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BLACKEDmailed Into Being a Sissy

Author's note: I've hit serious writer's block with Tales of Feminization, so I decided to try something a little slower and more limited in scope. I'll be focusing on one primary storyline at first, slowly branching out with other choices. You'll notice some chapters will have multiple choices, but this is just to act as a reminder for me for future content (and a tease for you). I have a lot of great ideas for this story and can't wait to put thoughts to text for all your pervs to enjoy! Content will mostly be m/m, but there is some femdom m/f content planned as well. Please leave feedback so that I can improve, and also let me know if I slip out of tense or if you think present tense would work better than past.

FYI: The cover is from one of Ashley George's photo-shoots

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. All characters and locations are fictional and any resemblance to any person or place is entirely coincidental and unintended. This story contains content involving questionable consent, raceplay, orgasm control, feminization, mild violence (think slapping and spanking) and other explicit content. I'll expand this list as need be, but if any of this content offends you or just doesn't float your boat or raise your 'sail' then I suggest you find another story. Be aware that this is all fantasy: blackmail/coercion/etc. is unacceptable, especially involving sexual acts. I do not advocate for this at all. Likewise, violence is only acceptable between two consenting adults who have well-established boundaries and safe-words. In addition, I do not believe in the superiority or inferiority of any race in the real world. People should be judged on their individual personalities and actions, but all people are deserving of love and respect :) If you believe any of your kinks are interfering with you vanilla life, then I suggest you take a break and talk to someone understanding.

Extended synopsis: in this story you play an 18-year white boy college freshman, eager to leave behind your shy and reclusive past; however, fate appears to have other plans as on your first day you're recorded doing something perverted and blackmailed by an aggressive black student. It becomes obvious immediately he wants something sexual out of this blackmail, but what's he got planned and how far will he take it? Will you ever get to lead a normal life after all this?

What's next?

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