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CFNM Adventures

In a few months, Tom would be graduating high school and on his way to University, where he received a full scholarship. Until now, Tom had only focused on grades and high school sports. A military upbringing kept Tom on a very regimented, strict routine. Playing soccer and running track every year kept Tom in great shape. He was considered good looking, decent abs and had an average 7” cock. Despite his good looks Tom had managed to remain out of the dating scene. With only a few months before graduation, Tom had wanted to make up for lost time and desired to live out a fantasy. No one ever would have guessed that Tom’s biggest fantasy was a burning desire to be completely naked in a public place. He fantasized about being with a fully clothed women stroking his cock until orgasm. Tom loved sex, but there was something about a dominant handjob that just did it for him. Although the thought of being seen naked by more than one person intrigued Tom, this was something he needed to avoid. Being caught naked in a public space could could impact his scholarship and could make headlines due to his fathers elected position with the state. Tom was also self conscious, he didn’t want to be seen as a pervert, which could be tough if you are caught naked outside your house. He needed to find ways to end up naked with a girl, in the most “natural” of ways, without being caught by others.

What's next?

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