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CFNM Prison Nurse

This is a fantasy story about Beth, who just turned 24, a slightly overweight but shapely young woman. She had dated however was not involved in a serious relationship while concentrating on her career. Beth, just out of nursing school was offered a most interesting and well paid job by her uncle, who worked at an all male correctional facility. She was an independent woman, excited, yet apprehensive to be part of the new hiring practices allowing women to work in jobs previously only held by men. At first she was not allowed access to the general male prison population, but spent most of her time managing prisoner medical records. She found it fascinating to read medical and personal backgrounds of the men serving time in the facility.

Beth was a strong but big girl, and she felt confident working there as well as being able to protecting herself. She rarely dated, and at the time she was single, spending most of time alone, finding and reading sexy stories, which she enjoyed way too much. Beth's favorite stories were those about men or women who were struggling with their sex drives, very much like herself growing up in a small religious rural town.

Beth was proud of her job, thinking about being one of the only females working in a prison with 650 men. Several times a week a local prison doctor would see prison inmates and she was asked to assist. She would help with physical examinations, administering shots, first aid, and would interview the men reporting injuries or medical issues. Regularly the men were asked to strip for security reasons before receiving any medical attention, and Beth would get a good look at the man's genitals during these examinations. She secretly enjoyed looking at the differences between penises or testicles and was frequently amazed at how well developed some of men were. She imagined what a waist it was for those men to have such nice male equipment but be serving time in a prison. After these episodes looking at men, she could hardly wait to get home where she would satisfy her strong sex drive by engaging in a long relaxing masturbation session. Beth was one of those women who had discovered and developed her g-spot, and after an especially stimulating day, would experience an intense female ejaculation, along with very strong contractions and release of sexual tension. She certainly knew what it felt like to ejaculate during orgasm and wondered how the men she had seen that day could cope with being denied sex as a condition of serving their sentences.

After some time at the job, Beth noticed that some of the men would ask the doctor for a sedative to help reduce their sex drive, and finally got up the nerve to ask the doctor about it. He calmly told her that the prison had been subject to overcrowding, which required men to be housed in open areas watched by camera monitoring and guards. He said the result was a complete lack of privacy for the inmates. The doctor told her that some of the younger and more sexually active men who were previously accustom to frequent sexual activity would attempt to engage in compromising sexual practices.

He went on to explain that because of the threat of aids and now the hiring of females at the prison they were forced to adopt new prison regulations regarding sexual activity of the inmates. Not only was any sexual contact with another person already prohibited by law, but the prison adopted a recently new regulation prohibiting any form of male masturbation. He explained that it was not possible to allow men to do that, considering the large number of men held together, without the threat of contamination by semen, or other body contact. They now considered male masturbation a serious sexual offense if caught along with lost time for good behavior. The doctor explained to her that some men are able to adjust to the no masturbation rule better than others. The sudden abstinence of any sexual outlet was a problem for some of the younger, or more sexually active men, and did require administering of a sedative, during a period of adjustment.

Beth could not believe that they could impose a rule like that for normally healthy adult men who had no other sexual outlet. She was in a state of shock, and asked the doctor if any time was set aside for the men to have any personal privacy. He said it was unfortunately not possible to arrange legally, but was in consideration. He said the prison has disallowed any sexually explicit material, and expected the men to have proper behavior, which included learning to control their sexual habits.

Beth was in a state of sexual excitement just thinking about what she had just been told. She asked to take of work early, and could hardly wait to get home. She just had to relax and contemplate what it would be like for those men to go without sex for such a long time. Being medically trained she knew a mature male would continuously build up and store semen and sperm. She thought about some recent men she had seen naked, some with large testicles and wondered how long it might have been since they had a sexual release. She tried to imagined what kind of adjustment those men would go through and how it might be a just punishment for some inmates who were violent or convicted sex offenders. But she knew from records that most of the men were serving time for drugs or non violent crimes, and those men would have somehow learn to give up jerking off while incarcerated. Being in such a state of sexual excitement , she could not imagine going without sexual relief herself, and found herself erupting in one of the most intense orgasms ever.

Several weeks went by, and she was asked by the doctor to examine an inmate since he could not make it to the prison that day. He told Beth to give him his medications and check for contraband, which was a usual practice. He said not to worry, since the prisoner would be restrained by the guards. The guard did handcuffed the man naked to a water pipe under the sink in the examination room, and was forced to bend over. The guards then said they had been suddenly called to attend to another incident and would be back as soon as possible to unlock the prisoner when she was finished.

As Beth approached the man, she could see his uncircumcised penis hanging. She gave him a shot and proceeded to do a rectal exam with rubber gloves. She then noticed that he got an intense erection, and commented on his nice equipment. He said he had not been able to use it for 8 years and would have to wait another 8 years before he was released.

Beth could not help herself, and reached around him from behind and touched his penis. She informed him that she needed to pull his foreskin completely back to check for contraband. He didn't say a word, but she immediately felt his penis start throbbing and she kept holding it. She was too scared to let go or stroke his penis, and before Beth could regain her composure, she felt contractions and seen him start to ejaculate with his cum squirting in large pulses on the floor. Beth could not believe how much semen was coming out and was unable to stop him once it started. She had no idea a man could have that much cum saved up.

Beth was now afraid, and did not wish to get caught helping an inmate get off. She quickly cleaned up after him just as the guards came back. She vowed to not masturbate a prisoner again since she enjoyed working at this job. It provided her with plenty of erotic fantasies to help her get sexual relief when she went home. She was thinking no matter how long those men have gone without sex, they would simply have to save it all up until they have served their time.
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