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Alpha Female

Guys, when you learn how promiscuous I am, you will be looking for me. But it doesn't work like that. If I want you to fuck me, I'll find you!

I'm not your typical woman, who will say, small cocks are adequate. I really want to be fucked by the biggest dicks in town. Fill me up to the hilt with the biggest dagger in the armory.

Getting fucked is easy. All guys who aren't gay are after pussy. Why not, it just feels so natural to bareback a receptive cunt. I'm always looking for cock. Unlike your wives, I'm always in the mood for a fuck. My cunt runneth over. Taste me, you'll see what I mean. Bad boys eat pussy.

Call me a slut, whore, cock teaser. I get what I want. I've had to try out lots of guys to find the biggest and teach the asshole how to use it. Guys are dumb. Sex is more than size, but size hurts--in the right way. If I get fucked by a huge dick, I can feel it the next day, as if it is still inside me.

I was driving home from a party at Rockys, a singles bar in Toledo, Ohio. I'd already been fucked by three guys in the bathroom, but I needed more.

It was a hot, foggy night. Driving slowly I got pulled over by two cops.

"Yes, officers, why'd the fuck did you stop me?"

"Well, Sugar Tits, we wanted to say hello."

"You are Mel Brooks, or Mel Gibson? You are neither funny or handsome. Do the two of you have anything outstanding to offer a horny young lady?

"Ah, Miss, I've got an 11-inch cock, and my partners got 12."

"Now, you are talking. That's the kind of action I like. Where can we check out your dicks."

"You don't believe us."

"Nope, show me.

The big black cop unzipped his pants. He was tall, broad, and young. A large head with bright white teeth and a thin mustache, promising. After pulling his cock out the hole in his underwear, there it was, 11 inches of thick-cut Mississippi Black Snake.

"Ok, you've got my interest. Let's see your partner's."

His partner, a middle-aged stocky white guy, undid his belt slowly like a stripper. He unzipped, dropped his pants and underwear. I felt a tingle down in my wet pussy. His cock was long but not erect.

"Come a little closer, honey, I'll suck it till it hits 12 inches, if not I'll bite off an inch."

"No mam, please don't do that. It's 12, I promise you."

I grabbed that cock and pulled it right through the open car window. I sucked that uncut fucker till it did hit 12 inches.

"You are right, honey. It is a big one. So how are we going to do this? I'll fuck both of you, one at a time or at the same time. I mean, spit-roasted."

"What's that she said?" asked the white cop?

"That means one of you in my pussy and the other in my ass."

"How we going to arrange that?"

"Easy, I'll lift up my skirt, I ain't got no panties on. We will stand over there, off the highway under that big tree. You two are going to get to work."

"Yes, Mam."

As soon as the three of us were out of sight from the roadway, I lifted my skirt. The 11 inch-er took my ass, the 12 inch-er fitted tightly into my vagina. As they say, we were off to the races.

The guy in my ass had a thick cock, I vibrated my ass, and he came much too quickly. As his load slithered up my ass. I turned, "don't you dare pull out till I tell you."

The 12 incher was steady and slow, the way I like to be fucked. He angled his cock to hit every spot. At a certain point, he was rasping my g-spot. Finally, he grabbed my hips and jammed hard into me and stopped. I could feel his cum shooting into me.

"He's coming," said the guy in my ass, "I can feel it."

"As well as you should. Now out, pull out both of you.

"You big guy, eat out my pussy, ass guy lick me clean."

They both knelt down and ate out their cum.

When I was shiny clean, I dropped my short skirt and said,

"Ok boys, we are done."
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