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Breeding Planet

Author's Note: I noticed that this story has not been edited properly to make better sense. Will be working on it when I get the time.

It seemed like it was only yesterday when society seemed to suddenly appear a little different. People began to act strangely after new facets of necessity appeared from out of thin air. When it began, individuals received notices from the authorities to report to the newly opened health centers all across the world, where specific people were gathered to take part in the human experimentation programs. After these people were sent home, they seemed changed, appearing more attractive to the human eye. Most males and females who went could not cope with maintaining proper societal distance and happily engaged in non stop sexual relations until the female became pregnant. Then, she would disappear for a number of days, returning as mysteriously as she had left with no baby and no memory as to where she had gone. No one could find out where they went, too unwilling to care as the cycle of endless fucking begins again. So unwilling they were to rationalize of their new sex filled circumstances that many forms of sexual taboos around the world gradually phased out.

After several months, news from global authorities revealed the nature of the experiments. There was a claim that the human race was dying out, and steps were being taken by countries all over the world to ensure its survival. They implemented the breeding programs as part of a planet wide attempt to breed in good genetic traits and to breed out the bad ones. Selected women of age were to report to the health centers to be impregnated by a select number of men, released only after a certain period of time to rotate to a new batch of women. Within a few weeks from the start of the program, a massive number of fertilized ovums were 'extracted' and transported to an unknown location. Within a year, these babies had mysteriously matured into extremely beautiful fertile adults, and brought back to the centers as further breeding stock. Each generation of these new humans, named Human 2.0, were more sexually enticing and fertile than before. Many were assigned to the centers to continue serve as breeders as their mothers did, with some being released into the public to act as external breeders through renewed outreach breeding programs. A vast remaining majority of this new stock seemed to disappear without a trace with every new generation of Human 2.0. By this time, all forms of sexual conduct was normalized and greatly enjoyed across a much happier world.

The human population of Earth exploded thrice fold. New technologies that could only originate from the wildest of science fiction imaginations suddenly appeared to help maintain society to its convenience. By the turn of the decade in 2030, nobody would even bat an eyelash at the huge alien spaceships that could clearly be seen in the atmosphere, a constant stream of gravity defying shuttles loading freshly matured humans into their cargo holds for transport off world. Even then, where they were taken was a mystery, but an average human being in these times couldn't care less. The purpose of mankind then in the face of their Overlords was to continue breeding.

What's next?

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