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Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 06

Story till now: Mark was invited on a cruise for sex-freaks and nymphomaniacs by his cute girlfriend, Lolita Kwon, and her mother Dominique. Unfortunately, his mother and sister also decided to come along, both of whom have made humiliating Mark a game for years. Mark isn't on the ship one day before he learns of a plot by the ship's owner, the evil Sophia Underland, to have his girlfriend raped because she once dated her current lover, the handsome and hung Marcus Black. Now Mark is stuck on a giant boat filled with hundreds of nymphomaniac vacationers, and all he wants to do is save Loli from Marcus's giant black cock and Sophia's twisted mind.


Marky Day: a loser twenty year old college freshmen with low self-esteem despite somewhat good looks and an athletic build. Caucasian, skinny, brown hair.

Samantha Day: Marky's very experienced mother. Large breasts, wide hips, long curly brown hair, typical milf.

Sadie Day: Marky's popular tomboy sister, twenty-five years old. tall and long legged, large breasts, short brown bobbed hair

Lolita Kwon: Marky's cute, spunky, and loveable Korean-American girlfriend. Nineteen years old. Tan skin, large dark eyes, and short black hair with long bangs.

Dominique Kwon: Lolita's dangerous, Amazonian mother. Possibly a former gangster. Long black hair, cold eyes, many scars, and tattoos of dragons and naked women on her arms.

Marcus Black: Marky's estranged childhood friend, Lolita's ex-boyfriend, total stud, and current varsity quarterback. Twenty-two year old African-American.

Sophia Underland: Marcus's current girlfriend and incredibly wealthy heiress, rumored to be sadistic and evil beyond imagining. Twenty-one years old. Long silver hair, ivory skin, and orgasmic body.

Doctor Dick: The cruise liner's doctor, a man in his late 40s. He doesn't fuck girls, he destroys them.

Lifeguard Rick: Dick's son. Rapes women by the busload. Most of them thank him afterward.

Beverly Wolf: The ship's chief lifeguard. She has a complicated relationship with Rick, who fucked her cherished younger sister and turned her into a cheap slut. Tall, blonde, athletic, big tits, and smart. A cross between Wonder Woman and Barbie.

Nurse Nixxy: the world's sluttiest nurse. Blue hair, blue tattoos, and giant fake tits. Loyal slave to Dr. Dick.

Nurse Nancy: Nixxy's best friend, a gullible and stupid bimbo. Short blonde hair, giant fake tits. Loyal slave to Dr. Dick

Mai-noi and Mai-pa: two young, petite Thai twins who have made a name for themselves in Sex-fights, a popular sport that pits fighters against each other in a match where sex is the weapon. Both are essentially flat, petite, and bizarrely muscled.


My cock was shrinking, growing smaller by the second. It was so small now that I could barely grab it, and the five inches it once stood at now seemed giant by comparison. I tried to arouse it, to beat it, but it only got smaller and smaller. It turned inward, pink lips split from my groin like a blossoming flower , and suddenly I had a vagina.

"What a cute little pussy," a sweet voice said. It was Loli, my girlfriend. Her short black hair was kinked and messy, and she was wearing a shredded bridal dress and torn lingerie. Her semen stained body showed through. She was hugging a massive cock the size of a tree, and licking at it with her perfect little tongue. "I use to have a tight little pussy like that, until my husband here fucked the shit out of me. Do you want to get fucked by him too?"

I ran, but I barely got a few feet away before I was tripped by the long leg of an evil looking jester. She was tall, curvy, and her blue latex outfit could barely contain her massive tits. She kicked me right in my new cunt and laughed.

"What's a boy without a dick? Worse, what's a boy with a dick who doesn't know how to use it." The blue jester laughed at me.

"Don't worry, little girl," a new voice said. There was a priestess standing over me, with short blonde hair and transparent robes. I could see that amulet she was wearing was not in the shape of a cross, but was instead a giant, erect cock. "I can help you get your little penis back. But we'll need to go see the king.

The evil jester and the sweet priestess grabbed my by the arms and dragged me before a throne. The king sitting there was naked and more muscled than an ox on steroids. His twisted brown cock was so tall that it blocked his face. My mother was kneeling before him, sucking on his balls like they were the two most delicious pieces of fruit ever grown.

"Your sexiness," the priestess said to the king in a quiet, frightened voice.

"WHAT IS IT SLUT!" his voice boomed like an explosion.

"This little bitch wants her dick back," the jester answered.

My mother turned, spitting out a thick glob of ball-sweat and spit. "He doesn't deserve one."

"Very well," the priestess answered. Together, she and the jester dragged me to a dark place. My sister was there, wearing nothing but a leather jacket with spiked shoulders and two deadly looking high-heeled leather boots. She was kissing a girl deeply, and I saw that it was Loli again, still in her shredded, semen-stained wedding dress. "What shall we do with this little bitch, High-Executioner.

My sister turned to me while pinching one of Loli's nipples. "Feed him to the snake."

"THE SNAKE! THE SNAKE!" a hoard of women chanted. Suddenly a giant black shape grew from the earth, dominating the sky. It was a giant, black cock, and riding it was a glowing white goddess who laughed evilly. The cock come down like a collapsed building, and I screamed as it crushed my tiny, girlish body.


"Awww!" I screamed, waking up from my nightmare. Something big, wet, and made of rubber was slapping me in the face. I looked up to that I was being slapped in the face with an ugly black dildo. It was being wiggled in my face by a familiar woman. Short blonde hair that curled under the ears, vacant blue eyes, pouty cock-sucking lips, and two big tits barely held in place by a set of lingerie meant to look like a nurse's uniform.

Nurse Nancy. One of Dr. Dick's sluts.

"What the fuck are you doing," I asked, pushing the dildo away. It was slick with fluids. It had been recently used.

"Trying to wake you up, silly boy," Nancy answered, smiling stupidly. "And It worked. I knew it would. Whenever I feint (usually because I'm being fucked too hard or I did too many drugs) Dr. Dick just slaps me in the face with his big cock until I wake up, and then we go right back to fucking."

"That's . . . so . . ."

"Smart! I know. Thanks." She smiled brightly and giggled. She was cute, practically beautiful if it wasn't for the fact that she was the most retarded human being I had ever met.

"Well . . . did you have to use a dildo that's just been used?"

She hummed curiously and looked at the big black piece of rubber. She licked it like a popsicle, and the sight sent a shiver all the way to my cock.

"She tastes good," she said, licking the dildo.


"Your mom."

"WHAT?" Nancy hadn't been insulting me. She was too stupid for that.

"Your mom. She's in the next room getting fucked by Dr. Dick." Nancy grumbled. "She's such a greedy bitch. Ever since she and the Doctor got engaged they've been fucking like rabbits, and she hasn't shared any of it with Nixxy or me."

"ENGAGED?" Nancy must have been wrong about that. Dumb bitch probably didn't know what the word 'engaged' actually meant. I leapt up from the cot I was in, totally naked, but that didn't stop me from searching through the medical-ward as I looked for my bitch of a mother. There was a door towards the back of the room, and since it was open just a crack I could hear the sounds of some very heated fucking going on. I burst in, and the first thing I saw was the massive chiseled back of Dr. Dick as his iron-hard ass pumped like a machine into something sloppy and wet. The long, curvy legs of a woman were pointed up to his shoulders, and the woman's toes were spinning around like crazy.

"Fuck!" Dick roared. "I'm cumming again! Eighth fucking time today, you amazing slut! Where do you want it?"

"Mu-mu-mouth! In my mouth! I want to taste it!" my mother cried.

Every muscle on Dick's back was erupting with angry release as his balls began to boil over. "Fucking whore! Take it."

He pulled out, his massive twisted cock literally dripping with my mother's cunt-honey. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the cot she was on, throwing her to the ground. She tried to kneel up, but her whole body was shaking with a series of multiple orgasms that were torturing her. He pulled her hair back, and began jacking his weapon at her open mouth. His first spurt was a tidal wave of cum, and all of it landed across my mother's eyes. The second wave was aimed low and coated her sweaty tits. By the third blast he had it right, and she gulped down the gallon of thick spunk he gave her. Dick was heaving and panting heavily as my mother sucked forcefully on the massive tip of his third-leg, and even his wooden core wiggled a bit as he came down from his transcendent orgasm.

"Can I get some of that?" a bitchy voice asked. I hadn't seen her till now, but Nixxy was in a chair nearby, legs spread and fingering her cunt impatiently. She was glaring jealously and hatefully at my mother.

Mom moaned as she sucked out the last strand of man-glue from Dick's sex-weapon, emphasizing how delicious she thought it was. "I don't think you deserve it, honey. But tell you what, you can have whatever fell on the floor."

Nixxy growled in anger, but one deathly look from Dr. Dick silenced her. With angry tears in her eyes, Nixxy slunk down to her knees and crawled to where my mother was kneeling, dripping with the Doctor's ejaculate. Reluctantly, but with the need of an addict, she began licking at the drops that fell from my mother's thrusting tits.

My mother whispered "That's where you belong, bitch."

"Mom," I almost cried, covering my now erect penis. "What's going on?"

"Oh, good morning sweetie." My mom struggled to her feet and waddled over, dripping sex-honey on the floor as she came. "Give your mommy a kiss." I tried to push her away but I was weak from my coma and her tongue slipped into my mouth, pushing in a load of semen so noxious smelling I almost puked. When she finally let me go I fell to my ass, a long strand of spit and semen connected our chins.

"Mom . . . (cough, cough) . . . the fuck . . . the fuck happened? How long was I out?"

"Only a day, sugar-stick, but my what a day. I think everything in your little life has gone upside down. You must feel like that dumb little bitch Alice, who fell into Wonderland or something. To be honest I've never read that one, but I did play the queen in a porno of it."

"Mom," I almost cried. "Are you . . . engaged?"

She smiled down at me, and then wiggled her middle-finger in my face. There was a ring on it with a diamond as big as one of my testicles.

"Bling-bling, bitch."

I wanted to cry. I wanted to pass out. I wanted to jump into the ocean and get eaten by a whale. Dr. Dick marched over on his two impossibly strong legs, his big cock now wagging at half-mast between his legs.

"I look forward to getting to know you . . . son," he said licking his lips as he analyzed my soft body. "And I will get to know you . . . intimately."

My mother giggled. "Let's take a shower, stud. I don't want to be dripping with cum when we go have dinner with the Captain."

"I think Captain Underland wouldn't mind seeing you dripping with cum, especially if it was his."

My mother gasped and wrapped her arms around his neck. "But lover, you wouldn't want another man to fuck your blushing bride, would you?"

His gnarled hands sunk into her ass right in front of me, squeezing her tightly. "You're going to be my wife, but that doesn't mean you won't also be my bitch. And I can pimp my bitches whenever and to whoever I fucking wish. Got that."

She kissed him, and said in a husky voice. "God, I fucking love you."

Hand in hand they walked toward another door, one that must have lead to a shower.

"But mom . . .," I whined. "What about Loli? What about her mom?"

My mother looked back with her finger to her lips, as if she barely remembered who those people were. "Oh, that ugly dyke I had to sleep with so I could come on this trip? I have no idea. Your new father showed her what a little bitch she was, and then he had he dragged off to the gym's locker-room. I haven't seen her since, but there was a long line of young men who went in after her."

"And Loli?"

My mother laughed. "Oh sweetie. She's getting engaged too. To Rick. Dick's son. Isn't that amazing. She's going to be your sister-in-law"

I fainted again.


As I awoke to the unmistakable sound of sex. Wet, fleshy smacks and pops filled the room, along with some girlish giggling and erotic moaning, but that was just nearby. Somewhere else, in a nearby room it sounded like sack of flour was being beaten with a sledgehammer, and a girl was screaming her head off.

The sun was setting outside the windows, so I knew I had been out for a while. I was on a couch in the suite my family and Loli were staying in, the one Dominique had won. It was large, seemed empty, and already stank of sex even though we had only been on the cruise for two days. I was naked, and horny, so I intuitively grabbed for my cock to give it some attention, moaning a little as I began to jack it in the cool air.

I wasn't alone. My sister was on the couch across from me. Her long, slender body was completely naked, and she was wrapped around something tiny and tanned. It was another girl, a petite one with a very flat chest but ridiculous abdominal muscles. They were kissing deeply, and the little girl was squirming in heat as my sister patted between her legs. Sadie's lips came off with a loud smack, and her Asian toy gasped for air, while Sadie licked her face. I recognized the Asian girl. It was Mai-noi, or her twin sister Mai-pa. Lily and I had defeated them in a Sex-fight the night before, and that meant we owned them. But Loli was defeated in a Sex-fight right after that, and now she was owned by Rick.

"Hey, little brother," Sadie greeted me. She moved down to the Thai girl's little brown nipples and began to suck on them, sending shivers of ecstatic sensation through her little body. "You can watch if you want."

I grunted, but didn't stop jerking off. "I should be the one fucking her. I'm the one who beat her."

Sadie laughed. She stood up a bit, thrusting her b-cub breasts into Mai-pa/Mai-noi's face. The Thai girl ran her tongue over my sister's breasts before sucking at her pink nipples greedily.

"I seem to recall that Loli did most of the fighting. I should really thank her. This little slut has been such a treat."

I grumbled, but said nothing else and Sadie dove down between my reward's legs and started giving her an amazing tongue-job. My sister's tongue was famous across town, and I knew there weren't many skirts her head hadn't been up. She used to be a champion cock-sucker too, back when she fucked guys more often, according to the legends at school. In high school she even wore kneepads, because she spent so much time kneeling in the bathroom. Mai-noi or Mai-pa started to whimper and squeal as my sister's silken tongue split her little slit.

I slid off the couch and fell to my knees, jacking my little cock with a furious need to fuck something, but happy enough to watch. I wanted to time my orgasm to the Thai girl's (which was rapidly approaching) so I could feel like I was the one fucking her.

"Where's the other one?" I grunted. "Her sister? She should be here too. I can fuck her."

My sister came back up, licking her lips, and she started ravishing the little girl with her fingers. "Sorry Mark, but I don't think the other one will even be able to feel you after what she's been getting."


The screams from the bedroom started to get louder. Some little girl was getting her brains fucked out. There was a final, high pitched wail as the girl climaxed, and her cry was accompanied by a deep, manly growl. A few moments later a dark, shining masculine figure emerged from the bedroom, his large black cock perfectly erect and dripping with womanly cum.

It was Marcus Black. Behind him I saw the other little Thai girl on the bed, half hanging off on the floor, panting like she had just run a hundred marathons. I couldn't believe she had survived a fucking by Marcus Black. His cock seemed bigger than her whole abdomen.

"Hey Mark," he said. "How are you feeling?"

Honestly I just felt like I needed to cum, but I knew that overall I was miserable. I had watched Loli get fucked by a stud-champion and now they were all of the sudden engaged, and here was one of the asshole responsbile for making that happen, and he had the nerve to ask 'how are you feeling.'

"Fuck you," was all I said.

Marcus looked more sad than anything, which would have been touching, if it hadn't been for the twelve inches of dripping anaconda sticking out from his wall of muscle.

"Look," he said. "We need to talk, but right now I can't think straight. Not with . . . this," he indicated his massive dick. He turned to my sister who was eagerly making out with her partner. "Give me that one," Marcus said.

Mai-pa (I think) gasped in fear. Little tears went down her face when she saw her destroyed sister in the other room.

"What?" My sister asked. "No fucking way. I don't want your breaking my toy. You had yours."

"Little bitch couldn't handle it. Anymore would kill her. C'mon Sadie, I'm right on the edge, I just need a few tight pumps to end this." Marcus smiled down at her. "You know, you could take her place.

My sister bit her lip, wide green eyes surrounded by mascara analyzed Marcus's weapon. Sadie looked very intimidated.

"Fine," my sister huffed. She stood up on the couch and grabbed a hold of Mai-pa's legs, spreading them wide open. The poor little Thai girl tried to squirm away, but my sister held her in place, offering her tight little slit to Marcus's destroyer. "She's all yours stud, but you owe me for this."

"Sadie," Mai-pa whined, "No . . . no baby . . . baby-FUCK!" Marcus plunged in, all twelve inches going in and up her tight body in one near-fatal blow. Mai-pa barely had time to gasp as the wind was knocked right out of her. I could literally see Marcus's third-leg as it bulged in her tight, muscular abdomen, and for once calling his massive cock and 'organ-buster' did not seem like a joke. Luckily for Mai-pa it was over in just a few brutal strokes, and then Marcus's iron-hard buttocks began to pulse as his orgasm boiled over. He roared like a lion, making my sister squeak in fear, as his cum filled up the little Thai fuck-doll so quickly that it shot out around his cock like a broken water-pipe. He was cumming so hard and so deep that I expected to see his semen boil out of Mai-pa's mouth, but the only thing that came out of her was a pathetic whimper and long strands of drool. Her eyes went white and her body shuddered. She was gone. Her mind was broken.

Marcus stayed that way for a moment, buried to the hilt, and staring my sister down as if she were next, and the fear on her face revealed that she would not be able to resist him. But after a moment of this Marcus backed down, regaining his sanity. He pulled out, and his cock came free with a very long, slurping sound, as it nearly pulled Mai-pa's insides out with it. My sister let go of her legs, and the little Thai shell fell to the ground with a loud plop and began to leak.

"What a waste," my sister said, smiling a little evilly.

"You . . . you destroyed her," I gasped. "She'll never be the same again. Neither of them will."

"I know," Marcus said, his hard cock just beginning to lower. "I don't normally like doing this to women, turning them into mindless sluts, but these two deserved it."

"They're assassins, bro," my sister said, poking Mai-pa with her foot. "Assassins who kill their targets during sex."

"I do not believe that."

"Believe it," Marcus agreed. "My mistress paid a shitload to fly them out from Thailand. I don't know what Sophia was planning to use them for, but fucking up you and Lily was the least of it. When you two pulled off that upset Sophia had to pull out the big-guns."

"Rick and Dick," her cousin and uncle. Big-guns was a apt thing to call them. Their cocks were like cannons made of meat. "I still don't understand what you're even doing here."

"I told you. I wanted to check in on you, and when I found out the Mai Twins were being sent here I worried that Sophia was going to have them hurt you. Luckily by the time I got your sister had the girls otherwise occupied."

Sadie laughed dryly. "I figured one was enough, so I split the twins with Marcus. Of course one mare was never enough for this stallion. I learned that the hard way years ago."

A long look passed between Marcus and my sister, each staring into the other's eyes as if waiting for something to happen, my sister looking a little anxious as she bit her lip. I knew what she meant. Sadie had been the one who took Marcus's virginity, way back during the night of his eighteenth birthday. I had gotten him a video game, she had given him six hours of mind blowing sex. Marcus had always been a little introverted before then. He was shy and self-conscious, and he definitely was not very smooth with the ladies, but that night with my sister had transformed him. The morning after their hookup, as everyone at the party was nursing their hangovers, we all expected my slutty sister to come down from the stairs, licking her lips and bragging about what a virgin-slayer she was, but she didn't. Marcus came down, shirtless and radiating with an aura of newfound sexual awareness. He had fucked my sister so hard the night before that she bled, but she never stopped begging for more, not until he literally knocked her out with sex, and that was his first time. He was a virgin, she was a well travelled slut, but he had dominated her as easily as bull runs down a crippled matador.

Marcus had become a new man after that. He was a lady-killer, a pussy-slayer, an epic stud, God's gift to women, but no longer my friend.

"C'mon," Sadie finally broke the silence. "Let's get cleaned up."


Sharing a hot-tub with my sister and Marcus felt very awkward, not only because the two of them were busy washing off layers of sticky sex from their amazing bodies, but also because they wouldn't stop flirting with each other, even while talking to me. My sister would dangle her long leg out and gently caress Marcus's substantial genitals with her foot, but only slightly as to not get him too aroused. She was very aware of how she applied soap to her slender body, making sure her hands trailed over her wet, glistening tits and dripping thighs. She'd pay special attention to massaging her breasts, getting them squeaky clean while a thick streak of dried semen remained on her face. She kept spreading her legs open and quite openly masturbating as she watched Marcus scrub down his own muscular body. His chest was a wall of muscle, and since he was standing all the water that ran down his herculean body would waterfall off of his massive hanging cock that glided over the surface of the water. He was getting hard again, slowly, despite the fact that he had just destroyed two petite women minutes before. If what I've heard about his stamina is true, he could easily burn through another half-dozen girls before staying soft.

It really looked as though my sister wanted a second round with Marcus, and judging by the thick twitches from his nether region she was going to get it.

My sister licked her lips. "Wow Marucs, you've really gotten . . . big."

"In what way?" he laughed in his deep baritone, his semi-rigid cock raising another inch upward.

"You knoooow," she said coyly, rolling her big green eyes. "You were always a tall boy, but you never stood up straight and you wore such baggy clothes. I remember when I first unwrapped you I was surprised to see what a beautiful body you actually had. That and a really, really, REALLY big cock." Her long tongue almost touched her chin this time she licked her lips.

"I thought lesbians didn't like really, really, REALLY big cock," Marcus made fun of her with a bad impression. His cock was almost ten inches now, and already so thick I don't think I could get my hand around it.

"Everyone love big cock." My sister rolled her eyes and laughed, but she opened her legs. "You did this to me," she said rubbing her unsatisfied body. "You . . . after you . . . what other men are there?"

"Have you been with any other men since me?"

"Sure. Dozens. I'm still a slut. Only one of them fucked me half as epically as you did though, and he was my cousin."

My stomach sank. She was talking about my cousin Bobby Scagliotti. I hated Bobby. Every time he came to visit he'd turn our house into his private fuck-pad, and he'd inevitable fuck any girls I liked in town. I'd have to go to sleep hearing my current crush getting her brains fucked out in the next room all night. I'm glad he never met Loli, not that that mattered anymore. Loli was with Lifeguard Rick now.

"You're cousin?" Marcus laughed. "What is it with you white people? Fucking your own cousins!"

She playfully kicked him in the balls, he slender foot knocking his chocolate plums around. "Don't judge, Mr. God's-gift-to-pussy. A girl has to do some really desperate shit to get the Marcus Black experience a second time. I knew one girl who literally tried to fuck a horse when you wouldn't call her back."

"A friend? Not talking about yourself?"

She smirked. "Not yet. I'd rather fuck the real thing." She wasn't flirting any more. She stood up and waded through the hot water. She took a hold of his massive cock and pushed it aside, stroking it and moving in so close her white breasts pillowed against his dark chest. She had to get on her tippy toes to kiss him, and when did I could see her serpent-like tongue slither into his mouth. One of his giant hands eclipsed her white ass and squeezed it, hard enough to make her whimper a little.

"Guys!" I whined. "I'm still here."

My sister was already trying to climb Marcus like a tree, but he turned to me. "Mark. This is going to happen. I need to remind your sister what a man can do. You can stay, you can go, either way, this' bitch's pussy dies tonight."

"But . . . but, I don't know what I should be doing. Mom's with that evil doctor who raped Loli's mom, and I don't know where either of them are." I was almost in tears.

Marcus looked genuinely sympathetic, but my sister was already lost in sexual arousal.

"Look," Marcus said, "Loli may be gone. Rick fucked her . . . HARD. He fucked her the same way I fuck girls. It's like if you can get deep enough up in them you hit a certain spot, and if you hit that spot hard enough the bitch just changes. Rick's cock woke up another side of Loli's personality. I've seen her. She's different now. She's . . . evil."

"You've seen her? Where?"

"Rick got her hired as a lifeguard, like him, although I don't think the captain Beverly Wolfe is happy about it. But hey, don't go looking for her man. You should just, I don't know, go get laid or something. Everyone is fucking here man. This boat is crazy."

I got out of the pool, turning so Marcus wouldn't see how stiff I had gotten watching him flirting with my sister. "I'm going to talk to her. I have to. Where's her mom. Dominique will help me."

"Dominique? Dude, Dr. Dick DESTROYED her. I don't think you want to see her either."

But it was too late. I was already slipping on a men's thong (the only clothes my mother had packed for me) that pitched a major tent with my four/five inch cock straining the lack of material. This one was dark green and shiny. "I'm going."

Marcus shrugged, then he pushed Sadie onto her back off the edge of the tub, eliciting a gasp from her. "Alright, but I think you're making a huge mistake, especially if it gets Sophia's attention again. She's the one who has been arranging all this, just to hurt all my ex-girlfriends, and she won't hesitate to send more assassins after you. She may send me after you."

"Then I'll deal with it if and when that happens," I tried to act tough, but I knew Marcus could kill me with a single punch.

"Alright. Your funeral. I'm going to finish Sadie off and then I'm headed back to Sophia's room. The Captain, her father, is having a big dinner tonight. Dick's going to announce his marriage with your mom, as is Rick with Loli. It's a big deal. I'd steer clear. I'm serious. Sophia will kill you."

"I'm going to see Loli," I said, opening the door. I was expecting (hoping) that Marcus would stop trying to stop me and would try and help me. But he didn't. All he did was stick the giant helmet of his thick cock into my sister's tight pussy, making her squeal and gasp in delight. Marcus bent over and consumed one of her small breasts into his hungry mouth, almost swallowing the whole thing. They had both forgotten me. The sex was too hot, but the outside was cold.


The sun was setting and the air was cooling quickly. My tiny thong did little to protect me from the weather, but it wasn't painful, although my nipples stuck out and my hard cock felt strange. I worked my way to the massive pool area where hundreds of people had been the other day, sunbathing, swimming, and fucking by the dozens. It was a different scene now, since it was cold and we were already a couple days into the trip. The hot-tubs were still crowded with horny lovers and adventurous strangers, each Jacuzzi looked like a pot boiling over with human bodies. The pool chairs were covered in discarded swimsuits, used condoms, alcohol bottles, and the occasional over-worked slut. A cute Asian girl had been tied down to one of the pool chairs, thongs and panties binding her arms and legs down. She was gagged with a woman's bra, and judging from the state of her she had been fucked over a dozen times. Whoever had been gang-banging her was gone now, and it looked like she had been forgotten.

There were only a couple lifeguards left, a very handsome Hispanic young man and a freckled redhead girl. Each of their uniforms were extremely skimpy and almost comically pornographic. The redheads was a one-piece leotard that left her freckled tits completely bare, and her ass was only covered by a small thong. The boy's was a read thong that he had taken off and tied to his arm, wearing it like an arm band as his big cock swung free for all the ladies to admire.

Only the girl was doing a serious job though. She was watching the hot-tubs while the Hispanic boy had some blonde twenty-something bent over a potted plant. He was giving it to her ass pretty hard and she was almost crying with joy. I remembered overhearing Beverly saying Wolfe that the lifeguards weren't supposed to have sex while working. "Safety before sex." Apparently this Hispanic boy was making a very rigorous exception on this blonde's woman backdoor.

I approached the redhead. "Excuse me, is there some place that the lifeguards hang out after work, like, a faculty room or something?"

She looked me up and down and seemed unimpressed by me and my five inch erection. "And why are you wanting to know, boy-o." She had a cute Irish accent. I couldn't take my eyes of her beautiful, freckled, naked breasts.

"I . . . um . . . lost something." I lied.

"What? The other four inches of your pecker? Does it look like we run a lost and found?" She waved her hand at the mess around the pool. Swimsuits, bottles, dildos, and even a few discarded sluts.


"Bugger off, ya bender."

"Aw Clover, don't be such a bitch," the Hispanic Lifeguard said. He had just finished up with the blonde twenty-something. He left her passed out over the potted plant, cum dripping from her ruined asshole and covering her back. She was twitching slightly. His cock was huge, shiny, and still hard. "The lifeguard's headquarters is on the second floor up those stairs, close to the pool. We all have to go there to fill out are timecards and check in our uniforms after a shift. You can't get in without a uniform. Here you can have mine. I quit."

He untied the thong from his arm and handed it to me. It was bigger than I could fill and stank of manly cock-musk, but I needed it to get to Loli.

"Wow, thanks," I said.

"Wait, what!" Clover gasped. "Mario, You can't just fucking quit, you gobshite! We're the only two on duty."

Mario just shrugged. "No one's going to drown in a fucking hot-tub, and if they do, fuck 'em. This whole 'safety before sex' thing is bullshit. I ain't gonna go another eight hours watching all this ripe pussy waking around and not getting any myself. I know you feel the same, Clover. I saw the way you watched me fuck that blonde bitch. You were jealous."

"N-no I was not!" she cried, blushing. Her nipples began to stand up, and I don't think it was because of the cold.

"Bitch, don't lie. Your Irish pussy is dripping for this Latin cock. Don't worry sweetie, you're going to get it too."

He shocked me by grabbing the front of Clover's red leotard, right below her breasts. He pulled, and ripped the uniform all the way down to her freckled pussy. She gasped and looked surprised, but it was undeniable that she was aroused. Her breasts rolled with her every labored breath.

"N-n-no. I don't . . . I don't-"

"Bitch, stop lying." His hand slapped up into her moist cunt, causing her to squeal in surprised, erotic shock. His other hand groped one of her tits and squeezed it so hard it looked ready to pop. Her eyes were fogged over by sexual vertigo.

"I . . . we can't."

"My room or yours?" Mario asked.

"N-no . . ."

"My room or yours?"

"Please . . . stop-"

"I'll fuck you right here, you stupid bitch. I know you want my cock. So where are you going to take it?"

She swallowed, bit her lip, and surrender. "My room. My room is closer."

"Your sister going to be there?"


"I'm going to fuck her too if she is. Your whole Irish clan needs my hot Latin dick," Mario chuckled to himself. Her grabbed Clover by the waist and with surprising strength plucked her up and draped her over his shoulder like a caveman claiming a woman. Every muscles in his tight, toned body stood out, her large ass eclipsing his head. He slapped her ass and she yelped happily.

"Later homes," he said to me, and then carried off his fresh prize. her face hung near his tight ass, and she looked stupidly joyful.

All I could think of was Loli, and being manly enough to carry her off like that for a sex that she's practically starving for. I peeled my green thong off and kicked it away, putting on the sweaty, cum-stained red ones that had been Mario's The anal-floss was more comfortable, but the crotch was very loose and my small erection barely made a dent in it the hanging sack. Still, it had the lifeguard insignia on it, so I figured it would work.


The first thing I saw when I walked into the lifeguard headquarters was two people fucking. A tall, handsome yet feminine young man in his early twenties was bend over a couch, hanging on for dear life as his ass was being torn up by a short, stocky Asian woman with a deep tan and very short hair. She yelled in a deep voice that she was cumming, and when she pulled out of his ass I saw that she had cock much bigger than his. This woman/man was clearly a tranny, and she/he had was just finishing up. The feminine boy moaned in blissful agony as the Asian tranny deposited what seemed like a massive load into his rectum, and then deposited the rest all over his well toned ass.

"Good work today, bitch," the tranny said in a deep voice. "Your ass is accepting my cock easier than it once did. You're becoming quite a nice fit."

"Thank . . . thank you Mio."

"You're welcome slut. Now clean up my cock. Suck it spotless. My girlfriend hates it when I come home with some faggot's ass on my dick." She grabbed his head and he obediently started sucking her cock, barely making it to the base without choking.

"Can I help you, pipsqueak?" the tranny turned to me. Her eyes feel to my baggy thong and she looked confused. "Are you a lifeguard? I didn't see you during the training, and you've never been in the station before."

My heart was beating like a bomb waiting to explode. I had to come up with a lie. "I . . . uh . . . work at one of Sophia Underland's private pools." That was a complete lie, but it was the best I could do. I just had to hope that it sounded convincing. I figured Sophia was such a rich bitch that she might have her own private pool, even if it would be hard to hide on a yacht.

The Asian man-woman's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. "One of Miss Underland's private . . . oh my . . . SIR! I'm sorry I didn't recognize you." She pulled out of her bitch's throat so fast that her cocked snapped up and slapped him in the face. She stood at attention and saluted. "Are you here for an inspection? A test? Would you like to use my body as your personal sex-toy?"

I was surprisingly tempted by the last question, but gay men and trannies weren't my thing. "No . . . um . . . is the new recruit here? Lolita Kwon?"

"Sir, yes sir. As per Miss Underland's instructions she had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant to match her fiancé, Rick Underland, and we have submitted ourselves as her sexual domination."

"Her sexual . . . domination?"

"Sir, yes sir. Rank and submission are essential to the order of the ship. This cadet here is one rank below me, and I use him QUITE thoroughly, as is your right for either of us." Just to make her point she bent over, reached back, and spread open her muscular ass-cheeks, revealing a dark anal ring and some of the largest testicles I had ever seen. "Please use me however you wish, sir. I am your bitch. You own me."

Her attitude was very strange. On one hand she was very loud and commanding, but on the other she was submitting to me completely. Part of me believed that and ass was an ass, so it wouldn't be really gay if I fucked her, but her balls were sooooo huge they were impossible to ignore. Also, her ass looked powerful enough to snap my dick off.

"Um, no thank you. I'm actually looking for Lolita Kwon. Where can I find her?"

The tranny stood back up and pointed towards a hallway. "In the Lieutenant's lounge sir. No doubt enjoying more premarital sex with Lieutenant Rick."

"She's . . . they've been having sex? They fuck?"

"Like champions sir," she said in awe.


The Lieutenant's lounge was a much nicer room than the cadet's room, but it was still basically a locker-room, except that it had a little gym and a hot tub. I was so crushed by the confirmation of Loli willingly having sex with the asshole who defeated her in the sex-fight that I didn't realize I wasn't alone.

A skinny, tall girl with long black hair tied up in a braid was sitting in on one of the benches, mastebating with her bare hands. One fingered her hairless pussy while the other cupped her naked breast. Her uniform had been pulled mostly off, and hung off one of her legs.

"Oh, finally," she huffed in a sexy French accent. "I have been waiting zo long for zomeone to come and fuck me. My shift was so long and boring. Eight hours without having ze zexiness. Iz hell, no?"

She pulled her wet hand up and sucked the pussy juice off her fingers, and I was instantly hard.

"But wait," she said. "Who are you?"

"Oh, it's cool," I smugly lied. "I'm Lieutenant Mark. I work at Sophia Underland's private pool." I was so ready to get my dick sucked by this French hottie that I already began pulling my thong down, all five inches of cock springing forth.
But her cute nose scrunched up in suspicion. "Impossible. I work for ze Madame directly. I am her official pussy-licker at the pool. I have never seen you there." She looked disdainfully at my average penis. "And I know that ze Madame would never allow something so . . . infantile in her presence."

Just then I heard two voice coming from the hallway, and they were headed straight for the lounge.

"Aw, zat will by Captain Wolfe. I am going to report you to her, you naughty boy, and you'll be tossed off ze ship. Captain Wolfe! Captain Wolfe! Captain-"


I am not proud of what I did but I was in a severe panic and could think of nothing else. I punched her in the stomach so hard the wind was knocked out of her, and her long, elegant tongue stuck out as she tried to scream but only quietly whimper. There was no time. I had to finish this bitch.

I tucked her head under my armpit, reach down, and clutched her hot pussy. I lifted her up so she was upside down, and then I jumped.


Her head struck the ground with the momentum of both our bodies behind it. She was knocked out instantly and fell to the floor, her perfect breasts jiggling as she came to a rest.

The two voice were at the door.

I pulled the French girl up and stuffed her into an open locker, and I was surprised to see there was enough room for two in there, so when the door started to open I jumped in as well, slamming the locker behind me. There wasn't much room left, and we were completely flesh to flesh, our swimsuits pushed down to your knees. She moaned slightly but was out cold. Her body felt amazing, and it smelled ever better. My cock was hard and stabbing into her, causing my groin to hurt, so I kept trying to shift her around.

"Where's that French slut?" a voice said. "I wanted to test out that cunt-licking tongue of hers."

Loli! LOLI! That was Loli talking.

I peered out of the small ventilation slots to see her, and when I did my heart (and cock) almost burst. She was so fucking sexy. She was completely naked except for a tight lifeguards jacket that was open to reveal her firm breasts. Her hair was tied up in a cute, loose knot, and she was loudly popping some pink bubblegum.

"I guess she had better things to do than satisfy some nymphomaniac bitch." Another voice said. That was Captain Beverly Wolfe. I had seen her before but I was again stunned by her pinup quality beauty. She was tall, leggy, long blonde hair hung to her perfect ass, and her flawless big breasts defied gravity. She was wearing her super tiny sling bikini, hands on her curvy hips as she regarded the much shorter Loli.

"Oh well," Loli shrugged, slipping off her jacket. "You can eat me instead."

"E-excuse me?" Beverly asked, offended and surprised.

"Pussy. Mine. Eat it. How dumb do I have to dumb-down my words so you can understand? I want you to get on your knees and eat my cunt. Now." Loli even sat on the bench, spreading her legs and pointing towards her pretty pussy, popping a bubble of gum ass she did so.

"I . . . excuse . . listen," Beverly laughed, trying to shrug off how surprised she was, taking a wide stance to seem dominant. "I get that you're new here, and that Miss Underland has taken a liking to you, now that you're marrying her cousin, but that doesn't change a single fucking rule of this ship. You are a lieutenant, a rank you don't deserve, but it allows you to use any rank below you on the ship in any way you want. Want to fuck a cadet? They can't say no. Want a maid to lick your asshole? Tell her to pucker-up. But you cannot, CANNOT, tell ME what to do. I am a fucking captain. I outrank you. In fact, why don't you get on your knees and eat my ass you little . . . what are you laughing at?!?!"

Loli was laughing, and massaging her pussy. "They only way I'd ever eat your ass was if my fiancé's cum was dripping from it. But according to him that hasn't ever happened, has it? Rick has fucked every hole worth fucking on this ship, male or female, but he still hasn't done you, has he? He fucked all your friends in high school, but you were never invited to the post-prom orgy, were you? He fucked your stupid little sister so hard that she still dreams about him, and all you got to do was walk in on them. He WRECKED that worthless slut's virginity, ruined her for other men, and all you can do is masturbate and cry about it."

A single tear rolled down Beverly's stunning face. "You bitch. You're just as cruel as Rick is."

"And that's why I'm marrying him, skank. I'm marrying the man that you are so in love with it makes you wet the bed at night. Because I can handle him. I can handle all that man and give it back just as hard. And you, you couldn't even stop him from turning your sister into the mindless little cock-slave that you secretly wish to be."



Beverly's hand was a blur as she slapped Loli, sending her gum flying across the room. Loli was surprised by not hurt or cowed at all. Her messy black bangs half-masked her angry, perfect Asian eyes as she stared daggers right up at Beverley's face.


Suddenly Loli threw an uppercut that went between Beverly's large breasts and struck her in the chin. She almost left the ground as she fell back, landing loudly on her sexy rump. She looked dazed and hurt sitting there.


Loli's shin came up as she kicked Beverly in the head, sending her flat to the ground, large tits bouncing like beach balls. Loli stood over Beverly's collapsed body, swaggering her hips like a stripper. She kicked Beverly's shoulder down so that she was flat on her back, and then she place a foot right between her large breasts, pinning her to the ground.

"Things work differently now," Loli told Beverly in a cold, cruel voice. "You're still the captain, I'm still a lieutenant, but all you really need to know is that you are my bitch. I am going to fuck you in ways that I know you wish Rick would fuck you, but he'll never touch you. I'm going to tie you to the wall and make you watch as my fiancé and I have a sex-marathon on our honeymoon tomorrow night, and it'll be your job to clean me up afterwards. That'll be the closest you ever get to him, by eating my tired, beaten, satisfied pussy like the good little slave you are. Understand?"

"I . . . I," Beverly gasped and cried.

"'I, I, I WHAT' you stupid cunt?" Loli screamed.

"I . . . I would like that . . . mistress." Beverly submitted. Loli had defeated her.

Loli chuckled evilly. Then she squatted down on Beverly's face and said "Now eat my pussy pretty girl, it's your new job."

Within seconds Loli began to moan and writhe erotically on top of Beverly's face, the sounds of her lips and her tongue smacking against pussy filled the room. The muscles in Loli's core really stood out as her pleasure quickly rose, and she started to grind more roughly on Beverly's face, forcing her hips down and up so that the defeated Captain's head kept hitting the ground. Loli was humping her head into the ground.

I felt terrible, not just for Beverly but mostly for myself. Marcus was right, Loli had changed. Something dark and twisted has been awoken in her, something sadistic and cruel. She reminded me of her mother for the first time in my life, except even Dominique had never been such a bitch.

"Good girl," Loli moaned. "Good little slut. Just like your sister. Know your place."

I kept flipping the French girl's unconscious body around trying to get a better view, and when I felt a warm, moist, insanely comfortably embrace around my cock I knew I had done something wrong. I had accidentally position her over me, and she fell down, right onto my rigid cock. I tried to pull out, but my ass just hit the wall, so I'd push back it. I tried pulling her off but she kept falling back down. I tried grabbing her soft, plump tits to pry her off, but all I did was twist her nipples.

Pretty quickly I realized I wasn't trying to get her off. I was fucking her. I was totally raping this girl I had just knocked out, and it felt amazing. I kept telling myself it was wrong, that it was an accident, but I remembered what I had done to that pink haired girl in the bathroom the other day, and I realized that there was no excuse. I wanted to cum in this hot pussy, and her consent was not required.

"Oh god! You stupid bitch! Finally!" Loli screamed, arching her back so far that she almost made on arch over Beverly, her hands resting on the blonde's golden thighs. I could hear Beverly sputtering and choking underneath Loli, indicating that my ex-girlfriend was having a very wet orgasm.

The sight and sounds of the lesbian domination going on in the room outside were too much for me to bear, and I started to climax as well. I choked down a moan as my cock started to unleash a few hot spurts into the mouth, tight pussy I had pinned against the inside of the locker. With barely enough room to thrust I really just came standing still, which was a very strange feeling, but it was still amazing.

"Wait . . . what . . . what ze,"

Oh shit! The French girl was waking up. She was about to scream when I covered her mouth with my hand, muffling her, and my other hand dove down to her pussy to stimulate her small clit, my cock still leaking inside of her. Amazingly her soft body started to shake and liquid dripped down my penis, tickled my balls, and then fell to the floor. She was cumming. I must have been stimulating her in her sleep. My cock slipped out and I tried to push it back in, but the only hole I found was the tight ring of her ass. I pushed in, and her own sexual fluids lubricated my entry. She really tried to scream, but I was still muffling her and as another orgasm shook through her body she was pushed back to the edge of unconsciousness. I had enough room to thrust now and I did, quick little thrusts punishing her tight backdoor.

Luckily Loli was still making too much noise to hear us, as she finished coming down from her climax and got to her feet, her strong knees wobbling a little and here pussy still dripping onto Beverly's heaving breasts.

"Did . . . did you enjoy that, cow?" Loli panted. "That's the closest you're ever getting to Rick, unless of course you want to eat out your sister." Loli laughed and walked across the room to pick up her lifeguard jacket and slipped it back on. On her way out she delivered a brutal kick to Beverly's kidney.


Beverly squealed in pain as the air left her lungs, and Loli just laughed again before leaving the room.

The French girl I was stabbing in the ass also came down, her last orgasm getting to her head and knocking her back to sleep. Her body went very stiff for a moment, pushing on my cock so hard another spurt came out, but then she went limb and passed out. Her eyes were still open but they were a vacant, happy stare, and her pussy started to leak out all the built up cum as her body simply let go.

I looked out of the vent and saw that Loli was long gone, but Beverly was still there, crumpled on the floor clutching her side, crying.

I knew I couldn't wait for her to leave, that could take hours, so I just decided to get out of the locker and walk out, hoping she was in too much pain to stop me. I slowly opened the locker and stepped out, allowing the unconscious French lifeguard to slip to the bottom of the locker, and my semi-rigid cock slapped against her face, coating it in the mixture of our cum.

I thought about sneaking out but then I had a bold idea. I bold, risky idea.

"Excuse me," I said to Beverly Wolfe.

"What . . . (sob) . . . who?"

Before she could scream or react too poorly I told her everything, spilling my guts about the last few days of my life. I told her about Loli's mother Dominique winning tickets for the Aphrodite's Shell after a sex-fight, about having to bring my evil mother and sister aboard, about Loli cheating on me, about my old friend Marcus Black becoming a slave to Sophia Underland, and finally about Sophia arranging for Rick and Dick to fuck Loli and Dominique, just because Loli and Marcus use to date. It finally occurred to me that I was not the central character in this story, I was really just a side character in a much larger epic that was mostly about Loli and Marcus. It was their old relationship which had caused all this mess, and I was just a bystander.

"So what are you going to do," Beverly asked.

She had stopped crying a while ago and needed to take a shower to wash away Loli's cum and the stink of shame. I showered with her to wash away the smell of the French girl, who was thankfully still knocked out in the locker I had stuffed her in. I felt very inadequate next to Beverly. she was six feet tall, curved in a way that made me think of Wonder Woman mixed with a Barbie Doll, and her blonde hair practically sparkled when wet. My eyes were only level to her pointy, pink nipples, which made me feel like a child despite the fact that I was only a few years younger than her.

"First I'm going to find Loli's mother, Dominique. She'll want revenge against Dick and Rick for defeating her in the sex-fight, and I think she'll help me get Loli back."

"I saw that sex-fight," Beverly said as she applied a copious amount of liquid soap to her large breasts, lathering them in a layer of bubbles. "Dick mopped the floor with her . . . literally! I don't know how much help she'll be against the Underlands. They are a powerful family, not to mention the owners of this ship."

"I know. That's why I need help. How many Underlands are there?"

"Dozens, but aboard the ship right now, only four. There is Sophia Underland, who is expected to succeed her father as the head of the family and inherit their trillion-dollar corporation. Her father is aboard to, Captain Bjorn Underland. He's a handsome man, and the one time I met him I thought I was looking at Zeus, or Odin, or some ancient god of masculine perfection. There's Dick and Rick Underland, Sophia's uncle and cousin. They're from a somewhat alienated part of the family. They're poorer and less politically involved, but Sophia has taking a liking to them. You're going to need a lot of help, little boy. Rick could rip you apart with one hand, even while giving your girlfriend the best sex she could ever imagine."

As Beverly mentioned Rick I saw an immediate change in her body. Her voice became more labored and heavy, her breasts heaved, her nipples stood up at attention, her hips rolled. It was taking every ounce of control she had not to reach down and finger herself right in front of me.

"I don't get it," I whined. "Rick is a total asshole. He treats you like shit and fucked your sister. How can you love him so much?"

Beverly shivered. "I . . . I don't know. I know it seems so fucked up, but I really am in love with him, even though I have no good reason to be. I think . . . I think it is because of the way he treats me. I was always treated like a star, Mark, everyone encouraged me to do great things. I was always a top athlete, my grades were beyond perfect, and everyone I knew couldn't stop telling my how beautiful I was. But Rick was different. He didn't seem to give a shit about any of my gold medals, or grades, or my mind. When everyone called me 'beautiful' he called me a 'worthless slut.' When everyone said I was smart he said I was a stupid, cock-hungry whore in denial. When I matched the world record for the 100 meter sprint, all he said was that my tits looked good bouncing in my sports bra. On my birthday my boyfriend Justin got my roses and jewelry, but Rick got me a half empty jar of anal lubricant and a box of extra large condoms with a note that said 'have fun tonight.' I . . . I tried to put one of those condoms onto Justin. I was so fucking horny I couldn't see straight. But the condom wouldn't fit. It was too big, and it kept slipping off."

By now Beverly was fingering herself, and twisting one of her nipples frantically. She didn't even seem to see me right next to her, and despite my embarrassment I found myself fondling my cock again, even though I had just cum minutes earlier.

"Rick . . . Rick is everything I want in a man," she gasped, coming to a small orgasm. "He isn't soft, or polite, or predictable. He's a fucking beast, and he owns it. I hated him when he turned my sister into a slut, she had been so smart and dedicated to school before he made her a mindless cocksucker, but when I saw what he did to her, the way he destroyed her, I knew that was something I wanted to go through. I wanted Rick to fuck me and destroy my perfect, boring life with his giant cock."

I couldn't take anymore of this. It upset me to see this beautiful, proud woman so in love with a man who would treat her as nothing more than a living sex-toy, but I needed her help.

"Hey, listen," I said. "You don't want to see Rick and Loli get married, do you?"

She shook her head, biting her lip.

"Well neither do I. Will you help me stop them?"

She inhaled deeply, her breasts thrusting out even more. "Yes. Anything for Rick."

"Alright. First things first. We need to go get Loli's mom."


The line leading into the bathroom filled the hallway, made up completely of the ship's most unattractive men, many of which had obviously come on the cruise alone. Suddenly I didn't feel like such a loser. At least I come to the party with some girls, I wasn't the weirdo coming alone and still expecting to pick something up. Pussy attracts pussy. Even I know that.

At this rate getting into the bathroom was going to take an out, and someone had told us that Dominique was in there. Luckily, I was with Captain Wolf. Beverly looked incredibly sexy and intimidating in her sling-shot bikini, her large breasts heaving imperiously as she pushed her way through the line.

"Out of the way. Coming through. Official lifeguard business. Fuck off." She didn't even look the men in the face as she shoved them aside, regarding them as little more than trash.

"Hey, bitch, you can't treat us this way," one scary looking dude with a skull tattooed on his chest said. "This is our gangbang."

"Is it?" Beverly asked, pretending to be surprised. She then brought one of her knees up into his crotch so hard his feet left the floor. He fell to the dirty floor clutching his busted balls and Beverly stood over him. "Who the fuck else wants a piece of this?"

But that was the wrong thing for a sexy bombshell like Beverly Wolf to say. All of the men began to eye her hungrily, like starving men seeing a dinner of steak and lobster for the first time in years. I understood what they were seeing. In terms of idealized beauty, the kind that we've all been led to believe in by Playboy and erotic fiction, Beverly Wolf was second only to Sophia Underland. She was a goddess.

The men started to crowd around her, literally salivating over her large breasts and ass. "She can't take us all." "If we all rush her at once." "She'd be a good gang-bang piece."

"Mark," she said to me. "Go get Loli's mother. I'll handle these losers."


"Go," she said, flashing me a confident smile. "I can handle myself."

I rushed into the bathroom as the first wave of rapists tried to jump Beverly, and the last thing I heard was the sound of men groaning and bones breaking.

The bathroom stank. It was probably the most fucking disgusting place I had even been in on the Aphrodite's Shell. The place was obviously neglected and hadn't been cleaned since the boat set sail, but this was a fairly obscure corner on the ship. I couldn't imagine what Dominique was doing down here, but then I saw.

Dominique Kwon was leaning against the far wall, her muscular legs tied up so that they were perpetually spread eagle, her mouth held open by a ring-gag. She was coated in layers of semen, literally dripping with it, her pornographic tattoos were barely visible beneath the caked layers, and across her forehead someone had written the word 'TOILET' in purple lipstick. I recognized the color as belonging to Sophia Underland. Loli's mother must have been down here since yesterday night when Doctor Dick defeated her in the sex-fight, which meant Sophia had done this to her just out of sadistic humor. Dominique had been tied up here, at the receiving end of limitless gang-bang for over 24 hours.
"M-Ms. Kwon," I stuttered. I had spent the last couple years in fear of this powerful woman, but now here she was, a broken sex-toy. "I can't . . . I can't believe this."

She growled out me, a little bit of semen spilling from her open mouth.

I hesitated, but eventually I leaned down and undid the ring-gag that held her mouth open. She lazily spat it out, but otherwise had no reaction. She looked dead inside, the only thing motivating her was her dislike of me.

"I know . . . I know that you could have gotten out of this anytime you wanted," I said, guessing. "You're strong enough to snap those restraints, and you could have murdered every single one of those losers who lined up to rape you. But you didn't. You're punishing yourself, aren't you?"

She didn't say anything at first. "I deserve this. I deserve to be raped. Endlessly. Repeatedly. Like a piece of trash."

"You can't mean that."

"I'm weak. I was defeated, humiliated, raped and forced to cum in front of a national audience, while my daughter got the same right next to me. I couldn't protect her, and now she's marrying the man who dominated her. She's become the thing I hate most . . . a submissive woman. I failed."

This was bad. How could Dominique help me if she was like this?

"It . . . It isn't too late. We can still stop the wedding announcement. It's happening later tonight, in just a few hours. We can crash Sophia's dinner, and we can take Loli away from Rick. You could even have a rematch with Dick. You can reclaim your championship."

She coughed up a wad of semen. "No. Fuck that. I would only lose to him again. This is the end of me. I can't get any lower than this."

I took a deep breath, knowing what I had to do to win back Loli's mother. "No. Not yet. There's something worse still."

She looked up at me as I peeled my tiny thong down to my ankles. My small penis was totally soft, mostly because the rancid smell annoyed me and the sight of a woman post-gang-bang was not arousing at all, but I started to masturbate. I had to slap Little Mark around quite a bit to get a response, but it eventually came. Within a minute I was going to have a four inch erection.

Dominique stared at me in disgust with the one eye that wasn't sealed shut by dried semen. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I'm . . . I'm going to rape you," I threatened. "I'm going to fuck that used pussy of yours with my cock until . . . you know . . . I cum."

Dominique looked offended. "You can't rape me. You're too fucking pathetic to rape me."

"You've just been sitting there taking cocks all day, so why not mine. It's not like you are going to do anything to stop me. This is what you deserve, right?" I was terrified but I stepped forward, almost slipping on a discarded condom. I leveled my small semi-erect cock at the gaping opening of her cum-stuffed cunt. It was going to be like throwing a hot-dog down a hallway, but I was going to do it.

"Stop," Dominique said.

"Here it comes, bitch," I almost whimpered, trying to act tough.


"I'm going to rock your world, bitch. Like a hurricane."

"STOP!!" she roared, and her muscular body flexed. Suddenly her restraints were pulled to the point of snapping, and her body burst free from her latex chains. She stood over me, towering like the Asian Amazon she was, and she cupped my tiny balls in her giant hand, crushing them very close to bursting. I whimpered and cried.

"You little shit! Do you think you deserve to rape me! No one deserves to rape me! Least of all you!"

I was almost crying from the pain. "Then help . . . me save . . . your daughter."

She snorted. "Fine." And she let go of my hurting testicles. "Let's go find a shower."

As we exited the filthy rape-room we found the hallway littered with bodies and the walls sprinkled with blood. Beverly Wolf had the last of the losers on the floor, and she was holding his arm upward at a painful angle. She kept twisting even though he was begging her not to.


The bone broke in half and Beverly let the thug fall to the floor, crying like a little girl. Beverly spat on his face as he curled up in a ball, her perfect body dripping with sweat.

"Impressive," Dominique complimented the sexy lifeguard. "Have you ever considered becoming a sex-fighter?"

Beverly pushed her long blond hair away from her face, and then felt how stiff her nipples had gotten. "I am now. That was fun."


The three of us returned to my room so Dominique could shower off and we could plan our next move. My sister was there as well, having just recovered from the hard fucking Marcus had given her earlier, and she was holding on ice-pack over her swollen cunt. But knowing Sadie, she'd be fucking again within a couple hours.

Dominique came out of the shower naked and dripping, without even thinking about looking for a towel. She sat down on the couch very close to Beverly Wolf, and I noticed them exchanging small caresses. Dominique eventually settled one of her hands on Beverly's inner thigh, and my sister was looking on a little jealous. She could not take her eyes off of Beverly's chest.

"Pay attention please," I said, trying to distract the three horny women. "We have to plan our rescue of Loli perfectly if its going to work."

Sadie laughed. "It doesn't matter what you do. I don't think the three of you could defeat a single member of the Underland family, let alone four of them, and Loli wouldn't want your tiny dick back even if you did. Face it, faggot, you've already lost."

I ignored my sister. "We already know that Doctor Dick and Lifeguard Rick are powerful fighters. They defeated both Dominique and Loli in a sex-fight. Also, Dick is going to have Nurse Nixxy, Nurse Nancy, and my mom backing him up. My mom isn't a great fighter, but the nurses are decent, judging from the last sex-fight they participated in. That's five right there. Then there's Sophia, who is twisted but probably not a great fighter, but she'll have Marcus with her, and I know he'll be strong."

Sadie interrupted again. "He's a fucking GOD Mark, he just reminded me of that this morning. All four of us couldn't take him down."

"Are you saying you'll help."


I groaned. "There's also Sophia's father, the Captain of the ship, and I don't know anything about him."

"So there is no hope," Beverly sighed, her hand grazing over Dominique's pussy. "Maybe we should just give up. I . . . I'll never be with Rick. I'll never know what it's like to get fucked that hard."

"I bet I could fuck you pretty hard," Dominique whispered.

"My too," my sister agreed.

"HEY!" I yelled, trying to keep the room full of horny women focused. "I already have a plan."

I walked over to the door and opened it, welcoming in a few quests I had invited earlier. It was the Drug-girl I had met the other day, plus a few of her friends. (If you remember way back in chapter 3). There were all dressed in uniforms which were nothing more than skimpy pieces of skin-tight lingerie decorated with sparkling glitter and body paint. The temporary genetic alterations they had undergone had turned their hair and eyes into unusually bright colors, and their bodily fluids ran thick with inebriants and hallucinogens. The lead girl was the one I met the other day. She was wearing a little red thong and her small breasts were covered in pink glitter.

"Everyone, this is Sex-sugar, a very nice Drug-girl I met the other day. This is her boyfriend Cock-shot, and his sister Pussy-pop. As you know their bodies are filled with recreational drugs. They are going to help us."

"Drug-sluts," Dominique cocked an eyebrow. "Are we going to fight the Underlands or are we just going to get high. I don't do drugs Mark, I'm not a loser."

"We won't be doing any drugs, no," I said. I grabbed Cock-shot by his rather large penis, which was already semi-hard and covered in silver glitter. In front of everyone I started to beat him off, and within seconds he was cumming into a cup I held in front of his bursting penis. His semen smelled like hard liquor, and I knew it was even more powerful. I held the cup up to everyone, just so they could smell how dizzying it was. "We're going to be doing tonight's catering."


The doors to the Underland's private banquet hall were being guarded by two sex-fighters I recognized from T.V. One was a man named Iron Rooster, a martial artist he would beat his female opponents into submission with his iron-hard cock. The other was a woman, the Bull Dyke. She was pretty self-explanatory. She was just a big, muscled dyke.

Dominique approached them wearing a very elegant and revealing dress, the kind the rest of the guests had arrived in. My sister had stolen it from one of the other luxury suites. Ms. Kwon looked so feminine and sophisticated that they didn't recognize the famous Dominique Kwon until they saw her pornographic tattoos, and by then it was too late. Dominique tore the multi-thousand dollar dress off her body like tissue paper and jumped in the air. her arms wrapped around the neck of Iron Rooster while her legs wrapped around the neck of Bully Dyke. They were each unconscious before they hit the floor.

From there, we hit the kitchens. Beverly went first, still wearing her provocative lifeguard uniform. She gathered all the cooks and wait-staff together, telling them that they were a potential gas leak and that she needed to do an inspection.

"What," one of the cooks said. "Didn't Lolita Kwon tell us to not trust Captain Wolf. This is some kind of trick! We-"


Beverly knocked him out by smashing a large plate against his head. Instantly there was chaos as the cooks and waiters tried to get free and warn the guards, but we were all upon them too quickly. Beverly cart-wheeled in front of a cute waitress before she could escape, and slammed her head into a wall to knock her out. Dominique grabbed two waiters and bashed their heads together, knocking them out to. My sister even jumped one sexy female cook, ripping off her clothes and ravishing her into submission. I tried to stop one but the Asian waitress I confronted spun-kicked me in the face. Although she was wearing high-heels and a revealing set of lingerie, the waitress was really kicking my ass. It was my sister who saved me by flipping on her hands, wrapping her legs around the waitress's neck, and then flipping her through the air.

When that was done we brought in the Drug-sluts, and we got them fucking like horny rabbits on Viagra. My sister expertly fingered Sex-sugar and Pussy-pop until the two girls were cumming their brains out, and Sadie collected their girly cum into the wine-glasses that the guests would be drinking from. Then we got out the vegetable trays and Sadie had the girls masturbate using the carrots and celery sticks like little dildos. It fell to me to help out Cock-shot, so I fingered his ass while jacking him off, aiming his alcoholic cum all over the cakes and dessert items. I ran the napkins across his hard chest and defined abdominals, because even his sweat had mind-altering drugs in it.

"Why are you helping us?" Dominique asked Sex-sugar while my sister was teasing another orgasm from her. "I mean, aren't you risking your jobs?"

"We all hate Sophia Underland more than anyone," Sex-sugar said. "She treats us like slaves, and she's been cutting our pay every time we get hired for a new gig. If we can take her out, another Underland will step in to take her place, but it'll likely mean a pay raise just to keep everyone on-board during the transition. Besides, I think Mark is kinda cute."

Her boyfriend, Cock-shot, was about to say something angry or jealous, but my finger hit his prostate at just the right moment and he started to erupt again. I made sure to jack him off extra hard just to tire him out. I didn't want to have to get in another fight, especially with the one I was about to go up against already.

When the Drug-sluts were all pumped dry we moved on to the second stage of the plan. My sister, Beverly, and I shrugged into the unconscious servers' uniforms, all of which amounted to little more than skimpy pieces of lingerie and bowties. Sadie looked good in a tiny black thong and white gloves, staying topless because her tits were so perky already. Beverly wore a more complete set, including leggings and a garter belt by the largest bra she could find was still a size too small for her massive jugs, so her was almost spilling out of her top. To my embarrassment I saw that the male servers wore just as little as their female counterparts, and I wiggled into the smallest thong I could find.

"Why isn't Ms. Kwon getting in disguise?" Sadie asked, looking herself over in the mirror while standing on the unconscious body of a female server.

"She'd be recognized too quickly," I explained. "Being a world famous sex-wrestler and all. We're keeping her in reserves till the fighting starts."

"Yeah, but, Marcus is in there. You don't think he'll recognize me? He was fucking my brains out less than twelve hours ago. I think my breath still smells like his penis."

"I don't think he knows Beverly all that well."

"But Lolita does, and so does Sophia. In fact, Sophia knows all of us."

"Do you think that arrogant, aristocratic bitch is even going to bother looking a servant in the face? It's not like we need to get away after this. We just need them to not notice us long enough to eat some of this drugged food. So let's go."

As we began wheeling out all the drugged food I was more nervous than I think I ever had been. My ass-cheeks were so clenched that if my balls had been tucked back any further they'd be flattened. For some reason being nervous made me hard though, and my tight thong sprouted a five inch tent.

The reception being held was like something out of Caligula's wildest dreams. The room was huge, ringed around a giant fountain, and filled with wealthy, naked elites literally dripping with diamonds and gold. The first wealthy milf to approach us was wearing nothing by sapphires pasted to her large nipples and well-used pussy. She went to Sadie and plucked up a drugged glass of champagne.

"It's about time you lazy peons brought us some bubbly," she sneered, downing the whole glass in one sip. "Delicious! I think I'll have another."

"Why don't you drink it off my ass," Sadie suggested in the bitchiest tone I had ever heard from her. I was terrified that she had just given us all away and ruined the plan, but the rich old whore actually seemed to like being talked back to. She looked my sister up and down, admiring Sadie's athletic young body.

"I think I shall," the milf said, kneeling in front of Sadie's out-popped ass. My sister poured a glass of champagne down her back and the woman licked up every drop as it ran down her crack of her slender posterior. Pretty soon a dozen partiers were sucking down drugged-wine off my sister's body.

Beverly was in the same situation. She was already lying down on a table as a swarm of wealthy vacationers devoured the cum-covered cake off of her naked body, licking her clean as they did so. The expression on her face was one of disgust, but as they began to eat cake that they had stuffed up her delicious pussy, she began to moan in pleasure.

"Hey, is that liquor?" a familiar voice asked.

"We want some!" another said to me.

I almost jumped out of my thong when I saw who it was. It was Doctor Dick's loyal sluts, the blue-haired bitch Nurse Nixxy and the big-breasted blonde retard Nurse Nancy. Amazingly, neither of them seemed to look me in the face, so neither recognized me. Or . . . they didn't recognize me because they simply hadn't bothered to remember me.

"I wanna take a shot off you fucking tits, lover," Nixxy said to Nancy.

"Only If I can take one off your pretty ass, babe," Nancy responded.

I let them take some of the shots I was carrying as they used the drugged-vodka as an excuse to bathe each other with their tongues, slurping up the aphrodisiacs from each others' nipples and well-toned stomachs. As they really began to lez-out on one another I left them to find my other targets.

There they were! Standing at the front of the party, by the large windows that overlooked the front of the ship. My mother was there, her busty body naked but for a skimpy transparent dress. Doctor Dick was fondling her big ass, his only clothing was a necklace, and some girl I didn't recognize (probably just some random slut) was slurping sloppily on his huge cock while my mother coaxed her on.

"Keep sucking my cock that well and we might take you along on our honeymoon," Dick joked to the slut. My mother got so jealous that she slammed the girl's head down on the massive cock, causing her to gag and choke so much she almost vomited.

Sophia Underland was there too, sparkling like a goddess of sex come to earth, her only clothing was a small series of diamonds strategically pasted to her pale, perfect body. Her long white hair had been curled and done up like a Roman goddess, and it was hard to take my eyes off of her. She was with two very over-endowed men. The first I recognized. Marcus was a black pillar of sexual power in the mostly white room of flabby, pale flesh. His huge ebony penis was glistening with the saliva of what must have been over a dozen women. The other man with Sophia was older, white, grey-haired, bearded, but just as muscle-bound and big-dicked as Marcus. Instantly I knew who this was. This was Captain Underland. Sophia's father.

"A double-wedding," Captain Underland declared in a thick Scottish accent. He sounded like that old actor, Sean Connery. "What an occasion. And to see my wild brother and nephew finally wed joys my old heart. I'd thought little Richard would never settle down."

"And I never will," Doctor Dick corrected his older brother. "I'm marrying this bitch because she's the dirtiest, filthiest, lowest, naughtiest whore I've ever met, and I think she can actually keep up with me. But the moment she thinks I'm settling down, I'm getting a divorce."

My mother laughed, stroking his big cock. "Only if I get to take half of this beautiful cock in the settlement."

"Sophia," Captain Underland said. "Are you ever going to settle down. You've been awfully sweet on this boy Marcus here."

"Don't be silly, daddy," Sophia responded, stroking Marcus's chest. "You wouldn't really want half-breed-nigger grandchildren, would you? This nigger is my slave, papa, not my boyfriend, although that's what I have to call him in public. I'll marry a rich white boy, daddy, don't worry, but it takes a big nigger like this to make my cum. He's really just a work-horse, except instead of a cotton-field he breaks his back in my bedroom."

Captain Underland looked a little embarrassed. "Sweetheart, you know such talk isn't . . . 'politically correct' anymore, yes?"

Sophia snorted. "Don't worry daddy. My nigger knows what he is. Isn't that right Marcus? Aren't you just a big-dicked animal? Don't you love serving your mistress?"

Marcus did look very insulted, but the moment she ran one, slender finger up the length of his incredible penis I could see his resolve melting away.

"Yes," he said. "I am your slave."

"You're not the only one with a slave, cousin," a hated voice I recognized said, the cocky Lifeguard Rick. He was sitting in a large loveseat with his muscular legs spread wide open. Bouncing in his lap was the head of a pretty young Asian girl with spiky black hair and a revealing set of black lingerie. I almost didn't recognize her, but I knew who it was. It was Lolita Kwon, the beautiful girl who had been my girlfriend less than a day ago. Her transformation had been radical. Her body seemed more accentuated, as if her small breasts stood up a bit more, and her round butt bounced out a bit further. Her skin shone with a thin sheen of sexual aura and sweat. The lingerie she wore was a tiny black thong, tiny black bra, black gloves, and a black choker, all of which was made of transparent lace. I could see half of her face as she suckled at her master's cock, and she was decorated with exotic makeup that highlighted her pretty Korean face.
It broke my heart to see that way she was looking down at Rick' huge penis, but it made my cock hard at the same time.

"You, garçon," Sophia turned to me, holding out one feminine, slender hand. I was so terrified that I almost pissed in my tiny thong, but she didn't recognize me. "Give me a glass of that vodka"

I held out the tray to her, shaking a little in fear, but she didn't even look me in the face as she took two glasses from the tray. One she drank immediately, sucking the drugged-vodka down faster. The other she held out of her thrusting hips, aiming to spill it directly onto he emasculate vulva.

"Kneel," she commanded Marcus. He obediently complied, and as she poured the vodka onto her perfect pussy her licked it up with strong strokes of this thick tongue.

"Fuck yeah! Let's get wasted!" My mother took three shots from me, also not bothering to look me in the face. She downed two of them right away, and the third she stuck between her massive tits. Doctor Dick leaned down and sucked the vodka from her chest, violently squeezing my mother's breasts as he did so.

"Bring the rest of that over here, tiny," Lifeguard Rick demanded. I almost wept as I had to stand just a foot away from my cock-sucking girlfriend as the man who stole her greedily took shot after shot from my tray. He drank the vodka like it was water, and soon there was just one shot left.

"Open up bitch," Rick ordered Loli. "Daddy has a treat for you."

Lolita sucked all the way off of his huge dick, popping off the head with a satisfied little smile. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in sexual submission, eagerly awaiting whatever her new owner had for her. Rick took the last shot and poured it down her throat, and she moaned happily as the alcohol entered her stomach, mixing with the sperm she had already swallowed from earlier.

"Oh Rick," she mewed. "You're such a fucking hot . . . MARK!"

Lolita's mascara-painted eyes were looking right up at me in shock, embarrassment, anger, and annoyance. Suddenly everyone was looking at me, and everyone there who knew me was gaping in shock. My mother gasped my named allowed as Dick growled in annoyance at me unannounced presence. Marcus looked surprised by not angry. Sophia knew me, and she was practically growing fangs as her crystal blue eyes burned with hatred. Captain Underland and Lifegaurd Rick had never seen me before, so they just looked confused.

"I . . . I feel horny," Sophia suddenly moaned. "I mean . . . way hornier than usual." Her inner-thighs were glistening as a small river of pussy-juice flowed freely from her swollen cunt.

"Me . . . fuck . . . me too," my mother added. her nipples were so erect that they looked like dark pink traffic cones, and her knees began to wobble a little.

"Holy shit! My cock feels like it's about to split in half," Doctor Dick growled. His cock was indeed larger and more erect than ever. Its twisted, wooden appearance grew into a hideous, contorted piece of muscle.

"What's happening to everyone?" Captain Underland asked as his own large genitals began to take on a life of their own. The party had gone from a mere orgy to a full blown sex-riot. People were not longer engaging in mild group sex, they were violently raping each other and passing out from exhaustion. Expensive dresses and lingerie were shredded by ravishing hands. Breasts and asses were squeezed to the point of popping. Cocks and pussies were slamming against each other like animals fighting to the death, and the losers were screaming in a insane mix of pleasure and pain. My sister Sadie and Beverly Wolf were holding their own, beating back the rapist hordes with their fists and legs, but they never stopped feeding them either. I saw Beverly grab a handful of drugged-cake and literally shove it between the legs of a young, nubile rich-girl. Her naked pussy soaked in the aphrodisiac, and within a second she pounced onto the nearest young man and began to rape him.

"Mark," Loli whined, massaging her aching small tits. "What have you done to us?"

"I've drugged you," I said. "I've drugged all of you. Get ready to start tripping balls."

Sophia was barely able to stand as her pussy literally dripped onto the floor, but she was still able to speak. "Marcus!" she screamed at her now erect love. "Kill him! Kill that little faggot!"


I had been hoping that Marcus would go easy on me, considering that we were once best friends, but those hopes were shattered when his colossal black fist swung up into my chin in a devastating uppercut. I was thrown through the air like a spiked volleyball, but my fall was broken by the large breasts of an unconscious partier. I rolled off of her sticky body just in time to avoid Marcus's foot plummeting down on my head, which instead sunk into the gut of the unconscious woman. Even though she was out, she still heaved in pain.

Marcus continued to chase after me like an ebony giant, but he got stuck in the crowd as dozens of horny white women literally began to jump him, which would have been a typical experience for him but for that fact that these white women were drugged out of their minds, and Marcus was too. He violently slapped one small girl away, before picking up a slightly bustier one and tossing her into two others. One girl started sucking the head of his cock though, and this caused him to lose focus. His strong hands picked her up by the waist, lifted her into the air, and then violently slammed her down on his pulsing twelve inches of cock. The insertion was so sudden and so large for her small frame that I could actually see his cock bulging in her stomach. He growled like a lion as she started to cry, and they looked each other in the eyes as she passed out. No sooner did he pull her limp body off of his woman-destroyer than another woman jumped on, this one clearly older and more experienced. After that Marcus was gone, overwhelmed by a tidal wave of white women starving for big, black cock.

I wasn't safe yet though, because out of nowhere a shapely white leg slammed against my gut, the shit hitting my stomach with the force of a baseball-bat. As I was thrown to my ass and heaved in pain, I saw my mother standing over me. She was breathing so heavily that her large breasts shook, and her swollen pussy was practically slobbering with cum. Her nipples looked sharp enough to cut glass.

"You little shit!" she yelled, slamming her heel down onto my balls. I cried and whimpered as she dug them into the sex-stained carpet. "You've always been a disappointment. I can't believe something with such a small dick could come out of my pussy, especially considering how large the ones that go in always are. Well no more, I'm going to turn you into another daughter."

She was going to grind my balls to paste. I had to do something. I leaned back, although it hurt my scrotum, and I kicked her right in her overripe cunt, my heel actually penetrating a few inches deep.

She squealed in pleasure, soaking my foot in cum, and she stepped off my balls. She wasn't done though, as her hands grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. She smiled evilly at me, and then shoved my head between her massive breasts, the jelly-like flesh swallowing me whole as I began to suffocate. I squirmed but it was no use, my mother was stronger than I was and she was holding me off the ground. She was going to smother me with her breasts till I passed out, and then who knows what would follow.

But I felt one of her pointy nipples pressing against my mouth, and I instinctively latched onto it like a newborn babe. Despite how large and firm my mother's tits are they are natural, and for some reason she never stopped lactating after she had me, so as I sucked my mouth was filled with warm, strange tasting milk. For my mother this feeling was too orgasmic to resist, and I could feel my feet touching the ground as her knees began to wobble. I sucked harder, gulping down mouthfuls of milk and biting her a little, making her nipple so long that I was almost sucking it down my throat.

"Oh . . . you little bastard . . . that feels so good." My mother's arms melted like butter and she let go, stumbling backwards and knees made of jelly.

I was free. More than that, the stomach full of milk revitalized me, and I suddenly felt ready to run a marathon. I grabbed my quivering, busty mother by her tangles of brown hair, and then slammed her head into the nearest table.


Glasses and plates of food were knocked to the floor, and now my mother was bent over and prone. Her gaping cunt was gushing like slice of fruit, and although I knew my cock was so small she wouldn't even feel it, there were other ways I could fuck her.

"Fuck you bitch!" I yelled, spanking her big ass. "I can't believe I came out of this fat, sloppy cunt."


I rammed my fist into her cunt so fast that it slid in like the head of a larger man's cock, and with a single thrust I was elbow deep into her well-worn cock-cushion. I fist fucked her like I was boxing with her womb, and pretty soon she was dripping on the floor like a broken faucet. I couldn't tell if she was cumming or pissing herself, but the puddle she was making could have filled a pitcher.

"You're . . . you're finally acting like a man," my mother's sex-broken face smiled between orgasmic spasms. "I'm . . . proud of-"


I punched, my fist going so deep that I don't even know where it was in her, but it broke something, and I felt her sex-canal filling with water. I slowly withdrew my arm, and with it came a thick waterfall of cum, so much that my mother was bound to be dehydrated tomorrow morning. She stood there quivering for a moment, her ass shaking like a jelly mold on an old washing machine, but then she passed out and slumped to the floor, splashing in the puddle of her own cum.

I looked around and saw that things were going my way. My sister and Beverly were squaring off against Nixxy and Nancy. Although the two pornographic nurses were high as kites on aphrodisiacs they were each keeping their own, and my sister was already bleeding from a cut on her thigh from where Nixxy's sharp nails had scratched her.

But my heroines were prevailing. The buxom Beverly spun circles around the tipsy Nancy, and she wrapped her arms around the nurse's neck from behind. Nancy's big-breasted body went flipping to the floor and landed onto a table so hard the wood snapped in half, knocking the wind out of the sexy retard. Beverly then sat down behind Nancy's head, and she wrapped her legs around the less busty blonde's neck. Nancy whimpered and struggled, but the calf muscle pressing against her throat was as hard as iron. One last moment of pathetic squirming, and then she went limp. A puddle of urine formed from between her legs as her body gave up.

Nixxy was proving tougher. She clawed at my sister with razor-sharp nails and stiletto-heels, but she was still swimming with drugs, and her pussy was so soaked it looked like a sponge. She kicked to high and my sister ducked down, sliding on her knees like and Elvis-impersonator, bringing her face right to Nixxy's cunt. Sadie grabbed the nurse's hips and pulled the wet peach to her mouth, her serpentine tongue sliding deep into the swollen canal. Nixxy climaxed so hard it looked like she was being electrocuted. My sister gulped down her squirt and then jumped up, striking Nixxy in the chin with a brutal head-butt. Nixxy went sailing through the air, landing on the floor unconscious.

And then that was it. There were three of us: my sister Sadie, Lifeguard Captain Beverly Wolfe, and myself. And there were only three of them: the impossible hung Doctor Dick, his pussy-tamer son Lifeguard rick, and the goddess of sex herself, Sophia Underland. This was the final shodown.

"Halt!" Captain Underland yelled. "What is the meaning of all this? Why have you turned this wholesome, respectable, family-friendly orgy into a barbaric riot?"

"Stay out of this daddy," Sophia commanded. "There bitches have been on my shit-list since this cruise started, and now I'm going to chop them up, feed them to the sharks, and-"


We all stood in stunned silence as Sophia sunk to her slender knees, and big red welt forming on her cheek. Her father had just slapped the shit out of her like only a daddy could.

Tears actually formed in her eyes. "Daddy?"

"Don't 'daddy' me, you little tart," the nude Captain said, his mammoth cock hanging next to his daughter's face. "Someone is going to explain to me what's going on here, right fucking now!"

Captain Underland's voice was so powerful that I could feel it vibrating in my chest, and I was too intimidated to talk, and for once I think Sophia felt the same.

"I'll tell you," a familiar voice said. It was Loli. She came up to the naked Captain wearing nothing but her skimpy black lingerie, and yet she was probably the most clothes person in the room. "I'll explain everything."


Loli explained everything, and when she did I finally saw it all from her perspective. She had been the one to invite me and my family on this trip, a cruise-ship overflowing with sexual freedom, and she had done so for my own good. She said that I needed to cut loose, to gain some confidence, and to just stop acting like a total bitch. But from the moment we got here I had been too much of a pussy to fuck her, so she had to go get hers from those Australian twins, some random milf, my sister, and finally from Rick, who fucked her harder than she could even imagine. So, when Rick proposed to her while frying her brains with mind-breaking sex, she naturally said yes. After all, I had been too weak to stop him. She leaned about Sophia's petty plot to ruin her, just because Sophia was jealous that she and Marcus had once dated, but Loli said that she didn't care about that, even if my entire family got caught in the crossfire because I was a pathetic loser, my sister was a bitchy dyke, and my mom was a backstabbing whore. Frankly, that was a pretty good summary of my family.

"But do you really love my nephew," Captain Underland asked, sounding saner than any other human being on this boat.

Loli shrugged and pouted. "I love his cock. That's all there is to him anyway. A big, fat, pussy-wrecking cock. So . . . sure. I love cock."

Rick didn't seem to mind hearing his entire personality boiled down to a piece of genitalia. He was actually masturbating and looking rather pleased with himself.

"Child, there's more to life then tight pussies and big cocks, although looking around at this assembly of idiots would make you think so. The men in my family are all endowed with impressive plows, especially myself, see." The older man flexed his muscles and his tanned cock grew like a balloon, becoming full erect without so much as a touch. It was quite easily the biggest, meanest, most impressive muscle I had ever seen on a human body. It was even bigger than Marcus's. Loli blushed as she touched it, even bringing the helmet close to her face so she could smell it. "You see, child, my cock is easily the largest on my boat. When I was a young lad I literally crippled a girl with this thing, and I impregnated a village's worth of horny housewives in the course of single summer. But it wasn't until much later that I came to regret my actions. I had been so obsessed with violent, domineering sex that I had forgotten all about love, and by the time I realized that I was already married to an evil, heartless woman, and I had a daughter who I now see is just as much as a bitch as her mother was. But tell me, girl, since my cock is the biggest here, do you love me?"

Apparently Loli missed the point of the Captain's speech, because she was already kissing the dark red head of his horse-cock, running her little tongue down the radical split that went down the middle.

"Yes," she moaned licking her lips. "I love you now."


The Captain slapped Loli so hard she spun around and landed on her cute little butt.

"That's exactly the type of cock-craze I was talking about. You're not using your head or your heart, you're just using that little pussy of yours. That's what my family does to people though, we break them without even realizing it. We turn them into mindless sex-fiends by fucking their brains out."

"There has to be a cure!" I yelled clutching my flat chest. "Isn't there some way we can turn Loli back into the sweet girl she used to be!"


Loli had spun around and kicked me right in the balls with her shin. I squeaked and rolled on the floor clutching my cracked acorns.

"Fuck you, Mark! Maybe I don't want to be that sweet little girl anymore! Maybe I like getting my pussy raped deep for once! Maybe I enjoy being a nasty little slut-toy!" She reached down and grabbed my balls, fitting both of them and most of my penis in her hand. "Fucking pathetic. Do you see this? Do you see the way my hand can hold all your junk? I can't do that with even one of Rick's testicles. That's how big he is Mark! That's how much he fills me up. Do you honestly think that even if you had a real penis that you could fuck me even half as good as he does, that you could leave me as wet and as tired as he does, that you could make me feel like half the woman he makes me feel like?"

I looked into her pretty eyes, crying a little, and said "I want to try."

Captain Underland came over, grabbing Loli by the hair and pulling her off of me. She whimpered softly but seemed to enjoy the way he took charge of her. She looked up at him like he was a god, and she was ready for her pussy to be struck down by his thunderbolt of a dick.

"There is a way," he said to me, barely paying any attention to the horny Loli who was humping his leg like a sex-starved kitten. "There is a way to make her yours again."


"YOU have to fuck her brains out."


Captain Underland brought the eight of us to his bedroom, which was a massive space filled with expensive looking furniture, a hot-tub, stripper-poles, and the largest bed I had ever seen. I think fifty people could have slept on it. The Captain took a seat on a large chair and he perched the squirming little Loli on his lap. She instantly started to kiss his muscled chest and began to stroke his superhuman cock with both hands.

"Alright," Captain Underland said, pointing to the huge bed. "This will be your battle ground. Since it is obvious that you six have put so much emphasis on sexual abilities that will be the manner in which you are judged. A three on three battle. Winner gets the girl and . . ."

Long pause.

". . . ownership of the Aphrodite's Shell."

"WHAAATT!!" we all screamed.

"Daddy no!" Sophia whined, kneeling before her father and pulling on his apple sized testicles. "The Shell is supposed to be mine. You wouldn't just give it to one of these dirty little peasants, would you?"

He slapped her hands away from his balls. "Frankly, yes! I want to retire, and I am also beginning to wonder if you are the kind of person I want running this enterprise."

"But daddy-"


Sophia was once again knocked to her ass by her father's hand.

"These are the rules," Captain Underland began. "You will all be divided into two teams. My daughter Sophia, my brother Dick, and my nephew Rick shall be on on team. Young man," he said to me, "you, your charming sister, and Beverly Wolfe shall be the other team. The six of you will fight, fuck, or do whatever it takes to force a surrender out of your opposing team . . . but you MUST get the surrender from them. You can't simple knock them unconscious or murder them, I don't want this match to be that violent. The winning team will become the joint-owners of the Aphrodite's Shell."

"What . . . what about Loli?" I asked.

The Captain chuckled. "Do you really care more about this brainless slut than wealth and power?" I think he said this jokingly, but at that moment Loli was indeed kneeling between his legs and orally worshiping his mammoth-trunk with her adorably inadequate mouth. "She clearly wants to be owned, and she wants to be owned by the most powerful male available. Mark, if you become the captain of the Aphrodite's Shell, I have no doubt that this horny little girl will begin to see you as powerful, and perhaps that will break the sexual spell my family seems to have put on her."
The two teams were already lining up. My sister was looking Dr. Dick up and down and was obviously nervous. She was tall, but the muscular doctor towered over her, and his gargantuan phallus seemed to stretch the length from her belly-button to her knee-cap, but I knew my mind was exaggerating things. He was big though, much bigger than her. His pectorals were wider than she was from shoulder to shoulder, and his hands were so large that I'm sure he could have palmed her entire ass in one grip.

Dr. Dick was smiling down at her with insane, predatory interest, his lips literally salivating at the sight of her lithe, slender body. The waves of pheromones coming off of his body were so thick I could see them, and even though my sister was a stubborn lesbian I could tell she was being affected. When the fight began, I doubt she'd last longer than one punch.

Beverly stood across from Lifeguard Rick, the obsession of her life, and I knew this wasn't going to be a fair fight either. Beverly hated Ricks so much that I could see tears forming in her perfect blue eyes, but she was so horny for him that her pussy was crying as well. Her emotional state must have been like a hot, violent hurricane in her body. Rick was the asshole who practically raped her little sister. He was the jerk who made her job a nightmare. He was the stud who fucked every single one of her friends and relatives, but never fucked her. Beverly wanted it. I could tell. She was breathing heavily and smiling deliriously. She wanted Rick to put her down.

Rick on the other hand looked bored. Beverly was nothing to him. Just another slice of pussy. It didn't matter to him that she was smart, or beautiful, or talented, or that she might have genuinely fallen in love with him out of some twisted sense of novelty. He didn't give a shit about any pussy. Not her or Loli. He did look a little annoyed with her though, and I knew that annoyance was about to erupt into some extremely violent hate-sex.

My opponent was Sophia. She stood across from me like a goddess of sexual vengeance. She was so much taller than me that my eyes were only level with her glistening pink nipples. She looked down at me like a lioness would at a foolish little fawn who was stupid enough to step on her tail. The word 'RAPE' was written all over her face and hungry smile. Her fingernails seemed to extend from her hands like claws.

"Too easy," she said. "All too easy. We are going to slaughter you three, and when we're done I'll be the owner of this fucking ship, and I'll be the owner of the stupid little shit-slut Lolita Kwon. Oh God. The horrific things that I am going to do to her. I'm going to make her beg for death."

"Not . . . not if I stop you!" I said, trying to sound tough.

Sophia snorted. "Let's get this over with. I'm sure you don't want your castration to be anymore drawn out."

"BEGIN!" Captain Underland yelled, and it began.


I must have sounded like a girl as Sophia's hand swung up and squeezed my balls, her fingernails digging in like little daggers. I screamed. I couldn't help it.

She was so tall and flexible that even with my balls in her hand she was able to knee me in the face. Her knee-cap hit my chin with a loud crack, and my head snapped back. I would have fallen over but the vice-grip on my balls held me in place.


Sophia hit me three more times with her knee, striking me in the cheek, the nose, and one in my right eye-socket. I fell back and my balls slipped from her hands. I landed on the ground with a heavy thud, my right eye already swelling so much I couldn't see out of it.

I looked around. Things were going to shit fast. My sister jumped out of Dick's reach and began striking him in the face with a blurring barrage of kicks, her leg coming up at almost a 180-degree angle to hit him in his face. She was still wearing her stiletto-heels, so the kicks should have been enough to crack his skull to bits and skewer his brains, but Dick just stood there with a stupid smile on his face. He was bleeding from some small cuts, but they weren't much.

Sadie realized she wasn't hurting him and she looked afraid. She knelt down and spun, trying to sweep Dick's legs out from under him, but her leg just slapped against his iron calves like a baseball-bat hitting a great redwood tree. Dick barely even moved.

"What the-" my sister tried to say something, but she was interrupted when Dick reached down and grabbed her crotch with one hand, and her neck with the other. His fingers were so long and thick that they actually wrapped around her neck entirely, like he was holding a kitten.

Dick picked her up like she weighed no more than a doll and then slammed her back against his knee.


My sister's eyes went wide and her mouth opened, but no scream came out. She was in so much pain that I couldn't believe that she remained conscious.

"No knockouts," Captain Underland reminded us. He was no palming Loli's pussy and making her melt into his chest with orgasmic bliss. "A knockout will count as a point against your team. You have to make them surrender."

"Yeah dad," Rick said. "Do it the way I'm doing it."

Rick already had Beverley by her gorgeous blonde hair and was slapping her silly, his open fist striking her front-hand and back-hand. He slapped her in the face so hard that spit flew from her pillowy lips, and he slapped her large breasts until they bounced on her chest like beach-balls.

Beverly whimpered pathetically and tried to fight back, but her pussy was gushing all over her inner-thigh, and it was pretty obvious that she was having an orgasm. Just being slapped by Rick was enough to make her cum. Her long legs quivered and shook, and she would have fallen down by now if Rick hadn't been holding her by the hair. Her legs came open a little, and Rick swung his open palm right up into her dripping wet cunt.


"AAAAAAAGGHH!" Beverly screamed, piercing pain and overwhelming pleasure wreaking havoc on her perfect body.

"Give up yet slut?" Rick asked, casually backhanding Beverly like a bored pimp. "Give up?" His hand went between her legs and began to roughly masturbate her. She was cumming so much that it looked like he had just turned on a faucet.

"Na . . . na-na-na-na. Luv. . . luv ooooo," Beverly drooled. Her mind was so broken that she couldn't even form a sentence.

"Let's get these bitches on the bed!" Sophie yelled, grabbing me by the hair and pulling me to my feet. I tried to punch and kick her, but she just held me off like I was a child throwing a tantrum, and then she tossed me over the edge of the large bed.

I heard the sound of leather straps being clicked into place, and I looked back to see that Sophia was fastening a strap-on dildo to her nymph-like body. The contrast was startling. Sophia was a feminine goddess of pale moonlight, her skin, eyes, and hair all being closer to silver than tan, but the dildo jutting defiantly from her waist was big, gnarly, and black; the personified nightmare of every white boy with a racial inferiority complex. The daunting dick looked heavy enough to be used as a weapon . . . and in a sense it was . . . for my anus.

I tried to move but Sophia kicked me in the balls again and I fell back onto the bed. She held me in place.

"It's your own fault I'm so fucking horny," Sophia whispered into my ear. "You tricked me into eating all that drugged food, and now I'm full of aphrodisiacs. Well, I've got to burn these drugs out of my system somehow, and I'm going to do it by fucking your tight little boy-pussy."

I felt a squirt of hot, slippery liquid directly on my anus, and I nearly squealed as Sophia began to work it in with her middle-finger, jamming it to the knuckle up my ass, stabbing my prostate. My penis responded by getting hard, which made everything even more uncomfortable. At least she was using lube, but I doubt she would have had any hope of getting that monstrous rubber cock up my ass otherwise.

I felt the apricot-sized tip press against my asshole. She began to push in.

"Recognize it?" Sophia hissed in my ear. "I bet Loli would, or even your sister. I had this dildo made from a cast of Marcus's. I love his big, black, bitch-breaking, pussy-killing, boss-nigger cock so much that I just can't go without it for a single night, so I had Marcus Jr. here made. You're about to find out why girls love him so much."


The dildo sunk in, smashing my prostate into a pancake, and then awkwardly slamming upward into my bowels. Only a little more than half made it in, but that half was enough to turn my stomach into a punching-bag. I felt like I was going to throw up.

Then Sophia began to hump me.

"Take it, you little faggot! You pathetic worm! Take it!" She yelled, holding me by my hair as she turned my anus into a cock-cushion. My only luck was that Sophia was not as physically powerful as Marcus was. I remember the way he destroyed that petite Asian assassin Sophia sent to my room, and I knew that it wasn't just his cock that killed pussy, it was all that power in his core. Sophia was slender and sleek. Graceful, but not powerful. Still, I was getting fucked up the ass with twelve inches of thick rubber cock.

"I can't believe this skinny bitch is going to be my stepdaughter," Dr. Dick said as her dropped my sister next to me. She looked exhausted and in pain, sweat dripping over every inch of her skin. "I guess now is as good a time as any for her to learn to respect her father."

Dick pulled her legs up and put them over his shoulders. I could literally hear Sadie's pussy-lips stretching open as Dick pushed in his thick, wooden cock, the same one he had so thoroughly tamed my wild mother with. Sadie was no stranger to cock, but that last time she had gotten one that big was Marcus's, and to be frank, I think Dick's was bigger, not to mention twisted. She was not physically prepared for Dick, and I could see it on her face. Her eyes were wide and filled with tears. Her mouth hung open, and her medium-sized breasts began to shake.

"You can surrender anytime you want, bitch," Dick said to Sadie, his massive hulk of a body leaning over her trembling form. "But I won't stop fucking you. This is happening. This isn't going to stop. Welcome to hell."

He began to pummel her, his cruel cock ripping into her body with insanely long strokes, and he held her by the neck just so she'd choke a little. I think she was trying to yell out her surrender, but Dick wouldn't let her. He was having fun.

"I can't believe how bad this girl is at sucking cock," Rick said, holding Beverly by her hair so she couldn't dislodge from the fat cock sunk deep in her throat. "I mean, her virgin sister sucked my cock better than this. My fiance Loli sucks my cock way, WAY better than this."

Beverly was gagging violently as her chin was pushed hard into Rick's balls. Her entire body seemed to heave, and her large breasts would have been bouncing on her chest if they hadn't be squished so hard against Rick's muscular thighs. He held her by the head and looked down at her with a mixture of amusement and disgust.

He let go, and her lips slid off his long penis with a loud slurping sound. When she popped off the head she did so with a wet explosion of spit. Long strands of saliva fall all over her face and breasts, and several sticky strands remained, connecting Rick's sopping wet cock to Beverly's chin. Beverly began to heave and vomit spit and pre-cum. She was so weak that she could barely stay upright, and more than once slipped into the puddle of spit she had just heaved up.

"Pathetic," Rick growled. He picked her up and dropped her body on my other side. Lifting her long legs up just like his father did to my sister, Rick began to fuck her with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Beverly on the other hand was enraptured, her gorgeous face melting into a semi-retarded expression of orgasmic bliss. Rick still fucked her hard though, hard enough that her tits bounced on her chest and even slapped me in the face, pushing us closer together.

"Do you surrender yet, retard?" Rick asked, slapping Beverly across the face. "Had enough?"

"No . . . no. More. MORE!" Beverly begged in a husky voice. "Give me your cum. Please. Cum inside me. Let me suck your cock again. I'll do better. I promise I'll do better."

"Fine . . . slut," Rick rolled his eyes. "I'll cum inside you if you surrender."

"Cum . . . cum first," Beverly begged, at the point of tears.

Rick sneered and backhanded her again, not seeming to notice how much she loved the abuse. "You really disgust me Beverly. You might be Little Miss Perfect to the rest of the world, but I knew from the second I saw you that you are the lowest, dirtiest, most shameless whore I've ever met. At least sluts like your sister don't hide what sluts they are. You've always acted superior to me, and all the while you've had to think about me just to cum. Hypocrite. Want me to cum inside you? Alright, take it. TAKE IT!"

Rick's thrusts became even more violent and sudden. Beverly screamed out as her pussy exploded with lubricating juice, and Rick roughly grabbed her breasts, twisting the nipples until they turned purple. Beverly looked like she was being electrocuted, but I knew it was because she was experiencing orgasm after orgasm, each on top of one another.

"I'm CUMMING!" Rick roared, pumping his seed deep into Beverly's aching womb. She screamed with him, crying her thanks to the heavens, and worshiping the man she loved.

Rick pulled out, mounted Beverly's chest, and stuck his pulsing cock between her large breasts. His cock kept popping and squirting thick ropes of cum, most of it covering Beverly's face and tits, but a few shot going wild and streaking over my back. His cum was so hot that it almost felt scalding, and its aroma was salty and thick.

Beverly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around Rick's erupting cockhead. She gingerly sucked and slurped the cum as it came, gratefully swallowing every drop. When no more would come out she licked his urethra, and kissed his penis softly with her cum-covered lips.

"You got my cum," Rick said. "Now surrender."

"I love you Rick," Beverly whispered. "I don't know why . . . but I really love you. Thank you. Thank you for treating me like I'm shit. I . . . this was the happiest day of my life."

Rick sighed. "I know, bitch. I know."

Beverly smiled. "That's why I'm so sorry I have to do this."

"Do what-"


The sound echoed like a tree being knocked over in a storm, or thunder cracking in the sky. It took me a while to realize what had happened, but Sophia had stopped fucking me, and even Dick had stopped destroying my sister's pussy with his womb-hammer. We were all looking over at Beverly. She was smiling wickedly and licking semen off of her lips. In her hands she held something long, thick, and twisted at a right-angle.

Beverly had just broken Rick's cock.

"AAARRRGGGHHH!!" Rick roared, his whole body turning red. He fell to the ground with his hand hovering over his broken cock, but he wasn't able to touch it.

Beverly stood up and planted her foot on top of Rick's broken cock, causing him to scream in pain. "The damage isn't so bad that you can't get it fixed, but if I crush your balls I doubt you'll be making any comebacks any time soon. So what's it going to be, bitch?"

"I SURRENDER!" Rick cried.

Beverly smiled and give his L-shaped penis a little kick. She had won.

"You bitch!" Dr. Dick yelled, roughly pulling at of my sister to attack Beverly.

He had to get around Sophia to do that though. Biting my lip, and rammed my ass back into her, pushing her off the bed and into her uncle's path. I gasped in pain as her black dildo was jammed even deeper into my ass because of my action, but it was necessary.

Dick collided with Sophia, and together they fell to the ground in a tangle of limbs and dicks. The dildo wedged up my ass painfully dislodged and snapped off of her belt, flapping to the floor like big rubbery fish.

My sister was still gasping in exhaustion, but she saw her moment, and straddled Dick's back, wrapping her legs around his neck even though they were still shaking, and her pussy was still gushing uncontrollably with cum. Beverly saw what Sadie was doing and decided to help out, also straddling Dick's back but facing the other way. She used her legs to lock his arms up, and then reached between his legs to grab his balls. His testicles were so large that she had to use both hands, and they looked like leathery tennis-balls in her slender fingers, but she squeezed them so tight that it was obvious they wouldn't be going anywhere.

"Fucking. . . BITCHES!" Dick growled, spit drooling from his lips as Sadie choke-held him with her legs.

"This ends in one of two way," Beverly said, tightening her legs and nearly pulling his arms out of their sockets. "With you surrendering, or with me cracking your balls open like a couple of ostrich-eggs."

Dick groaned but didn't give up yet.

Sophia was just now struggling to her knees. I had to do something. I grabbed the giant black dildo and held it like a sword. Sophia looked up just in time to see me swinging it up into her face.


Sophia flew back from the blow, landing on her back, her tits jiggling from the impact. Her legs splayed out and I knelt between them, pushing the dildo into her crotch. I wasn't aiming for her pussy though. She fucked me up the ass, I figured it was appropriate that I got to do the same. I pushed the fat head of the black dildo against her tight little anus and I was surprised by how much resistance I was getting. She had been Marcus's girlfriend long enough by now that she should have been as loose as the hemline of a pair of sweatpants.

"NO!" Sophia squealed with surprising distress. "Not my ass! I've never let anyone-"

She was an anal virgin. Wow. Who would have guessed? I didn't wait for her to finish begging me. I shoved it it.

"EEEEK!!" Sophia squealed, her pussy suddenly pulsing and shooting a hot gush of cum across my chest. She was scared, and at some primal level she was loving it. I was dominating her.

"Bitch, take it," I growled, shoving the dildo as deep as I could, which was still only about four inches. Sophia was crying and clawing desperately over her head at the carpet, but she was weak and distracted by the new sensation of getting a massive black cock violently shoved up her ass.

"Ah . . . ah . . . AAAAA!!"

I kicked me knee into the base of the dildo, driving it into her divine body like a stake. She shook with the impact, her tits rolling, and her gut heaving. I grabbed her by her silver hair to keep her in place, and when she continued to squirm and slapped her across the face, knocking the spit out of her shining pink lips.

Sophia looked up at me with awestruck wonder. Her eyes were big, frightened, and full of submissive arousal.

I put two fingers around one of her big blue eyes, pulled it open, and spat right onto her cornea. Then I slapped her again. One last kick drove the dildo to the base, and my stomach was squirted down with a hot gush of cum from her snapping pussy.

Sophia was practically braindead now, just flopping and shivering on the floor like a inmate on Deathrow who just barely survived the electric chair.

I wasn't done with this nasty slut yet though.

I crawled on top of her, put my head between her immaculate breasts, bit down on her nipples, and then began to grind my waist against her sopping wet pussy. My four-inch penis might not have been much compared to the foot-long African anaconda shoved up her ass, but right now Sophia's pussy was scrunched so tight I could barely penetrate her. I pushed in anyway, and my cock stabbed its way into hottest little pocket of scalding hot pussy I had ever felt.
"Oh . . . holy shit," I groaned, chewing on Sophia's nipples. "No wonder you're such an arrogant cunt. You pussy feels like heaven."

Sophia began to cry with delirious, orgasmic insanity as I fucked her . . . and I mean FUCKED her! I was humping her against the floor, each thrust driving Marcus's molded cock up her ass even harder and harder. I could feel it inside her, filling her up like a puppeteer's arm.

"I'm going to cum inside you," I growled at her. "I'm going to cum inside you like the hot little cum-dumpster you are, and then I'm going to expect a nice blowjob to clean me off. You can surrender or not. I really don't give a shit."

A moment of sanity returned to Sophia's horror-stuck face. Here she was, a goddess superior to Aphrodite, getting the sloppy shit fucked out of her by a pathetic little satyr with a baby-penis. What did that say about her? Was she really a goddess anymore? No. She wasn't. She was a mortal slut.

"Fuck . . . I'M CUMMING!" I roared, and for the first time I think I must have cum as hard as Marcus did. My cock felt like it had turned into a fire-hose, and the blasts of semen I was shooting deep into Sophia's womb were breaking their way into her brain, shattering what few senses she had left. I could feel every individual sperm of mine wrestling deep into her ovaries, hunting down her eggs, throwing them down, and fuckign the shit out of them just as I was fuckign the shit out of her.

I was making her my bitch on a cellular level. Her body belonged to me. Her potential children were going to belong to me. Sophia Underland the person died that moment, and in her body was born a mindless, pitiful, cum-hungry animal whose only survival depended on sex.

"I . . I . . . I SURRENDER!" Sophia screamed, tears rolling down her cheekbones, her blue eyes rolling back up into her skull until only the whites showed. She spasmed so violently that Marcus's dildo shot out of her ass like a bottle-rocket, and it popped free with such a violent snap that I was sure it must have left some internal injuries on its way out.

I pulled out, allowing a flood of her cum to squirt all over my legs, and I squatted over her chest, shaking out the last few ropes of cum onto her catatonic face and jiggling breasts.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her up, rubbing my cum-coated cock over her lips and tongue. By pure, sluttish instinct she reacted, and her tongue began to weakly lick me clean.

"I . . . I surrender too," Dick whispered, sounding more broken than his son's penis was. "Just let me go."

Beverly leaned back and gave my sister Sadie a deep, victorious kiss. They had done it. These two slender, athletic nymphs of female sexuality had conquered this titan of masculine brutality.

Beverly then snickered wickedly.

"When you wake up in the hospital, say 'hi' to your son for me," Beverly said, and then her strong fingers squeezed Dick's testicles with a fury I had never seen in a living woman before. Her blonde hair whipped around her body as if a windstorm had suddenly blown in. She looked like a valkyrie about to slay a disgusting dragon.



Dick didn't scream. His eyes just went white, and foam oozed from his mouth. Thick, pulsing veins burst in his forehead, his heart beating like a nuclear drum, and then suddenly flickering down. He slunk into a coma that I doubted he'd ever fully recover from.

Beverly then pushed my sister down onto Dick's sweaty, muscular back, and they began to make exhausted by enthusiastic lesbian love on top of him.

Sophia was making some adorable baby noises as she sucked on my semi-flaccid penis. 'Nom, nom, nom,' and moaning happily. My dick was her entire universe now. Its happiness was her happiness.

I dropped her like a bag of shit and then strutted over to where Sophia's father Captain Underland was sitting, looking like a naked Zues, my girlfriend Loli slurping on his cock like a trained nymph.

"I won," I said.

Underland nodded. "Indeed. Well fought. You are now joint owner of the Aphrodite's Shell along with your sister and Miss Wolfe."

"Mark can have all of it," Beverly called out, my sister busily sucking on her nipples. "I don't want to have anything to do with this fucking boat, and I don't think Sadie here is the type to run her own business."

Underland shrugged his massive shoulders. "Well Mark . . . there you go . . . you've won." Underland pushed Loli away from his giant cock, and she shook as if waking from a dream. She looked around, saw her fiance laying on the ground with a broken penis, her potential father-in-law being used as a mattress by my sister and her new girlfriend, and me. The victor.

Loli stood up and looked me in the face, her chin still dripping wet with spit and cock-sweat. Her breathe smilled like Underland's leathery balls. I still wanted to kiss her.

"Mark," she began, licking her lips. "I . . . I'm impressed. You've come a lot further than I ever thought you could but . . . but I can never love you. Not after seeing Marcus in action. Not after getting fucked by a man like Rick. You won, but I don't want to be with you. Captain Underland is right about my obsession with power, but he is wrong about me wanting to be owned. I don't want to be some 'prize' for you, or for Rick. He dominated me, and I respected him for it, but I've never for a moment thought that our silly little marriage would last more than a few months. Maybe I'd leave him first, maybe he'd get bored with me. I wouldn't have cared. Mark . . . I was having fun."

At that moment the doors to Underland's bedroom opened and in walked Loli's mother, Dominique, Marcus Black, and my mother Samantha Day. Dominique looked bruised and battered. She must have been busy fighting dozens of Sophia's servants and bodyguards, but from the sexual smile on her face I could tell she had enjoyed the challenge, and won. Marcus Black's ebony body was dripping with sweat. He had just fucked his way through a mountain of white women like a bull ripping through a wall of tissue paper. My mother looked humiliated and defeated, but also a little proud.

"I want to be with Marcus," Loli said. "Or at least a man like him. I always thought it was just my hormones telling me to throw myself at the biggest, cockiest, thickest jerk I could find . . . but now I realize that is the sort of man I really want. That's what gets me wet, and makes me happy."

I sighed. "I accept that. This has been a crazy adventure, and I don't regret any of it, but I see now that I've wanted to own you, and keep you in a simple, boring relationship that would have killed you inside. I can't keep up with you Loli."

Loli smiled. "Thanks you for understanding." She kissed me on the lips, and even though her mouth tasted like Underland's salty penis I kissed her back.

"There's just one last thing I want from you," I said.

"What?" She asked, her pretty Asian face sparkling with naive trust.

I grabbed her shoulders. "I want you to understand how you've made me feel these last couple days."


I drove my knee up into her pretty little cunt so hard her feet popped off the ground. I hit her dead-center, the hard bone of my kneecap smashing her perky little clit like a worm.

Loli gasped and fell to her knees, holding her bruised pussy and wheezing in pain. I don't think anyone had ever hit her like that . . . ever. It felt good to finally do it to someone else.

To my surprise everyone in the room kind of laughed, even Marcus and her mother.

Loli was choking down gulps of air and crying a little. I aimed my penis in front of her face and relaxed my muscles, allowing a hot stream of urine to wash over her eyes, nose, and mouth.

"I'll always have a special place in my heart for you Lolita Kwon," I said, wiping of my penis off with her hair.


Lolita and Marcus hooked up and stayed together for only a year or so, but from everything I heard it was a pretty epic year, and Marcus was able to satisfy every random perversion that popped into Lolita's sugar-fueled mind with brutal efficeincy. After they broke up Lolita apparently calmed down and started darting losers again, the kind of stable, preditable, safe guys who could give her the typical American housewife sort of life, but I knew she'd get a craving for big, hard hunks of dark chocolate from time to time, and when she did . . . well . . . I could sympathize with whatever poor cuckold she married.

Marcus went on to become a star quarterback with a contract worth more than some countries' GDP, but what he was most famous for was the almost methodical path of destruction he tore through every sexy little popstar, athlete, actress, and celebrity he met, ruining more marriages than the internet, and producing several dozen illegitimate children with several dozen married woman.

Dick and Rick would never really recover. Nurse Nixxy and Nurse Nancy ditched them and last I heard they became assassins for the mafia or something like that, but to be honest I couldn't care less what happened to those insane sluts so long as they stayed off my boat.

My mother Samantha was pretty heartbroken that her fiance Dick Underland lost his balls, the quality she most admired about him, but luckily for her Captain Underland swooped in and fucked her off her feet. Last I heard Underland and my mother were retiring to a small tropical island with plenty of sexy servants to torment and fuck. The last picture my mother sent of me was of her and Underland, both naked and still glistening with sexual fluids, and I noticed my mother's stomach was bulging a little. Maybe I had another brother or sister on the way.

My sister Sadie and Beverley Wolfe hooked up. After satisfying her dream of fucking Rick Underland, Beverley swore off men completely and decided to follow my crazy sister on a cross-country motorcycle ride with a lesbian gang. I'm sure they're getting into plenty of trouble, especially since the gang has about three or four of Sadie's ex-girlfriends in it.

Loli's mother Dominique retired from the Sex Fight League and joined me on the Aphrodite's Shell as my head of security. With her almost tyrannical efficiency and military trained underlings I've never had to worry about things going ary ever again.

And Sophia?

Well, I don't know about Sophia Underland, per se, but I keep a very rare breed of bitch in my cabin that is sometimes called Sophia, although the name on her collar is 'Toilet.' Almost always in various states of being bound, gagged, impaled, tied-up, hung, oiled, strapped, and just generally tortured; I don't think Sophia has managed to construct a coherent sentence in over a month. When i don't have a gag or my cock shoved down her throat she usually just wails mindlessly about how hard she keep cumming, and how much her pussy hurts-so-good.

I keep my bitch on a steady supply of psychotropic aphrodisiacs that have reduced her mind to a wet puddle, and have heightened her body to an almost explosive level of sexual arousal. One twitch of her nipples, one spank on her ass, or one lick of her pussy is all it takes to essentially reduce her to a violently shivering mass of orgasmic spasms.

If you think I keep Sophia for sex, you're wrong. I don't need to. I'm the owner of the Aphrodite's Shell for fuck's sake. I have a constant supply of hot, horny, young little sluts desperate to get a job on my cruise line, and I take the time to interview each of them very, very, very thoroughly . . . even if I only hire about 10% of them.

Sometimes (while I'm sitting on Sophia's face and turning the vibrators impaled in her guts onto the maximum settings) I think about Loli, and I think about the nearly endless parade of lovely young girls I fuck and toss away like tissues, and I wonder if any of them could have been the 'one,' or if any of them are some other loser's version of Loli. I wonder if somewhere, in some dank little boy's room, some loser is furiously jacking his tiny penis and thinking about the perky girl next door, the one he's had a crush on his whole life, the one who dates all the bullies who have picked on him, the one who turned on his puberty, the one he secretly loves . . . the one I fuck like a cheap slut without ever bothering to learn her name.

I think about that sometimes, but most of the time I just think about how fucking rich and powerful I am, and how much better it is to be Mark Underland than it was to be Mark Day, and I feel alright.
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