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Cara, Daddy, and Uncle Johnny Ch. 05

"We're going to see that you get to be just as happy at least one more time before going to bed, princess," Daddy told me. "As soon as Uncle Johnny gets his breath back, we're going to move this to Daddy's bed."

The three of us were laying on the couch in the living room, Daddy on the bottom with me sandwiched in the middle with Uncle Johnny's large cock still deep in my ass. I had just been fucked for the first time by my daddy and my uncle, and was feeling so cherished to be in their arms. Daddy's left hand was still wedged between our bodies, his thumb brushing my clit, sending little shivers through me, while his fingers gently massaged Uncle Johnny's big balls as Uncle Johnny caught his breath. Uncle Johnny was lazily playing with my right breast, so big it wouldn't flatten nicely against Daddy's chest, squeezing as much as he could fit into his hand and occasionally pulling on the nipple. Their hands on me kept me from falling asleep, and though I was getting tired, I was looking forward to one more round of whatever was in store for me in Daddy's bedroom.

"Is your bed going to be big enough for all three of us, Daddy?" I asked, quietly, the three of us starting to breathe softly in unison.

Daddy chuckled. "Why do you think I've got a king-plus, princess?"

"What do you mean?"

Uncle Johnny shifted his weight on top of me, his dick slipping out of my ass to lay sticky and half-hard against my ass cheeks. He pulled me up just enough so that he could offer Daddy a taste of my right nipple, which Daddy wasted no time in sucking deep into his mouth.

"Oh!" I gasped as Daddy's tongue started flicking my nipple.

"What he means, pun'kin, is that your Daddy and I have secretly been hoping to fuck you for a long time now," Uncle Johnny said in my ear. "Isn't that right, Bill?"

"Mmhmm," Daddy murmured while sucking as much of my big breast into his mouth as he could.

"I-I had no idea," I stammered, loving the feeling of hot, wet heat surrounding my tit.

"Well, it wasn't something we really talked about," Uncle Johnny said, "but we both watched you grow up, and we both watched each other watching you grow up. I'm pretty sure when your daddy got that big new bed last year, he was hoping you'd end up in it."

Daddy finally pulled back from my breast to smile at us both. "Damn right," he said. "I can't wait to see you naked in my bed, babygirl, preferably with a cock somewhere in you."

"Yes, please, Daddy!" I said, my eyes shining with excitement.

"That's a good girl," Daddy said, cupping my face and kissing me deeply, his tongue thrusting into my mouth in a parody of what his cock had been doing to my pussy only a few minutes earlier. "Now why don't you get that gorgeous ass of yours upstairs."

"Yes, sir!" I said, and Daddy's eyes gleamed.

We managed to untangle ourselves from each other and the couch, Daddy and Uncle Johnny leaning back into opposite corners while I stood up in front of them.

"Are you coming?" I asked them.

They looked at each other and grinned.

"Hell yeah," Uncle Johnny said, "hopefully all over you!"

I giggled. "You know what I meant, Uncle Johnny!"

"We just want to watch you run up those stairs, princess," Daddy told me. "I can't get enough of those tits and that ass of yours. You have no idea what seeing you in your cheerleading uniform has done to me all these years. I can't wait to see them bouncing around during one of your cheers again."

"Really, Daddy?!" I squealed, bringing my hands to my breasts, cupping them for him. "You like watching my big tits bounce during my cheer routines?"

"Fuck yes," Uncle Johnny answered for them both. "Why do you think we come to all the games, pun'kin? It's not 'cause we like to watch the football players!"

I rolled my eyes. "Well maybe," I told them, "if you're lucky, I'll do one of my cheers for you later...naked."

Daddy pushed off the couch then and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me against his naked body and kissing the breath out of me.

"You're so perfect princess," he told me when we came up for air. He turned me around toward the stairs and smacked me on the ass.

"Ouch!" I jumped in surprise.

"There'll be more where that came from if you don't get that sweet ass upstairs and into my bed, young lady," Daddy said in mock sternness.

"Yes, sir!" I said, and started jogging from the room so they could watch my breasts and ass bounce the way they wanted.

I heard Uncle Johnny groan loudly as I ran from the room, and smiled to myself. Running up the stairs, I skipped down the hallway and into Daddy's room, stopping just over the threshold to look around.

Daddy's room was big, but it was completely dominated by the king-and-a-half size bed. It was against the wall on the left, stretching out into practically the middle of the room. An easy chair sat in the left front corner of the room with some clothes tossed over it, while a long and low dresser with a big mirror over it stood on the wall to the right facing the bed. The ensuite bathroom entry was between the dresser and the back wall of the room, which was wall-to-wall accordion glass doors leading to the private balcony entrance that overlooked the backyard and pool. The sun had set already, and it was pitch black outside, so I could see myself standing naked in Daddy's bedroom doorway reflected in the windows. When I moved toward the bed, I watched myself come closer in the window, my big breasts moving slightly up and down, side to side. Leaning over the side of the bed to reach under the mountain of pillows to pull the covers back, I turned my head and could see my side reflection in the mirror above the dresser. I could feel myself start to become wet again as I imagined watching Daddy and Uncle Johnny play with me in the mirror, watching their big cocks sliding in and out of me, their hands and mouths all over my body. I could hardly wait.

Heavy footsteps were on the stairs, so I stopped daydreaming and hurriedly pulled back the covers, climbing onto the bed. Kneeling in the center of the massive bed, I parted my thighs to make sure they could see my shaven pussy, wet and spread for them, when they came into the room. I put my hands behind my back, crossing my arms so each hand cupped the opposite elbow, which thrust my breasts up and out into the air, making them bulge even bigger than they already were.

Daddy and Uncle Johnny both stopped in the doorway, gasping when they saw me.

"Good god, princess," Daddy said.

His eyes ravished me, flicking between the view of my tight, high, round ass in the glass window behind me, hints of my huge breasts peeking out from either side of my body, to the side view in the mirror above the dresser across the bed taking in my slender profile, to the glistening pussy lips and big firm tits right in front of him.

"You are so fucking sexy in that bed, pun'kin," Uncle Johnny told me, his cock proving his words as it once again stood up straight and proud, so hard it was almost touching his stomach.

"I can't wait to have a picture of you like that, baby," Daddy said, "waiting naked in my bed for me."

"Are you really going to take pictures of me, Daddy?" I asked quietly.

"Oh yes, princess," Daddy said, stepping into the room, fisting his hard cock in his big hand as he walked toward the bed. "Daddy's going to take all kinds of pictures and video of you. Would you like that?"

"I'd like to do anything that makes you and Uncle Johnny happy," I told him truthfully, as Uncle Johnny came up to stand next to him at the side of the bed, both of them staring at me with lust and love in their eyes.

"Clearly a photo shoot is in order, Bill," Uncle Johnny said, the heat of his gaze feeling almost like his hands and mouth were already on my body as they wandered over my hard little nipples, down my torso to my swollen pussy lips, and back again to focus on my lips. "Have I kissed you yet, pun'kin?" Uncle Johnny asked me.

"I don't believe so, Uncle Johnny," I told him. "I've sucked on your fingers and your penis before."

"Call in my dick or my cock, pun'kin."

"Yes, sir," I said. "I've sucked on your cock before..."

"And you've had my cock in your ass and your pussy, haven't you baby?" Uncle Johnny asked, starting to get on the bed.

"Yes, sir," I said again, watching him make his way to me.

"But I haven't kissed you yet, have I?"

"No, sir," I said, when he was right in front of me.

"Well, pun'kin," he said, cupping my face in his hands, "I'm going to kiss you," and he kissed my forehead while my eyes closed, "all over your gorgeous body," he kissed my nose, "while your Daddy licks," he kissed one cheek, "your sweet pussy," he kissed the other cheek, "and then we're going to fuck you." He finally kissed my mouth, his hands holding my head at just the right angle for him to slide his tongue in and play with mine, his lips pressing so sweetly against my lips, his teeth pulling my plump bottom lip into his mouth for a second as he pulled away. "How does that sound?"

"Th-that sounds just perfect, Uncle Johnny," I said shakily, as I held onto his arms to keep from falling over. His tender kiss had rocked me to the core, a core which was starting to drip wet as I felt the precum seeping from his hard cock where it pressed against my stomach, my nipples turning into hard little pebbles from rubbing over his chest.

"It's so sexy watching you two kiss," Daddy said as he climbed onto the bed, "but it's time for Daddy to taste your pussy, princess."

"Yes, Daddy," I said to him, while I sank back against the pillows.

"That's it, baby," Daddy said, while he and Uncle Johnny kneeled above me. "Lay back and spread those long legs of yours."

I did just that, leaning back against the pillows, sliding my feet up until my heels touched my ass, and then letting my knees fall to the side, spreading my thighs wide for their gaze.

"You're so beautiful, princess," Daddy said, his eyes glued to my pussy.

I knew he could see how wet I was as my pussy lips started to open, and I slid one hand down to help open my pussy up for him.

"Oh yes, that's right babygirl, show your pussy to Daddy," he said, moving to lie down between my legs. "God I can't wait to taste you."

My back arched involuntarily, pushing my pussy in his direction as I moaned. "Oh yes, please, Daddy! Please do it, please kiss my pussy."

Scooting closer to my pussy, Daddy put one big hand on my left thigh to press it down onto the bed. Uncle Johnny had stretched out next to my right side, and he pulled my right leg up and over his own so that I was spread as wide as could be for Daddy to see my wet, swollen, pretty pink puss.

"Play with your breasts for your daddy," Uncle Johnny told me, while his hand moved down my body to replace my own, holding my pussy lips open for Daddy's gaze.

Uncle Johnny's lips captured mine again while my small hands tried to cup as much of my big breasts as I could, to push them together, squeezing them for Daddy's pleasure.

"Goddamn you're so sexy, princess," Daddy said, his fingers just starting to graze my pussy lips, almost tangling with Uncle Johnny's.

The feeling of both of their fingers playing with my pussy almost made me cum right then, and my hips gave another little thrust while I moaned into Uncle Johnny's mouth.

Daddy chuckled as he used a fingertip to gently press on my swollen little clit. "You like our fingers on your pussy, babygirl?"

"Oh god, yes!" I gasped, tearing my lips away from Uncle Johnny's and feeling my whole body undulate in pleasure as Daddy slid one thick finger into my pussy. "I love to feel your hands on me! Especially together, and especially on my pussy."

"Well, if you like that so much, you're going to love this," Daddy said, right before he licked me.

My whole body shot off the bed, unintentionally driving Daddy's finger deeper into me while I tried to get closer to his elusive tongue.

"Daddy, you're teasing me!" I moaned into Uncle Johnny's mouth, which was busy kissing mine again.

"I can't help it, princess," Daddy said, then licked me again, causing me to squirm. "I love the way your body responds."

He withdrew his finger, and reached up to circle my right nipple with my own juice. "That's for you, John."

Uncle Johnny pulled his lips away from mine. "Thanks, Bill. Cara," he said to me, "feed me your nipple, baby."

"Oh god," I moaned, as I held up one big breast for Uncle Johnny to kiss, sucking my nipple into his mouth, pulling on it with long drags like he was drinking milk rather than tasting my pussy juice.

"Delicious," Uncle Johnny declared, letting my nipple go with a pop.

Daddy grinned up at him from between my legs. "I agree." And then he dove in, his tongue spearing my pussy over and over again, thrusting in like a mini-cock while I cried out and began to thrust my hips against his face.

"Oh! Oh! God! Yes! Daddy! Please!" I kept gasping over and over again while Daddy alternated between long licks all up and down my pussy, or thrusting inside me with his tongue.

Uncle Johnny was kissing my neck, nibbling my ear, and biting my nipples while his fingers still held my pussy lips apart for Daddy, also trying to hold my hips down with the force of his hand, as they wanted to buck all over the place with the pleasure Daddy was making me feel.

"Rub her clit, John," Daddy said, sliding one finger deep into me again. He pumped his finger in and out a few times, getting it nice and wet. "We're going to make you come so hard, princess," he told me, pulling his finger out of my pussy and sliding it deep into my ass.

"Oh my GOD!" I moan-screamed under the barrage of sensations: a finger in my asshole, Daddy's tongue working my pussy, while Uncle Johnny's fingers flicked over my clit, my nipple in his mouth.

Daddy's tongue kept up a steady rhythm of fucking my pussy while his finger kept up a steady rhythm of fucking my ass.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I shouted, my body shaking as I began to orgasm, eyes squeezed tightly shut but with fireworks going off in my head. "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

I passed out for a minute due to the intense sensations coursing through my body, and came to with Uncle Johnny cradling me in his arms while Daddy gently lapped at my pussy juices, still flowing from the insane orgasm I'd just had.

"Ohh, Daddy," I moaned as I regained consciousness. "Uncle Johnny, what happened?"

"Shh, it's alright pun'kin," Uncle Johnny said, kissing my forehead.

"You passed out for a couple of minutes, princess," Daddy said, looking up from my pussy.

"Is that normal?" I asked, a little bit scared.

Daddy grinned at me. "Totally normal when you've just had your world rocked by the most amazing orgasm of your life."

I started to feel better, safe in Uncle Johnny's arms with Daddy still between my legs staring at me with love in his eyes. "Then I guess I better get used to it with you two!" I told him.

Uncle Johnny laughed, and kissed me. "Damn right!"

"Now," Daddy said, holding my gaze. "Do you need to go to sleep, or do you want to finish out our night?"

"I'd like to finish our night, please," I told him.

"Such a good girl," Uncle Johnny growled low in my ear, and I could feel his hard cock throbbing against my hip. "So accommodating for your daddy and uncle."

"I'd do anything to please you," I whispered.


I looked up at Uncle Johnny's handsome face, so close to mine, and kissed him on the lips. "Anything."

"Then get on all fours in the middle of the bed, princess," Daddy told me, kneeling back up so that I could close my legs and arrange myself in the middle of the bed. "Face the windows, baby. I want you to be able to see some of this."

"Yes, Daddy," I said, as I crawled to the middle of the bed, two sets of eyes watching my every move. I stopped when I was directly in the middle, right across from the mirror to my right, staring at my reflection, my messy hair, swollen lips, and my enormous breasts hanging down beneath me.

Uncle Johnny moved so he was kneeling up on his knees in front of me, his hand holding his hard dick, stroking it slowly while he pointed it toward my mouth. He began to rub the head of his cock on my face, trailing precum on my forehead, my cheeks, my nose, and across my lips.

"You look so fucking hot covered in my cum, pun'kin."

I looked up at him and licked my lips, excited to taste him again. He groaned as the tip of my tongue flicked the tip of his cock.

"Open up for me, sweet girl," he said, bringing the head of his dick to rest right on my lips. "Open that pretty little mouth of yours for me, baby."

I did, making sure my lips and tongue were nice and wet while I sucked him in for the second time that night.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned around his big cock, filling my mouth with just a third of it.

"Christ, Cara!" Uncle Johnny moaned. "I'm not going to last long if you moan like that. It vibrates against my dick and feels fucking amazing."

I moaned again at the compliment, and the feel of his soft skin and hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth, Uncle Johnny's hands on my head, holding me in place, while he worked more and more of his cock into my throat.

"You'd better hurry up and fuck her, Bill, or this isn't going to happen, man," Uncle Johnny warned, looking over into the mirror to see the reflection of his niece on all fours, large breasts swaying to the rhythm of his dick disappearing and reappearing from my mouth.

I suddenly felt Daddy behind me for the first time, his hands coming to my hips, mirroring what Uncle Johnny had done earlier. His hands started to push my ass cheeks together and pull them apart, staring at me from a new angle.

"Daddy's going to fuck your pussy again, princess," he told me, lining his hugely hard dick up to my little pussy, "and then I'm going to fuck your ass."

He slid in deep, suddenly, shoving my mouth onto Uncle Johnny's dick so far that I gagged, while his big dick, even though I was dripping, stretched me to the point of hurting. I didn't know how I was going to take that whole thing in my ass if I could barely get it in my pussy, but I wasn't about to go back on my word about doing anything for them.

Uncle Johnny pulled out of my mouth to let me cough and breath while Daddy started to fuck me hard and fast.

"So-rry, I ch-chok-ed, Un-cle John-ny," I tried to say between coughing and gasping from Daddy's thrusts.

"Shhh," Uncle Johnny said, stroking my face, "you're such a good girl, Cara, it's okay. You're doing so well, making us feel so good."

I smiled up at him, while Daddy fucked me harder, and Uncle Johnny brought his dick back to my mouth. "Now suck again, pun'kin, there's a good girl."

My mouth opened and I took him back inside, sucking on a little less of his big dick, but using more suction to suck harder. Daddy's thrusts would force Uncle Johnny's cock into my mouth a little more each time and I tried to relax as he got closer and closer to my throat again.

"Oh god, yes," Daddy said, looking at our reflection in the mirror, "that's it baby, you're such a good little girl. Look at you, taking your daddy and your uncle at the same time."

"Fuck, man," Uncle Johnny gasped, his eyes meeting Daddy's in the mirror. "I cannot believe how fucking hot this this."

"I know," Daddy said, slowing his thrusts a bit to pull my ass cheeks apart again, "we so have to film this next time."

"Hell yeah," Uncle Johnny said, looking down into my eyes, "I can't wait to watch that home video with you sucking me off, pun'kin."

Daddy groaned behind me and then pulled out. "It's time, I'm going to fucking blow if we keep talking," he said to Johnny.

Uncle Johnny pulled out as well, and laid down on the bed in front of me.

"Come here, pun'kin," he told me. "Get on top of me, and put my dick in that little pussy of yours."
"Yes, Uncle Johnny," I said, crawling up his body, making sure my nipples dragged along his legs, stopping to fit his big dick between my breasts for just a second.

"Oh don't you worry," Uncle Johnny told me, "I'm still going to fuck those at some point, but now your Daddy needs to get into your ass, so move up here."

"Yes, sir," I said, moving more quickly so that I straddled his hips, sitting upright on top of him.

"Now put Uncle Johnny in your pussy, Cara," Daddy told me sternly.

"Yes, sir," I said again, rising up on my knees, and grabbing Uncle Johnny's big dick with both hands. I fit it to my little opening, and started to sit down on it, his mushroom head feeling like it was splitting me open until it got further in, and I was able to angle forward and back, leaning over Uncle Johnny's torso to work myself onto his cock.

"Oh fuck, yes, you're so goddamn tight," Uncle Johnny gasped, as I moved my hips back and forth, up and down, slowly sliding down onto his cock, inch by inch.

"Goddamn, little girl," Daddy said from behind me, "I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching you take cock like that."

"Thank you, Daddy," I said, blushing with the compliment of having the attention of these two grown men solely on me.

Finally I was seated on Uncle Johnny's cock, feeling stretched full already, but knowing what was coming next.

I felt Daddy move up behind me, while Uncle Johnny spread his legs so that Daddy could kneel between them.

"Lean forward onto Uncle Johnny, princess," Daddy told me. "Feed him those big tits of yours."

I did what he told me, cupping my right breast in one hand and bringing it to Uncle Johnny's lips while leaning onto my left hand so I wouldn't fall onto Uncle Johnny's chest. Uncle Johnny's dick moved inside me, pulling out just a little as I scooted forward, though with still plenty left inside of me so I could feel it pulsing.

Then I felt Daddy's hands on my ass, holding me open, spreading my cheeks apart. The wet, spongy head of his cock touched my asshole.

"Brace yourself, baby," Daddy murmured in my ear, sending shivers down my body. "This is going to hurt a little bit, but I'm going to go slow and I'll be gentle until I'm all the way inside you."

"Y-y-yes, Dad-dy," I said, trying to relax but unsure how I was going to take these two huge cocks inside my little body.

Daddy pushed forward, slowly applying pressure until the head of his dick had popped through my tiny hole, and sat there, while I breathed heavily in through my nose and out through my mouth.

"That's it, princess," he said, running his hand down my back, calming me, while Uncle Johnny distracted me by pushing my breasts together and using his lips, tongue, and teeth on my nipples. "You're being such a good little girl for Daddy. Just relax, take those deep breaths. You're doing so well."

I smiled to hear Daddy's praise, and tried to relax my ass while Daddy pushed another inch or two inside me.

"Fuck, dude," Uncle Johnny groaned at the sensation, "it's like I can feel your dick next to mine, and it's making her pussy smaller, too."

"I know, man," Daddy said, thrusting another inch inside me, "it's probably the best thing I've ever felt."

Daddy and Uncle Johnny grinned at each other over my shoulder, like two little boys with their favorite toy.

"Keep going," Uncle Johnny told him, "I can't wait to feel what it's like when you're all the way inside her."

"Mmm," I moaned, "it makes me so wet when you talk like that, Uncle Johnny."

"Oh really?" Uncle Johnny said, his eyebrows raised, while Daddy slid another inch into me.

"Almost there, babygirl," Daddy said, still holding my ass cheeks wide apart, watching himself disappear into his daughter's tiny little asshole.

"Yessss," I gasped, as another inch went it, "I could probably just cum from the way you guys talk."

"What way is that?" Uncle Johnny asked, trying to distract me from the last inch or two that needed to be pushed inside me.

"How you talk about fucking me," I said quickly, then moaned. "I love...the talk about my body," I said, with little gasps between words, "and the way you talk...about what you do to me. OH GOD!"

My sentence ended on a loud groan from both Daddy and myself as he finally got all of his entire cock into my asshole, and the three of us stayed there, still, panting, getting used to the sensation of being joined for the first time together, all feeling each other.

"Hold still, Bill," Uncle Johnny said to Daddy. "I'm going to thrust a bit."

"Oh! OH!" I said as Uncle Johnny followed through, putting his hands on my lower back for leverage, pulling out of my pussy a bit and the thrusting back in, flexing his hips and using his abs to grind against me. I could barely stand the sensation of their two cocks rubbing inside of me, almost rubbing against each other, just a thin layer of membrane keeping them apart.

"Christ, you're so tight, Cara," Daddy groaned, as Uncle Johnny moved, "I'm not sure I can even fuck you without cumming right away."

"That's okay, Daddy," I gasped, as Uncle Johnny moved again, "we can do this again and again until it's perfect."

"Fuck, girl, you're perfect," Daddy said, giving a short little thrust that made me squeal. "I haven't even properly fucked your ass yet, you're in the middle of your first DP, and you're already talking about doing it again."

"I know!" Uncle Johnny exclaimed, surging up in me again, causing both Daddy and me to moan at the feeling. "You're the best, pun'kin, you really are."

"I - gasp - just - gasp - want to -"

"Make us happy," Daddy finished, with another little thrust inside me that had his balls boiling. "Fuck, fuck, princess, I'm about to blow in your ass for the first time."

"Yes! Please, Daddy!" I moaned, feeling him swell inside me, "please cum in my ass!"

Uncle Johnny moved his hand from my lower back, down around my ass, and managed to get his hand around Daddy's balls.

"Here, Bill," Uncle Johnny said, lightly squeezing and fondling Daddy's balls, "returning the favor. Now cum in your little girl's ass."

"Oh fuck, oh FUCK," Daddy said, unable to hold back at the sight of his cock shoved into his daughter's ass, feeling a hand also massaging his balls, and knowing his daughter was stuffed full with his brother's cock in her pussy.

"Cum in me, Daddy, cum in my ass!" I pleaded, and he did, his fingers gripping my hips while his hips made a few short thrusts into me, and then his dick was erupting, shooting deep into my asshole.

"Yes, Daddy, yes!" I screamed, his orgasm triggering one of my own, while Uncle Johnny roared his own release, his cum shooting straight up into my little pussy.

The three of us collapsed onto each other again, the Daddy-me-Uncle Johnny sandwich quickly becoming one of my favorite positions.

"Holy fuck, that was amazing, princess," Daddy gasped, moving slightly so that his dick slipped out of my asshole, still gaping and dripping with his cum.

"Absolutely," Uncle Johnny agreed, holding me tighter and leaving his dick inside me, making me feel like he never wanted to not be inside me again.

"I'm so happy I made you both happy," I said, closing my eyes, feeling the two hard bodies of my favorite men above and below me. "I can't wait to do it again."

Daddy and Uncle Johnny both grinned. "Us, too."

"Oh, by the way, Daddy," I said, as we started to drift off to sleep.

"What's that, princess?" Daddy asked, nuzzling my neck and kissing my shoulder from behind.

"I'm not on the pill," I told him.

Everyone froze for a moment as the implications of that set in, and the fact that both my daddy and my uncle had shot loads of sperm inside my fertile body today.

"Do you want to be on the pill, baby?" Daddy finally asked.

"No, Daddy," I said quietly, burrowing my face into Uncle Johnny's chest, so I wouldn't have to look at either of them. "I'd love to have your and Uncle Johnny's babies."

Uncle Johnny gently picked my face up from his chest and gave me the warmest look before kissing my lips. Turning my head to the side, Daddy's face was right there, too, and the three of us kissed for just a minute, lips and tongues all pressing together.

"I can't wait to see you swollen with our child," Daddy told me, pulling back a bit.

"And watching these babies get even bigger," Uncle Johnny said, cupping my already large breasts in his hands.

"I'm so glad," I told both of them. "I can't wait to have you both inside me again, hopefully making me pregnant."

"That's a good girl," Daddy said, kissing me again, before rolling onto his side, so the three of us were cuddled up together. He pulled the covers up over us. "Now go to sleep, princess, so Daddy and Uncle Johnny can fuck you again in the morning."

"Yes, Daddy."
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