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Cult of Adam

A hundred years ago, the Archangel Samael descended from Heaven and gave the prophet, Adam Smith, a set of golden plates upon which was inscribed the new covenant between man and his Creator. Guided by The Lord's hand, Adam translated the plates, revealing God's desire to create a new paradise free of the taint of the original sin.

Years later, the village have grown into a prosperous town and became the home to a secret and incestuous society. Secluded from the rest of the world, Eden was a safe haven where loving siblings, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons would come from all around the world to be married and to live as husband and wife.

This is the tales of the many inhabitants of Eden, either native-born to incestual parents or immigrants who have escaped the degenerate and uncaring world in order to indulge in a life of pleasure and hedonism with their own flesh & blood as God first intended.

For God made our bodies as well as our souls, is it not so? He gave us voices, so we might worship HIM with song. HE gave us hands, so we might build HIS temples. And HE gave us desire, so we might mate and worship HIM in that way. - The Book of Lot

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