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Dangerous Affair Ch. 03

Later that night Rebecca heard her son leave very late, she wondered where he was going at such a late hour. She hardly slept a wink due to what happened in his room that afternoon and that he was now out late.

The next morning she saw her husband off to work, settled the baby in and interviewed the new nanny. The older grandmotherly type woman seemed to be perfect to take care of Amanda. The woman got settled in and wanted to get to know the baby, Rebecca left the two of them to get acquainted.

Rebecca called the private investigators office and found out they had one of they're detectives sitting outside the house last night. They followed the young man to a bad neighborhood to a small house which he had not left from. The detective gave her the address of the house and Rebecca decided she was going to see what he was up too.

She told the nanny and the housekeeper she had to leave to run some errands, leaving the house she drove into the city. She found the house in a run down neighborhood that was probably high in crime. Rebecca parked her BMW out in front of the house and got out, she walked down the walk to the front door.

Knocking on the door she waited until a woman answered the door, she looked to be almost as run down as the neighborhood she lived in. The woman looked impatient as well waiting for Rebecca to say something to why she knocked on her door.

"Hi I'm Rebecca Martin is my son James here by any chance?" she asked.

"Yeah he is in the living room playing games with Ricky," said the woman.

Now Rebecca remembered he had a friend named Ricky who dropped out of school last year. The kid just hung out at home playing games all day, yet what Rebecca did not realize was the kid baby sat his two little brothers so his mom could work second shift at one of the local factories.

She followed the woman into the living where her son was playing a game with his friend. The two of them were drinking soda and having a good time when James saw his mother walk in.

"Mom what the hell are you doing here?" he asked.

"I was looking for you," she replied "I want you to come home with me."

"Can't Ricky and I have a meeting in a few minutes," he explained. "Out back in the old tool shed."

"What kind of meeting?" she asked getting very frustrated now.

"Guys who fuck there moms." He said. "Unfortunately I'm on probation, sucking on your big tits is not enough for full membership."

Ricky's mom was standing in the door way listening to the conversation that was taking place. Rebecca turned to her to see if it was true, the woman just nodded a yes to indicate she was fucking her own son.

"You have sex with your own son?" She said in shock.

"Why not, Ricky is a good boy who loves his mother." She answered. "Where do you think my two little babies came from."

"Oh my." Was all Rebecca could say.

"James obviously loves you a lot or he would not want to join Ricky's club, how many of your friends did you get to join Ricky?" she asked her son and lover.

"Seven of us so far, Billy Williams and his mom, Kyle Duncan and his mom, me, Ryan Thomas and his mom, Frank Mitchell and his mom, Bobby Turner and his mom and Kevin Hayes and his mom. When James finally gets you Mrs. Martin we will be up to eight members." He explained.

"James let's leave NOW!" she said firmly to her son.

"Okay Mom, I'll catch you later Ricky." He said to his friend following his mother out.

The two rode quietly in the car as she drove away from the awful house and out of the awful neighborhood it stood in. The names Ricky rattled off were familiar to her she knew the moms of several of those boys. She could not believe what she heard that some of the most prominent women in her community would have sex with their sons.

"Mom why don't we stop at Memorial park and take a walk." He said.

"Yes that does sound like a good idea." She replied.

She found the park and parked her car; the two of them got out and walked down one of the paths. This time of day there were not very many people there, the path was deserted as they walked down it. The two walked quietly for a few minutes down the path when James finally broke the silence.

"Follow me mom." Was all he said.

She followed her son as he led her through a small wood area and up a small hill to a little clearing that overlooked the city. It actually overlooked where they used to live when his father was still alive.

"Mom I love you, I have to admit that it really pissed me off you remarried when I could take care of all your needs like dad used too." He said solemnly.

"I love you too James." She said "Yet you can not love a mother the way you are describing nor can I love my son that way either."

"Like I said yesterday mom you need to do something to convince me that you love me and want me to stay home. I know you enjoyed what we did yesterday give me a chance mom and I can give you everything Alex had and more."

"Son I know you can give me more in a physical sense, but Alex gives us stability and financial freedom." She tried to explain. "Sometimes that means more than having sex with someone."

"Do you love Alex?" he asked.

"In a sense I do." She answered.

James stepped closer to his mother and took her into his arms; he looked deeply into her eyes. My god she thought he did have the same handsome features and the same deep brown eyes as his father. She loved the eyes of her deceased husband, with just a look he could make her legs melt and do whatever he wanted.

Her son seemed to have the same effect on her longer she allowed him to hold her and look into her eyes the more she could feel her self weaken. For what seemed to be an eternity her son leaned in and kissed her on the lips. To her surprise she was returning the kiss allowing her son's tongue to part her lips and enters her mouth. Like her husband he was a great kisser with soft tender lips that sent shivers through her whole body.

Rebecca knew she had to break off the embrace and stop this now yet she felt powerless to do so. Her son was now lifting her tight sweater up and without thinking she lifted her arms to allow him to pull it off of her. He unhooked her nursing bra and pulled it down her arms.

The cool fall arm made her breasts firm up and made the nipples stand out straight from the cold air. Her son reached up and gently kneaded them, he leaned down and gently sucked on the nipples. His tongue swirled in gentle sucking circles around the nipples of his mother's large breasts.

He undid her jeans and pulled them down, without thinking Rebecca stepped out of them. James reached down and gently rubbed his hand over his mothers wet pussy, she moaned at the sensation. He got down on his knees and spread his mother's legs apart to give him access to her hairy wet snatch.

Rebecca shivered at both the sensation of her son's tongue on her sensitive clit and the cold air. She found herself leaning back against a tree and holding on to her son's head as he dined on her pussy. Soon she was bucking her groin against his face as she was having a strong orgasm.

James stood up when her orgasm subsided, pulling down his jeans and getting his big cock out. He turned his mother around, she put both hands on the trunk of the tree and her son grabbed her ass and pulled her towards him. He easily slid his big cock into her ready pussy and began to gently fuck his mother.

Rebecca had not had a cock this big in her since before her husband died, now she had her son's big cock inside her and it felt wonderful. James reached up with his warm hands and caressed his mother large tits as he started to fuck her a little quicker. Soon he was pumping his mother good now making her have orgasm after wonderful orgasm. Her son tensed up and he shot a large load of his hot semen into her womb.

The two of them stood holding each other for a while and then Rebecca decided that it was time to go home. As they got dressed quickly in the cold fall air, Rebecca felt the cum trickle down the inside of thigh. She felt some guilt as she had just cheated on her husband and committed incest in the same day.

"Mom I meant what I said." He said breaking the silence.

"I know." She replied.

"No you do not know, you wait and see I will give you all that Alex has and more." He vowed.

Rebecca was not really sure what he meant by what he was saying, right now she was not sure about anything. She loved James and she had the most wonderful sex in years, if this what it would take to keep her son home she felt she could do it.
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