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Another 'Alba' Story: The Rehearsal

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and does not in any way reflect the thoughts or actions of either Jessica Alba or Lela Star (even if the latter was a pornographic performer). It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money off writing it.

A/N: Hey guys, as many are asking me to write a story on Jessica Alba (Even posting it in the comments of my DA stories) I decided to give in and add a tale to what will now be "Another 'ALBA' story" series. Keep in mind though that this does not continue the two parter I posted before, it is a stand alone story; in fact I started this idea on chyoo but didn't complete it so I thought I should just make a story of it even if it isn't really related. Anyway the idea is to have this in two parts (part1: 'The Rehearsal' and part two: 'The Shoot'). Oh and I just think Lela Star is the hottest pornstar out there so I had to use her! So to those who enjoy my Alba stories, please show your appreciation by commenting at the end -- INYOTEF ;)


'Well, I suppose first and foremost; we should welcome you and thank you for coming...' 'Please, tell us how long you've been in acting?'

He sat there looking around the boardroom; everything looked expensive... Everything screamed Hollywood; and by some unforeseen fortuitous events, that was where he found himself. He wasn't big on acting, hell all he really did was a few foot commercials. So when he got the call to say that some producers from Paramount Pictures wanted to see him, he was shocked.

Over the phone they had told him that he'd been offered a small part in a new movie by director John Stockwell; (he didn't know the name but after checking the Net he found out it was the guy who directed Into the Blue one of his favourite films) so with that knowledge he had decided not to stare a gift hoarse in the mouth.

...'Acting experience sir?' the producer, a man named Scott Free repeated.

'Eh, huh- sorry,' he mumbled, 'I really don't have much experience, did a few powder commercials for Athlete's Foot, and some Nivea lotion adds as well. And last year I did a small part in a movie playing a rent-a-cop; you know one of those one line deals.'

'I see,' said Scott, 'well this part doesn't require much speaking and it'll be shot in a pretty closed set, using only the amount of personnel needed.'

'Oh,' he replied, he didn't know why but he was really nervous, and even though the room was well air conditioned he was sweating like a pig, 'what is the movie about by the way?'

'It's a drama, called "Desperate Lifestyle,"' said the producer, 'it's about a young woman and single mother raising a child and making a living as a self-employed prostitute; the lead will be played by Jessica Alba.'

'Oh... wow,' he blurt out. Jessica Alba was a long time crush his had since her early days in "Dark Angel." 'Will I get a chance to meet Ms Alba?' he asked, unable to hide the hopeful grin forming on his face.

'Of course, you'll be shooting the opening scene with her,' the producer said, smirking slightly.

'Really? What do I have to do?' he asked now too exited to hold himself in anymore; he never imagined he'd get the opportunity to act alongside his idol.

'What you do right now is read through these forms Ms Alba's lawyers insisted on writing up and sign at the bottom; with that out of the way it's best if you meet up with Ms Alba and her associate tomorrow for her to explain the details.'

He looked over the legal document word for word, including the clause at the bottom; it included things like "take legal action if I record the scene and/or release it to the public," and "Will not look up Ms Alba once the contract is seen through," and the weirdest part was, "I will undergo and submit to an Aids test before filming"- either way he thought a chance like this happened once a lifetime, and besides he had recently gone for a test, so he signed it and handed it over.

'Thank you sir,' the producer said, 'tomorrow a limo will pick you up here at the studio at eight sharp and take you to meet Jessica Alba, please be on time?'


He hadn't slept a wink; he'd just tossed and turned, just way too exited at the prospects before him. He was actually going to meet Jessica Alba- Damn he couldn't even watch "Into the Blue without sporting a boner- sure she was married with two kids, but hey a guy could fantasies right? Besides he caught her spread for GQ magazine and for a woman who brought two kids into the world she looked insanely gorgeous!

He sat in the Limo as it drove through Downtown LA; they were on their way to an apartment that Paramount had rented for Alba while they were filming. It was the only thing she had asked for; which was a reasonable request; unlike two tons of cherries like some music divas demanded.

It took about twenty minutes given the heavy traffic to arrive at the place. It was a modest building for a celebrity to be staying in; but that was probably the point, as most celebs tried to avoid paparazzi at every turn. The limo driver lead the way into the building to the security desk and told the guard Ms Tills appointment had arrived. The rent-a-cop gave a knowing smile and called up...

'Ms Tills says you can come on up sir; number 24b,' the guard said to him.

He nodded and headed over to the elevator...

'That's the fourth floor,' the guard called out as he entered.

He stood in the elevator as it ascended feeling like a clichéd kid on Christmas- this was it; he was finally going to meet, in his opinion, the sexiest woman in the world! He got out of the elevator and walked down the corridor to the apartment- 24b- and rang the bell; then heard footsteps approaching from inside. The lock clicked and the door swung open, and there she stood- Jessica Alba herself.

She was casually dressed as she stood before his with a warm, pearly white smile on her angelic face. She wore a thin sleeveless cream top (through which her lace bra was clearly visible) and white shorts; and as his eyes ran down her long silky legs he noticed her bare feet in a pair of flip-flops. He shook his head and made himself look back up at her face and noticed that her golden brown hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail...

'Ms Alba,' he managed to get out.

'Hi,' Alba said, mentioning his name, 'why so formal; call me Jessica...' 'Please, c'mon in.'

It was a modest place, and he imagined Alba was accustomed to a much more lavish lifestyle; but it definitely felt 'homely.' Alba lead the way to the living room where there was a massive custom made white, leather sofa, and sat in it with her foot under her ass, then gestured for him to join her.

'So; I got off the phone with Scott Free like a minute a go and he gave me the rundown of the meeting you had yesterday,' Alba said getting straight to the point.

'Ehm, yeah, I have to say I was surprised that I was called in, like I told the producer I'm just a guy who does commercials, acting is like a part time gig, I'm actually in real estate.'

'Oh really, residential or commercial?' she asked with a smile.

'Res- residential,' he replied (damn, why was he so nervous, he was actually flustering).

'Well I suppose we gotta talk about the scene,' Alba said, bending over and grabbing the glass off ice water on the coffee table and taking a sip... 'Oh sorry, would you like something to drink?' she offered politely.

'Eh, no I'm good; thanks.'

'Damn,' she said looking up at the clock on the wall, 'Lela is running late, she's supposed to have be here ten minutes ago.'

'Lela?' he questioned.

'Yeah,' Alba said putting the glass back down, 'Paramount hired her as a consultant...'

'This is kind of a risky move for me, I've never done a nude scene before,' Alba said nervously biting the manicured nail of her forefinger.

Maybe he should have accepted the drink he thought, because all of a sudden his mouth went dry as he thought of Jessica Alba going nude on camera... 'e-hum- like I said I'm surprised I was chosen.'

'Yeah well, Mark Wahlberg is playing the lead; his character is an ex-con who falls in love with my character after paying for her services...' 'But you are shown in the opening scene as an introduction to Lexis, my character, you say two or three lines and then we shoot the sex scene that will run through the opening credits,' Alba explained.

He swallowed hard- Did Jessica Alba just say they were shooting a sex scene together...

Just then the doorbell rang; and Alba got up leaving him with his frazzled thoughts.

He heard speaking in the passage after Jessica came back with a cute little Latina woman with an incredibly hot body; she too was dressed in a pink vest and denim jeans, with a pair of high heel sandals which didn't do much as she was quite short. On looking at her face he again nearly felt his heart give out- It was Lela Star the pornstar!

Lela walked over to him with a really cute smile, stretching her hand out for him to shake... 'Hi, I'm Lela; you must be the guy shooting the scene with Jessica.'

'Yeah,' he said getting up from the sofa and giving his name as he shook her hand, 'don't take this the wrong way, Ms Star, but I'm a real fan of your work.'

Lela giggled girlishly and took a seat, 'yeah, I'll bet you are. I'm retired now though, and it's Lela.'

'I read on the internet that you were with a guy,' he commented, taking a seat as well.

'Eh-huh, I got myself a man and he ain't into sharing me with other guys,' Lela laughed, 'So now I get to do producing and consulting work; and I still do a few spreads here and there, but it's all solo snaps...'

'Which brings us down to business,' Alba cut in, 'So welcome Lela.'


Lela turned to both of them getting into "work mode," and he could only imagine that is what she did when she was preparing to fuck some guy in one of her many blue movies (or at least how she used to).

'So this is a sort of first time deal for both of you, and you have to ease into it like the first time you had sex. It's gonna be awkward plus you're gonna be self-conscious about people watching-'

Lela stopped talking when she saw the smirk'ish smile on his face, 'I'm sorry did I say something funny?'

'Eh- no,' he answered, 'I just find it weird that they got a pornstar as the consultant for a mainstream movie.'

Immediately Lela frowned and looked at Jessica, who had a guilty look on her face, 'sorry,' Alba said, 'but we hadn't got into the details yet. I'm not exactly comfortable with it myself.'

'I guess it is kind of daunting,' Lela pointed out, 'should I lay it bare or are-'

'No,' Alba interjected, 'I'll explain the situation.'

Needless to say he was wholly confused as to what the two stunning performers were on about, but he paid attention when Jessica turned to him looking into her beautiful brown eyes.

'I've kinda been out of the limelight for a while just doing odd roles here and there, like in Machete and Spy Kidz 3D, so I needed to get a lead role again. Anyway my PR guy said I should seriously consider doing a nude scene, and after discussing it with my husband we decided it was okay...'

He nodded as she spoke, not exactly sure how to react, so he just threw out a random, 'okay...'

'When a nude scene became a sex scene, Cash got a little irate, but I assured him it would be tasteful. After the Paramount guys got together with the director and the writers it was decided that the movie needed an edge which upped the age restriction to the max...'

...'And I'm guessing the sex scene was no longer tasteful?' he said putting 2 and 2 together.

Alba took another sip of water, her nervousness now showing, 'well; yeah...' 'I was just supposed to go topless while acting as if I was, y'know, riding a guy- you actually.. But then they wanted the scene to upstage the "Monsters Ball" scene with Halle and Bill-bob...'

His eye widened as he thought back to the scene that boarded on softcore porn.

Jessica stopped talking as if she couldn't bring her self to continue, then she took a breathe and spoke, 'They, suggested,' she rolled her eyes, 'that for it to work, the sex, would be...' ...'real...' she fished turning red with embarrassment.

The words played pinball in his brain before settling and sinking in... 'Real!' he repeated.

'Real,' Alba confirmed, looking down.

'Real?' he asked again as if he needed to make absolutely sure she had suggested what was impossible.

Jessica nodded.

'And you- your husband is okay with this?'

'Are you fucking insane,' Alba blurted out, 'he can't know about this; he won't go and watch the movie,' she put her head in her hands,' thank god he won't...'

She looked back up, 'but yes, I'm up for it. I've never been a prude, so we're here to prepare to shoot this scene; sort of an audition...' 'And that's why Lela Star has been called on as a consultant, she's accustomed to having sex on film.'

'Well,' Lela grinned, feeling the tension in the room and trying to relax the mood, 'now that that's all out in the open let's get started.'

She turned to Jessica first, 'I think for this to become comfortable we need to get into a "comfort zone" of sorts, meaning, like maybe you two should figure out here how to proceed, maybe even get the really awkward stuff out of the way. I mean he'll blow his load in ten seconds otherwise...'

'Excuse me,' he blurted out.

'Look I know you're a guy and you got that whole ego thing,' Lela said waving her finger dramatically, 'but you one of a million guys who would wanna fuck Jessica Alba...'

'Performance anxiety could set in or you could be overwhelmed by the reality of it.'

'Reality of it?' he questioned.

'Of actually pushing you cock in her sweetie, once you do you'll probably blow sooner rather than later.

Jessica Alba had a worried yet bemused expression on her face listening to how frankly Lela Star was talking, which she, Lela, caught.

She smiled at Alba reassuringly, 'what I'm saying is with all this pressure, it may not be a good idea to do it on the day of the shoot.'

'Then what do you suggest?' Jessica asked again nervously biting her fingernail.

'Well wherever I have the opportunity I try and, like fuck the guy I'm performing with beforehand so that we're a both a little more comfortable with each others bodies.

Jessica gulped and he tried to hold himself together...

'Making out is something you do in all your movies so why not start with that,' Lela proposed.

'You mean now?' Alba quipped, sheepishly.

'Well, you did say this was like an audition, so why don't we turn it into a rehearsal instead?'

Alba looked over at him and in stupidity, while trying to respond all he managed was a stupid grin, which made her roll her eyes...

'Ok,' she said, nonetheless.

His heart beat faster as Alba shuffled closer to him across the sofa. She sat next to him and stuck her tongue out wetting her plump lips then leaned in and pressed them against his. They were so soft and delicate as they pushed against his; Alba opening her mouth slightly and letting his lower lip slide between hers then sucked it gently. Boldly he slipped his tongue into her mouth and his tip made contact with hers; he felt her go rigid momentarily then relax before running her tongue in his mouth in return.

They were in a full make out session and he reached up and cupped her face as she took his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it. God he was getting hot, his erection already straining in his trousers. He pushed forward trying to guide Jessica down onto the sofa but her body stiffened again before she broke the kiss, breathing irregularly.

Lela grinned widely, 'now that had to of got you both riled up, huh...?' 'So why don't we kick it up a notch?'

She moved next to him and smiled sweetly, 'Just relax,' she purred, and then reached for his groin and groped his hard-on through his trousers and fondled it.

Oh.. Fuck', he whispered. This wasn't happening! He had just made out with Jessica Alba and now Lela Star was rubbing his cock.

Next to him Jessica gasped as she watched the pornstalett, fondle the man looking down at the bulge in his pants.

Lela smiled then reached for the waistband of his pants and tugged it down releasing his rock hard cock- Both woman gasping at the sight of it.

'That's a nice cock,' Lela laughed, 'I like it when it curves like that.'

She looked up at Jessica, 'it's been a while since I've been with another man too.' With that she gripped his dick firmly feeling it throb as his body stiffened, then slowly stroked it.

His eyes snapped shut as Lela Star gave him a handjob, groaning in sheer pleasure; and when she gripped the tip of his shaft and rolled her fist in circles he nearly came right there and then. Lela started jerking faster and harder watching his face as it reflected the pleasure he felt; he was so close, he was going blow any second. She winked at him hen moved her hair out of the way before running the flat of her tongue over his knob. He twitched at the feeling of her wet tongue, then grunt out loud as she slipped him into her mouth- 'HOLY FUCK!'

Lela ran his pulsing cock in and out of her wet oral cavity bobbing her head steadily; spit drooling over his cock flesh. She slurred him out and sniffed then masturbated him again- then to torture him she stopped letting go of his aching dick.

'No!' he cried looking up and opening his eyes; then fell silent as he watched Lela take Alba's hand and guide it to his raging cock!

Jessica's eyes widened and she wanted to pull away, but instead grabbed hold of the long smooth penis, feeling it throb.

His groans were renewed as his idol took firm hold of his erection and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Jessica could feel Lela's saliva as she gripped firmly then gasped as she jerked down and with his foreskin pulling back; sticky pre-cum oozed out of his pee-hole. Attentively she started jerking his cock, running her hand up and down it, feeling every pulse and twitch as it livened to her touch. She leaned a bit over him and worked a bit faster, squeezing his dick slightly.

'Awwwe, fuckmee,' he growled.

Alba gasped again as his throbbing increased, his dick pulsing as if it were alive, then all at once spurts of thick white ropes of cum shot into the air, several at a time before she felt his erection go soften in her hand. She wiped the mess on her hand over his trouser that was already messed from his ejaculation and sat back a bit unsure of herself. It had been a long time since she had done that to a man, but she wasn't surprised, men usually couldn't take her jacking them off- proudly she smiled to herself- she still had it.

He sat there momentarily caught between two worlds, the one was reality (one he didn't believe he was in), and the other was in a place where pleasure was the very air you breathed. he opened his eyes to find Lela smiling brightly at him and turned to find Jessica slightly embarrassed.

'So, that was something,' Lela said happily, 'at least we broke the ice.'

Jessica gave slight plaintive smile, and he could see she was still guilty about doing this- guilt which was compounded by her just masturbating him.

Lela looked at him and spoke sweetly, 'So, are you still with us baby?'

He sat up and caught his breath rearing to go, wondering what could possibly be next the stared gobsmacked as Lela stood up and pulled off her vest revealing her firm round tits, taught, pierced tummy and cute little star tattoo above her left hip. She then unbuckled her denim shorts and shimmied out of them standing before him in a sexy black thong.

'How you doing there, is that cock getting hard again?' she asked turning around and showing him her succulent round butt, her firm buttocks begging to be squeezed.

His cock was definitely swelling again, as Jessica's hundredth gasp notified. Lela grinned and sat back down next to him and went to tug his pants down his hips then gripped his growing erection and jerked it again, looking up at him with her sparkling eyes.

To his surprise Jessica moved closer again, and pushed her lips to his, immediately slipping her tongue into his mouth.

'There you go,' Lela giggled before engulfing his cock again and gliding it in and out of her mouth briskly.

He groaned into Alba's mouth while sucking on her bottom lip with Lela working wonders on his cock. Jessica moaned in return and slid her tongue over his following his lead as they kissed. Growing ever bolder he slipped his hand under her top and groped her tit through her bra. Alba moaned again and deepened the kiss; slowly but surely she was giving in.

Lela tore herself off his cock and watched them as they made out then got up and climbed on top of him. He stopped kissing Jessica and was now focused on her breasts in front of him- which he took hold of and gently kneaded. He moved in and latched onto one of Lela Star's rigid nipples, suckling and gnawing on it before lapping it with his tongue. He licked and kissed her tits, worshiping the soft fleshy mounds as she moaned in approval. He looked down to see her fingers dancing in her thong between her legs wondering how far she was supposed to go as a consultant; but that question was answered with her taking his hand and guiding it between her legs.

'Ahh,' Lela cried out as he touched her core, feeling his hand cup her fully. She bucked her hips and ground them down on his hand.

She was wet, nearly dripping wet he thought as he ran his fingers over hers sex- and shaven clean, with just a tuft of pubic hair above her clit. She responded to his touch; moaned as he rubbed her clit with his thumb, her body quivering in pleasure. Next to him Alba sat and stared at the two of them, she watched as Lela gripped his cock again and stroked it steadily while he rubbed her quim- and despite herself the flushes of arousal were growing stronger.

Lela fell back onto the sofa and splayed her legs then pulled her thong from her crotch revealing her fat pussy- her plump clit peaked from its hood and her brown lips were soaked. She starched her thong and looked at him filled with lust... 'Put your cock in that pussy,' she soughed.

It was what he was hoping to hear with his cock now aching with need. He went to lay over her and she ran her legs up his waist as he pushed his knob against her pussy lips. He gave a thrust forward but it was too high and his cock slid over her pussy; then getting back in position he nudged at her entrance and drove forward.

'Oh god!' he groaned as his cock slid into the slick vaginal tunnel of Lela Star, her ample folds smearing him with her sticky secretions. He drove further filling her slowly and feeling her stretch around him. She held onto him and whimpered as more cock filled her. Halfway in he pulled out slightly and eased back thrusting deeper, her walls closing around and massaging his cack with a moist warmth. Slowly he started moving inside her, thrusting in and out- god did it ever feel good!

'Ohh, oh god,' Lela moaned like the professional tart she was, holding him close as he fucked her, 'yess fuck my pussy, fuckitfuckit,' she squealed.

Behind them Alba watched on in awe as they fucked on the sofa he body betraying her mind as it broke out in a cold sweat and her pussy getting moist; she bit her lip and wanted to share their lust.

Lela's eyes snapped shut as she tried to buck her hips and take his cock in the angle she wanted, hotly moaning with every plunge into the slick depths of her vagina; wholeheartedly urging him on. He in turn worked harder and faster, now slapping between her thighs, her heavy breathing and the squeaking of the leather upholstery filling his ears. Suddenly Lela's legs slackened and she halted his movements...

He stopped and looked at her to find her smiling, 'I think Jessica wants some too.'

A mid the intense pleasure of being nestled deep in Lela Star's swollen sex, the words sunk in and settled and he looked up at Jessica- something was different; the apprehension was gone, or at least buried under unbridled lust that flickered behind her soft doe eyes. He slid his throbbing member out of Lela who whimpered at the loss of feeling and sat back up on the sofa. Alba's eyes gazed down at his swollen cock now slick with Lela's fluids and swallowed.

Then she slowly got up and kicked off her flip-flops then loosened her shorts and slid them off standing before him in a pair of lace turquoise panties. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband and held her breathe as his cock twitched with anticipation; then slid them down her smooth, silky, tan legs. She stood up and he looked down at her clean shaven quim; her clit was peeking and her dirty brown lips were glistening with her moisture- Goddamn, he thought; did Jessica Alba have a beautiful pussy or what!

Alba looked at him, her cheeks pink with embarrassment, slowly letting out the breathe she held. She straddled him and he looked at her thin, tight pussy hovering above his cock. He held his breathe as she reached down and gripped him firmly, stoking him a few times, and then gave a loud grunt as she settled his tip against her hole.

He couldn't believe it, this was it; he was going to have SEX with JESSICA ALBA!

'OH shiiit,' he growled as Alba dropped her waist and swallowed the tip of his cock; after all the unease and uncertainty she had hit the point of no return; she had gone through with it.

'Ohh,' she mewled as his dick pushed into the squelching folds and into her sex, gliding up her caressing vaginal duct. She was so tight, he thought, so warm and wet; her walls gripping around his penis and tickling all his nerve endings sending shudders along his spine. Alba stretched open and filled out around his throbbing cock; she adjusted her hips and bucked them pushing her ass out and pressing down until he bottomed out. She held still, savoring the moment and trying to grow accustomed to the feel of an unfamiliar penis filling her pussy, while he just revelled in the sheer mind blowing experience of having speared this stunning Hollywood celebrity. He opened his eyes and looked at her; her face was tilted to the side and her eyes were closed while she clenched her jaw. She took a deep breathe then lifted her waist feeling him slide out of her halfway, clenching her vaginal muscles, then pushed down again with a heavenly shudder. She did it and second time, then a third, slowly getting a feel for the shape and length of his cock then gently fell into a steady rhythm.

He griped her waist and watched her beautiful face as she rocked up and down; watched her scowl then grit her teeth as the pleasure of sex reflected over her angelic features. She moved a little faster, getting used to the size of him, sliding her vagina further up his length before slamming back down. He felt her pussy grow warmer inside as it gripped and clamped around his dick slipping up and down. God it was incredible; she was incredible- she slowed to a near stop, taking him all the way inside her greasy pussy and sat back so that he could watch her circle her waist; her pussy lips pressed against his pubic hair.

She leaned a little back and put her left hand on his right knee then bucked her hips and ground back and forth while squeezing him with her cunt, it made him grit and leak some seminal fluid inside her. Jessica reached for the hem of her top and pulled it off; strands of her hair catching on it then sticking to her sweaty brow. She then reached behind herself and unclasped her bra and shrugged it off, freeing her clammy breasts. They were firm and round without any sag (which he couldn't fathom seeing as how she had children), her stiff brown nipples jutting out erotically. He went in to grope her but she pushed him down and hugged him then started thrusting her waist up and down with her butt pushed out.

Her tender cooch slid up and down his cock in a blur, her spill leaking and smearing over his shaft; her divine ass rippling as it tapped on his lap over and over. Jessica was breathing and moaning into his ear over come by the coiling euphoria in her body.

'Ohh god nnnfff, yes- Ah fcknnngghnnth,' she gasped and whined.

He grit as the friction of her slippery, swollen cunt persistently waxing his cock was growing too much for him and he felt the on coming of his second climax.

Alba held her steady pace, her tits rubbing against his chest her sensitive nipples grazing over the coarse material of his T-shirt. Her pussy was growing numb, her clit starting to throb; her body quivering in mounting bliss. She could feel him pulse as his dick continued to piston in and out of her body; but could he just hold out a little longer?

'Jessica, huh I- I'm gonna cum,' he warned her, not sure if she wanted him to let go inside her.

Her response was to move slower until she was just humping a portion of his dick. His cock throbbed almost painfully now his balls tingling...

'I- I got morning hrrn- morning after pills,' he heard Jessica say as she continued the pleasurably torturous slow humping, flexing her cunt around his dick.

It was all he needed to hear- He gripped her buttocks, pulling them wide apart and stretching her pliant pussy then trust up into her slapping his thighs into her ass feeling his load draw from his balls...

'Shiit, here it-' FFFFFFfffck,!' he groaned as he exploded in her, Jessica Alba grimacing as she felt the gush of sperm fill her; her pussy clamping down and milking his pulsing dick...

She gave a few more awkward thrusts until she felt him calm and his dick go flaccid in her vagina; he in turn slumped back on the sofa; spent.

He felt Jessica get off him and winced as his sensitive cock slipped out of her sex. She gathered her clothing and looked down at him then over at Lela who had watched the whole thing... 'I- I'm gonna take a shower, the details of the scene is in the file,' she said softly then left the room.

He and Lela heard the bedroom door shut and knew she wouldn't be returning.

He was still completely exhausted having to have sex with two of the hottest woman in their respective industries, so for now he kind of just stayed put slumped there on the sofa. Sitting up against the sofa arm, Lela Star watched him with a knowing smile on her face.

'Well, you look pretty beat,' she giggled girlishly, 'I think Jessica may have been too much woman for you. Sista's got skills.'

He looked up at Lela questioningly.

'That whole hip role thing she did; damn I thought you'd blow with that one,' Lela explained with a flustered look on her face.

He found his stamina and sat up, 'I thought you didn't perform?" he asked her.

'Eh, was that a complaint?' Lela snapped playfully, not at all bothered to be sitting there naked while chatting with him.

He raised his hands in defence, 'not at all, I was just curious.'

Lela pouted, and then smiled at him rolling her eyes, 'I don't actually perform anymore,' she replied. 'Well not on film; I'm out of the, fucking, side of porn. As a consultant I deal with girls in the industry, helping them ease into guy/girl shoots...'

'Paramount called me for this gig and I thought cool y'know, coz I, like, get to work with Jessica Alba; I mean it may help me catch a break into mainstream media. Then they asked if I'd consider fucking you for another eight grand, so that I could get the whole vibe going for Jessica, and I was, like yeah that'd be cool. Only I explained that I haven't really been with another guy in a while...'

'But yeah, it was fun y'know; I miss fucking other men, I mean I love sex, like, a lot...' 'Too bad we couldn't finish up, huh?' she finished with a wicked grin.

He was again looking at her heavenly, petit body; his penis coming to life again, 'Well we could, I mean-'

Lela grinned as she looked down at his dick swelling to full length, 'technically, my job is done.'

'Technicalities,' he shrugged, 'never believed in them.'

Lela bit her tongue and thought for a moment... 'Ok, sure.'

She got up and moved toward him and turned her back on him as he sat up. She sat down craning her neck to see how he held his cock steady for her. They once again whimpered together as they were intimately joined, the firm clasping of Lela Star's sex filling him with bliss. Lela fell back against him and lay her head on his shoulder moaning as she worked her hips back and forth, picking up where they had left off.

Her fat pussy sloshed as it ran over his cock slipping up and down his length. He reached up molesting her tits and rubbing her nipples making her bite back the moans.

'You like Fat cat?' she whispered as they fucked.

'What's Fat Cat?' he asked.

'I call my pussy Fat Cat,' Lela giggled.

'In that case, yeah,' he laughed, 'I love Fat Cat!'

He slid his hand down over her stomach and down to her clit and rubbed the bundle of nerves as she hypnotically worked her hips in circles while she simultaneously trust up and down; it made her shudder and squirm, her pussy walls clenching his dick and pulling it deeper. She sat up and put her hands on his knees, then looked back at him smiling.

He admired the detailed tattoo that covered her back then lowered his gaze to her ass that was pressed firmly down on his pelvis. He groaned as he watched her waist rise and saw his cock pull out of the slick cooch, her brown pussy lips sticking to his shaft, then all at once she slid back down. She pulled her left buttock for him showing off her little creased asshole and stretching her pussy as she slued it up and down his length.

'Jeez, fuck,' he squirmed mesmerised by the sight.

'You like that?' Lela Star teased, 'you like watching that hard cock fill my pussy?'

He couldn't answer as Lela still slowly teased him, working "Fat Cat" up and down his cock sexily. Lela stood up letting him slide out of her, then slapped her ass making it jiggle and winked at him...

'Enough fooling around, I need a good hard fucking.'

She knelt on the sofa over the backrest and thrust her ass out waiting for him. He got up and swallowed looking at her plump pussy that was gaping slightly to give him a peek at the moist pinkness within. He got behind her and nudged her sex then pushed into her, shivering as he thrust in to the hilt.

'Fuck that pussy good and hard,' Lela simpered.

He kissed her cheek then started thrusting, plunging into her recesses then pulling out and driving in again. He worked faster making her squirm, slapping against her round ass sending ripples thru it. Lela breathed heavier with every thrust, taking his cock like the pro she was. She pushed back into him letting him get deeper, then she rotated her waist so that he could tease the girth of her sex.

Their sweaty bodies rubbed against each other as they slapped together over and over again. He gripped Lela's forehead and pulled her up her thick dark hair flinging all over the place. She felt so good inside, her pussy was so delicate and soft, yet so hot and wet, and he felt himself building to quench that heat with his load.

'Ohh god, oh fuck, yess, yess, god, yess!' Lela squirmed as she shoved her hips back and forth feeling his throbbing cock thrust deep into her small body and nudging her cervix over and over again.

'I'm gonnacumI'mgonnacumI'mgonnacum!' she chanted over and over again.

It imbued him with vigour and as numb as his dick and balls felt he drove a bit harder and a bit faster. He let go of her forehead and she lurched forward, and he grabbed her waist and slapped his thighs into her furiously, his cock, a blur as it slid in and out of her soaking slit.

Her pussy flexed and squelched as he slid in and out of her holding her delectable body steady. he slowed abruptly and pushed deep into her holding there for a second groaning as she squeezed him inside herself, then slid out and slammed in again before starting to fuck her roughly again.

Huh, Ahh, ahh,' Lela moaned then bit her lip hard as she came, her juicy pussy tightening around his cock as her oily flow leaked over him. Her body was thrown into spasms and shudders before she calmed. He slowed down and gently slid in and out of her quim working toward his own orgasm.

Lela recovered from the blissful experience and felt him pulsing inside her; she craned her head, 'no d- don't cum inside me...'

He groaned and reluctantly slipped out of her pussy; then to is satisfaction Lela turned and slid his dick in her mouth and sucked him off, running her lips over his shaft. Her tongue lashed against his dick and her hand jerked him to the point where he just couldn't take it- with a jerk he shot a few weak spurts of cum into her mouth- all that he could muster after all the exertion of the day. Lela smiled up at him, her face glowing with sweat as she squeezed the last drop of cum from his limp cock and licked it clean.

She stood up and kissed him on his lips, 'well that was so much fun,' she smiled.

She then turned around and picked up her clothes and started pulling them on, 'God I need a hot bath. It was nice meeting you; oh and you better clean that stain off your trouser before you leave,' she finished nodding to the dry cum on it.

Dressed and looking presentable again Lela left the living room and then he heard the front door unlock, then open and shut...

...On that note Jessica came back in dressed in a skimpy satin gown (that showed off her protruding nipples) and towel wrapped around her wet hair, and froze when she saw he was still there.

'Ehm,' he stammered pulling up his pants, 'sorry Ms Alba, I- I mean Jessica, I was just about to-'

Jessica shook her head and made her way to the kitchen to her fridge and pulled out the orange juice, 'you can use the bathroom if you like...

...'And since you're still here we may as well talk about the shoot.'


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