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A Winter Cabin, 2011

Insulated under the canopy of low clouds the damp breadth of the snowfall almost felt warm to Giselle under the covers in bed with her father. Twenty or more inches of powdery fresh snow blanketed the New England woods around the cabin, and snowflakes still falling the muffled early morning stirred her awake.

Brimming with sleepy excitement she delighted in the enchanting winter wonderland just outside the cabin window. Surrounded by the profound stillness, her arms at her sides, her legs together she just laid there perfectly still the first few moments: she loved the snow, being at the cabin, being in her father's bed her father asleep next to her, her shoulder warm against his, her nineteenth birthday just a week away. She rolled her shoulders together her nipples and breasts humming, a warm buttery tingling between her legs; she'd just awakened to a dream, her whispering to her father, "touch me Daddy, nnnnggh Daddy, feels so good Papa, don't stop Daddy, feels so good," her father leaning over her, her nightie pulled from her bare shoulders, "oh god, Daddy," her father sucking her puffy hot nipples, squeezing her breasts in his big hands, "suck them Daddy, ohhhh god Daddyyy, yesss, suck my nipples, Papa."

Giselle touched the damp heat of her throbbing little pussy through her nightgown wanting more than anything for it to not be just a dream. When she closed her eyes, she could still feel the sensations of her father's fingers, his warm mouth surrounding her breasts, the tingling feeling deep in her belly. She fantasized slipping under the blankets and waking her father, sucking him into her warm wet mouth, "Nnnn, Daddy, want your cock, mouth," her pussy flooding wet to the thought, sucking his cock, "you like it, when I suck you, don't you Papa," thrilling herself, his fingers in her hair, him pulling her mouth to his swollen thick cock. "Ohhh god Daddy, yesss, fuck my little mouth cum in my mouth, Papa, let your little girl make you feel good, Daddy." She imagined both of them moaning her taking him deep in her throat lavishing his cock with her tongue, them 69'ing him licking her creamy hot little pussy, how she'd go wild sucking his cock as he licked her.

She fantasized him whispering growling half awake how much he loved fucking her warm little mouth, "ohhh lil baby, yesss, suck Daddy's cock, that's my good girl," his fingers pulling through her hair, him whispering in their private little world how good she was, his lil baby, their secret, sucking his cock, making love to his cock, his incestuous little girl, his little lover sucking her father's throbbing hot hard cock, sucking him into her warm little mouth under the covers where no one would see.

Dreamily sleepy Giselle raised her nightgown, above her silky thin panties, and lightly pressed her fingers into her wet little slit.

Gushing out a hot quivering breath she slipped her hand under the delicate waistband and almost came touching her smooth shaven creamy wetness, the feeling extraordinary, her pelvis lifting to her fluttering fingers, her breaths fluttering in tandem when her handsome father woke and started to get up trying to be quiet to not wake her. She pretended to still be asleep as he stood braving the stark cold room to start a fire.

Giselle reached out to touch his shoulder to stop him but pulled her hand back as he moved beyond her reach, sliding her hand back under the covers, brushed her fingers through her creamy pink slit. Her tender little hips barely raising and lowering as she drew in a breath, picturing his bottom in her hands, her father her lover between her legs, her legs spread for him, wrapped ankles wrapped around his calves. She imagined pulling him deeper into her, his huge thick cock fucking hot and thick inside her, "nnn Daddy, yesss, fuck me, fuck your little girl," his daughter so urgent and aroused she gushed into the blankets words that could make her cum, "...your big girl, Daddy," a story in the book she'd found, Daddy's Big Girl, compelling her incestuous fantasies, "fuck me Papa, fuck your big girl, Daddy, fuck my...little-girl pussy," she gushed out silently.

She fantasized her father looking into her like a wild animal, him leaning to suck her full firm breasts, "nnnghh Daddy, my nipples Papa, suck them...for me Daddy," her swollen hot nipples, her aching hot nipples, him fucking his swollen thick cock into her tight wet throbbing little cunt, harder deeper faster stretching her open.

She fantasized his growling, "that's my good girl, fuck Daddy's cock, lil baby, yessss take Daddy's cock, Giselle, let Daddy make my big girl cum, cum on Papa's big cock my sexy little lover girl," her fingers brushing faster over her swollen little clit, "my little baby, so tight, so soft, mmmm, lil baby, that's right, be Daddy's big girl," images of her father sucking her hot aching swollen breasts into his hot wet mouth, her fucking her own father, squeezing him inside her.

Little Giselle pictured her father in her mouth again, her sucking him again, "You love my warm little mouth, don't you Daddy, the way I suck you, pulling on you like this, don't you Papa, your big girl sucking you, the way I use my tongue, my warm little mouth," her favorite fantasy, her looking up into her father's eyes, "my little mouth," him deep in her throat, loving giving him such pleasure, "fucking your little girl's warm little mouth," she quivered all over, wanting him to hold her firmly by her hair, him cumming in her mouth, her sucking him so hard, pulling on him, swallowing all of her father's hot incestuous cum.

She replayed the image again and again, seeing herself milking his cock, building, jacking his cock, "Ohhh god Daddy," she purred under her breath fantasizing the copious amounts of her father's cum, loving him in her mouth, "cum in my mouth Daddy," making herself cum to the thought of him in her mouth, sucking him, her little pussy quivering hot, making love o her father's cock, wanting his seed, "cum on my face Papa, cum in my mouth Daddy, wherever you want Daddy, fuck my little mouth papa, nggghh, Daddy, fuck my little mouth," she whispered so hotly under her breath her body shook into the blankets, so her father couldn't hear.

She imagined her pulling on his cock, sucking him so hard, the look on his face, his gripping her by her hair, exploding in her mouth, "Ohhhh little baby," he'd groan, "yesss, swallow Daddy's cum, baby, suck Daddy baby, suck Daddy's cock. That's my good girl, swallow Daddy's cum baby, ohhh Giselle, lil baby, such a good little girl for Daddy, my...big girl."

Giselle stared at her father's broad shoulders his wide back his bottom him so palpable under the loose flannel of his soft cottony pajamas. She loved his strength, the way he moved; she recalled her tracing his two tattoos with her finger, one on his bicep, the other on his shoulder, him telling her their symbolism, the importance of their meaning for him. She watched him light the fire, and rolled over onto her stomach, on top of the heat where her father had been laying, pressed her swollen aching breasts, her belly, her throbbing mound into his warmth, his lingering scent filling her with desire, a safe, luxurious warmth.

She imagined lying on top of him, them kissing, her father's tongue in her mouth, "Kiss Daddy, lil baby," he'd whisper, "ohhh little baby, you're so hot, so sexy," her humping her shiny slippery wet bare mound against his hard aching cock, "that's my good girl," her wriggling on top of her father, "Daddy's...big girl," her hips involuntarily rocking against the warm linens, her fingers slipping in and out of her wet little pussy.

"Daddy's little lover," she hissed under her breath imagining him inside her, stretching her open, her moaning out, "nnngghuhdaddy, fuck me, your -- your big girl, Daddy, ohhh god Daddy, suck my nipples, Papa," both her arms under her, both her hands, her fingers strumming over her throbbing little clit, subtly, covertly pushing in and out of her soft creamy wet little cunny, hidden from her father heightening the intensity of her arousal, "ohhhhgoddd Daddy," cumming on her fingers, her entire body taut, shaking, trying to not moan out loud.

Thinking she was still asleep, her father moved about the cabin unselfconsciously tending to the fire, thoughts of his daughter in the bedroom, his little Giselle making him unbearably hard. He'd woken to her feminine scent, the lovely smell of her hair, her warmth right next to him and made himself get up; in those first few instants of being awake his cock was already throbbing hot hard, his balls tingling and warm needing release. Laying next to his incredibly sexy daughter he'd fantasized how easily he could just pull her on top of him, raise her nightie, grip her tight little bottom in his big hands, fuck his hugely hard cock into his daughter, his Giselley, his little girl, bury his raging hard cock into his little baby's warm little cunt.

He imagined her soft little voice, what her moans would sound like, "Nnn, fuck me Papa, your...big girl, Daddy," his cock aching throbbing hard, "nnngguhhhdaddyyy, ohhh Daddy, yeah, so big in me Papa, yeah, deeper, Daddy, in me Papa." God how many times had he fantasized her sucking his cock, her warm little mouth, "yesss, fuck my mouth, Papa, cum in my warm little mouth, let me make you cum, Papa," his hands in her hair, her sucking him off, "cummm Daddyyy," him cumming in his daughter's hot sucking eager little mouth, her fingers wrapped around his cock, her cupping his balls as he exploded as she swallowed all of him fucking him with her beautiful little mouth, the same breaths she'd read poetry aloud to him from, the same glimmering excitement in her eyes, the same warm glow her looking so deeply into his eyes.

Giselle could see his breaths in the cold room and closed her eyes when he turned to look back into the bedroom at her in his big bed. She caught her breath seeing her father's erection tenting the front of his flannel pajamas, and still laying on her stomach, pressed her fingers deep into her swollen wet little pussy. She watched him take off his flannel pajama shirt, and felt herself cumming again. She imagined them being lovers, father and daughter, her man looking after her building a fire for her; Giselle felt warm all over with love and a hungry lusty desire for her father.

Looking out from under her eyelashes, sure he wasn't looking in her direction, she studied his bare chest, imagined her fingers trailing through his chest hair, touched her fingers through her creamy wet little slit, waited for him to pull down his pajama bottoms, to see his erect incestuous daddy-cock. She imagined rubbing her bare cheek on his chest, smelling his scent, her little bottom pushing up, in rhythm with her fingers fucking into her dripping wet little cunny, just barely, so he wouldn't notice her fucking her warm little pussy, thinking of him, strumming her fingers through her pink little slit her fingers burying in her slippery, creamy wet humming little slit, her hips pressing, rolling, so soft warm. She fantasized the feel of the warmth of his skin against hers, her breasts and nipples tingling in his strong arms holding her to him. She fantasized him pushing her against the cabin wall, him raising her nightgown, him pushing his hot hard throbbing cock into her, him fucking his daughter, his little girl, his big girl, him taking her from behind, him cupping her hot aching tits in her big hands, his grunts and hot breath.

She saw herself pushing up on her tiptoes, to kiss him, her rubbing herself on him, pressing against his daddy-cock, "kiss me, Papa," she'd whisper, "want you, Daddy." She saw herself rubbing on him through her nightgown, her naked underneath, just like the daughter and her Daddy in one of the stories, in the book she'd found packed in one of the moving boxes. How the man let his nineteen-year-old daughter climb into his bed, how she laid on her father's belly, his chest, how she would make him hard just laying on him, whispering in a little voice, "nnn Daddy, let your big girl," making her father hard, and as he got hard, how she would rock her pelvis, her nightdress pushing up, her bare belly, her bare little pussy sliding along the full length of her father's erection so soft and hard, his entering her, warm wet gliding in and out through the lips of her swollen hot little cunny.

Giselle imagined herself sliding like that on her father, her nightie pulled up, her father's cock slipping inside her, just the head at first, her belly, her breasts her bare groin so warm hot on her father's hard cock. She loved the part in the story where the girl on the verge of cumming whispered, "Papa, I...I want you in my mouth, Daddy, I...want to suck you, I ant you to cum in my mouth Daddy, can I Papa?" The father in the story let her, his daughter sucking him so deep into her warm wet willing little mouth, her cumming sucking him, his holding her by her hair, fucking his little girl's mouth, cumming in his daughter's eager hot sucking little mouth.

The story made Giselle squeeze her legs together her breasts swollen her nipples pushing into the blankets. She wanted to make her father hard, her pulling on his cock in her little hands, looking up into his eyes, her taking him in her warm soft mouth. She quivered under the blankets imagining his hands on her head, in her hair, holding her as she sucked him, her father's throbbing hard cock, making him cum in her warm little mouth, milking his cock with her warm little mouth. "Ohhh god, Daddy," she whispered into the pillows, cumming on her fingers in her father's big bed, him just across the room, his daughter fantasizing over and again sucking him, how she'd please him like that every night under the covers.

When she opened her eyes again he'd already changed into his clothes and was going out the door to get more firewood icy and buried under the heavy bulk of powdery new snow. Giselle took the opportunity alone to bring herself to a quaking, wracking orgasm, imagining her father climbing onto her from behind, straddling her legs, her warm little bottom pushed up into his warmth, his growling, "Daddy needs my little girl," his cock entering her, fucking his cock into her, taking her from behind, "Mmm, lil baby, so warm around Papa's big cock, that's my good girl, push back, lil baby, you feel so good baby, make Daddy feel good with your tight little pussy baby, mmm you like Daddy's big cock, don't you sweetie," taking her from behind, trapping her under his weight, "you like daddy's cock inside you, don't you lil baby, let Daddy have you lil baby"

His thrusts against her tight little bottom, her answer, a guttural quivering, "yesss," his thick throbbing incestuous hard daddy-cock thrusting into her, "fuck me, Daddy," the bed shaking as she begged for more, cumming all over her father's hot hard pulsing thick daddy-cock as he exploded inside her, rope after rope of his incestuous hot cum splashing inside her, his little lover.


Lighting the fire, the heat from the flames on his arms and chest reminded him of how last night sitting on the bed his daughter came up to him, stood between his open knees like a lover would. So sweet in her crisp white nightie how warm and soft his Giselle felt as he took her in his arms. How beautiful she was, how intelligent, the depth in her eyes as he looked up at her and they looked into one another, her so perfumy feminine warm under her nightie, her firm breasts pressing out through her nightie, how they jostled, how his cock stirred swollen aching hard.

The way she moved reminded him of her mother straddling him in bed, her sliding against his cock; how her eyes would close, how her face would turn skyward; how a slight smile would turn her mouth just so; how her lips would part, how her movements would smooth; how she would cling to him, his little bear, whispering, "Mmmnnn, Daddyyy," her hips slowing to little rocking movements, her pretending, "feel's, so good Papa." He'd just smile back at her glowing on his lap, her hugging him, "I love you, baby, so much," and kissed him warmly on the lips, staring into his eyes smiling, "my sexy Daddy," her husband's cock still so hard between her legs, wet with her cum as she slipped him inside her, "nnngggh, Daddy, so big, Papa, let me make you feel good Daddy."

A young woman now, Giselle's weight on one leg her hip rested against her father's chest, leaning in toward him sitting on the bed her small hands on his shoulders, he breathed in her fragrance; a freshly bathed powdery soft scent that made him remember years ago, the same fragrance coming from the bath he shared with his sister.

That fragrance, to this day one of the most erotic scents he could imagine, a woman's bath, her wet and glistening, in this case his younger sister showering, bathing, washing her hair, the smell of shampoo, that indistinct sweet flowery feminine perfume.

His cock throbbing hard pointed directly up at Giselle's crotch through her gown, him hugging her to him, breathing in his daughter's sweet feminine scent; god how he loved her, god, how he wanted her.


A year apart in age he and his sister both in their late teens, both still virgins were like any other ordinary siblings except one fateful summer weekend at the lake they'd discovered how good it felt, and how exciting it was to swim under the boat together where no one could see them rubbing against each other. Touching one another through their swimsuits, how exciting and fun it was they'd found, getting each other so sexually aroused, both of their bodies tingling, aching, throbbing in the silent blue world all their own underwater. Their secret, them plotting in hushed smiling excited whispers to do it again every chance they could in private, the thrill of lovers bursting in their chemistry.

He remembered watching himself underwater touching and rubbing his fingers through the cleft of his sister's soft little pussy, how the look on her face would change, cupping his fingers over her mound pushing against the silky soft thin fabric of her swimsuit. How they'd come up for air unseen under the overhang of the bow, beaming at each other, all smiles and heavy breathing, their secret, their play. How, hanging on to the anchor line they bumped and rubbed on one another, their bodies tingling, how'd they'd take big breaths and sink back under the surface. How they'd swim underwater touching, feeling, how they'd swim all the way under the boat, rubbing on each other swirling through the water, suspended, touching each other's sex, feeling as much as they could before coming back up on the other side, again and again.

He recalled with some wonderment being nineteen, and how aching throbbing hard his cock was in his suit. How he'd hump his hips into his younger sister's soft warm belly, and her into his, her little hands as she squeezed his cock, her soft groin pressing into his aching hard swollen thick cock, her soft little cunny sliding up and down his length, his fingers rubbing her soft warm-hot slit through her suit gripping her bottom, the two floating under water, their electric tingling hot arousal.

Then the one night she came up to the forward cabin of the boat, and climbed up into the bunk with him; they must have planned it, for her to come after their parents and relatives went to bed because he distinctly remembered being naked, how hot and humid it was, how unbearably throbbing hard his cock was waiting for her. Then seeing her naked in the light through the bow hatch above the bunks set in a V into the point of the bow, his little sister, so petite, her so perfectly soft-smooth, so little on top of him, how warm-hot and indelibly translucent her skin was, the heat of their bodies together when she laid on him, how they didn't say a word, their breathing so loud and hot both frenzied rubbing on the other.
A few years later, one night after her bath, them both in town for the holidays, he heard her moaning, the wall between their old bedrooms paper-thin. He lay in his old bed, his head next to her adjoining wall, and pulled on his throbbing hard cock listening to her. Her little sounds, his sister masturbating, him remembering the lake, remembering his little sister naked in the bunk, rubbing on each other, how incredibly hard she'd made him. Her so perfectly smooth bare her beautiful pussy before he finally slid out of bed in just his pajama bottoms. Riveted, thrilled, frightened, almost shaking wondering if she'd want him, if she thought about them at the lake too. His cock tenting out in front of him he quietly slipped out of his bedroom door.

His cock was so hard it hurt. He wondered if those years ago when she snuck into the cabin if her pussy, her breasts were as swollen and aching with excitement. His cock thick and leaking pre-cum bounced and throbbed and pushed up in his pajamas, pounding hard the closer he got to her bedroom door. He turned the door handle anticipating what he'd see, opened the door, whispering, "Lynn?" so softly he barely heard himself over his heart beating so fast, his own breaths.

The fragrance of her bath, a single lit candle on her nightstand, her moans filling the room, he stood half in her doorway half still in the dark hall his mouth hanging open, his eyes wide, his cock raging hard so aroused leaking pre-cum into his pajamas.

His sister was kneeling half naked on the floor at the foot of her bed on top of her old oversized stuffed toy porpoise she'd had since a trip they'd taken years before. Her simple nightie open, her bare smooth skin glowing in the candlelight, the round of her belly, her swollen nipples, her shaven mound, rocking her hips on her knees on top of it, her eyes closed, her mouth open, rubbing herself on it in a rhythm he remembered being magical, a poetic, deliberate slow motion, so sexual, so beautiful.

He didn't know what to do with himself at first as she hugged its wide arched back to her, the dorsal fin under her, her rocking her belly her soft bare pussy against it her sliding up and down its peachy-furry back rocking with her.

He remembered thinking she looked so much like she did that night in the bunk, his little sister, so petite, so lovely as he moved his hand to his pounding hard erection. He watched her rub her entire body on the stuffed toy, his fingers wrapping around his cock, his hips moving with hers, his cock sliding through his fist them both so heated she seemed unaware he'd stepped into the room.

He could smell his sister's sex as he watched her rub her swollen firm breasts back and forth on the furry back of the stuffed animal, her nipples so puffy swollen, her rocking her hips so erotically, her soft little mewling moans.

He whispered again, "Lynn?"

He remembered the look on her face startled but so overwhelmed with erotic sensation, when she realized he was there she just looked up to his whisper pausing only briefly but didn't stop. Instead, she stared at her brother's cock tenting up in his pajama bottoms, looked up into his eyes, and then back at his cock. Hungry, as desperately thrillingly hot as he was, her eyes closing so softly her mouth hanging open too, she smiled dreamily her sliding forward and back more pronounced, her breathing deep, ragged, rocking, wriggling on the back of the stuffed toy, not saying a word, not telling him to leave.

He stepped further inside her bedroom door, mumbled something about them at the lake, stepping up close to her and raising his leg putting his hands on his sister's shoulders, her moving forward for him, shirtless straddled the stuffed toy too, behind her.

Feeling each other's touch, his chest and stomach to her back, they both gushed out a breath. His rush to unbutton his pajama bottoms as he scooted up behind his little sister, his eight inch cock pounding aching hard, his balls hot and alight, his cock so thick and heavy against her lower back, their breathing so loud in the silence.

He quickly picked up his little sister's rhythm, rocking his hips with her, fucking his cock against her lower back, her bottom, his hands on her hips, the feel of her warmth through the thin cotton nightie, brother and sister in a perfect ballet, his balls so hot and tingling sliding back forth over the stuffed toy's short fur the sensations so similar to what his sister was feeling too.

When she leaned back into him and whispered, "I remember... us...under the water, rubbing like this," she panted, "in the bunk," they both breathed out together, them both gushing out, together, huddling into each other, "I -- I wanted you to hear me, Col, to come in," her shoulders melding into her brother's chest behind her. "Wanted me, like this," she poured out in shattering breaths, "I've...thought about you... and me," her older brother nuzzling the side of her neck, their breath hot on each other's faces.

He whispered back, "me too, Lynn, me too. I think about us, too, the lake," so heatedly his little sister moaned out, rocking faster, "me too, sis, I think about you too...all the time," his thrusts more urgent, "us in the bunk...I remember," his arms encircling his sister, "oh god sis, I - I want to...fuck you." Their warm heat burning into one another she turned her face to his cheek, their mouths meeting, kissing, the swirling of each other's tongues, their incestuous kiss as he moved his hands onto his sister's bare upper thighs, pulled himself harder against her openly fucking his throbbing hard cock into the small of her back. The friction-heat of their rubbing making the fur so warm on his cum filled balls, so warm on her hot little bare pussy, he moaned out loud into their kiss, " good, you... fucking good, Lynn. Like...on the boat."

He remembered how when she reached between them, her soft fingers circling around his raging hard cock, how he groaned hugging himself to her, how warm-hot she was in his arms, against his chest, his belly, his pre-cum wet between them, how she raised her nightdress out of the way, how he arched his back to give her room to rub his warm-hot cock directly on her bare skin.

"You''re so hard," his little sister groaned wrapping her fingers around her big brother's throbbing hard cock, his pre-cum slippery wet, "you're, so I am," she gushed, ", in my hand," pulling harder on his cock, "want to feel you," her intake of breath as she pushed back at his long thick hard cock, how she leaned forward and raised up to let it slide under her.

He remembered the thrilling sensation of his throbbing hard erection between his sister's warm wet silky soft sex and the fur of the stuffed toy, the sight of them at that age that must have been, brother and sister, them straddling the stuffed toy, the sensation of her slippery warm creamy wet little pussy wrapping around her brothers perversely aching hard cock, his balls hot, on fire and full of cum, her sliding on his cock forward and back, sublime. How gushing creamy slippery wet she was pushing down on him, rocking in little back and forth motions, her hot little cunt sliding on his cock, her older brother's throbbing hard erection, her brother's arms around her, them moving in sync with one another.

"Ohhh fuck sis, you good," he breathed into her ear, "so fucking good," fucking his cock under his little sister, through the lips of her hot little cunt, not sure what else to say, kissing her, mouthing her neck, her shoulder, hot wet, loving on his little sister, leaning his chest against her hot-warm back, he reached around her, pulling her nightie all the way open in front of her, running his hands over his little sister's hot hard nipples, her full, warm round swollen breasts, groaning, "Ohhhh Lynn, little baby, your tits are beautiful, so swollen, nnnnghhuhsis, your...pussy, feels, so fucking good...on my cock, your little so hot, fucking good. Your little pussy, feels, so fucking good on my cock." Lynn crumbled into her brother feeling his hands on her aching breasts, so swollen firm her nipples hurt, his hands rubbing so hotly on her, the warm slippery wetness leaking from her brother's cock mixing with her own them both soaking the furry toy under them.

So lost to the thrilling heat, the sensations, he and his sister rubbing on each other like they had when they were younger, them both now fully competent lovers, he whispered, "You' wet, so creamy warm wrapped around my cock, Lynn, feels so good, you good. God I love your tits, sis, your warm little pussy, your...bald little pussy," he growled hot against the side of his little sister's face, cupping her shaven pussy, turning him on even more, "you're so fucking beautiful, so fucking sexy," remembering seeing her naked for the first time in the bunk, saying what he would have said then, "I want us to fuck, I want to be inside you, want to cum inside you." Gushing out another breath at her brother's heat Lynn leaned further forward, "I good," she panted, her pussy surging hearing her brother's attraction, raising her bottom, lifting, the pulsing throbbing thickness of her brother's hard cock pushing at her hot little cunt, riding it's length under her.

"You feel so good, too, Col, your hard, be, in me," the feel of her brother pushing against her bottom, him pulling on her nipples making her dripping hot wet.

Arching her back, rocking on her brother's seething hard cock, she lifted more and more each time, more and more trying to get more of him, his girth and length against her, pressing into her creamy wet folds. Pressing into her clit his cock gliding between her legs, through the lips of her creamy wet dripping slit Lynn groaned when her big brother's throbbing hard erection jutting up under her touched upward and into the slippery wet creamy folds of his sister's sex, pressed at her hole, her dripping hot wet little pussy, when it bumped against her swollen sensitive clit, Lynn went wild, rubbing, grinding her dripping hot wet cunt hot on her older brother's thick hard cock so slippery wet under her.

Brother and sister both moaned out together, both having thought about the other coming back home, the sensation of each other's incestuous sex touching, so close to fucking, the head of his cock pressing at his sister's hot little hole, so hot-warm, so silky satiny soft, so, so slippery wet, their bodies hot and sweaty, tingling, alive. Her brother's hardness igniting inside her she could barely breathe as she rocked back and forth on top of his long thick throbbing hard cock gliding through her soaking wet pink little slit. Her big brother slipping his hand around in front of her to cup her entire bald mound, fucking his cock through the slit of her swollen hot little cunt, his fingers everywhere his cock wasn't, wriggling on his fingers so wet and slippery in her cum.

He remembered the sensual electric hum the one singular moment when the head of his cock slipped inside her, when his incestuous cock slipped inside his little sister.

He remembered how she paused just in time for him to push inside her deeper, and then deeper, them both humping the big stuffed animal, fucking, brother and sister.

Her big brother's incestuous hot hard cock fucking into her Lynn arched her back, pushed into him, took her brother inside her, began fucking her big brother. First just the wide tapered head of his cock pushed past the ring of her quivering, soft warm wet little pussy, and then slid inside deeper, tight, and then deeper, her older brother's fleshy hot swollen hard cock stretching her open, filling her, her hot little cunt spasming around his girth, taking him so creamy wet warm inside her, filling her.

Lynn purred, "Nnnnn, Col, nnnngghhyessss, fuck me, ohhh god, so big in me, fuck me, fuck my little pussy big brother, nnghhhh, nngghhuh, yesss, have thought about this...for so long, have wanted you to fuck me, for so long," remembering all the times she'd fingered herself remembering them on the boat, them rocking on the furry back of the stuffed toy. Her brother's cock fucking so thick and hard and throbbing into his little sister, her gushing wet creamy-soft bald little pink cunny wrapping so warmly around her brother's girth, brother and sister, thrilled at the amazing feeling of at last fucking, incestuous lovers. Rocking into each other, her brother's thick hot-hard cock fucking so deep into his little sister's warm incestuous tight little pussy wrapping so wonderfully warm around him fucking her from behind kneeling over the stuffed toy under them in the silence of their parents house, in her old bedroom, brother and sister, fucking.


Giselle's father rested his head against her soft warm belly through her gown, his daughter's feminine suppleness against the side of his face.

Consumed with her fragrance he wanted to move lower, to raise her gown, to reveal her soft warm little pussy, her smooth soft mound, to open his mouth, to taste his own daughter, to lick his little girl's pink wet slit as his hand brushed down her lower back. He realized she wasn't wearing panties and his balls surged with heat, his cock bounced, he breathed her in; he wanted to take her as his lover. It was everything he could do to not wrap his arms around her, to not rub his aching hard cock between her thighs, on her legs, to not cup and squeeze her warm little bottom, to not reach between his daughter's legs and press his fingers into his daughter's creamy soft wet pink sex through her nightgown, to not reach up and cup her lovely breasts through her nightgown, to not pull her lips to his, the two of them alone together, no one would need to know, their secret from everyone but his wife, Giselle's mother.

Isolated at the cabin, just him and his little girl, he hadn't even found room to masturbate in a week or more. His wife's delay, first one week, then two, now three, he couldn't help that the scent of a woman made his cock hard even if she was his own daughter. He couldn't help that his balls tingled hot, so full of want, of need, so full of cum ringing for release, throbbing hot hard for his little girl. He couldn't help loving how feminine her touch was, how warm her soft hands were on his shoulders, her fingers on his neck, on his scalp, in his hair, brushing open over his upper back as he wrapped his big arms around his little girl's waist. He thought he could smell the warmth of her sex as he gently ran his big hands up and down her calves, the backs of her knees, her scent rising on his motions, her fragrance, the heat of her belly against his cheek. He contemplated going further her hips pressed into his shoulders, his fingers curling around her, her body moving against him, his daughter's warmth, her perfumy soft scent causing him to feel such a mixture of affection and regard, and, such hungry lust for her as well. He caught himself, had to, his heartbeat slowing, his mind calming. He smiled at the precariousness of the moment, and looked up at her.

His voice almost a hoarse whisper, nothing came out at first until he heard himself ask, "Time for bed, baby?"


Seeing her father half naked his erection tenting up so big in his pajamas that morning made Giselle want to touch herself all through the day, and the book she'd found made it all worse.

Stories about daughters and their daddies, stories that made her so slippery wet, her breasts and nipples tingling and then aching throbbing hot each time she thought about it. Incestuous hot wet lovemaking, father and daughter, fucking each other on private.

She remembered their bare legs touching during the night, and she remembered pulling her father's arms tighter around her. She thought of how he held her standing between his legs, how she became so slippery wet his warm hot cheek against her belly, her fingers in his hair, his hands on the backs of her legs making her pussy tingle, her mound against his chest, her clit humming with excitement. How she wanted him right then to look up, to lean up, to pull her to his mouth and kiss her.

Having seen her father's erection took on a whole new dimension now lying in the same bed, that huge thing between his legs.

The sexy smooth sensations of the bed linens on her bare legs again, the softness of the silky bed linens nothing compared to what her father's hands would feel like touching her, her incestuous lover, his cock sliding inside her, spreading her open, she just knew.

She wondered what it would be like to kiss her father, to feel his tongue in her mouth like the father and daughter in the story. How in the story, the young woman kissed her father, so deeply and so passionately when their mouths first touched they'd both groaned out loud. How he would kiss her between her legs, how he would lick her pink shiny little cunt, slide his warm wet tongue through her pink creamy wet slit, how she would moan, "nnghh, Daddy, lick me," spreading her legs for him, opening for him, her father's hands roaming all over his own daughter, and hers all over her father, incestuous lovers.

Giselle shivered a luxurious feeling as she bit her lower lip picturing the woman in the story, how she jacked her Daddy's cock, pulling on him, kneeling between his legs, looking onto his eyes, jacking her father's cock, making herself deliriously hot jacking him off, making him so hard, making him cum with her two little hands. She pictured kneeling in front of her father, pulling on him like the young woman in the story. The tantalizing realization that, it was just her and her father here at the cabin, snowed in, in bed together, and no one would know, no one would need to know, just her and her Daddy in bed together loving each other in private, their secret. She could fuck her own father, and no one would have to know. He could lick her sweet pink wet little pussy, suck her hot aching nipples, and no one would know. She could suck her father's swollen thick cock into her warm wet mouth, him groaning, "ohhh lil baby, yesss that's Daddy's good girl," sucking him so hard, sucking him off, pulling on his cock until he came in her mouth, on her face, on her breasts, and no one would know.

Fluttering to the sensation of her fingers a burst of breath caught in her as her father climbed into bed. Snow falling outside the window they talked until Giselle drifted off, her Daddy's warmth against her shoulder, their arms touching, his voice resonating quietly in the darkness, his voice a lullaby telling her what they would do the next day, for her to sleep gently, to have sweet dreams, his sweet little baby he called her, and Giselle smiled.

She loved how when during the night she rolled over, her arm and leg draped over him, how he pulled her up on top of him and she fell asleep just like that, sprawled on top of her father's warm chest, her belly against her father's belly, content, rising and falling on his breaths. She snuggled into him, loved this intimacy with him, rubbed her belly into his as she drifted off on top of her father, just like the young woman in the story, the potential of their incestuous heat radiating between them.

Giselle dreamt of her handsome father raising her gown. She'd shaved that morning smooth bare, her pussy tingling hot, and in her dream, she dreamt she spread her legs for him, her pussy shiny glistening wet.

She dreamt her father's fingers touched her there, between her bare legs, that she moaned, opened for him, let him slide his fingers inside her. "Mmm, lil baby, you shaved for Daddy," he noticed, his moving down between her spread legs. "Mmmm, Papa loves the my little baby's taste, Papa loves licking your bald little pussy, baby, mmmm, so, so creamy wet, so soft for Papa." She dreamt he whispered, "Mmm, baby, look at my little girl, such a beautiful little pussy. You like it when Daddy touches you like this, don't you my sexy little kitten? When Daddy licks you like this."
She dreamt how delicious her father's fingers felt brushing her bald mound, along her wet pink slit. How she moaned and cooed and writhed under her father's delicate touches, how she breathed out, "Nnngghh, Daddy, touch me Daddy, ohhh god Daddy, feels so good, feel how wet I am for you Papa, touch me Daddy."

In her dream her father answered by sliding his index finger in and out of her hot little pussy as she moaned as her father whispered, "Yes baby, Daddy loves my little baby, Daddy loves touching my little girl. Daddy is going to lick my baby's bald little slit, your smooth little pussy, Daddy will kiss you baby, just like you want, lil baby." Just like in the story she dreamt her father whispered, "Mmm, good girl, you like that don't you baby, that's my good girl, such a big girl for Daddy, open your legs for Daddy baby, let Daddy inside you sweet baby, let Daddy have your beautiful little pussy," that she let him fuck his thick hard throbbing cock into her warm dripping wet little cunt, her humping her hips to take him deeper, and deeper, her father buried inside her, gliding in and out of her.


Tree branches hung heavily in the weight of the fresh snow, and Giselle agreed happily with her father that it was like their own little beautiful silent wonderland, all the usual sounds muffled by the deep snow, all of her secret incestuous thoughts making her tingle, just the two of them alone together. He said it might be days before they could even drive anywhere, and that no one would be able to get to the cabin probably until the end of the week, several days away, if then, and all her thoughts were of her and her father touching each other, her showing him how good she could suck him, him licking her.

Constantly tingling with sexual want, the thought of no one being around for miles and that no one was able to reach the cabin because of the storm, Giselle's body and senses and feelings hummed with an unwavering incestuous desire for her father.

The scent of pine and that unmistakable unique smell of cold and snow and low-slung grey clouds, the cabin and the woods around them so enclosed, she thought about the story again, imagined herself leaning over him, brushing her body against his, her sitting on his lap. She heard herself just like the girl in the story, moaning, "Suck my nipples Daddy, suck your little girl's nipples, they're so hot Daddy, yesss, suck them for me Daddy, ohhh god Daddy, so warm, feels so good, ohhh god Daddy, yes squeeze them Daddy, harder Papa."

Just thinking about seeing her father's hard cock, her pussy flushed with heat. She didn't realize, last night, when she lay on her father's chest, and in his half-sleep, her Daddy's cock had gotten hard for her.

She didn't realize her nightgown had ridden up her warm-hot legs under the blankets, or that her father dreamily reached down and slid her gown up her bare warm thighs to cup her soft warm little bottom, spread her open, his fingers dipping into her soft, warm wet little pussy.

Almost asleep, discovering his daughter hadn't worn panties and half dreaming Giselle was her mother, he touched her shaven smooth hot bald little slit, just like her mother's, just like his sister's those years ago. He lightly stroked the soft smooth creamy wet baldness between her legs, her wetness prompting him to open the fly of his pajama bottoms, to rest his throbbing hard cock hot between the cheeks of his little girl's warm little bottom.

She didn't realize that, her father's big hands cupped her there like that, spread her cheeks with his massages of her, using her to rub his daddy-cock into her warm little sex, against his daughter's hot little pussy as he rocked his hips, fucking his erection along his little girl's wet warm little slit, his daughter's soft slick inviting little pussy.

She didn't know he ran his hands under her nightgown, along her lower back, to her shoulders, hugged her to him like a little doll. How his hands enveloped the backs of both her thighs spreading her open, her straddling his waist, how he longed to fuck her, his little baby, how he slid the head of his cock to his daughters creamy wet pussy, had pressed the wide head of his cock to her hole deliciously tormented to not just start fucking her. How in her sleep, aroused, she had moved her hips to press against her father's cock, rocking her hips, how his cock had almost entered her, how she wriggled against the head of his cock and moaned in her sleep so soft warm laying on her father's belly.


Her parents were moving from the city to the cabin and Giselle was going with her father ahead of her mother to get the cabin ready. Images flashed through Giselle's thoughts as she kneeled on the windowsill bench; fantasies of her on her father's belly, her nightgown around her waist, her father's big hands cupping her bottom, her sliding her belly against his hugely hard cock; him pressing against her hot little pussy, so slippery; the big head of her father's cock entering her, stretching her open. Giselle arched her back, her eyes closed.

Her mother would join them on the Thursday before Christmas, but for the next week she had her Daddy all to herself; and, excited all over again she smiled recalling her conversation with her mother over the phone, her discovering her mother left the naughty book for her to find.

"I'm so glad you and Daddy are enjoying each other there at the cabin, baby, I'll be there next week. Will you do something for me, baby?" her tone so soft, even sexy.

Her mother was a very sexual woman Giselle knew and something about the way she was talking to her, the sound of her voice made Giselle feel sexy too.

"Baby? Daddy said you two, are...taking good care of each other, that, you've been sleeping with Daddy, stay warm at night. That's so lovely, baby. Is that okay, sleeping in our bed with your father?"

Giselle nodded, said yes feeling herself becoming aroused; she could hear in her mother's voice, something in her mother's voice, like she was, turned on, by her and her father sleeping in the same bed. Giselle felt herself flush hot, that warm tingling in her belly, her pussy gush creamy wet. She thought of the book, and the story, "Daddy's Big Girl" and how the pages were worn and earmarked. Her heart was racing, her breasts swelling, her pussy tingling hot warm.

"Baby? Daddy said he loves you sleeping in our bed, baby,'ve been, keeping him warm at night too, baby." Images flashed through Giselle's thoughts, of the story, of her father's warmth against her shoulder, of her being so wet, them laying in bed in the dark talking, how her father made her laugh.

"I wish I were there with the two of you, we could stay in bed all day just you, me, and Daddy, that would be so wonderful, baby, the three of bed, the snow outside, the fire, at the cabin, alone, just the three of us."

Giselle nodded again, picturing the three of them naked in bed slippery wet between her legs, her mother's singsong voice, her erotic suggestiveness making Giselle's breasts and nipples swollen under her nightgown ring with anticipation. Something about her mother's voice, something about the suggestiveness of the way she was talking.

"Baby? Daddy says he misses me terribly, sweetie. I'm worried about him, baby. If he...if he has any, special needs, baby, if your father...I want you to...would you, take care of your father for - like, Mommy does, baby?"

Giselle felt that warm buttery feeling in her belly, that feeling of opening, slippery wet, of being filled, of being fucked, aroused by the double meaning of what her mother was saying. Images of her and her father, her mother guiding his cock to her soft wet little pussy, she guessed when she found the book her mother had left the book for her to find placed right on top of the box she'd asked her specifically to unpack before she arrived. Giselle wasn't sure what to say. Images from the stories racing through her thoughts, the scent of her father as she lay on her stomach touching herself, her standing between his legs, feeling him get hard.

"With all the snow I'm depending on keep Daddy, warm tonight again, okay baby? I need you to be Daddy's...big girl, baby. Daddy...would love that, baby."

The words rang through Giselle like an alarm had gone off. Her pussy tightened, and quivered, those words, contagious, enflaming her, she gushed out a breath over the phone and her mother heard, knew.

Her mother was breathing heavier now too, hinting at the code of those words, Daddy's big girl, "...and when I get there...we...we can take care of Daddy... together, right baby?" her mother's voice shaking. "Will you do that for Mommy, baby?" she was barely able to finish the sentence, rubbing her breasts with her free hand, sliding her hand down to rub her already dripping hot wet cunt picturing her husband and daughter in bed together, fucking, her father's cock sliding inside their little Giselle, fucking their daughter, her husband's big thick hot hard cock gliding in and out of their little Giselle's pink creamy wet little pussy.

Giselle leaned into the wall by the phone, her breasts swollen and hot, her panties warm damp, holding the phone with one hand and fondling the spiraling cord with the other, intoning each looping curl like her mother's voice giving her permission winding toward the incestuous conclusion. Hot and breathy, Giselle flushed with arousal breathed into the phone, "I can, I will... keep Daddy, w-warm...until you get here, for you..."

Her mother gushed over the phone slipping her hand inside her panties, touching the creamy wetness flooding between her legs. "Will you, baby? Take care of Daddy, be Mommy's...big girl...for Daddy?"

Her mother's voice was so heated Giselle gushed out a breath into the phone again too, her mother rubbing herself, picturing her little Giselle jacking her father's cock, sucking her Daddy's cock, ", Daddy's big girl, baby? Daddy's good little girl?" them both repeating the words, Daddy's big girl, Daddy's little girl, the shared meaning provoking each other into a frenzied lust.

"I...I will. I'll take care of Daddy, just...just like you do, Mommy," Giselle answered in a whining rush of arousal, her body flushed hot, dripping hot wet, swollen and throbbing.

Her mother's voice got quiet, murmuring, "Yesss, a good girl for Daddy...Daddy will love you being there for him, baby," rubbing her clit, picturing Giselle straddling her father, her gown pushed up just like the young woman in the story, her husband sliding his swollen hard throbbing daddy-cock into their little Giselle, cupping her bottom in his big hands, fucking her, just like she'd fantasized about her own father, sucking his cock, him licking her swollen creamy wet pink little slit.

"Baby? Your father and I know you're ready. Daddy...will show you how, to be good for him, baby," thinking of the story, "his...big girl, baby."

"I've...been sleeping in yours and Daddy's bed with Daddy," she repeated purposefully, the image making her dripping hot wet as she waited for her mother's response, her reaction. "I've been reading...the book, you left for me."

The heated mother breathed in, and closed her eyes, her sexual excitement brimming over, her breasts and cunt on fire; her daughter knew.

"Ohhh, baby, you have, yes, baby, I know you have, baby, Daddy told me," she managed. "Have you liked sleeping with Daddy, sweetie? Has Daddy been keeping you warm, baby?" She could barely contain herself, slipping her fingers in and out of her dripping wet sex, the hinting words, the innuendo between mother and daughter, their fingering themselves over the phone together more erotic than anything either of them had ever experienced, bonding, courting, lovers sharing a lover.

"Baby, have you liked the stories in the book?" the pause of an answer delicious.

Giselle heard her mother's breathing become heavy, and her mother could hear the change in her daughter.

"Yes, Mommy, I did, yesss ...I do...I do like the stories... with Daddyyy..." Giselle squeezed her legs together, hearing her mother moan on the other end of the phone, struggling for words, "'s supposed to be, really cold tonight, and the snow, is so deep, we have to have a fire going almost, all the time," Giselle gushed out, wanting her mother to understand.

Giselle thought of the week ahead alone with her father, and imagined them like the woman and her father in the book, her eyes now closed, her knees bent, pressing her gown into her damp wet little pussy, rolling her hips into her fingers, her mother leaning into the wall by the kitchen phone too, her fingers fucking into her swollen hot little pussy.

"Daddy said the snow, is so deep, we'll be, all alone here for days, just me and Daddy. Just me and Daddy, all alone," she breathed out in a rush of heat. Both the women's shaven smooth bald slits pulsed and creamed wet.

"Ohhhh, baby, yessss, just you and Daddy, all alone together at the cabin, no one will know, baby, just you, me, and Daddy, in private, baby, just us alone at the cabin, no one will know baby."

"Mommyyyy..." Giselle moaned, "I'm-I'm so wet."

"Yes baby, so am I, baby. Tell Mommy, sweetie."

"It''s going to be, so cold tonight," Giselle shuddered leaning against the wall, "and I'm - I'm be, Daddy's...good girl, Mommy, Daddy's...big girl," cumming, strumming her fingers over her clit, her dripping wet soaking through her nightgown, "...can I, Mommy, be... Daddy's big girl, like you?" she gushed out on the end of a breath, wanting to hear her mother say yes again, wanting to share in the heat of her fantasies, her arousal, her plight of wanting what was so taboo, and not having been able to share it with anyone until now. She was making love to and with her mother over the phone, the two women in a sexual embrace of suggestion, of a shared knowing of the stories in the book, in collusion.

Beside herself her mother breathed out with an uncontrollable lust, "Ohhh baby, yesss, you can baby. Mommy wants you to be, Daddy's big girl. Mommy wants you to take care of Daddy, for Mommy, baby. Daddy will know, baby. Just tell Daddy, you want to be..." she could hardly speak, "be's big girl," she gushed out as she came again.

Giselle's mother, her hand in her panties, feverishly rubbing her pussy, imagining her husband licking her, licking her daughter, licking them both, their being his two little girls together, "Daddy...will understand, baby. Daddy you how."

"Like...the girl in the story did, Mommy? How she said she wanted to... put her her mouth?" Giselle gushed, her eyes closed, fantasizing with her mother, fantasizing sucking on her father his hands on her head, in her hair, his groaning like the woman in the story and her Daddy, his saying, "Good girl, that's Daddy's good girl, so good, baby, you suck Daddy's cock so good," him cumming for her.

Her mother completely beside herself, her bald cunt hot-wet, her baby had read the stories that she herself had masturbated to countless times. She'd left the book for Giselle, the pages worn, earmarked to her favorite parts, placed discreetly but purposefully in the same box as her daughter's things that she'd unpack those first few days at the cabin alone with her father, to be sure she'd find it.

"Ohhh baby, yess, baby, just like in the story, just like her," she gushed as she flushed hot again, as she imagined, pictured the story, the young woman and her father, asking her father and her father saying yes, as she began cumming, imagining Giselle and her Daddy.

"Tell Mommy baby, tell Mommy you want to be Daddy's good girl just like Mommy."

"I do. Daddy's...big girls," Giselle whispered breathily soft, so little, into the phone as she came yet again.


Giselle kneeled on the cushioned window bench looking out into the back yard at all the snow from the night before. She was still so aroused by her and her mother's phone call. She felt dreamy and sexual, ready to seduce her father. She was still wearing her warm flannel nightgown covered with tiny little decorative pink and blue flowers, her warm petite body inside it a stark contrast to the cold winter day, her bare calves, her thick warm socks, her feet dangling from the bench, the flannel fabric formed to her soft little curves.

She kept thinking about her and her mother's conversation, how last night she slept with her father in the same bed. How when she woke up he was cuddled all around her, their scents mingled together, and she felt his hardness pressing against her bottom. How her nightie was up around her waist, the curve of her narrow hips in her Daddy's big hand, her nakedness exciting her. This time though, she rubbed herself on him, arching her back, ever so slightly, moving her hips up and back before he woke; it thrilled her so completely, her pussy creamed slippery hot when she felt his cock twitch in his pajamas repeatedly, because of her. She quietly reached back behind her, and gently felt it through her Daddy's so soft pajamas, his hard throbbing cock thick in her little hand, her Daddy's cock so hot and pulsing in her delicate little fingers. Her heart raced. She was touching her father's cock and it was bigger than she'd realized, than she even imagined, hard and hot in her little hand. She mused at how it felt hard-soft, throbbing, pulsing; she could feel it move in her fingers, and she tried to picture it as the young woman in the story described her father's hard cock being almost bigger than her fingers fit around, how it grew even bigger in her hands. Giselle breathed harder; it was almost bigger than her fingers fit around. Laying along her wrist in her grip, she squeezed and it lurched in her hand, throbbing with the beat of her father's heart.

She gazed out on the woods beyond the cabin, kneeling, arching her back, her little pussy throbbing wet, fantasizing about her father, the trees and bushes filled with mounding white snow like bulbous organic sculptures. Tufts of heavy snow from the winter-laden trees fell without sound, leaving grey-white holes in the otherwise perfect blanket covering everything deep into the woods. Birds hopped from branch to branch, and wiping away her warm moist breath fogging and dripping down, making streaks through her ghosting breath on the window glass, she could see animal tracks in the snow not far from the cabin. She thought about her father as she drew a heart on the window in her misty breath. She thought about her mother, how she said she could be, "Daddy's big girl," imagining lying on her father's belly, weightless, warm-hot on his skin. She gushed out a hot breath, her pussy slippery wet.

Her breasts swollen under her nightgown, her eyes closed, her mouth open, she pushed her bottom up and out, arching her back like a kitten in heat. In slight movements arousing herself wagging her bottom, she remembered how she rubbed back against her father's hard cock, how she whispered under her breath, her father sound asleep, "Do you like that, Daddy? Does it feel good to you, too, Daddy? My little pussy, so close, making you hard, makes me warm inside, Papa." She thought about what she would say to him, "Mommy told me to be your big girl, Daddy, like the woman in the book. Do you need me to be...your big girl, Daddy?" she'd gush out all at once, pulling on her father's erection between them. "DO want to fuck me, Daddy? Nnnn, I want you to, Daddy, to fuck me, Daddy."

She imagined her father waking, him taking her hip in his big hand, pulling her against him, fucking his cock through her little fist. She was making herself dripping wet. Her entire body humming, on fire, she opened her knees further apart on the windowsill bench, her nightgown pulled taut against the friction of the cloth cushion, her legs spread, her back arched, her bottom pushed out and up into the room, her bare swollen hot pussy mounding naked and throbbing through her soft little nightgown.
She fantasized her father watching her, her on her knees and leaning on her elbows on the windowsill, her dripping wet pink little cunt pushed up for him, and she shuddered with excitement her arms crossed in front of her, her breasts swaying slightly, jostling to her movement. The cold through the glass damp on her forearms, her nipples ached, and throbbing hot against the soft material of her nightgown her bottom pushed up and swaying, she opened her legs a little more open. She closed her eyes, listened to her breathing, the winter just outside the window, the sounds amplified, she imagined her Daddy's touches as she arched her back for him, his long fingers sliding through her wet little pussy from behind her, bald and slippery wet under her gown.

Her breath hot on the cold window caused her to think of an image from the book when she found it in the box. She first noticed the picture on the cover of the worn paperback book of a couple and their daughter about her age, her smiling and sitting in their bed between them under the covers, innocent enough, a sort of edgy Norman Rockwell image from the 1950's.

Something about the picture though made her feel flushed with excitement. Somehow, she knew it was a pornographic novel, one of the books her mother kept in her bureau, and she subtly pushed it under a pile of her clothes embarrassed, hiding it for later, a thrilling electric shocked feeling coursing through her, tingling, she knew what it was. The cover made her recall the summer before at the lake where her father's family had a boat for years, of being on the boat with her mother and father, out on the rear deck laying on the upper deck bench, the white faux leather cushions, the way they smelled, the smells so familiar, of the lake, the sounds, the wind and sunshine, how close they were as a family. More than a few times she'd draped herself across her father's lap, the three of them sunning, anchored out in the privacy of a secluded cove, her mother leaning on one elbow her head on her hand, her smiling, her knees touching Giselle's leg as she rubbed and lightly tickled her daughter's back.

She remembered how she felt tingles between her legs especially as her mother rubbed her legs close to her bottom, her fingers just touching the hem of her shorts, how good the touch felt, almost pressing her to her father as her mother's hand rested on her inner thigh just below her bottom. She remembered as if in a dream how she absentmindedly wriggled on her father's legs to get more comfortable, her mother's warm hand around her ankle, sliding back up to her upper thigh, how she'd spread her legs as she fell asleep, the sensation of her mother's fingers, her energy, wrapping her arms tightly around her father's strong thigh. She didn't know her parents smiled with love at each other. Her handsome father stroking her hair, her head on his mid belly, her mother softly rubbing her legs, her bottom and her lower back as she dreamily heard her mother whisper, "Good girl, that's our good girl, sleep baby."

She remembered breathing deeply, how her hips began to move in tiny circles all on their own before she fell asleep on her father, how she was aware of that feeling of him growing under her chest which made her feel so warm inside. She thought she even remembered putting her hand on top of the lump under her, and moving her hand up and down, how she thought she remembered her parents whispering, her mother whispering to her, "Good girl, feel Daddy, baby," something about, "Mommy will show you how to put Daddy in your mouth and make Daddy feel good, baby." How she thought how close the lump was to her, she could almost kiss it with her mouth right there, and fantasized sucking her father's cock. He had been hard for her. The thought almost made her cum right there on the bench. In the story, the girl said how much she loved sucking on her Daddy, and that's what Giselle wanted to do first.

Her father had to go out and shovel a path from the cabin out to the truck, and as he dressed, he looked over at Giselle looking out the window. His little girl, his daughter, her kneeling form accentuated under her soft flannel nightgown, his little girl lost in her thoughts, her bottom swaying back and forth. God she looked so feminine he thought to himself. Her mounding pussy pressing through her soft white nightgown, swaying, inviting, made her handsome father instantly erect. The light through the window silhouetting her naked form through her gown, her on her knees, her breasts hanging down, her nipples so puffy and pronounced, her legs spread, the swells of her bottom, her hot little cunt pressing back, the curve of her upper inner thighs all caused her father's cock to swell even harder.

The round of his daughters hips recalled images of his wife kneeling before him, his cock sliding in and out of her beautiful hot slippery wet cunt weeks ago now, his cock sliding in and out of her hot little mouth, him fucking her mouth, her sucking him dry. His licking his wife's shaven bald sex the night before he and their daughter drove up to the cabin, and how incredibly horny he was. His wife saying, "It's almost time baby, lick my pussy Daddy, pretend I'm your little girl, Daddy, lick your little girl Daddy, your... big girl," and the handsome father's cock swelled in his pants even larger yet again.

He'd gone almost two weeks now without even so much as masturbating, and it was almost too much having his daughter sleep in the same bed with him night after night. Her naked under her nightgown was making him crazy for her. His cock grew hard at even a slight thought of sex, and his daughter was arousing him beyond words. Last night he almost came all over his little Giselle's back. He wanted the first time with her to be with his wife, but with her delay, he didn't intend to hold out any longer, and she agreed over the phone. She thought it was beautiful, and encouraged him.

"Has she been reading," she asked.

"Yes, baby, she's been reading," the implication clear, and they smiled together before he handed the phone to Giselle.

He knew Giselle found the book her mother had purposefully packed for her to find; he saw her staring at it in the box, her mouth open as she read and mouthed the words of the title, "The Family Cabin," and the dreamy far away look on her face.

He saw how, after she began leafing through it still in the box, after a few minutes she pulled it from the box, and slid it under her sweater draped on the bed, and he smiled pretending he hadn't seen.

What he didn't know was that his wife had given Giselle permission to be "Daddy's big girl" before she got there. He knew he wanted her to raise her nightie for him, for her to spread her beautiful legs just as her mother had wanted from her father. He knew how badly he wanted to lick his little baby's pussy for the first time. How he would slowly seduce her, have her on the edge of desire as his tongue would touch her beautiful little cunt, lick her sweet juices from what his wife told him would be her freshly shaven, bald slit, just for him. He imagined his little Giselle, that moment when she became creamy wet, her arousal her heat coursing through her anticipating her father's warm wet mouth on her bald little pussy.

He imagined his hands holding her legs right at the juncture of her creamy white thighs, her scent, the fragrance of her sex, bringing out a ferocious lust. His mouth on his daughter's perfect soft little pussy, the taste of her creamy little pussy, his saying, "Good girl, that's Daddy's good girl," as she rolled her hips, as she breathed out her pleasure, how his daughter would become a wonton little slut just like her mother. His incestuous desire for his daughter, his little girl, for his wife's and his desire to share their Giselle, made him as lustful as he could remember ever being.

His cock hard and hot and throbbing he recalled his younger sister, their first time, rubbing on top of the toy porpoise, the feeling of his cock sliding inside his little sister, her hot wet swollen cunt, his balls begging for release.

The longer he stared at Giselle across the room, her kneeling on the windowsill bench, her practically wagging her little bottom pushed up and out so fucking provocatively, the longer he watched her little bottom sway, roll, the harder his cock became.

When he saw her spread her knees even further apart, her arching her back, rolling her hips, her nightgown riding higher and higher on the back of her creamy white thighs, her bare soft little pussy silhouetted through her nightgown, he began rubbing his cock through his pants.

When her gown slipped higher and higher still, when he saw the first glimpse of her naked pink wet slit, open and shiny wet, smooth silky bald wet, her rising onto her hands on the sill, her back arched, her lovely bottom pushed out, her rolling her bottom, he pulled his t-shirt over his head and off.

When he saw her reach under her, and slide her fingers through her creamy wet folds, he unbuckled his pants, unbuttoned them, and let them fall to the floor.

The fire crackling and popping cherry red coals out into the screen he stepped out of his pants, and barefoot, moved across the wood floor toward his daughter, his little girl, a vision of sexual heat there at the window, kneeling on all fours, her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open, her fingers strumming through her open perfect little pink shiny slit, her breaths fogging the glass in front of her, his little Giselle working herself into a sexual heat, her incestuous fantasies, her body ripe and hot and ready to be fucked, for her father's cock, her father's thick pounding hot hard cock.

Her hands on the sill, her bottom pressed up, her legs spread wide over the bench, Giselle opened her eyes and looked right into her father's eyes as he approached her. She gushed out a hot breath. His cock rigid hard, him naked, the look on his face, like hers, full of lust.

Giselle's back arched instinctively, her gown slipping that last bit up over her bottom fully exposing her swollen pink wet little cunny open to her father's gaze. Her moan a gushing soliloquy, like a cat mewling, pouring from her, "Ohhhhhh god Daddyyyy, ohhhhh Papa, need you, your...your big girl, Daddy," her bottom rising up, her back arched impossibly, "want you in me, have...wanted you in me, my little pussy, Daddy, needs you Daddy," her father's strong hands so big on her surrounding and gripping her roiling tender little hips, pulling her to him.

Her father leaning over her at waist level, his bare skin, his swollen hard throbbing cock brushing his daughter's dripping wet little cunt, his belly on her lower back, his face alongside hers as she leaned her head back to him, their mouths locking into a long hot incestuous kiss until he nuzzled the fragrance of sleep still in her hair, her cheek so soft and hot, purposefully pressed his groin to his little girl's up thrust bare little bottom so warm on his hips, his thighs, the length of his throbbing hard cock pressing into his daughter's soft warm wet little slit.

Pressing into her, his weight against her, his body melting into hers, he reached around under her to touch her soft belly, to cup his daughter's swollen hot breasts as Giselle raised herself on her arms, her filling the swell of her father's chest, arching her long slender torso pressing her bottom, her cunt into her father's hard cock, how she breathed, "it's so beautiful... outside... isn't it, Daddy?" her head half turned as her father kissed her, as she pushed her tongue into his mouth and gushed out an excited hot breath.

"Yes baby, beautiful," her father's kiss still hot in her mouth, and as she turned, kissed her again, slid his tongue into his daughter's eager warm mouth, anything but a fatherly kiss, lovers, incestuous lovers, father and daughter alone in the snow bound cabin, their mingled hot breath fogging the glass, the heavy snow encapsulating them, the moment, inside the cabin, just him and his daughter, his little girl and her father, both oozing a tingling hot sexual desire for the other.

"Are you Daddy's big girl, baby?" her father growled into her ear.

And like code words Giselle gushed an inner explosion, "Ohhh god Daddy," heaved her body back into her father's erection pressing against her bottom, "yesss, your big girl, Daddy," arched her back, seething, her juices flowing from between her legs, her father's hand moving over her belly, his hand sliding up to encase one breast pressing hotly into his hand.

There was no denying the hunger, the passion, father and daughter hungry for each other; there was no need to, alone together in the cabin, father and daughter, her mother's permission and approval, her urging, now a part of her daughter's breathing joined with her father's. The way she nuzzled her father's face, the hot steaming touch between them, Giselle wanted her father to see how good she could be, how she pressed her body back into his, his daughter, his incestuous little lover, his cock pressed hard and throbbing against her swollen dripping creamy pink little cunt so hot wet, so on fire for him, them grinding against each other's sex.

"Your big girl, Daddy," a gushing hot whisper, "your big girl, your good girl, just like Mommy," pushing her bottom, her cunt hot and bare arching for father's hot hard cock. "Put it in me, Daddy, make me...your big girl, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy."

"Yesss, just like Mommy, baby," he growled sliding his hands up under her gown, up her legs, over her bottom, nuzzling into his daughter's throat, sliding his hands up over her ribs to her warm full swollen breasts filling his hands.

"So hot for you, Daddy," Giselle mewled, so softly, her father's cock, prodding the soft wetness between her legs, bounced, throbbed, and found her warm wet tight little pussy.

Giselle quivered all over as her father's thick swollen hard cock pushed inside her, spread her open, filled her so thick and pulsing hot, arching her back relaxing her throbbing hot little cunt to let him in, "Ohhh god Daddy, nnnnghhyesss, your big girl," pushing back into his chest, her father's arms so warm on her soft skin under her gown, his hands full with her breasts, squeezing, pulling her nipples, arching her back into her father as he guided his thick hard cock deeper and deeper inside her, fucking her, father and daughter, incestuous lovers.

"Ohhh lil baby, yes, Daddy's big girl. Mmmm, Giselle, my lil baby, you're so soft, so warm, so wet, your pussy feels so good to Daddy, baby, that's my good girl, push back onto Daddy's cock, take Daddy's cock, baby, fuck Daddy lil baby. Mmm, Giselle, yessss baby, fuck Daddy."

Giselle pushed against the windowsill, back at her father, kneeling on the windowsill bench, her little bottom thrust up, her gown up over her hips, her father's hot hard cock throbbing, pushing, sliding inside her. Every sensation, her father's warmth, his touches, her mouth open gushing hot breaths to his every thrust, her little mewling sounds, her breaths gushing from her in bursts as the swollen thick hardness of her father's cock slipped deeper inside her, penetrated the warm pink heat of her cunt, spreading her open, her, her soul, her being, his girth sliding effortless through her pink little slit, fucking his daughter, his little girl, his big girl, deeper and deeper into her warm quivering little belly.

"Ohhh god Daddy, nnggghh, your big girl Daddy, ohhh god Daddy, yessss fuck me, just like the girl and her Daddy in the story. Ohhh god Daddy, your cock feels so good in me, so good. Fuck me, Daddy. I'll be your big girl for you whenever you want Daddy, ohhh god, Daddy, yesss."

"Oh lil baby, nnnghhh, Daddy's...big girl, Daddy's good girl, aren't you baby. Your little pussy feels so good to Daddy, Giselle," her father growled, gripping her hips, her white nightgown bunched up around his wrists, thrusting his cock in and out of his daughter, her sopping wet little cunt so warm and tight and soft around his throbbing hard daddy-cock, buried so deep inside his daughter, his little Giselle's tight, hot, soft little pussy at last wrapped around his pulsing hot girth, her father's cock.

"Your mother will be so proud of you, baby. That's my good girl. Ohhh lil baby, yesss, swivel your hips just like that. Oh fuck lil baby, so good," his swollen rigid hard cock, aching, throbbing hard, at last inside his little girl, fucking his Giselle, gripping her tender little hips, buried inside his sexy little girl.

Giselle spread her knees wider apart, her feet and calves dangling from the window seat, her back arched so impossibly, her hot little cunt, his, her tight little bottom thrust up for her father, his, him fucking her long and hard and deep.

"Ohhh god Daddy, cumming, Papa, cumming on your cock. Nngghh Daddy, want you to cum in me, take me back to bed, Daddy," she panted. "Want to... show you, how good I can be, your big girl, Daddy, just you and me alone in bed, Papa. Show me, how Mommy fucks you, Daddy. Show me how..." Giselle paused, her mouth open, "show mommy... sucks you, Daddy," she gushed out, cumming on her father's cock. "How she makes you...cum in her mouth. Ohhhh god Daddy, you're getting so big in me, Papa. Touch my tits again Daddy, pull on my nipples, Daddy, oh god Daddy, cumming Daddy, cumminnnggg on your cock, Papaaa. Ohhh god Daddy, you're so big in me, fuck me, Papa, fuck your big girl, Daddy."

"Mmmm baby yessss, cum on Daddy's cock. Ohhh little baby, yessss, Daddy's big girl, just like in the story, Daddy's big girl, aren't you, baby? Daddy's little pleasure toy, Daddy's incestuous little lover girl."

"Ohhhhhuhhh, Daddy, nnnghhyesss fuck me. You feel so good in me, Daddy, so good, Papa. Do you love my little pussy, your big girl's pussy, Papa? Ohhh god Daddy, cumming again, Papa, cumming on your cock, Daddy, ohhh Papa, nnnn, yessss, fuck me Daddy. Your big girl, cum in me, Papa. Want to...tell Mommy...I made you cum in me, Daddy, that you came in your big girl, Daddy, that I made you cum with my tight little pussy, Papa."

"Ohhh little baby, yesss, Daddy's cum too, baby, with you, in you, ohhhhhh lil baby, you're going to make Daddy cum, baby, your little pussy, so good, cumming, in your little pussy baby. Oohhh fuckkk, nghhhh Giselle, my big girl," pulling his daughter up to him, his arms around her, cupping her breasts, fucking his cock deep inside his little girl, cumming in his daughter, deep in her belly, "cumming inside you," thrusting against her soft little bottom, his daughter, now his incestuous little lover, "mmmm baby, Daddy's big girl, Daddy's lover. Mmmm, kiss Daddy, baby" he growled still fucking his cock into his big girl, his daughter, his little Giselle.

"Nnnn Daddy, whenever you want me Daddy take me, your big girl, from now on, Daddy," Giselle whispered out of breath, playfully smiling as she kissed her father, still milking his cock with her soft little pussy, moaning as he pushed his tongue into her warm wet mouth, a fresh snow starting to fall.


That night, after fucking each other all through the afternoon, Giselle sucking her father's cock for the first time, swallowing his cum, jacking his cock, her father licking her to orgasm, cumming in each others mouths, in bed, the fire burning hot, the cabin so warm, Giselle laying next to her father wearing one of his big shirts, whispered, "Daddy?"

"Yes, baby."

"Am I your big girl now?" she smiled, cozying up to her father, grinning, finally the story their own.

"Ohhh baby, yesss, Daddy's big girl. My little kitten."

"Daddy, I want you to do something for me tonight."

"Anything, baby," her father whispered back, Giselle nuzzling her father's neck.

"I want to lay on you, Papa, and have you tickle my back."
"Is that all baby?" he smiled, ""I love tickling your back, sweetie," as Giselle slid on top of him straddling his waist and laying down on him, her legs pushing his robe open, his cock already hard under her.

"Nuh-uh, Papa" she whispered, nuzzling into her father's neck. "I want to pretend, we haven't fucked yet, Daddy, and...realizing I'm not wearing panties, and feeling my warm skin on yours, you start to get hard, and..." Giselle relaxed all of her weight on her father and was already moving her hips up and down the length of his cock, in circles, getting her father wet with her juices, "...I want to pretend, your just rubbing my back," Giselle breathed out, exciting herself more and more, opening her father's shirt she was wearing, exposing her swollen hot breasts to his bare chest, pressing her nipples into her father's warmth, rocking her hips, pressing her mound against her father hot skin, rubbing her smooth bald mound on her father's hard swollen cock. "I -- I want, to pretend..." her voice fluttering, moaning, rubbing herself all over her father, " accidentally...slips inside me, Papa. Your cock, Daddy," gushing out the words, " pretend, like nothing's happening," rubbing her clit, her, so damp hot, her mound so shiny slippery wet sliding on her father's throbbing hard cock, her nipples aching into his chest, "like the girl in the story, Daddy," the big rounded swollen head of her father's cock slick with his pre-cum and hers, touching her little hole.

"Pretend...with me, Daddy," her father's cock spreading her open, "pretend with me, that I'm not...fucking your cock, inside my little pussy," unable to contain her pleasure, her voice rising, her catching her breath, "that you're...not, sliding inside me, Papa, that you're not, cupping my bottom Papa, that we're not, committing incest Daddy," Giselle gushed out sinking down on her father's raging hard cock, "while Mommy's not here," his big hands cupping her warm little bottom, "us alone, just us, here in the cabin, just us," his girth fucking into her, "where no will know," spreading her so impossibly wide open, "that you're, fucking your daughter, your little girl. Pretend with me Daddy, that, your cock, isn't...inside me, Papa, your big girl," Giselle breathed out milking her father's cock so deep insider her tight warm wet little pussy.

Pretending as if she weren't unable to not start fucking her Daddy, his big warm hot hard cock slipping inside her. Her raising up, pushing back down, working her father's throbbing hard cock with her quivering warm soaking wet little pussy. Fucking her Daddy, cumming on her father's cock as he came so deep inside her, her father's cock buried in her warm wet little cunny spread so wide around his girth, his big hands cupping her little bottom, fucking his daughter, incestuous lovers groaning together into the silence of the cabin, Giselle squeezing, pulling, fucking her father's cock so deep and throbbing hard inside her, his big girl.
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