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Being a Wife to My Wife

My wife and I have been married for over seventeen years. The circumstances under which we live evolved over the first six years of our marriage to a point that makes me so comfortable in my role as the feminine half of our relationship I will forever be grateful I found the woman I did who allows me to fulfill myself as the pretty girl I am.

Growing up as an only child of a single mother in the 50's and 60's I was always drawn to pretty lingerie. I loved looking at pictures of it and even more enjoyed touching the nylon and lace of panties, slips, and bras. And in the 1950's and the 1960's there was some of the most beautiful and sexy lingerie made. Women wore it every day as if there was nothing to it. I always wanted to try it on and feel it against my skin. By the time I was 18 I was wearing full cut panties, a bra, and a slip as much as I could.

I met my future wife in my senior year in college. She was three years older than me and was introduced to me by a friend who thought we would be a match. We hit it off from the start and the feelings I developed for her caused me to stop wearing my lingerie. On our third date we began to explore each other sexually. She was the first, and currently my only, female sex partner I have ever had in my life. On the other hand, she had experienced sexual intercourse with over eight different males when we met.

My wife is a "take charge" dominant female in our relationship and she started in this role on the first night we ever had sex. She was gently in control as I told her I had never had intercourse before and on that night I lost my virginity to her as I followed her direction on what to do and did exactly as she instructed. I really enjoyed feeling her warm pussy wrap around my small but hard penis. She told me to ejaculate inside of her as she was just about to have her period and knew she could not get pregnant.

We moved in together as a couple a few months later. She already had a job in a law firm as a junior lawyer and made very good money. I was just starting a job in advertising and made a small entry level salary. While we were living together we shared our intimate sexual desires with one another and told each other about the things that turned us on. We had intercourse at least five times a week and only paused when she was on her period.

I shared with her my love of pretty lingerie and my joy at seeing it on her and my excitement of being able to wear it when we were together. She shared her excitement with me on this and told me my penis was smaller than any she had seen before but it was not a problem for her as it would fit into a pair of panties perfectly.

Six months later we were married and she wore a beautiful satin and lace white wedding gown which she stayed in all day and wore it into our wedding night hotel room. When we were finally alone, she told me to strip completely naked while she watched me. I did as she wanted. I was totally nude and she was fully dressed in her wedding gown. She turned around and told me to slowly unzip her gown. I did this and saw that she was wearing a beautiful set of wedding lingerie from the 1950's and 60's! My little penis became hard immediately and she smiled as she stepped out of her gown.

She was wearing a pair of full cut nylon and lace panties with rings of lace around the leg openings and the waist band. She had on a pair of lace top white nylon stockings and a very pretty nylon and lace multi-layer petticoat. Her white bra was satin and lace and over it she had a nylon and lace camisole that was beautiful. I gasped at how pretty she looked and she smiled.

She told me I would only be allowed to have intercourse with her if I fucked her while she was wearing all her lingerie. I would have to move the leg opening of her panties to one side and slide my little penis into her. I was elated and did what I was told. She instructed me not to cum until she told me to and if I was feeling like I was cumming I was to tell her immediately and stop. She was going to control the conditions of when I was to cum inside her. I found this direction very stimulating and did as I was told. Our first intercourse session lasted over an hour before she let me cum. We fucked twice more that night until both of us were exhausted. It was a wonderful wedding night.

Our life together was wonderful as she got promotions at her law firm and I held a steady job in advertising. Her income was always what supported us. Around three years into our marriage the frequency of have sexual intercourse began to diminish. I always ejaculated inside of her and she never used birth control, but she also never became pregnant.

Our usual five nights a week having sex was down to two nights and around year three and a half we were fucking about once every two months. It was about this time that I lost my job in advertising due to downsizing and I found myself at home during the day with not a lot to do.

In my boredom I began to explore wearing lingerie again and helping myself to my wife's ample supply of 1950's and 60's beautiful undergarments. In doing this I found a rather large box of sex toys in her dresser that included several different sized dildos. I had never seen my wife use a dildo on herself but I could only surmise she was doing it frequently with the amount of toys she had hidden away. I decided to keep quiet about what I had found because I wanted to continue enjoying wearing lingerie.

My wife was right. I do have a tiny penis. My natural demeanor is somewhat feminine. I fit in and feel very comfortable wearing lingerie. I truly am more of the female in our marriage.

In an effort to increase and spice up our sex life I asked my wife one night if it would be okay with her if I wore a bra and panties and a long nylon nightgown when we had sex. She quickly agreed and told me she thought I had been into her lingerie. She said since I was playing with being a girl she wanted to call the shots that night as we fucked. I immediately agreed and when we went to bed she told me to strip naked while she watched. She told me to put on a bra and panties and a nightgown as she wanted to see which ones I picked. I selected the white nylon and lace panties and bra she wore on our wedding night and a long sleeve nylon nightgown with lace on all arm openings and across the hem.

She told me how pretty I looked and how she wanted me to fuck her as soon as I could and cum as quickly as possible. I was surprised as she usually liked for me to wait to cum but she pulled all of her clothes off quickly and sternly said;

"Lay on your back on the bed and fuck me right now!"

I quickly hopped onto our bed and she immediately got on top of me on her knees with her legs straddling me. I started to pull up my nightgown as fast as I could and she quickly said;

"Only to your crotch, and keep your panties on. I'll reach into the leg hole and find your tiny cock."

I was hard, but she was right, I was very tiny. Before I could blink she reached into my panties grabbed me and slid my penis into her very wet pussy and said;

"Fuck me little girl and cum inside me as quickly as you can!"

This startled me but I did as I was told and thrust my cock in and out of her as fast as I could and in less than 30 seconds I felt myself ejaculate several squirts of cum into her pussy. It was an unusually heavy load as the excitement of what we were doing came over me.

As soon as I gasped and she felt my tiny cock pulse for the last time she raised up and my penis fell out of her pussy and it was limp and shrinking. She pushed it back into my panties and in one smooth motion moved her knees up to my neck and her pussy right to my mouth. I saw and felt my cum dripping out of her and she said;

"Lick it out of me! Get every last drop! Don't leave any of your cum in me. Do it now!"

This language surprised me and I had never done anything like this before, but I did what she said and began to lick the warm cum. It tasted GREAT! I loved the feel of it on my tongue and licked as fast as I could to get more. My wife said;

"Suck it all into your mouth, don't just lick. Go on, fill your mouth with it. But don't swallow until I tell you to."

My mouth was filling with my seamen as I licked and sucked. I was in heaven and wondering why I had not done this sooner. My wife looked down on me and saw my mouth was filling up so she said;

"Swallow it all baby. Swallow it all right now. Let it slide down your throat. Then get back into my pussy and get all the rest of it out. Go on, do as I say."

I did as I was told and on my second try my tongue was very deep inside her pussy and I could feel her rock hard clit sticking upright as I tongued it and sucked it as it engorged even larger. I quickly swallowed my second load as she began to shake and lightly scream;

"Oh my God, Oh my God. I'm cumming so hard I may pass out!" "I'm cumming right now!"

With that her pussy contracted as she gasped and it shot out all of my remaining cum directly onto my lips. I quickly licked the discharge into my mouth and swallowed for the third time. She leaned over into the bed as we both gasped for air in the most intense fucking session I have ever been a part of. We loved it!

As we regained our composure my wife said;

"That's the way we should fuck! You be the girl and I'll be the man."

I told her I would enjoy that. I told her how much I enjoyed swallowing the cum and how I really loved the taste. She said;

"That's good. Because from now on I want you to be as much of a girl as you can be."

I asked her what she had in mind and she said;

"First, you should remove all of the body hair you have left. I know you have very little, but I want you to have none. Underarms, crotch, legs. Chest," she said with a smirk. "I've never seen a hair on your chest, but I want you shaved smooth just the same."

I was excited at the possibilities and eager to do as she told me. My first ask was if I could wear a bra and panties everyday under my clothes. She said;

"Absolutely. And I want you wearing a full slip or a half slip and a camisole too. I'll take care of throwing out all your male underwear. You make sure I never again see you in male briefs. And from now on you are to wear a nightgown to bed every night."

This opportunity was almost too good to be true. I told her I was looking forward to doing exactly what she said. She said;

"I'm glad you like this, because I have been thinking about this for a long time and we are just beginning to have some fun. I want you to stop cutting your hair. As it grows out we'll decide what kind of hairdo you will maintain. In the meantime, use one of the two long wigs I bought in anticipation of this day."

It was difficult for me to sleep that night as I was so excited about being able to be a girl for my wife. I was thankful this opportunity had come my way and only too eager to begin right now.

Our sex life took a turn for the better in the next few months. The hair on my head was shoulder length. My wife was having intense orgasms. I had not worn male underwear in several months. I was settling into being the girl in our family just fine.

One evening my wife came home with a large collection of dresses she had bought for me. I had played around wearing some of my wife's dresses and she knew it so she decided it was time for me to have my own personal wardrobe. There were several tea dresses and sun dresses from the 1950's and 60's that matched my personality and lingerie underneath perfectly. Also with my wife was a makeup artist who she wanted to give me a female make-over and teach me how to maintain my make-up on a daily basis. I was thrilled!

My wife watched and instructed the make-up lady to give me a "Girl Next Door" look that was very natural. I was in my bra, panties and full slip while the make-up was applied. When she was finished all three of us were taken aback at what a natural and pretty female I appeared to be! A tiny penis between my legs was a totally unnecessary organ to be on my body. It was very clear from what I saw in the mirror, that I was meant to be a girl. No doubt about it.

I took some instruction from the make-up lady and my wife told her she would help me in the beginning and in about a week I was applying my own make-up and looking every bit as female as I did the first night my make-up was applied.

I didn't realize it, but I had been wearing lingerie and dresses during the day and nightgowns at night for almost 9 months. During that time I had swallowed and licked loads and loads of cum out of my wife's pussy. Being the wife to my wife and living full time as a female was totally natural for me. I couldn't do it enough!

It was on our eighth wedding anniversary that my wife said she really wanted to try and have a baby, but she hoped it didn't hurt my feelings, she didn't want to do it with my sperm.

"I love you so much, and I want you to always be my partner. I love being the leader of our family" She said. "I had thought about going to a sperm bank and being impregnated in an operating room, but I decided against it." She continued. "I don't really want to use your sperm to get pregnant. I would prefer not to pass along your heavily female attributes to our baby. I hope you understand."

Her words took me by surprise, but as I looked down at myself wearing a beautiful, full skirted dress and felt my already tiny cock shrink even more in my panties, I knew what she said made sense.

We had purchased full silicone breast forms that I kept glued to my chest just about all the time so I filled out my bra with a very natural 38C bosom. And we had discussed the possibility of me having surgery to implant more natural forms under my skin so when I looked in the mirror with my top off I would see a natural woman looking back. I took a deep breath and decided to use the situation to get something I had always wanted. I said;

"I understand. I think you make a very good point. If we go through with this will you let me have the surgery for breast implants if we can be assured it will not affect my nipples?

She quickly said;

"Of course! I've wanted you to have that surgery for a long time."

How do you want to get pregnant?" I asked.

She said; "There is a newly married attorney in our law firm that I think you would like and I have had very basic discussions with him asking him if he would be willing to impregnate me with no strings attached on his part and no responsibilities for raising our baby. I picked a married man so he would be less likely to form an attachment to me and it was difficult because I had to find a man who would not think he was cheating on his wife. He told me he and his wife have an open relationship and he would be able to meet my request for a price. I told him I would pay more the faster I got pregnant. Every month after that his payment amount would go down, so there is an incentive to get me pregnant as soon as possible. He's waiting to hear my answer after I talked with you."

I had no idea why I was agreeing with this, but I was. I wanted to know what her plan was and she said;

"Oh, I want you there in the bedroom with us as he fucks me. I want you to make sure he gives me the maximum amount of his cum and I want you to watch it all. My plan is to have intercourse with him three consecutive nights during my most fertile time of the month. With any luck I'll get pregnant after our first three sessions."

"When do you think you want to do this?" I asked.

"Well I'm just at the tail end of my period this month, so my estimation is that in about six days I will enter the time of the month when a new egg is in my womb. Does that question mean you support my plan?"

I told her "yes" let's get you what you want. Her eyes welled up and my tiny penis pulled further inside my body to the point I could not feel it at all. It was most appropriate.

"When you are pregnant I will make an appointment to have my breast implants." I could not believe what was about to happen but it was very exciting.

Six days passed quickly and before she left for work my wife told me what she wanted me to wear when she and her co-worker got home that night. I was dressed as requested with my hair and make-up looking better than I had ever seen it.

The door opened at the usual time and my wife and a very nice looking young man came in. She introduced him to me as "Jake" and she left the room to put her things away. Jake looked at me and said;

"You're very pretty! I'm surprised you are not a completely biological female."

I smiled and really didn't know what to say. My wife came back in the room just at that moment and said;

"Jake and I have had a couple of glasses of wine before we got here so we can start when you are ready. Would you like something to drink?" She asked.

"No" I replied. I'm ready.

"Good" said my wife.

"Let's go to the bedroom and we can begin." She said as she took my hand.

She asked Jake to go into the bathroom and take off his clothes while she did the same in front of me. She told me to take off my dress but leave on everything else.

When Jake returned I was standing next to my naked wife wearing a very pretty nylon half- slip with six inches of lace on the hem and a camisole that had large amounts of lace and nylon. I was wearing lace top nylon stockings. I could see Jake was starting to get a plumpness to his penis which was easily three times as long as mine had ever been.

"Oh you're big!" I blurted out without thinking.

"He's huge." Said my wife.

"He told me how long he was when we were having drinks and I thought he was exaggerating. But he's not."

My wife turned to me and said;

"Baby. While I get comfortable on my back on the bed, I want you to get Jake into a full blown hard on. Can you do that for me?"

"With my mouth?" I said.

"Yes. Whatever you think you need to do. I'll watch and let you know how you're doing."

Jake just smiled at both of us and slowly approached me. He was getting harder by the second.

"Why don't you lay on your back on the bed" I asked Jake. He did as I asked.

With that I climbed on the bed and looked down at his semi-erect cock. I had never done this before, but I bent down and kissed the tip of his penis. It wiggled in response and I quickly followed up the kiss with my tongue licking around the ever enlarging hood. Then I wiggled my tongue into the slit at the end of his cock and tasted the faint taste of what I thought was pre-cum. When I tasted that I immediately slid his cock into my mouth and began to go up and down on the shaft with my lips all the while feeling him get harder and harder at what I was doing. I was REALLY enjoying it. The female in me had taken over.

"That's just right" said my wife.

"Remember to save the sperm for me!" She continued.

"I'm the one getting pregnant. I want you to take Jake's cock and I want you to be the one who inserts it into my pussy."

My wife had been fingering her vagina and clit while I was sucking on Jake and she was very wet between her legs. As she spread her legs, Jake was on his knees between them and I was on my knees right next to both of them.

"Put Jake's cock into my pussy please." She ordered. I did what I was told as the head of the biggest cock I had ever seen was placed on her wet pussy lips and then I began to gently push it into her vagina. My wife gasped as I watched Jake's shaft slide quickly inside her.

"Fuck me hard and fast Jake!" My wife said loudly. And with that Jake began to thrust in and out of her cunt while she got wetter and wetter between her legs. Her eyeballs were rolling back in her head as he continued his plunges with his big cock. I was right beside them hearing and watching the whole thing. Jake said:

"I'm cumming really hard! And I'm cumming right NOW!"
My wife gasped "stick it all the way in and don't pull out! Fill me with all your cum! Fill me full!"

She quickly turned her head to me and said;

"Make sure NOTHING comes out of me. I want all his sperm swimming inside me and not getting out."

I looked at their two pubic areas and they were pressed against each other. Nothing was oozing out around his cock. I gently pushed on the small of his back to make sure the two of them were copulated together for the maximum amount of time possible. Both of them were out of breath but still connected. It was a period of time that lasted about four minutes as Jake was getting softer and softer and finally his huge flaccid penis slid out of my wife. She immediately pushed her vagina lips together and rolled her knees back toward her ears.

"I'd love to make this a one shot deal" she said.

We repeated the same actions the next two nights. The next month my wife missed her period and a few weeks after that we confirmed she was indeed pregnant. When she was entering her fifth month, and the risk of miscarriage was very low, she called and made an appointment for me to have my surgery for breast implants. Three weeks later I was the proud owner of a beautiful pair of 38C breasts that looked so natural on me it was impossible to tell they were implants. My abnormally large nipples were still ultra-sensitive. I was thrilled!

At the nine month mark my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Over the next couple of years my wife and I were together as we impregnated her twice more under the same conditions but with different males providing the sperm. My wife gave birth to two more girls and the five of us live as a family.

In this modern world we live in our daughters believe they are being raised by two mommies. I am the full time stay at home mom and I take care of keeping our house running while my wife provides an ample income as a successful lawyer.

By the night of our twelfth wedding anniversary I was recalling our life together and realized my tiny penis had not been inside my wife's pussy in over four years. When I said this to my wife she said;

"You're right. Let's have some kinky fun tonight on our anniversary. I've been wanting to tie you spread eagle to the bed without any clothes on. Would you like that?"

"I never thought about it, but it sounds fun." I replied.

"Great! Take off all your clothes and meet me in the bedroom."

Our kids were being cared for that night by a babysitter out of the house so we had the place to ourselves. I stripped naked and as I went into our bedroom my wife was naked too and just finishing up adjusting four straps to the corners of our mattress.

"Lay on your back and get comfortable," she said.

I did what I was told and she slipped my wrists and ankles into the loops on the straps.

"Pull your arms and legs in" my wife instructed.

As I did this all four loops quickly tightened. I wasn't going anywhere. In a move so fluid and quick my wife went to her sex toy box and came back with something in her hand. She licked my nipples and kissed me on the lips and in a flash she attached a male chastity cage around my little ball sack and quickly locked the head of my tiny penis into the device. This happened so fast I did not have time to get hard. Although it wouldn't have mattered since my unused sex organs are so naturally small anyway.

"This is what you will wear full time from now on" said my wife.

"This will teach you to stop having erections as every time you do it will cause a great deal of pain. And going forward I will be the one who tells you when you can ejaculate. Every month when I get my period I will unlock your device for one day. While I am at work you are to masturbate yourself to an ejaculation and have it all done and cleaned up by the time I get home. That night I will lock you back into the device. Every month you'll be having a period at the same time I am."

I had so fully given myself over to my wife by this time, what she was telling me was something I just accepted. I was sexually anything but a male. I was and am a female with a tiny penis.

To finish the evening my wife masturbated herself with one of her several dildos while I laid next to her in bed.

My wife uses her dildos now at least four times a week when we are in bed. I am locked into chastity lying next to her. Occasionally I move my hand over toward her when she is jerking off and she gently pushes my hand away saying;

"Not now. Please don't baby."

After seventeen years of marriage and three children I look back more than eleven years to remember the last time I had physical sexual intercourse with my wife. Other than my monthly masturbation sessions by myself I lead a mostly sexless life as a female. I function as a female on a daily basis and my look is that of a total girl. I pass in public with total ease and no one has any clue there is a caged penis between my legs inside my panties.

Being a full time girl is the life I have chosen and it has been very fulfilling.
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