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Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 01

I couldn't believe the brochure I was holding. I still thought that my girlfriend was playing some kind of joke on me. But this brochure looked too legit to be something she whipped up on the computer, and her mother wasn't the kind of person to go along with practical jokes.

"An erotic cruise?" I gaped as I shuffled through the large brochure. The cruise ship was advertised as Aphrodite's Shell.

"Hell-fucking-yeah!" My girlfriend Lolita answered, enthusiastically punching the air. Her nicely sized breasts bounced up and down with her, and normally I'd be hypnotized by the sight, but right now I was having troubled tearing my eyes away from the pornographic contents of the brochure.

The little brochure was like a mini-porno magazine. It was filled with pictures of men and women in various states of undress, some completely nude, hanging out on a cruise ship. There were even pictures of families being nude together, and more shocking (to me at least), many of them were engaged overt sexual acts.

"Is this for real?" I asked Loli, but I suppose the question was also directed at her mother who was sitting nearby.

"Fuck yeah it's fucking real," Loli liked to curse when she got excited. "An adults only cruise full of sexy vacationers with costume parties, orgies, tantric sex classes, nude yoga, porno theaters, nude wrestling, wet t-shirt contests, dick measuring contests, BDSM dens, and they even have a climbing-wall!"

"A . . . nude climbing-wall?"

"Well it's just a climbing-wall, but I guess you could be nude on it. Except for the harness, I guess."

I had never seen my girlfriend, Lolita Kwon, this excited. She was practically skipping in place, which caused her nice tits to roll about even though she was wearing a tight shirt. My girlfriend was beautiful, and cute in the sexiest way imaginable. She was of mixed ethnicity (mostly Asian) but she had tanned skin, shining big black eyes, a slender athletic body even though she was only about five feet tall, and her smooth black hair was cut fashionable short with long bangs that usually covered her left eye. A girl like her could have any boy (and mostly any girl) she wanted. Luckily she liked nice shy guys like me. Still, she was out of my league. She was a ten out of ten, and I was at most a six, a fact my mother and sister liked to remind me of.

I was a little distracted by her mother though. Dominique Kwon was sitting on a couch nearby, having just gotten back from an apparently hot workout. She was wearing her typical gym wear, which was nothing more than a tiny gray tank top and a black thong. She was sitting with her muscular legs spread, chugging on a protein drink. Her long black hair was tied into a high ponytail, but a good amount of bangs hung down her face as well.

Dominique was an Asian Amazonian goddess. I couldn't help but stare at the way her tight, sweat stained tank top clung to her perfect tits, and the black thong she wore conformed perfectly to the shape of her vaginal mound. As she drank her protein shake the abdominal muscles on her washboard stomach stood out perfectly. Her skin was etched with numerous, little scars that were hardly visible, but they were there. More apparent were the tattoos on her shoulders and upper arms, each of a stylized dragon wrapped around a naked woman.

I never learned the full story about those scars and tattoos, but Loli had hinted that her mother had been some kind of gangster back in Korea. I found something about Dominique's dangerous history overwhelmingly intimidating and erotic at the same time.

"Something wrong, retard?" Dominique had caught me staring at her. She was looking at me now. Her black eyes were as cold and sharp as icicles.

"Um, no! Just thinking about the cruise!" I looked back to Loli, who was smiling. She wasn't bothered by how hot I was for her mother. Loli was really understanding. I hope she didn't notice my erection.

"Well you'll come won't you. It'll be so much fun being with each other out at sea, surrounded by beautiful people, . . . on a boat!"

"You're sure it's okay?" I asked. "You even want to bring my mom and sister along too?"

"Of course, faggot." Dominique answered. "I won an all expenses paid family package in that wrestling tournament last weekend. First place, by the way. It's meant for five people so it would be wasted on just Loli and I. Since her nineteenth birthday was last month I thought I'd let her pick our other three guests."

I turned to Loli. "Are you sure you want to bring my family though. Wouldn't you rather bring two of your friends along."

"I thought of that first actually, but everyone is busy during the time of the cruise. Crissy is getting breast implants (she needs them), Beverly is volunteering in Africa (that white slut never passes up a chance for some black cock), Roxanne is going to rehab for her sex addiction (again), Penny is interning for a dominatrix (her aunt), and Yvette is going to be serving time in a detention facility for raping that nun (who deserved it)."

"Well what about Brook or Buffy?"

"I hate those girls. Brook makes me eat her cunt after every cheerleading practice, and Buffy is so rich and spoiled she probably has her own boat. Besides, I like your family. I want to talk to your sister about college and stuff, and I like your mom."

A silky moan came from Dominique on the couch. "I like his mother too." I watched as Dominique gently caressed her crotch as she mentioned my mother. "Samantha should definitely come."

Loli didn't seem to notice her mother's lewd action. "C'mon Mark, please. I know you hate this kind of sexiness in public stuff, but I know you'll have fun. I'll make sure of it. Besides, there is no one else who can go. I even thought about inviting Marcus and Sophia--"

"Whoa, whoa! Hold on! You were going to invite your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend with us?"

"Yeah, I know we broke up, but Marcus is still a lot of fun. And I'd like to get to know Sophia better. I am sure she isn't the sadistic, manipulative, evil bitch everyone says she is. But good news, they are going to be on the cruise too."


"Yeah, what luck, right?" Loli was so sweat and innocent she couldn't see how terrified I was. "It turns out Sophia's father owns the company that owns the cruise ship."

That was terrible news. Marcus was Lolita's first boyfriend. He was tall, black, muscular, and (I hate to admit it) handsome. A winning combination. I was friends with him when we were kids. We liked the same nerdy stuff and collected action figures together. People use to call him The Blerd (the black nerd), but then in high school something changed. In one summer he grew over a foot, packed on a hundred pounds of muscle, and his voice became a deep baritone.

He and Loli dated for a little while but never had sex because neither of them were eighteen yet, but as soon as he turned eighteen he broke up with her and began dating every cheerleader, popular girl, and student teacher the school had to offer. Rumor had it he was a god in bed, and his cock was a foot long. In college, freshmen girls would literally line up so he could take their virginities, and now that he was the varsity quarterback at college there was no end to the pussy he was getting.

What terrified me was that word was going around campus that Marcus regretted breaking up with Loli before popping her cherry. She was three years younger than him so he would have had to wait a while, but now that she was on her way to college he was about to get his second chance. She wasn't a virgin anymore but I know she had never been fucked by a stud like Marcus. He might break her.

I had been coming up with plans to keep them apart, but this cruise was going to be the perfect opportunity for Marcus to go balls deep with his twelve inch cunt-buster and turn my sweet, Asian honeysuckle into a gaping cum-crater. And I knew Sophia would probably help because she was a sadistic, manipulative, evil bitch who enjoyed watching Marcus ruin little freshmen girls.

I couldn't let it happen. "Alright." I said. "I'm coming. Now let go to the mall and buy you something sexy to wear."

Loli squealed her approval and hugged me. Even Dominique looked a little impressed by my sudden manly tone. But underneath I was still worried. Marcus and Sophia were one problem, my mother and sister were another.

To be continued . . .
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