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A New World! Your Party of Hopeless Hotties

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This story uses conditions to utilize the information gathered throughout the story, so please click "Start Game" in the top right corner under "Score" or else some of the pages might not make any sense, and you may fill in information about the protagonist (you) on the side of the screen under "Customize". This story will have a number of things, from ENF (exhibitionism), to bondage, to more. Expect it to ramp up over time as you do more quests with these girls, and meet more people.

Feel free to like/favourite the pages you like most, or even comment, and check out my other stories if you'd like. This story is actually only one in a fantasy world called Absoterra slowly being fleshed out as each story continues. Other stories in the world include: Steamy Stories from Another World | Erotic Dungeon Crawl | Thank You, Demon King!

If you're a new reader and feel like there's fewer sex scenes than you expected, don't worry. There aren't as many at the start, but it definitely amps up as the story goes on. There are more and more sex scenes as the story continues.

Lastly, I just want to thank all my readers. Never before have I written a story this long, and with no dead ends. <3

One day, you were living a mundane life on Earth of work/school/whatever it is that you do. The next, everything changed. Your memory about what happened is fuzzy, but the last thing you do remember is getting dressed in the morning, suddenly being blinded by a white light, and at the same time, falling asleep--a deep one. You can't remember how long you slept, but you did have a dream. You remember a terrifying, looming silhouette before you, and in your hand was a shimmering blade. Voices were calling out to you, as if to cheer you on, but your hand was trembling. What happened next eludes you. Perhaps you woke up before anything else.

But now, you lay alone in the middle of a grassy plain. The wind is cool, but the heat from the sun is warm and soothing over your skin. You're still wearing the same outfit you threw on in the morning, which is a pair of blue jeans and an old black t-shirt. You didn't even get the chance to grab your phone, wallet, or anything else before falling unconscious.

Where am I? Did I drink last night, and not even remember it?

You pull yourself up, and scope out your surroundings. The terrain is emerald green with rolling hills, and there are trees in the distance behind you. As you look forward, you see a city not far away. By your world's standards, it isn't huge, though it is still quite expansive. It looks like it spans for miles, all around a river snaking through. Your legs tremble as you start to walk, as if you hadn't moved them in ages. Though as you start moving, your body gradually wakes back up, and you decide it'd be best to head to where there might be people.

This doesn't look like any place I've seen before. This has to be another dream...

What's next?

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