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Claiming Vengence

*This is my first attempt at Nonconsent. Please give it a fair chance, read it, and please, please, PLEASE send me feedback. If you hated it, tell me why. What can I change? How can I improve? If you loved it, why? What did I say that made it work?

Thanks! Enjoy!

Someone screaming outside woke Jared up. He squinted at the clock. 4 a.m. Awesome. Amazing. Fucking college kids were outside, partying, living it up. Jared moved to this allegedly quiet part of town two years ago. For two years, his summers were interrupted twice a week by kids hanging out in his backyard. They got loud, they stayed late, and they left trash. Jared remembered the first time it happened. Kids woke up him around 2:30, making noise and yelling. He rolled over, not too concerned. The next morning, he walked into the treeline at the back of his yard and found an ill-built firepit. He was surprised they hadn't burned down the entire woods yet. For the next two years, when the weather got nice, the kids went outside. He hated it.

Jared's property was a stretch of lawn constantly threatened by a heavily-wooded forest. About a quarter-mile away the dorms of the local university clumped together. Jared's property technically began at a small stream bisecting to forest, but kids continually made the effort to get within earshot of his small house. They used two areas. Both were beaten down by constant foot traffic, littered with cans, broken glass, wrappers, and condoms. The only path in the entire woods led directly to both sites. Jared had camouflaged the paths, outright dragged logs and foliage in the way, and constantly destroyed means to get to the firepits. But the kids continued to find ways.

Jared had also contacted the university on more then one occasion looking for their assistance. The university posted signs and warnings but they weren't proactive enough for Jared's taste. His refusal to erect a fence was slowing weakening over the summers.

Another scream. This one sounded distinctly like "Help." Jared got up, laced his boots, pondered and decided against taking his rifle, and slipped into the night air. He was a woodsman all his life and he knew his property. He stood quietly for several moments just outside his door, letting his night vision adjust. He heard another yelp. It sounded like someone was lost. Jared sighed. He didn't want to lead some college sheep back to the herd, but he didn't want a passed out coed on his lawn, either. Puke would wreck his mulching efforts.

Jared used his ears and silently moved towards the sound. It was a girl. She was standing with her back to him.

"Hey?!?!?" She said shrilly. Jared detected the sound of panic in her voice, "Where is everybody?!?!" Her speech was mushmouth and slow. Another goddam drunk.

He walked towards her, making noise so she wouldn't be startled, but she still screamed when he showed up.

"Jesus, calm the fuck down. I'm going to take you back to your friends," he said.

"Oh, thank God... wait... Billy? Is that you, Billy?" She squinted at him, her eyes never quite elevating to his face. They were glazed over. Jared decided she was on more then beer or pot.

"No, it's not Billy. Let's get moving." Jared was sick of this bullshit. He was tired of all the noise, the irritation. He wanted to guide this girl into a tree so she'd knock herself out. Then he'd leave her to the raccoons.

"Noooooo.... Billy, it IS you!! I'm glad you came! I have a BIG crush on you." Jared worked to listen and to understand her. Looking a little closer, he noticed she was Asian. Her accent was playing tricks with whatever the hell she was on, making verbal communication rough.

"Okay, fine, I'm Billy. Let's go back to the fire," Jared grabbed her arm above the elbow and pulled her toward the tiny cherry of a fire, a few hundred yards away. She dug her heels into the ground and stopped.

"C'mon, girly, move."

She crossed her arms and pulled them against her chest in an exaggerated show of defiance. Jared held his hand out. The girl sat down on the ground.

"I'm tired. I have to sit."

He let her sit. He silently counted from 100. If she wasn't up, he was out of here. He took the time to study her. Stupid 18 year punk kid. She didn't respect herself, pouring drugs into her body. Billy drank, but nothing heavier then that. This chick was fried and wouldn't remember the last 5 hours. She did look good, though. It was hot out and she dressed in appropriate skank apparel: Red tub top, short black skirt, and black thigh-high socks. Jared forgot what they were called. She sat without regard to modesty and Jared noticed she had on tiny black underwear. Her eyes closed for a second, then flared open.

"Billy, hi. You know, I think you're really sexy." Her hand snaked out and touched his bare knee. "You're making me so horny." She fell into giggles from using the movie quote. "And you look so good, with just boxers on." Unconsciously, her other hand rubbed between her legs. "You're so smart too." Her hand moved up Jared's leg.

He let it. The girl, still on the ground, straightened herself in a businesslike fashion, and slid her hand up one loose leg of Jared's boxers. Her fingers found his sack and she stroked his balls with just her fingertips. Jared stood, enjoying the touch. He started to harden. The girl squeezed his cock and giggled. Her hands suddenly fell away and she slumped over on her side.

Jared became enraged. He was dragged out here to deal with this shit, the same shit he'd been dealing with the past two years, and now this bitch was passed out. Fuck this. Seriously, fuck this. He felt those bastard kids owed him. Even if the girl thought he was someone else, a handjob would have calmed him down about the whole thing. Acting without thought, he pulled his shorts over his boots and off his body. He leaned over and pulled the girl's tube top down. Her eyes never opened, but she made a wimpering noise and her hands want to her top. He slapped them away and fondled her tits. He squeezed them and rubbed her nipples. She finished squirming and lay still, snoring. Jared rolled her on her back and kneeled above her head. With one hand still groping her tits, he rubbed his crotch in her face. She was unconscious and Jared enjoyed watching his cock and balls run over her nose, her cheeks, her lips, and her chin. He quickly got hard. He worked his hips, sliding the underside of his dick back and forth along the girl's lips. His hand slid underneath her underwear and he rubbed her slit with two fingers. She was shaved. Of course, he thought to himself. Repositioning himself, Jared straddled the girl and faced her legs. He quickly popped the snaps on her skirt and pulled it off. His anger was pulsing in his veins and he literally saw a faint red on the edges of his vision.

A need to humiliate her surged through Jared. Still straddling her body, he leaned back a little. His balls sat on her closed mouth. Jared viciously pinched on of her rosy nipples and the girl gasped in pain. He smiled to himself as he felt the heat and moisture of her mouth close around his sack. As he swayed his hips, he felt a weak push against his balls. Some instinctual reaction made her tongue try to push him out. Jared, not a huge fan of rimjobs, slid down a half-inch. Her tongue dragged along his taint and unconsciously worked his asshole. Jared slowly jerked off, one hand squeezing and kneading the girl's tits, and enjoyed himself.

He stayed squatting over her a few minutes, then made his move. Ripping her thong off her hips and down her legs, Jared stood and towered over her. He kicked her ankles, spreading her legs open. He dropped to his knees and climbed on top of the unconscious girl. He forced himself in her pussy. She was dry. Jared slowly pumped his hips, loosening her up. Pleasure shot through him as she got slick. He pounded her tight pussy as hard as he could, taking out his frustration and anger over the past two years on the girl. He felt an orgasm start to build as he slammed into her again and again. He slowed his pace and let the feeling subside. Her pussy gripped his cock, milking it, caressing it. Jared always heard rumors that Asian pussy was tighter and better then any other. He never had sex with an Asian chick, but he figured it was just rumor. But this tight pussy was squeezing him for all he was worth. The chick was tiny, so maybe it was physiological. He ignored the pondering and got back to business. He put his entire weight on the girl and took her tits in his hands. A bubbling feeling from his balls told him he was beyond the point of no return.

Jared let out an animal scream as he shot his load into the girl's pussy. He buried his cock as far as it was go, straining to force it in further. His body rocked with ecstasy from forcing himself on this coed punk bitch. As his dick started to subside, twitching, he pulled it out. He knelt next to the girl's head and wiped the cum and juice from his dick on her face. At the contact, her eyes sprang open. She looked at his dick a second, then the lids fluttered close. She had passed out again.

Working quickly, Jared pulled her underwear back on her, redid her skirt and fixed her tubetop. Laughing to himself, he carried her 100 yards through the woods. She wasn't 100 pounds, and he made quick time. He dumped her just outside the dying light of the embers. Six kids slept on the ground. Jared kicked dirt on the embers to ensure they didn't start a forest fire. Satisfied with the safety of his property, he headed back to bed.

He slept well that night.
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