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Trevor was pretty much at his wits end. Sure, he'd planned this night out with his friends weeks in advance, the stress of his job and everything else that was going on had necessitated it. But that didn't mean that he was any readier to have a night with them than he was to just relax at home with a beer in his hand. Actually at this point, fuck the beer and give me a scotch, Trevor thought as he trudged upstairs to his apartment. He knew he should go out with his friends like he had promised, but all those weeks ago it had seemed like a good idea, now he just wanted to curl up and rest through the weekend.

He finally made it up the eternity of stairs, yep eternity, all 12 of them, he thought as he brought his key out of his pocket and put it into the lock. Whether it was his exhaustion at the week or just something simple he overlooked, Trevor didn't notice that the door was already unlocked before he even turned his key in the lock.


Trevor yelped in shock, nearly dropping his laptop and backpack to the floor. Standing inside his apartment were his three best friends whom he had made plans with for this weekend. His wits finally returning to him, he stepped inside and the door swung shut behind him, "What the hell are you guys doing here? I thought we were meeting at the Castle?"

"Oh come on, we all know that you weren't going to come if we didn't drag you there." said a petite red head. Allison, or Alli as she liked to be called since she hated saying someone's full name, was everything her red hair stereotyped. She was wild, impulsive, pale skinned and petite with a reputation for being one of the loudest in the room. Normally it was because she was never at a loss of things to say, and most of the time she spoke her mind, which Trevor would have found annoying, except, like right now, she's always right. To Trevor that would have made having her as a girlfriend pretty much impossible, but for some reason the man standing next to her handled her wildness with ease.

"Look, drag is probably a strong word," the man standing behind Alli said placing a hand on her shoulder. "Although I will admit Alli here was ready to pull some Mission Impossible stunt on you and abduct you from the hallway."

"Ssshhh you weren't supposed to tell him Steve." Alli said elbowing the man in his ribs lightly. "Now he'll be expecting it and I'll have arranged for that blindfold and delivery service for nothing."

"Please tell me she's joking." Trevor said to the final person sitting on his couch a large smile on her face.

"The words black masks and gasoline were thrown about in the car on the way here," the blonde said with a smile, "but Steve and I convinced Alli that it would really put a damper on the weekend if we were arrested because someone saw us."

"Well, if some of us were more athletic we could have pulled it off." Alli said gesturing to the girl on the couch.

"You're just jealous Jill has more curves than you," Trevor said with a smile. Knowing he hit on a weak spot. He watched with satisfaction as the timeless joke was picked up by both Steve and Jill; Jill for her part grabbing her boobs and bouncing her handfuls of flesh up and down in her shirt, while Steve just stared and let his jaw go slack with a single syllable word escaping his lips.


At that Alli turned and punched Steve right in the gut. Trevor could never be sure how hard she swung because Steve never flinched in all the times the joke played out. Trevor couldn't be sure if it was because of the muscles he hid underneath his baggy clothes from his MMA training routine, or if it was because Alli really didn't mean to hurt him. Either way the four of the friends' faces broke down in laughter at the old joke. It really is good to see them again, Trevor found himself thinking as he set his bags down on the table next to the door, maybe I did need this.

"So ready to go?" Jill asked standing and walking over to the kitchen counter where her keys lay. The click of her high heels on the hard wood floor echoing in the silence as she awaited Trevor's answer.

"I guess I don't have much of a choice do I?" Trevor said turning to Alli and Steve, "Wouldn't want to waste those black ski masks you got right?"

"Look man you know we were just kidding around." Steve said before Alli could respond. "We can all see how bushed you are, and I know just as much as you how much they're riding you at work." His tone changed so that it sounded like he was pleading a little, "but given what happened between you and Helen...look we just want to give you something else to do than let your mind wander."

"We've all been there," Jill said from her spot at the counter, "It sucks when the woman of your dreams walks out on you. I've been there-"

"At least yours didn't walk out for another man though." Trevor said, and then immediately regretted it. He remembered just last year doing a very similar thing to what they were doing for him, only it was Jill's apartment they were raiding. "Sorry, I didn't mean it like-"

"Look it's alright," Jill said rolling her eyes, not letting the insult even reach her. "One of the downsides to being bi; but now, we're here for you."

"So you're coming." Alli said hands on her hips. It sounded more like a statement than a question and had a feeling of finality to it.

And with a sigh, Trevor knew that it was. "Alright, let me change first." And almost as an afterthought as he retreated into his room amidst the smiling faces, "And please tell me someone brought scotch."


"So what game did you guys bring with you tonight?" Trevor said as they arrived at "The Castle" as they called it. In reality it was a large studio apartment with a massive lofted ceiling. The studio had a narrow spiral staircase that went up to the sixteen foot vaulted ceiling and ran along a raised platform that encircled the apartment about six feet from the ceiling. It had the illusion of a fishbowl, and when the group often had parties in "The Castle" with many of their friends it was a running joke that only the privileged were allowed on the upper floor while those less worthy had to stay on the main floor. What actually happened was those who wanted to keep on playing drinking games stayed on the main floor, while others looking for some peace and quiet retired to the lofted area.

Regardless, the area was empty now, and even the wall sized windows facing the setting sun shed little light into the place. With a flick of a switch by the door, Steve lit the area and set the keys down on the counter near the bar they kept stocked for such an occasion. There was only one set of keys, and they rotated the keys around to each person if they had need of "The Castle" for anything. It was no questions asked, because they were all friends and usually merited an invitation to whatever was happening anyways.

"Still want that scotch?" Steve asked from the kitchen as he grabbed glasses from the cabinet.

"Sure, but someone going to answer my question?" Trevor asked looking back towards his friends.

"How about we get a couple drinks in us first," Steve said from the kitchen.

From his tone, Trevor could tell this was going to be one of those nights. Like the first time they had gotten together and he had been introduced to Cards Against Humanity. Never before had Trevor thought his friends had some weird senses of humor than that night. And yet, I felt right at home with that kind of weird, Trevor thought to himself as he walked towards where Steve had finished pouring his scotch and was getting the girls their drinks. Only I would be lucky enough to have three friends as weird as I am.

Trevor had always known that Steve was into the same sorts of things he was. It was hard for someone to hide their internet history when they shared a room with someone else for four years in college. Although they had never outwardly spoken about it, Trevor knew his old friend had similar tastes and fetishes, and more importantly than Steve having similar interests was the fact Jill and Alli had ones just as kinky.

Although the four friends knew that their various fantasies were just that, fantasies, it had always amused Trevor that given the opportunity to act out on those fantasies he wasn't sure whether he would be able to or not. He had wondered about his companions too, but at the end of the day he was sure of one thing only, fantasies are things that can only exist on the internet...and probably Japan, he chuckled to himself.

"What'cha laughing at Trevor?" Alli asked as she grabbed her screwdriver from the counter and nearly downed it in one go. "You still wanna know what we're playing tonight?"

"I did ask didn't I?"

"Well I'm not one to spoil surprises before you're good and drunk," Alli said, sticking out her tongue in the process. "Especially since Jill picked it out."

"Geez," Jill sputtered through her drink, which had just recently been removed from her lips. After a short coughing spell from the carbonation of her rum and coke trying to travel up her nose the blush returned to her cheeks. "I was just walking through the mall today and saw it in a toy shop window. Don't know why I got it, but something told me it was just the game for tonight."

"Okay so what are we playing Chutes and Ladders?" Trevor asked with a laugh. "Or is it something more complicated like Candy Land?"

"Not that kind of toy shop," Jill said in a huff. Her face, however, got just a bit redder, "An adult toy shop."

"Oh you didn't tell us that!" Alli said with an impish grin.

"Well, I was know..." Jill's voice trailed off a little as she saw everyone staring at her waiting for her to finish. "Girl's got needs!" She shouted to everyone's laughter.

"We understand Jill," Trevor said walking over and putting his arm around her shoulders. She was just the right height for his arm to drape easily around her since she was only a few inches shorter than he was at just shy of six feet. "Or at least Alli does. Steve and I can sympathize though."

"Very funny," Jill said pushing Trevor in the ribs playfully. She looked around for a bit before ruffling her brow. "I don't see it here; I must have left it in the car. I'll be right back."


Jill hadn't been gone long before she was back again with a bag that Trevor assumed carried the game in question. When prodded though she just set the bag down on the table and the changed the topic onto something else. That something else was Helen, and Trevor found solace in recounting all the things she had done to ruin their relationship.

"I mean who says, 'I was curious what it was like to sleep with him so I did. I didn't think you would be mad.'" I spouted off after about a half an hour of drinking and recounting to my friends who for their part listened with the attentiveness that close friends always do. "Sorry guys, you've heard it all before, I hate to keep repeating myself."

"Don't be sorry, man." Steve said from his folding chair on the opposite end of the table. "This is the first time we've all been together to hear the whole thing. Unfiltered, I might add." He said with a grin.

He knows better than anyone how much I internalize, Trevor thought as he returned the smile. "Really though, thanks guys. You're the best friends anyone could ask for." Taking another sip of his third, or is this my fourth-ah fuck it, drink he looked back over them all and said, "Although you could have told me sooner she had commitment problems."

"Like you would have listened to us?" Alli said, her chair backwards to the rest of the group, her legs straddling it as she leaned over the back. "Please we could have told you she was the anti-Christ and you wouldn't have believed us."

"It's just who you are Trevor," Jill chimed in. "You fall in love so deeply it's hard to see all the imperfections."

"Ya, and trust us the signs were there," Alli said rolling her eyes, "Believe me, they were there."

"You did the right thing leaving her," Steve said. "She was toxic and I'm not saying that just because I'm your friend. I'm saying it because it's true."

Trevor looked at his friends and saw them all nodding in agreement. Of course he had talked to each of them individually about his break up with Helen, but this was the first time they had been able to get together since it happened. It felt good to feel vindicated in his decision, but now it was time to end the pity party. "Alright you ready to play this game or what?"

"I guess we're all liquored up enough to have a good buzz going." Jill said with a shrug before standing up from her chair to grab the bag from the counter. Trevor, Steve, and Alli were all sitting around the gaming table that Steve and Trevor had purchased in college which they had centered in the middle of the room. It was made of solid wood, and yet was collapsible to the point where each piece could easily be carried around meaning the two hadn't needed to leave it set up all the time. This left the top surface looking relatively new, and that was something both Trevor and Steve had taken pride in.

"Alright so you guys ready to play?"

"C'mon Jill, quit keeping us in suspense already you big tease." Alli said from her chair as Jill approached with the bag.

"I consider that a compliment, thank you," Jill said with a wink before reaching into the bag to withdraw a wooden box. "The man at the store said that it was best played with friends who had some low inhibitions and kinky personalities." Jill looked around the table, "And I just happen to have three friends who fit that description perfectly."

She set the box down on the table letting Trevor and the others get a good look at the box cover. In big bold letters the top of the wooden box had a single word "CHOOSE!" spelled out across its face, with smaller text beneath and to the right, "From the Makers of Arguments & Alterations."

"Anyone heard of Arguments & Alterations?" Steve asked looking around.



"I hadn't either," Jill said completing the loop, "but the man at the shop said that it was a fantastically popular card and board game that came out a couple years ago."

"Huh, never heard of it." Trevor said with a shrug. "Guess if it comes highly recommended then let's play-"

Trevor had his hand hovering over the cover of the box ready to remove the lid when the box started to shake. Retrieving his hand in a hurry Trevor watched as the sides of the box popped open and the top seemed to drop onto the bottom of the box. As the sides of the box folded out and attached themselves to the sides of the top square, smaller squares folded out from beneath each of the sides making a perfect square that included the top and sides. Trevor couldn't believe what he was seeing, as lines suddenly appeared laying out in some sort of grid in a pattern he could have sworn he'd seen before. In seconds though, the game board lay there unmoving, as cards appeared in two draw piles and game pieces that looked like people seemed to materialize out of thin air, a pen and a booklet rose out of the empty space in the middle of the game board.

"What the fuck was that?" Steve said looking around at everyone else.

"I have no idea what you did Trevor but that is the coolest game deployment I've ever seen." Alli said chuckling a little.

"I didn't really do anything," Trevor said still a little stunned, "I don't even think I touched it."

"Well looks like it's set up whatever you did," Jill said taking her seat again. Eyeing the game, she reached for the booklet in the center and pen. "Might as well read the instructions," she said before opening them and reading aloud.

"Choose! thanks you for your purchase and hopes that you enjoy the fun and magical time ahead of you. From the makers of Arguments & Alterations, Choose! allows you the players to do just that, CHOOSE!

The game is designed for 2-4 players and is best enjoyed by likeminded individuals looking for some fantastic fun.

Getting started is easy. Players will notice that each colored area has a START and a SAFE zone. Each player takes a turn with the pen provided to write their name on each START and SAFE zone for a respective color. If using the automatic game deployment method each of the game pieces should be appropriately placed by color, one in the START area, the other directly in the space in front of it.

(If not using the automatic game deployment method, please place the appropriate pieces in those locations.)

(If playing with only two people or looking for a longer game use the extra pieces provided for each color and place them in the START zone.)

Once the pieces have been placed and names have been written (the ink is easily removable in water), the turn order is decided by the youngest person in the room going first and proceeding to the person on their left. Each player will draw 1 (one) MOVE card per turn and do as the card instructs. The goal of each player is to end with both of their pieces in the SAFE zone. If a player cannot perform the action listed on the MOVE card, that player forfeits their turn.

In order to enter the SAFE zone, each player must have at least 5 (five) TRANSFORMATION cards in front of them. These cards can be gathered through instructions on MOVE cards (listed below) or can be taken by any player's piece that lands on the same space a piece is already occupying. The piece that was occupying the space is returned to the space directly in front of their respective START location.

Once a player has placed a piece into the SAFE zone the player must then discard all TRANSFORMATION cards associated with that piece. Once done, the player can then move out with their subsequent pieces and begin anew.

Good luck and enjoy Choose!"

"So it's basically SORRY." Alli said looking over at Jill as she finished reading.

"Basically," Jill said holding up the picture of the MOVE cards for everyone to see. They had similar numbers to that of the classic board game, but some new ones involving the TRANSFORMATION cards. "Guess we should all pick a color and write our names in."

"Wait, do they have a list of what the transformation cards are?" Steve asked.

"No," Jill said showing him that the MOVE card page was the last one in the booklet.

"Guess we'll find out when we start playing," Trevor said as he finished writing his name on the blue START space. "And unless something changed when I wasn't paying attention I think I'm the youngest one here."

"Dammit that means I'm going last." Alli said with a huff finishing writing her name on the orange START space.

Steve and Jill had already written their names on the green and red START spaces respectively and Trevor looked down to see that sitting where the word "MOVE" was etched into the board was now a single card.

"Guess it's time to get this started." Trevor said taking the card. It had a big number seven on it and Trevor read aloud the text underneath the number, "Move forward 7 spaces or move forward any number of spaces up to 7 and the person with the fewest transformations chooses a transformation."

"Huh, it is almost exactly like SORRY," Steve said with a shrug before looking at Trevor. "So you going to take all seven spaces I'm assuming?"

"Yep, might as well get moving." Trevor said moving his piece ahead seven spaces.

"My turn next," Jill said reaching for the card that now showed at the top of the MOVE pile. Trevor for his part put his MOVE card into the discard pile next to the MOVE pile. Jill for her part revealed the card she picked up, the large number one displayed prominently as she read the text beneath it, "Move forward one space or save this card to prevent a future transformation to any player." Tapping her finger against her chin she placed the card down in front of herself, "I'm not really going to get anywhere with this so I'll keep it to screw you over later."
"My turn then," Steve said reaching over to the pile and drawing the card there. "Move backwards four spaces or undo a transformation on yourself." Looking down on the board he smiled as he moved his piece backwards four spaces. "Guess I'll be winning this game right quick."

"Ya if you get five transformation cards," Alli said reaching for her card. "Otherwise you're going to be wasting a lot of turns." She held her card up which showed a big one. "Sorry Jill, but every little bit helps in this game." She said taking her piece and moving it forward a space.

Trevor reached down and selected a card, "Move forward 3 spaces or choose a transformation." Looking at the card, Trevor shrugged, "Well don't want to be in the spot that Steve's in so I'll take my first transformation card." Everyone looked down as a transformation card appeared and Trevor placed his move card on the discard pile and drew the transformation card. His friends watched as Trevor's eyebrows scrunched together and he appeared confused.

"Well, what does it say?" Alli asked.

"Uh, well it just says, 'Height Shrink 2x' on it." Trevor said showing the rest of the group. "I have no idea what it means thou-"

All eyes were on Trevor as his body seemed to lurch before his head began to sink lower and lower into his shirt. All his friends were ignoring his cries of shock as they sat stunned, his feet raising up off the ground carrying his shoes with them. Seconds later his shoes fell from what appeared to be smaller feet, his socks too failing to remain tight against his ankles which had long since disappeared into his jeans. His arms had all but disappeared with the voluminous confines of what was once a T-shirt but now looked like it was a dress with only Trevor's hands appearing from the sleeves.

It was Jill who finally broke out of the stupor of staring at her friend and got up from her chair to pull the shirt up to determine the fate of her friend. Sitting on the chair, jeans and boxers being held up by smaller hands was Trevor, only a much smaller version. "OH MY GOD! YOU SHRUNK!"

"No shit!" Trevor yelled, his voice that much quieter at his smaller size. "It's everything I can do to stay decent right now."

"Decent is the least of your worries." Alli said from across the table. "You're like really tiny Trevor. Never thought I'd say this but you've got to be like-"

"Three feet tall!" Steve blurted out. "Oh my God he's three feet tall. Trevor you shrunk to half your size. That's what the card meant."

Trevor looked around at his group of friends and saw he still had the transformation card in his hand. Shaking his head in anger he jumped off the chair, and noticed that his eyes now barely reached the top of the table. The rest of the room seemed to loom around him, his vision and balance that much more obscured by his new viewpoint. "Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm fucking done." With purpose he began to stride across the room, holding his ridiculously large pants, easily the size of him now, up to this armpits Trevor made his way to the door.

"Wait!" Jill yelled out to him, causing Trevor to stop for a moment.

"Why should I wait? I am not playing this anymore. I'm done and when I leave I'll be back to normal."

"No, that's what I'm trying to say." Jill said dropping his shirt on the chair and reaching down to pick up the instruction booklet. On the back of the booklet, in red lettering new words were forming before their eyes:

"All players must complete the game once it has begun. If a player refuses to continue, that player's turn is automatically taken and the result performed regardless of their choice to remain playing. All transformations can only be reversed at the completion of the game."

"So even if I leave," Trevor said with a sigh, "This thing is going to take my turn for me. So I could get even smaller, or worse."

"Looks like it," Steve said echoing Trevor's sigh, "sorry man."

Steeling himself, Trevor hiked up his jeans and walked back towards the group and struggled to climb up into the chair which now stood at roughly shoulder height. He had to pull himself up into the chair, but to do so Trevor knew he was going to lose his grip on his jeans. With an exclamation of frustration Trevor let his jeans and boxer fall to the floor as he pulled his naked three-foot frame up into the chair. Looking around he saw slight shock in the faces of Alli and Steve, but in Jill's eyes, Jill looked almost excited.

"You look adorable that small." Jill said with a huge grin on her face as she set the book down on the table. "Looks like you'll have to stand to see over the edge of the table though. Let me know if you need help getting the cards." She then held up her card and read it, "Move forward eight spaces or choose two transformations."

Jill set the card on the discard pile and moved her piece the eight spaces, which got a grunt from Alli, "Not willing to try it out yourself?"

"No, I just don't want to be stuck on this space the whole game." Jill said gesturing to Steve to take his turn.

Steve drew his card and sighed, "Move forward ten spaces or backwards one space and a player of your choice draws a transformation card." With a shrug he continued, "And since I can't go forward, looks like I have to go backwards and knock Jill back to the start, so I guess she can get a transformation card as a consolation prize."

"Guess you didn't escape scot free." Alli said as Jill reached forward and drew the transformation card that appeared.

Jill read it aloud for everyone, her eyes wide, "Vagina shrink 1.5x."

"Woah! What the heck is that?" Alli said standing up in her chair just as Jill began to squirm in her own. "That's just weird!"

"It feels weird too," Jill said crossing her legs and rubbing them together. Despite her best efforts a small moan escaped from her lips as she soon stopped shortly thereafter.

The group looked to Jill for a few moments before Alli asked the obvious question, "Well you going to see what it looks like?"

"Oh it's definitely smaller," she paused for a second, "and tighter."

"Maybe you can fit Trevor now." Steve said with a chuckle.

"Not funny man, I'm still just as big where it counts." Trevor said, gesturing to his cock. It was bizarre to him that it remained the same size despite his smaller stature. He was also painfully aware that his dick was on display, and it was slowly growing erect at Jill's display. He hoped that Jill wouldn't notice. But on the other hand he wasn't so sure Steve was all that wrong in his guess either.

"Well, maybe we'll find that out," Jill said with a mischievous smile. "Now Alli it's your turn, I believe."

"Fine, guess we should just get this over with," she said hesitantly reaching for her next card. "Alright I got another eight." Looking over at Jill she shrugged, "Guess this game wants us to be together since we've drawn the same thing two turns in a row."

"Well you going to do the opposite of what I did again?"

"No, this time I think you had the right idea." Alli said moving her piece forward eight spaces. "No time to panic yet I only need five."

"Um...I hate to ask this, but could you pass me a card Alli," Trevor said sheepishly from where he was standing on top of the chair. Even standing his arms couldn't reach the board where the move cards were appearing. The blush that rose to his lips he knew he shouldn't be ashamed of, and yet suddenly asking the shortest person in the room for a card was tough on his ego. Well she's not the shortest anymore is she, he thought but quickly dismissed it as she handed him the card. "Move forward twelve spaces or look through the transformation deck for a transformation of your choice."

"Hey maybe there's something in there to reverse that last one." Steve piped up.

"And then again maybe there isn't." Trevor said looking at the board. "I'll go forward twelve please."

"Aww, well I guess you can do that if you want to be a party pooper." Jill said reaching down to move his piece forward the spaces and put his card back on the discard pile.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Trevor asked.

"You can't tell me you didn't get a rush from the change." Jill said staring down Trevor's smaller body. "I

have no problem saying that it was extremely erotic feeling my pussy clench up and become smaller, tighter, more compact and sensitive." She winked at Trevor, "I can't imagine what that would have felt like all over my body."

"I was kinda freaking out at the time," Trevor said, "didn't really have the time to focus on how good it felt." But it did feel amazing, he reminded himself despite the fact he was trying to forget that part. The supernatural and unreal aspect of him shrinking coupled with the warmth and feeling of pure bliss that he felt envelope his body as he shrunk were two things Trevor was having a hard time consolidating within his mind.

"If that's how you feel," Jill said with a shrug as she drew her next card, "Guess I'm sorry for bringing it up." Looking at her card though she smiled, "Although looks like I'm right back in it. Move forward ten spaces please."

"I thought that would set you back a little moving you back to the start, but guess not." Steve smiled, "but maybe I'll get some transformations now." Steve said drawing his next card. "Well would you look at that, move forward five spaces or draw two transformations keeping one and discarding the other."

"You gonna roll the dice honey?" Alli asked.

"Ya sure why not, I'll take my chances." Steve said reaching towards the transformation cards where two had already appeared at the top of the deck. Taking the two cards, Steve laughed as he put one immediately in the discard pile and turned the other one around for everyone to see. "So it was either this or end up tiny like Trevor. No offense buddy but I like being able to sit in my chair."

"Careful what you wish for," Jill said looking at the card, "With a butt that's twice as big you might be overflowing the chair in a second."

"Nah, I doubt it," Alli said looking at Steve, "He's got a skinny ass. Even if it was twice as big it'll probably do him some good."

"Glad my ass is the subject of conversation, but can we just-" His voice cut off as a shiver travelled down his spine and quickly he was undoing the belt around his waist. No one questioned him, although everyone looked on as his body rose just slightly higher atop the chair. More and more flesh formed underneath him, his body finishing its slight rise only moments later. "Woah, that is intense isn't it."

"Told you." Jill said smirking.

"Stand up so I can see!" Alli said causing Steve to sigh with resignation.

"Might as well get this over with," he said standing. "What's the damage Trevor?"

To Trevor it was like staring at his best friend, only instead of having a man's body from the waist down, it was as if someone had transplanted a female idol's butt onto his friend. The jeans Steve was wearing were stretched tight across his now definitely heart-shaped ass with much more roundness than most men would ever want to have. "To tell you the truth man, Alli might be a little jealous, and Jill probably has some competition."

"Seriously! Man, I was hoping it wouldn't be that bad."

"Well I can see why you unbuttoned your jeans, that looks like it's a pretty tight fit."

"It is, it's almost like my hips got a little wider too." Steve said before he sat back down. "Alright I've got one down, only four more to go."

"Well I guess I'm the only hold out." Alli said as she reached for her card. "If it's a transformation option I'll do it."

"Bold words." Jill said.

"Ya and it looks like I'm going to eat them." Alli said as she showed everyone the big eight on her card.

"Guess that means two transformation cards for me."

"Maybe I won't be the shortest one anymore." Trevor said looking up at Alli as she reached for the two transformation cards that appeared.

She took them and a huge smile crept onto her face. She laid down her first card to show everyone, "Jill is familiar with this one since it's a 'vagina shrink 1.5x' like what she has." Alli had to pause for a second, her body squirming a little as the change took effect. Her face flushed and her legs ground together the same as Jill's had minutes earlier, but instead of simply playing her second card she stood up and threw her shirt off over her head.

"What are you doing?" Steve asked curious.

"I'm getting ready for the next transformation," Alli said shimmying out of her yoga pants. She had them down around her ankles before her whole body seemed to vibrate. A low moan escaped from Alli's mouth as her underwear clad body seemed to pulse and grow larger. Despite her best efforts she couldn't remove either her panties or her bra, which burst from her steadily swelling form. She desperately tried to cover herself, but as soon as her hand touched the nakedness between her legs she gave up on decency. From where everyone else was watching the now seven-and-a-half-foot tall woman was now desperately trying not to finger herself openly in front of her friends.

Trevor would have thought that a seven-and-a-half-foot girl would have been able to fit more than just a finger into her dripping slit, but then he remembered her other card and instead tried to come to grips with the fact that Alli was no longer her old five foot even, but instead was practically a basketball superstar if the card on the table was accurate. She made Jill and Steve look small in comparison, but to Trevor, Alli was nearly three times his size, and he couldn't help but feel...inadequate.

"That felt AMAZING!" Alli said beaming, as she sunk to her knees, both hands in front of her body and between her legs as she knelt forward. "Who's the shortest now?"

"That would still be me." Trevor said quietly from his spot next to her.

"Oh don't worry Trevor. I can't wait until you're small enough that I can just fit you in there." She said licking her lips.

"Hey! I'm right here you know." Steve said incredulously looking up at Alli.

"Oh I know honey," Alli said reaching over to pat his head with her hand. "I just, well I got from the growth. I mean when I am I ever going to get the chance to do something like that again?"

"I didn't know you had such a giantess streak in you." Jill said from her chair opposite Alli. "Maybe you and I do have more in common."

The two girls laughed a little and Trevor looked to Steve with a worried expression, "Dude I think we're in over our heads."

"Oh we're just teasing." Jill said with a smile. "Now here's your card Trevor."

"Alright, well it says move forward ten spaces or backwards one space and a player of your choice draws a transformation card."

"So you want me to grow again?" Alli said excitedly.

"No, I'll just take my ten spaces." Trevor said. "And hang out next to my friend Steve here."

Jill smiled as she finished moving Trevor's piece and then grabbed her own card. She turned it to show the group a five and then smiled. "I think it's time to embrace the game and take my chances like Steve did."

"Aww, I want to be the biggest still," Alli said, "I hope you don't get to grow bigger."

"That's what I'm hoping for." Jill said drawing the two cards and sighing. "Well I drew a 'butt shrink 1.5x' and a 'penis grow 2x', lame" With a shrug she put the shrink card back on the pile. "I like my butt, so I'll take this one since it won't do anything."

"No fair," Steve said pointing.

"What would you really want to see me-"

All eyes turned as Jill suddenly gasped and closed her eyes. We all knew by now this was the familiar look of the transformation taking effect. But Jill was a woman, a woman now leaning back in her chair as something began to bulge at the front of her pants. Not very noticeable if you weren't looking for it, but with Jill's legs splayed to the sides it was there for all her friends to see.

It was over shortly as all the transformations were, but unlike last time Jill stood up once she got her legs underneath her and turned away from the group. The sound of Jill undoing her fly and pulling her pants forward was then punctuated by a shout of surprise, "I'VE GOT A DICK! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"

"Wait, what?" Alli said leaning forward. "Let me see!"

"No way!" Jill shouted turning around to stare at the rest of them. She had already hastily thrust her shirt down as far as it would go into the front of her pants and zipped them back up to hide the bulge everyone had seen earlier. It wasn't doing her all that much good, but Jill was on a rampage. "Give me those instructions. Where the hell does it-oh come on." She groaned as she held up the final page. Underneath where it had stated everyone couldn't leave it now had new text.

Frustrated Jill tossed the instructions to Alli who read them to herself and her eyes went wide. Looking around at both Trevor and Steve she said, "It says that if any player draws a card for a particular part that they do not own, the player will grow one equal in size to the smallest of any other player in the game. This rule is a hold over taken from Arguments & Alterations to ensure all players enjoy the optimum experience."

"So basically-"

"Yes Steve," Jill said her anger seemed to have gone out of her replaced by an emotion that bordered between embarrassed and anxious. "I've got a dick that's the size of Trevor's now." She pondered that thought for a moment before a smirk reached her lips, "Unless it's yours that I've got."

Everyone but Steve burst out laughing. Until Alli piped up, "Oh you'd know if it was Steve's, no offense Trevor."

"Thanks babe," Steve said reaching for the card that just popped up for him, "But since I need some transforms I guess I'll turn this card in for that." He put the card down and showed the group that it said, "Move forward 3 spaces or Choose a transformation." As he said it he reached down and picked up the transformation card and groaned, "You've got to be kidding me!" He threw the card down on the table as everyone saw it read "Penis shrink 1.5x."

"Now that's karma!" Jill laughed. Everyone turned to Steve who just nodded in agreement and sighed. "Now there's no way you're not the smallest cock at the table." Jill pointed out.

"Now you're probably right," Steve sighed looking down to find his girlfriend only to remember she's taller than he is now.

"Don't worry babe, you're probably still big enough for me," Alli said as she took her card. "Choose: A player may choose to either take all changes from one player to themselves or swap their location on the board with another player." Looking at the board she scrunched her face up and glanced up at Jill, "Us girls have to stick together so I'll swap places with her."

"But if you swapped with me you'd be closer to the goal." Trevor said.

"But so would you," Alli smiled, "and we can't have you getting rid of your cuteness so quickly."

"Fine, I guess. Just grab me a card would you." Trevor said watching Alli reach across the table easily and grab him a card. "Seven so I'll take the spaces."

"Alright, guess I'm up then," Jill said as Trevor's piece moved along the board. "I got a seven too so I'll move the full spaces as well."

"Alright my turn then," Steve reached over, "Alright it's a twelve, so since I can't move twelve spaces I guess I'll take a look through the deck and find a card." Suddenly it looked like Steve's face blanked out and he a second later he was back with a grin on his face. "I found the card I was looking for."

As he tossed it onto the table he relaxed backwards into his chair, and spread his legs a little as everyone read the "penis grow 2x" written on the card. Alli turned back to her boyfriend and saw the bulge of his pants growing and couldn't help but lick her lips seductively.
"Now who's the biggest?" Steve grinned.

"I can't wait to see it," Alli said taking her card, "It's a ten so I guess I'll go forward the spaces."

"Alright here's to a better card," Trevor said as Alli handed him another. "It's an eight."

"You should do the transforms," Jill said, "I really want to see what will happen."

"Ya you should totally try it out, maybe you'll fix yourself." Alli chimed in.

With a sigh, Trevor caved, "fine show me what I got for transforms." He reached up and grabbed the two cards Alli handed him, her face eager to see the results, "Well, this should be interesting." He turned to Jill, "I'll be joining you in the shared gender department I guess." He put the cards on the table to show "breasts grow 1.5x" and "vagina grow 1.5x." Looking at Alli, "So I guess that means I'm going to get your breasts-" he was cut off as a warmth spread across his chest and he looked down to see his nipples swelling along with the flesh behind them. Even though Alli's breasts looked small on a normal sized girl, to Trevor they looked huge compared to his normally flat chest. But that wasn't what really floored him. It was the intense shock of pleasure right below his balls that got his attention as he put two and two together.

Tentatively he reached his hand below his balls and felt the hot moist slit between his legs and shivered. Even lightly brushing it caused him to nearly go weak at the knees. "Yep it'll do that," Jill chuckled at his reaction. "I'll show you some tricks later. I can't imagine how much fun they'll be with a miniature girl."

"No molesting him just because he's tiny," Alli wagged her finger at Jill. "At least not without me."

"Alright can we get a move on girls," Steve said with a smug look on his face, being the only true male left.

"Oh don't be jealous," Jill said as she drew her card, "Five so I'll move forward the spaces."

"Alright," Steve reached for a card, "A one, well Alli said it earlier. Every little bit helps."

"I did say that, but you might have wanted to keep that card in case someone does something you don't want," Alli smirked as she read her own card. "But I think you'll like this. See I drew an eleven which says: Move forward 11 spaces or choose a transformation already in play to occur for all players. Since I can't move eleven spaces, why don't I choose that 'penis grow 2x' card of yours to apply to everyone."

Steve was grinning ear to ear when suddenly Jill slammed her hand down on the table, "Not so fast. I'm using my negate card on Steve, so he doesn't get the transform."


"Yep now you'll be the smallest again." Jill grinned, "Well except Alli who will be your size now." Was all Jill could manage to get out before she had to pull hard on her pants to get them down around her waist. Although no one was paying attention to her since they could see the same a lot easier on the naked Trevor whose cock was growing to be roughly a sixth of his height flaccid. His balls rested heavily on his thighs, and at his size his cock head reached his knees sitting. At two inches across it was rather thick as well, but not as thick as the one Alli was currently sporting. She was probably about five inches soft, and a little over two inches in thickness, which was exactly what everyone now knew Steve was sporting.

"Well that was exciting," Jill said as she sat back down in her chair, an obscene bulge in her panties. She hadn't been able to get her pants zipped up over the bulge, so they lay discarded to the side.

"At least you can stand with yours," Trevor laughed a little, "Mine weighs as much as one of my legs probably." He reached for the card Alli handed him and nearly leapt out of the chair, "It's a four that means I can undo my 'height shrink 2x' card!" With glee he reached the card and tossed it towards the center of the board and immediately felt a sense of vertigo wash over him.

"Aw, now he's not so cute anymore."

"Speak for yourself Jill," Alli grinned, "you're all still tiny to me."

"Well maybe I can fix that," Jill said taking her next card and taking one last glance at the now normal sized Trevor, who despite being his old size hadn't bothered to put any clothes back on. "But I think I should punish Trevor for growing back to normal size." She revealed that the card she had drawn was a "Choose" card and with a finger she pointed at Trevor, "Hand over the cards Trevor."

"Fine by me," He said handing them over, "glad to be rid of these girl parts, they're still a little weird."

"Or you just want to see more of my big breasts," Jill said as she gasped. To everyone it looked like the breath stayed in her lungs as the front of her blouse pushed out further and further. A button came undone, and fell into her lap as her bra began to overflow with flesh. Reaching behind her she quickly unhooked it, and pulled it from beneath her blouse letting her nipples tent the fabric.

"They're just boobs guys," Alli rolled her eyes, "you're probably what, an F - cup now?"

"About that." Jill nodded her cheeks flush. "And the plumbing downstairs is fixed now so I can take that tool of yours."

"But why am I not changing too?" Trevor said holding his small breasts in his hands.

Red lettering appeared on the instruction booklet and he groaned anticipating what it would say. Alli reached for it and read it aloud, "All changes once gained stay even if the card has been taken as a result of the Choose card."

"Great," Trevor rolled his eyes.

"Still the only guy here," Steve grinned grabbing a card, "Oh look a four, I know what I'm going to do with this." He reached forward and threw his penis shrink card back to the game board and groaned as his cock began to travel down his legs. Even with his jeans unbuttoned from his bigger ass, the cock was still visible as it was growing close to eight inches in length.

"Jesus Steve it's as big soft as it usually is hard." Alli grinned. "Maybe you'll be big enough for a girl like me now."

"I'm sure I'm more than big enough," Steve chuckled, as Alli took her card. "It's a five so pick two and discard one." She grabbed her cards and a grin split her face from ear to ear. "Feast your eyes tinies, I'm about to get a whole lot bigger."

The group saw her toss away a "muscle growth 1.5x" but saw that she kept a "height 2x" card and scrambled back away from the table. A moan erupted from Alli, her hands this time not even bothering to follow her instructions not to finger herself as they plunged deep inside her. It felt like she was having an orgasm throughout her whole body as it swelled larger and larger. There was a loud snap as the chair she had been using buckled under her weight, her body surging across the floor. With a loud yell she felt her pussy clench and a real orgasm ended her growth, her fingers finally pulling free drenched in juices.

"Jesus Alli!" Jill gasped.

Alli opened her eyes and noticed how far away everything seemed. Even seated she was taller than everyone there. She had to know what it was like to stand up, and crawling to her feet realized that her head was only a foot away from the lofted ceiling. "Holy shit I'm tall!"

"That's an understatement," Trevor said still staring up at Alli and marveling that he had to look up to see her waist.

"I feel amazing!" Alli laughed, her voice booming. She leaned down and saw Steve was staring at her his eyes wide. "Aw Steve, I don't think you're big enough anymore, but don't worry, you're probably tall enough."

Steve blushed furiously as he tore his eyes away from his giantess girlfriend, who had just returned to a sitting position.

"Alright to keep things going." Trevor said still glancing at Alli who was comparing her hand with Steve's whole body. "I got an eleven so I'll move the spaces. Your turn Jill."

"So I got a four but I don't want to give anything up since I have all the transforms I need to win."

"Guess it's my turn then," Steve said glancing towards Alli with a little worry she was going to grab him or something. "I need the transforms so I'll turn in this three for a transform." He shrugged when he read the card, "Guess I'm joining you all in the dual sex club," as he tossed the "vagina grow 1.5x" on the table. Immediately he sat up straight as everyone knew his vagina was coming in and he blushed furiously.

"Why don't you take those pants off and I can show you how big these fingers really are Steve." Alli chuckled before drawing her card. "And I got another two which isn't going to help me much so I'll draw another card." She reached down and delicately drew a card only to groan, "Of course it's a one. I guess I'll keep it in case someone tries to shrink me."

"Spoken like a true giantess," Jill smirked.

"Looks like I got a three, so guess I'll go for another transform card." Trevor said bringing them back to the game. "And I guess I'll be joining Steve in the Kardashian department." He put the "butt grow 2x" card down in front of him and his friends watched as his body slowly rose a little in the chair. The flesh piling up behind him until he could almost feel it spilling out of the sides of the chair.

"Don't look now Alli, but Trevor has more curves than you," Jill pointed as Alli huffed, "And now that I just got an eleven I'm one space away from winning."

"Pretty sure you need to hit it exactly," Steve smirked, "and getting a one might be tough, but you never know." He drew his card and groaned, "Wouldn't you know it's exactly what I need to win. But since it's a seven I guess I'll go four and make Trevor draw a transform card since he's got the least."

"Great," Trevor said reaching for the pile. "Well here's a new one, I always hated going to the gym and now I won't have to." He placed the card down in front of him and everyone saw it was a "muscles grow 1.5x" card. The burning sensation returned to his body and Trevor felt like he had just run a marathon. Instead of the pleasant feeling from the other grows he'd experienced, this one was sheer exhaustion. He closed his eyes, fighting back the burning, when all of a sudden it stopped.

"Wow, Trevor you look good."

He heard Jill's voice and opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was his thighs, and their clear musculature. Looking down further he saw that he had clearly defined abs, and even his arms had definition to them. Although he knew he wasn't quite as big as Steve, he certainly was more fit than he'd ever been in his life, and the energy he felt was amazing.

"I want one of those cards next," Alli smiled drawing her move card. "Another two, fine I'll take the spaces I learned my lesson last time."

"I mean what are the chances that happens twice in a row," Steve smiled up at Alli.

"Doesn't matter I'm not doing it." Alli said then snapped her fingers, "Hey, earth to Trevor, it's your turn. Stop admiring your muscles and play."

Trevor flushed, and quickly reached for a card as his hands stopped exploring his abs, "Well it's another eleven that I can't use the spaces for, so..." his voice trailed off as he looked at the cards on the table. "I guess I'll choose for us all to experience the 'vagina grow 1.5x' card again. Especially since we're all packing so much cock at the moment."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth when the entire room erupted in moaning for a few long seconds. When it was over each of them had fully flushed cheeks and Steve was struggling to keep his erection down. No one else had the same problem, except for Jill whose panties couldn't contain her erect cock and just shred to pieces. This gave everyone a view of her swollen pussy lips which jutted out from between her legs just a little.

"That's quite the intense feeling," Jill gasped reaching for a card, "I nearly came right there, but since I drew a twelve I guess I'll look for a card in the deck." Her eyes blanked out just like Steve's had earlier until she pulled a card from the deck and played it in front of her with a smile. "You're not going to be the only giantess in the room now." Jill smiled up at Alli as she revealed her "height grow 2x" card.

"Sorry to disappoint you Jill," Alli said tossing her negate card on the table, "But I like being the only big girl here."

"I thought you said we girls need to stick together," Jill whined seeing her card move to the discard pile.

"I did, but that doesn't mean we have to be equals," Alli grinned as Steve reached for a card.

"No fighting girls- damn it, it's a four." Steve looked dejected back at the board and moved his character back four spaces.

"My turn," Alli reached down and drew her card, "Gah, one away guess I'll take two transform cards from this eight." As she drew her cards she shot a glare at Jill, "It's your fault I got this, if you hadn't made me use that card last turn I would still be this big." She revealed a "height shrink 1.5x" and a "vagina grow 2x" card.

"You're still going to be, what, ten feet tall?" Steve said.

"Ya but it's not enou-" Her voice was cut off as the transforms hit and her enormous stature shrunk down to simply huge. But Steve who was still staring practically at her crotch, watched as the lips of her pussy swelled outwards massively. Where Jill's simply looked swollen, Alli's looked like the area between her thighs wasn't enough space for her larger lips which even pushed against her cock a little.

"Now that's a full bloom," Jill laughed. "Careful Steve you might get stuck in there, and I don't mean your cock."

"Very funny Jill," Steve said shaking his head. "Take your turn Trevor."

"Great, moving backwards again," Trevor complained as he revealed the four.

"My turn then," Jill said happily. "And a ten. I'll go backwards one and give Trevor another transform card."

"You love doing that don't you," Trevor said reaching for the deck.

"You are fun to pick on."

"Alright well I got a 'Breast shrink 2x' card. Guess I'm back to being flat chested." Sure enough his small breasts shrunk back into his frame yielding only hard pecs beneath.

Steve reached over and drew his card and rolled his eyes, "Alright another perfect card, but I'm one transform short so I guess I'll go five out of the seven and give myself a transform since I have the least." He reached into the deck and when he pulled it out he smiled, "Guess big runs deep in this relationship, babe." He put down the "height 1.5x" card and didn't even bother to remove his clothes as he began to grow. Within seconds his shirt was shredded, and moments later his massive waist and legs burst through the jeans he was wearing. When he finally stopped growing he still had to look up to see Alli, but now it was only a few inches and not feet of difference at his new nine-foot-tall frame.

"I hope those two don't decide to have sex," Jill whispered to Trevor who stared at the two giants in the room looking at each other lustfully.

"Hey Alli, back to the game."

"Oh right, um," she shook her head and tore her eyes away from the erect cock of her boyfriend and drew a card. "Finally a card I can use for spaces." She said putting down the five.

"And I got an eight." Trevor said moving the spaces on the board.

"Now all I need is a two-yes!" Jill shouted as she showed everyone she got a two. On the board her piece disappeared and the piece on her start space moved out onto the board. Then she watched as her transform cards disappeared from in front of her. "So I guess I get to start fresh." Jill shrugged.

"Ya but you're not returning to normal." Alli pointed out.

Just then red lettering appeared on the instruction booklet and Jill reached forward to read it aloud, "Once a player reaches the Safe Zone all transform cards are discarded, and all transforms received become the new starting values for their second piece."

"Great so I'm stuck with this trouser snake," Jill groaned a little. "I mean I like it, but how do you guys deal with it bouncing into things all day?"

"Most guys aren't as big as you." Steve joked, "but my turn now." Steve triumphantly tossed another two down on the table and his piece moved to the safe zone and his second piece moved out from the start. As his transform cards disappeared, he looked up to Alli, "Going to make it three for three?"

"I hope so," She smiled and drawing her card she gasped as it too was a two. "I feel like the game wants us to get on with it." Alli smirked as her transform cards disappeared.

"Can't imagine why?" Trevor said drawing a card and laughing as he showed them all it was a seven. "Well that's the only card that I could move forward four with so I guess no one gets the transform since we all have zero?" No sooner had he spoken than Jill who was still holding the instructions saw more red letters.

"Alright so it says, if more than one player is tied for a card's effect all players tied experience the effect in turn order."

"Guess that answers that." Steve shrugged.

"Wait," Jill interrupted, "There's more, now that all players have finished round one, all card effects are doubled for round two."

"What?!" was the unanimous cry from Steve, Alli, and Trevor.

"It's what it says," Jill said turning the instructions around. "This could get interesting."

"Guess I'll start then," Trevor hesitantly reached for a transform card. He put the card down, stood up, and everyone saw it was a "butt shrink 4x." He turned so they could all see as the padding of his rear shrunk away into nothing so that it looked like his legs just continued up into his back.

"Guess it can't take away more than that," Jill said reaching for her card, "This should be interesting. I wonder how small it will get?" She revealed a "vagina shrink 4x" card and shuddered a little as her pussy clenched. She bit her lip, and when it was seemingly over she hesitantly reached down with a finger. "Ya, my pinky would be a tight fit in there now, I can't imagine what a real cock would feel like."

"If it would even fit," Steve said with a smirk. "My turn I guess." Steve's face blanched as he dropped the transform card on the table.

"Ya kinda like the one you're going to have," Jill laughed at the "penis shrink 4x" card Steve had drawn. The group watched as the biggest cock among them became absolutely tiny, barely four inches erect and very out of place on the nine-foot giant.

"Here's hoping I don't get something as bad as you guys," Alli said reaching for her card. "Guess not." She groaned as the change took place and the card dropped on the table. Everyone watched as the ten-foot giantess seemed to shrink in size, not height. Her muscles diminishing until it looked like the slender girl was little more than skin and bones with a light padding of fat on her skinny frame. Trevor looked down at the card and saw it was a "muscle shrink 3x" which explained her diminished size.

"Well now that that's over, let's continue," Jill said reaching for a card. "Hmm, I think I'll take a transform instead of the three spaces."

"After all that you're going to press your luck?" Alli said.

"Why not, we still need five to win." Jill said reaching into the deck and pulling a card. "Besides this one should be interesting." She showed them all her "muscles grow 3x" card and doubled over grunting. Trevor knew what she was going through, but as he and the others watched her body swell up he knew she was experiencing much more than he had. Her body seemed to ripple with each passing second swelling larger and larger until finally she uncurled from her ball revealing a woman who could have held her own at a competition. "This feels amazing!" Jill gasped as she struck a bicep pose and was rewarded with a huge bulge of muscle. "I'm even bigger than you ever were Steve. This is awesome!"

"For now," Steve grinned admiring the way Jill's huge breasts sat even higher on her muscled chest. "But let's see if my transform is just as rewarding," he showed them he got a three and drew his transform card. "Guess not." He tossed his "butt grow 4x" card on the table and reached behind him with both hands as his butt began to swell. It was amazing to see, even without turning around everyone could see his butt protruding from either side of his waist. And when he turned, he couldn't help but laugh, "Nicki Minaj wishes her butt was this big. Looks like someone strapped two basketballs to my ass."
Alli gave it a playful slap and watched as it jiggled, eliciting a little yelp from Steve. "Sorry babe couldn't resist," she drew her card and showed everyone the ten. "Sorry to break the streak but I can't pass up the spaces on this one."

"Fair enough," Trevor said drawing a card. "I can't exactly either," He said showing them the eleven before moving the spaces.

"Spaces for me too," Jill said showing them her five.

"Same," Steve showed them all a five too.

"Well I guess I could try for another transform," Alli said showing everyone a three. "No, no, no, no!" She shouted as she dropped the "shrink height 3x" card like it had bit her. Everyone watched as Alli began to dwindle, the previous giantess had her arms wrapped around her legs as she shrunk until she was less than four feet all. Finally, she stopped at three foot four and once again had to look up to meet everyone's face. "I hate being short."

"Don't worry you can reverse it with a four or something." Steve said trying to console his girlfriend. He reached down and picked up the shrunken Alli and placed her in his lap, her body looking even smaller in his arms.

"On a different note I'm cruising right along," Trevor said showing them all a twelve.

"Careful you still need transforms," Jill said as she drew her card. "Well I'll keep this given the stakes in this round." She put the one card in front of her and watched as Steve reached for a card.

"Yes just what I wanted." Steve showed them a four and tossed his "penis shrink 4x" card into the discard pile. Alli had to jump out of the way as her boyfriend's cock practically grew up between her own legs. Steve's face was a mask of ecstasy, feeling his cock grow and Alli could only stare as it reached practically half her height in its erection.

"Sorry babe no way that thing fits in me. Even with the bigger pussy I have, now be a dear and draw me a card." Steve reached across the table and grabbed her a card, which she looked long and hard at. Finally, she tossed it on the table and said, "It can't get any worse, give me two transform cards." As Steve handed her the cards she couldn't help but snort and roll her eyes. "Sorry babe I've got some bad news; I'm definitely going to be the biggest dick in the room."

As she dropped the cards on the table and revealed to everyone they were a "butt grow 3x" and a "penis grow 4x" they turned back as a moan came from Alli. She had moved down into Steve's lap so that she was now straddling his cock with her legs, and very quickly they could see that something was growing up behind it. Within seconds they could see Alli's cock clearly from behind Steve's and it continued to swell larger and larger.

"It's got to be as big as she is!" Jill gasped as it reached its full height dwarfing Steve's sixteen inches with ease. Luckily with Steve's muscles the sheer weight of her cock wasn't pushing his down.

But she stood up and turned around and placed her huge bubble butt on the shaft of Steve's cock and swung her massive cock into Steve's face she simply said, "Suck it Steve." As everyone laughed she grinned and ground her ass cheeks on his cock, "I've always wanted to say that back to you Steve, and now I've got the tool to do it."

Trevor looked away as Steve fought to keep his lips closed and not give in to Alli's ministrations hoping to draw the group's attention back to the game he drew a card and cleared his throat. "Well since it's only a one I guess I'll keep it. Your turn Jill."

"Oh, what? Sorry," Jill said finally taking her eyes off the massive meat between Alli's legs. "Sure I guess I'll draw." Shrugging she put the two down on the table, "And I guess I'll draw again, this time it's a seven."

"Oh you could knock Trevor back to the start!" Alli said looking over her shoulder.

"Ya but then I'd get his bony ass." Jill said with a sigh. "Guess I'll just go seven spaces."

"Alright honey it's my turn, can you get your massive cock out of my face now." Steve said still leaning back away from the huge penis of his girlfriend.

"I guess," Alli said turning around and dropping her plump rear heavily on his crotch. "But you owe me."

"Whatever you say," Steve said as he drew his card and wrinkled his forehead. "I got a Choose card, but I think I'm going to use it to switch places with Trevor." He turned to Alli and winked. "Us guys have to stick together."

"But that puts you so close to the finish." Alli groaned.

"I can only do what the cards say." Steve shrugged handing Alli her card. "I got you a card since your third leg seems to be in the way."

"Thanks babe," Alli pouted as she looked at her card. "Well I guess I'll move eleven spaces please."

"Sounds good, my turn again," Trevor said grabbing a card. "Ten so I'll take the spaces."

"So I got a twelve and I'll move ahead too."

"Looks like I got a twelve too," Steve said shrugging, "Guess I'll grab something from the deck since I need transforms." When his face came back to and he drew his card everyone saw him toss a "muscle grow 4x" on the table. Again it was Jill who reached for her negate card and tossed it down on the table causing Steve to grin. "I knew one of you would do that."

"It's a pretty obvious play, you're in the lead." Jill shrugged. "Go ahead Alli."

"Alright I got a twelve too, but I'll move spaces."

"And my draw for the turn is a two so I'll draw again and get an eleven so guess I'll move into the lead."

"You do know you have to get four more transforms right?" Jill said drawing her card. "Spaces for my ten please."

"And you need three more," Trevor smirked back as her piece moved on the board.

"Careful Trevor she's bigger than you," Steve chuckled, "and now it looks like I'll have a negate of my own." He showed everyone his card with a one.

Alli read her card and showed everyone it was a two and asked for another. "Finally a fricken four!" She shouted tossing it to the table along with her "height shrink 3x" card. "No more midget Alli, now this cock will look more at home on a giant me!" She still stayed seated in Steve's lap, her decreased muscle mass made her lighter, but didn't do anything for the enormous booty that was beginning to take up more of Steve's chest than just his crotch. Quickly Alli was back to her old size, and standing up she realize that her cock hung down just enough to reach Jill's busty chest.

"Want to take these babies for a spin?" Jill grinned seeing Alli's lowered gaze.

"Do I ever."

"Girls let's just finish the game before we start tit-fucking each other." Steve groaned.

"What? You'd love to watch that." Alli turned and looked down at Steve, "I've seen your porn history after all."

"You've what?!"

"Alright I got a Choose card, which I don't really want to swap spaces, so I guess I'll take all of Alli's cards."

"Are you kidding?" Alli groaned handing her cards over to Trevor, "Now you're definitely going to win."

"That's not all he's going to get." Jill licked her lips as she watched what she knew was going to be a good show. Trevor was still sitting down so when his cock began to snake down towards his knee and then eventually beyond it Jill had to crane her neck to see it.

Alli laughed a little at her friend, "Why don't you go and say hello in person Jill? I bet his is longer than mine now, but probably not as thick."

"You're right about the length," Trevor said, "And probably the thickness, but where yours looks like it belongs on a giantess like you mine looks kinda ridiculous."

"Nonsense," Jill muttered, "Now stand up and let us see that tushy." Rolling his eyes, he stood and everyone watched as his muscles shrank into his body becoming much slenderer although not nearly to the point of Alli. But it seemed as though all the remaining fat in his body concentrated hard on his bony ass. Slowly it plumped it fuller, until it had a luscious heart shape that Jill would have loved to have.

"Now all you're missing are Jill's huge boobs and you'd be perfect for her," Alli chuckled.

"Very funny," Jill blushed, "I'll take my eleven spaces and decline to comment."

"Oh come on," Steve said taking his card, "tell us while I creep along with another one."

"Ya, c'mon. I haven't looked at your porn history in a while," Alli joked before reading her card. "Ha suck it Steve!" She immediately changed the subject. "I got a seven so I'm moving four and knocking you back to the start!"

"C'mon not cool."

"And that card is mine now too!" She giggled as she stayed seated on Steve. "I can't wait to see how much space my ass takes up now."

"Alli maybe you should get ooff-" Steve never finished his sentence as Alli's body jumped in the air and landed on his chest knocking the wind from him. Before he could recover he was trying to see over an ass that looked like someone had taken two beanbag chairs and strapped them to Alli's behind. They stuck out a full couple feet from her back and made a perfect shelf pressed against Steve's chest.

"I think even I might get lost in those." Trevor grinned.

"Oh I bet." Alli grinned. "I'd let you try, but Steve would get made I think. So why don't you take your turn instead while I play with him some more."

"Aren't you forgetting something Alli?" Steve said holding his transform card. "You gave the player with the least transforms a transform card, which means I get one too." He smiled as he revealed it. "And us giants like our big asses." Tossing it down it was a "butt grow 3x" card. Slowly his body rose up on masses of flesh beyond his already impressive backside. Soon it was clear that he practically rivaled Alli in size and it took little convincing to get Alli to compare. As the two stood back to back, or butt to butt it wasn't clear to Trevor or Jill who was bigger so they declared it a tie.

"Damn, those are big." Jill chuckled.

"Well, maybe you'll get that big too." Trevor said as he drew his card. "Or maybe not, gonna get my last transform now." He showed them the five and took a pair of cards from the pile.

"Doesn't matter what they are buddy," Steve said tossing down his negate. "I ain't letting you win that easy."

"Damn, thought you'd forget."

"Well since I got a two I'll take another card and it's an eight, hmm." She shrugged. "Guess I'll take the transforms. I need a couple more." She reached into the deck and grabbed two cards. "Well one of these I've been waiting for all game, and the other I'm not thrilled about." She dropped the two cards on the table, "height grow 3x" and "butt shrink 3x."

"Well it'd be a shame to do it to you, but I think I'm going to have to negate one of those."

"No Trevor, let me be big, please!"

"What's in it for me?"

"Are you seriously bartering with him?" Alli rolled her eyes.

"Of course I am!" Jill turned, "I'll, uh, I'll let you sit on my tits. I should be big enough for that."

"Deal, you can keep your butt intact and grow bigger just like you wanted." Trevor grinned.

"Oh thank youuuuuuuuu!" Jill moaned as her body surged upwards. Her hands went to her breasts, her nipples becoming erect from the sheer pleasure of the growth. Within moment she was Alli and Steve's height and then she was approaching the size Alli used to be. Luckily she was on her knees because if she had been standing Trevor was sure she would have hit her head on the ceiling. With rose colored cheeks Jill removed her hands from her breasts and Trevor could see a small puddle between her legs and her cock fully erect as well. He walked over to the muscular giantess and grinned.

"Was that good for you?"

"Oh you have no idea." Jill gasped as she reached down, her hand practically eclipsing Trevor's body. She pulled him easily off the ground and brought him to her lips and planted a wet kiss on his entire face before setting him atop her large breasts. "Careful you don't fall; I won't be responsible since these don't come with safety railings."

"Maybe they should," Alli grumbled, not thrilled being second best.

"Alright my turn then," Steve said reaching for a card. "gotta start somewhere, and seven spaces is better than one."

"And I'll take ten spaces." Alli said putting her card back in the discard pile.

"Care to get me a card one of you giants?" Trevor said from his perch atop the cushiony flesh of Jill's breasts.

Steve reached up and handed him a card, "You're lucky I understand what you did there."

"You'd have done the same I'm sure." Trevor grinned before reading his card. "Too bad I didn't get that transform last time, otherwise I'd win right now." He showed them his three and asked for a transform. "Instead I'll have to see what this is." His face scrunched up and looked up at Jill who was reading over his shoulder, "any idea what this will look like?"

"Not a clue, but I can't wait to see how big it gets."

"What'd you get?"

"A 'Vagina grow 4x' card." Trevor managed to get out before he leaned back and his cock went painfully erect. The pleasure was unlike anything else, and soon he had one had stroking his massive shaft, while the other fingered his swelling pussy. First two fingers, then four, then his whole fist, then even that wasn't big enough. Everyone stared as they could see his pussy lips extend and push his legs further and further apart. It was amazing to see just how much flesh could be piled up there.

"Now that's what I'm sure everyone means when they say tossing hotdogs down the hallway." Steve laughed.

"You have no idea." Trevor said trying to stop his eyes from rolling back in his head. "I feel like my insides shifted around to make room for it too."

"They probably did," Jill chuckled, "but now it's my turn, we can explore that later." She took her card careful not to let Trevor fall. "Another eight huh, well let's get all the transforms out of the way now." She reached down and took two more cards. "Ooo, I like these," she said with a smile down to Trevor. Hang on tight little guy. Trevor could feel the rumble of the flesh beneath him before he even heard Alli yell out beneath him.

"No fair she's already got huge boobs!"

"And now they're going to be three times bigger!" Jill moaned as Trevor felt the flesh warm beneath him. It felt like he was laying on dough as it shifted around him and the horizon of Jill's breasts grew further and further away from him.

When she finally started breathing normally Trevor looked up at her and smiled, "What was your other card?"

"It was a 'Vagina grow 4x' like yours." She smiled, "So now I can probably fit most of you in this body, but what I think you'd love to see is that my breasts are practically sitting on my knees right now."

"You're fucking gigantic!" Steve gasped before he yelped.

"No looking at the cow over there." Alli whined.

"It's okay, I don't mind," Jill laughed, we're not all blessed with these I understand."

"You had them enhanced."

"Magically doesn't exactly count does it." Jill smirked hefting her breasts and feeling Trevor's insignificant weight upon them. "Now take your turn Steve and stop staring, it's not polite."

"Uh sure, it's a two, so I'll take another card...which is a ten. Spaces it is."

"And now it's my turn, and with this three I'll take a transform. Hopefully it's something good," she began reaching into the pile. "Oh YA! See you all later tinies!" She tossed the "height grow 3x" card on the table and moved backwards crossing her legs. Within moments she was swelling again, her body reaching ridiculous sizes even while seated. When she was taller than Jill sitting down she stretched out her legs nearly reaching one side of the apartment as her head continued to rise up to meet the ceiling. Moments later the growth stopped and Nearly half of the apartment was taken up by Jill and Alli together, most of that Alli's new thirty-foot frame.

"Now who's a giantess!" Alli laughed, her voice booming in the room "I'm twice as tall as you Jill, three times taller than Steve, and what five times taller than you Trevor? This is awesome I've always wanted to tower over everyone!"

"I think we've made a monster." Trevor said up to Jill.

"Yep, but don't worry you're safe on my boobs, I won't let her take you."

"Thanks Jill, now if you could grab me a card, that'd be swell."

"I see what you did there," Jill said with a wink and a playful heft of her breasts. She reached down and handed a card up to Trevor.

"Hmm, well it's an eleven so I can't exactly use the spaces so what should I do to everyone?" He grinned a little as he looked at the cards in front of Jill. "How about we give Alli the boobs she's always wanted?"

"Yay!" Alli began before she heard a snort from Jill. Her eyes grew wide then as she reached down and spun Steve around so that he was facing her giantess body. "Look at me Steve, look at my boobies grow." She moaned as her fairly insubstantial chest began to swell outwards, her nipples erect and now sitting atop her proportionally sized D-cup grapefruit sized breasts. She had closed her eyes though and when she opened them she even failed to notice her boyfriend's now equally sized chest. Instead her eyes went wide as saucers looking beyond him at the wall of breast flesh behind him.

"You sure you don't want Steve to see the great wall of breasts?" Jill laughed from atop her breasts. She had rotated her body so that she could still reach around them, realizing early on that her breasts were already lap filling on her seventeen-foot frame. Instead she now lay atop them looking at Trevor who was positively beaming with delight using her ridiculous sized breasts as a sort of bouncy castle.

"More like the mountains of Jill," Trevor laughed. "You've got to have boobs even bigger than you are."

"Almost," Jill said with a grin. "Because I'm squishing them down they reach my toes, but I'm sure they wouldn't be as close to my feet if I was standing."

"I don't know, they're definitely taller than I am."

"Hey I thought I told you not to look!" Alli turned to Steve who had spun around in her hands to look at Jill's gigantic bust.

"Alright enough staring at the big girl," Jill said leaning forward, "time to get the game moving. Although you should be careful jumping around with those new boobs of yours Trevor. Don't want to knock yourself out."

"Good point, but I'm more worried about this beast between my legs than these tits." Trevor calmed down and sat back on top of the expanse of breasts, looking gently over their horizon at the board.

"Alright I got a five and I'll take the spaces." Jill remarked tossing the card back.

"I'll take the spaces too," Steve said tossing his three back on the pile.

"Well I'll take a transform with mine," Alli said tossing hers back and reaching for the transform cards.

"Well, it could have been worse." She said showing them all a "penis shrink 4x" card. They all watched as her previous size dwindled down until she went from almost Trevor's size to less than Jill's.

"Guess I couldn't be the biggest everywhere."

"You're not even on the same planet in some departments." Jill laughed.

"That's because you've practically got planets on your chest." Trevor chuckled, "I swear they've got their own gravity and everything."

"Shut up and read your card." Jill smirked.

"Alright I got a twelve, which I obviously can't use so I'll look through the deck." He paused and shrugged. "I'll take a turn at being muscular again, carrying this cock around is hard work." He tossed the "muscles grow 4x" down and doubled over once again. Jill could see that his body slowly swelled outwards, and she could feel on her chest how much denser and heavier his body was getting as he sunk into her chest flesh. When he stood back up to full height, he looked more like a professional bodybuilder than even she did. And to show it he struck a pose, his 22" bicep rising up into the air with his grin.
"I feel great! Maybe if I get even stronger I can try lifting you Jill, I'm sure I could easily lift Steve now."

"You've got a bit to go before you're lifting these planets, Atlas," Jill smirked. "And I got another one so I'll keep since four spaces away isn't helpful."

"And I drew an eight so I'll take the spaces."

"So I'm gonna get a five so I'll take the spaces."

"Not the transform?" Trevor asked as Jill handed him his card.

"Nah, gonna get in the safe zone before something happens."

"Alright well I got a five too, but I have to take the transforms." He grabbed the two cards and immediately tossed one back. "Now that I've gotten used to the weight, let's see how much I can handle down there." Trevor showed them his "penis grow 3x" card and immediately sat down on Jill's breast. For her part even though Trevor's back was to her, Jill could feel the warm flesh spilling across her breast, and wasn't surprised at all when Alli gasped.

"Jesus it's bigger than you!"

"I know it's getting harder too," Trevor groaned, feeling his hardening thickening cock swell outwards from between his legs. His balls, now approaching the size of yoga balls thrust out in front of him as his cock continued its trek across Jill's breast. He was surprised when he felt his tip hit the open air without the warmth of Jill's breast beneath it. He could only smile as he heard Steve nervously chuckle.

"Uh dude I think your cock is even taller than I am."

"Maybe I can give you the proper titfuck it deserves," Jill grinned finally able to see the massive twelve-foot long and two-foot wide monster cock sticking out from between Trevor's legs. "After this turn of course, and well I'll take my two spaces I guess."

"Alright I'm next," Steve said drawing his card. "Since I got a seven, I'm going to move six and take a transform card since I have the least." He looked around for approval and when he saw shrugs, he moved his piece and drew his card. His face blanched.

"What'd you get?" Alli said leaning over. Her eyes grew wide as Steve dropped the card and Alli's face split into a grin. "You're going to be so TINY!"

Everyone else saw that Steve had dropped a "height shrink 4x" card and from his perch atop Jill's breasts Steve practically disappeared from view. It was as though he vanished, and wasn't until Alli held up her hand to show everyone that he could actually see the now truly tiny Steve.

"He's almost barely taller than Trevor's cock!" Jill squealed. "He's adorable at that size. A little tiny muscle man with some massive T and A, emphasis on the A in this case."

"Yep, now you sit here," Alli said setting Steve, who had stayed silent through the whole process, atop her nipple. Even then it was like he was straddling a large bench as Alli clapped, "Now my boobs are definitely way too much for you to handle so you can stop even dreaming about Jill's. And how great would it be if I grew bigger while you were sitting there?" Alli said drawing her card. "Drat a seven when I still need a transform card. Guess I'll go two and give Steve another card. I hope it's good." She reached down and handed the card to Steve who simply tossed it back on the table.

Everyone watched as he squirmed atop Alli's nipple, his leg's spreading further and further out as some flesh welled up between his legs.

"I'm sure that huge pussy feels great right now that it's straddling that giant nipple." Trevor grinned reaching for a card. "Well I got a one so I'll just take a space."

"Getting intense how close this is." Jill smiled reaching for a card. "And that eight isn't going to help me do it. Let's see what these two cards say." She took them and shrugged, "I suppose I could use some junk in the trunk to match these beauties," she rubbed the tops of her breasts showing them the "butt grow 3x" card. "And I guess I've been wondering since I got this cock what it would be like to titfuck myself, and now it looks like I'll get the chance." She tossed the "penis grow 4x" card in front of her as well. Trevor from his perch atop her breasts watched Jill's eyes roll back in her head as he could only imagine she was feeling the same thing he was moments ago. With her body laying atop her own breasts, the only place for her cock to go was down or up her own body, either way it would have been mostly encased in the soft flesh of her breasts and from Trevor's experience it was pretty heavenly. He had to merely enjoy himself looking past her head as her booty swelled up beyond, looking like two perfect spheres of taut flesh jutting out from below the small of her back.

"Now I see why you guys love this so much!" Jill moaned as she began to thrust up and down undulating atop her breasts.

"Easy, don't get too carried away," Trevor said as his footing began to shake from the ripple effect. "We have to watch Steve take his turn again."

Alli reached down and handed Steve a card, and it was all Trevor could do to hear him say, "I'll take the eleven spaces."

"Alright my turn then," Alli beamed holding Steve to her chest as she reached for another card. "I got an eleven too, but I need to pick a transformation for us all." She looked down at Steve and grinned, "I think you could use an even bigger pussy. Don't you think babe?" She gestured to the "vagina grow 4x" card in front of Steve and as one everyone's eyes rolled up in their head. Alli for her part felt Steve slide further onto her nipple, and could feel the cold air causing it to become erect where Steve's juices were beginning to dry. She of course could still feel her nether lips gently touching her cock where it hung down. But when she saw Steve she was amazed.

Steve's legs were spread apart as though he was riding a horse, the flesh between his legs looked like it could have swallowed Alli's nipple whole without any trouble whatsoever. As it was she could see Steve was having trouble balancing on the flesh trying desperately not to sink so low that his extraordinarily large clit didn't touch any part of flesh that wasn't his own. Even then she could see the flush of his cheeks every time his cock brushed against it.

Trevor meanwhile couldn't avoid it, as big as his monster cock was when he felt his clit swell up into the base of his dick he simply clenched his teeth and desperately fought back the moan that threatened to escape his lips. "Alright you had your fun Alli, now it's my turn." He tossed his card back to the pile as his piece moved backwards four spaces and huffed.

"Well at least you can still get a card to finish the game," Jill said showing everyone her ten. "I have to go backwards one space which means I can only get a seven to win." She turned to Steve, "Let's see if we can get you something good from the deck, it's your transform."

"Not likely," Steve muttered as he tossed the card back on the table.

"Guess the game wants to make you full woman now," Alli patted him gently on the head as she glanced at the "penis shrink 4x" card he'd tossed down. "Although now it looks like you've got two clits with how enormous that other one is."

"Ya and it's supposed to be a little nub normally," Steve grumbled taking his move card. "Finally a four now I can undo this and be normal sized again."

"Not so fast," Jill said tossing her negate card down on the table, "I think Alli likes you that size."

"YOU ALL SUCK!" Steve cried out crossing his arms over his chest.

"I know you don't want to hear this babe," Alli said drawing her card, "but you look really cute when you're tiny and angry. And since I got a two I'm going to draw another card." She drew another card and shrugged, "At least with this twelve I can look through the deck for something I want without fear of Jill stopping me." She grinned over at Jill and her eyes went blank before she drew a card and tossed it down with satisfaction. "Just time to lower the gap in the chest sizes here," Alli leaned back a little and grasped at her nipple that was holding Steve. Within seconds it was swelling in her hands, slowly spilling out from behind her open palms. She grasped Steve in her hand like a doll and set him atop her chest as it continued to billow out covering most of her midsection.

"With Steve that small he makes your boobs look just as big as mine with Trevor." Jill grinned. "Only my point of reference is three times yours."

"Keep that up and I'll outgrow you in no time." Alli grinned mischievously.

"Well let's see you take that bet then," Trevor grinned showing everyone he'd drawn a ten. "Since I can't go forward I'll go backwards and you can draw the transformation card Alli."

"Alright, C'mon-IN YOUR FACE!" Alli shouted tossing down her "breast grow 4x" card triumphantly. "Now I'll be the biggest in every way!" Alli groaned as her already ridiculously sized tits billowed out spectacularly. Even seated as she was, more and more of her legs looked like they were getting consumed by her growing breast flesh. The thirty-foot giantess was soon lost behind her massive chest, her nipples sticking out angrily each of them nearly as big as Trevor was tall. Just barely wiggling beyond the expanse of her tit flesh were her toes, the only thing visible of Alli beyond the true wall of flesh. Although neither Jill nor Trevor needed to see her hands to know that both of them had traveled between her legs giving into the pleasure.

"Should we wait for her?" Trevor asked looking up at Jill.

"No, I just want to take her back down a peg now that she's had her fun." Jill reached for a card and shouted just as Alli came. "YES I WIN!"

"Wait, what?" Alli said almost dizzy from her pleasure session.

"I got a seven, which means I can go four and win the game!" Jill shrieked again as her second piece made it into the safe zone.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and out of nowhere a gravelly voice cut through the silence, "Finally, Master was sure that this version would be a better hit than the last one, but it takes forever. I'll have to tweak it next time for sure-"

"Excuse me," Jill said still blinking the stars from her eyes. "But what the hell just happened?"

"Oh quite right, I am supposed to complete a job aren't I?" The four friends gasped as a man dressed with a top hat and a monocle bowed low, sweeping the hat from his head in a flourish. The hair underneath revealed more of the salt and pepper gray of his well-oiled mustache complete with a pointed goatee. In his off-hand he held a black cane that upon standing he thrust towards Jill's body. "I am here for you my dear. I am the Gamemaster of this iteration of the lovely board game you all just played." He set the cane down smartly in front of him with a loud rapping sound. "And since you are the winner I will be asking you to join me in my private chambers." With a snap of his gloved fingers, Jill vanished in another burst of light.

Steve and Alli gasped, and Trevor would have too had he not suddenly found himself without his perch. Luckily his enormous cock provided enough of a cushion to soften his fall, but did little to stifle the sheer pain of landing atop his massive balls and cock. Wincing he stood and rested against the protrusion from his groin while his head swiveled around, "Where the heck is Jill?"

"That wanna-be butler said something about his private chamber." Alli gestured careful to not accidently knock Steve from his perch, "And then poof she vanished."

"I wouldn't quite say vanished," said Jill's voice as another flash of light rocked their vision.

This time Trevor pitched forward flat on his face as the weight holding him up disappeared from his crotch. With a groan he looked up to see Jill offering him a hand up. With a shake of his head he was back up on his feet and heard Steve breathe a sigh of relief, "Whew we're back to normal."

"Yep, that's what happens when the game ends." Jill smiled. "To be honest I wasn't sure that it would work."

"Well, I am certainly glad it did." Steve grinned and smiled even wider when his gaze fell on where the game board sat. "Look at that it even got us clothes too."

"Should be the same as the ones you started with," Jill smiled and turned back handing out bags with everyone's name on them.

"Aww, and I liked being taller than you." Alli whined as she grabbed her bag from Jill.

"Please, you're already enormous Alli," Steve winked up at his massive girlfriend. I mean I'm over six feet and I stare at your breasts."

"I know, but it was awesome having you sit on them like you were." Alli chuckled as she leaned over and kissed her boyfriend on the top of the head.

"You know I hate it when you do that." Steve grinned as he wrapped his arms around Alli's waist and lifted her off her feet, his bodybuilder sized muscles rippling as he swung in a circle with Alli off the ground.

"Alright lovers, put some clothes on." Jill grinned as she just finished handing the last bag to Trevor and opening her own. When she opened her own bag, Trevor thought he saw something that looked like an empty box for playing cards atop her pile of clothes. But he dismissed it as the crew got dressed again.


"You sure you want me to take it with me?" Alli asked one last time as the group stood outside the front door.

"Yes absolutely," Jill said as she once more assured her friend to take it with her. "I, uh, can't exactly play again. Part of the rules for winning, so no point in me hanging onto it. Besides you and Steve can go and have some fun with it again I'm sure."

"Alright, we'll see you two later then." Alli said as she got into the pickup truck her and Steve drove everywhere. It was one of the only vehicles Trevor could remember them owning that Alli could fit her seven-and-a-half-foot body in comfortably. Not to mention Steve usually kept the back filled with a bunch of construction equipment that he carried around for his job when he wasn't working in the gym.

"Ya we'll see you later." Trevor smiled and waved as the pair put the truck in reverse and backed out of the driveway. "Alright, Jill," Trevor turned, "think it's time to head back don't you?"

"Actually," Jill said biting her lip slightly, "I was wondering if you wanted to head back upstairs I wanted to show you something."

"Uh, sure." Once he was through the door to the apartment, Jill closed it behind them. "So what was it you wanted to mmmff-" His sentence was silenced as his body was turned around roughly and Jill's lips planted themselves on his own. At first he was shocked, but as her tongue worked its way past his lips, the tension released from his body. His arms wrapped themselves around the small of her back and as closing his eyes he sunk into her.

After what felt like an eternity Jill broke off the kiss, and took a small step back, biting her lip again. "I've wanted to do that for a while." Was what she said to break the silence as the two of them held each other.

"What changed?"

"I saw a side of you tonight that I didn't know existed." Jill blushed and then reached into her back pocket. "I saw something, and I got something that I think you might be just the person I want to share that with." Trevor looked down at the package of cards that she was holding out between them. "I didn't want to tell Alli and Steve, but I got something else for winning."

"Wait a minute," Trevor finally recognized the card back on the packaging, "That looks like the cards from the game."

"That's because they are." Jill smiled and fidgeted. "I was given a choice between three things by the Gamemaster. I could choose to leave us all like we were at the end of the game and he would rewrite our lives so it was like we were always like that." Trevor's face must have betrayed his fear, because Jill nodded, "Ya I wasn't exactly sure what that would do either. So my second choice was to get a pair of every card in the deck to use whenever I wanted. I could choose to rewrite reality or make it noticeable, but I'd only get two of every card."

"And what was the third option?"

"The one that I picked." Jill blushed again. "I can't believe it's real, but every month I'll get ten new cards to use for that month at random. I can choose whether people notice the changes or not, and at the end of the month I have to choose whether to keep things or reset them before I get my new cards."

Trevor chuckled, "I'm assuming that you've already tested it. So what'd you change?"

"Well, uh, Alli used to only be five feet tall and flat as a board."

"You're serious?"

"Yep, and Steve was always muscular, but he was a MMA fighter before and now he's a gym trainer and construction worker that has a good shot to win Mr. Universe in a couple months."

"So you turned Alli into a giant busty beauty and Steve into a muscle bound hunk," Trevor gestured to himself and to Jill, "Are we still..."

"Oh we're still the same as we were before," Jill blushed again this time lowering her eyes, "Which is um, kinda why I wanted to bring you back up here. During the game you seemed like the only one other than me to really get into the transformations, so I was wondering if you'd like to-"

Jill stopped speaking as Trevor lifted her chin up so that her eyes met his again. "What did you have in mind?" He asked before leaning in for a kiss.

He felt her melt into his arms as her lips curled into a smile against his own. She pulled away a little, "Well I already gave myself a gift, so now I suppose I should give you one to enjoy." He saw her pull out a card, the card back shimmered slightly before she stuffed the pack back into her pocket. Then she plunged forward and Trevor lost his balance slightly, the two of them falling backwards onto the solid floor. Trevor's pain from colliding with the floor was lost when he felt Jill's lips once again settle upon his own. Closing his eyes, he melted into that kiss and the warmth that was enveloping his chest. It was only when Jill's lips became further and further away that he opened his eyes to see her face plastered with a teasing grin begging for him to try and reach her mouth. It wasn't until that moment that he realized the weight that was now pressing down upon his chest and his eyes glanced down to Jill's chest.

"Jill you're huge!"

"Just my boobs silly," she giggled, "And only a few cup sizes didn't want to overdo it on the first night."

Trevor eyes were filled with cleavage, not that Jill was small moments ago with her D-cups, but now her breasts looked to be the size of ripe melons on her chest. And compressed as they were with her weight against them they swelled marvelously out of the top of her reformed blouse. "I'm guessing you've always been this big in the new reality?"

"To everyone but you Trevor." She reached down and grabbed his hand and brought it up to slip beneath the underside of her blouse and beneath the fabric of her bra. "They feel amazing don't they?"

Trevor couldn't form words as his left hand grasped and groped at what seemed like endless tit flesh, her nipple centered on his palm. He could feel them swelling up beneath his heated touch as they hardened against his hand pushing it further from the soft pliable flesh. He grasped her breast as he leaned in and smothered her lips with another kiss, this time his passion winning out. With a little bit of difficulty Jill was able to extract her mouth from Trevor's long enough to kneel atop his waist, giving him a new perspective of her enlarged bust. That perspective switched once again when Jill's arms gripped the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up over her head tossing it aside. As her arms reached behind her back to undo the bra, Trevor's hands moved lower to grasp at her waist, trying to pull himself up to meet Jill's soon to be exposed flesh. His attempt was thwarted, with Jill's hand press firmly into his chest. "Not yet Trevor, you have to be patient." With that her heard a light click and the soft cups of Jill's bra fell squarely onto his face. "Or not." She grinned taking Trevor's hands and setting them firmly against her now bare breasts.
"You feel amazing." Trevor groaned his hips still held firmly in place by Jill's straddling legs while his hands worked at the pliable and soft flesh of her breasts.

"Oh I could say the same about you," Jill whispered before reaching down and tugging at his shirt. "But I want to feel these babies against a little more skin."

With regret Trevor let his hands leave their fleshy home and within seconds he was bare chested beneath her. Another few seconds and her lips met his again, this time her boobs pushed firmly against the bare heated flesh of his chest. He could feel her nipples poking into his skin, and with every breath it seemed like more and more flesh was pressing into him.

His eyes were closed when he felt Jill break off the kiss for a mere moment and when her lips returned he could almost swear her lips were fuller. But that wasn't all that was fuller and his eyes widened when he felt her breasts begin to press upon more of his chest. With his eyes open he could see Jill in all her glory, her mouth still smothering his own, although hers was definitely much larger now. He went to raise his arms to her face and found instead that they were pinned to his sides by her bountiful bust. Where before he could feel her hardened nipples against his chest, now he felt them brushing against the crook of his arms. It was then that it occurred to him he could feel the inside of her thighs with his feet fully extended and saw that Jill was holding herself up with one arm. "Another one for me?"

"Of course, I know how much you loved me being bigger." Jill's playful smile eclipsed his vision. "But I didn't get bigger you know." She leaned back and Trevor held his breath as her enormous torso seemed to rise forever upwards. Reaching into her back pocket she pulled out a card that read, "Shrink 2x or 4x" with the words all blackened. "I just made you a little more manageable to get the same effect."

Leaning backwards Jill allowed Trevor to pull himself up into a sitting position and he laughed as he saw his previously well-fitting jeans lying empty between Jill's legs. Even on her knees Trevor guessed she was taller than he was now, and when he stood up hands on his now naked hips he could see he was right. "So no reality change with this one?"

"As cute as you are with that cock looking absolutely huge on your three-foot body," Jill smirked, "I plan on reversing this one so that my boyfriend is normal sized."

"Boyfriend huh?" Trevor smiled up at the seemingly giantess-sized Jill, "You know it's been a while since I slept with someone on the first date."

"So you're not opposed to it?"

"Do I look like I'm opposed to it?" Trevor grinned looking down at his erection standing a ridiculous distance away from his body according to his own viewpoint.

"Good because I wouldn't have wanted to force you," Jill mischievously winked, "although I think I could handle you now no problem."

"I know how much you enjoyed handling me earlier," Trevor winked back, "And to be honest I kinda liked it."

"Well that's good to hear," Jill reached into her back pocket, "because now that you've had two things and I've only had one I think it's time I get my other change."

"Oh and what's thaaaaaaaaattttttt?" Trevor moaned his knees giving out underneath him. He slumped to the floor, his body convulsing with a familiar pleasure as his hands gently brushed the area beneath his balls. He didn't have time to explore his new found slit though as Jill's hands gently, but firmly lifted his body from the ground and brought his crotch to her face. She planted a kiss on the tip of his twitching erection before swallowing the head briefly. When the warmth of her mouth left his cock Trevor could only groan at the teasing before he was rewarded with an entirely new sensation. He felt his body being tilted backwards slightly, his cock resting against his chest, as the warmth of Jill's mouth and tongue returned to his newly formed pussy.

Trevor's world exploded in color as the large muscular protrusion began to force his folds open, touching every single inch of his highly sensitive slit. Moans were all that escaped him as his body felt like it was wrapped in a warm fluffy towel. It was unlike anything he had experienced before and with Jill's tongue making small circles about newly grown clit, he felt the familiar and not so familiar feelings of release erupt from within. "A little too much for you?" Trevor opened his eyes and looked into hers and the streak of pearlescent white on her face. Teasingly she reached up with a finger, hold Trevor under one arm like a small child and stroked her face. Her finger collected Trevor's semen and with a wink she sucked her finger clean. "I hope you're ready because there's so much more I want to do with you tonight."

"Well I will say this," Trevor's chest still heaving, "Part of me wants to just fall asleep, while the other is riled up like you wouldn't believe."

"That's what I want to hear lover." Jill whispered carrying Trevor into the bedroom. With a gentle toss she watched Trevor fly onto the bed and in a second motion she had her hands on her hips. "So you ready for round two?"

"I think I'll need a bit longer to recover for that." Trevor grinned sheepishly noticing where Jill's hands were.

"Someone wasn't counting their presents." Jill giggled. "I did say two for you and two for me didn't I?"

"So what's your second one going to be?"

Jill put her hands on her hips in mock anger. "I thought I already told you I had two. And trust me," she grinned in anticipation her hands once again around her waist. "I'll give you a little hint though. You won't need the part of you that's tired for what I have in mind for us."

Trevor's eyes grew wide as she shimmied down out of her pants and for the first time he could see the bulge in her panties. She could sense his amazement as she slid those down around her ankles and stepped out of them. "Jesus, when did you get that?"

"I did it right when I got back from the Gamemaster and saw that the cards worked the way I wanted them to on Alli and Steve I used one on myself. It was so hard to hide it though since I made it so reality didn't change when it happened. Since I wasn't sure I wanted one permanently after all."

"But it looks so...big!"

"C'mon little man," Jill purred as she approached the bed and put one knee up still crawling towards him. "You can't tell me your pussy isn't hungering for it. I have one too and I can tell you just looking at it is making me wet." Trevor could only nod as Jill got closer, the erect penis sticking out proudly from between her legs. She reached out with her hand and gently probed between Trevor's legs the wetness of Trevor's folds clearly evident on her fingers. With a final movement of her legs she was straddling Trevor's naked body her hands to either side of his waist. With a gentle grip she grabbed hold of Trevor's waist and pulled him towards her waist until she could feel the wetness of his slit against her throbbing head.

"I couldn't wish for anyone more beautiful to take my virginity."

"And I can't wait to show you how much you mean to me." Jill whispered as she slid herself into his body and knelt down to kiss his tiny lips.

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