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Breeding Becki Pt. 02

Becki was still handcuffed to the table she was laid across, in a doggystyle position. She was in a storage unit, surrounded by cameras. Her boyfriend Mark had just forced his 10-inch monster cock up her ass, against her will. Her face was wet with tears, and her asshole was full of cum. But at least it was all over.

At least she thought it was, until she heard Mark on the phone. "Jamal, you and the boys can come in, now." Her heart sank, and she filled with fear. Without warning, Mark shoved a massive buttplug into her ass. "Becki, this is for two reasons" he said, "The first, is to keep my load of cum inside your ass for as long as possible, so you never forget who owns that ass. The second, is to make your loose pussy fuckable, again."

Mark had been fucking Becki for a few months, now, and it was the worst pussy he had ever gotten. With a very thick 10-inch cock, he had never had trouble stretching a girl out, and really feeling every inch of her pussy. But Becki was different. She was a cockhound and a size queen. She had been fucked by every big white cock she could get inside her, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. Her pussy had been stretched beyond repair, and was mostly useless to Mark. He stayed with her for the money, and because he was secretly fucking some of her rich, snobby friends. But had finally reached his breaking point. Bad pussy mixed with a self-entitled attitude. Enough was enough. That's why he decided to teach the bitch a lesson.

The first lesson was simple. To remind her that all her money couldn't save her from an ass fucking. He took what he wanted. He finally found a hole on her that wasn't used up. It was, by far, the best sex he ever had with her. Now it was time for the second lesson. Becki had a history of public racism. Videos surfaced of her using the word 'Nigger', and thinking it was cute. She refused to fuck black guys, despite being a size queen. Mark intended to resolve that, today.

Mark wasn't like most of the guys she dated. He had some money, but he was self-made. He wasn't some trust fund kid. He earned everything he had, after growing up in a rough neighborhood. It was no surprise that he was the minority in his high school. One of his best friends was a black guy named Jamal. They played football together, and grew up just down the street from one another. In high school, they were practically inseparable. They had even double-teamed some girls. That's how Mark knew Jamal was packing a 12-inch monster. So he was the perfect man for this job. Mark told Jamal to round up a group of black guys, the bigger the better. He told him to bring the guys to the storage unit and wait outside, until he called. Then part 2 of his plan would come into play.

From outside the storage unit, Jamal could hear Becki's cries and screams. His crew was getting excited, just from the sounds. His phone finally rang, and they entered the unit. This was gonna be a lot of fun.

Mark hung up the phone, as his friend entered the room. He also saw 13 other guys with him. The storage unit was large, but it was beginning to fill up. He started directing traffic. "OK guys, line up in front of Becki, so she can see what's coming next. Now, whip out those big cocks." Becki's eyes bulged, in fear. 14 of the biggest black cocks she'd ever seen. None smaller than 8 inches. A couple had to be over a foot long. She had never fucked a black guy, since she found them disgusting. She realized what was about to happen, and she began crying again. Becki began pleading with Mark to stop this. She was begging. Mark walked up to her and slapped her, hard across the face. "This is only over after all 14 of these guys are done with you." He addressed the group, "Remember guys, pussy only. That ass is mine. And no condoms. We're gonna put a black baby in this racist little bitch." That's when Becki started screaming. Mark's complete plan had finally come to light, and she was in full panic mode. She didn't want a baby. She didn't want to fuck a black guy. And she sure as hell didn't want to be knocked up by any one of 14 black guys. But it wasn't her choice.

Jamal stepped up behind her, and put the tip of his 12 inches against her pussy. She was sobbing and begging him not to do it. That made him hard as steel. He pushed forward, burying 8 inches on the first push. Then he pulled back, and slammed all 12 inches home. Becki let out a shriek, as Jamal bottomed out inside her. He was BIG, too big. She loved big cocks, but this one hurt. Mark loved the look of pain on her face, as was glad he was recording it all. 4 stationary cameras, on tripods, and he was still holding one. He was sure to get all the best angles of Jamal slamming her pussy. And Jamal did just that. No mercy. He hammered her, hard. Pounding away for 20 minutes, just to make sure her pussy was sore. Then he came, balls deep inside her. Per Mark's instructions, he and the others hadn't cum in 48 hours, to save up a huge load. And that's just what he filled her up with. An absolutely MASSIVE load of cum.

As Jamal pulled out, he was replaced by James' thick 9 inches. James picked up where Jamal left off, pounding away. Jamal had already stretched her out, and the cum in her pussy was good lube. He was able to really give it to her. After he came, he was replaced by another, then another, then another. Some of the smaller guys started pushing on the buttplug, to get some friction in her used up pussy. One by one, they all came inside her. 14 guys, and some took more than one turn. All in all, she had 1 big load of Mark's cum in her ass, and over 20 loads of black cum dripping out of her pussy. She was sobbing, uncontrollably. She knew she was gonna take Plan B as soon as she left, but she didn't know when that would be.

When they were done, the black guys left, leaving her there with Mark. Mark uncuffed her, letting her off the table for the first time in hours. Her legs could barely hold her up. Then Mark told her the situation she was in. "Becki, you have 2 choices. Option 1: You can look into that camera, and give full consent for what just happened to you. I'll give you a towel to clean up, give your clothes back, and call you a cab. Option 2: You can tell me to fuck off. I'll throw your sorry ass out in the street, butt ass naked, cum dripping from your pussy. No money, no phone. And with the neighborhood we're in, expect to be scooped up by some pimp within minutes."

Becki panicked. She didn't want him to get away with what he did, but she also couldn't even imagine the thought of being naked in these streets. She hated him, but she relented. "Fine, you motherfucker. Which camera?"

Mark pointed to the one in his hand, "Right here...and smile. Make me believe it."

Becki took a minute to compose herself, wiping the tears from her face, and fixing her hair. "My name is Becki Hamilton. Not only did I consent to everything that just happened, but I fucking LOVED it."

Mark shut off the camera. "Good girl. You almost made me forget what a shitty actress you are." Mark, true to his word, gave her a towel to wipe the cum from her sore pussy. Her returned her clothes to her, and called her a cab. "One more thing, Becki. No Plan B, no abortion, and no cops. If you call the cops, or terminate the pregnancy, this video will be on every porn site in the world within seconds. And I'll cut it together to make it look like your idea." She stopped what she was doing, mouth agape. With a sinister smile on his face, Mark continued, "And if you're smart, you should start dating a black guy, immediately. It's the only way to explain the baby, and still keep today a secret." Thoughts were racing through her head, but she couldn't think of a way to beat him. She was beyond mad. She finished getting dressed and waited for her cab, determined to figure something out. As she was getting into the cab, Mark called after her, "Oh, and Becki..." She glared at him. "If you want the videos back from me, we can work out a deal, later..."
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