will make sure you never have things as bad as that again. And Rick. Thank you for being my friend and sticking with me all these years."

Trish and Becca both snuggled into the embrace Marsh was wrapping them in, on each side of him. Wendy was just in front of Marsh, and she took a step backwards and then leaned back into his chest.

Jimmy continued; "I'm going to take you all around the house and into the front door. After this you may enter wherever you find an open door. I just want to make you feel like you are special tonight. That's because you are, and I hope none of you ever have occasion to doubt how much you mean to me."

As Jimmy led the group into the house and showed them around the main living areas, Marsh was impressed with how nice it was, yet it was not, in any way, ostentatious. The inside of the house was clean but it looked like the kind of place where anyone could be comfortable. And everyone was.

Everyone had looked around and had seen most of the living areas in the big house, when Terri asked Marsh if he would have everybody gather in the family room, where there was plenty of room for all to sit down. Marsh didn't question her, as to why, he just gathered everyone.

When everyone had chosen a place to sit, Terri walked over in front of Jimmy, and began to speak in a soft but confident voice.

"I know that most of you don't know me well. I hardly know most of you. I do know that you are all friends of a couple of people I've met only recently and have come to love, in the short time I've known you."
"Jimmy, my boss, Dan Morrison called some of his friends, and they called you. After they told you about what had happened to me you stepped up in a big way. You gathered quite a few of your employees and arranged to have Harold Gordon and his friends receive a little taste of his own medicine. I want to say thank you, and that seems so inadequate."

"Becca, I watched as you handed out a little bit of severe justice. I sat quietly and shouted for joy, silently on the inside. You made Hanna and me rejoice to see those guys suffer, even if it was only for a short time."

"Marsh, you were not even in the same state when this all started, but when you found out about what had happened, you joined Jimmy, Becca, and all of the Turner Company people who were committed to keeping me and Hanna safe. Tonight is the first chance I've had to speak to all of you and tell you how grateful I am."

The three of you are at the top of a very big company, and most people that are as wealthy as you are wouldn't even get to know someone as insignificant as me, let alone helping me like you have. I don't know why you have chosen to help me and Hanna, but I know I will forever be grateful and never be able to repay you for your kindness."

"To the rest of you here I add that whatever your part was or is in the ongoing saga of the Turner Company's intervention on my behalf, I am truly grateful."

"In the last two days I've seen most of you go well beyond anything you had to do, and put together a weekend for the Banks family and the Morrison family that no one who has experienced it will ever forget."

"I've had the privilege of working with Leyanni Lau for a little more than one day. I can't believe all the things she has pulled together for all of us to enjoy the weekend. Every time I made a suggestion or asked Leyanni if something could be done, she made it work, including but not limited to flying in several people and a car full of equipment. All of this was above and beyond what anybody could have expected."

Again I say Thank You! Please believe me when I say that seems very inadequate. And last of all, Thank You all for giving me the chance to say all this."

Terri turned around slowly to look at each person in the room. Looking them directly in the eyes, Terri said "Thank You!"

To someone that was not there Terri's repeated "thank you" may have seemed repetitious. To everyone in the room they sounded genuine and very appropriate. When Terri finished, she walked over to Jimmy, sat in his lap, and very sweetly asked, "Jimmy, may I have a hug?"

Jimmy tried to answer in a serious voice. "Terri, I'm happy to give you a hug, but I don't think that will be enough for you. Will it now?"

Terri's face lit up. "I was hoping for a bit more than just a hug, but a girl's got to start somewhere."

While Terri had been talking to everyone the room had gotten quiet and everyone was attentively paying attention to what she had been saying. Now suddenly the room lightened up and there was a wave of laughter, as Terri locked her face on Jimmy's.

Trish watched for just a few seconds before she commented, "You go girl. That old man will give you the ride of your life. My daddy knows how to treat a lady."

"Says the voice of experience." Added Becca.

Now Leyanni spoke up. "Terri, I think we better take Jimmy back to his bedroom. I want a little of that old man's action, too."

Terri backed off of Jimmy's face and stood up, holding on to Jimmy and pulling him up with her. "Lead on." She told Leyanni. "I think we can keep up."

Jimmy stopped momentarily. "Y'all can find your own beds to sleep in or whatever you're gonna do. I think I better do as I'm told." Having said that, Jimmy turned and followed Leyanni and Terri.

Jimmy's bedroom was the last door at the end of the hallway, it was left open after the three walked through it.

Directly in the door was a huge room with a very big bed. To the right was a sitting area with several big over-stuffed chairs, a love-seat, and a large couch. There was a wall of sliding glass doors, leading to a patio and pool deck.

The master bath had a toilet and bidet, as well as a Jacuzzi tub, and a six head "party" shower. Jimmy adjusted the water flowing from a couple of the shower heads, while the girls took turns on the toilet and bidet. They all showered together with Terri and Leyanni being careful not to get their hair wet. (Think adjustable hand shower heads) When everyone was clean and dry, Jimmy led Leyanni and Terri to his big bed.

Leyanni turned down the sheet and duvet, as Jimmy swept Terri off her feet and laid her very near the center of the mattress. Leyanni then crawled up on one side of Terri while Jimmy moved in on the other side.

Jimmy knelt beside Terri's thighs and gently pushed them apart so he could kneel between them. He looked up at her and quietly asked, "Terri, I know you've had a long day, but would you be opposed to having me rock your world to sleep?"

Terri looked at Leyanni, then down at Jimmy. "Oh my God, Jimmy! My whole body is quivering already, just anticipating what you are proposing. The fact that you have been behind the scenes keeping me safe for the last several weeks or months or whatever it's been, makes me even more excited. Jimmy I want to share with you more than I can explain."

Leyanni smiled at Terri. "Terri, you are in for a special treat. Jimmy may be the senior member of the available studs here, but if he gives up any athleticism to the youth, he makes up for it in wily experience. Believe me when I tell you Jimmy has a magic touch."

Jimmy had not waited to listen to Leyanni extoll his prowess. Jimmy bent down and began to lick and kiss Terri's inner thighs. The tips of his experienced fingers lightly danced along Terri's beautiful upper legs, while his lips nibbled their way back and forth from her left thigh to her right.

Terri had goose bumps in more places than she had ever thought possible by the time Jimmy's fingers and lips converged at the place where her legs blended into her hips. Now Jimmy brushed the tip of his nose across the short span of delicate skin between Terri's hips, just barely touching the top of her tight slit. Terri shuddered and gasped a quick deep breath of air.

Jimmy placed his hands on each side of her pubic mound and let his fingers do the walking from top to bottom of the soft skin along the sides of Terri's pussy. Her flower blossomed and her slit opened revealing her pink inner lips, and her beautiful little clit, which Jimmy's tongue began to flick rapidly across the tip of.

While Jimmy teased and tormented Terri's lower parts, Leyanni took an active role in the pleasure being inflicted on the young beauty. Leyanni started by kissing Terri passionately. Her hands gently explored Terri's face, then her neck and her upper arms, as her lips kissed their way down to Terri's beautiful orange sized breasts.

Terri's nipples were standing out proudly and she quivered as Leyanni began to suck them into her mouth and flick her tongue across them.

Between the stimulation Jimmy was providing with his tongue across Terri's clit, and the excitement Leyanni was generating around her nipples, Terri began to experience a succession of small climaxes, increasing in intensity till Terri began to shake and scream in ecstasy. She pushed Jimmy's head away from her over stimulated pussy.

Jimmy began to kiss up Terri's abdomen. He kissed and licked her hard nipples, and then moved up to kiss her passionately full on the lips. Terri took a deep breath, looked up into Jimmy's eyes and whispered to him in a husky whisper, "Jimmy, please make love to me. I want to feel your cock in my pussy, pleeease."

As Jimmy moved his hard cock into Terri's tight slit, she reached down and guided it into the warmth of her tight love tunnel. Jimmy pushed slowly into her soaking depths, and Terri used her pussy muscles to hold him in her hot pussy.

Jimmy looked lovingly into Terri's eyes. "Terri," he said. "As tight as you are I'm not going to last long."

"Oh Jimmy," Terri replied. "Just fuck me and enjoy yourself. You've already rocked my world."

Terri had no expectations from Jimmy, but Leyanni had other thoughts. She reached in between Jimmy and Terri and slipped her middle finger into the slit where Jimmy's cock was imbedded. With Terri's juices on her finger, Leyanni began to tease Terri's hard clit. In no time Terri was moaning and thrusting her hips up to meet Jimmy's thrusts.

Jimmy began to moan into Terri's mouth as they kissed. He parted with her lips and groaned that he was about to cum. And cum he did. Jimmy's cock exploded, filling Terri's hot tunnel with his cum. Terri felt Jimmy paint her tunnel and her pussy began to contract in a huge orgasm of her own. Jimmy felt Terri convulse and suck his cock into her depths. Terri and Jimmy both quit breathing for several minutes, then they both took several deep cleansing breaths to catch up. Leyanni laid back and smiled with pleasure, knowing she had been a participant in the pleasure her friends had experienced.

Jimmy and Terri got up and made their way to the bathroom where Terri sat on the toilet to pee, and then moved to the bidet to wash herself clean. When she finished on the bidet, she joined Jimmy and Leyanni in the shower again, where they both washed her body thoroughly.

The three dried each other and went back to Jimmy's bed. They were all asleep in minutes.


After Jimmy, Leyanni, and Terri walked out, Trish stood up and addressed the folks remaining in the room. "What I didn't get a chance to tell Jimmy earlier, is that I do remember. This was a safe haven during my childhood, and I will never forget. For those of you who have not been here, and didn't see the rooms down the hallway over here," she pointed to where Jimmy, Terri, and Leyanni had disappeared, "There are enough bedrooms down that way so that everyone who wants to sleep alone may do so. I suspect however that there will be no less than two people in a room. If you get to a bedroom and there's someone in it that you don't want to sleep with, just keep walking to the next room till you find one that's empty or has someone you want to spend some quality time with."

Marsh, Trish, Becca, and Wendy were the next to disappear into the hallway. They were followed in rapid succession, by Tom and Ruthie Green. Then John and Sandy Donnelly and Paul and Lynette Johnson. Rick, Marguarita, and Rosie and Carlos, were the last to leave the living room. Rick turned off most of the lights as he walked into the hallway from the living room.

Trish led the way to the end of the hall, and turned right into a bedroom that could have been considered a large one bedroom apartment, except that there wasn't really a "kitchen". There was a wet bar, with most of the amenities you would find in a small kitchen, but it was not a full-on kitchen.

When they walked in, Trish flicked a couple of switches, and the room lit up with soft indirect lighting. There was a sitting room with a sectional sofa, several "love" seats and very comfortable chairs, and several tables.

The actual bedroom had a huge bed, with a sofa on one side of the room, and a love seat and Queen Ann chair on the other.

Besides having a toilet and a bidet, the bathroom suite had a large Jacuzzi spa tub, big enough for four. A shower with six shower heads, and a built in bench along one wall of the shower. There was a double sink vanity, and a large, open, linen cabinet, where you could see several dozen luxurious towels and wash clothes.

All three ladies went in and used both the toilet and the bidet, then walked into the bedroom to join Marsh who had gone to the bed, and was sitting in the center of the mattress, near the headboard, with his back leaned against it.

Becca was the first to join Marsh. Then Wendy, and finally Trish climbed up and sat on the big bed. They had formed a small circle on top of the bed spread, and Marsh enjoyed the view as each of them joined him, sitting cross-legged on the mattress.

Everyone just sat and looked at each other for several minutes before Marsh broke the silence. "Ladies," he began. "I can see a lot of tired beauty in front of me. Wendy, I know you got up close to twenty four hours ago and drove to the airport, to meet the plane that you flew over here on. You probably got a couple hours of sleep, in ten to fifteen minute intervals, while trying to keep up with an excited four year old.

"Trish and Becca. God I love you two. You've made me the happiest man on the planet today. You are both drop dead gorgeous, and you agreed to hang with me for the rest of my life. I could never ask for more."

"I can think of nothing I'd rather do than make sweet passionate love to all three of you for a couple of hours. However, In looking at all three of you, and feeling like I do right now, I'm going to suggest that we all cuddle up together and get a little bit of rest. All of us will enjoy ourselves a lot more a little later this morning if we just sleep right now. If there is any of you that object, I'm going to listen as well as I am capable to your rationale."

Wendy was quick to respond. "Marsh, I consider myself very fortunate to be where I am right now. Becca and Trish have made me feel very welcome here. You're spot on about my day of travel. While I really would like to get an exam and treatment like you are somewhat famous for, I fear I would probably fall asleep long before I got the real benefit of one of your treatments. I hope I will in fact get the opportunity in the near future."

Trish was next to respond. "Wendy, as I heard it, you are planning on moving soon, and coming to work for us. I'm looking forward to getting to know you much better. You were a friend of my other daughter, and have known my new husband a lot longer than I have. I know that I am pretty much worn out, and I doubt I'd last much longer if we tried to stay up. Marsh, I vote to do as you've suggested. Let's get a little rest."

When Trish was finished, Becca looked around the group and then she responded. "Marsh, I've had an absolutely marvelous day. I don't think any girl could ask for more than I've received today. I'm going to vote to make this unanimous. We really do need some rest. I'd like you to ravage my body again later, but for now I think we will be a lot better off to call it a day."

Marsh began to slide himself down into a supine position. Becca stretched out on top of Marsh and slipped his hard cock into her tight wet pussy like she had done several times in the past couple of weeks. Trish and Wendy lay down on each side, and all four were soon asleep.


List of Characters

Marshall (Edgar) Mitchel MD: ~~ ER physician, Tactical Medicine Specialist

Wolf: ~~ Marsh's Dog/partner/police canine

Becky (Bligh) Mitchel:~~ Marshall's former wife, killed in traffic accident

Elise Mitchel:~~ Marshall's 7 Y.O. daughter, killed with Becky

Jose Martinez:~~ Drunk driver who killed Becky and Elise (deceased)

Tom Green MD:~~ Marshall's ED boss and college/med school friend

Ruthie Green:~~ wife of Tom Green, friend of Mitchel family

Lisa Cummings MD:~~ ED physician @ hospital Marsh worked at

Dr. Aitkins:~~ Trauma Doc @ So Cal Trauma Center

James (Jimmy) Turner MD:~~ Former Navy surgeon, Marsh's friend, Business man, Viet Nam Veteran

Elaine Turner:~~ Jimmy's wife (deceased)

Patricia (Trish) Turner/Mitchel:~~ Hotel manager, daughter of Jimmy Turner -- wife of Marshall Mitchel

Ellen (Turner) Jackson:~~ Jimmy's sister, Trish's mother, (deceased)

Henry Jackson:~~ Ellen's husband, Trish's "father" and rapist (deceased)

Rebecca Andrews/Mitchel:~~ Jimmy's Chief Pilot, Trish's daughter, Becky Mitchel's twin sister, wife of Marshall Mitchel

Aka: Judy Monet:~~ alias used by Rebecca Andrews for undercover ops

Aka: Flaming Red Widow Maker:~~nickname earned in mercenary underworld

Rick Jamison:~~ Information specialist, Turner Security

Paul Johnson:~~ San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff, Marsh's friend/partner

Lynette Johnson:~~ Paul Johnson's wife, Hospital Information Management specialist

John Donnelly:~~ San Bernardino County Sheriff

Sandy Donnelly:~~ John Donnelly's wife, Human Resources director

Ralph Jones:~~ Co-Owner of Lexus and Ford dealerships

Helen Jones:~~ Co-Owner of Lexus and Ford dealerships

Dwayne Turner:~~ Brother of Jimmy, father of Jeni

Jennifer (Jenni) Turner:~~ Sister/niece of Jimmy, ER nurse from California, associate and friend of Marsh and Becky Mitchel

Susan Davies:~~ Friend of Becky Mitchel and classmate of Marshall Mitchel

Marguarita (Mita) Rosario:~~ Marsh Mitchel's ranch manager, cook, housekeeper, "Mama"

Carlos Rosario:~~ Brother of Marguarita, Jeweler in Durango, Mexico

Rosalea Rosario:~~ Marguarita's daughter, Marsh's "sister" new ranch manager

Morgan Barnett:~~ Marsh's mechanic

Marie Carter:~~ Housekeeper, Best Western, Turner Inn

Tina Alvarez:~~ Housekeeper, Best Western, Turner Inn

Jessie Benavidez:~~ Former CIA disguise specialist/mask maker

Douglas (Doug) Sanders:~~ Retired Navy SEAL, Security Company Supervisor

Sydnie (Syd) Dillon:~~ Retired special forces, Security Company Supervisor

"Killer Doc":~~ Nick name given to Marshall Mitchel by mercenaries

Suzie Blanchard:~~ Retired Special Forces sniper, Turner operative

Sally Armstrong:~~ Receptionist at Turner executive suite.

Victoria (Mama Vicky) Martinelli:~~Mother of Marsh's childhood friend

(Papa) Victor Martinelli:~~ Father of Marsh's childhood friend, "Mob Boss"

Mario Martinelli:~~ Marsh's childhood friend/brother

Elizabeth (Eva) Martinelli:~~ Marsh and Mario's sister

Antonio (Uncle Tony) Martinelli:~~Victor's brother, "The Butcher's" father

Giuseppe (Uncle Joey) Martinelli:~~Victor's brother, Marsh & Mario's biggest fan

Virginia (Ginny) Hastings:~~ General Manager, The Hole

Jack Davis:~~ Head chef at The Hole

Sandra (Sandy) Hanson:~~ purchasing coordinator, The Hole

David (Dave) Brown:~~ purchasing coordinator, The Hole

Teresa González:~~ Mexican cook specialist, The Hole

Samuel (Sam) Black:~~ one of Turner Air's pilots

Dirk Owens:~~ Turner Air pilot/ co-pilot

Patrick O'Donnell:~~ Med school classmate/ LLUMC cancer doc

Sherri Wellborn:~~ Turner Air flight attendant

Lucinda (Lucy) Cole:~~ Turner Air flight attendant

Leyanni Lau:~~ Hawaiian resort manager

Leyanna Lau:~~ Jimmy Turner's cousin's wife, Leyanni's mother

RADM Randall Andrews USN:~~ Becca's "Uncle Randy" Commander NETC Pensacola, FL.

Bruce Andrews:~~ Becca's cousin, Operating Andrews farm in Vermont

Lynei Moheyla:~~ Hawaiian Cafeteria manager

Konia Lohunukonu:~~ Manager of The Lava Pit
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