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Broken Vows Ch. 5

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, thank goodness. Any characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18. Chapters 1, 2, 4 and 5 are in Non-Consent; Chapter 3 is in Incest. A big *MUAH* to my faithful readers, love ya!

* * * * *

Sister Mary stopped lecturing as the bell rang.

“Goodbye class and have a wonderful, safe Spring Break. Be sure to say your prayers!” Sister Mary said loudly over the hum of children’s voices.

The children raced out the door waving, shouting good-byes chattering excitedly about their plans for the coming vacation. Most of them would be returning home. A few would stay over, forgotten or neglected by parents and relatives. It was these children that her heart went out too.

After her parent’s death when she was eight, her relatives had sent her here and left her. She had grown up at the convent and school for girls learning to love the life of the nun. She had decided to join the Order upon graduation, but had felt confusion over the sexual awakening of her young body. On the night of her 18th birthday, she had been summoned by Father Kirk and taught about the special Order of nuns that fulfilled the needs and desires of the Fathers. He had seduced her and taken her virginity forcibly, yet at the same time making sure she enjoyed it. She had had several orgasms and was quite shattered by the entire episode.

The next morning, her meeting with Sister Purity had gone equally strangely. She had been prepared to tell Sister Purity that she could not stay and take her vows. However, Sister Purity had other ideas and had introduced young Mary into lesbian love. Mary had been so overcome by hormones and sexual satisfaction that she professed her desire to stay in the Order. This of course meant she would be in the special Order of nuns and required to serve the Fathers and even the other Sisters as needed. Still shy and unsure about her place in the Order, Mary had adapted as best she could. Her normal duties of teaching, helping in the dorms, working at the homeless shelter and other responsibilities were still a significant part of her life. She found she spent many hours on her knees in prayer also.

Mary looked up at the empty classroom and sighed. She walked around the room, her white habit swishing, and put the desks and papers in order. Looking around the room one last time, she saw that everything was neat and tidy. Mary smiled and turned off the light, closed the door and locked it.

Mary looked up in time to see Father Kirk disappear into his office with a visitor to the parish. She blushed as she thought of Father Kirk’s office and how he had fucked her in there. She leaned against the wall remembering how his hands, lips and fingers had invaded her body, making her sigh and moan. She felt moisture dampening her thighs and her nipples hardening against her habit. She almost always felt aroused, completely naked under her habit. She had not been allowed to wear any clothing since joining the Order. All the nuns in the Order were required to go naked under their habits. She also shaved her legs and between her legs completely. This made her extra sensitive to the material of the soft habit brushing against her smooth legs like a caress. It also seemed to keep her wet and ready.

Pushing off from the wall, Mary walked slowly down the hall and past Father Kirk’s door. The door opened.

“Ah! Mary, just the person I wanted to see. Please step into my office, there is someone I would like you to meet,” Father Kirk said. He opened the door to his office and smiled at Mary, motioning her inside.

Mary’s heart fluttered as she stepped inside. She looked up and saw that the visitor was none other than her Uncle Benton.

“Uncle!” Mary exclaimed, flustered. “Uncle Benton, I’m so happy to see you. I didn’t know you were coming?” The last came out as a question. She had no idea why her Uncle Benton would come here. She had been here for over 10 years and he had never come for anything. He had paid for her schooling, but that had been with the money that he received when her parents had died. Why he had come now she had no clue.

“Well, well Mary. Let me look at you! Look how you have grown. Into a very nice young lady indeed,” Uncle Benton said. His eyes traveled up and down the white habit and rested back on her face. “Father Kirk was telling me that you excepted your aspirancy recently. I’m not surprised and quite pleased actually.”

Uncle Benton continued to look at her until she felt uncomfortable. She wondered what this was all about.

“Actually Mary, his being here has something to do with you and your dowry, I guess would be the best way to put it,” Father Kirk said. Father Kirk picked up a sheet of papers and looked at them. “It seems that you are a very rich young lady Mary. Your Uncle Benton has come forward to see how best to handle this since you have joined the Order and have no need of material possessions. The church provides all for you.” Father Kirk looked at Mary and saw a slow blush spread across her cheeks. Lovely, just lovely he thought as he cock grew hard in his robes.

Uncle Benton watched Mary too and noticed the pink flush highlight her cheeks. Incredible, so sweet and pretty. To bad he had not known about this little beauty that had been tucked away all these years, he thought to himself. “Ahem, yes, well, so here I am Mary wondering what to do with all this money. Technically it is your money and since you are of age, the funds have legally reverted to your name for management and dispersal.” He looked back to Father Kirk.

Mary looked from one to the other and wondered what they wanted from her. She didn’t care what happened to the money. She planned on remaining in the Order forever. Looking at Father Kirk, she asked, “Father? What do I need to do?”

At that moment, Uncle Benton interrupted her. “Mary, would you mind waiting outside for a bit, I have something to discuss with Father Kirk. Please? If you don’t mind?”

Mary looked to Father Kirk and he nodded. “Of course, Uncle Benton, Father, I’ll be right outside the door when you need me again.” Leaving the room in a swish of white habit, she made a wonderful picture of wholesome innocence. She left and closed the door gently behind her. How strange she thought. I’m rich but not for long I suppose. I guess I will give the money to Uncle Benton. Or should I give it to the church? I don’t know what to do! She waited outside the door for perhaps 10 minutes. Not that she would try to eavesdrop, but still she could not hear even a murmur of voices. How strange she thought. I can’t hear a thing going on in there. I wonder if the room is soundproof? Blushing she remembered her screams and moans. It must be or surely they would have called the police I was so loud, she thought.

Finally the door opened and Father Kirk led her back into the room.

“Mary, after going over the legal documents with Mr. Benton, I became aware of a clause the said if for any reason you were not able or available to accept the monies from the fund your parents left you, the money would revert to your Uncle. However, he has made the church a very generous offer under certain circumstances.”

Mary looked at Father Kirk and waited. She had always been attracted to his charismatic personality and after having him take her body sexually, she loved him totally.

Father Kirk continued, “I want you to go with Uncle Benton now and he will bring you back tomorrow. You are to do whatever he asks you to do. He will not hurt you.” At the last statement he looked at Uncle Benton, making the man squirm.

Mary was dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe her ears. “But Father! Please Father, I…” Mary wailed and began to cry.

A resounding slap on her face halted her words. Father Kirk stood as if he done nothing. He looked at Uncle Benton and said, “Please excuse Mary and I for a moment.” It was an order not a request. Uncle Benton scurried out of the room and closed the door.

Father Kirk looked at Mary crying softly, the imprint of his big hand on her lovely cheek. “Mary, dear Mary. Did you think that your life would always be smooth and perfect? Sometimes you have to do things for the church that you find abhorrent. Come here to me, child.” Father Kirk held his arms out to Mary.

Mary stumbled into them and cried on Father Kirk’s shoulder. He stroked her back for a few moments then rearranged her white veil. “Shh, child. This will provide the church with money for a new section of classrooms, and addition to the library and funding for scholarships. All for a taste of your sweet innocence.”

“H…how can you make me d…do this, Father? I thought that I would be serving only you, the Fathers and my Sisters. Not…anyone else, please Father I don’t make me do this. Isn’t there any other way?” Mary begged tearfully. She clung to Father Kirk her mentor and first lover.

“Mary, look at me,” Father Kirk said. Lifting her face with his fingers until her tear-filled eyes were looking at his, he said, “This is the way I want it to be. You will do this because I tell you to. You will do this to the best of your ability because it is what is needed. You will give yourself to your Uncle, open your mouth and legs to him let him fuck you any way he wishes. You will do this because you have given yourself to this Order, and to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Mary whispered her thoughts confused and shocked. She listened as Father Kirk went on, barely hearing him as he spoke.

“I have explained to him that you are untrained and very naive. He is not expecting miracles here. He is enthralled with the concept of taking you because you are forbidden. Before he leaves here, the money will already be signed over to the church. However, you must fulfill the church’s bargain to make the signature binding. I am going to get him now and you will leave with him. He has promised to bring you back, unharmed tomorrow. For your peace of mind, he will be followed to ensure that he does as he says. Mary, you are important to us and we will not let anything harm you. We want you back. I want you back.” With that, Father Kirk kissed her mouth hard and pulled her into a tight embrace. Letting her go he said again, “I want you back, Mary, remember that.”

Mary touched her lips where Father Kirk had kissed them, still feeling the tingle of his touch. She was dazed by what was happening. She looked up with trepidation as her Uncle Benton came back into the room, all smiles.

“Everything settled then?” He asked cheerfully, just like he was negotiating on a new car or pony. While waiting outside the door, he had been thinking of all the delicious, nasty fun he would have with his niece. By God, he had not known what a looker she was or he would have had her living with him all this time. Of course, now he had basically just paid a fortune to fuck her but it was with her own money. They whole thing amused him to no end. He was filthy rich already, with the emphasis on filthy. He couldn’t wait to see if he could shock the composure of his niece the nun. She looked so pristine, so pure in her white habit and veil. He couldn’t wait to corrupt her.

“Mary,” Father Kirk said, looking at her.

Mary cleared her suddenly dry throat and whispered, “Yes, Uncle Benton, everything is settled.” She went and stood beside him and realized how tall he was. Looking at him for the first time as a woman would look at a man, she saw the hard glint in his gray eyes. Even under his suit she could tell he worked out and was strong. His blonde hair had an expensive cut that let a lock of hair fall rakishly across his forehead. She supposed most women and some men would consider him handsome. She just felt revulsion.

Father Kirk watched Mr. Benton head toward the door with Mary following. “Mr. Benton,” he called.

“Yes?” Mr. Benton replied, stopping and turning around his hand grabbed Mary’s wrist possessively.

“Tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., no later,” Father Kirk said the tone of his voice holding a hint of threat.

“Of course, Father, as we agreed,” Mr. Benton said dryly. S.O.B. he thought. You just sold your newest, youngest, most naive nun to me for money. Hypocrite. He left the room and headed for the outer door.

Father Kirk called Father Jameson and Father Flanigan into his office. He waited only a few moments until they arrived.

“Yes, Father Kirk?” Father Jameson the newest Father to the Order asked.

“Father Flanigan, Jameson, I want you both to follow that despicable man that just left with our Mary. Make sure he does not hurt her, but do not interfere otherwise. She is to be back here by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. Be sure that happens. Go now.” After they left, he sent for Sister Purity, the stress of the situation causing him to need relief. He didn’t relish telling his sister what had just happened, but he knew just how to shut up her ranting.

Father Flanigan and Jameson went immediately without asking questions. They had thought young Mary was to be theirs tonight, but plans change. They trusted Father Kirk completely and unquestioningly. Climbing into the convent car, they were just able to catch Mr. Benton and Mary leaving the grounds. They followed behind him at a discreet distance.

As soon as they got on the road, Uncle Benton said, “Lift up your habit, girl, I want to see your thighs. I want to drive down the road with a nun in my car and her thighs exposed.” He laughed a little and watched with interest as his niece raised her white habit slowly. “Take all the time you want, Mary, just gets me more excited.” He glanced down as her habit went up over her knees. “More, Mary, all the way up to your little snatch, if you don’t mind.”

Mary couldn’t help a cry escaping her lips as tears streamed down her face. Her hands bunched up the voluminous habit until it was gathered up around her hips. Her long legs, shaved smooth gleamed in the sunlight. She felt more exposed now than ever before with Father Kirk or Sister Purity.

Uncle Benton looked up at Mary’s tears and said, “Ah, yes that’s nice Mary. I like that you know.” He reached over to her leg and slid his hand up her inner thigh. “Mmm, very smooth Mary. Who do you shave for hmmm?” His hand stroked her inner thigh, getting closer and closer to her pussy making her squirm back against the seat. “So silent little Mary? Taken a vow of silence?” Benton laughed at his own play on words. “I’ll have you talking before too long, Mary, saying things you can’t even imagine.”

Uncle Benton removed his hand from her thigh and negotiated a turn on a highway cloverleaf, then put it back. “Turn more this way Mary, I can’t reach you quite,” he said. “By George!” He exclaimed as his fingers found Mary’s hairless, bald crotch. “You little minx! You are shaved bald.” His fingers pinched her tender mons. “Not to mention the fact that you don’t have any panties on. Well, well, isn’t that enlightening. Makes me rethink this nun business completely. How delightful!” He fingers explored between Mary’s legs until he found her wet slit. Running his fingers up and down her slit, he pushed his fingers inside her.

“You are a wet little thing, Mary. What naughty business have you been up to in that convent? How interesting.” He finger fucked her while they drove, seemingly tireless, listening to the wet slurping sounds his fingers made buried in his nieces cunt. He barely looked at Mary and didn’t expect or want a response from her. “Spread you legs wider Mary, that’s a girl.” He pushed his fingers deep into her and put his thumb on her clitoris. He felt the tiny bud swell under his thumb and smiled. Popping it back and forth he felt his niece get wetter, coating his fingers. Still watching the road, he heard a small gasp from her. Glancing over at her he caught her with her eyes closed and her teeth clenched trying to deny the pleasure she was receiving. Her naked legs were wide apart as ordered and he could see his fingers buried in her cunt between her bald pussy lips, which glistened with her juices. He nearly shot his load right then. “Whew! Mary I better stop this right now before I make a mess,” he said crudely. Taking his fingers out of her and his thumb off her clit, he left her hanging there, so close to orgasm that he knew she was in agony. “It’s ok Mary, I’ll take care of that little problem in a bit.” He hummed to himself as he drove.

Mary, glassy eyed, stared out the front window of the car. Her mind refused to acknowledge what was happening to her. This horrible stranger, her uncle, had bought her services for the night. She was appalled and disgusted. Even more so since she had been about to climax because of what he was doing to her. She shuddered and began to sit up and straighten her habit around her legs again.

Uncle Benton’s hand shot out and he said amused, “No, no. I want your habit to stay up so I can see your naughty little nuns cunt.”

Mary was mortified but did as she was told. They rode in silence for a few more miles and then turned onto an old gravel drive approaching an old, distinguished looking hotel. It was set back in a forest of trees and looked like an old English estate with ivy covering the walls. Two men dressed in a tuxes came to open the doors as they drove up. Mary began to push down her habit.

“No!” Benton said sharply.

Mary’s hands trembled as she placed them helplessly on the seat. One man went to open the door for Uncle Benton, the other to her door. Her man waited until Uncle Benton was standing by him before he opened her door. When he opened it, she was too paralyzed to move. If she got out of the car, her entire pussy would be exposed to all three men.

“Come Mary,” Uncle Benton said impatiently. “Help her out Hensley, my good man.” Uncle Benton’s eyes glittered as he watched Mary place one foot down on the gravel, her legs spread for just a moment exposing her bald cunt to their view.

Mortified, Mary scrambled out of the car, her habit finally falling down around her feet. She glanced briefly up at the man called Hensley and thought she saw a fleeting look of kindness and sympathy. Her head spinning with despair she followed Uncle Benton up the steps of the hotel. Entering the main lobby, she took in the antique rugs and furniture, the simple, understated elegance of old money. With Hensley and the other man on each side of her, she watched helplessly as Uncle Benton secured a room for them. She had no idea what he told the man at the counter. She didn’t think that he would care at all what was happening to her. For all he knew, she was a whore dressed like a nun. He probably didn’t care anyway. It was obvious this place would cater to the whims and avarice of the moneyed. Instinctively she began backing away only to feel Hensley softly, but firmly grab her wrist with strong fingers. She felt a chill go up her spine.

Uncle Benton completed the arrangements swiftly. He came to this out-of-the-way hotel specifically for his more base dalliances. The help was discreet, the service impeccable and the rooms soundproof.

“Thank you Mosley. As usual, please have dinner sent up around 8:00 p.m.” Uncle Benton said casually. He then turned away from the clerk and leaned against the counter looking at Mary. His little niece Mary. How pretty she looked standing like a frightened rabbit caught in a trap. Her eyes glittered with fear and he could see her breasts rising and falling with the rhythm of her breathing. He noticed Hensley’s fingers gripping her wrist lightly. How amusing, the little rabbit wanted to run. Pushing off from the counter, and tossing the key to the room in his right hand, he moved to the winding staircase. “Come along,” he said. Walking slowly up the plush, carpeted stairs, he reached the landing.

“James, thank you. You may go. Hensley, bring our little rabbit please.” Uncle Benton went to the last room at the far end of the hallway. Opening the door, he pushed it open and allowed Hensley to drag the reluctant Mary inside the room. He closed the door and locked it.
Mary looked around the suite of rooms. She could see a huge bedroom through one doorway, a small kitchenette to one side and the large living area she stood in. There was a fireplace and windows lined two wall that looked out at the trees and a small lake. If circumstances were different, she would have loved the old world look to the room. The antiques and rugs had an old English flavor. Her gaze finally rested on Uncle Benton. With a heartbeat of boldness, she asked, “Why?”

Uncle Benton laughed. “Why? Why not? Because I can? Because I asked and your idolized Father Kirk agreed. I saw the way you looked at him. You are really quite transparent. I even hinted as much to him and he didn’t deny it. So to buy my silence, not to mention more classrooms etc. he agreed to let me have you. You should be happy Mary, I wanted you back forever. He gave me only tonight. So let’s not waste any of my time.”

Benton looked at Hensley. “Strip her,” he said coldly. He sat down in a wing back chair like it was his throne. And for all practical purposes, he was king of this room right now. He could do anything and get away with it. He knew it and loved it.

“Uncle no!” shouted Mary. “Please I beg you don’t do this. You will defile God and me. Please Uncle, please,” Mary broke down sobbing and tried to wrench her wrist away from Hensley. Hopefully she looked at Hensley, “Please Hensley, please don’t do this?” She waited breathlessly, hoping.

Hensley cleared his throat and said respectfully, “I’m sorry Miss.” He then yanked her toward him and pulled her white nun’s veil off her head. Her luxurious rich honey brown hair fell down around her shoulders. As it framed her face, her rich green eyes flared in despair. Hensley ignored the agony of her eyes and proceeded to lift her habit over her struggling body. “Please Miss, I’ll hurt you if you don’t quit struggling!” He grunted as he wrestled with her.

Mary yanked and pulled trying to get her wrist free but Hensley’s grip on her was too strong. She screamed when she felt her habit pulled over her head until it hung on the arm he was gripping. She scooted back and around him trying to hide from her watching Uncle. Crushing her wrist he wrestled her in front of him, exposing her naked body to Benton. Quickly, he grabbed her with his other arm around her ribs, just under her bare breasts and let go of her wrist. Her habit fell to the floor in a whoosh, degraded and discarded on the floor like a used towel.

Mary fought Hensley for all she was worth, stomping on his foot, kicking back at his shins. She grabbed for his arms and flung her elbows back at him attempting to make him let her go.

Hensley, in an effort to subdue her, grabbed both flailing wrists and pulled them back up high behind her back, making her squeal and rise to her tiptoes. Her head was thrown back in agony, resting on his shoulder. Her breasts were thrust forward by the arch of her back, her nipples dark and angry jutting out defiantly. She danced on her tiptoes, trying to ease the ache on her shoulders. Hensley glanced down at the naked squirming girl. He saw the flutter of the vein just beneath the skin on her delicate neck and the beautiful form of her breasts and body. He was not immune to handling a naked squirming girl and his cock rose and throbbed painfully in his trousers. Breathing hard from the fight, he looked up to see what Mr. Benton wanted next.

“Nicely done Hensley, bring her forward please,” Benton said.

Hensley walked Mary toward Benton on her tiptoes, afraid to let up on her for fear she would kick out at him or worse, Mr. Benton.

Whimpering, Mary tiptoed forward, her shoulders throbbing in agony until she began to beg, “Please, Hensley, please let up please.”

“Not quite yet, little Mary, Mary quite contrary,” said Benton. He waited until Hensley had moved the girl directly between his insolently spread legs, her naked body flushed and quivering. He took his index finger and licked it, flicking it back and forth across her nipple. He licked it again and flicked the other nipple. His cock twitched in his pants. He reached up and pinched both nipples firmly then lifted her up, up, up.

The agony was excruciating and Mary bellowed indelicately in pain. It felt like her nipples were being ripped off her breasts.

Suddenly, Benton released the little nubs of pain and watched her breasts bounce back jiggling into place. Just lovely he thought. Curiously he said, “Mary, will you obey me? If I tell Hensley to let you go, will you behave yourself?” He grabbed a pinch of flesh on the underside of her arm and twisted it cruelly, causing another shout of pain from the poor girl.

“Yes! Uncle yes!” Mary screamed.

“Release her, Hensley,” Benton said.

Gratefully, Hensley released the poor child. She crumpled at his feet, down between Benton’s legs.

Benton looked at the weeping girl, naked on the floor between his legs. Just the way he liked them. “Remember, Mary, you said you would behave yourself. I hope you do, for you sake,” Benton said, the threat evident in his words. Benton twined his fingers in Mary’s hair and pulled it back till her tear-streaked face was tilted up towards him. He looked at her and smiled.

Mary knelt naked between his legs and looked at him smile at her. She realized in that instant that he could hurt her without remorse. He had an odd detachment from things that she couldn’t define, but she was suddenly very scared.

“You see, I like a bit of struggle in a girl at first, but afterwards it’s rather tiresome,” he said. “I want you to be good now.” He stroked her cheek with one finger wiping away the tears. He smoothed his finger across her eyelids and wiped her tears there. “There now, no more tears.”

Breathing shallow, her heart pounding in her chest she gulped back her sobs and tried to compose herself – hard to do naked and bruised, kneeling in front of this sadist. How could Father Kirk do this to her? How could he?

Leaning back in the chair, still looking at her, he told Hensley, “Let the cat out of the bag, Hensley.”

Mary was totally confused until she felt Hensley lean over her and saw his hands undo Benton’s belt, unzip his zipper and pull out a huge, stiff prick. Gasping, Mary saw that Benton’s cock was easily 9 inches long and very wide. She fell back against Hensley’s legs, which prevented her from further escape. She couldn’t take her eyes off the huge throbbing monstrosity before her.

“Stroke it,” Benton said.

Hensley reached over her and started to grab Benton’s cock.

“Not you, you idiot, her!” Benton hissed.

Mary almost laughed from the craziness of it all, until she looked up and saw Benton’s hard glittering gray eyes boring into hers.

“Help her up on her knees Hensley, she is quite overcome I think,” said Benton dryly.

Hensley reached under Mary’s arms and pulled her into a kneeling position, he took Mary’s hand and wrapped it around Benton’s throbbing, engorged cock and let go.

At first, Mary just held the enormous pulsing meat in her fist. Still afraid of her Uncle Benton, she began to stroke up and down the length of the shaft. Her small hand would barely go around the big column of cock meat. She felt humiliated knowing that Hensley was watching everything. She didn’t even have the courtesy of privacy to her shame.

“Kneel down behind Mary and fondle her breasts Hensley,” Benton said languorously, watching from heavy lidded eyes.

Mary felt Hensley’s warm body against her back. His heavy breathing was in her ear as his arms went around her. She continued to slowly pump Uncle Benton’s rigid cock as she felt Hensley’s warm, strong fingers kneading, stroking and caressing her breasts. He ignored her nipples, which made them ache even more. Mary couldn’t help herself, she leaned back against him, his body catching hers, holding her upright. She never let up firmly stroking Uncle Benton’s cock.

“Mouth,” said Benton.

Hensley pushed Mary’s face toward Uncle Benton’s cock until her nose was almost mashed against it. Leaning over her he whispered, “Lick him you foolish girl, lick him like you mean it, lick him like you like it or he will hurt you.” Hensley’s cock raged captive in his trousers. How he hated and loved this man. He could barely think for feel of this young girl helpless between them, his cock pressed firmly against her bare backside.

Mary stroked the long, thick shaft with her hand, licking the top of the bulbous head with her sweet, warm, wet tongue.

“Ah, yes, little nun, like that,” Benton said, breathing out slowly.

Hensley resumed his caresses to her breasts, circling the nipples, zeroing in on them like sharks to prey. He breathed into her ear; his head pressed against hers as he finally felt the firm peaks on his fingers. He stroked them and flicked them back and forth, feeling her shudder under him. He could smell her scent, musk mixed with fear and adrenaline. He let out a moan.

Mary was dizzy with sexual tension, hers, theirs all around her. She began to lick and suck the head of her uncle’s cock, tasting the salt of his precum. Pursing her lips, she stroked his cock, giving little sucks to just the tip of Benton’s cock, sucking the precum out, licking the head with her velvety tongue. She could feel Hensley’s hard cock through his trousers pressing against her bare bottom, nestled in the crack of her ass. His fingers were driving her senses wild as they stoked the fires that were in her tender, aching nipples. She let out a moan.

“Yes,” murmured Benton, totally relaxed back in the chair, his throne. Arms decadently hanging down beside the chair, Mary do all the work. He just enjoyed the sensation of his niece’s tongue on his prick, licking the head, her hand stroking the entire length of his fat cock. He watched them through slit eyes. Watched Hensley fondle the young nun, his niece. Watched Mary licking his cock, moaning every now and then as Hensley stroked her nipples.

The girl’s tongue felt incredible. She was really getting into it. Licking and sucking it like a candy. Sweet nun niece. Sweet, nice, nun, niece. His mind wandered as she sucked him. It felt so good.

“Is she wet, Hensley?” He asked thickly, his speech slurred with debauchery. He watched Hensley reach down to Mary’s bald, baby-smooth snatch and cup her.

“Yes, Sir, very wet,” Hensley said hoarsely. He took advantage and pressed his palm against her clitoris, feeling the swollen little bundle of nerves. He vibrated his hand back and forth eliciting a long moan from Mary.

“Ah, I like that, make her moan on my cock some more Hensley, but I don’t want her to cum,” Benton said. His cock swelled even more as he watched the head stretch his nieces mouth wide, saw the circumference bulge her cheeks outwards like a chipmunk. With a slight detachment he felt her switch hands, then surprisingly, he felt fingers stroking his balls. She moaned some more.

Mary’s mind whirled beyond thinking as she sucked the fat hunk of cock meat. Hensley’s palm manipulated her clitoris back and forth and sent wicked pleasure through her feverish body. Hensley’s other arm was around her stabilizing her, his cock throbbing between her bare ass cheeks. She couldn’t help it, she was aroused, crazy with desire. She gave in to it. Acknowledged it and accepted it.

Moaning, she sucked the fat head of her Uncle’s cock deeper into her mouth. She ran her tongue along the velvety surface and the thick ridge. Her fingers gripped him tighter, her others teasing his balls. She began to grind her clitoris against Hensley’s palm, feeling the wetness of her own juices on his hand. Mashing her clitoris against his palm she heard Hensley moan, this excited her even more. Shuddering, she whimpered while continuing to suck Benton’s cock head.

“Stop you fool, she’s going to cum,” Benton said harshly to Hensley.

Mary moaned, obediently still sucking.

“Very good Mary, stop now,” Uncle Benton said.

Hensley pulled Mary off of Benton’s cock. Holding her up.

Benton looked at Mary, disheveled and wanton, her hair mussed, her face smeared with saliva and his own precum. ‘Mmm, Mary. Pretty nun niece who sucks my cock so delightfully.”

Mary blushed from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes. She looked at his thick wet cock in dismay. It was still hard, fat and throbbing.

“Take more than a bit of head to make this old thing go down, Mary,” Benton said and chuckled. He grabbed the base of his cock and waggled it back and forth, watching Mary’s eyes follow it.

“Hensley, help dear Mary up and escort her to the necessary room, clean her up a bit won’t you? Then present her back to the bedroom, on the bed. You know how I want her,” Benton said. “And Hensley? No taking pity on her and getting her off while in the water closet.” Benton looked at Hensley knowingly. “You are such a pushover, marshmallow Hensley.”

“Quite right, Sir, as you say,” Hensley muttered. He pulled Mary up and caught her as she wobbled. Picking her up easily in his arms, he carried her off to the bathroom to Benton’s laughter.

Mary tiredly nestled her head against the gentle giant. “Hensley, won’t you please get me out of here?” She asked without much hope. She understood now that for whatever reason, Hensley would do anything that Benton asked of him. Strangely, this didn’t make her hate Hensley but like him.

“No, Miss, sorry,” Hensley said after a moment’s pause. He deposited her in the bathroom and pointed to the toilet.

“Absolutely not with you watching me!” She cried, crossing her arms in front of her and glaring at him, her green eyes spitting sparks.

He hissed at her, “Be quiet you little fool! You will go over there and relieve yourself now. It’s either that or go through the humiliation of an enema with our Master Benton out there! He will fill you so full you will burst in front of anyone. Now get over there and pee!” Hensley begged her with his eyes.

She quickly understood the lessor of two evils and promptly sat on the pot. “I can’t!” She wailed. “Not with you watching me, at least turn your back, please?” She sat as primly as possible on the toilet, too tense to urinate.

“Not a chance, little Miss, you would probably attack me with the toilet paper roll. Now do it quick before he gets tired of waiting.”

Mary covered her her ears with her hands and squeezed her eyes shut. “You are not here, you are not here, you are not here,” she chanted. Finally, a steady yellow stream of urine rushed from her, filling the blue water of the toilet bowl, making it green.

Hensley almost laughed as he watched the girl cover her ears and squeeze her eyes shut. In fact, he did laugh but silently. She was so proper and so wanton all at the same time. The contradictions in her were so delicious.

She finished and looked up at him blushing as red as a lobster. “There! Are you happy you horrible man?”

“No, the other now,” he said, quite seriously. “I wasn’t lying about the enema Mary, please do this or it will be much worse for you. I’m sorry, I am, but you must.”

The color drained from Mary’s face and she whispered to Hensley, “Please Hensley, please, I’ll do as you ask but please turn around and cover your ears. I promise, I swear, and I am a nun Hensley, I swear I will not attack you. Where would I go anyway Hensley, you would catch me, Uncle Benton would catch me. I know there is nothing for me to do but get this wretched night over with so I can return to the convent. But there is no way in hell that I can, that I can do that with you watching me!” She finished with a high-pitched squeak to her voice.

“Shh, fine but hurry Mary. When you are done, tap me on the shoulder.” Hensley wasn’t sure he could trust Mary, but he gave her the benefit of a doubt. After all, she had sworn and she was a nun. That had to mean something.

Mary took advantage of Hensley’s cooperation and quickly finished her business and cleaned herself up. Flushing the toilet, she tapped Hensley on the shoulder and suddenly found herself in face down on the tile floor of the bathroom with Hensley’s knee in her back.

“Oh my, sorry Mary, reflex you know,” Hensley said apologetically. He helped her up. He led her to the big counter next to the sink. Laying a big, plush towel on the counter he said, “Hop up there Mary and spread those delightful legs of yours for me please.”

“I beg your pardon?” Mary asked incredulously.

“Mary, if you are going to question my every request Mr. Benton will come in here and find out what the problem is. When he figures out you are not cooperating, he will hurt you. Now, climb up there and spread, your, legs.” Hensley looked at her sternly, his voice deadly serious and punctuating his command.

Mary sighed and clambered up onto the counter and shyly spread her legs open. She looked up at the ceiling while Hensley soaped and then shaved her pubic area, removing any stubble. As he stretched her skin this way and that, scrapping the razor over her delicate skin, she shivered. She held her breath, as he scraped close by her clitoris.

“Breath or you will pass out,” Hensley said exasperated.

“Well, if it was your hair that was being shaved by your cock you wouldn’t breathe either!” She exclaimed indignantly.

Rinsing her off, Hensley ran his hand over the shaved area checking for stray hairs or stubble. “There, all finished. Smooth as silk, soft as velvet. Back out we go love, for round 2.”

In the meantime, Benton had been listening by the door, enjoying the banter between the two of them. He stroked his cock to keep it hard. When he heard them begin to finish up, he walked quickly into the kitchen area to check the clock. Ah, nearly 8:00 p.m. Time for dinner to come he thought, delighted.

“Hensley! Come here with our luscious trollop, quick.” Benton sat in his throne chair again, his cock huge and red, hanging out from his pants. “Hensley, dinner is about to come. Stand by my chair and pull out your cock from your trousers. Mary, kneel in front of us. Quickly now!” He said sharply.

Hensley moved beside Benton’s chair and pulled his cock out. It was a healthy 7 inches and thick. The head a dusty rose in color, the shaft a paler ivory with faint blue veins showing in the shaft. He sucked in a hissing breath as Benton grabbed his cock and jerked it a few times.

“There! Better. Mary don’t stand there with your mouth open, kneel down girl!” Benton said like an excited child.

Naked, Mary did as her crazy Uncle requested. Then she heard the door chime. Mortified she understood.

“Come in, please!” Benton shouted at the door gleefully. His thick red cock was jumping in his lap.

Hensley’s cock was also throbbing and upright at attention.

Mary, on her hands and knees, her ass facing the door, turned a little sideways and watched as the door swung open. She saw too starched and pressed waiters come into the room pushing a cart. They didn’t even look up, but proceeded to set the table for two.

“Suck me Mary, my nun niece, suck my fat cock now!” Benton said to her loudly enough for the waiters to hear.

Sickened, Mary leaned forward and licked her Uncle’s cock. Up and down the shaft and around the head, teasing around the ridge, kissing, licking, slurping. Closing her eyes, she didn’t see her Uncle take Hensley cock and start to stroke it. She heard a moan and with her eyes looked over and saw Hensley pumping his hips, his cock into her Uncle’s hand. The sight of this strangely aroused her and she felt the juices dribble down her inner thighs from her pussy.

The waiters finished setting out the dishes and the platters, stepped back from the table and hesitated. Keeping their eyes to the floor, they asked in unison, “Will that be all, Sir?” Both of them fervently hoped so, but you never knew with the filthy rich.

“No! That’s not all. Come jack off on my nun niece here, all over her back,” Uncle Benton commanded.
Mary, her ears ringing from embarrassment, kept sucking and licking her Uncle’s cock. She heard the waiters come up behind her, pants unzip and the unmistakable sound of men masturbating. The sounds, the slurping, the slapping filled her ears. She felt her Uncle’s cock swell even larger and choked.

Benton grabbed his niece’s head and forced her down on his cockhead. He watched avidly as the two waiters jerked their cocks in front of him. He knew they weren’t immune to seeing his young niece Mary sucking him off. Forgetting Hensley, he put both hands in Mary’s hair and held her down on his cock, causing her to gag. He didn’t care.

“Hensley, suck that ones cock,” Benton said, motioning to the one on the right.

Hensley fell to his knees, his own cock throbbing painfully and sucked the man’s cock into his mouth all the way to the base. He drew back up slowly, his large man’s mouth taking it all in again and again.

The other waiter began to cum, moaning, his cum splashing Mary on her naked back. She felt the warm spray trickle down her back in hot, burning globs. The other waiter pulled out of Hensley mouth just in time to bend over and jerk his sperm off directly on her back, smearing it around with the head of his cock. Grunting he finished and stood up. Both waiters stood, their cocks dripping, hanging out of their pants. Together they asked, “Will that be all, Sir?”

Benton had watched all of this and been acutely aroused, he continued pumping into Mary’s mouth to the back of her throat, listening to her gag.

“You, on the left, spank this girl hard, do it now!” He shouted at him as he felt his hot sperm boiling up from his balls.

The waiter smacked Mary hard again and again on her poor bottom. Gagging and grunting, her mouth stuffed with her Uncle’s cock, she tried desperately to breathe. Suddenly, with a loud bellow from her Uncle, she felt his hot, salty cum flood her throat and mouth. She swallowed frantically, trying not to drown in it until it quit and her Uncle pulled out of her mouth with a pop.

Benton let Mary’s head go and collapsed back in the chair. “My God that was truly religious!” He said, laughing at his own play on words. “Dismissed, yes go, go!” He said sharply.

The waiters stuffed their cocks back in their pants and beat a hasty retreat. The door shut quietly behind them.

He watched his niece gasping and choking on the floor still. “I’m hungry,” he said and got up and went to the table. “Hensley, come here and sup with me, for the night is young, and the girl is younger.”

Hensley eyed Mary with concern but joined Benton at the table, tucking his still aching and throbbing cock into his pants. They sat down to eat the specially prepared food by a world class chef, on fine porcelain dishes, with vintage wine.

Mary curled up on the floor, finally able to breathe easier. She smelled the food but it nauseated her. All she wanted to do was sleep. Right there on the floor, naked and cum stained she fell asleep to the sound of Uncle Benton and Hensley discussing the upcoming races at the track. It all seemed unreal, like a dream, a bad dream. Mary slept.
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