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Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 05

Story till now: Marky was invited by his girlfriend Lolita Kwon, and her mother Dominique Kwon, on an erotic cruise ship along with his mother and sister. Marky goes along only to protect his naive girlfriend from her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Black, who has stated his intent to fuck her brains out and win her back through sexual dominance. Marcus is being aided by his current girlfriend Sophia Underland, the most evil bitch to have ever lived.


Marky Day: a loser twenty year old college freshmen with low self-esteem despite somewhat good looks and an athletic build. Caucasian, skinny, brown hair.

Samantha Day: Marky's very experienced mother. Large breasts, wide hips, long curly brown hair, typical milf.

Sadie Day: Marky's popular tomboy sister, twenty-five years old. tall and long legged, large breasts, short brown bobbed hair

Lolita Kwon: Marky's cute, spunky, and loveable Korean-American girlfriend. Nineteen years old. Tan skin, large dark eyes, and short black hair with long bangs.

Dominique Kwon: Lolita's dangerous, Amazonian mother. Possibly a former gangster. Long black hair, cold eyes, many scars, and tattoos of dragons and naked women on her arms.

Marcus Black: Marky's estranged childhood friend, Lolita's ex-boyfriend, and current varsity quarterback. Twenty-two year old African-American.

Sophia Underland: Marcus's current girlfriend and incredibly wealthy heiress, rumored to be sadistic and evil beyond imagining. Twenty-one years old. Long silver hair, ivory skin, and orgasmic body.

Doctor Dick: The cruise liner's doctor, a man in his late 40s. He doesn't fuck girls, he destroys them.

Lifeguard Rick: Dick's son. Rapes women by the busload. Most of them thank him afterward.

Beverly Wolf: The ship's chief lifeguard. She has a complicated relationship with Rick. Tall, blonde, athletic, big tits, and smart.

Nurse Nixxy: the world's sluttiest nurse. Blue hair, blue tattoos, and giant fake tits.

Nurse Nancy: Nixxy's best friend, a gullible and stupid bimbo. Short blonde hair, giant fake tits.


I finally found the suite my family was staying towards the front of the ship, and my jaw hit the floor when I saw it. The room was fucking huge, larger than I would ever expect a room on a cruise ship to be. I had been expecting a closet, just large enough for the five of us to sleep on, with a bathroom no bigger than a toilet, but I was looking into a three room suite.

The main room was like a living room, with couches and large windows. There was a stripper's pole in the middle of the room, which reminded me that I was a cruise for sex-maniacs. The room to the right was open. I looked in to see a large bedroom with a giant heart-shaped bed. Ms. Kwon (my girlfriend's Amazonian mother) was sitting on the bed with her legs spread wide open. She was moaning orgasmically as all the strong muscles on her shredded stomach rippled.

My mother was kneeling in front of the bed, her round ass wiggling in the air, her mouth sucking noisily on Ms. Kwon's vagina. I was still horny, even after raping that pink-haired girl in the bathroom fifteen minutes ago (see previous chapter), and the sight of my mother's puffy cunt and big, bronze ass made me hard again.

"Hey bucko, looks like you finally found the place."

I turned around to see my sister, Sadie, standing in the doorway to what looked like a nice bathroom. She was stark naked, not that she ever wore much clothing. She walked over to me on her long, slender legs, smiling at me with her evil, sexy smile.

"How are you little nuts feeling? I didn't pop them did I?"

"No. They're fine. Bitch." My balls didn't hurt at all anymore, even though she had almost destroyed them in the parking lot this morning, but I was very aware of them as my cock got even harder. I hated getting boners from looking at me sister. It just made her arrogant. "Where's Loli?"

"Right here sweetie?" My beautiful, cute, sexy girlfriend Lolita Kwon emerged from the bathroom also, right behind my sister. She was also stark naked. Her tan skin glistened with a little bit of sweat, and her short black hair was disheveled. She had that happy look on her face she got after having an orgasm. "Damn, Mark. You sister knows how to suck a clit."

"You . . . you had sex with my sister?" My cock felt like it was going to pop, but I was still angry. Sadie was throwing me an evil look as she licked her lips with her longue tongue.

"I hope that's okay," Loli said, rubbing her firm breasts. "I mean, you know I already had sex with those Australian boys, and I've wanted to have some lesbian action for a while now. Your sister and I were showering together and . . . well . . . one thing led to another."

"One thing led to another?" I asked, on the verge of tears.

"Yeah," Sadie grinned. "It started like this." She grabbed my shorter girlfriend by the hair, leaned in, and kissed her. Their tongues slapped against each other and Loli moaned as Sadie's hand glided over her vaginal mound. Her sparkling black eyes rolled back in pleasure, but my sister's evil green eyes never left me.

Spurt. Spurt.

I didn't realize I was cumming until I saw the first rope of semen launching from my five inch cock. It flew an impressive distance and hit Loli's bellybutton. It felt amazing, but I hated how I had no control over it.

"Mark!" Loli yelled. "What the hell! Didn't I jack you off like half an hour ago? I need to go clean this off." She turned around and reentered the bathroom, slamming the door behind.

My sister giggled as she licked her lips. "Smooth move, Captain Cool. I bet she's just dripping for you to fuck her now."

I wanted to punch my sister in the face by my mother and Ms. Kwon came out of the bedroom. Suddenly I was in a room full of naked, sexually magnificent women, and I was pretty sure they all hated me.

"Where have you been, retard?" My mother asked.

"In the hospital," I said through gritted teeth. "Sadie nearly crushed my testicles."

My mother snorted, and Ms. Kwon smiled coyly. "I have to go get ready," Ms. Kwon said. "My match is in less than an hour. Thanks for the great head." She gave my mother a slap on the ass and headed for the front door, grabbing a heavy gym back on the way. "Make sure you're there. I'll be looking for you in the stands." And then she left.

"What was all that about?" I asked my hypocritical mother. "You keep saying how much you hate lesbians, and you were just eating Ms. Kwon's pussy out like you were starving for it."

My mother marched up to me angrily, until her giant breasts were staring at me in the face. "I do hate dykes. What's the point of having a cunt if don't get it stuffed with a fat cock? But I hate niggers too, and that doesn't stop me from bringing one home every weekend to fuck my brains out. Sex is sex."


"And besides, the only reason we got to come on this cruise is because that ugly-bully-dyke-chink-bitch beat the shit out of another ugly-bully-dyke-chink-or-beaner-bitch in one of those Sex-Fights, so fuck-yeah I'm going to eat her cunt if she wants me to. I'd lick her asshole in a school-girl uniform if that's what gets her off, and you will too if you know what's smart for you."



I didn't she my mother's foot until it had already kicked my balls into my hipbone. One last strand of semen shot out, pushed by the pain, and landed across her tan, muscular leg. I gasped in pain and fell to the floor, clutching my balls.

The door to the bathroom opened back up, and my cute, sexy, perfect girlfriend came out wearing a sexy new outfit. She was wearing a ripped t-shirt that barely covered her small, firm tits, which showed off a great amount of under-cleavage. Other than that she was wearing a microscopic yellow thong, leather boots, and leather gloves. Her shoulder-length hair was tied into a knot on the back of her head, but her bangs still covered half of her face. Sexy, cute, tough, beautiful.

"Sweetie, what are you doing on the floor?"

"No-nothing," I grunted through the pain.

"Well get up. My mom is fighting a Sex-Fight match soon, and I want to go root for her. Aaaannnd, I'm sure the sexiest people on the boat will all be there. It's going to be fucking awesome." Loli skipped to the door, her bubble butt bouncing with every step. It was perfectly framed by her tiny yellow thong. "C'mon sweetie. I don't want to miss a second."



The crowd gathered around the sex-fight ring was pretty wild by the time we got there. It wasn't as large as the crowd of revelers around the pools yesterday, but it was substantial enough to number in the hundreds. Sex-Fights were one of the most popular erotic sports in the world, but it was still incredibly violent, and that meant it only appealed to certain kinds of people. I did like Sex-Fights, it was hot as hell to watch two Amazons rolling around in the ring, or to watch some hung stud having his way with a little lady, but sometimes it scared me.

The bleachers were thick with spectators, but not all of them were just watching. Half of them were fucking while they watched the sexy combatants rip each other apart in the ring. Women were bouncing in the laps of their macho lovers as losers were bounced off the mat in the ring. Strong studs wrestled down their slutty girlfriends as fighters wrestled on the stage. The ring was stained with blood, the bleachers were dripping with cum. They were all dressed in a similar manner to Loli, wearing ripped clothing and leather gloves, or even leather straps and revealing leotards. Sex-Fight Fans liked to dress as if they were sex-fighters themselves. A girl dressed like a comic-book dominatrix giggled at me. The only thing I was wearing was my tight black thong, and I realized I must have looked like a total wimp compared to my girlfriend.

Loli was screaming her head off as she sat next to me, jumping up down, cheering as we watched, shaking her perfect ass. A blonde woman behind us complained that Loli was blocking her view. They started to argue and the blonde woman took off her shirt, revealing pierced nipples, saying she was going to kick Loli's ass. The woman went down hard when Loli punched her right in the nose, and then went right back to cheering. As the unconscious bimbo fell into my lap my unbelievably hard boner hit he in the face again. I pushed her off me and went back to watching the match.

I recognized two of the women fighting in the ring, they were the nurses who had treated by busted testicles, the ones fucking Doctor Dick. Nurse Nixxy and Nurse Nancy. They were both total bombshells. Big, giant fake tits and round hips on long, long legs. Nixxy had long, spiky blue hair, and Nancy had short blonde hair. They were fighting a handicap match against a single man, an incredibly ripped black man in a red thong. The board says his name was Midnight.

No doubt Midnight thought it would be easy (and fun) to beat the piss out of these two slutty bimbos. Rules were that the winner of a Sex-Fight got to do whatever they wanted to the loser. Absolutely whatever they wanted. My dick got harder as I imagined myself down in that ring, before defeating the two nurses with my imaginary martial-art skills. After that they would be my sexual property, and my dick would own their big tits, big asses, and dirty, dripping pussies.

Midnight probably expected that, but that's not what he got.

Nixxy and Nancy were ripping him apart. They jumped around the ring with acrobatic precision, performing cartwheels and summersaults like ninjas. They were so fast I could barely see them, which was amazing considering how heavy their tits must have been. They were each wearing deadly high-heeled shoes, which they used to cut Midnight's muscular chest open. Their knees and elbows cracked his ribs and skull. As he fell to his knees, Nancy wrapped her long legs around his neck, supporting her body by grabbing onto the ropes, choking the breath from him. Nixxy took the opportunity to kick his substantially large cock around, causing it to flap around like a dead snake. Finally she ended it, stomping on his cock, causing a loud SNAP to echo from the ring.

The crowd went fucking wild, especially the girls.

"Alright!" Loli yelled, rubbing her hand over her pussy. "Girl-Fucking-Power! Break his cock!"

Nixxy and Nancy could have used Midnight for whatever purpose they wanted then, but they seemed more interested in fucking each other. Besides, his broken cock wouldn't be much use to them anyway. Nixxy and Nancy kissed, running their hands eagerly over each other's curvy bodies. Nixxy bent down, biting down on Nancy's yellow plastic thong, ripping it off in one motion. Nixxy's blue lips dove into Nancy's golden cunt with a furry, causing the less intelligent bimbo to scream in pleasure as her first orgasm hit her. Loli began moaning along with her, masturbating like a maniac. One of her leather-clad hands slapped wetly against her hairless pussy, while her other was firmly attached to my rock-hard pecker.

Nancy squirted when she came, and her juice ran down Nixxy's chin and tits, dripping on to Midnight's unconscious face. Then Nixxy got ready for her turn. She ripped off her neon blue thong and bent over, sticking her dripping cunt up into the air as she rested her tits on Midnight's bleeding chest.

Nancy was handed something by one of the naked ring-girls. It was a large yellow strap-on dildo. She clipped it on and then got into place behind her lesbian lover. Nancy spat into her hands and stroked her big rubber dick, although from the way Nixxy's cunt was dripping I didn't think any more lube was really needed.

When Nancy penetrated her friend the crowd went into over drive. A large Hispanic man was jerking off behind me, and the sight of Nancy's ass pumping Nixxy's sex-pocket finally made him bust his nut. He lost control of one strand and it hit my shoulder. I wanted to puke but then his sexy wife, a bronzed Latina goddess, licked it off. I almost came when her tongue touched my skin.

The match down below came to an end. Nixxy and Nancy licked each other clean before taking a bow and strutting back to the locker-rooms, where they would probably fuck some more. Midnight's broken body was dragged out of the ring. There was a small medical staff nearby waiting to repair him to full health. With technology the way it was, even a dead man could be brought back to life, provided that he was brought to a healer machine quickly enough.

"Holy shit! Isn't this fucking awesome!" Loli yelled right into my ear. She was so horny that she grinded her breasts against my naked chest. Her nipples were sticking right through her flimsy ripped t-shirt.

"Yeah," I said, not sure if I meant it. "I love Sex-Fights."

"I know! God-fucking-damn! Nothing gets me wetter than seeing a bunch of stacked sluts and beefy studs beating the shit out of each other. It's like, they're having sex, but with their fists, y'know?"

I nodded.

"Good. Because I signed us up for a match."


"Yeah, there was one open slot after my mom's match. Don't worry, I've been training for months."

"Yeah . . . but . . . I haven't."

"Well I had to sign up the both of us. The only open slot was to fight a pair of Thai twins. Don't worry, they're little girls. We are going to fuck those little bitches up, and afterwards you can do whatever you want to them. Have you ever tasted Thai pussy before?"

"No," but I wanted to.

Loli took a firm grip on my cock and stated pumping it in her first. "Well get ready baby, because I'm going to serve you their tight little asses on a platter."

I couldn't believe it. I was going to be in a Sex-Fight. I was terrified, but also excited. The idea that I was going to fight two complete strangers, two girls, in front of a thousand people, while wearing nothing more than a thong was so intimidating it made me feel sick, but the reward was worth it. I would get Loli aroused, she would respect me, and I'd get to fuck two new Asian girls. I had to do it.

The smile was wiped from my when a new figure entered the ring. It was a tall woman, with long silver hair, and she was naked except for a pattern of glistening diamonds that had been plastered directly to her skin. She shimmered and sparkled like a goddess of sex, and her stunning presence caused silence to spread throughout the stadium. The only sound left was the noise caused by Loli's hand as she jacked my little cock.

It was Sophia Underland, Marcus Black's current mistress. She was holding a microphone.

"Greetings ladies and gentlemen, sluts and studs," her sexy voice rang throughout the small stadium. "For those of you too underprivlegged to know who I am, let me introduce myself. I am Sophia Underland, and my father owns this cruise line. As hostess for tonight's festivities, I'd like to introduce the sex-fighters for the next match.

"Omigod," Loli gasped as she fiddled my dick. "Is that Marcus's new girlfriend? Holy-fucking-ass-shit, she is . . . she is a goddess."

I couldn't believe it, but it looked like my cute girlfriend was drooling over Marcus's new catch. I knew Loli was bisexual, but she was practically drooling over Sophia. This didn't seem right, especially since I knew Sophia and Marcus were plotting to rape Loli, just like he had the pink-haired girl in the bathroom earlier today. This rich bitch had never even met Loli, but she hated her, and here was Loli having lesbian fantasies about that very bitch.

Sophia continued. "In this corner, we have a very special contender. Winner of the last championship my father hosted, for which she one five free tickets to this very cruise, weighing in at 180 pounds, five foot and ten inches, the Asian Sensation, the Korean Killer, the Yakuza Queen . . . Dominique Kwon!!!"

The crowd exploded into applause as Loli's mother came out of the locker-room, wearing nothing but a loose fitting black kimino. As she got near the ring the kimono slipped off of her body as if by magic, revealing her Amazonian body and erotic tattoos. The only thing she was wearing was some wraps aound her fists and feet. She walked into the ring like she owned it and raised her fist into the air. I knew that Mr. Kwon was a celebrity amongst Sex-Fight enthusiasts, but I had no idea just how popular she was.

Sophia was smiling evilly, and that bothered me. She was smiling like she did when she had been rubbing her pussy against the face of the pink-haired girl. "Now, I had trouble finding a suitable opponent for this champion, so I had to have one specially imported. As some of you may know, genetic modification has become quite advanced this last decade, which has made scientific advancements such as our ship's drug-girls possible (see previous chapters), but this promising science has not been ignored by the military either. So, without further ado, I present to you a creature formally known as Private Mindy Tower, twisted by years of unethical, insane, evil science, coming in at 500 pounds, eight feet and two inches, . . . The Minotaur!!!"

From the other locker-rooms emerged a creature that I could barely believe was human. It was over eight feet tall of rippling, disgusting muscle that bulged with monstrous strength. It must have been a human female once, since her name was Mindy Towers at some point, but now the only thing female about it was its strangely lovely face and two enormous breasts, which were topped by six inch brown nipples. But the creature was not a woman, because between its thick legs swung the largest cock I had ever imagined. It must have been two feet long, flaccid, and its deformed helmet was pierced with a giant golden ring. The creature had several piercings actually. One in its cock, one in each gigantic nipple, and one big ring in its feminine nose.

It stepped into the ring and snorted like a bull. I was amazed that Ms. Kwon didn't run away. She stood her ground but looked a little less confident than she had a moment ago.
"Holy fuck," Loli whispered, still jacking my cock. "Mutants aren't supposed to be allowed in these fights. How is mom supposed to take that thing on?"

Sophia laughed a sexy, evil laugh. "Now, I realize this match isn't completely fair, so I am allowing it to be a handicap. I have allowed our Asian dominatrix to choose one ally to accompany her in the ring. So, it is my pleasure to introduce her partner, a former pornstar of great fame, one I have personally masturbated to on many occasions, the star of such films as Bitch Breakers 2, Slut Warrior Part 1, 2, and 3, Black Cock Milf, and Watch me Fuck Your Son, the voracious, the arousing, the tit-nificient . . . Samantha Day!!!"

I almost feinted when my mother walked into the ring, naked but for a pair of red thigh-high boots and red shoulder-high gloves, glistening with sweat and sexuality, waving her fists in the air. She grabbed Ms. Kwon and the two Amazons kissed passionately, earning cries of pleasure from the crowd. But then my mother saw their opponent, the Minotaur, and her knees shook. I knew she had been acting up till now, pretending that she actually liked Ms. Kwon when in truth she just liked the cruise, and now reality was cock-slapping her in the face. She had probably expected to fight one or two regular human opponents, which she could handle, but thus monster was eyeing hungrily, it's thick appendage pulsing with sexual need.

This was going to be fun, I realized. After being a total bitch to me for my whole life, my whore of a mother was finally going to get hers. She was going to get fucked to death by this monster (although she'd be saved by the medical team), and I was going to watch. More than watch, I was going to get to jack off while it happened.

Sophia walked over to the Minotaur, kissed her fingers, and then ran that same hand along the length of its anaconda-penis, showing just had big it was by comparison. The monster was twitching with anticipation, its cock getting harder and harder.

"Fuck! Kill! Mooooo!" it roared in a voice barely human.

Sophia climbed up onto a turn buckle, showing off her erotically curved body as she did so. Once on top she struck a pose that elicited automatic orgasms from several people in the crowd. Then she screamed into the microphone "Let's get ready to FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCKKKK!!!!!"

And with that the fight began. The Minotaur charged at the two human women, roaring with insane rage. Ms. Kwon was smart enough to roll out of the way, but my mother was not an experienced sex-fighter. The monster's giant shoulder slammed into mom's stomach, which although muscular, could do nothing to protect her from the force of the blow.

With a painful UMPH my mother's jiggling body was thrown against the ropes. She rebounded into the air, where the Minotaur caught her in its giant arms, and then slammed her against the mat like a broken doll. My mother screamed in pain and I almost climaxed on the spot.

Ms. Kwon had used the time to climb onto one of the turnbuckles, from which she jumped into the air and performed a perfect flying kick right into the Minotaur's face. The heel of her foot struck like a meteor, but it wasn't enough to topple the monster. The Minotaur took a few steps back, groaning in pain, but didn't fall. Ms. Kwon was on her feet, and she threw a barrage of punches into the monsters' stomach, but these did absolutely no damage. The Minotaur's stomach was like a piece of armor, its abdominal muscles as hard as steel.

The Monster chuckled, and grabbed Ms. Kwon by her long black hair. "Oh shit!" The monster raised Ms. Kwon several feet into the air before kicking her straight in the stomach. Ms. Kwon's body folded like a broken board as the monster's massive leg crushed her stomach. She flew through the aid and bounced of the mat. When she finally came to a stop she started vomiting. The pain must have been overwhelming.

The beast was now fully erect, its nightmarish cock curved upward like a horn, easily three feet in length and as thick as a strong man's arm. Its cock was dripping with sweat and what must have been pre-cum.

The Minotaur bent down and picked up my mother by her long brown hair. She was barely conscious, but I could see the fear on her face as she looked down at the cock that was going to literally tear her in half. The monster lifted her body closer to its face, and it began to lick my mother's breasts, savoring the taste of her fear. The monster flipped my mother around, so her chest faced away, and big ass now hung in front of the monster's hungry mouth. The creature sucked and licked at my mother's cunt and ass, as she began to scream in ecstasy despite herself. She was dripping. A waterfall came from my mother's vaginal slit, dripping down the monster's chin. Mom was pissing herself.

The monster then began to lower her onto the pierced helmet of its impossible penis. The cock-head was easily as big as two fists put together, and it stretched my mother to the breaking point. She was screaming, moaning, and she was also cumming her mind out. The monster roared as it had a mini-orgasm, sending thick blasts of semen up my mother's womb. From the way the semen dipped out of her body it must have been as thick as pancake batter.

It felt like my birthday. Watching my mother being split open was the greatest thing I ever saw, and with Loli's hand pumping my cock I was ready to cum. I did. "FUCK!" The first blast was so powerful that I hit myself in the face, and the rest flew into Loli's lap.

"Mark! How can you cum at a moment like this? Our moms are getting raped!"

I licked the cum off my lips. "I . . . I know."

I was ready to watch my mother break, but then Ms. Kwon got back up. She ran right towards the Minotaur, right between the monster's giant legs, and she performed a perfect roundhouse kick right into the monster's volley-ball sized testicles.

The monster screamed in pain as its giant balls bounced back in forth in the leather sack that was its scrotum. Distracted, it let my mother slip, and she fell even further onto the killer cock. Now it was bulging in her stomach. She screamed in intense pain.

Ms. Kwon started punching the giant balls, slapping them, kicking them, and beating them like a punching-bag. The Minotaur was foaming at the mouth in pain, but it couldn't stop Ms. Kwon with my mother impaled in its dick. The Minotaur climaxed again, and my mother's stomach expanded as it took in all the thick semen.

Then Ms. Kwon took one of the volley-ball sized testicles into her strong hands, and she began to squeeze. She squeezed it so hard that every muscle in her beautiful back stood out, making the sexy tattoos on her back come alive. She squeezed, gritting her teeth in pain, and squeezed with all her strength. Finally, it broke.


The testicle bursting was so loud that it echoed in the room like a tire exploding. The Minotaur screamed like the world was coming to an end, tears flowing from its eyes, and foam from its mouth. The monster's cock erupted again, this time with enough force to send my mother flying through the air like a bottle-rocket. She landed on the other side of the ring, on her back, her pussy exploding with a flood of semen.

Then Ms. Kwon took a hold of the other gargantuan flesh-orb and began squeezing it too. This one popped quicker than the first one, but it was just as loud. Semen spewed from the monster's cock like a fire-hose, and it rained down on Mr. Kwon, coating every inch of her body. The monster began to tip over, falling onto the ropes. They snapped, unable to support the monster's weight, and the Minotaur fell to the floor.

The audience was in stunned silence as Ms. Kwon hobbled over to where my mother was just coming back to her senses. Loli's mother helped my mother up, and together they raised their fists in victory. The crowd cheered them like heroes returning from war. The entire fight had been videotaped and broadcast of the Erotic Sports Network, and this night would go down in history.

Sophia Underland strutted back into the ring. She looked pissed. When she walked by the Minotaur's head she cruelly kicked it with her high-heeled shoe. "Stupid cow. Can't even rape a couple of old whores," she whispered, but the microphone picked it up anyway.

"Well," she announced. "I do love an underdog, or should I say 'underBITCH.' The odds against Dominique Kwon and her pornstar girlfriend were 100 to 1, which means that these two women are now extremely rich. Give them a round of applause, you stupid rednecks. This match is over."

Loli was jumping up and down with glee. "I love you mom! I love you Mrs. Day! I wanna fuck you both so bad!"

I, on the other hand, was miserable. Not only did my mother survive with her lower torso intact, but she was now ever wealthier than before. She was going to be such a huge bitch now that she had more money.

"Well," Sophia announced. "The time has come for a brief intermission, after which we'll have a two on two match featuring rookie contenders. Don't miss it. There's nothing better than watching four young, eager, violent little sex-freaks go at it in the ring."

"Are you ready baby?" Loli asked, hugging my tightly, her stiff tits tickling my sensitive chest, and her knee rubbing my balls. "That's us. We're up next.


My mother moaned in pain and pleasure as Ms. Kwon's mouth sucked forcefully on her sore cunt. Every few seconds she'd turn her head and spit out an absurd amount of Minotaur semen onto the floor. The spit-pile was already three feet wide, and Ms. Kwon was only now starting to slow down. Maybe my whore mother hadn't gotten as fucked up as I would have liked, but she had gotten fucked pretty hard.

"Oh shit," mom moaned. "How much more is there?"

"I think this is the last of it," Ms. Kwon said, happily returning to her meal.

My mother was lying on her back on a bench in the locker room, sweating profusely from the heat and the several orgasms Ms. Kwon's oral healing was giving her. Her large, tan breasts glistened with large drops of sweat, and they jiggled every time another painful spike of pleasure rippled through her body. She was crying a little, because of the pain and the annoyance that she was forced into so much lesbian sex, which she only enjoyed once in a while, as I knew. After a whole day of nothing but pussy I knew she was just dying for a cock. I had never known my mother to go 24 hours without fucking something.

My cock was as hard as a rock, but not just because I was watching my mother getting the spunk sucked out of her by my girlfriend's tattooed mother. Loli was warming up in the corner, and she looked amazing. She was kicking a heavy punching bag with a series of high-kicks that looked strong enough to break a man's neck, and her thong-covered ass jiggled firmly with every kick. It was like her ass was screaming "FUCK ME," but also "I CAN KICK YOUR ASS, MUTHAFUCKA."

The room was actually pretty crowded with other sex-fighters, most of them from other matches I hadn't seen. There was one vey fit emo boy applying lots of eyeliner to his feminine face. Other than his makeup the only thing he wore were two spiked leather gloves and a spiked leather choker. His dick was not very large, but his ass and abs were cut from diamond. There was a perky petite blonde girl who looked much younger than she actually was, and she was doing jumping-jacks. Her only clothing was a tight red sports-bra and a matching red thong. She was being coached by a large-breasted woman who could have been her mother, and she was reminding her daughter to kick her opponents in the testicles to get an early advantage.

"Fuck!" my mother screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. Ms. Kwon was very good at eating pussy.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, no. Keep going. I don't want to get pregnant with that freak's offspring. Giving birth to a Minotaur would kill me."

"No need to worry about that," a strong man's voice said from behind me. "Infertility in almost universal amongst genetic mutations as severe as those in the case of Private Mindy Towers. I should know, I invented the process which turned her into the Minotaur. Such a shame, she was a very sexy little girl at one time. I remember fucking her a few times, before 'volunteering' her for my research."

I recognized the voice. I turned around and saw him, Doctor Dick, the cruise ship's insane doctor. He was wearing a white doctor's coat, but absolutely nothing else. His body was tan, hairy, and chiseled from solid rock. His cock was erect, and it was so long, thick, and veiny that it almost looked alien. Nurses Nixxy and Nancy were hanging on his arms, obediently stroking his chest with adoring hands, the expressions on their faces no less than religious in conviction to their sexual lord.

My mother's eyes lit up like fireworks. "Well Helllloooo handsome!" She hopped right over Ms. Kwon's head and stumbled over to Doctor Dick, smiling like a horny schoolgirl. "And who might you be?"

"Dick. Richard Dick. Dr. Richard Dick, head surgeon and doctor of the Aphrodite's Shell." His smile was confident and raptorial.

My mother gasped. "A doctor? What an important, lucrative, and sexy occupation. And are you married, Doctor Dick?"

Doctor Dick looked confused for minute, as if he were trying to remember something unpleasant from his childhood. "Actually, I may have two wives. There's the one in California, the one in Florida where I have my condo . . . and was there one in Japan? Oh, it's so hard to keep track. But say, aren't you Samantha Day?"

"I am," my mother said, thrusting her fat tits into Doctor Dick's hard chest. His erect cock was so tall that is actually tickled the underside of her massive boobs. "Do you like my movies?"

"Love them. My absolute favorites. Maybe you and I can make one together. You, me, and these two sluts. Why don't we discuss it over dinner in my cabin?"

My mother looked ready to feint. "That sounds delicious. What will we be eating?"

"You can have whatever you want. I'll be eating you."

"That's enough!" Ms. Kwon interrupted, looking incredibly angry and jealous. She got between my mother and the cocky doctor, staring up at him with furry. "This is my woman, my pussy, and I don't want my pussy getting anymore torn up than it already is. Got that, asshole?"

Doctor Dick never lost his cool. His two giant hands reached back and grabbed his nurses' large asses, causing them to sequel like little girls. "So she belongs to you, huh? Fine, I can respect that, from one pimp to another. But I really do want to fuck that pornstar. I can't tell you how many times I've fucked some boring bitch while watching one of her movies, just so I can get off. So, how about we have a wager, say over a Sex-Fight?"

Ms. Kwon's eyes sparkled at the mention of a Sex-Fight. She lived for Sex-fights. "Well, I know what you want if you win, but what do I get if I win? . . . which I will."

Doctor Dick pushed his girls forward a little. "These sluts. If I win, I get Mrs. Day for the rest of the trip. My dick, her mouth. My mouth, her pussy. My cum, her tits. If you win, these two cunt-licking-cum-sucking-ass-kissing retards will be yours."

Ms. Kwon looked the two bimbos up and down. She smiled. "Game on, dick-head"

"Don't I get a say in this?" My mother asked.

"NO!" Ms. Kwon and Dick answered at once.


Loli stopped kicking the punching bag. As if by some sort of cue, the bag burst open at that moment and started spewing all its sand onto the ground. My cute Korean girlfriend had just kicked it to death. She strutted over to where I was standing, completely ignoring her mother and the doctor staring each other down.

"C'mon baby," she said to me. "Victory awaits."


Sophia stood in the center of the ring, her perfect body covered only by sparkling diamonds. She was grinning like a lynx when Loli and I entered the ring. She was wearing her leather gloves, leather boots, yellow thong, and ripped t-shirt. I was wearing nothing by the same black thong I had been wearing all day. I did not look like a Sex-Fighter and the audience responded by snickering at me and loudly guessing how quickly I'd get knocked out. They were right, but I had to stay, for Loli's sake. I knew that Sophia was plotting something. She wanted to hurt Loli just because she had once dated Marcus Black, and only I could stop it.

"And now, Ladies and gentlemen, studs and sluts, cunt-lickers and cock-suckers, it is time for the first two-on-two match of the night. In this corner we have two amateur fighters, although one happens to be the daughter of an experienced pro, I give you . . . Lolita Kwon and Mark Day!!!"

The cheering was mild and overshadowed by some laughs and catcalls. Rookie matches weren't as popular or as widely telecasted as the pro-fights because they were generally less interesting and less visceral. Usually, rookies would just end up rolling around on the ground until one of them had been beaten up enough to submit, and then some generic rape would follow. Rookie matches were popular still, but only because the fighters were usually very young.

"And in this corner we have another import, two tiny sluts who have already made a name for themselves in the ruthless cage-fights of Thailand, the Twin Terrors, the Sluts of Saigon . . . Mai-noi and Mai-pa!!!"

The crowd cheered loudly, chanting their names. I didn't realize that our opponents were veterans, I had just thought we'd be facing off against a couple other first-timers. When the Thai sisters entered the ring I wasn't sure of what to think of them, although my cock strained against the material of my thong. They were extremely petite, being no more than five feet high, and their chests were flat, and I mean flat. Their nipples were pointy and brown, but they had absolutely no tits to speak of. Their tan skin was rippling with muscles though. Not in the arms and legs as much, but certainly in their core. Their abdominal muscles were so outlined they looked like the underbelly of an insect.

They did cartwheels and back-flips to show off their acrobatic ability, then they flexed for the crowd, highlighting their perfect six-packs, and then they took each other in their arms and began to kiss each other sensually, their pink tongues sliding over each other's.

"Oh Mai-noi," Mai-pa said. "Me so horny."

"Me so horny too," Mai-noi said, eagerly rubbing her tiny tight cunt. "We fuck. We fuck right after we fuck up these Yankees."

I could tell they were putting on an act, pretending to be stereotypes. As much as it did look like they didn't mind kissing each other they were putting on a show for the audience to gain favor. It was working though. The crowd was chanting their names ever louder now.

"Fight!" Sophia yelled, catching me by surprise.

"Get ready, baby," Loli whispered, springing into action.

One of the Thai sluts cartwheeled right in front of me, her cute tan face popping up inches away from mine. She was smiling sweetly, her lips puckering. For a moment I thought she wanted me to kiss her, and I almost did, but then her knee came up into my crotch. I clutched my balls in pain, opening my eyes just in time to see her sweet little ass spinning around. Her foot came up in a roundhouse-kick and struck me right in the face, sending me to the ground.

Loli was doing much better, but she still wasn't winning. She and her Thai opponent were dancing around each other, occasionally jabbing at each other. Loli got in a good punch, getting the girl right on the lips. A second punch followed to her six-pack abs, but Loli's fist stopped with a useless thud. The girl giggled, then kicked Loli in the face causing her head to snap back violently.

I looked up to see that my opponent was already up on the turnbuckle, legs spread wide open, smiling down with an angelic, cute face. She went airborne and spread her legs, giving me a perfect view of her tight brown pussy right before her ass landed on my stomach. I almost vomited she hit me so hard. She grabbed my head and pulled it up, slamming her forehead into my nose, almost breaking it. She giggled as I grunted in pain, sliding her wet pussy all over my chest. She stood up and put her foot on my throat, suffocating me. She was going for the win already.
I could see that Loli wasn't doing well either. She was standing, but the Thai girl had jumped up unto her shoulders and wrapped her little legs around Loli's head. Her cunt must have been right on my girlfriend's mouth. Mai-noi (or Mai-pa) then leaned back, arching her strong back, and put her hands to the ground as if she were about to do a back-flip, her legs still around my girlfriend's face. Then, with incredible strength, she sent Loli into the air and then slammed her onto her back.

Sophia was counting. "1 . . . 2 . . ." We were technically being pinned. These Thai sluts were about to win.

I had to do something. I grabbed the girl's foot and stuck out my tongue, running it along her little toes. Luckily she was ticklish and laughed hysterically as she stepped off. Her little body did a cute dance as she overcame her ticklish nerves. I rose up, coughing, and her ass hit me in the head hard enough to send me rolling. I was free though.

Loli had also turned the tables on her slut as well. She had managed to sit up and slam the Thai girl on her own back. Now Loli had the Thai girl on her shoulders, her legs spread wide open, and my girlfriend was absolutely devouring that Thai pussy.

I was so distracted by the sexy sight that I didn't see Mai-pa until it was too late. She ran right up to me, grabbed my head, jumped into the air, and brought me down in a brutal face-buster.

I was so dizzy that I lost sense of time. When I struggled up I was alone. Both of the twins had decided to ignore me and go for Loli. They had her in a double submission. Mai-pa's legs were wrapped around Loli's neck, while Mai-noi's legs were entangled with Loli's legs. Both girls were leaning back, which was causing Loli's body to by arched upward painfully. She grunted, and she started screaming. Any further and I was worried her back would snap. A broken back was not beyond modern science to heal (it was the future after all) but it was still extremely painful.

I got up, wobbling a little, and I ran my knee right into Mai-pa's cute face. She grunted and released her legs from Loli's neck. Loli took the moment to gain control, flipping over and then arching up, her legs still entwined with Mai-noi's. The reversal went perfectly and now Loli had Mai-noi in a very painful Boston-crab, bending her back and spreading her legs open.

Instead of going for Mai-pa again, I decided to help my girl with her slut. I aimed for Mai-noi's exposed cunt and punched it, me fist hitting with a wet smack. Mai-noi squeaked in pain.

I was going to punch her again but her sister caught my fist and expertly bent my wrist backward. I whimpered in pain as Mai-pa looked me dead in the eye, the left side of her face already swelling from my knee-strike.

"You punch my sister's pussy! You die!"

I was helpless as she twisted my arm. Her leg reach around and her heel shot up into my crotch. Then she bent her leg all the way up and kicked me in the face. She was so flexible that even though we were standing side by side she could still assault any part of my body.

She used my arm to throw me into the ropes. I bounced off them, having no control of my body, and I flew back to her. She was ready, flipping me over her waist like a doll. I hit the ground hard and got dizzy again. The next thing I knew she was lifting me up by my hair with a look of pure hatred in her narrow eyes. I was too dizzy to resist as she threw me into the turnbuckle, my head hitting into it hard. She spun me around and pushed my back onto the turnbuckle, then nimbly she bent all of my limbs back and wrapped them into the ropes. I was hanging above the ground now, my arms and legs splayed out by the ropes, my back against the turnbuckle. I couldn't move, and even trying to hurt like hell.

Mai-pa giggled sadistically as she looked at her work, hands on her narrow hips. I was absolutely helpless. She raised her leg, giving me another view of her cure little slit, and then she started kicking me. Her kicks came in lightning fast barrages, her foot striking ever part of my exposed body. She'd kick me in the jaw, and before my head could even finish snapping back she'd kick me in the balls. Her leg was a brown blur as she destroyed me.

When she finally stopped I was dizzy, in extreme pain, and covered with bruises. she looked down at my penis (which for some reason was rock hard) and stuck out her tongue. She looked disgusted but she got to her knees anyway and took my cock in her hands.

"You not very big," she criticized. "I like big penis. Big penis in little pussy feel good."

I spat on her face. "Fuck you."

Her fist came up into my balls and I almost puked. "I hate your penis, but I suck it. I suck it and make you weak. Then I break all bones in your body." She punched my gonads one more time and indeed started sucking my dick. Despite the pain it felt amazing. She looked up at me with her little black eyes, each filled with disgust and hatred as her tongue did things to my cock that I had no idea were possible. It was the best blowjob I had ever gotten, and Loli wasn't a slouch when it came to blowing cock.

Mai-pa was right though. The only thing keeping me conscious at this point was my sexual frustration. If I busted my nut I would be completely spent, and I'd probably want to pass out immediately. If that happened I would be nothing more than a big meat-filled toy for this sadistic slut to play with.

I looked to Lolita to see how she was doing, and I was sad to see she was not doing very well. Somehow Mai-noi had gotten Loli up on the turnbuckle too, having her back slammed on the top. Half of Loli's body was hanging 10 feet in the air as the other half hung in the ring, where Mai-noi was eating out her pussy like a cannibal. Loli was in a dangerous position. If she leaned away then she would fall out of the ring, a fall which would knock her out and probably break some bones. But the more she leaned in the more she put her pussy into her enemy's voracious mouth.

But then Loli responded. Her legs spread open wide, so wide it was like she was doing the splits. I thought she was going to cum, and I wanted to see her pussy pop all over the Thai girl's face, but then she legs snapped shut on Mai-noi's head. The Thai girl must have been stunned, because she stepped back on stumbling legs. Loli hopped up onto the turn buckle with animal agility, and she eyed her target. She jumped into the air, wrapping her legs around Mai-noi's heard, and then spun around one . . . two . . . three times.

It was an amazing hurricane spin, and when it was over Loli was on her feet on the mat, and Han-noi was flat on her back. Loli smirked and grabbed the girl by her hair, pulling her up, and then she took the Thai slut into her arms, flipping or over so that her head hung between my girlfriend's legs, and her tight pussy was at Loli's wet mouth. Loli started to eat her, quickly, savagely, and almost violently. This went on Mai-pa increased her tempo on my dick, bringing me quicker to orgasm.

Mai-noi screamed. Loli was practically chewing on her erect clit. The Thai girl climaxed, her pussy popping up into Loli's face like a burst water balloon. Loli giggled cruelly as the muscular girl writhed in her arms, every inch of her corded body dripping with sexual fluids.

"Now I finish you, bitch," I heard Loli say. She jumped up in the air and then came straight back down, pulling her legs up. Mai-noi's head struck the mat with the full force of her body and my girlfriend's body slamming her down. She struck with a sickening slam and bounced off the mat, finally coming to rest on her back. Her eyes were rolled up so high that they were white, and she was drooling at the mouth. The combination of that mind-breaking orgasm with the severe trauma to her head had knocked out hard. She was done.

Despite the violence of Loli's takedown maneuver Mai-pa hadn't noticed a thing as her head had become a blur on my stiff cock. It was frankly a miracle that I hadn't cum yet. Loli got behind Mai-pa and raised her leg.

"You like sucking my boyfriend's cock, bitch? Well you can choke on it!" Loli kicked down, slamming her foot into the back of Mai-pa's head. Her eyes bulged in pain, but it hurt me too. My five inch cock went deeper down her throat than I thought was possibly and I could feel her starting to gag. My cock was blocking her airway. Loli didn't let up though, she kept pushing the slut's head down further and further, causing my cock to slide deeper and deeper. Mau-pa was gagging more violently now, and she was trying to push herself off. Tears were dripping from her eyes, and long strands of spit dripped from her mouth.

Finally Loli lifted her foot, and Mai-pa's mouth popped off my dick. She gasped for air desperately, choking on her own spit. Loli grabbed her arms and bent them back, forcing Mai-pa's body to arch painfully. Loli rolled onto her own back, dragging Mai-pa along with her, and she wrapped her legs around the Thai bitch's knees. Loli was on her back, lifting Mai-pa into a four-limb torture-rack above her. Mai-pa screamed as Loli flexed the hold, forcing the girl's body into an even more radical arch.

"Eat her pussy, baby!" Loli yelled. "Make this bitch cum!"

I struggled free from the turnbuckle, clutching my sore limbs. My ribs felt like I had been hit by a baseball bat, but I stumbled forward, falling to my knees, and my face was right in front of Mai-pa's spread legs. Her pussy was dripping, so I could tell she was horny, but that didn't stop her from trying uselessly to break free.

"No, no, no, nooooo," Mai-pa whined.

I dove in, my tongue punching her little pink clit, and right away I got a response. Eating her pussy was like biting into a watermelon. Rivers of clear cum dripped down my chin as I munched down, provoking the slut to scream even more.

"Are you coming bitch?" Loli yelled. "Are you coming, you muscle-bound little freak?"

"No! No! I not cumming! I not cumming!"

But she was. I could feel her orgasm building up like a flood behind a dam, and pretty soon that dam was going to burst. I brought up one hand, which was shaking from pain, but I managed to take two fingers and coat them with her copious lubricant. I lined them up to the puckered hole of her incredibly tight little anus, and I pushed in.

She gasped, and then she came. My face felt like it was getting sprayed by a super-soaker when she popped. She was gasping at first, unable to get enough air to scream, but a moment later she started screaming.

"FFFUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!!!" she screamed, which followed by a long tirade of Thai gibberish, screaming words that I could not understand. Her body was shivering like she was being electrocuted and I fell backwards from the force of seizure. Loli was laughing.

When it was finally over Mai-pa just hung there in the air, dripping and motionless. Loli stretched her out a little more, just to test the bitch's flexibility, but the girl didn't even grunt. She was gone. Her mind had been shattered.

Loli let the girl slip to the mat and she got up. Mai-pa's cute little face was blank and wet, her chest only moved slightly as she breathed. Loli looked happier than I had even seen her, snarling and smirking like the cat who had just raped the canary. She squatted over Mai-pa's face and pushed her tiny yellow thong aside, revealing her own sopping wet pussy. Her hand blurred over her clit, and within moments she was cumming on Mai-pa's face, spraying all over her like a sprinkler.

My own cock began to erupt the moment I touched it, sending a few strands of jizz across Loli's smiling face, the rest decorating Mai-pa's muscular stomach. Loli crawled over and licked the last drops of come from my dick before rising to her feet and kissing me deeply. I didn't care that her mouth tasted like my own cum. Kissing her felt amazing.

The crowd was chanting out names now, and several pairs of panties were thrown into the ring in admiration.

Sophia rose into the ring. Her sparkling, perfect face was twisted into an angry frown. She had clearly wanted Loli to lose, but she had underestimated us. When Sophia came to Mai-pa's body she walked over it like it wasn't even there, one of her stiletto heels stabbing right into the Thai girl's flat chest.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she reluctantly announced. "Your winners."

As the crowd cheered and we pumped our fists in the air Sophia leaned over to whisper something into Loli's ear. She was whispering for almost a minute before she pulled away. I noticed that she gave Loli's earlobe a little lick.

"Yeah, okay," Loli said. "I want to. I'm not too tired."

"What?" I asked. "What are you agreeing too?" I was panicking. Only I knew that Sophia and Marcus were planning on doing something terrible to Lol, but the problem was only I knew that. Loli was so trusting, so loving of everyone (except these two Thai sluts) that she'd fall into any trap Sophia set up for her.

Loli kissed my cheek. "I'm going to fight in another match right now."

"What? Why?"

"My mom just got into some huge fight with that douche-bag Doctor who was hitting on your mom. They want to settle their argument with a Sex-Fight, but the douche-bag wants it to be a two-on-two match. His partner is going to be one son, so Sophia though it would make sense if I partnered with my mom."

"But . . . but," this was a trap! I knew who Dick's son was: Rick the Lifeguard, that rapist asshole from the pool earlier today. Rick was just as ripped as his father was, and his cock was equally devastating. I had watched Rick absolutely destroy two younger partners, a brother and sister, and then Rick dressed down his superior captain. Loli was going to fight those monsters?

"Don't worry sweetie," Loli said. "We still get to do whatever we want to these Thai girls. They'll just have to come back to our room later. Won't that be fun? You and me getting to do whatever we want to these two little cock-suckers all fucking night?"

The thought of Loli and me locked in a small, humid room with these two sisters as our sex-slaves sent my cock straight up, and I was so distracted by my fantasy that I didn't notice Sophia leading me out of the ring.

"Wait . . . but . . ."

"Shut the fuck up," Sophia whispered, "And I won't castrate you right here, right now."

I looked down to see her showing me the stiletto heel of her shoe. It had an actual blade imbedded in the heel. One well placed swing and I'd become a eunuch. Modern science could repair popped balls, a broken cock, and broken bones, but it couldn't grow me a new pair.

Silently I let Sophia lead me out of the ring. She pushed me into the audience and I felt two very strong, very large hands grab me and hold me down. The hands were larger than my shoulders, and they were as black as dark chocolate. I looked back to see a glistening black chest, shredded abdominal muscles leading down to a tightly packed black speedo. His crotch was emenating with waves of pheromones so thick it made me dizzy. I looked up to see a handsome face I recognized.

Marcus Black


"Marcus!" It was him, my old friend, now sworn enemy, not that he knew that. He probably hadn't even thought about me in years, but he was plotting with Sophia to hurt Loli.

"Hey Mark," his deep voice responded nonchalantly.

"What . . . what are you . . . let me go!"

"Sorry buddy, but Sophia told me to make you sit here and watch. She's really invested in the plan to humiliate Lolita."

"But . . . but why are you helping her. Lolita use to be your girlfriend.

Marcus looked embarrassed. "I know. I'm not happy about this. I tried to talk Sophia out of it, but that girl gets crazy jealous. I can't tell you how many people she's hurt just to satisfy some minor grudge."

"So stop her! You're Marcus Black, the toughest stud in school. Girls use to line up to lose their virginities to you."

He sighed. "True, but most of those girls were one-and-done types. I never even bothered to learn the names of over half the girls I've fucked. Sophia is different. Sex with her is like . . . transcendent. I didn't notice it at first, but every time she's fucked me I become more subservient to her. I tried to resist at first, but she could mould me like a lump of clay. I can't fight her now. I don't want to fight her now. I think I like being her slave." But his sad tone implied that this was not true. I would have never believed that Marcus could be manipulated, but here he was, a submissive slave to a dominant white woman.

Sophia once again climbed atop a turnbuckle, torturing the audience with her long curves and sparkling nipples. Marcus looked to her like a worshipper looking upon their divine goddess. She was holding the microphone as she announced the next match.

"Listen up, you horny fuckers! I am happy to announce that we will be having a special match tonight, a two-on-two match featuring father-son team against a mother-daughter team."

The crowd hushed at the announcement, and then went wild. The incestuous nature of the match was especially intriguing to the crowd of sexual deviants.

"In this corner we have the mother-daughter team, two sexy fighters you've already had the pleasure to watch this evening, the mother is an experienced champion, and the daughter is a promising rookie, I give you . . . Lolita Kwon again, and her mother, Dominique Kwon!!!"

Dominique reentered the ring and joined her daughter. They embraced but did not kiss. I don't think they were that deviant, like my mother was. Loli still had her yellow thing, ripped shirt, and leather accessories. Ms. Kwon was totally naked.

The crowd was going nuts for them, but Sophia silenced them. "Shut up, you motherfucking peasants! I'm not done talking!" she coughed as she regained her composure. "Well, yes, indeed. And in this corner, the father-son team, two bulging, rippling, bitch-taming, pussy-breaking, wife-stealing, daughter-slaying, sister-fucking studs, the father is the head doctor of this very ship, and the son one of our highly trained lifeguards, I give you, my uncle and cousin . . .

Sophia was related to Dick and Rick! That made some sense actually.

". . . Doctor Richard Dick and Rick Dick!!!"

As the father and son entered the ring my stomach sang. Their bodies were bulging with perfectly sculpted muscles, and there erect cocks stuck out from their hairless groins by almost a foot. Doctor Dick was larger, and his cock looked like a twisted piece of wood, but Rick was still large enough to rival even Macus Black.

Speaking of Marcus, I could feel his hardening cock pressing against my back. It felt like an anaconda was creeping up my shoulder-blades.

"Um, Marcus," I whimpered. "Do you think you could back off a bit. You penis is . . ."

"Shhh," Marcus hushed me. "I don't want to miss a second of this."

The two families were facing each other down in the center of the ring. Mother and daughter, versus father and son. Dominique's tall, muscular tattooed body had dominated the scene a moment ago, but Dr. Dick was a freak of physical and sexual exaggeration. He stomped over to her, completely naked and shining with obscene amounts of swear, and due to sheer swagger alone he seemed even more imposing than the Minotaur had. Dominique swaggered back, thrusting out her two medicine-ball sized tits at him, but her eyes wandered. They slinked down to his tanned, rippling hips where his meaty trunk stuck out a full foot, and Dominique's swagger faltered. She bit her lip out of what I knew was a mixture of arousal and fear. She was doubting herself, and her body was growing curious.

Dr. Dick saw her weakness, and he exploited it. He reached out with one of his big hands and cupped her chin, taking her completely by surprise. "My eyes are up here, sweetheart. Don't worry about my cock though. You'll get plenty of time to look at it while I'm ramming it down your throat."
The crowd roared with approval at Dr. Dick's taunt. Dominique slapped his hand away and backed off, looking more angry and afraid than I had ever seen her. Her posture slumped and one of her hands dove down to her uncovered pussy, covering it up as if trying to protect it from his gaze, as if his eyes alone could fuck her.

Loli was the only one in the ring wearing any clothes, albeit just her shredded t-shirt, yellow thong, and leather boots and gloves. She was walking circles around Rick like a wolf around a fresh kill, laughing and acting completely cool, but I could tell that she was also afraid, just by the way she looked at his rock hard ass and thick, turgid cock. She only laughed like that when she was nervous, and her sensitive nipples we poking up like little brown flags saying "FUCK ME, PLESE!"

I hadn't seen her this horny in a long time, maybe ever.

She got right in front of Rick and held up both hands in front of his face, giving him two middle fingers. The crowd cheered her spunky confidence, so she turned to flip them all off as well, ironically thanking them. She should have never turned away from Rick though. His hand shot out, twisted in her hair, and pulled her around for a deep, hard, dominating kiss. He pulled on her hair with such strength that her feet almost dangled off the ground, and her hands beat at his chest with futility. Whatever pain she felt was turning to pleasure. I could see her hips trying desperately to grind themselves against his rock hard abs.

When he let her go Loli stumbled backwards, drool dripping from her mouth, and she joined her mother in their corner. Both woman were already shivering with need, their eyes sparkling with the willingness to submit. Things were not looking good.

"Well, I can tell who my money's on," Sophia arrogantly announced through her microphone, and the audience cheered there agreement. "Alright, you worthless hillbillies. Let's get ready to FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCKK!"

The bell snapped Dominique out of her trance, awakening the natural fighter in her, and she sprang to action. She ran across the mat with lightning speed, raised an arm, and clotheslined Dr. Dick right in his muscled neck. I expected to see Dr. Dick head snap back violently before falling to the ground, but he barely moved. Dominique was surprised and off balance. He grabbed her arm and flung her like a wet towel into the robes, her large breasts shook painfully, and she bounced back only to get Dick's foot in her gut. She crumpled into a ball midair and fell to the matt in a fetal position. This was bad.

Loli screamed and attacked. She jumped amazingly high into the air and landed on Rick's shoulders, her knees wrapped around his head. She twisted her body and leaned down, hoping to twist his neck and topple him with a flip, but she wasn't heavy enough. He barely moved as well. Both hands came up and clamped down on the smooth globes of her ass, squeezing them tight. She started to squeal, and I knew his tongue was battering her already wet clit. He didn't eat her for long though. As soon as her legs weakened he pulled her off and flung her to the ground so hard that she bounced off it. She rolled on the matt in pain, clutching her bruised bubble-butt.

My attention was torn away when I saw a sparkling goddess coming towards me, walking up the bleachers like a beacon in the darkness. It was Sophia, dripping with hatred and sadistic satisfaction, her silver silken hair flowing down her slender back.

"Wow, you're so hot," some random douche said, groping her leg. "Can I . . . touch you."

Sophia growled and brought her stiletto heel down on his average sized cock. From the sound alone I could only guess that she completely impaled it.

A big-tittied bimbo with a heart tattooed over her naked cunt came to his defense. "Het bitch! No one bust's my brother's balls but me!"

Sophia silenced her with an uppercut that sent her flying. After that no one was willing to oppose her, and the crowd cleared a path so she could come to her destination: Marcus.

"Enjoying the show, love?" she asked him.

Marcus seemed worried. "They're not actually going to hurt her are they? Loli?"

Sophia licked her lips and hummed. "Of course they are, you dumb horse. That's what Rick and Dick do to women. They break them. They destroy them. They fuck girls into empty, warm bodies and rebuild them as brainless, sex-crazed sluts. Just like I did to you." She bent down right over me and gave Marcus a slippery kiss. her perfect, firm tits pressed against the top of my head and sent a shiver of electric sexual energy through my body. She tucked at Marcus's tight speedo and unleashed the ebony monster within, the massive head of his cock springing forth so fast that it smacked the back of my head like a kick from a mule.

"And what about you, bitch-boy?" Sophia asked me. "Having fun watching your little girlfriend getting raped?"

Loli wasn't getting raped, was she? I desperately looked to the ring to check on their progress, and was horrified to see how bad things had gotten already. Dominique was being held by her hair, and Dick was brutalizing her stomach with a series of rock-crushing punches. Then her grabbed her crotch, a few fingers slipping into her wet canal, and he lifted her above his head. He brought her down, slamming her back into his knee with such velocity that I was amazed she didn't snap in two. She screamed though, and he let her flop to the matt.

Loli was prancing around Rick, jabbing at his stomach and ribs, but nothing was having any effect. His core was as solid as a tree stump, and he only seemed amused by the angry Asian cutie punching him. She screamed and dove down, punching him right in the balls with a fast uppercut. He grunted in pain. That one he felt, but it only pissed him off. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet, before his other hand slapped her so hard her spit flew into the audience. She stood there for a second, struck dumb by the force of his slap, and then he slapped her again, thunder echoing in the stadium. He kept slapping her, and every slap was enough to send her to the ground, but he kept grabbing her by the hair or arm just to pull her back up for more.

Then, when she was on the very edge of consciousness, he stood her up straight, although her legs wobbled beneath her. With one hand her grabbed her ripped t-shirt, and with the other he grabbed the tiny crotch of her yellow thing, and with one gigantic movement he ripped them both from her naked body. She mewed weekly as she stood before him naked except for her gloves and boots.

He grabbed her by the waist and easily picked her up like a doll. He sat her down on the turnbuckle with her feet resting on the middle ropes. She was so dazed that she could do nothing to stop him. Then he climbed up in front of her until he stood on the middle ropes, and his thick cock was pushing against her cheek. He pumped his fist in the air and the audience erupted in applause, especially the women. Then, in horror, I watched as he grabbed Loli by the back of the head and positioned her open mouth over the raging head of his meat-hammer, and he pushed her down. It was slow going at first, but he repositioned himself and soon Loli's throat was impaled by all eleven inches of his thick weapon. He began to shake her head on his cock, and I could see Loli gagging as he pecker-punched the back of her throat.

Dominique was in a similar situation, but a different position. Dick was sitting atop the turnbuckle like a king atop a throne, and standing between his powerful legs was Loli's mother, now beaten into submission and forced to suck on twelve inches of twisted, unbreakable cock as Dick used her throat to masturbate. Dominique tried to claw at his chest, but her sharp nails slid helplessly against his solid, sweaty chest, and she only fell further onto his shaft.

I thought I could hear Loli sucking desperately on that killer cock, but it was Sophia who was blowing rod right behind me. She was bent over so that her skilled mouth could pump her lover's giant African staff, and her flawless vagina glided over my head. I tried to move, but Marcus had a firm grip on my arms, and my struggling only tickled Sophia's hovering clit.

There was movement in the ring. Rick was now lifting Loli into his arms and turning her upside down, so that her head hung over seven feet above the matt. Dick was doing the same, lifting Dominique pussy-up as he stood atop the turnbuckle. Father and son smiled at each other and performed a move they must have performed dozens of times before. They jumped, and as they came down all the force was brought upon the girls' heads, just as Loli had defeated her Thai opponent earlier.

The girls bounced like dead fish as they fell onto their back's, Loli landing on top of her mother's battered body. Such a blow seemed enough to kill anyone, but somehow both women struggled at to remain awake. Loli was grabbing the top of her head a crying, and Dominique merely coughed, still trying to recover from Dick raping her esophagus.

It wasn't over, but it was about to be.

"Ready to end these sluts, son."

"Ready dad. I can't wait to tie this tiny bitch up in my closet. She's going to be one well-used little fleshlight by the time this trip is over. What about you?"

Dick grunted. "I'm only doing this for that pornstar bitch. I don't give two fucks about this dyke. I'll break her right here, and then I'm done with her. I don't care if they feed her ass to the sharks."

The two dominant studs laughed as the grabbed at their respective conquests. Rick picked up the crying Loli and threw her back into the ropes where she hung lifelessly. Dick simple rolled Dominique onto her stomach and pulled her ass up so high that she was resting on her shoulders. Together, father and son mounted the women they had beaten so easily. I could hear Dominique moaning in frustration as the fat head of Dick's twisted appendage crushed its way into her sopping wet lips, and as he pushed his way in she screamed. She clawed at the matt, but she wasn't going anywhere. He laughed, grabbed her wide hips, and plunged all the way in. He started to fuck her like a jackhammer goes to a sidewalk, and now that he was inside her deepest places Dominique had no other option but to submit. She had been defeated in the ring before, but never like this. Never like such a bitch.

I looked at Loli, hanging in the ropes, her face veiled by her black bangs. Groggily, she looked up, tears slipping down her face. Through the crowded darkness I knew she saw me, sitting there like a helpless little baby, as her manly ex-boyfriend was getting his big, black cock sucked by his beautiful, divine, diabolical lover. There was nothing I could do but watch as Rick grabbed her hair and entered her. She mouthed something I couldn't hear, but from her lips it seemed she was saying "Help me," or maybe "Fuck you."

Rick actually moaned in pleasure as he took her, breaking his stone-cold demeanor for the first time. His cock had probably broken a thousand pussies before Lily's, but I knew just how silky and wonderful she was. She was special, as Rick was learning.

Dick did not share his son's satisfaction. He didn't even seem to find Dominique's muscular tattooed body attractive. He fucked her like a machine, like a butcher takes apart a pig. This was all business to him, and his business was breaking this once proud woman into a mindless semen filled bag.

As Dominique's cried turned into pathetic whimpering, Loli's screams turned into moans of ecstasy. Rick wasn't breaking her, he wasn't pummeling away trying to destroy her, he was fucking her like an expert. He was showing her what he could do with girls he liked, and she was loving it. Her first orgasm showed on her face, that was a mixture of pain, surprise, and girlish joy, but after the second and third orgasms she became a tongue-waggling nympho.

He let go of her hair so he could massage her tits, and she arched back to give him a long, tongue-filled kiss. She wiggled and squirmed on his cock trying to get every centimeter of it inside her. Meanwhile Dick was now standing over Dominique and pulling her legs up so he could fuck her like a nail into the matt. He went at he like he was literally trying to rip her apart, and soon she couldn't even find the strength to scream.

"Oh shit," Marcus grunted behind me. "Your mouth . . . there's nothing like . . . FUCK!"

Sophia sucked her way off of Marcus's pillar so that her shining pink lips came off with a loud POP, and she quickly started jacking him with both hands. Like a broken fire hydrant he began to spray into the air, The first blast hit her right in the face and she giggled in surprise as she licked her lips, but she repositioned his cock so that the rest would spray right past her, flying onto the chest and shoulders of the ladies in front of us, but a good amount landing on my back as well.

"Oh baby," Sophia cooed. "Does your big, freakish cock feel better now that your goddess has sucked all the poison away?"

Marcus was panting. "Yes . . . yes mistress."

"And you don't care that I just had your little ex-girlfriend fucked like a blowup-doll, do you?"

" . . . no. No mistress."

"Good boy."

"I care!" I screamed, finally struggling free from Marcus's massive hands. I turned around to be faced by him and Sophia wiggling her perfect marble ass in my face. "I care you bitch! Loli didn't deserve that! She just wanted to come on a trip with my and have fun! She isn't even with Marcus anymore, you jealous whore!"

Sophia looked stunned that I, that anyone, would talk to her like that, but then she laughed haughtily. "Jealous? You're the only one who should be jealous, little boy. Look down there. Your girlfriend doesn't seem to mind being owned by Rick one little bit."

I turned and saw that she was right. Dominique was done. She was flat on her back, her eyes wide open but blank, and drool was foaming at her mouth. Dick was shooting the last spurts of a massive load onto her face and tits, but the look on his face was like he had just thrown out the trash. My mother was climbing into the ring, and she threw herself into Dick's arms like the cock-worshipping whore she was. She practically stood on top of Dominique as she kissed her newest obsession.

Loli wasn't like that. She was being held by Rick, her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist. They were kissing passionately, and even when Rick pulled away she playfully licked his face. I couldn't hear her but I could see her lips moving, and she seemed to be saying "thank you," or "love you."

Sophia had done it. She had broken Dominique, she had broken Loli, and she had broken me. Like a weak-hearted little bitch, I feinted.
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