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Apocalypse Zex

Disregard the spelling and grammer. This is still a story in progress. Every so often I'll go through to tweak the story or add additional details. For the most part the events shouldn't change.

Please feel free to leave any comments.


My name is Richard Everhard but everyone calls me Dick, Dick Everhard. I'm a simple guy. I lived alone in an apartment, go to work, play video games. I'm not fat, not ugly, but I won't win any sexiest man contest either. But girl's don't complain. They don't complain at all...

Living near 2 college campuses gives me a chance to meet young impressionable coeds. Throw into the mix, a military base filled with military women, military brats and lonely military wives all with disciplined athletic bodies, makes this town a wet dream.

At least before the zombies...

Maybe the base was doing some experiments...or the university was researching something...but all I know is that the zombies are everywhere...

This is the story of my life in the new zombie infested world. It started with banging and screaming...

What's next?

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