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All you say it's true

You had the worst day: First, as you woke up, when left your room, your older sister throw you a glass of water in your crotch, and then she took a photo. You washed up, and you changed for high school. When you took the bus, you sit with your best female friend, Christy. You developed a crush on her, and today you tell her that you loved her, but, she, surprised that her best friend loves her, didn't say anything, and ran away when the bus arrive at high school. Finally, in gym class, you crush with Kevin, the high school bully. Then, when you're in the showers, he throw you out of the locker room naked, and for you bad luck, the cheerleaders are there, and they laugh about small penis, and they took pics. Finally, the day was over, you could get dressed, and you go home.
The next day, you woke up, and see that was raining, you said "what a beautiful day" with irony, and then, stops raining and the sun rises. You are surprised, then you come out of room, and you find your older sister. You said "you're in your underwear, and you pee yourself in front of mom", and then, she, that was in pijamas, strips into her underwear, and then, you see how a huge wet spot appears in her white bottoms, while your mom says "Oh, Sheila, you're not a baby anymore. Wash yourself and get dressed".
This was so good. You have powers to alter reality as you said something.

You continue tormenting your sister or you do another thing?

What's next?

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