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A prequel to Hollywood new agent

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-John, how many times do I have to tell you, I'm sick of taking care of all your dirty laundry, it's more than time that you start doing things by yourself. You're 18 now, for Christ sake !

John mumbled something his mother couldn't understand. That was still a better answer than "sorry, I didn't do the chores because I just spent the past hour masturbating". His mother sighed and left his room. John couldn't help have a glare at her round ass, as she was walking away. He was definitely what you could call a pervert, having sexual thoughts about anything with a pair of boobs. His mom, his sisters, his friends, his teachers, and so on. He had dirty thoughts every time he woke up, every time he went to bed, everytime he ate, and eventually, it had caused him to be labeled as a creep by almost everyone.

He looked at the floor and saw one of his sister's panties. His mom had probably dropped it while she was carrying the laundry. Without really thinking this through, he picked it up and started sniffing it. He knew it was fucked up, but couldn't help it. He didn't know how long he had been doing this when instinctively, he started reaching for his dick and jacking of. He would probably have done it until he came if he hadn't been interrupted.

-What the fuck !

He startled, and turned towards the door. His sister Audrey, owner of the panties, was looking at him with her eyes wide in shock, a look of disgust on her face.

-You fucking creep.

-Wait, it's not what it looks like !

-Just wait til I tell mom.

Realizing how much trouble he was in, John stood up clumsily, his dick still hanging freely, and started chasing after Audrey.

-No, wait, stop !

To his great surprise, his sister froze as soon as he had uttered this word. John finally got near her and faced her, ready to apologize and beg her not to tell anyone.

-What did you do? asked Audrey with a surprisingly tense voice.

-Well I just picked up your panties and...

-Not that, you idiot ! What did you do to me? Why can't I move?

John didn't answer immediately and stared at his sister with a surprised look. What was she talking about?

-I don't...

-Stop it ! I'll call mom, I'll...

-Oh shut up !

As soon as he had pronounced these words, he saw Audrey's sticking together, adding more to her expression of fear. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't seem to pronounce a single word now.

-Hmmmm ! Hmmmm !

John was looking at his sister, his mind racing at the speed of sound. He had had weird dreams this night. Dreams about some invisible being telling him he was going to give him his powers, that he would be able to use them to change the world for the better or the worse, as powerful as a god. As soon as he had woken up, he had forgotten about it, but now his helpless sister was right in front of him...

Audrey was a pretty hot looking girl. She was his twin sister, 18 years old, just like him, but the resemblance stopped there. She was one of the popular girls in high school. She had long brown hair, brown eyes. She wasn't skinny nor fat, and her big, firm tits were getting her a lot of attention from the boys of her class. Still not sure of how to deal with this situation, John decided to try his power one more time.

-Your hair is blonde.

And then, it happened. Right under his amazed eyes, he saw his sister's dark hair get lighter and lighter, until they had become platina blonde. He whistled in admiration, as tears were starting to run from Audrey's eyes. The teenage girl was looking more and more panicked.

-I can't believe it. It wasn't just a dream.

Without hesitating, John ripped Audrey's shirt open, revealing her large breasts, and started squeezing them. He got on his knees and started sucking on her nipples, doing what he had dreamed of doing for years.

-Hmmmm !

Audrey was now crying in silence, incapable of fighting back or even protesting. Eventually, John got back on his feet.

-You're right. Let's not rush things. I'm still not sure of what I wanna do first. Audrey, look at me. I'm gonna go back to your room. In ten seconds, your hair and clothes will be back to normal, and you will forget anything that happened, including the panties incident.

A moment later, John was heading back to his room, his mind still racing, wondering who he was gonna turn into his toy first. His mom? His sister? His classmates? So many possibilities.

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