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Corruption On The Dance Floor

Semra is a sexy young British Asian wife of Turkish origin. Sleek bodied, refiend beauty with a Mediterranean complexion. She is a career woman and a doting wife to John, a white British male who is a paramedic.

Life is pretty normal for the couple... If a little mundane.

But this all changes when a sexy blonde MILF Monica, who just happens to be Semra's manager encourages Semra to join her on a night out during a business trip in a distant blue collar provincial town.

Monica is a hotwife and a party animal… and looking for a new partner in crime. She senses Semra is missing her carefree youth and sexually repressed. Ripe to take advantage

This story is split into two branches that run alongside each other, giving the reader two perspectives of a sordid night.

Looking for authors to join in this story. All fetishes are welcome. Let’s give Semra an eyeopening evening. Plus if you dig this story please LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE with other members. Interaction keeps me going and means the world.

Authors note: this is a rewrite of an old story. A Night Out with Monica.

What's next?

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