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Accidental Incest

The Masons were a naïve, Christian, American family. David and Esther had met while attending middle school, grew up together, but never had a chance to fully explore their sexuality before getting married and having children. They always just stuck to what they knew. The extent of their sexual exploits consisted of missionary and the occasional hand job. They ended up having three children, before deciding against having anymore.

David had recently turned 42. With brown hair and eyes, and a nicely built "dad-bod", David was often the attention of his wife's female friends, and also his daughters' friends. With a 9 inch penis, he never had trouble satisfying his wife, despite their boring love life. He was a loving and compassionate man, who worked as a pastor at their local church.

His wife Esther was 41. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes were breathtaking. Her body was even more so. With beautifully sculpted D-cup breasts, and a slim figure with wide hips and firm ass; she was the icon of many men's lust. She was a stay at home mother, who occasionally helped out at her husband's congregation. Though being a mother, and 41, she looked like she was in her early 30s. She was just as loving and compassionate as the man she married, and extremely naïve about the more... perverse things in life.

There was their oldest daughter, Leah, who was 22. She was almost an exact copy of her mother. The only difference was breast size, with Leah being a bit smaller than her mother with a C-cup. Leah attended college, but still lived at home with her parents. She was a bit stuck-up and conceited. She loved playing volleyball, and was the most athletically-inclined of her family. When not studying for her future career in childhood education, she could be found at the gym, or with her friends. Though she has had quite a few boyfriends, she has kept her virginity intact, sticking to hand-jobs.

Their second oldest child was their son Jacob, who was 19. Though Leah was a copy of her mother, Jacob was almost the complete opposite of David. They shared the same hair and eyes, but Jacob was overweight and somewhat of a weakling. Jacob was out of high school, but hadn't yet pursued college. Being only interested in videogames, he wasn't very social, and really didn't care about much outside of the virtual world. Though he didn't have the looks of his father, he did inherit a larger penis, measuring at 12 inches. If only he socialized with women, he'd be quite popular.

Their last child and youngest was their daughter Rachel. 18 years old, and starting her last year of high school; Rachel had a slim, petite figure, and her father's brown hair and eyes. Having blossomed early, Rachel's D-cup breasts were the envy of all her friends, and the target of the eyes of all the boys in her school. With her slim figure, her tits seemed even bigger than her mother's. She wasn't athletic like her sister, and lacked any real strength. However, she was a very caring and loving girl, and was definitely a "Daddy's Girl". Like her older sister, she too has kept her virginity, but because she's yet to have a boyfriend.

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