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Albicania Ch. 02: Tribesfuta

***Chapter two introduces the Amazonians, all characters in this Chapter are above 18***

The Kingdom of Amazonia was never a true kingdom but more barbaric land where tribes formed and dissolved everyday. To the other kingdoms, Amazonia should have died out decades ago since the unisex futanari abominations could not reproduce, but every kingdom has it's secrets, and Amazonia's was the massive underground import of human slaves that were so desired throughout the land. Human slaves in Amazonia were just resources in the barbaric riverlands.

Clara the Young was not a powerful tribe leader, if anything she was a "Cock Sleeve", the lowest member of the tribe, even lower than the human slaves, as the "Pregnants" served a real purpose to the tribe. She was a unisex too, with no vagina, unlike the rarer bisex (penis and vagina) futanari who could get pregnant and were revered members of the tribe, "Cock Queens" they were called. Although most tribes were led by unisex "Cock Kings", huge muscular voluptuous creatures like the famous Gladiatrix the Tower, with cocks so large they sometimes had to be harnessed. Clara, a skinny unisex girl was lucky to be alive in tribe hierarchy of Amazonia, and serving as a disposable cock sleeve was all she could aspire to. Her green eyes and blonde hair made her a rarity amongst the darker haired tribesfuta, her B cups tits an amusement for the pillow chested warriors, her small tight ass a target every futa cock tried to destroy.

The thirteen member tribe was leading a convoy across the muddy banks of a unnamed river, as cartography wasn't something the Amazonians cared for. "Medusa's Shaft", Clara's tribe, led by the seven foot monster Cry-For-Me the Ripper, a dark skinned red eyed futa killing machine. Cry-For-Me was at the front of the convoy riding her massive rhino, with a human slave lying supine in front of her saddle, being fucked with the motive of impregnation. Behind her were her two lieutenants, Jackal the Stupid and Tight Ass the Raped, riding two huge horses to match their sizes, with the tribe "Cock Queen" between them on her beautiful white horse. Deliana the Double, a relatively small bisex futanari, incredibly curvy with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She rode her horse with both juicy tits always hanging out of her dress in public, in case any of the higher tribe members required some of her sweet milk. Deliana had two thick seven inch cocks which she had out dangling while she rode, with cock heads so beautifully juicy, they were Clara's favorite sight. She had only one child who had died, during an attack to the tribe after she joined, and hadn't had any children since. Her role in the tribe was troubling and dangerous, especially since Cry-For-Me fucked her every night without fail, banning the other tribe members from fucking her because she insisted on having Deliana's eldest child as her own. A bisex's eldest child was a coveted position, unlike the other slaveborn children of humans women. Some of the lower quality seed futa had also impregnated human women who delivered children of either male or female sex born. Being a female meant slavery in Amazonia, being a male meant worse. The rest of the tribe consisted of lesser futas with who served as hunters and gatherers for the tribe, usually smaller than the leaders but not as small as a Cock Sleeve.

Clara did not have a mount of her own, and often had to ride with a hunter-gatherer unless a higher member asked for her presence. Usually the futanari riders let her be if riding fast was required, but on a leisurely ride like this across the river, her asshole had Jackal the Stupid inside of it. She was moaning loudly while being fucked roughlly, while looking towards the middle of the pack where Diliana's big milky tits were bouncing and so were her two engorged thick cocks. Jackal was fucking Clara hard and fast, digging her (relatively small) nine inch cock deep into Clara's tight ass. The tribe seemed to have little worry for Clara's back door, claiming "The Young" should be able to "take it" and prevent getting loose as fast. The problem for Clara was that Jackal was too rough in other ways too; she would choke her without mercy during the fuck, slap her and spank her constantly, shake her like a plaything, and be verbally abusive. Clara hated that, missing the sensual fucks Tight Ass the Raped used to give her, pinching her small nipples while slowly exploring her ass with her thick ten inch cock. Her and Tight Ass had been together as part of another tribe, the "Beautiful Future", a cave based tribe who lived in peace amongst other peaceful tribes. Tight Ass had another name during that time, serving as a leader for the "Beautiful Future". They were mostly bisex in the tribe, but the unisex futa were treated equally. Things were supposedly great until Cry-For-Me attacked, killing Clara's parents during the raid. Tight Ass was raped by Cry-For-Me's entire tribe, while her bisex sisters were being captured. Most bisex had been sold or killed throughout the years, Tight Ass was kept as a trophy for Cry-For-Me. She had endured much and more keeping Clara alive after the raid, and when Clara was an adult she fell in love with Tight Ass. Their love had been tender and beautiful, but Cry-For-Me found out, and banned Tight Ass from ever being alone with Clara again. Clara's days of tender love were replaced with rough horseback fucks only.

Jackal let out a loud satisfied groan while filling Clara with her seed. Clara felt Jackal's sharp nails dig into her neck as seed started splurting out of her ass. A couple of rough pumps after and Jackal was done with her sleeve. "Double!" Jackal cried out, "Take this pile of bones and let it ride with you, I have grown tired of it's boy body. I can find more curves on a stick." Jackal rode closer to the Deliana, picked up Clara with one hand and placed her face to face with Deliana on her horse. Clara, was naked most of the time, banned from leather armor and silk dresses, due to being a Cock Sleeve. Her body was often blistered and bruised and covered in cuts. Clara had been dirty ever since Jackal had named her Cock Sleeve to punish Tight Ass. Being face to face with Deliana made her cock hard, yet her ass was too sore to be taken again. Deliana's two cocks were hard too, precum leaking out of them. Clara's little eight inches in the middle of Deliana's two cocks. The pale chesty Deliana was sweet like none other, and grabbed Clara's face and pulled it to her breast. "Drink sweet Clara, to get bigger and stronger", she whispered while forcing a nipple into Clara's mouth. Clara sucked, drinking the sweet milk that tasted more like sweet nectar than milk. She kept suckling while Deliana stealthily stroked Clara's cock. This went on for almost a minute before Clara came on Deliana's dress, soaking it with quarter a liter of her cum. Clara was mortified, Cry-For-Me would notice, and wouldn't be happy someone else played with the bisex.

"It's okay love, just be a good futa and lick it up, the dress won't stain", Deliana said while caressing Clara's face, "Just be careful not to do it again next time."

Clara was halfway through licking her semen off Deliana's dress when the whole column stopped. There were hoove-steps but Clara was too busy to hear them earlier. She turned around to see two massive seven foot futanari with a five foot futanari in the middle. She was wearing the most beautiful silk dress Clara had ever seen. The two huge futas both wore leather armor and were riding massive black boars, with the middle one riding a beautiful brown horse. There was something regal about the one in the middle, although her cock seemed massive and had the a horse glans, unlike Clara's entire tribe who had human glans. The leader had tucked it away inside her dress in between her DD tits. Her cock head was popping out, from her blue silk dress's cleavage, but she was not as vulgarly dressed as per usual futa fashion. She had red hair, pulled back into a ponytail, and beautiful green eyes. Her nipples were prominent through her dress, although it wasn't too chilly.

"Cry-For-Me, do you have the slaves you promised?" the new futanari began, in a smooth yet stern voice, her cold green eyes scanning the tribe.

"All four, Horse, three humans and one futa unisex. Do you have the gold?" Cry-For-Me replied in her snarky yet deep voice, still thrusting into her human slave despite being in conversation.

"We have no use for futa, Ripper. I count four humans in your convoy, give me all four so we can get on with this."

"As you can see Cunt-Piece, I have this one here I'm impregnating," she said, pointing towards the blonde human slave with her eyes blindfolded and Cry-For-Me's cock inside her vagina, lying on her back on top of the rhino. The slave had stopped crying weeks back, and hadn't seen daylight in weeks, constantly blindfolded. "The cock sleeve I'm giving you is good value, she'll definitely take your big horse cock." Cry-For-Me continued, smiling her devilish smile.

"Foul scavenger, do not claim to fuck my kingdom with these sleazy deals, hand over all four humans or my guards will tear your excuse of a tribe apart." Horse-Piece raised her voice while beginning to circle Cry-For-Me.

"Threatening me? Does the baby maker threaten the leader of a tribe? I will give you one human and one futa for the price we agreed to, and then you can go back to your imaginary kingdom, bitch. Every second you waste arguing is one second closer to the point where we slaughter your guards and capture you, and I don't need to tell you what happens to a bisex among the unisex do I? We'll have you pregnant within the hour, and you know that won't stop us from trying to get twins. Me and Jackal loves to get use some double penetration, Tight Ass can't resist watching either, maybe she'll fuck your face."

"Kill her." Horse-Pierce muttered unfazed, and an arrow flew from across the river right into Cry-For-Me's skull. Her body froze, then she dropped off the rhino while the blonde slaved moaned loudly as the massive fifteen inch cock slid out of her vagina, followed by what seemed to be an endless stream of cum leaking everywhere. "Who else wants to die?" Horse-Piece shouted towards the tribe, "You?!" she pointed towards Jackal.

"Cunt!" Jackal cried, while riding her horse towards the guards drawing her sword. The massive guard was faster, and swung her gigantic seven foot club towards Jackal knocking her off her horse and onto the floor. The guard, a dark skinned beast-like futa missing one breast, walked towards Jackal about to finish her off before Clara, for the first time in a life time, found strength to speak, "Wait!" she shouted.

"Little monkey talk?" The massive guard said confused in her deep voice, while Clara jumped off Deliana's horse and ran to Jackal. Horse-Piece was shocked at first but then nodded indicating Clara was allowed to approach and speak.

"Ms Horse-Piece. Please don't kill us. We're a good tribe and we'll follow you. We know about you and your great cause. Tight Ass is kind and Cry-For-Me raped her so much she'll follow you. Deliana is sweet and strong and has amazing milk. The human slaves are yours, please don't hurt any of us, please Ms Piece!" Clara begged shaking her palms, while on her knees next to a half conscious Jackal.

"I do not mean you no harm sweet futa, but this ugly creature you have in your tribe attacked us and must die for attempting to hurt a princess. I cannot let her insolence be allowed," Horse-Piece spoke with a softer this voice this time around, indicating her sternness was only for those who deserved it.

"If you mean to kill Jackal I do not blame you, she is a monster. She leaves me broken and bruised after every fuck. So, if you would please allow me, before you kill her, can I please fuck her, just once. I promise to make it quick." Clara begged with her sweet innocent voice.

This seemed to amuse Horse-Piece, as she giggled and ordered her guard to tie up a furious Jackal and position her ass up, face down onto the floor. "Brave futa, fuck master" the massive guard chuckled.

Clara walked up to Jackal's propped up bottom and felt Jackal's muscular glutes and massive balls. She even reached for the shaft that so often plagued her, rubbing it. She stuck her tongue in Jackal's ass, something she often had to do at Jackal's request. It tasted bad but that was Jackal's expected taste. Clara had just cum but her appetite was unsatisfied, so she forced her eight inches against Jackal's opening and forced herself in. It was quite loose, since she was an older futa, but mostly because Cry-For-Me used to fuck her quite often, expressing her dominance in front of the rest of the tribe by raping the second in line. Jackal held up well to the campfire rapes, never shedding a tear during the rough fucks with Cry-For-Me's massive anaconda cock. As much as Clara hated Jackal, she also couldn't deny that she was the most aggressively abused in the tribe by Cry-For-Me, systematically dominating her so she may never aspire past lieutenant. Tight Ass was broken before even being made lieutenant so Cry-For-Me was not as frequent with her. There was definitely a special resilience to Jackal the Stupid, only she could have been abused so much and give out abuse without any reflection.

Clara's cock went in easily, yet it was still enjoyable to finally be inside someone and not vice versa. She had had many inside her but never been inside another. Tight Ass had feared Cry-For-Me might notice her only bisex had been loosened by another, and forbade Clara from being inside her.

Clara started fucking Jackal, slowly and sensually at first, but Clara looked up to see Horse-Piece was getting impatient, so she made her thrusts more frequent and rough before pulling out and coming on Jackal's back. She slapped Jackal's ass a couple of times before walking to her face and kicking it. "Bitch!" she whispered, getting down next to Jackal's ear, before pushing her cock next to Jackal's cheek. She urinated for a whole minute to Jackal's insults, filling Jackal's mouth with urine until her mouth was shut. It felt good.

"Your littlest one seems most tenacious." Horse-Piece said, addressing the crowd, "I shall take our slaves and be gone, fear no more."

"Can we not join you Ms Piece?" Clara asked.

"I have no use for a Cock Sleeve, even one as enticing as you, my love"

"I'll be a good Sleeve to you my Cock Queen, I am very tight even after pounding."

"I'm afraid..." Horse-Piece began before she was cut off.

"Take the unisex, Horse-Piece, and you shall have me." Deliana had ridden towards Horse-Piece addressing her, "I'm sure your people have need of me, and I have been taking the Moon Grass the humans use, to keep my womb clean after Cry-For-Me captured me and my child. Your people can impregnate me all they want and my milk can be sold for much and more. Life would be kinder than out here for me, and I shall serve well. Just take Clara with you, that is my price. She is more than a Sleeve, she's an asset to any tribe. Smart and kind, she is. I fear this tribe cannot see that and will probably kill her when she ceases to amuse them."

Horse-Piece thought for a while, then spoke. "As you wish, you may both join us on our ride, but I am not marching back to Stablethorn, One of my guards may take you two back there, but the unisex will have to work to earn her keep. We have many manual jobs for her. I cannot protect her in Stablethorn though, although I doubt it is more dangerous than here. Bisex, it goes without saying you shall have my sisters inside you. They are not unkind with love, I promise you that."

"That is acceptable my Princess. I have nothing to call my own, come on Clara, let us move"

Clara was about to leave when Tight Ass climbed down from her horse to come to her. She was older and more scared than most of the tribe, yet had a beautiful kind face and blonde hair that was showing some white. She came and gave Clara a hug and then handed her a bow and a small leather outfit. "I made you this but couldn't give it to you after Cry-For-Me made you a sleeve. Keep yourself safe my beautiful. I will miss you."

"You're not coming?," Clara whispered with horror, "Why not?"

"I have led before Clara, and I can lead again. The evil is gone from this tribe and maybe we can become something more without it. Your place is not here though, young futanari, this tribe's story is a sunset. Go to Stablethorn, find a new life. Be amongst sisters and not captors. Be amongst honest folk and not scavengers. I always loved you my sweet, just promise to remember your friend Kree."

Clara kissed Kree on her lips, before getting on her knees to take the new tribe leader's cock in her mouth in show of respect. Tears ran down Clara's eyes as she sucked on Kree's cock a last time. Kree wiped them away with her hands. "Don't forget my taste," she whispered while cumming in Clara's mouth. Kree hadn't come in years, filling Clara's mouth to the brim and overflowing all over her chest. Clara swallowed all she could, cherishing Kree's sweet taste.

"Enough cock now, young futa," Horse-Piece interjected, "We've got a long journey ahead. Wash yourself and dress, We ride to my troops."

**Chapter 3 will continue the Cujra story, focusing on Casia, more futa stuff in the chapters after***
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