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CFNM: The College Saga Pt. 03

The day had arrived. Just 2 weeks after getting the shock of his life, it was time for Chris to leave to begin a new life. This scared him to no end. His mother had sent the college his confirmation of attendance within a day, and his fate had been sealed. He was officially a CFNM Student. He and Chrissy had decided to go together. This was one of the few times when Chris wasn't particularly looking forward to spending time with his beautiful blonde best friend. She had come over to his house twice over the past two weeks, and he had kept the meetings as short as possible. He could barely look her in the eye after the last conversation they had had.

Chrissy was mad. Here was a guy who claimed to be her best friend, and the guy she was in love with since she turned 12, avoiding her like the plague. It wasn't that she couldn't understand the reasons behind his behaviour, but she still found it unreasonable. Her visits, though short, weren't wasted. She had got to spend some precious time with Eline, who had all but approved of her love for her son. Eline had also told her about her past, and gave her some valuable pointers about how to treat naked men. It was a fine line between dominance and insulting, apparently.

"Talk to me, Chris!" she could stand the silence no longer.

"What?" came the reply.

"Don't give me that oblivious act. You know as well as I do that you've been avoiding me ever since I showed you my prospectus. I also know why. I just don't understand why this has to change our relationship."

"You very well know why!"

"Why? Because I'll see you naked? Or because I'll be part of the superior gender? You know it doesn't matter to me. You, Chris, will always be the guy who stood by my side through thick and thin. You'll always be mine."

Chris loved the way she said that. Always mine. It had a nice ring to it, and he loved the thought of it, though he didn't realise in what sense. He could see Chrissy trying to hold his hand, and he decided to let her. The last two weeks had been bad enough, and not talking to her had just made it worse.

Chris had tried everything. He had gotten naked in his bedroom, and walked around. He tried walking to the bathroom in just an underwear. He couldn't make it out of his door. The sense of modesty was very deeply ingrained in him. The thought of people seeing him in that state scared him.

"Maybe I made a mistake by showing you my copy. I wasn't really thinking. I thought you already knew." Chrissy was saying.

"No...I think it's better this way. At least I know what I am walking into. Doesn't make me any less nervous, but I guess it's still better."

"You'll be fine, honey." Chrissy said as she leane over and rested her head on his shoulder. Eline smiled from the drivers seat. Her son was definitely in love with this girl, whether he knew it or not. All that remained to be seen was how their time at CFNM would change the dynamics. Right now, he was slightly more dominant, while Christina listened to him a lot. But the atmosphere at the college was designed to reduce his ego, while boost her confidence. Within a month, she'll realise that she has way more privileges that he does, and that could give her the confidence to impose her will on her son. Whether it will make or break them was the only thing that remained to be seen...

The college was every bit as beautiful as the advertisements and sites said. Lush green, huge and very well designed. The huge 2 door metal gate provided the entrance to the college. Metal bars that spelled out CFNM formed an arch over the gate. On either side of the gate, a person was represented by a sculpture. On the left side was an obviously female figure, standing straight and proud, looking towards the sky. On the right side, a male form was shown on one knee with his head slightly bowed in reverence. The two sculptures faced each other.

At the gate, a line of bicycles were present. Chris and Christina noticed a couple of female students take two bikes and ride into the college. At the same time, a male student was coming towards the gate on a bike. He was not riding it. He was pushing it. He parked the bike on a stand and continued on his way. This was puzzling to Chris. Christina was surprised initially, then gave herself a slight smile and the pair continued on their path.

"What was that all about?" Chris inquired of his friend.

"Look closely Chris. Look at the mechanisms and policies of the school already at work. We haven't even entered the college and already the double standard is on full display."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know that boys and girls are treated differently here. The sculptures at the entrance embodied the entire philosophy of the college and the Society. The female, always rising. And the male, bowing to her in subservience. Look at those bikes. I think only the girls are allowed to use them, if they so wish. The boys are made to walk. Of course, the boys also seem required to pick up any unused bike and return it to the stand. This is all just a guess of course. But it does seem in keeping with what I've read in the prospectus."

Chris shook his head in disgust. Once the pair entered the gates, they were immediately greeted by a beautiful fountain. The water fountain was circular and was lined with sculptures of boys peeing into the pond. They looked very cute holding their penises.

"Oh it's so beautiful!" Christina exclaimed.

On this point, Chris was forced to agree. This was truly a piece of art, and he loved it. It didn't seem like a double standard. He nodded in agreement. The fountain divided the road into two different paths. A board suggested that the left path led to the residential buildings, canteen and the sports complex. The right path led to the academic building and the doctors offices.

"This is huge!" Chris was impressed. It was certainly the most beautiful college he had laid eyes on. "We should go to the dorms first, right?"

Christina agreed, and off they went down the left path. A boy and girl were heading towards them, obviously coming from the hostels. The girl had a cell phone in her hand, while the guy was carrying a stack of books.

"Don't let them fall down, Cody", they heard the girl instruct the boy as they passed.

A huge lawn separated the residential and the academic blocks. The lawn was lined with trees and benches placed under the shade. Chris noticed a board on every bench. Every alternate bench said "Reserved for Female students only" and the other half declared themselves to be General, where anyone could sit. Chris could see a pattern emerging, and did not like that pattern...

There was a girl, no more that 21, standing outside the hostel building.

"Hi guys." she greeted them. "Are you first years?"

"Yes." replied Chris. This girl was beautiful. Dressed in a white top and a miniskirt, she looked like the girl of his dreams.

"Excellent. Let's get you guys registered. Welcome to CFNM. You will have the time of your life here."

Chris smiled, but looked up to find her looking at Chrissy. A feeling of dread struck him, for the 50th time that week. The girl had led them inside the building. The hostel bloc had a main entrance. Once inside, there were two passages. The passage on the left side had a door, and a board saying "GIRLS HOSTEL" adorned it. On the right side, a board saying "BOYS HOSTEL" was hung above the passage. There was no door at the entrance!

The girl introduced herself as Roxy. She led them to a table placed in the centre of the main entrance, and produced two forms from two piles. She handed one to Christina and one to Chris.

"Please fill these up, and give them back to me." Roxy instructed.

Chris took a look at his form. It was basic enough, asking for his personal details. He wrote down all he could. At the end, he ticked the box saying he agreed to all the terms and conditions, and handed the form over to Roxy, who took it with a smile. Chrissy too finished with her form.

"So!" Roxy exclaimed, "Chris and Christina. Are you dating?"

"No!" Chris said with a start, lest this angel get the wrong idea. He wanted to convey very clearly that he was single.

Chrissy gave him a dirty look, which he barely noticed. He was too busy staring at Roxy's legs.

"Right. Ok, I will now give you guys a tour of the facilities. As you see, we have the girls hostel on the left and the boys on the right. At no point, for any reason whatsover, are boys allowed to go into the girls hostel. To ensure this, we have a biometric system in place. Every girl and female faculty members have their fingerprint fed into the database. Only upon verifying your identity, will that door open."

"What about the boys hostel?" Chris asked, "There's no door there."

"Of course there isn't a door there. It's the boys facility. Why would you require doors on the main entrance?"

"Yeah. Makes sense. I mean, it's just boys allowed right?"

Roxy smiled, "Actually, no. The boys facility is technically open to anyone who cares to venture in. You see, it's just convenient. Most of our medical staff is female, and it is necessary that they have access to the boys hostel in case of emergencies."

"So why not just give them access?"

"Girls are more trustworthy, Chris. The college trusts them not to go into the Boys facility without good reason. And seriously, what does it matter. We do advise the girls not to go in there for their own security. But a boys privacy isn't exactly the biggest concern we have."

Chris looked outraged at this. Roxy stood calm. She was used to all of these reactions. This was a very different world to what the boys were used to, and this was the first step into that world.

"So, lets go check out the girls hostel."

Chris started with excitement.

"Chris, you will wait out here. Christina, you can take all your luggage. Might as well get you settled."

Chrissy gave her friend a smile, picked up her luggage and left Chris waiting in the main room all by himself.
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