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After the Fundraiser

I had been asked by the CEO of the company I worked for to host a table at a fundraiser for the city's Fine Arts Museum. As a relatively junior executive I viewed the request as something of an honor and was please to learn that the company would pick up the necessary costs for appropriate dress and transportation.

I told my wife Charlotte about the event and she immediately went to her budget for her outfit. I laughed at her excitement and told her to go ahead and splurge whatever the company wouldn't cover was still okay. She beamed and gave me a big kiss and I felt good about making her so happy.

The function was four weeks away so she had plenty of time to plan and prepare. When the date arrived and we stood in the living room preparing to walk out to our town car I could see that she had done a fantastic job.

My wife is a natural beauty with shoulder length black hair on a slender 5' 6" frame. The few pounds she picked up after having our two children has only enhanced her figure and filled out her C cup breasts. At 34 years old she was indeed a very beautiful woman.

Charlotte had selected a traditional but very sexy black dress with a hem several inches above the knee with a fashionable low cut neckline and spaghetti straps. A set of pearls rested on her chest and subtly brought attention to the soft swell of her breasts. Her hair had been fixed up and the three inch heels she wore put a nice angle on her already firm ass.

Our elderly neighbor lady agreed to sit for the kids and we kissed them goodbye and headed out. When we arrived at the car the 50ish black driver opened the door for Charlotte and out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking at her legs as she slid inside. We were chatty on the ride to the ballroom talking about the people at our table and the agenda for the evening. We also laughed with Sam, the driver, about maybe drinking too much since we had a ride home. Sam laughed along with us and told us to not to worry about a thing as we were in good hands.

The table was set for 10 people and although the guests were all older than us everyone got along well and there was lively conversation throughout the dinner. Charlotte received many compliments from both the men and the ladies which had her beaming. Everyone was also drinking a lot of wine so we were well lubricated when the large band started after the formal part of the presentation and most of the table got up and danced.

Charlotte danced with several of the men at the table and I know one tried to put his hand on her ass during a slow song but she discreetly moved it away. In between dancing, we would chat and drink the wine that was being constantly supplied by the waiters.

As the function began to die down, one of the guests, which also happened to be one of the company's key customers, suggested we go to the hotel's bar to have a nightcap. We still had several hours before the sitter expected us home so we agreed and made our way there with the client and his wife and one other couple. Drinks were ordered and several conversations began around the table. I stared briefly at Charlotte as she chatted with the women. She was having a great time and I was so proud of the way she looked and carried herself. I knew we were going to have a great time in bed when we got home later.

One round went to two and then three and I silently said a thank you to the company for arranging for a car as we were in no condition to drive. As the liquor flowed, everyone was also getting a bit looser. The jokes and innuendos in the conversation were at times a bit racy and I caught the client on one occasion with his hand on Charlotte's leg as he spoke to her in a whispering manner. Also, I could see that the top of her dress had loosened a bit causing more of her breasts to be exposed and I could see both men stealing glances.

I didn't think the other women noticed what their spouses were doing until I caught the eye of one who gave me a knowing smile. Without speaking she seemed to be communicating to me that she knew her husband wanted my wife.

Finally, everyone agreed it was time to call it a night. As Charlotte rose from her chair she stumbled on unsteady legs and would have fallen if the client had not taken her arm. This brought a chuckle from everyone about the state of our condition and the company was applauded by both couples for arranging for drivers.

I phoned Sam on his cell and told him we were leaving the hotel and he said he would be out front in a few minutes. We waited in the crisp air for him to arrive which felt good and helped clear our heads a bit. As before, Sam opened the door for Charlotte and again I saw him staring at her legs as she entered the car only this time in her drunken state he got more of a view.

As we drove away, I put my hand on Charlotte's leg and told her how beautiful she was which prompted a kiss from her. The kiss lingered and it wasn't long before we were making out like teenagers in the back seat of the town car. I turned her by the shoulders so her back was to Sam and took the strap from her shoulder so I could reach inside her dress and fondle her breast. This brought a moan from her that was way too loud for the car and I could see Sam looking back in the mirror.

At that moment I don't know what came over me but I found the situation and Sam's attempts to watch to be highly erotic. Now Charlotte is no prude but she has always been fairly traditional and conservative when it comes to sex. I wasn't sure how she would react but I decided to push my luck.

I slowly slipped the other strap off her shoulder as I kissed her and undid the clasp on the back of the dress and lowered the zipper a couple inches. This brought her breasts completely out of her dress and I was pleasantly surprised when she attacked my mouth with her tongue as I now fondled both breasts and pinched her erect nipples. Glancing towards the front I again saw Sam looking back and forth from the street to the mirror. Seeing this, I took her shoulder and pushed her back square into the seat which brought her breasts into full view.

Charlotte closed her eyes and leaned back as I began sucking on her nipples while reaching behind her to take the zipper all the way down. The dress top fell until it was bunched around her waist and I took my hand and ran it up the inside of her thighs pushing the hem up. When my hand found her thong it was completely soaked and I continued to suck her nipples and kiss her breasts as I ran my fingers over the fabric.

When I looked up at her she was staring in the mirror at Sam's eyes watching her and she whispered huskily "Sam is watching."

"I know baby. Let him watch." I replied as I kissed her.

Charlotte's dress was now bunched around her waist so that most of her was exposed to his stares.

"Sam? Do you mind if I make love to my wife in your car?" I asked quickly after a deep breath fearing that she would stop me.

"I would be honored if you would." He replied immediately causing Charlotte to shudder.

With that I reached around her and began sliding the dress down her body and although Charlotte lifted her hips to help me she kept her eyes fixed on mine. After the dress was on the floor I quickly worked the thong off so that she now lay on the seat open to both Sam and my eyes, naked except for her heels and pearls.

I worked one finger and then two into her shaved and drenched pussy as I kissed her hard on the mouth. She bucked her hips up to meet my fingers and used one hand to try to unbuckle my pants while the other tore at my shirt. We were so into the moment that we didn't realize that the car had left the street and only after it stopped did we look up to see that Sam had entered a parking garage. It appeared that he had gone down into a lower level as only a small amount of light filtered in after he turned off the engine.

"If you don't mind I'm going to watch." He said in a matter of fact way. Almost immediately, I could hear the seat motors running and I could see that Sam was bringing the passenger seat forward to give us more room in the back.

By now, Charlotte had worked my pants over my hips and had my shirt half off. I backed away for a second to get my clothes off as she sat there waiting expectantly, staring at me as Sam stared at her. When I was naked, Charlotte spread her legs ready for my cock but I was in no rush and instead lowered my head and began licking her pussy. I knew in this position she would be looking directly at Sam as he watched and I wanted to build upon the eroticism of the situation.

Charlotte's pussy was running like a faucet and she was rotating her hips and tossing her head back and forth as I tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue. As I continued, she started making a squealing sound that let me know she was close to cumming. It was only when I stopped to catch my breath and looked at her that I saw a thick meaty black arm was extending from the front seat and Sam's large hand was massaging her left breasts and squeezing her nipple.

Charlotte's hands were on the back of my head and I knew she could easily slap him away if offended so I went back to licking her. After a few more minutes, I decided push things further knowing that it had the potential to backfire. I stopped licking her and had her straddle my hips with her back to me as I sat back against the seat. Charlotte thought I was going to lower her on my cock but instead I pushed her shoulders forward so that she was bent over between the front seats. Sam figured out what I was doing and quickly began fondling both her breast that now hung almost in his lap. I slipped my tongue back into her pussy but this time from behind.

Charlotte's entire body was shaking from her excitement as we worked her over. It was only a short time before I heard licking and slurping sounds and I knew that Sam had his mouth on her breasts. Every few seconds I would hear a squeal and her body would spasm which made me think he was nibbling on her nipples.

As I continued to lick her I heard the sound of a belt buckle clanking and then a zipper moving followed by a shuffling sound.

"Oh no." I heard Charlotte gasp followed soon by "No, I can't." in a panting voice.

This was followed by silence as I continued licking but after a minute I could tell something had changed and I craned my neck from my position behind her to see what was happening. Sam had taken his cock from his pants and was holding Charlotte's left hand around it as he guided her up and down its length. Charlotte's eyes were fixed on his tool which can only be described as a monster. It rose from between his thick thighs and heavy belly like an obelisk. When their hands hit bottom there was still at least 4 inches of thick cock sticking up.

Charlotte was so fixated on what she was doing that it took her a moment to realize I had stopped licking. When she did, she turned and looked at me and said "Fuck me."

She came back over from the front seat and lay back with her legs spread and I plunged my cock into her very wet pussy. We fucked like animals and I slammed into her as hard as I could as she grunted and whined. My mouth was on her breasts, nipples and mouth as I hungrily kissed her as we mated.

In the background I could hear a motor whine and then the light of the car briefly come on before it got dark again. I saw Sam's hand reach in through the open window and begin to pinch her nipples as I rode her.

With his touch, Charlotte lost control and began screaming "Oh don't stop, don't stop.". Her orgasm rolled though her body and her heels scraped the roof as her pussy began to spasm on my cock. This was too much for me and with a deep groan I erupted inside her.

I collapsed on top of her with Sam's hands still on her breasts as we both gasped for air. However, it was only a few seconds before the door opened and the light came on as Sam's stood there in the opening naked with his huge cock jutting out. He took Charlotte underneath her arms lifting her from beneath me and pulling her from the car.

The alcohol and sex had dazed me and by the time I got out of the car he had her bent over the trunk in her heels and was sliding his meat inside her from behind. I stood off to one side and watched as this much older black man took my here to fore faithful wife in front of me.

If this wasn't enough, Sam's lust was now taking control and he was getting forceful with her as they fucked. He had one hand holding her by the hair while the other squeezed and twisted her nipples causing her to cry out.

"You like that bitch? You like this black cock up your tight pussy?" he demanded to know.

"Talk to me bitch. Think you can get naked and fuck in my car and I don't get any? Hell I knew I was going to fuck you when I picked you up." He taunted her in between breaths.

"I said talk to me bitch." He said again as he slapped her on the ass.

"It's good." Charlotte finally croaked out.

"What's good?" he demanded again slapping her ass.

"Your cock." She panted out with her head still tilted back from his hold on her hair as she squeezed her eyes closed.

"It's not too big baby? It doesn't hurt?" he asked as they now were in a solid rhythm.

"Ohhh, it hurts good." She whined back.

"Your husband is watching me fuck you. You know that? He is rubbing his dick. Why don't you think he stops me?" he continued to taunt and I realized I was in fact stroking myself as I watched.

"I don't know. I don't know. Oh, it feels good." She moaned.

I could hear a wet slurping sound as he drove himself over and over inside her and her legs were shaking and her mews turning into gasps and I knew she was close to a massive orgasm. Sam knew it too and as he brought her to the edge he continued to play with her head.

"Tell me who owns this pussy baby." He challenged.

"Oh I'm so close." She whined.

"Who owns this pussy, bitch?" this time more demanding.

Charlotte's body tensed and then as she answered "Oh god, it's your pussy, it's your pussy." She exploded into her orgasm as Sam released her hair and pinched on both nipples which caused her to push her ass and pussy back hard into his cock. She dropped her head onto the metal of the trunk with her hair spilled around her as she moaned and struggled for breath.

Sam still hadn't cum and I sat there quietly as he held her down against the trunk with one hand on her back as he continued to fuck her.

"It's yours anytime. It's your anytime." I could hear her gasping through clenched teeth as he looked at me and smiled.

A minute later he held her by the hips as he pulled her back into him and roared like a conquering lion as he deposited his seed.

When Sam pulled away I took Charlotte and helped her into the back seat and dressed her as he put on his clothes and drove us home. She was passed out within seconds and I had to hold her up as we got out of the car to go inside.

As Sam closed the door to the car he looked at me with a grin and said "She's going to need more. Call me."

We struggled to the door disheveled and smelling of sex as I heard him drive away as I tried to think of an explanation for the sitter.
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