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Cover Blown

You have been the target of a human-trafficking investigation for years. No one in my department has been able to crack down on your syndicate. Being the only young female in my team, I am assigned to go undercover to track incriminating information to prosecute you. This is my first undercover assignment.

It is months before I manage to work up the ranks to be able to get close to you and for you to trust me to help run your deals. However, what I need are your books as solid proof for a prosecutor to even touch your case. One night, after a particularly successful deal, for the first time you decide to ask me to your penthouse apartment for a celebration. I took this as the opportunity to find what I need for proof of your crimes. I turn up at your apartment in a red dress with a plunging neckline and side slits that run all the way up my thighs. It is apparent that I am not wearing any undergarments. You greet me warmly and I can feel your eyes roaming up and down my body, absolutely pleased with me for not wearing any underwear. You lead me to your balcony that has a gorgeous sunset view out to the ocean. You hand me a glass of champagne and watch my every move like a hawk. I nervously sip the drink.

Despite wanting to find my evidence, I had stupidly arrived at your home without a plan of action as to how I would go about finding this evidence. I thought I would slip you a drug that would knock you out for a bit while buying myself some time to search your place. I ask you for a tour of your penthouse and you oblige. Right when you take us past the extremely spacious bathroom, equipped with a hot tub and rain shower, you hand me your glass of champagne and excuse yourself. I take the opportunity to slip my pill into your drink while waiting for you outside the bathroom for you to come out and continue the tour. You are quick to return. I hand your drink back to you as we proceed to the rest of the house, chatting jovially and sipping our champagne. Next thing I know, we are standing outside your bedroom and for some unknown reason, and my head start spinning. I feel weak in my limbs. You help me onto your bed and sit me down.

You put your hand on my thigh and caress me. I try to move away but my body refuse to obey. Your hand drifts to the slit of my dress. You slide it under the hem and roam purposefully towards my inner thigh and pussy. I attempt to protest but all that I can verbalise are incoherent moans as you continue your leisurely exploration of my slit. I try to clamp my legs to prevent you further access. Once again, my body refuse to obey. You lift the skirt of my dress to expose my clean-shaven pussy. You spread my legs wide apart while your fingers expertly trail along my labia and eventually flick over my clit. My body betrays me with a shudder. Even though I cannot move, I can feel myself getting wet under your ministrations. You push me onto my back and pull my ass closer to the edge of the bed while you kneel between my legs. I can feel your hot breath against my wet pussy right before I feel your slippery tongue lapping up my juices hungrily. You alternate between tongue fucking my pussy and flicking your tongue over my clit. I am powerless to resist you now, not that I could from the moment I entered your room. You eat my pussy until I cum with a shattering orgasm. My mouth opens in a silent scream from cumming so hard.

You stand up and hover over my face. "You like that, don't you?" You ask. I can only look at you helplessly. "I have known you are an undercover agent for awhile now. I invited you here fully aware of your intention. I only handed you my drink after I have drugged it and did a switcheroo with the champagne after you handed my drink back to me. I want you to know what I do to snitching hot undercover cops." You whisper in my ear while you nuzzle my neck, kissing my sensitive skin and making me shiver. Your hands work at slipping my dress off my immobilised body, exposing my ample bosom. My cover is blown. I am completely helpless. I am near tears in fear of what you will do to me. I've always wanted to save myself for someone special and therefore have stayed a virgin all this time. "What will you do to me?" I tried to ask. No sound comes out of me.

Your hand explores my body, toying with my nipples, as you continue to whisper in my ears. "You are mine now. I will have you however I want for as long as I want, bitch. And there is nothing you can do about it. When I am done with you, you will be begging for more. And you will be swearing your allegiance to me!" You chuckled. You stand up and take off your clothes while I lie naked and helpless on my back. Next thing I know, you drape me over your lap, your left hand between my legs fingering me. I feel a chilly draught right before I feel the sting of your palm against my round ass. Each time you spank my buttocks, you seem to push my down harder on your fingering left hand. Once again, I can feel myself dripping wet. Meanwhile, I can feel your cock getting hard and poking the soft flesh of my belly.

"This is what you deserve, you little snitching bitch!" You croon as you spank my ass. My ass is hot and stinging while my pussy is oozing juices by the time you are done spanking me. All I can do is whimper. You lay me on the bed face down with a pillow propping up my hip so that my ass and pussy was entirely at your mercy. You position yourself behind me and rub your monster cock up and down my wet slit. You line your monster cock head against my pussy. Without a word, you plunge yourself deep inside me. Pop, goes my cherry.

You keep your cock in my pulsating super tight pussy. You savor the sensation of my velvety virgin pussy engulfing your unprotected cock. The sight of your large cock buried deep inside me nearly makes you cum right there and then. The sight reminds you of how much you love fucking virgins. It takes almost all of your self-control to resist cumming. Ever so slowly, you pull out your cock until only your cock head is inside my tight pussy. You pause for what seems like an eternity before plunging in hard and deep again. You repeat this over and over again, building an increasing rhythm. In. Out. In. Out. Your huge cock fucking my tight wet pussy was driving me to the edge. You plough on harder and faster as wave after wave of earth-shattering cums quake through my body. And still you plough on. Just as I thought I could cum no more, "I will cum in you now, bitch. You will have you pussy filled with my jizz!" you grunted out. With my pulsating pussy milking your cock for all it's worth, you ejaculate an eternal stream of cum deep inside me.

You pull out your cock out of my pussy, flaccid and dripping with jizz and juice, and you flip me over onto my back with the pillow still under my hip. You lean over me to whisper in my ear "we are not done yet bitch! I am going to fuck your virgin ass next. And then I am going to keep fucking you some more." With that, you lift my legs to your shoulders and line your flaccid, cum-soaked cock against my virgin ass. I can feel your cock head pressing against my ass hole. I have heard of how painful ass fucking can get if one is too tense. By this stage, even though still fairly weak, I have begun to regain small amounts of muscular control and managed to make myself relax enough so that you wouldn't hurt me more than was necessary. Because you pushed your cock inside me while flaccid, I was able to take the full length of your cock in without too much pain. As soon as you are buried entirely in my ass, I can feel it grow inside my tight rectum. The sensation was nothing I could have imagined.

"My god, your ass is so tight! Undercover cop like you deserve to have your ass fucked!" You grunt out.

As you start fucking my ass in earnest, your cock seems to undergo a ceaseless growth, expanding me around it. You plunge two fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me in sync with your ass fucking, while you still manage to expertly finger my clit. I start moaning out loud, which startled you a little. You lost track of time while fucking me and the drug you slipped me seems to have run its course and is wearing out. As soon as you realise I am not resisting you anymore, you continue at a steady pace again, neither increasing nor showing signs of stopping. This is driving me mad with the stimulation and no cumming in sight. You look at me and tell me, "Beg for it, bitch! Beg me to make you cum by fucking your ass! Beg me to fuck you like the slut that you are." I cannot take it anymore. I scream out, "Please fuck me! I'm yours. Please make me cum!"

You immediately pick up the pace and fuck me hard and fast. As waves of cum once again overtook my body, I can feel you shoot another huge load of your cum into my ass. The cumming is so intense, I pass out. Next thing I know, I wake up with sitting in an armchair next to my bed, fully clothed and watching me.

"You belong to me now, do you understand? You will do as I say, or I will give worse punishments to you than what transpired last night." I nod in understanding.

Suffice to say, my undercover career will never be the same again.
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