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Albicania Ch. 04: Futas and Demons

Liana's Guest (Part 1) [Non-Futa]


A pregnant Queen Liana lay sleeping in the master bedroom of the massive Royal Palace of Kujra. Covered in her fine silk sheets while lying in her comfortable featherbed, nothing could stir her. Six months it had been since Leo had won her from her family by besting her older brother in battle. A most savage battle, Leo loved to slice his enemies and let them bleed to death slowly, but with Liana's brother, Kvel, he had dismembered every limb before ending him. She was the price of admission for the Kletel family, in order for them enter a son into the fighting pits to challenge the long reigning Kujrakun family, a risky investment considering Kvel was their only male heir.

The Kletels were rich while the Kujrakun were drowning in debt, Liana knew she would be queen even if Kletel lost, but she had no interest in marrying a monster, especially not after the monster killed her brother. Leo had called her down from the bleachers to bow down before her King Husband after beheading Kvel, and she had, to protect her family from his wrath. When he pulled his cock out, she took it in her mouth, sucking him to completion while her shamefaced family watched. Tears ran down her face as the sweaty beast came all over her face. When he made her come to her wedding wearing nothing but a leash, she obliged, letting Leo drag her to the Altar of Bonds. Despite wearing a leash, she remained a creature of envy to the crowd. Her beautiful auburn hair fell to her shoulders, her eyes bright blue, her heaving chest causing all the crowd to get wood. Women had been raped amongst the crowds because of the way Liana looked to the onlooking men. Her smile used to be somber and sweet back then, and she offered it to her husband at the altar. But Leo was a cruel man, and the weaker you seemed in his presence, the crueler he'd become. The smile he had while fondling her in front of the crowd indicated he had cruel intentions that night.

On their wedding night Leo had requested Liana's mother join them in their marriage bed, and being a woman of wealth and prestige, Liana's mother declined. Leo was furious, pulling fifty year old Liara by the hair, dragging her into the main courtyard of his palace and chaining her to a tree. Leo stripped Liara of everything she was wearing in the middle of a cold winter night. He left her there and forced himself on Liana upstairs in the palace while her mother froze. An hour later, while Liana was shrieking while having her anal virginity taken, Liara was found by the servants outside. Liara's screaming was heard around the palace as the men took turns on her, unfortunately it only attracted more of a crowd. Liana's father was very old and very sick, hearing the news of what was happening had stopped his heart from beating. Liara was resilient though, insisting on surviving through the cold nights and hard cocks. Fourteen nights she survived while her daughter was being taken in the palace, in every way possible. On the fifteenth day Leo took Liana to see her mother, almost a corpse where the beautiful older women used be. Her tits were clawed at, her holes were gaping, her skin had become paper thin.

"My king," Liara had managed, "I shall be honored to take your cock...please."

"You dare insult a king?" Leo had bellowed, enjoying every second, "Half my slaves and all my servants have taken you, yet you ask me, a king, to enter the filth of a dead woman? I shall have your tongue for that old bitch... My queen, how say you we feed her to me dogs?"

"Please...Leo..." Liana begged, "She's been punished enough. You took my father and brother, let her live and I shall given you sons and daughters that will rule the five kingdoms instead of just Cujra."

"You will give them to me anyway my love," chuckled Leo, spanking Liana's ass through her dress, "Now I think we should open this amusement to the public rather than keep it to ourselves. What do you think you old hag?"

"You underestimate me, king scum. You take me for a weak old woman, but I am not. No one could have taken what I did and survived. You have taken my will to live, death would be a sweeter path I believe. Yet my vengeance shall follow from the grave," Liara's eyes shone purple, "As your soul evaporates, as your flesh begins to rot, if you have the mark of the demon, death the end is not. I give my gift away my lord!" Liara screamed, "Take it from me but give me vengeance. Curse you, you wretched beast. I will see you in hell." Liara's eyes shone bright purple, making Leo take a step back. She shook violently cutting herself on her chains, the went limp, her eyes returning to the normal color. That was how Liana lost her entire family within a few weeks.

She found out she was pregnant a week after her mother's death. She slept and woke covered in Leo's semen by then. Leo believed that rough sex strengthened the fetus, and he was extra rough with Liana. He had broken her at one point, her family, her friends, her history, it was all gone, she was just here to get fucked and deliver heirs. She hoped things would be different after she gave birth, maybe Leo would go easier on her, and he eventually did as he got older and weaker, but that is a story for another time. After a while Liana all Liana knew was the pain and pleasure of being abused by Leo. The more destructive the task, the more she began to like it. Leo would invite over his and Liana's friends and make her, naked, take the guests' cocks in her mouth. Her childhood crush, her friend's father, her rival's husband, she had tasted all their cocks. The women would laugh at her and command her to dance for them in embarrassing ways, made worse by the pregnant bulge she was slowly growing. She obliged, dripping wet while humiliating herself. Some had made the mistake of asking for another one of her holes, to Leo's fury. He had sliced off the guest's dick and thrown it to Liana as a gift, his first gift to her. She despised but respected Leo after that, his power at least.

On the six month of her pregnancy, Liana was alone in bed. Leo was out away in a skirmish to the east, but someone was waiting at Liana's door. Dressed in a purple robe and purple hood, a creature was here on an errand. The curves of the woman in the bed enticed him, her large breasts had grown larger from the time had seen her through another's eyes. Vengeance, the woman Liara had said. Vengeance wasn't his domain, yet many things were his duty now that his master's essence was weak. Lust his siblings called him, the Creator. The husband wasn't there, but he didn't need the target right now, just the vehicle for his deed. He could borrow some of His essence, he thought, to create another.The purple robes fell off and the hood fell back, the fabric revealed no man underneath. They could not see him, these earth dwellers, and that's how he preferred it. They could feel him though, feel his arms and legs, his hands and feet, his cock, balls, and the six cockheaded tentacles that rose from his back. He moved one tentacle slowly across the bed, it felt good running it against the fine linens. He pulled down the sheets and reveled the mother-to-be's breasts. "Beautiful, big enough," he thought, as he rubbed his tentacle's head against her nipples, "She can feed our kind well."

Liana woke up in a bolt, ready to take her King's cock before he became cross with her. It was only a dream, she thought, staring at an empty room. Only a dream...but why did feel like the breeze was fondling her breast. A warm breeze, fondling her, filling her with warmth. She was about to say a word when she felt the air in her throat get thick, expanding, violently. She was gagging, on solid air. The air moved down her throat, down into her stomach. She was becoming breathless when she realized it, it was a penis going down her throat. She tried to pull it out but her hands were bound, she couldn't move them, her legs too. Then she felt hands, warm hands on her breasts, on her lips, on her cunt. Then inside her, it wasn't a hand, it was a cock, inside her vagina, long and thick it went further inside her then any man had been. She was choking but she had never felt so good, so warm, she felt like she was somewhere else, somewhere warm. Then she heard her mother's voice, faintly saying, "Love him, nurture him, make him strong. He is my gift to you."

The cock pulsed inside her, she felt a feeling she was used to be now, being seeded. The one in her throat filled her guts with cum until it sprayed out of her nose. The bonds on her hands and legs contracted, releasing streams of wet fluid onto her and the bed like waterfalls. She felt like she was drowning, her sheets were wet and sticky, puddled in thick fluid. The fluid flooded onto the floors, smelling of sex. The feeling of the cock inside her left her, and something purple flew across the room and into the hall. She tried to get out of bed but she slipped and rolled onto the floor, splashing something into the air. As she got up she felt the invisible semen drip from her body to the floor, thick and pungent. She lit a candle, trying to examine her body in the dark, yet she couldn't see anything other than her normal skin. Her hair was wet and clumped though. She looked across the room but there was nothing and no one to be seen. It was real though, she knew it was, this was no dream. She felt her belly for the parasite Leo had implanted inside her, yet where a creature she feared had been, now she felt warmth and hope. "I shall love him mother," Liana thought, "I shall protect him from Leo."

Futas and Demons (Part 2)


Horse-Piece the Chested retired to her make-shift tent after a long day of riding with her guards and new acquaintances. She closed the flap at the entrance and began to reflect on her adventure. The ride back from Cry-For-Me's convoy had been a hard, made harder by the constant advances by the young unisex futanari they had picked up, Clara. Clara had been vocal the entire day, pestering Horse-Piece with all kinds of questions. "What's the castle like?", "What's it like being a princess?", "Why is your cock head different?" were just a mere fraction of the constant onslaught of inquiries Clara made. Yet Horse-Piece still quite enjoyed the company of the adorable blonde girl. She wasn't as chested as most of the futa, but that was alright, there was a lot to like about her, especially her tight ass. Her blue eyes were so innocent, but the way she walked and rode reeked of sex. Clara must have been in her twenties currently, but she looked like she was in her late teens, and acted that way as well. She was incredibly sexual though, constantly asking Horse-Piece if she'd like to be serviced. Horse-Piece revoked her as well as she could, but words say one thing and a cockhead sticking out of your cleavage says the opposite. Despite her lack of sexual discipline, she was a sweet young futa, a rarity these days, where futanari were increasingly aggressive

Back at Castle Cock, kindness and diplomacy was a rare element. Infighting between representatives called the "Heads", mostly ex-tribe leaders, had been getting out of hand. Chaos escalated as each Head tried their hand at pseudo-democracy with real violence. Castle Cock used to be a sanctuary from violence and rape, but ever since the doors had been opened to the more aggressive tribes, peace was becoming a mirage. The population at the castle was dropping ever since the kingdom borders were closed, with less and less bisex futanari being born locally. In an effort to avoid extinction they allowed tribes to enter if they had members who were bisex. Puresex female slaves had become a currency, with admission to one unisex futanari for every slave she pays with. Life was hard outside the castle walls, even the most experienced Cock Kings had trouble feeding their tribe with whatever the wild offered, so naturally they turned to stealing and killing. Horse-Piece had left the castle, relinquishing her right as heir to her younger sister, SelfSuck the Long. Although the kingdom operated as tribes, her bisex mother had created a sanctuary for those who didn't. Through time the castle grew and flourished while the tribes decayed, soon after they introduced democracy, effectively turning the princesses into figureheads more than leaders. Despite the loss of power, Horse-Piece was proud of Castle Cock, before the doors were opened to the savages, ending the age of advancement and starting the age of decay. There was no point in fighting over a burning castle, Horse-Piece would either attempt something of her own to save the kingdom, or die trying. A gift of slaves was her plan, although how well the gift was received was a gamble.

"I love your horse head Ms Piece," Clara had said in an excited voice that afternoon, "It's so exotic. It's so hard too. I know I've said it before Ms Piece but I can help you relax it. Deliana let's me cum sometimes when Cry-For-Me isn't watching, it feels really good. Is it okay if I have sex with Deliana? It doesn't have be sex either, we can just use our hands."

"Princess, I can fuck small futa?" asked Gigantia the Jugged, Horse-Pieces dark skinned behemoth of a futa. A few inches taller than her other guard, Jiala, Gigantia, but still half giant at above seven feet. Giga was all brawn but no brain though, due to an injury early in her life, which left her simple minded. She always wore a massive piece of copper chest armor, to protect her massive watermelon sized tits. She took it off when bathing and Horse-Piece was certain those were the biggest tits in her army. Giga's wore thick leather to protect her lower body, most of it at least, her penis was always hanging out, all seventeen inches of it. "Harness to leg, hard hurt. Harness under shirt, hard hurt. Leave outside, never have to take off armor," she had told Horse-Piece when they first met. It was a marvel though, her cock, thick like an anaconda, with barely any veins on it. Dark as coal, Giga paid no mind if it got hard even at the most inappropriate moments. It made Horse-Piece uncomfortable to watch it go from an anaconda to a longsword while she conversed with Giga, especially so when Giga eyed her cleavage while precum dripped from its head. Horse-Piece had grown accustomed to it by now though, the erections, the public masturbation Giga would perform as soon as she had Horse-Piece's leave, and the unavoidable rape of pretty much anything the second Horse-Piece turned her back.

"I don't think she can take something that big Giga, she barely reaches your waist."

"Princess, I can rape small futa?"


Gigantia started sulking before putting her hard cock in her mouth to pacify herself.

Horse-Piece pulled poured herself a drink from the pitcher in her tent. She was still hard and her huge horsecock was staring her right in the eye from in between her tits. She was leaking precum all day but luckily managed not cum while on horseback, as hard as it was considering her tits were bouncing with her cock between them. She considered another way of harnessing her monster but didn't like Gigantia's method. It had been a long time since she last came from either genital. Back at Castle Cock, she had masturbated herself and stained her roof tiles. It was quite embarrassing, for her at least. A virgin leader, possibly the only one in futa history, she had never had her cock in another or another in her cunt. A society run by sexual dominance always ended in anarchy, she had to lead with her mind and not her cock if she wanted to escape the viscous cycle of rape and violence that plagued her generation. At first masturbating with her hand was enough to curb her, but ever since her trip west had begun, being around futanari in such close quarters it was harder. Dealing with incredibly sexual tribes, and now Clara, she felt tempted to take it further.

She bent her neck down and licked the tip of her horse head, licking the slides before washing her tongue over the urethra. "No," she thought, "Not here, they can't think I can succumb to their addictions." She was about to put away her cock when she heard moaning. Higher pitched than most futa, it must have been Clara. Horse-Piece popped her head out of the tent flap and saw that Clara and Deliana were having sex. Clara was riding on top of one of Deliana's cocks in the cowgirl position, taking it up her bum quite fast. She was stroking Deliana's other cock with her left hand, while keeping balance with her palm on top Deliana's soft pillows. Clara was moaning loudly while Deliana rubbed Clara's cock, then the little futa began spurting her seed into the air, most landing on Deliana's abdomen but a few ropes hit her face and tits.

At this point Horse-Piece had her entire cock head in her mouth, and was sucking her cock intensely with no regard for her earlier principles. Horse-Piece pressed her cleavage together and began thrusting into her own mouth, enjoying the friction her breasts gave her shaft. She could feel her orgasm building, it had been too long. She pulled up her dress and began rubbing her swollen clit. She was lost in the euphoria, her neck bent down as far as it can to take her long cock, four inches of it already in her mouth triggering her gag reflex. She looked up to see Clara jerking and sucking Deliana's two cocks, Deliana forcing Clara's head down as far as it went. Horse-Piece couldn't handle it anymore, she shoved her finger into her virgin tight cunt while rubbing her clit with her tongue. She couldn't take it anymore, her mouth was getting salty from the precut and her cunt was dripping went. She began to ejaculate her horse stream down her throat while she squirted out of her pussy. The first wave filled her throat up to the brim and sprayed cum out through her nose. She let her cock pop out of her mouth and let it shoot a river into the air before it landed on her face and tits in a waterfall. She had drenched herself but her cock kept shooting, covering her tent and clothes in ropes of thick cum. She bent her head back and closed her eyes, cherishing the euphoria as she wondered where all that cum was stored to begin with. Then something grabbed her shaft and pulled.

It was Gigantia, pulling Horse-Piece into in the middle of their camp in her cumstained dress. "What are you doing, let go this instant!" Horse-Piece demanded, but Gigantia didn't seem to notice, dragging her like a rag doll by the cock. Horse-Piece was picked up and thrown onto the floor, where a terrified looking Clara and Deliana lay. Jiala lay motionless a few feet away, covered in blood with Giga's massive longsword buried in her chest. " could you?!" Horse-Piece shouted in rage. But it wasn't Gigantia, whoever this was didn't have her brown eyes, instead they were bright purple, with no whites or distinguishable iris.

"Tie them up," said a voice Horse-Piece couldn't locate. It was a terrifying growling voice, the voice of evil.

Gigantia's eyes started glowing a brighter purple, and her massive seventeen inch cock hardened completely, the anaconda had transformed to sword, so long it reached her chin if bent upwards.

"Tie them up," the voice repeated.

Gigantia pulled Horse-Piece up by the neck with one hand, examining the cum on her face with the other. She sniffed the cum on Horse-Piece's dress.

"Tie her up!" the voice repeated even more loudly.

Gigantia's eyes turned from bright purple to pitch black as she began to lick the semen off Horse-Piece's face, her cock hard between Horse-Piece's thighs.

"What's happening?" A woman's voice asked, somewhere beyond the tents, "It worked on the Grets that came after us."

"Their kind can't be controlled by my ways. I can see it in her eyes, she has indulged in the flame completely in a matter of minutes. Let us go while she is still preoccupied, I will not fight what I do not fully understand."
Gigantia was tearing off Horse-Piece's dress with her non-chokehold hand, when Clara clumsily shot an arrow into Gigantia's back. Flames engulfed Giga's back and burnt the arrow before the wound sealed itself. Clara screamed.

"Princess virgin take cock. Big cock," Gigantia whispered, her pitch black eyes burrowing into Horse-Piece's soul. Horse-Piece couldn't breathe, her vision turning dark. "No escape for princess", Gigantia was smiling the most menacing smile Horse-Piece had ever seen, "I fuck you until long time."

Deliana attempted to stab Giga with a short sword, but Giga instinctively dodged without even a glance. She then grabbed Deliana's outstretched arm and lifted her too into the air, she looked at Deliana and Horse-Piece both, before tossing Deliana into the air and out of sight.

"Princess take cock now," growled Gigantia, in a tone of voice Horse-Piece had heard only once before, a couple of minutes ago.


Did a 2 part story to explore the demon lore I'm trying to create, hope you enjoyed. Part 5 will see a Gold (Bisexual) centered chapter. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post them in the comments
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