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A solution

Hello my name is Mark. I'm a 35 year old marketing accountant with my father's advertising agency. My wonderful wife, Stacy also works as an accountant at my fathers company. We have been happily married for 12 years. With our hectic schedules, children have just not been a real possibility and to be honest, neither one of us are in a hurry to become parents yet. We live in a very nice and modest home in West Seattle. And our love for each other is so very strong. But lately something is missing and I think we both know what the problem is. You see we are both naturally submissive. We both are turned on by the idea of turning control over to someone else. She knows my most intense fantasy is to be tied up and 'forced' to watch her get fucked by another lover. Male or female it doesn't matter. Stacy never really showed any interest in pursuing it. She stated she wasn't turned off by it, she just never really had any interest in that sort of thing

One night my wife came home. I could tell by the way she looked at me something was on her mind. "What's wrong honey?" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Can we talk?" she said apprehensively. "Sure" I said not knowing what to to expect. We both went into the living room and sat down on the couch. "Babe, you know your fantasy that you have? You know the one where you are forced to watch me with another lover?" Instantly my cock sprang to life in my pants. "Well yeah!" trying to contain my excitement. "Well I got to talking with one of the new hires, and I'm not sure how or why the subject came up, but they are interested." she said with a look of nervousness on her face. "However there is a catch.........."

What's next?

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