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Conquerors - Justice League Ch. 04

Chapter 4-Aggressive Negotiations

" truly outstanding." Thelox muttered as he watched the skyline of New York City from his large, high rise apartment in downtown Manhattan. It would've cost an arm and a leg for a normal human, but a small use of his powers enabled him to get the best apartment in the building. A perfect living space for him to work out of while he enacted the second phase of his plan.

Thelox rarely found himself awestruck by things given his nature and powers, but this counted as one of the few times he was truly caught off guard. Man's world had advanced beyond his original expectations, despite what Alexa told him. Their technology, medicine, societal and military had grown to surpass the time of magic and swords that he was born in. It made them more powerful than he could ever imagine-though he was still stronger.

The only things that didn't change were greed, war, famine and oppression in some parts of the world, only that some of these were better hidden in plain sight than others. People died, fought over money, sex, territory, nothing new to him, though looking into some of the more heinous cases actually made him disgusted. In some ways, humanity had truly outdone themselves in become debased versions of themselves in a manner than could probably make even Emperor Nero of Rome faint in horror and shock.

'As amazing this world is, it has gotten even worse than the times of war back in my time. Apparently I can't even leave these people to their own devices after even a thousand years.' Thelox thought. 'Even the presence of these "heroes" barely changes anything.'

Thelox did thorough research on Earth's heroines, going on Alexa's research and using the wonderful invention known as the internet for more up to date information. This was made easier by in depth information provided by Diana and her other little sister, Cassandra, also known as Wonder Girl of the Teen Titans. These super powered beings were all women, strong and glorious and very beautiful, and Thelox felt his cock twitch as the form fitting costumes they wore into battle. He doubted they could measure up to his own demigod children he sired in the past (may they rest in peace), but they were strong nonetheless.

The majority of these heroines were joined together in the Justice League, a super-heroine group dedicated to the protection of Earth, and probably his biggest threat in his conquest of the planet. Confident as he was in the Amazons and Atlantian military, these women were powerful enough to give them problems and may even derail his efforts to rule Earth once again. Not to mention the smaller scale Teen Titans based in Jump City. But he already knew how to deal with them-fuck them into submission and bring them into his harem to use in the new world he had planned.

Finding them would be easy-Power Girl was stationed in Metropolis, Batgirl in Gotham, Green Lantern in Coast City and so on. Taking out the powerhouses like the aliens would make things easier to influence the League from within. From there, taking out the Teen Titans would be easy pickings. Some of the young ladies on that team looked absolutely wonderful and he couldn't wait to make them his loyal slaves and soldiers.

Furthermore, in order to better cement his hold on the JL and gain more information on the heroines, he had Diana join the League as both the Amazonian ambassador to the outside world and newly emerged super-heroine Wonder Woman. In just a few months, the princess was already making strides in winning over the JL and TT with her general friendliness, noble attitude, beauty and likability, as well as by being a symbol of modern day feminism and female empowerment, protecting the rights of women in a world where they're still being oppressed both openly and behind closed doors.

The Justice League were symbols of modern day feminism and female empowerment, protecting the rights of women in a world where many are still oppressed both openly and behind doors in addition to defending the world from powerful threats conventional forces cannot hope to stand against.

That thought made Thelox laugh; he respected the Amazons and the female warriors of Atlantis, but all women were beneath him and those like him. When he remade the world, aside from those super-heroines who would be a part of his harem and bordello, women will no longer be made equal to men. Those females who were strong and smart will be subjugated to serve their betters for the good of his empire. Themyscira and Atlantis will be at the top of this female hierarchy, subservient to only him.

"I'm getting ahead of myself. I still need to get started while Diana gathers the League's secrets for me." Thelox muttered. Rubbing his chin, he turned on the TV and by chance came upon a breaking news report showing a fierce battle between two beings.

One of them was some strange alien creature resembling a humanoid crocodile in a gleaming yellow outfit, creating glowing yellow creatures that resembled monstrous centipedes to attack the populace. The other was one of the Justice League members, Hawkgirl, generally known as one of the more aggressive members of the League. Oh, and there was Diana as well!

"Looks like Mother Gaia just gave me a hint." Thelox smirked. Let the conquest of Earth begin.


Diana of Themyscira, also known as the heroine Wonder Woman, was back in the fold after spending her weeklong vacation getting fucked by her people's long lost king. It felt good to get back out into Man's World, where there were more threats and beasts that could give the monsters of the Age of Heroes a run for its money. Not even a day back into the modern world as Diana Prince and she was already fighting an alien threat that seemed to come to Earth on a weekly basis.

The threat in question was a member of some group called the Sinestro Corp, an alien named Snap Trap. He was a repulsive thing, all the worst features of a crocodile mingled with a bulky hunchbacked frame, and he terrorized the innocent civilians with yellow energy constructs from his ring. The monster flew through the air from the force of the blow and hit the roof of an apartment building. Slightly bruised, he jumped up and lunged at Wonder Woman, slashing at her with a rain of blades made from yellow light manifested from his ring.

Wonder Woman rolled her eyes at the snarling alien and drew her sword. 'Such an uncouth creature. No wonder he gets beaten so often.'

Snap Trap preferred brute force and overwhelming moves to fight her, which didn't match well with Wonder Woman's impressive combat prowess and tactical skill. She employed her excellent reflexes and defensive techniques to deflect the onslaught, and amidst a break between his attacks, she threw her shield into his face. It clanged off his nose and the alien shrieked in pain as the metal disc flew back to the Amazon. She caught it and kicked the crocodilian in the stomach, sending him back a few dozen feet into the air as he bent over in pain.

Snarling, Snap Trap responded by shooting a powerful laser at her, which she blocked with her shield. But before he could do anything else or she could retaliate, another figure flew in and smacked him across the face with a large mace with astounding force.

As he was sent flying into a parking lot, Wonder Woman smiled bemused at the winged heroine Hawkgirl hovering nearby, flexing her massive wings as she twirled her mace in her hands, glaring down at the alien with utter contempt.

"Thanks for the assist, Hawkgirl." Wonder Woman called out grinning. "Do you intend to bludgeon or brutalize today?"

"Is there a difference?" Hawkgirl said and glanced at her fellow flyer. "You mind if I take him out? I need to vent some frustration."

"By all means."

Without another word, Hawkgirl dove towards Snap Trap and smashed her mace into his chest. Wonder Woman just hovered over the battle as the winged alien woman proceeded to beat the ever loving crap out of the yellow lantern. Hawkgirl was a firm believer in the classic strategy of hitting first, asking questions later. A trait she admired in the other women, for though she held much respect for her fellow heroines, it was nice to have another girl who loved to bludgeon degenerates with a heavy metal weapon.

Hawkgirl, known to her close friends as Shayera, was quite the attractive woman. A lovely figure with impressive hips, a fairly curvaceous figure, potent musculature and an attractive face with shoulder length dark red hair (not as bright or shiny as Mera's but still nice). Contrasting the Atlantian warrior's athletic swimmer figure with impeccable legs, Hawkgirl had a more defined upper body, a touch more muscular than the Atlantian but not quite as busty (though still pretty busty, as most heroines tended to be). It made sense, given her upper body was used to swinging around a heavy mace and bearing massive wings, and it proved ever so nice.

Hawkgirl's outfit assuredly helped to show off her luscious body. Her elaborate outfit, glistening and decorated with bird-like features and metallic linings, clung tightly around her lovely waist and legs, particularly tight around the roundness of her ass. It was lustrous and golden around the front, clinging tightly to the swell of her breasts and leaving much cleavage, and absent around the back and upper arms, with only gauntlets at her forearms and a golden mask on her upper face with wide crests like some extravagant bird of prey. Quite befitting of her motif as a hawk, really.

Wonder Woman knew this woman would please her king. She was just the right amount of aggressive and violent for his personal tastes. He had a thing for women who knew how to fight, given he was born in a time where such females were uncommon or looked down upon.

After a while, Hawkgirl was finished, panting over a bloody and beaten Snap Trap who is clearly regretting coming to the one planet with a Thanagarian on their team. The winged woman took a deep breath and reached down to snatch his ring off his broken finger before flapping her wings and flying up to Wonder Woman.

"Sorry about that. Just needed to blow off some steam." Hawkgirl said, not sounding totally apologetic.

"No worries, as long as he's beaten." Wonder Woman said smiling. Wrapping the criminal up with her Lasso, Wonder Woman tapped into the communicator in her ear to give the Watchtower a shout. "Wonder Woman to Black Canary. The Sinestro Corps member is subdued and awaiting incarceration, thanks to the beat down from Hawkgirl."

"Excellent work. I've already contacted Green Lantern; she'll be on her way to transport the alien off world in a minute or so. Do you have his ring?"

"Yes, I took it from him upon his defeat."

"Keep a hold on it. If he wakes up anytime soon, the ring will try to return to him."

"Understood. I-"

"Wonder Woman, we've got company." Hawkgirl called out to her, looking up at the sky.

Wonder Woman followed her gaze and her face brightened as she saw an inhumanly handsome man float down from the sky like an angel. He had long black hair, vibrant eyes that seemed almost prismatic in the dim sunlight peeking through the clouds, and his muscular body was clad in a black and red bodysuit that hugged him in all the right places. She almost cheered as she recognized this mysterious being as her mighty king and master, Thelox!

'Master!' Wonder Woman thought happily, though she wondered why he was appearing to her now when they were still in the early stages of the Plan. She got her answer when Thelox stopped before the two women and bowed his head.

"Greetings heroines of Earth!" Thelox greeted them both grandiosely. "Forgive the sudden intrusion, but I am Thelox, a visitor from another world. Who might you two be?"

"I am Wonder Woman, traveler. It is pleased to meet you, though I wish it was under better circumstances." Wonder Woman smiled, feeling invisible waves of power flow from her master's body. It made her feel hot inside and she subtly squirmed in place as she started feeling her arousal. "And this is my companion-"

"H-Hawkgirl," Hawkgirl stammered uncharacteristically. She too felt Thelox's power and, being totally new to it, didn't take is as easily as Wonder Woman did. "We're part of the Justice League, defenders of this planet. S-So you better not be here to start any shit with us!"

"Wouldn't think of it, especially after seeing a brutal display like that." Thelox smiled, glancing down at Snap Trap's broken form. Another one of many invaders he needed to get rid of in the future. "I must say, that was an amazing show of power from you, Hawkgirl. It's rare to find a Thanagarian who can manage a combination of strength and grace at the same time."

Hawkgirl blushed under her helmet and her wings fluttered a bit as she felt her arousal grow. Something felt odd that she was basically ogling this stranger whom she literally just met three minutes ago, but Hawkgirl couldn't help herself. There was something so...enthralling about him that switched on her libido and drove her up the wall. The way his bodysuit hugged the contours of his muscular, powerful form drew her gaze away from his perfect face, and she found her eyes wandering not so discreetly towards his crotch, where her keen eyes caught the faint bulge there that hid what she correctly guessed was a sizeable cock. Just thinking about it made her lick her lips.

"So why are you on Earth, Thelox?" Wonder Woman's question brought Hawkgirl from her ogling and she quickly returned her gaze back to those ever-changing eyes of his. The Amazon princess hid a smirk at the obvious embarrassment on her winged partner's face.

"I'm here representing my kingdom. My people are a space-faring race, doomed to wander the galaxy in massive ships we call home. I decided to form some lasting alliances with a couple of other civilizations, such as the one world harboring two full blooded kryptonians." Thelox said, smiling at the flustered Hawkgirl. "I figured that it'd be safe to contact this planet's protectors first before making and sudden actions that might spark a misunderstanding."

"That's understandable. We're welcome to take you to the Watchtower, but we kind of have our hands full-"

"I'll take him!" Hawkgirl yelled, then realized her over eagerness and covered it up with a cough. "I mean, I'll take him to the Watchtower. You can stay here and watch over the bozo till GL get's here."

"Very well then." Wonder Woman nodded and looked at Thelox, whose smile got bigger by the second. "Is this all right with you?"

"Yes, very much." Thelox hummed, his eyes glowing a bit as he worked his magic on the aroused and impatient Hawkgirl. "Lead the way, Hawkgirl."

Hawkgirl didn't waste a second as she flapped her wings and took the sky, not noticing she didn't even call the Watchtower for a pick-up like she normally would. Wonder Woman and Thelox traded smiles as Thelox followed Hawkgirl to someplace totally different than what she intended.

Wonder Woman smiled and waited for Green Lantern to arrive so she could get a first row seat to the fucking and conquest of Hawkgirl. If that was all it took to enthrall a woman of Hawkgirl's power, then taking over Earth will be easier than she thought.


From what he heard about Hawkgirl, Thelox thought that she would be the hardest to seduce with her temper and all, but instead she succumbed to his glamour rather quickly. Maybe it had to do with her alien animalistic physiology, or just a general lack of sex in her personal life, but Thelox honestly could care less. He was already on a ball snagging Hawkgirl on the first day and seeing her blush and fidget before him like a horny virgin was amusing as hell.

He kept his eyes on her toned ass accentuated through her tight leather pants and her strong curves as they flew away from the city towards the forest just a mile or two away. Despite Hawkgirl's previous statement, she had no intention of taking him to the Watchtower just yet; she wanted a taste of what this handsome man had to offer before the other ladies of the League got to him first. Just the thought of tearing away that skintight suit of his made her pussy gush in arousal and she quickened her flight towards the earth.

Hawkgirl was the first to land, her heeled boots hitting soft grass as she spun around and faced the immortal, who touched down without so much as rustling the grass underfoot. Her keen eyes roamed over his muscular form quickly but intently, focusing mainly on his lean but strong muscles and the bulge near his loins that caught her attention. That skintight suit did wonders for his physique, as if it was made just for him (which was true, since he made it himself with some input from the artisans on Themyscira). Feeling her nipples poke through her tight leather top, Hawkgirl crossed her arms under her chest and cleared her throat.

"Sorry to pull you away like that, but it's not every day we have some alien dignitary drop in on us on the job." Hawkgirl said, getting down to business.

"I apologize for that. I'm still a little new to this world and felt that it'd be better to meet you on the planet instead of crashing your...watchtower." Thelox said with a calm smile. "But, why are we here exactly? Weren't we going to meet the others?"

"We are, but first I want to put you through a little screening process first to make sure you're not a threat. You're not the first alien to try to come to Earth under the pretense of diplomacy and try to conquer us behind our defenses."

'You have no idea.' Thelox thought smirking, but nodded. "I understand. It'd be foolish not to process me beforehand. What do I have to do to pass your little test?"

Hawkgirl licked her lips while eying his body predatorily. "It involves getting naked...both of us."

"Do tell." Thelox smiled.

"I intend to show you."

Hawkgirl grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into a hot and steamy kiss. Thelox didn't even try to fake surprise as he wrapped his arms around her slender waste and shoved his tongue into her mouth, completely dominating her. His large hands clenched the firm globes of her ass through her pants and her wings fluttered in a daze as she was utterly dominated by him through the kiss alone. Hawkgirl couldn't help but swoon a little as this man, a stranger, was able to overpower her despite her initiating the moment. She had no idea that Thelox's power made her reservations and inhibitions weak and slowly made her more submissive to him.

Driven by the need to pump the Thanagarian's womb full of his seed, Thelox pulled away from Hawkgirl and stepped back, flexing his muscles and shredding his suit with a small pulse of his power, standing naked before the super heroine. Hawkgirl stared unashamedly at his godly body, her eyes scanning his lean muscles and trailing down to his lengthening cock, which grew hard and erect under her gaze.

Hawkgirl was just as quick in undressing herself, peeling off her elaborate outfit with impressive speed. The sooner she's naked, after all, the sooner she can have the god's hefty cock pushing inside of her. Her boots and tight pants were pulled off and thrown aside and she undid the clasps of her top, splitting it in half and pulling it away to expose her upper body, her breasts weighing high but heavy on her chest. She even took her helmet off, something she rarely did for even close friends, revealing her beautiful features, slender green eyes and allowing her red hair to fall freely around her face.

As the last of Hawkgirl's clothing dropped to the ground, Thelox took his time admiring the sight before him. Hawkgirl appreciated her muscular body and impressive bust size; her lithe muscles delighted her and her large breasts begged for mouths and hands to worship them. Her belly and hips curved quite lovingly down to her slender legs, not quite as impressive as her upper body but still a glorious sight. The grand bronze wings flexed from her back to complete the angelic image, and the Thanagarian's sultry smile made him shudder.
"I thought this was a screening process to prove I wasn't a threat." Thelox said playfully.

"I just want to sink my claws into you before the others try to snag you first. Since Wonder Woman pretty much gave me free reign over you, I intend to make good use of our time." Hawkgirl said.

"You're a daring woman, Hawkgirl." Thelox commented.

"Please, call me Shayera." Hawkgirl replied, not concerned with giving him her real name.

Thelox smirked and pulled her close, pressing her breasts into the hard planes of his chest, still groping her ass. As much as he wanted those plush red lips of hers wrapped around his cock, he didn't have a lot of time to spare and settled with having her cunt instead. It seemed that Hawkgirl wasn't the type for foreplay either, judging by how slick her thighs were with her juices.

Shayera gave a little moan as he gripped her ass tighter and lifted her off her feet. She instinctively wrapped her legs around her waist and his cock gravitated towards her pussy, its head rubbing against her moist lips in a way that made her shiver. Thelox grinned at her flushed expression as he slowly pushed his cock into her folds until her cunt gave way, his large cockhead slowly pushing past her puffy lips to reach her insides. Inch by inch, the tight, damp canal of her lower hole was pushed aside by the steady crawl of his cock and throughout it all, Thelox groaned with utter euphoria. Shayera was not nearly as slick or wet as Atlanna or Mera, but her tighter hold and firmer muscles more than made up for that. it was like fucking an Amazon.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck!" Shayera keened, wings flexing and body trembling in Thelox's grasp as she was lowered further and further onto the monstrous prick. Every single push of that girth inside of her sparked such delicious sensations within her sheath, spreading out to every other part of her body and she positively drooled at the intensity of it all. "Holy fuck, you're so big! Fuck me!"

Thelox held her tight as he continued to push inch after inch of his cock into her warm depths and relished the delicious friction she provided as he sat her fully on his lap. He tilted his head back in bliss as he finally had himself shoved into her to the hilt and heard Shayera's loud moans in his ears. Seeking to get the party started, Thelox slowly lifted her off his cock just as slowly as he entered, sliding his cock out of her until only his large head was keeping her folds spread. A weaker man would came from being in her cunt alone, but Thelox was not weak, nor was he a man. He was a god and he was going to show Shayera exactly that.

With a sharp jolt, Thelox thrust Shayera back down to the hilt, filling her cunt once more and Shayera gave a sharp wail torn between shock and ecstasy. The fierce motion grinded their sexes together potently, sending powerful surges of pleasure through their bodies. The man groaned heavily at thrusting into the hot canal, feeling its inner walls shudder around him, growing wetter and wetter. The woman, well, she's just positively euphoric to have felt such a fierce shove right into her from such a hefty dick, so thick and mighty, and she knew she caught quite the male specimen today!

Shayera's arms wrapped around Thelox's shoulders as she leaned in for a needy kiss, which he returned wholeheartedly. Her powerful thighs clenched his waist as his grand shaft thrust deeply into her, adding to the lewd delights. Her cunt was positively leaking right now, her fluids drawn out by each fierce thrust from the god. So engulfed she was in her bliss that Shayera didn't even notice that she already came from the starting thrust and her cum was leaking down Thelox's shaft. Again and again, Thelox pounded the heroine's snatch, drawing out more and more of her fluids and letting them drop to the ground.

With all this fervent debauchery, it is no surprise that their orgasms built up so quickly. Every rub of their bodies together, every firm union of penis and vagina all built up to form a most impressive heat deep within. For Shayera, every wondrous thrust of her partner's massive cock along her aching walls fueled a fire within her very womb, whereas the god's reverence for the slick walls gripping him coerced molten fluids to simmer in his scrotum.

Their orgasms were coming, and both of them were enthralled by it.

Shayera was the first to hit her peak, breaking their kiss with a sharp groan upon feeling the intense heat building within her take form, coalescing into something potent. She threw her head back, hair whipping back as she shrieked in utter euphoria.

"Fuck, fuck, gonna, g-gonna cum! Fuck!" She hollered.

Thelox wasn't exactly far from the end himself, panting at the swelling heat in his balls and he knew instinctively that Shayera's orgasm would bring about his. The time to truly breed her was at hand, to fill her womb with his seed and ensure the first claiming of a woman from the outside world. With that in mind, he relentlessly continued to thrust into Shayera, enjoying the music of her ecstatic squeals as he mercilessly pounded into her. Every fierce thrust jolted their united bodies, steam actually rising from their sweaty skin as a result of their superheated bodies not even the cold air could quell. Thelox was intent on blessing the Thanagarian's womb with his seed and she would be brought into the fold.

At last, with a few more mighty thrusts, Shayera threw her head back and gave a piercing scream of total and utter euphoria as she gave into her orgasm. Her slick walls tightened firmly around the shaft hilted within them, squeezing fiercely at the firm girth with such force that Thelox groaned in surprise. Her core unloaded a bout of warm fluids that leaked from her slit, down the man's shaft and their legs, dripping onto the grass below.

"Fuck, fuck! C-cumming, cumming so hard! Fuck!" Shayera squealed, drool leaking from her mouth as cum leaked from her cunt amidst a euphoric smile.

Thelox felt his own raw heat swelling within him, ready to burst in direct response. His dear friend's sweet snatch gripped him tightly, as if milking him for his very seed, and thus he intended to do just that. The heat rose, poured forth from his very shaft and with a sharp roar of delight, Thelox came deep inside of Shayera.

Hot semen burst from his cockhead like a hose, squirting copious amounts of thick heat directly through the cervix into Shayera's womb. It poured into her without relent, bathing the walls of her core in jizz, and Shayera howled with utter happiness as she felt the intense majesty of the god's spunk filling her very core to the brim. So much cum poured into her, so much that it's completely and utterly painted every last inch of her womb with spunk, overwhelming every last bit of it, ensuring o part of her womb is left void of cum.

Shayera felt Thelox's cock pumping glob after glob of semen into her womb. It continued to ejaculate large, thick streams into her, overflowing her womanhood to the point the jizz was now flowing from her womb down her canal, right to the entrance of her snatch. Her innards were positively aflame with such monstrous amounts of cum pouring into her and it just made her feel so fucking good, so wonderful, that she could only moan in joy at her seeding.

In a final wave of wonder, Thelox's cock emitted its last burst of cum, finishing off the flood of seed into the Thanagarian's pussy, the god moaning with rapturous ecstasy as he fulfilled his lewd duty. Shayera moaned in pleasure as a testament to her happiness, all of her carnal desires satisfied. And of course of her swollen womb and dribbling cunt that was the result of their successful mating. She hung limp in his arms, which didn't falter even for a second despite him having just came immensely into her. Even after his titanic release, he still stood strong and tall over her.

As he recuperated from his orgasm, Thelox gave Shayera a grin, though she was too out of it to see it. "I take it I passed your screening?" Shayera could only moan in bliss, still tight around his shaft.

This was a massive victory for him, a sign that he could go along with his plan to conquer the world's finest woman in his domination of Earth. What a way to debut his first steps into the wider world, eh?

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