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Blissful Ignorance

For most people, familiarity inevitably leads to a blissful ignorance of what the other party is doing. The husband fails to notice as his wife bats her eyes at the stranger in the restaurant, the wife begins to ignore the overtures her husband is making toward the cute babysitter, and the father trusts his friends not to be forward with his offspring. Sometimes those moments are ignored at peril as hidden lusts and forbidden desires; or even shameful transgressions; occur.

In "Swing Vote", follow along as Senator Cohen's wife Sophie works very, very hard behind her husband's back to win the necessary votes for his reelection.

In "Rumor Has It...", take the role of a young man with little drive or direction in his life who relies on the good graces of his friends and family members to provide a couch to sleep on as he moves from place to place in Southern Californian suburbia. Luckily for him, nature blessed, and cursed, him with an enormous cock that the housewives, sisters, and daughters of his friends just can't help but gossip about...

In "Lost Time", take the role of a hardened ex con that has works odd jobs with the occasional breaking and entering to make ends meet; and finds the world ripe with desperate, if sometimes reluctant, women that are more than eager to help him make up for his time spent in prison.

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