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A night flight

Dear god why do everything at airports take so bloody long!!!

You have been stuck waiting in line for the last hour as your flight was delayed on route, but now finally you you are able to get to the front of the line and hand over your boarding pass.

The receptionist scans your ticket and a red warning light comes on.

"I'm terribly sorry, but it seems there has been a double booking and we have run out of single booths"

Well isn't that fucking terrific.

"But don't worry" the receptionist says with a smile "we can upgrade you to the deluxe package so you will still get a bed"

That's not too bad.

"But there is something we should warn you about"

And here's the catch.

"All of the deluxe packages are double booth beds"


The receptionist see's your look of confusion and quickly explain further.

"What I mean to say is that each boat has two beds next to each other, so you will be sharing with one of our other VIP's"

Well it's better and sleeping 10 hours in a standard chair. You get given your boarding pass and make your way onto the plane.

When you finally get on you make your way upstairs to the VIP lounge and a very attractive stewardess shows you you to your booth.

You arrived to find it empty as you are the first person to arrive, so you put your bag away and get out your laptop to do a bit of work before the plane takes off.

About 5 minutes later you hear some wrestling above you you and and someone sits down next to you, you pull your eyes away from your laptop and are greeted by the sight of.........

What's next?

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