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Contagion 63X - Viral Transformation

From the records of Advanced Bio-hazard Research Facility Psi Omega - Location **Redacted**

---===Virus 209-q===---

Codename: 63X

Virus 209 was designed as a way to naturally incapacitate the human body by temporarily drastically increasing the production of certain hormones in the body. Strand q was a dangerous outlier in 209's evolution that went far beyond the original premise of the project. We are unsure how it was created, as all attempts to recreate the strain have proven impossible.

Consistent Effects: Massively increased libido in the infected, causing them to seek out copulation in any form. Increased production of sexual fluids enables infected individuals to seek sexual stimulus for far longer than a normal human. Infected have been noted to have some degree of sexual preference, but will engage in coitus with any individual, be they infected or not. The infected's bodies also seem to produce a pheromone that causes increased libido in those who inhale it over long periods of time. Infected have also been noted to have extreme regenerative abilities, allowing for the healing of wounds in minutes to hours, depending on the degree of injury.

Inconsistent Effects: The virus is rapidly mutating, enabling it to cause any number of changes to the infected. These vary from tissue expansion, particularly those of a sexual nature, to extreme physical transformations, including growing additional organs, scales, fur, tails, and altering bone and muscular structure. Brain activity post infection has been noted to vary, with some subjects subjected to extreme decrease in IQ, some remaining the same, and others actually becoming smarter.

Transmission: 63X in its raw form is airborne. However, infected individuals do not produce the virus in its raw form. Instead, it is primarily transmitted through sexual fluids (semen, vaginal excretions, natural lubricants), though trace amounts of it do exist in the infected's saliva and, if they possess mammary tissues and are lactating, in their milk. Skin contact is all that is required for the virus to penetrate the body and begin replication, eventually overloading the host. All individuals that have come into contact with the virus have been noted to have become infected, though rare individuals see no change in their physical or mental condition, giving the appearance of immunity. All infected are capable of transmitting the virus, without exception.

Prevention: The is no known way to prevent infection other than avoiding coming into contact with infected fluids. The virus seems to override any immune system it encounters, though the time between infection and viral transformation has been noted to vary. Furthermore, even a small amount of the virus is enough to cause infection, making Strain 209-q extremely infectious and quick to spread. All attempts to cure the virus have proven ineffective and, in some cases, only exaggerate infected traits. The only successful means of halting the infection to date are quarantine and extreme bodily destruction via explosives or fire.

Storage: 5 vials created and placed in deep storage. Exactly one virus body is stored in each containment vial.

Notes: THIS VIRUS IS FUCKING INSANE! I don't know how someone signed off on this. Anyone infected turned into psycho sex monsters! It does everything! I saw a girl grow a dick bigger than any of the guys there, and it worked too! One of the men turned into a massive demon, wings, horns, the whole deal. All they did was fuck, even the ones who didn't go immediately brain dead. It spread quick too, it took hardly any time at all for the two test subjects to infect all twenty volunteers. All it took was a guy cumming on a girl's back to make her boobs grow out of her shirt and start fucking him like a beast. Some resisted for a while, but by the end, they were all begging for it, regardless of how unwilling they were initially. I repeat, this shit is insane. I don't know why we're even bothering to store this stuff, there's no way that's a good idea!!


---===End Record===---

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