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Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 04

Story till now: Marky was invited by his girlfriend Lolita Kwon, and her mother Dominique Kwon, on an erotic cruise ship along with his mother and sister. Marky goes along only to protect his naive girlfriend from her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Black, who has stated his intent to fuck her brains out and win her back through sexual dominance. Unfortunately, Marky's efforts have been hindered by his sister, who before the cruise kicked him in the testicles so hard he passed out. He woke up already on the cruise ship with no idea where is girlfriend is, and he is also under the effects of a powerful aphrodisiac that has given him a perpetual erection.


Marky Day: a loser twenty year old college freshmen with low self-esteem despite somewhat good looks and an athletic build. Caucasian, skinny, brown hair.

Samantha Day: Marky's very experienced mother. Large breasts, wide hips, long curly brown hair, typical milf.

Sadie Day: Marky's popular tomboy sister, twenty-five years old. tall and long legged, large breasts, short brown bobbed hair

Lolita Kwon: Marky's cute, spunky, and loveable Korean-American girlfriend. Nineteen years old. Tan skin, large dark eyes, and short black hair with long bangs.

Dominique Kwon: Lolita's dangerous, Amazonian mother. Possibly a former gangster. Long black hair, cold eyes, many scars, and tattoos of dragons and naked women on her arms.

Marcus Black: Marky's estranged childhood friend, Lolita's ex-boyfriend, and current varsity quarterback. Twenty-two year old African-American.

Sophia Underland: Marcus's current girlfriend and incredibly wealthy heiress, rumored to be sadistic and evil beyond imagining. Twenty-one years old. Long silver hair, ivory skin, and orgasmic body.


I was still on my journey to the VIP deck on the Aphrodite's Shell, hoping to be reunited with my girlfriend Lolita Kwon (and her pussy), but I kept getting distracted. For one thing my system was still under the effects of the aphrodisiac the cute Drug-girl had given me, and my five inch cock stuck out like an iron pole. I simply couldn't ignore it. Even when I was around people, right in the middle of a hallway, I'd occasionally jerk myself just because my cock felt too good to leave alone.

Everyone I passed noticed my pawing myself but no one seemed to mind, this was a sex cruise after all. I had seen plenty of other people naked, erect, masturbating, fucking, or doing whatever their particular perversion demanded. But up till this point I had only been in the infirmary, a few lower decks, and a number of hallways that were pretty much empty. I was completely unprepared for what I saw when I got to the pool. It was the largest orgy I could have ever imagined.

The Aphrodite's Shell had several pools, two outdoor and one indoor, but I had inadvertently stumbled upon the largest of the three, remembering it from the brochure. It was an Olympic size pool, one hundred and seventy feet by ninety feet. There were something like ten hot tubs at various levels around the pool area, and it was flanked by two surf simulators. The whole scene was filled with what looked like hundreds of people. There were loads of tanned sun worshipers, some totally nude and others wearing little more than thongs.

Everywhere I looked people were fucking. Every towel and beach chair had a least two people on it, some with women in the cowgirl position riding their lovers' cocks, others were in the traditional missionary position. There were plenty of men with well toned, muscular asses, pumping up and down as they plowed the pussies beneath them. There were plenty of solo acts too though, I was relieved to see. A shining, well tanned milf was sitting near me with her legs spread, and she was fervently pumping her cunt with a massive wooden dildo. On one of the balconies that overlooked the pool I saw some men drinking beers, each leisurely stoking erect cocks.

I realized that I had began masturbating unconsciously, my five inch cock sticking out of my little black thong, but no one was giving my any grief for it so I continued.

The ages of the orgy goers was quite diverse. There was an elderly couple under an umbrella kissing and fondling each other's sagging assets, a sight that was charming but not arousing. There were young people as well. I saw a trio of white college girls, each no older than twenty, on their knees taking turns sucking a very large black man's very large cock. After each girl had gotten a couple turns choking down the giant cock the older black man announced a winner. She was a short, tan, brunette beach babe with a similar haircut to my sister's, who was wearing nothing but a red thong and flip-flops. "Ha ha," the buxom brunette laughed at her friends while fondling her own tits, "Suck my tits, bitches. I can deepthroat better than you. Now I get all this chocolate to myself."

The orientations of the orgy was also quite diverse. Mostly I saw various arrangement of heterosexual acts, there were women with men, two women with one man, three women with two men, or two men with one woman. But I also saw a healthy percentage of people engaging in bisexual or even homosexual acts.

There was plenty of hot, lesbian action going on. I walked by a towel that had two large breasted, well-oiled Scandinavian beauties locked in each other's arms, kissing erotically as their bodies slipped over one another. Looking at the these two blonde goddesses absolutely loosing themselves in sex almost made me bust my nut, so I reluctantly pulled my hand away from my cock. Every second I wasn't touching myself was torture, but I wasn't sure if ejaculating was allowed and I was too shy to orgasm in public anyway.

Only a second went by before my question about ejaculating in public was answered though. A man behind my yelled that he was cumming as he stood up and began beating his cock like her was trying to kill it. A much smaller girl with long curly brown got in front of him and opened her mouth, catching most of his flying semen on her tongue. When he was finished his face was red, his muscles bulged, and he huffed happily as the cute little girl started sucking his cock clean. "Wow, daddy," the little girl said, "your stuff tastes amazing."

I turned away before the man caught me staring. I didn't want another steroid-filled asshole to think I was gay for his cock like Doctor Dick had been. I shuddered as I remembered the way his giant, monster cock had twitched and bulged as Nurse Nixxy obediently licked him. There was no way a human being could have a cock like that without some kind of medical enhancement. When he had threatened to rip my asshole open I had almost pissed myself. There was no way a boy my size could take a rock hard monster like that up the ass without being crippled. I almost felt bad for the nurses he was probably fucking blind right now.

I had taken it up the ass before though, and sometimes I even enjoyed it. I wasn't gay, at least I did not think I was gay, and all the times I had gotten fucked up the ass were from women with dildos or strap-ons. The worst was my mother. Sometimes she'd come home from a date drunk and angry. If whatever man she had been out with that night couldn't fuck her hard enough to please her she just got hornier and angrier and she usually took it out on me.

I graphically remembered one night she had come home from dancing. Despite being out till 3am she had gotten no cock at all, which meant her cunt was like a dripping, hungry monster. She kicked open the door to my room and strutted in, totally naked and sucking on 'Jerome.' Jerome was her favorite dildo. It was a hard, heavy piece of rubber two feet long and shaped like two giant black cocks facing in opposite directions. It was of those 'double dildos.'

My mother would rip all the sheets of the bed, exposing my naked body, and then she'd get on top and whisper into my ear "Bend over, spread your cheeks, and let me get to that boy pussy." She'd then spend the whole night raping my ass while pleasing her hungry cunt with the other end. The twelve inches of artificial black cock up my ass wasn't even the worst part, the worst part was how hard she fucked. She had broken two of my beds in less than a year, I just sleep on a mattress now, and she'd grab my hair to get leverage on me.

What was really the worst part was the morning after when I'd come down for breakfast, limping with every step, my mother would be happily humming to herself and making breakfast. She's be wearing an open bathrobe with nothing underneath it, and when I'd come limping in, my ass black and blue, she'd laugh and ask what was wrong with me. She didn't even acknowledge that she had come into my room the night before, let alone admit raping my for hours on end.

I continued to walk around the pool as I worked my way to the front of the cruise ship. I figured I should do my best to ignore the plethora of pussies and ass around me, otherwise I would never get to Loli. Good lord, I needed her right now. Her cunt would feel so good on my dick, thinking about it made my balls hurt so much I wanted to cry.

But before I got too far one more sight caught my attention. There were several lifeguards on duty, but the one I was walking by looked familiar. He had tan skin, spiky brown hair, and protruding from his lap was a thick eight inch cock that looked like it was made of wood. That's what I recognized, his cock looked like Doctor Dick's cock, only a little smaller.

He was seated on a raised platform, wearing sunglasses and surveying the pool with a very cold and stoic look on his face. He seemed so stone-cold that I had trouble believing he was getting a double blowjob as two people took turns sucking his dick. The two suckers looked like maternal twins, one boy and one girl. They were both rather short, blonde, and had somewhat undeveloped bodies. The girl was cute regardless. She had a cute little ass that wiggled as she choked on the lifeguard's large cock, but she had very little breasts. Maybe that was why she was completely naked except for a small white t-shirt she wore. Her hair was very short but had a lot of hairclips in it that were decorated with butterflies and hearts and other girly things.

Eventually the muscled lifeguard grabbed the back of her head and tried slamming her down on his cock to get it deeper down her throat. She wasn't doing a very good job. She started gagging so he let her go. She spit and coughed loudly as her brother took her place.

"You're not very good at sucking dick," the lifeguard told her in a cold voice.

"Give me a break," the girl coughed. She had the most adorable Southern accent. I guess she was from Texas or Louisiana. "I just turned eighteen last week."

"So?" the lifeguard responded with a smirk. "Your twin brother is just as old as you but he is taking my cock like a pro. He's about to get a shot of protein for lunch."

The girl looked offended, hurt even. Her cute little freckled face scrunched up in jealousy. "Well he doesn't have a pussy. C'mon, I'll let you fuck me," she said as she spread her legs and offered herself to the arrogant lifeguard.

"Tempting, but I'm not supposed to fuck while on duty. Blowjobs are overlooked but actual fucking is prohibited."

"Aw, c'mon," the girl teased, fingering herself. "No one will stop you if you go real quick. You can fuck me as hard as you want. My daddy says my pussy feels like warm apple pie."

The lifeguard grunted, seeming a little angry. He pushed the boy's mouth away from his wet cock. "Fine, you want a piece of Lifeguard Rick. Get ready to squeal you redneck slut."

She did squeal as he picked her up effortlessly. She was like a baby in his strong, bronzed arms, and as her lowered her on the tip of his cock her tiny pussy could barely fit him. She began to moan immediately, and I could see her cunt dripping like a leaky faucet. She must have been unbelievably horny. She wrapped her little legs around his muscled back as he bounced her up and down on his cock, her little breasts rubbing against his oily chest. The girl was in heaven. She was dripping, drooling, and squealing like she was being fucked by God himself, but Lifeguard Rick looked unimpressed. He seemed like that type of stud who got all the pussy he could want and then some, so an inexperienced little girl like this was nothing exciting for him.

She started cummng, and Holy-Shit was she a squinter. I was watching all this from about five feet away but I still got wet as her pussy exploded. Her orgasm looked like it might put her in a coma it was so powerful, and when it finally subsided she was panting as if she had just run a marathon. She started kissing Liefguard Rick, her tongue trying to work its way into his mouth, but he did not kiss back.

"Pathetic," he said. He plucked her little body from off his cock and dropped her in the water like a sack of shit. I could see his cock and it didn't look like he was close to cumming at all. "You," he said in an angry, dominant voice as he pointed to the girl's twin brother. "I hope you ass is better than you sister's pussy was."

Lifeguard Rick then picked the boy up as effortlessly as he had the girl. He turned the boy around though, getting the boy's asshole over his turgid cock, and with a brutal thrust Lifeguard Rick entered the boy's ass. The boy gasped and struggled desperately, but it was pointless. Rick was holding him in the air, his arms were beneath the boy's legs and was spreading them open. The boys erect penis flapped around loudly as Rick destroyed his anus.

"Rick!" and angry woman yelled. "The fuck are you doing?" Another lifeguard came up with her hands on her waist, looking incredibly pissed off. She was stunning. Six feet tall, long legs, big round tits, and a narrow waist. She wore a red single-piece thong slingshot bikini (the kind that only covered her pussy and nipples) that sported a white cross over each tit signaling her as a lifeguard. She was white but had the most perfect golden tan I had ever seen, and her long golden hair went all the way to her perfectly toned ass.

"I'm breaking this faggot's ass," Rick responded. "What the fuck does it look like I'm doing, Beverly?"

"You're supposed to call me Captain Wolfe, you retarded shit. And you can't fuck the patrons when you're on duty. Safety before sex, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah, just one more . . . AAARGGHH!!!" Rick's orgasm looked like he was trying to shit out glass or something, like it was hurting him, but very quickly his expression changed from pain to pleasure. The boy impaled on his cock was also cumming, ropes of semen were pouring into the pool and floating around. The boy was crying in pain. Rick continued to pump for another full minute, I could actually see his balls moving like two little motors. When it was finally over he just smiled and dropped his arms. The boy actually stayed up in the air, held up by nothing by a solid muscle of penis, but he started to slip off, and then with a loud 'POP' Rick's dick came out of his ass and the boy fell into the water next to his sister. There was a plume of semen in the water that looked huge. Rick must have ejaculated a gallon into the boy's ass.

Rick turned to Captain Beverly Wolfe with an arrogant smile as he looked down at her. His cock was still somewhat hard, and it was still leaking a thick strand of semen. "You know I wouldn't have had to do this if you just let me fuck you this morning," he said to Captain Wolfe. "I know you dream about me."

"Fuck you, loser. I don't fuck assholes like you. The only thing you love is your penis."

He laughed. "You remember that beach party last month. The one where you caught me destroying your little sister's virginity. You remember the look she had on her face. The look of pure happiness as I owned her, as I ruined her. I could make you feel that way."

"Asshole," Captain Wolfe was on the verge of tears, but I noticed a dark spot forming at her crotch, and her nipples looked like they were ready to cut through her swimsuit.

"She still texts me you know, and she sends me naked pictures of herself. Some of them are of her getting freaky with her girlfriends. She's so desperate to hook up with me again, but cheap pussy like that is only worth hitting once. How is Brittney by the way?"

"Her name is Bethany!"

He laughed. "Well the only name I have for her is 'Cum-dumpster.' You know she is a worthless little slut. My cock is the only thing on her mind. Just like you."

That was the last straw, and Captain Wolfe turned away crying. It couldn't have been easy for her being put in a position allegedly superior to Rick even though it was obvious he had power over her. I didn't know how long they knew each other, but it was obvious the sexual tension had been building for too long. She was ready to pop, and he was ready to destroy her in every way imaginable when that time came.

This was what I worried would happen with Loli and Marcus, this was why I came on this trip. I don't know what Marcus has planned for Loli, but I know Loli has been thinking about Marcus a lot lately. We have gone to a few of his football games and Loli is always paying more attention to the field than to me. She hasn't seen him in a while, they only talk online, and I think that's the reason Loli has been putting sexier pics of herself online these days. Loli is one of the few girls in town who hasn't put up self-shot pics of full frontal nudity or amateur sex-videos (this is pretty common activity for girls in my world) but I think she might soon to get Marcus's attention. She even asks about him after we have sex, even though I haven't known him since we were kids. What if she wants him more than me? What if she wants a guy like Rick to fuck her brains out and treat her like a sex toy. What if I'm not manly enough?

I was suddenly shaken from my low-self-esteem-day-dream when I felt a hand grab my cock, a hand other than my own.

"Guess who?" asked the sweetest little voice behind me.

"Loli!" I had found her. Well, she had found me. But the point was that I was finally reunited with my awesome Korean cutie. I had to get her alone. I had to get a crack at that pussy.

Loli apparently had the same idea. I tried to turn around but she wouldn't let me. She was kissing the back of my neck, I could feel her plump breasts pushing against my back, and she was very boldly and rapidly pumping my rock hard cock with her hand. I was in heaven.

"Damn, look at you stud," she whispered into my ear with a surprisingly husky voice. "Something's got your motor running." Her other hand began to tweak my left nipple. She was playing kinky. "Where were you, baby? Everyone started fucking the second the boat took off, but your sister said you had an accident. What happened? You didn't get you dick stuck in your zipper again?"

Fuck my lying cunt sister. "Uh, no. It was nothing. The only thing that matters is that I'm here now." I managed to turn around and look at my girlfriend. She was beautiful, and I was a little relived to see that she was actually dressed modestly (at least compared to the nude hedonists around me). She was wearing the swimsuit I had bought her a few days ago, a black two piece string bikini. It wasn't a thong, but it did show off her cute round ass, and it was low enough that the top of her ass crack showed. Over her bikini she wore a white t-shirt that had some anime character on it. She was wet and dripping, and her transparent white t-shirt clung to her slightly curvy form like a transparent and erotic wedding dress. Her short, stylish hair clung around her face, and water dripped off her chin in the sexiest way imaginable.

I leaned into kiss her, and I was a little scared to see that she leaned back. Why wouldn't she kiss me? She would jack me off in public but not kiss me. I got in there though and I swirled my tongue around her mouth. She moaned a little. Loli was the kind of girl you like being kissed. She once joked that she had a clitoris on the back of her tongue. There was something weird about her mouth though. It tasted salty. Why did it taste so salty? When I pulled away she was blushing, and she wouldn't make eye contact.
"Looks like you found your boyfriend," a male remarked from behind me. He had a thick Australian accent.

"So that's that lucky bastard," said another voice incredibly similar to the first.

I turned around to see two guys about my age, except they were taller and a bit more muscled. They were twins, or at least looked bizarrely similar as they shared the same face and reddish brown hair. They were both naked but one was wearing a small unbuttoned shirt, and both wore hip looking surfer necklaces and bracelets that had shark's teeth and Buddhist stuff on them. They were both bigger than me in penis size. Although both were completely flaccid their cocks dangled a full six inches and remained pretty thick. One of the boys was completely hairless, the other had a little gruff above his cock.

"Marky," my girlfriend quickly got my attention with a nervous voice. She stepped between me and the two Australian pretty boys. "This is Tigger and his brother Trigger. They've been . . . keeping me company since I couldn't find you."

"Yeah," said the gruffly one. "It's been a pleasure to keep this little honey-pot from getting lonely." To my horror I watched as he reached around her back and got a fist full of her breast. He wasn't gentle about it either. He squeezed so hard I could see Loli's flesh molding around his fingers like wet dough. She whimpered erotically, her legs trembled a little, and she didn't pull away.

"Um . . . Loli?" I didn't know what to do. Should I punch the guy? No way. Even if he was alone he'd kick my ass. Maybe I should just play it cool. I was not doing a very good job hiding me jealousy and fear. I could see on Loli's face that she could see my feelings.

"Hey guys," she said, finally pulling away from the Australian's strong hands. "I'm going to catch up with my boyfriend." She grabbed my arm and started leading my away. I was so relieved, until she said. "I'll catch up with you two later, right?"

"Definitely, sexy girl," the other twin said and slapped Loli on the ass. She jumped a little from the smack, it was hard, and she couldn't control her giggling.

I couldn't help but look back at Tigger and Trigger. They were both smiling like arrogant assholes. They both probably thought they were going to get to fuck Loli, but too bad, she was my girlfriend. Loli led me to the far end of the pool area. There were some raised planters with grass and palm trees in them, an artificial lawn of sorts. It was surprisingly not crowded, considering the hundreds of fucking people I had just been surrounded by. There was only one person on the lawn, an older woman with large tits, tanned skin, and a well trimmed pussy. She was completely nude but her face was covered by a large sun hat and she was surrounded by empty vodka bottles and pornographic magazines.

Loli sat down on the ground, completely ignoring the passed out milf nearby. I think she wanted to say something but I didn't give her the chance. I was too fucking horny. I pushed her down and lay on top her, kissing her deep. I didn't bother me that her mouth tasted oddly salty.

I stood up then. She looked up with her big sexy eyes. I peeled down the little black thong I was wearing. Loli laughed a little as I did so. I guess the sight of me in a thong was a little silly, especially considering I was less covered than she was. I reached down to pull off her wet t-shit and she helped me. It was only a second more before her top was off and I could get at her wonderful, perky tits. I filled my mouth with them and sucked like there was milk inside. She moaned and squirmed beneath me. She had already untied the string at the side of her bikini.

I pulled the bikini off to get to her sweet little cunt. She was completely hairless. That was new. She must have waxed before the cruise. I got down to eat her pussy. She struggled though, which was weird. Normally she loved it when I liked her clit. "Wait," she tried to say, but I forced my way into her and started lapping at her little pink sexhole. She squealed, which made me unbelievably aroused. Weird. Her pussy had the same salty taste as her mouth. Was it something from the pool?

When I pulled away I realized what the salty taste was. Dangling from my tongue and chin, dripping out of my girlfriend's pussy was a long strand of semen. "Loli," I gasped instead of yelled. "What the fuck?" I started spitting and wiping my face clean, but the semen was thick and sticky, even after being in Loli's wet cunt. I started to freak out and I even started to lick the grass, just to get the taste of it out of my mouth. "What did you do?"

"Well," my girlfriend pouted. She looked embarrassed more than ashamed. She was even smiling a little. "Like I said, I was lonely when you didn't show up. Everyone was getting down, even complete strangers were fucking each other. I didn't want to miss out. I was sitting alone when your sister came by with these two guys."

"Tigger and Trigger?" My sister. That bitch. She had probably been planning this for days.

"Yeah. They had the hots for her, I could tell because their cocks were so fucking hard, but I think your sister is only into pussy right now. Anyway, she dumped them on me and we started talking. I think it was Tigger to make the first move when he started massaging my breasts. You know how horny that gets me."

"You didn't." I was about to cry I think.

"They fucked my right on the side of the pool," she said. Her eyes were glassy and her lips pouted in arousal. She was moving her hips a little. "It just started with a blowjob. Tigger pretty much demanded one, and I knew he wasn't going to let go be until he got one. He sat on the edge of the pool while I swam and sucked his cock. His brother eventually got impatient and he moved in behind me. He entered my pussy without much foreplay, but I was wet so it didn't matter. It's been awhile since I've been spit roasted, and this was definitely the first time with twins. "

As Loli confessed her cheating she ran her hands over her breasts and stomach. She was still aroused from the fucking she got, and I was horrified to realize I was aroused too. Even without the aphrodisiac in my system I think my cock would have been rock hard. With nothing else to do I started to masturbate, knowing full well that it was an admission of defeat.

"After he came in me for the first time Trigger pulled out and the stuck his cock in my ass. I wasn't ready for it and I started crying a little, which meant I couldn't keep sucking Tigger. Trigger spread my legs open and his brother got in front of me. Then he put his cock in my pussy and they started double-penetrating me. God, I came like a maniac. When they were finished they dragged me out of the pool and put me on my back. Trigger was nice enough to wash his cock off a little before they had me finish them both with my mouth. They came down my throat so much I think I'll be able to skip lunch."

After she finished her story she stuck two of her fingers into her sloppy cunt and scooped up a copious amount of the twin's mixed semen before sticking the fingers into her mouth and sucking on them. It was too much for me. Her story was too hot, she looked too sexy, and I was beating my cock way too hard.

I started to cum. I started to cum hard. My cock had never felt this way. It really felt like my cock was going to explode. It hurt. It really hurt. It got to the point that I couldn't even touch my cock, even though no semen had come out yet. It felt like there was a blockage. Had my sister's kicks broken it? Were my balls going to back up with my boiling spunk and pop?

Loli came to the rescue as she reached out and started beating my meat with her expert hands. It hurt like hell and I started to cry, but she didn't stop. She repositioned herself so she could get her tongue under my balls as she began licking and even biting a little. That was the cure. I let loose a stream of semen more powerful than all my other orgasms combined. Ever.

The first few ropes flew over Loli's head and landed with loud splashing noises all over the sleeping woman's chest next to us. I kept coming, but Loli managed to get my fire-hose into her mouth and she took the rest down her throat. She sucked like a champ and I felt my balls draining their poison into her already semen-coated mouth.

When my pain finally subsided I fell back on my ass, ready to pass out. Loli giggled happily as she smacked her lips licking the rest of the semen off of her fingers and face. "Holy shit!" she exclaimed. "That was fucking epic. I've never seen you spurt like that."

"It must have been the aphrodisiac," I gasped, "from the Drug-girl's tits."

"You got a Drug-Girl?" Loli seemed impressed. "How? Those little bitches are expensive. You're not hiding some cash in that little black thong of yours. That thing can't even cover your cock."

"I was nice to her, so she gave me a sample." I would have explained my ordeals more, but as the orgasm subsided I started to feel depressed again. Loli had cheated on me.

She saw my jealousy and she started to explain herself. "It's not like I really cheated on you. I thought you understood the point of this trip was to just have fun, try new things with random people, and get totally fucked. It's not like I expect you to not get some strange here. Sounds to me like you did pretty well with that Drug-girl. I bet you got a good taste of her slutty little cunt."

I didn't tell her that the Drug-girl didn't want to fuck me. I wanted Loli to think I could get sex as easy as she did. I had been ready to fuck the Drug-girl though, so Loli did have I point. "You're right. I'm sorry I was jealous."

She leaned over and kissed me with her cum-soaked mouth. Normally that would gross me out but I guess I had to keep an open mind. "I love you," she said. "Now you should go to a bathroom and get cleaned up. We'll meet back at the room, it's easy to find once you get to the VIP deck. You're going to love it. My mom has a sex-fight tonight and I think we should go support her."

"A sex-fight?" Sex-fighting was another one of these new, kinky things that typified my world. It started decades ago, but was mostly an underground thing. It went mainstream maybe ten years ago and is now one of the world's most popular sports. Basically sex-fights were MMA style matches except each fighter could also sexually assault their opponent. The fighters usually had to take powerful artificial aphrodisiacs before a match so their libido would have a greater effect on their ability. The winner was the one who could either beat their opponent into submission or make them orgasm till they would collapse.

"Fuck yeah. You know that mom won these five tickets in a sex-fight right? Well that tournament was sponsored by the Aphrodite's Shell. Every match she wins onboard gets us more awesome stuff. If she wins the whole tournament we might win another vacation."

"Alright sounds good," I said as I got up and picked up my little thong. "So I'll meet you at the cabin?"

"Yep. Just be there before 6pm, but feel free to hit on any of these horny sluts on the way. I want you to have fun."

"Okay," I said as I kissed her goodbye one more time. I was still nervous, regardless of what she said. She was going to have a much easier time getting boys than I was going to have getting girls, I didn't think being on a boat full of nymphomaniacs would change that. As I walked over to the bathrooms, naked and seamed covered, I looked back at Loli. She was still gathering up her bikini and t-shit. She was beautiful. I was still especially worried about Marcus Black, knowing full well that he would try to steal her and that she was still infatuated with him. But maybe that wouldn't matter here. Maybe if she did hook up with Marcus the nature of the sex cruise would rob it of any romance. Maybe he would just be another fuck.

That thought made me feel better as I walked into the bathroom.


As Lolita Kwon gathered up her discarded bikini and t-shirt she thought about how well everything was going so far. She had been worried the Marky wouldn't get along well on the cruise, especially considering how many strong, sexy, dominant men there were around. Normally Marky just retreated back into his shell when confronted with anything more masculine than him (which was a lot) but he seemed to be adapting. She was also happy that she wouldn't have to hide her other sexual activities from him. She planned on getting fucked, a lot, and it was nice to know that her boyfriend wasn't going to be a wet towel about it.

She was especially looking forward to seeing Marcus Black again. When they had dated Marcus was a bit of wimp, but he developed quickly. Unfortunately he had turned eighteen three years before Loli did, and he wasn't willing to wait around for her to grow up, so their relationship ended. Loli thought it was so unfair that Marcus had popped, fucked, or impregnated almost every woman in the city of New Eros but her. Well she was going to fix that. Maybe Marky would even join in. Maybe he'd even try out some cock for once. Loli thought it was so unfair that girls were all expected to experiment with lesbianism, kiss each other at parties, and have naked pillow fights and orgy sleepovers. Well, she did do all those things, but boys should too, and the thought of Marky on his knees sucking a giant cock, especially one that had just finished fucking her, really made her wet. Dripping wet.

As she started walking back to the cabin she noticed the sleeping woman next to her. The woman was totally nude except for the sun hat which covered her face, and she was surrounded by porno magazines and empty vodka bottles. "Party started early for you, didn't it bitch?" Loli said mostly to herself.

The woman's large, motherly tits were also covered in Marky's semen now, and the sweat on the woman's body was causing the semen to spread all over her. "That's boy-cum belongs to me," Loli thought to herself. "Besides, it isn't nice to leave a mess like that lying around.

Loli crouched over the unconscious woman like a baby ready to get some milk. Loli started licking and sucking on the woman's sweaty breasts, licking up every smeared drop of Marky's seed. Her tits were hot, having been in the sun all day, and that made the semen hot too. As Loli licked she noticed that little streams of milk were pouring from the women's obscenely large nipples.

"Oh mommy," Loli joked to herself. "That looks so delicious," and she attached her mouth to the woman's right nipple. She began sucking loudly, voraciously, and the warm milk spewed forth like a flood. There was just so much milk in this bitch. Loli was getting horny again, and she started rubbing her well-beaten cunt against the woman's hot leg. She had to be gentle, the Australian twins had really done a number on her, but she still wanted some pussy pleasure.

The drunk milf beneath Loli began to stir, and she lifted off the sun-hat to see what was going on. "Oh baby . . . what . . . that feels so good," she moaned as she awoken from an erotic dream and into an erotic reality. "Who are you, baby-girl?"

Loli let the nipple got with a loud 'pop.' A stream of milk was still spraying out and it streaked Loli's cute, Asian face. "Sorry. My boyfriend accidently popped his cock all over your chest. I was just cleaning you up.

"Oh, well isn't that sweet of you. Is there any way I can thank you?" the woman asked in a drunk, husky voice.

"Actually, there is." Loli stood up and kicked the woman's sun-hat to the side. She then lowered her dripping pussy over the women's face. "A couple of boys pumped a fuck-load of cum into me. Why don't you eat it out?" Before the woman could answer Loli dropped her pussy onto the woman's mouth, and then she began pushing out the salty milk within her.

The woman struggled at first, but eventually accepted it. Loli could feel the old slut's long tongue probing every each of her pussy, expertly sucking out every drop of man-juice. Loli was close to cumming again. This old bitch obviously knew how to eat a pussy.

Loli tweaked her own nipples and began to cum, squirting all over the woman's face. The big-tittied whore was practically drowning as Loli rode her mouth and nose. Loli moaned and squealed as her sex-honey overflowed from the woman's mouth, coating her entire face in pussy water. Loli stood up, her legs slightly shaking, to see that the older woman was almost on the brink of passing out.

Loli thought about apologizing , but some inner sadist was coming out. She stepped back, reached down, and put both of the woman's nipples in her hands. She then twisted, hard. The woman moaned in shock, pain, desperation, and quite a bit of orgasmic bliss. Her overripe breasts exploded with milk, sending frothy little jets in every direction. Her back arched off the ground so radically that only hers shoulders and ass were still touching the grass. Her legs shook, and her cunt exploded in wetness. The woman instantly achieved orgasm.

Loli leaned over and gave the gasping woman a deep, wet, tongue filled kiss. "Thanks for the milk, you fat slutty cow." Then she left without another word, leaving the woman tired, happy, and confused. She never even got to learn the name of the Asian girl who fucked her so well.


I found myself masturbating furiously in one of the bathroom stalls. I was still pissed that my girlfriend had fucked two assholes like those Australian brothers, but the drugs in my system were still acting up and my iron-hard erection kept coming back. Thinking about Loli with two dicks in her just made it worse. Luckily all of the bathrooms on the Aphrodite's Shell were stocked with every form of pornographic material imaginable. When my erection came back with a hard vengeance I grabbed the first magazine I could and I headed straight to the stall to relieve myself of another white sticky load. Unfortunately the magazine turned out to be an issue of 'Black Dicks, Whites Chicks' which only featured outrageously large black men fucking the shit out of tiny white girls. The looks of conquest on the black men's faces, and the look of absolute bliss on the white girls only pissed my off further, but I had to get rid of this erection, so I jerked off to it like crazy.

I heard the door to the bathroom open and two people entered. I didn't stop masturbating because the stall was closed, not that public masturbation was uncommon for this nympho cruise ship. The two people were talking, one was man with a deep smooth voice, the other was a girl who sounded sweet and petite.

"A bathroom," the little girl protested. "I don't want to have sex in a bathroom. I thought you said you'd take me somewhere nice."

"I said I'd take you somewhere appropriate," the deep man laughed back."Way I see it, a bathroom is more than appropriate for a little slut like you. You'll fit right in next to the cum-soaked toilets."

"What? Why are you talking to me like that, and why are you calling me a slut? I've only had sex with one person before."

"Yeah, your boyfriend, the one you left by the bar telling him you were just going to your room for a minute, but you really came to follow me, because you are such a cock-hungry slut."

The girl mumbled, but she didn't argue. I had to get a look at this, the real thing was always better than some dirty magazine. I was too short to see over the stall, so I stood up on the toilet seat and looked over. Holy Shit! I recognized the man with the deep voice instantly. It was Marcus Black. He was even bigger than I remembered him. The only thing he was wearing was a black speedo that fit his ass like latex. His back was turned to me so all I could see was a mountain of dark muscles standing on two thick legs. The girl he was with was amazing. She was a petite little white girl, just like the kind in the magazine. Her hair was cut into a short bob and was died pink to match her tiny thong bikini. Her breasts were rather small, but they were firm, and her hips were very curvy for her size. She looked a little scared.
"Maybe this was a mistake," she said. "I don't want to cheat and Chad, especially in a dirty bathroom like some shameless slut. I am not that kind of girl. Find someone else to suck your big stupid cock." She was angry, but her voice was breaking from her obvious arousal. She couldn't stop looking at his crotch. She turned away and headed for the day. I almost spurted when I saw how cute her little ass was in the light pink thong.

"Bitch!" Marcus grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. "You're not leaving here until I got what I came here to get." He grabbed her by both shoulders and lifted her up to his face, forcing a powerful, smothering kiss. I could hear his large tongue probing her little mouth, smacking wetly against her pink lips as she moaned desperately. She was so short that her head had only come up to his upper chest, so now her little feet dangled in the air helplessly. She struggled, but it was futile.

Marcus dropped her and she fell on ass with a loud smack. She whined from the pain as Marcus grabbed her by the hair and lifted her back to her feet. With two violent whips of his giant arms he tore the pink bikini off her body, one hand tossing the top into a urinal, the other hand tossing the thong into the stalls. Miraculously it landed right on my head and I could instantly smell the pussy-juice in the damp material.

I ducked down just in case either of them were looking where the thong went, not wanting to give away my position. I pulled the thong from my head and looked at it. It was so small that it looked like something for a large doll. I was scared of being caught so I hid instead of watching, but then a loud gasp caught my attention.

"I hope you're ready to suck this cock you were so keen on staring at earlier," Marcus said. His voice was threatening."

"Hoy fuck!" the girl gasped. "I didn't think . . . I didn't think it was that big!"

I peeked up again to see. She was on her knees, her face was a mixture of awe and fear. In both hands she held up what looked like a thick black snake, so thick that her hands could not fit around it at all. Marcus's cock was a monstrosity. At first she just looked at it, the bulbous head dangling centimeters from her puckered mouth. The look on her face was that of an innocent child playing with a strange new toy, but slowly it dawned on her that this was not a toy. It was a cock, and it was going to fuck her. She was terrified now.

"Please, I'm sorry," she pleaded with Marcus's monster cock. "I'm sorry I teased you. I'm sorry I wiggled my ass at you and told you my favorite flavor was chocolate. Please, please don't fuck me with this." She was crying from her wide, terrified eyes.

"Stop pretending, ho." Marcus grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved forward, his mammoth head splitting its way into her pink mouth. It took a fair bit of shoving just to get the head in, and after that the poor little minx could barely take two inches of Marcus's thick meat before she started to gag. Her eyes bulged, spit was dribbling from her nose, and her little chest convulsed as she tried vainly to breathe.

"Fucking pathetic." Marcus pulled his cock out of her little mouth with a loud 'pop.' Thick lines of saliva still connected his cock to her chin, and they broke as she coughed painfully. With a sudden, violent motion he flung her to the tiled ground where her head smacked against the floor. "Get your ass up, you worthless slut. Can't even suck a dick." With his giant hands he picked her up by her tiny waist and set her up in a doggy position, there was nothing she could do to stop him.

He pried open her legs a little and I could see her pussy. It was the same color as her white skin, it was dripping, and it was tiny. It was probably the smallest pussy I had ever seen. Marcus stuck his index finger in just to probe her, and just that stretched her out remarkably. She squealed as Marcus slowly finger fucked here. "MMMAAHH!!" She cried "That's bigger than my boyfriend!"

"My finger?" Marcus asked skeptically. "My finger is bigger than your boyfriend's cock?"

The girl couldn't respond with words but she bit her lip and moaned in affirmation. She was wiggling, trying desperately to get away, but Marcus held her tight.

"No shit? Well, if you're having this much trouble taking my finger than this is really going to fuck you up." With no more warning Marcus got into position behind her, lowering his muscular ass behind her soft little rear. He rubbed the length of his thick serpent along her small buttocks before finally pressing the pulsing head against her dripping honey-hole. His cock-head was bigger than her pussy was, and for a long moment nothing happened. I hoped Marcus wouldn't do it, thinking that such a size difference in genitals would surely kill the girl, and she must have been thinking the same thing as she cried and begged him to stop.

But then Marcus made his thrust. One sudden, violent thrust and six inches of his thick meat rocketed into her tiny sugar-pocket. Less than half of Marcus's cock was in, but that was all that would go apparently. There was a sickening moment of silence as the little girl gasped, but then she started screaming, and Marcus unleashed himself upon her. He was fucking her in earnest now, trying to fit in the mile of cock he had to offer, but she couldn't take half of it. He grabbed her by her pink hair and held her up in the air, only his hand and his cock keeping her up as he harshly pumped her like a cheap condom. "Slut! Slut! You are a fucking, worthless, cock-hungry slut!" he yelled as he fucked her.

What followed was about ten minutes of the most brutal fucking I had ever witnessed. It got to the point that she couldn't even scream anymore. Marcus's eyes went white and he seemed to lose his mind as he raped that petite victim, his third leg pushing her across the bathroom floor like a mob. It was like watching a horse rape a kitten, and to my shame, I was jerking off frantically as I watched. Seeing this tiny, innocent, little girl being permanently destroyed by this black giant terrified me, because it made me think of what could happen to Loli, but I was also aroused and jealous, jealous that I couldn't fuck a woman like this.

Finally Marcus was reaching his climax, but it was already far too late for the little girl. He lifted her up in his arms like a toy and then walked over to the stalls. I ducked down to hide and prayed he wouldn't find me. Thankfully he kicked down the door to the stall next to me. I peeked over and saw him leaning the girl over the toilet. Her head went into the bowl as he made his final thrusts into her and began to cum.

Every muscle in his body erupted as he exploded into her. I could actually hear the semen entering her tiny womb, and I could see the semen shoot out the sides of her cunt like a high-pressure leak. There was not enough room in her for all of his semen. He pulled her up out of the toilet bowl, her hair was dripping wet and she coughed as she spat up the toilet water she had swallowed. He pulled her off of his cock (a difficult feat itself) and sat her down on the toilet facing him.

I could look into her eyes, but there was nothing in them. She was gone. Her mind was broken. Marcus aimed his still turgid cock at her adorable face and started pumping it. His face contorted in pain as he let loose the rest of his ejaculation onto her, his thick syrup covering her hair, eyes, mouth, and chin. He backed off and shook his head, almost as if he had just realized what he was doing.

"Shit," he said a little remorsefully. "Maybe I went a little too hard on her."

"There is no such thing as too hard," came a strange woman's voice with a seductive, dripping tone. "Or too big. Or too black."

Carefully, I peeked over to the bathroom entrance and saw one of the most stunning women who had ever walked the earth. It was Marcus's current girlfriend, Sophia Underland. She slowly catwalked over to Marcus on too very long legs, wearing the most deadly looking pair of stiletto's I had ever seen. Her skin was ivory white and her long hair was silver, and the swimsuit she wore was am exotic one-piece made of transparent fabric. She sparkled as she moved.

"Let me see the bitch," she demanded and Marcus backed away from the stall. Sophia trotted in and looked down at the cum-covered, destroyed little rape victim. "Beautiful. Just beautiful." Sophia licked her lips.

"I shouldn't have done this," Marcus said. "I can't hold back anymore, and she was way too small for me. I could have killed her."

"I could have arranged for her death to look like an accident, Marcus, don't worry," Sophia said as she wrapped her long arms around his bull-neck. "Accidents happen on the sea. Sometimes stupid little sluts lose their footing and fall overboard."

"Why do you hate her so much?" Marcus asked. "Why have me destroy her like this."

Sophia ran her long, pink tongue on the side of Marcus's face. "Because she is the heiress to a company that competes with my father's, and that little-dicked boyfriend of hers is the son of another of my father's rivals. If they got married and combined their wealth they could surpass me, but no one's going to marry a brainless little cock-slut like this. Do you think that she'll ever be able to go back to her faggot boyfriend after being ripped open by you godly cock? Do you think he'd want her back, knowing that his little mouse-penis can't even touch the sides of her cunt anymore?"

Sophia turned back to the broken girl and smirked. Sophia lifted one of her legs up onto the toilet seat, leveling her pussy-mound to the girl's blank face. Sophia pushed her swimsuit aside and began fingering her own cunt mere centimeters from the girl's mouth.

"I love seeing them like this," Sophia moaned. "I love seeing the way you break them, the way you conquer them. I wish I had that power. I wish I could destroy someone the way you can, lover." Sophia began fingering herself faster. Her pussy began to drip into the girl's mouth. Sophia removed her fingers and simply planted her wet vagina onto the girl's vacant face, using her nose and lips for sexual friction. "What's the name of the Chink you use to date? The one whose dike-mother won the family vacation on this ship?"

"Lolita," Marcus stated flatly.

"Lolita. Lo-li-ta," Sophia ran the name over her tongue like she was eating a pussy. She was getting closer to her own climax, and she increased the rate at which she rubbed her cunt against the defeated girl's face. "What a slutty name. What a worthless slut she must be. I hate that a little Chink slut like that is on my boat, especially one that use to date you." Sophia moaned as her orgasm approached. "I want you to rape her. I want you to break her like you broke this girl. I want you to lead her on at first, make her thing that you love her, than I want you to kill her pussy as I watch."

"What? Why?" Marcus was surprised by his girlfriend's sadistic request.

"Because it'll make me wet, that's why nigger!" Sophia yelled back. "Don't forget who has the only pussy you've never been able to break. Don't forget who pays for your fucking scholarship. Don't forget who can last in bed with you longer than any other woman." Sophia was now bashing the girl's head against the toilet. "Who? Nigger! Who owns you?"

"You, baby," Marcus answered flatly.

"That's right, baby, me! I am the best bitch you'll ever get, and I am the one you owns your freak cock and . . . OH SHIT!!!" Finally she came, her pussy erupting over the unconscious girl's face like a broken sprinkler. Her whole body convulsed like she was having a seizure. She would have fallen down had Marcus not caught her by her large, firm breasts. He expertly twisted her diamond hard nipples, prolonging her explosive orgasm. Her moans were like warm butter and her blue eyes sparkled like radioactive sapphires. As she came down she grinded her ass against Marcus's hanging cock, hardening it.

"Mmm," she mounded. "Thank you, baby. I am sorry I called you a nigger, but you know how I get when I'm horny. I just want to grab something and fuck it until it dies."

"I know baby, I know." He twisted her head back and kissed her deeply. "Lets go, the Sex Fight Tournament is in a few hours and I still want to warm up." He picked Sophia up and carried her out over her shoulder, looking like a barbaric monster dragging away a noble women so he can rape her at his lair. She giggled evilly as she kissed his muscular back.

I was terrified. Sophia wanted Marcus to rape my girlfriend, and he was going to do it. After witnessing what he had done to that little pink girl in just ten minutes I could only imagine the utter Apocalypse he would be to my girlfriend's fragile body. Worst of all, I worried that Loli would go along with it. She would not be able to resist Marcus, not looking the way he looked. He dripped masculinity and power, and despite the fact that Loli was dating me, I knew she would go for him.

I left the stall carrying my black thong along with the little pink one. My erection was as hard as ever. I went into the next stall to get a look at the girl. She was a in pretty bad shape and still unconscious, but Sophia's squirting orgasm had washed away most of Marcus's thick semen. Despite everything, she was still adorable.

I got closer and reached out to fondle her breasts. They were much tighter than Loli's and her nipples were almost the same color as her skin. I spread her legs open to see the damage done to her pussy and I gasped at the devastation I saw. Her cunt was so open I could have fit my hand into it. My cock twitched in pain as I fondled her limp body. Without thinking about it I began to masturbate over her.

She began to move and her eyes twitched open. "Help . . . me."

Somehing dark took over my mind just then, something reached into my soul and grabbed me by my turgid little cock. "Sorry slut, but I need to help myself." I spread her legs open so wide that she winced in pain and then I plunged my cock into her cum-dripping whole. It was a worthless move, she was so wide my cock didn't feel anything.

Even in all her pain she snickered at me. "You're . . . so small. Not like . . . him."

The back of my hand struck her mouth in the strongest bitch slap I could muster. Spit and semen flew from her mouth as her head jerked. "Shut up, you slut!" I took her little pink thong and stuffed it down her mouth, gagging her. "Your pussy might be used up, but I know you've got another hole just tight enough for me."

She knew what I was going for and she squealed through her gag and I grabbed her hips forward. I bent her a little, getting her tight little asshole into position, and I pushed the acorn sized head of my five inch cock against her unused ass. "Ever had it here, bitch?"

She shook her head 'no.' her giant blue eyes were streaming tears. I plunged into her without a second thought. Her eyes bulged from the pain, and for a moment I knew what it was like to be Marcus Black. It only lasted a second though as my orgasm came prematurely. After only five or six strokes in her I was done. My cock went limp as I pulled out, and a few drops of clear semen followed.

I looked at her and she seemed more angry than hurt. I slapped her again and then turned to leave. As I left the bathroom I desperately hoped that I wouldn't run into that pink girl anywhere on the cruise ship, and I tried to think up a plan to keep Loli and Marcus separated, but I wasn't having any ideas.
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