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Brother and Girl have Sex with Me

Just putting a note at the beginning, my brother is 22 and his girlfriend is 22! I am 18 so everyone involved in this story is 18 years old or older!


My brother and I loves to play sport video games and we usually bet each other on which to see who could win! It was always fun doing chores or something if you won until one day!

My brother had found a potion in the basement that could shrink me down to the size of 4 inches but it said I was still strong as I was at full size! He placed the bet if I lost than he would shrink me and I would have to spend the whole day with him, doing whatever he wanted! So when he threw a touchdown with 5 seconds left I couldn't believe what I had seen! I lost and now I was going to get shrunken for a whole day! So I drank the potion like a good man who is true to his word!

He got a call later from his girlfriend and she wanted to have him come over! So he said okay and told me that he was getting in the shower and you have to get in the shower too! Now I didn't want to cause I knew something bad would happen but I was forced to! We have a chair in our shower and he placed me there and then started to shower! I tried to look away but he would hit me with his dick which was bigger than me and then he would say look at me so I don't lose you! That happened about 4 times! I thought he wanted me to just sit there and watch cause he didn't say anything to me! He spent like 5 minutes on his hair and then he said, "it is time for you to help me."

So he took out the bottle of body wash and lathered himself up! Then he said, "oops, looks like I forgot the washcloth to rub over my body, looks like I need something else." To my fear, he picked me up and started scrubbin his stomach and pecks with me. That wasn't too bad at all until he starting scrubing his legs and feet. His feet were dirty and smelly! But worst of all was the midsection cleaning! He started scrubbing his pubes and dick with my face! He said it felt good so he starting masturbating with his hand, but I was still in his hand! His cock grew but I didn't really look at it! He finished by squirting what felt like a gallon of semen all over his hand and I.

Finally we were down and he said he was going to dry off! So he put me in the towel and it was an old towel with loose strings and I got caught in them! He either didn't notice or didn't care because when he put the towel around him my face and body went right into his huge butt! He brushed his teeth and combed his hair and just before he took the towel off, he farted so hard! I couldn't breathe without smelling or tasting fart for 3 minutes!

After getting dressed he said I don't want to lose you so he took a piece of tape and taped me to his huge cock! I guessed it was 6 inches soft because I was 4 inches tall and it was about two inches taller than me!

When we got to his girlfriend's house, I could hear her parents were just leaving! The second they left I heard her talk and then I felt a slight pressure on me and his dick like someone and placed a hand on it! Next thing I knew I was becoming farther from the bottom as his dick grew! It was now semi hard but at least 10 inches! Then my brother walked to somewhere and then his pants were starting to go down!

I only seen 2 things and that was a bed which my brother sat on and his girlfriend who had now taken her shirt off and she had huge boobs! Probably 34DD! I looked in amazement at the beautiful mountains and then I realized a true horror. My brother and his girlfriend unhooked me but only moved me two inches from where they were and they hooked the tape to the cover of the bed! I was forced to watch the huge cock my brother had grown into a 12 inch huge monster cock that his girlfriend was sucking on!

So his girlfriend said, "I want give two guys pleasure so I need your help first!" And she put me inbetween here beautiful mounds of breasts that she had! I instantly got a boner from it. However, she said to my brother, "okay tit bang me." I just about pooped myself when she said that! Then that huge cock started coming my way! He shoved in-between her breast and right into my face! Then she spit on the cock and she started moving her boobs up and down, then he started to just pound her! His 12 inch schlong was just beating me up! When they finished that they hooked me back up to the bed.

Then she looked at my brother and said "my turn" and he pulled her onto the bed but she was about to sit right on me! And then she did! Her beautiful round butt that I had always admired was now squashing my whole body! I heard a lapping noise and I figured that my brother was licking her pu$$y! Then I heard, "flip me over and do me!" So she flipped over and her pussy was directly 2 inches above my face! I could finally breath again and the light from behind I could finally see again! Until something huge blocked all the light, and to my fear it was my brother huge dick!

I didn't know if it was 2 inches thick but when he stuck it in her pussy, it was also touching me! I watched and felt as his 12 inch staff went in and out of her pussy! It was raining pussy juices on me and then he said "what should I do with the load?" She said, "I need to wash my comforter anyway, just dump it on the bed!" So he pulled out at last second and came on the bed, but that was where I was so he dumped load after blow after blow all over me. It lasted 30 seconds and I thought i was going to drown!

So then we left and he took out his dick during the drive home and I was still taped on and he said "so did you like the view?"

I said, "f**k you bro, I got sat on and jizzed on, you are a horrible brother!"

He said "no, a horrible brother would have had sex with your 4 inch arse not my girlfriend!"

I laughed and said "you wouldn't do that!" Boy was I wrong!

He started to jerk off and said, "wait till we get home!" He said, " oh and I don't want you watching like a creep, so I got a better place for you!" He took me off his dick and he lifted up and he stuck me directly underneath his huge arse! I had a horrible time trying to breath.

I prayed mom or dad was home so he wouldn't be able to do me, but they went out and got drunk so mom and dad wouldn't be back until tomorrow morning! I almost cried when I heard that! He then spit on his dick and said, "suck my dick!" I said no so he turned around and shoved me up his ass, he counted to 10 and then let off a huge fart followed by 10 more seconds! Then he said to suck his dick, so I at 4 and a half inches tall starting to suck my big brothers 12 inch cock! I didn't suck it really I just licked it cause it was huge! Now we need a little lube he said and he spat on my ass and rubbed it in! He finally grabbed me like an action figure and slowly lowered me on his head! He only got about his head covered and then he started lifting me up and down! He did that for about 10 minutes and then he said let's switch it up! So he taped me in a cup and started jerking above me, he finally came into the cup and he filled it half full! I was up to my neck in my brothers jizz! That is where I slept for the night!

The next morning I awoke to my brother taking me out! I looked at the clock and I was 52 minutes from regaining size! My brothers girlfriend was there and she was naked! I looked at her ginormous boobs and her normal sized but to me huge pussy! My brother set me on his bed and left me alone with his girlfriend! She asked if I was okay and told her everything and how I was super mad! So she offered to give me a blowjob! So I took it! I usually had a 7 and a half inch dick but when I was shrunk it was super small! Her tongue was 4 times as big as my dick! When she tried to blow me she basically kissed my whole body but I still felt the sensation in my penis!

Then she said let's have sex, right away I said yea but then I realized she was going to squash me! I laid on the bed as she jumped up and down on me! She was not moaning though and she didn't have juices flowing! I came after 2 minutes and she said she didn't feel a thing! So she left and came back with my brother! She sucked his dick in front of me and then taped me to his 12 inch monster cock! Then she turned around and bent over and said "I haven't taken it in the butt for a while! So he fucked her in the butt while I was on his cock! I could hardly breath and then finally they were done!

I grew to normal size in 20 minutes and took a two hour shower! After that day, our bets became crazier than just chores or laundry!
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