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Career change

Hannah was sat at her computer in yogtowers and she was fed up. Yet again another video taken down but Polaris and maker studios one again her emails fell on deft ears and if not then it was up for a day then gone and money lost.

Then she thought screw it I'm leaving them and you know what screw yogscast too I could do this from home. She sent both emails to yogscast saying she was breaking away from them but will still be using office for stuff with Kim and other girls. Then another angrier email to Polaris and maker saying she doesn't care for the way she's been treated and they need to fix before more people leave.

For the next couple of days viewers and subscribers decline and to win then back Hannah's plan of camera and sexy clothing only brought in to so many guys and girls. She wore less and less until she was sat in her silky underwear. Even playing striptease games only brought in people to leer and send sexual messages.

What's next?

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