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Cosplayer babysitter

You're sitting in class paying close attention to the clock as it ticks down to the final bell. You were just seconds away from becoming free from High school. Everyone else in the classroom now seemed to be doing the same thing you were doing as you start to hear the class shout 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! RIIINNNGGG! The entire class of seniors stands up and cheers as their 4 long years of High School were finally over. You get and smile as you walk out of class with your friend Joe. You two have both suffered together all these years. He wasn't the best looking guy but he was smart and an efficient worker. Joe had managed to secure Selina as his date to the prom later this week. He was doing her H.W. while "tutoring" her while her parents weren't in the house. Selina left her phone in the room with Joe, the phone being unlocked surprisingly, and Joe took it to find a lot of dirty pictures that she sent to her boyfriend and dick, Brad. Taking advantage of the opportunity Joe sent those pictures to himself to use to black mail her to prom. Joe's cousin was going to be your date for prom, but while you haven't met her yet Joe tells you you're in for a treat. "So your parents are out of town for the next week right?" Joe asks. "Yep they'll be totally gone, but unfortunately I'm gonna have a babysitter there unfortunately. However that doesn't change our after prom at my place." you respond. "Great I'll see you tomorrow I have to go and pick up my cousin" he says as he gives you a fist bump goodbye.

As you walk down the hall you start think about the end of your high school days as for some it was bitter sweet but for you it was more sugary sweet than sour. You rush out of class, out of the school, and into your car as you drive away. You get home and walk inside aunt your big house. You have 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bathrooms up there while only half bathroom down stairs. The living room are dining room luxurious for a suburban neighborhood house, while the kitchen is any cooking parent's dream. In the back yard you have yard space but half of the back is taken up by a pool, hot tub and small BBQ station.

In the main entrance you see a bunch of travel luggage with your parent's name and their tropical destination. They were leaving the country for a week for their anniversary. Your parent come quickly walking up to as the look to be in a rush. "Okay son we got to now so you'll be on your own for a little bit until your babysitter arrives." your dad says. Great another babysitter you think. Why can't they just leave me at home by myself like every other parent. "She'll be here some time this evening sweetie. Mommy did her very best to try and pick a sitter that would be a better fit for you." your mom tells you as she grabs her bags off the floor. The last time she said that she picked a babysitter who had your interests from elementary school when you were a freshman in high school. They both quickly scuffle out of the house leaving you to yourself for the next few hours.

You're now home alone for a few hours so decide to turn on your game console and start playing your games to quickly pass the time. A few hours pass and the door bell rings. You get up to answer the door.


This is a pure work of fiction. This story does not reflect on any model's views, personality, or preferences

I do not own any images or gifs used in this story. They are all either from the internet or made on giphy using a video from the internet. I will remove any image if requested if it violates copyright."

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