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Breeding Day at the Mall

Chapter 1: A Brash Act

Cassandra was mad. She didn't like having to chauffeur her little brother around town. And here she was being forced to drive him to the mall. Not bothering to park Cassandra pulled right up to the curb.

Showing his typical manners Dave threw open the car door nearly striking a middle-aged woman on the sidewalk as he did so. "Thanks, sis. I'll text you when I'm done."

Grabbing her brother by the arm Cassandra held the eighteen-year-old firmly in place. "Gas money first. Or I won't be back to pick you up." she warned.

"Jeez, you're greedy." Dave moaned as he pulled out some green to cover the trip. "I never charged you."

Snatching the cash from Dave's outstretched hand Cassandra said, "You also never remembered to picked me back up either. Just be glad I'm the responsible one."

No sooner had Dave's exited the car then his sister pulled off leaving him to brave the wilds of a suburban mall all on his own. Before taking even a single step the brash teen found himself confronting a glowering middle-aged woman.

"Do you know you almost hit me with your door? What do you have to say about that?" the stranger demanded. Despite the woman's slim frame Dave found himself intimidated by the angry glint in her eyes.

His confronter looked to be in her mid-forties. With streaks of gray running through her otherwise blonde hair. Dressed in a knee length gray skirt and matching business jacket the woman radiated a strong 'don't fuck with me' image.

"Um . . . Sorry. I'll be more careful next time." Dave answered.

"See that's the problem with people your age! You're a generation of lazy halfwits!" The woman probably said some other mean things, but Dave found himself distracted by the way her breasts puffed out her white blouse. They had to be at least C-cups. Not titans, but nice.

". . . pervert. I ought to report you to the authorities and have you banned from this establishment!"

Working his way up from her tits to her face Dave discovered the woman had reached the end of her rant and was coolly staring him down. Dave recognized that look. It was the same one his mom gave him when she had finished with a lecture.

"Um . . . Sorry." Dave ventured.

Throwing her hands up in the air the woman mumbled something to the heavens and walked off towards the mall entrance. Robbed of their entertainment the small crowd of gawkier that had formed around Dave and the ill tempered woman began to break up.

Dave gave the woman in the gray skirt a few moments to clear the mall's entrance before approaching the threshold himself.

Leaning against the wall adjoining the entrance was a man in a dark hoodie. As Dave walked past the man held out what looked to be a business card.

Dave took it without consideration. Glancing at the card a few steps later the teen smirked at the words printed across the front. It was definitely not a business card.

The card was laminated and expensive looking with a little multi-colored hologram in the top right hand corner like those on credit cards. However, what really caught Dave's eye were the words 'Breeding Pass' printed in big letters across the front.

Stopping dead in the middle of the causeway Dave became an island that shoppers had to flow around as he read the pass' fine print. 'In association with the Sunny Day Mall this card heartily authorizes the holder to demand one sexual act of intercourse from any member of the opposite sex with the stated intent to impregnate or be impregnated by said partner. All participants must be over the age of eighteen. Only valid at the Sunny Day Mall. Issuer is not responsible for any consequences that ensue from use of said Pass. All pregnancies must be brought to term.'

Reaching into his pocket Dave pulled out his cell phone and texted his friend Kurt. 'Guy handed me a Breeding Pass on the way into the mall.'

Within seconds Dave's phone chimed with the announcement of a return message 'A what?'

'A Breeding Pass. It gives me permission to fuck any woman I want.'

'Cool you should give it to some chick.' Kurt texted back.

Dave liked that idea. A bit of harmless mischief to get a good rise out of some stuck up hottie.

Looking around the teen found the perfect victim standing just inside the entrance of a clothing outlet. The woman was nineteen or twenty, with long dark hair, and the smooth exotic skin tones of a woman with Latin blood in her veins.

Walking up to the woman Dave simply said, "Hey."

The dark haired woman took note of Dave's presence. "Yes? Do you want something?"

"I totally want to do you." Dave answered handing the brunette his Breeding Pass.

The woman looked down at the pass, glanced up to give Dave a nasty look, and then back down at the pass. Staring at it for a long moment before finally mumbling, "Fuck."

Holding the card up the stranger looked Dave squarely in the eye and asked in the most honest tone imaginable. "Do I really have to do this?"

Tentatively Dave ventured, "Um . . . Yes."

"With you?"

"Um . . . Yes." Dave repeated.

"All right! Fuck! Well let's get this over with.", the woman huffed before turning her back on Dave and walking deeper into the store.

Dave was a little thrown by the Latina's reaction. It was definitely not the offended outcry he had expected. In the end his daring nature made him follow the oddly behaving woman.

The Latina led Dave into one of the store's changing rooms. Positioning herself against the far wall. Her expression unreadable.

A confused Dave closed the door behind them.

"Lock it." The brunette prompted.

Dave did as he was instructed.

Wordless the brunette lifted up her shirt. She then flipped down her bra cups. Unveiling her bare breasts to the confused teen. Pushing herself back against the wall the Latina pulled down her form fitting tights and panties in one swift motion. Revealing a dark well-trimmed pussy. Taking a seat on the bench that spanned the changing room's backwall Dave's temptress spread her legs invitingly.

A novice when it came to sex Dave still knew what to do. Unbuckling his belt the eager teen dropped his pants and boxers around his feet. Waddling forward a few steps Dave guided his erect member between the brunette's moist pussy lips.

"It's just as well I'm so horny." the brunette stated. Wrapping her legs around her new lover the Latina pulled Dave fully into herself. Movement followed. With Dave establishing a good rhythm after a handful of exploratory strokes.

Shifting his position slightly to get a better angle Dave was rewarded by a gasp of intense pleasure from his lover. "There . . . Keep it there . . .", she mumbled.

Dave could definitely read the woman's expression now. It was one of lust.

Growing bolder with each thrust Dave reached out and cupped his lover's breasts. Giving them both a good squeeze.

The brunette was hot to the touch. Her smooth dark skin radiating heat like an open oven. As they fucked she clasped one hand over her mouth to stifle a series of involuntary cries.

Dave felt like a newly crowed king. He put more force behind his flexing hips penetrating the brunette with increasingly faster and deeper strokes. His wandering hands moved from the woman's bare tits to her wide hips. His balls fast filling with eager sperm.

"Oh . . . Yeah!" Dave shouted. A little too loud even for his own liking. Instincts made him shove his cock deep into the woman's pussy as he orgasmed. Its mushroom tip shooting rope after rope of virile cum into the Latina's fertile womb.

Dave stopped thrusting his hips. All but announcing to the Latina he had just cum within her. The brash teen let his dick rest inside the brunette for a few long moments before pulling out.

Across from him the Latina quickly slid her bra and shirt back into place. Still semi-hard Dave could have easily fucked her a second time. But it appeared that the brunette considered the act complete.

As the Latina redressed Dave's eyes fell on his lovers mid section. Her flat tummy wouldn't be flat for much longer. Not with his baby growing inside of it. A man and a dad in the same act. It made Dave's teenage heart swell with pride.

Her mind seemed to be on a similar subject. "My boyfriend is going to be so pissed when he finds out I'm knocked up."

"But it felt good getting that way didn't it?" Dave asked the now fully dressed brunette.

The Latina gave Dave a dirty look followed by a smile. Slipping past the teen she unlocked the dressing room door and boldly walked out. Making a point of leaving the door wide open behind her as she left.

Without warning Dave suddenly found himself standing in front of a crowd of scandalized customers and store employees. His pants down around his ankles and his cock hanging out for all to see.

Horrified, Dave quickly shut the door and pulled up his pants.

Daring to open the door a second time Dave found the same half-dozen faces waiting for him. Including an attractive ebony skinned woman in a red employee vest who looked as if she might be calling the cops.

Thoroughly humiliated, the teen quickly ran out of the store and into the mall's main causeway.

His escape slowed by packs of shuffling shoppers Dave risked a glance back. Dozens of feet behind him the ebony skinned beauty was pointing in his direction. A burly unshaven mall cop standing beside her.

Dave recognized the mall cop. It was Chad. He was better known as the Mall Dog among Dave's delinquent peers. While the schoolyard tales about Chad tended to be exaggerated or contradictory at best they all had one unifying theme in common. Once Chad was on your trail you were as good as caught.

Dave redoubled his efforts to escape. He pushed his way through dense crowds of shoppers until he'd reached the food court on the far side of the mall. Only then did he finally feel secure enough to stop and think.

Dave had just had one hell of an experience. Either the nameless brunette had been a royal slut or the Breeding Pass had a legitimate hold over women. Dave's rational mind picked the former option, but his dick picked the latter. If it had been the Latina's choice to fuck him then his erotic adventure was over. But if it had been the Breeding Pass. Well that held the prospect for a few more repeat performances.

It took a few moments of checking his pockets before Dave realized the woman had never given the Breeding Pass back to him. It was lost.

What's next?

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