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Clitty Transformation - One Month In

Exactly one month ago, on a cold Saturday night in Dallas, Madame Vega and Goddess Kimberly evaluated what I had previously referred to (my entire life), as my cock.

This evaluation revealed what I already knew at heart. It was far too tiny and small to be used as a cock, or even considered a cock.

I begged them to allow me to embark on a quest that would some day let me grow into the full on sissy and cuckold I was born to be.

Later that night, after further exploration of how these things seemed to come naturally for me, I was allowed to stroke my tiny "cock" like a boy, one last time. I was allowed to stroke only on the condition I would willingly undergo sissy transformation, and that I would agree to honor many new rules in my life. I agreed and stroked to orgasm one last time. The rules I now live under that pertain to my clitty are:

1) I may NEVER refer to what used to be my cock by it's former male name again. It will only be described by me as my clitty going forward. Also, mentally, I will only think of it as the clitty it is. Violations to be harshly punished.

2) Clitties DO NOT penetrate ... anything. I am not allowed penetrative sex while I undergo my sissy transformation.

3) No stroking is ever allowed. Clitties are NEVER stroked. Only tapped, rubbed, and vibrated.

4) My clitty must stop getting hard, but continue to stay aroused and stimulated. I must engage in any and all mental and physical training necessary to stop my clitty from acting like a cock. Becoming hard is considered a very naughty and disobedient act.

That night, as I stroked like a boy, one last time, I felt the changes happening. I meant my promise to willingly transform, and I treated each stroke as one of my last.

Since that day Goddess Kimberly has closely engineered, and observed every orgasm. She has not allowed me to have sex with her in any way that involves my clitty (although she regularly uses my tongue). I am not allowed to ask for sex. The promised punishment is one month in inescapable chastity. My days of sex like a boy are floating into my past.

I am allowed and encouraged to orgasm though. Goddess Kimblery has me start with a soft clitty, and pinch it back to a soft state any time it gets fully hard. We also use popper, which greatly lowers my inhibitions, and also shrinks my clitty, but leaves it very aroused. And we, of course, use a hitachi wand. The vibrations, if applied heavily, can shrink the clitty down, while sending waves of stimulation.

All of these techniques together have been used daily, and sometimes multiple times daily, to help me learn to cum from a clitty that never gets hard. (I will note here that phase 2 is being trained to cum using my sissy pussy, with my limp clitty eventually being permanently locked away - a story for a later time though).

The first week was difficult. I could manage some time soft, but it was definitely a hard thing to maintain. During this time, I started being assigned to watch video "hypno" files about sissies and soft clitties. My clitty also began to be locked away in a tiny cage, multiple hours a day.

Locking the clitty tightly really started to pay dividends. A clitty locked tightly will try to grow for a few hours. After that time, it will have learned that the attempt is useless and a little painful, and stop. Even when the device is removed, it takes a little while for the clitty to realize it.

Week 2, after the hypno and chastity started to work, was easier. I could really start to feel arousal and sensitivity in my soft clitty. I was beginning to be able to associate the state of softness with pleasure. I could hold a soft state until I got very close to an actual orgasm.

I have now completed week 4, and am into week 5 of my clitty transformation. I can keep my clitty soft about 90% of the time and I have been able to orgasm 100% completely soft once. I can routinely cum about two-thirds soft.

Lately my time in chastity has increased, and spikes have been added to the wear. The spikes allow zero growth before they begin to poke very painfully. These methods, and continuing hypno vid watching will soon let me meet my goal. I am starting to really understand that my former cock is really now becoming what it was meant to be!

I have never violated my promise not to stroke. I have never considered it. Each day, as I put in more work on this quest, know that stroking would be a set back.

I love my sissy orgasms, but when you spend your entire life with certain feelings equaling pleasure, you miss them. I also, to be completely honest miss the feeling of that all powerful erection, as erections become fewer and fewer, and softer and softer.

By now, a month in, I am being driven a little mad by my desire to complete my quest for true clitty softness, and my desire to stroke one more time. I will not give in though. I meant my promise to transform. I will not stroke, and I will use that denial to sink a little deeper every day. Knowing that I am being transformed into the sissy I was always meant to be.

- Divina
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