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Bar Made

Hi all this is my 1st story in Literotica. I have help in editing this from fast_flash (thanks!). Hope you like it and encourage me to submit more stories!


This is a true story that had happened almost 6 years ago. I am 27 now. I am a very sexy lady (178cm high, 51Kgr, 90-52-87), long black hair, black eyes, long legs and a tanned body, including tits since I always swim topless. I also have a shaved pussy. Six years ago at age 21 I was lusted after by men everywhere I went.

What I really enjoyed back then (and still do) is playing pool. I used to play 8-ball pool regularly making bets and usually winning. I was pretty good for woman and I was a good judge when to accept a bet and when not, so I have never been easily hustled.

One summer day I was in the bar where I used to play. I wasn't playing at the time but I was looking a potential 'victim' that played very badly. There was around 10 to 15 people at the bar, all men except 2 other women. After the 'victim' finished his game I asked him if he wanted to play against me. He looked me over from the toes to the head and agreed. I was a pretty hot sight wearing my jeans that showed my figure and a top that almost completely revealed my tits.

I asked him to play for $10 and he show me his wallet full of money and told me to play for more. I was excited, he seemed a sure bet. I counted my money and told him that I only had $30. He agreed to play a 3 games match for $30 (the winner being the first one to win 3 games). I won 3-0 very very easy! The guy seemed like a perfect victim. He played even worst than I expected. I was very happy and completely unaware of the humiliation I was about to suffer.

I asked him to play double or nothing and he told me:

"How about a single game for 100$?"

"Yes" I replied happily. I was about to buy this sexy dress I was dreaming of.

"Can you cover the bet? You said you only have $30" he said

"No problem" I said.

So we made a bet for the game $100. The problem was that I had only $60 (30 of mine and 30 I just won from him). We played again and this time he seemed to get very lucky and made some difficult shots. I didn't realize that he actually was a very good pool player that he hustled me. I just though I was very unlucky. So he asked me to pay him.

"Double or nothing?" I said

"I prefer to get paid now Miss" he told me.

"Well I only have 60 on me, how about another game?"

"No! What if you lose again?" He though for a moment, looking at me and then said...

"But I have another alternative" he said...


"How about you pay me the 60 and you don't own me the 40. Thats my gift to you! But instead we will play some more games of pool?" he asked

"Sure and thanks for letting off with the 40, but what to bet?" I said.

"Lets make the rules like this: We will play 1 game matches until you win one. If you win one single game you will not own me nothing and instead I will pay you $200" he told me smiling. And every game I win you still do not have to pay me anything!

"Wow! You're kidding me, right? What kind of deal is this for you? You have nothing to win!" I said.

"Wait!", he said, "for every game you lose you will remove one piece of your clothes" he said and smiled at me.

I was shocked, but thought it over. I owned this guy $40 - $40 I didn't have on me. I was a far better pool player than him and I had a chance to win $200. It seemed too good to be true.

"It's a deal" I said

"Wait" he said "When the game is started there is no way out. You will have to keep on playing until you win one game, regardless of what you will have to bet. Are you 100% certain?"

"Let's do it" I said and racked the balls.

The game was very difficult for both of us. We end up with 1 ball each and I made mine first and failed to strike the black ball. He smiled and placed his last ball and almost missed the 8 ball, which finally went to the pocket. The guy was really very good in making the game look like I was in the same level with him and I had a chance to win. As I found out after the game, he was one of the best players in the country and very good at winning money hustling.

"Well, what it will be?" he said I fainted.

I had to remove either my top and remain topless (since I didn't wear a bra...most times I like to have my tits free under my t-shirt), or remove my jeans and play a game wearing my g-string panties. Being in very bad mood now, I decided to remove my jeans. I took off my high heels and dropped my jeans allowing all people in the bar to see my bear bottom. I was red from embarrassment. I was about to play a pool game like this.

The next game was a disaster. I played badly. All people in the bar had gathered near the pool table and watched our game. I found it very annoying to have all the men and women starring at my ass and I didn't manage to play even the 10% of my potential. I lost and he smiled at me.

"And now, what will be?"

"I think we can end this game." I told him.

"A bet is a bet" he said and all people at the bar agreed with him.

I was in a bad situation. I had to pay the bet and even worst I had to win the next game to escape this nightmare. So I removed my top, revealing my voluptuous tits. To my surprise my nipples that had became very hard!

I played the next game the best I could. I succeed to ignore all people around me and play 110% . I placed 1 ball at the break, and the next 6, then I placed the 8 ball near the hole and smiled at him. He smiled back and said to me:

"Wow. I have to make all 8 balls to win"

"Seems impossible?" I said

"Not really" he said "my record is 67 balls in the straight pool and I always score all balls in 8-ball" he smiled with confidence.

I was horrified that I was taken fool. I watched him playing perfect pool and scoring all 8 balls one after another. After he won he turned at me and said:

"Now the panties please! And start thinking what to bet in the next game"

I was totally humiliated. I removed my panties and revealed my pussy to him and all people in the bar. He picked them up and smiled.

"Ok, I am humiliated" I said

"Can I have my clothes back and leave?"

"I think not, he said! The rule is to play until you win one game. So you have to find something to bet"

"But I am totally naked! What can I bet?"

"How about a show" he said. "Lets play this game for the show you will give us! If you win the bet is still on."

Having nothing else to do I agreed. This game was the ultimate humiliation for me. I was stretching at the pool table totally nude trying to beat this professional player. I offered a pretty good show of my bare ass and my pussy to all people watching. He seemed to make the white ball always be in the center of the pool table so I would to have to bend over the table spreading my legs, or even to have to place one leg over the table. The game finished with me totally humiliated and defeated.

"Now may I have my clothes back?" I asked totally red and humiliated

"No. You may leave as you are and return with my $40, or bet something else".

I was standing nude near the pool table. A little shaken from the cold, a lot turned on by the situation (even if the fact that I was turned on by been nude in front all these people, totally surprising me) and totally red and feeling embarrassed and humiliated. I was naked in front of people that I knew, I had play pool with them before and I had beat them (well most of them), so they were really enjoying seeing me humiliated like that. I was in a situation that I had to make a difficult choice. Either I had to stay there and keep playing pool in the nude, hoping that I might win a game or try to make it home nude, as I was. The first choice meant that I would have to put on a long show for all people in the bar, while playing pool, but even worse, I had to bet something and I was quite certain what the man had on his mind. Furthermore I knew that I didn't had a chance to beat him. He had proven to be out of my league. The second choice meant that I would have to walk nude about 4 kilometers to my house. And not any 4 k, but walk in my hometown and near my house where many people knew me! This was something that I really didn't want to do it.

"So what you want from me?" I asked.

"To keep your promise and keep playing until you win" he said, "Ah, yes! What you will bet now?"

"As you can see I have nothing to bet" I replied.

"Well I can see that you are turned on but this. How about if I help you to relieve the tension? It would improve your game too" he laughed at me.

"What do you mean?" I said

"I mean that if you lose the next game I will help you cum here in front of all of us" he said.

The spectators cheered when he said this, and one of the girls present said:

"She definitely needs to cum! Her pussy is dripping"

I felt so embarrassed.

"There is no way I'll let you touch me" I said. "The game ends here".

"Ok" he smiled "We may all cheer you when you are leaving the bar like this, or you may accept my offer and masturbate in front of us on the pool table if you lose. That way I won’t touch you!"

I hesitated. I was so close to leaving the place as I was, but I couldn't risk to be seen doing it near my own house! He realized that I hesitated and made me an offer.

"How about if we play a game with new rules. I will have to score 10 balls, while you only 5. To make it easier for you, you will have to score balls 1 to 5 and I 6 to 15, but with the right order. This do not apply to you."

That was a good offer. I knew that I might win the game like this. So I started to discuss it further.

"No! I will have to place 3 balls and you 12. That's a fair game?" I said.

"That's an impossible game for me and you know it" he said, "But if I win are you willing to bet more?"

"What do you suggest?" I said.

He opened his wallet and threw $800 on the table. He said:

"Well we have said that if you win you get all your clothes and $200. How about these new rules: You have the brake and you will have to score balls 1, 2 and 3. I will have to score balls 4 to 15 and with the correct order. If you win you will get 800 and your clothes."

This offer was too good. Scoring 12 balls with the right order was very difficult and I could easily score my 3 balls if he let me one chance. Even more the 800 was very tempting and I wouldn't have to walk home nude.

"And if you win?" I said. "Then what?"

"Then you still get your 200 and your clothes" he said smiling, "But"

"I knew that there will be a But!" I said

"Well you will have to sit on the pool table and help yourself cum for our and your pleasure and then escort me to the back of the bar and show me if you can swallow as well as you play pool!!!"

I wasn't shocked by the offer since I was expecting such a proposal, but the rules seem very promising. I was certain I could win the game like this! If I won I will had 800 but if I lost (hmmmmm). It took me a while to think it over but I was a girl who liked to gamble then (still I am), so I agreed.

He racked the ball and I broke. Balls 2 and 14 went in the pockets. That meant I lost my turn, since I place one of my balls and one of his, but I now had to score only 2 balls. He started to play. Ball 1 was in the middle of the pool table and ball 3 was near a corner. If I had a chance I could easily win. He aimed at ball 4 (that was an easy one) and placed in the pocked. Balls 5 and 6 followed. Ball 7 was difficult to score and he missed.

I had my chance!!!

Unfortunately the white ball was placed near the center of the pool and if I want to place ball 1 I had to stand near the spectators. I curved my back and leaned over the pool and aimed. I heard man laughing at me and some girls to giggle. My butt was wide open, since I had to maintain balance and my pussy was in clear view. They could easily see my erected clit and the inner lips as I was trying to hit the white ball. I tried to concentrate on the game and manage to score the 1 ball. Now 3 ball was an easy one. I bend over the table and aimed again. Still offering a clear view of my pussy to all people in the bar. When I was about to hit the ball, some people entered the bar and one of them said loudly:

"Hey, look! A slut is playing pool nude"

I hit the white ball the moment he said "slut" and this make me lost my concentration. "God I am a slut!" I though. I was playing pool nude in front of 20 people and I enjoy it! Ball 3 hit the corner of the pocket and went near the center of the table.

"Damn!" I said.

He played again and scored balls 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 very easily. 12 was difficult to place, so he tried to hide the white ball, so as to make me missed mine. He managed to hide the white ball, but I still had a fair chance to win. I bent over the table again and tried to concentrate. This was a difficult shot, but I had made shots like this one many times. But now with all people staring my butt and my pussy it was very difficult. I had to lean too much over the table, so my big tits (free as they were) hit the pool table. When my nipples touched the pool I realized how turned on was! I tried not to think of that, but I could not maintain my concentration. I lost the ball completely.

He scored 12 and 13 ball easily. 14 followed and he smiled at me when he aimed 15. Few moments later 15 was in the pocket.

I has totally red from anger! How did I manage to get into this? I was totally humiliated and I had to pay the bet.

"On the table girl" he said and all people cheered and whistled.

I went on the table, placed my legs wide open and let all people see my pussy. I started to caress my pussy and I found out that I was very wet and very turned on. My emotions were a mix of humiliation and desire for more. Without thinking of the people and the show I was giving them I let my self go and had I strong orgasm in front all of everyone. Moments later, in the back of the bar I found out that my opponent at the pool game was erected and he need only few minutes before he squirted in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and licked his cock clean. I then licked my lips his cum from my lips and smiled to him.

"Well I think I paid my part of the bet!"

"You certainly did", he said... "This was one of the best blowjobs I ever had and it certainly worth the 200, my little slut" and he hand me the $200.

I never saw him after that night and I never went to that bar again. With the 200 I bought a nice dress and although it doesn't fit me very well now I have kept it to remind me that night.
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