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In a small southern town lives a quiet suburban family, unlike the other families in the neighbourhood this family lives by a specific set of rules. The most prominent of these rules is that all Male members of the family must be naked at all times.


Astrid: 38yo the mother and a local politian with goals of spreading her families values to the community.

A fiery redhead with dazzling blue eyes. She rules the roost with an iron fist and will not tolerate disobedience especially from the male members of the household.

Hank: 38yo the father and a tech wiz who works from home making various items for the control of males.

Blond, buff and tall. Hank isn’t known for his independent thinking, the years of servitude to his wife has lead him to worship the females of the family and is more than happy to punish his sons for disobeying them.

Julia: 19yo the daughter following her mother into politics with bigger goals of bring mandatory cfnm to the entire USA.

Redheaded like her mother she is a born leader. Already adept at controlling her father her mother now hands her the reigns of her brothers.

Chad: 20yo the oldest son and a jock homeschooled with his brother not much of a life ahead of him other than servitude.

Blonde haired and blue eyed Chad is your typical all american boy. He has lived his entire life subservient to the whims of his mother and whether he likes it or not now his sisters too.

Hunter: 18yo the youngest son and most punished of the two brothers his mouth gets him in no end of trouble.

Redheaded like his mother and buff like his father Hunter is the perfect blend of the two. This unfortunately means he has his mothers stubborn streak much to his displeasure at his various punishments.

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