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Dawn's Investigations

My name is Dawn. I had recently finished High School and I was trying to decide what to do with my life. Then one day my father asked if I would help him out at work. He was a private investigator and had a small office in the center of town. I needed the money so I agreed. I had worked on a few cases before so I thought it would be fun.

My first day, the sun was shinning and I arrived at work early. It was a small office but there was no shortage of work. Dad owned the company and had two employees. Laura was the secretary and she only worked in the office. She's a nice person. Kristy worked as a private investigator. She was dad's assistant. She was 23 years old and was very good looking. She had short blonde hair, brown eyes, slim. She was a sort of role model for me. Dad was pleased to see me. He gave me a desk to work at and I sat down and asked what he wanted me to do.

"I want you to work on Kris's case." He began.

"Usually when we work undercover someone is the "back-up". Normally I would work with her but this case needs someone to go undercover at a women's only tennis club."

"And I'm a woman?" I replied.

"That's the idea. Are you any good at tennis?" He asked.

"I can do it" I replied.

I spent the rest of the morning talking about the case. Someone at the tennis club had stolen important papers from the club and where proceeding to blackmail the owner. Kris believed that it was a girl called Natalie and that she was keeping the documents at her apartment. The owner couldn't go to the cops because the documents showed illegal activities. So, a P.I., my dad was hired to collect them.

Kris told me to take the afternoon off and get some tennis clothing so I headed into town. I arrived home late afternoon. My step-mom and sisters were out. I went up to my room. I lay on my bed; I was so excited about going undercover on my first case. I decided to try on my new clothes to see if they would fit. I got the bag and took off my denim jacket and white shirt. I took off my pants and unclipped my bra. I glanced at the mirror on my wall. I was stood in my slightly faded white panties. My long brown hair covered my breasts. I'm slim with brown eyes and so boys say, very attractive although I'm not too sure. My breasts are fairly large for my size and I have very long legs. The excitement was getting the better of me; no one was home so I slid a finger down along my soft tanned skin into my panties. The thought of masturbating was enough to get me wet. Quickly, I slid my panties off before lying on the bed face up. I moved my figures around my body and over my expectant pussy. I teased my clit for a while. I love to masturbate and I do it regularly although it's a tale for a different time. I was very aroused by now. I took a finger and eased it into my pussy. I pushed it in further and began to slide it in and out of myself. I arched my back, and came. All the pressure, excitement and worry about the day went flooding out. I gasped and bit my lip as my orgasm rocked my body. I smiled. It was a fantastic end to a wonderful first day at work.

I was up early the next day and I was very excited. I heard a car outside it was Kris. I Got into the car and headed for the tennis club. I noticed Kris's outfit. She was wearing a tight pink top that let her nipples poke out of the material. She also wore a very short matching skirt. I was wearing an all in one tennis outfit that was blue. We were about half way there when Kris pulled the car over. She looked at me and said

"I didn't want to say anything in front of your Dad but the suspect may be a lesbian. In fact, there may be a few lesbians there. Is that O.K?"

"I'm fine". I replied cautiously.

"We're undercover so just go along with what ever happens".

We drove on. I felt a tingle as I thought girls might want to check me out while I played tennis. We arrived and headed towards the courts. As we arrived, there were two girls. One introduced herself as Teresa. She was tall, skinny, black hair, dark eyes and of Italian origin. She wore a tight top and a very short white skirt. The other was called Natalie. She had dirty-blonde hair. Large breasts and was tall and slim as well. She wore a red tennis dress. We played tennis it was a very intense match. At one point Teresa went for a shot and her shirt lifted slightly. I could see she wasn't wearing any underwear. Unsurprisingly we lost the match. We weren't tennis players. We started talking on our way back to the changing rooms. To my surprise, Kris asked

"Are you together?" Natalie looked at her. I thought she was going to slap her or something.

"No, are you girls?"

"No" Natalie replied.

I was shocked did Natalie think we were together, why? We reached the dressing room and went inside I went over to my bag when to my surprise I saw Natalie go over to Kris and kiss her. Kris kissed her back. I watched in amazement. After a while Natalie led Kris to the middle of the room were there was a large bench, like a table. She lifted up Kris's top and took it off leaving her breasts exposed. Natalie kissed her breasts for a while before sliding off her skirt and panties. Kris, without much reluctance lay back on the bench and spread her legs. Natalie knelt on the bench and put Kris's legs on her shoulders. Natalie then moved towards Kris's pussy and began pleasuring her with her tongue. I turned away embarrassed by what was happening. My face was red and I was turned on at the same time I decided to not watch the show but to get changed. But first I needed a shower. I took off my clothes. My panties were soaked in sweat and other things. I went into the shower area. I began to shower and soaked my pussy little I felt someone behind me it was Teresa. She leaned against me and whispered in my ear.

"Would you like that?" For some strange reason, I don't know why I nodded. She moved her hands over me until they were resting on my breasts. She then proceeded to play with them as if they were toys. After a while she reached down and placed a finger on my pussy.

"Your ready" she said.

"Bend over." I did my hands against the wall my ass pointing out. Teresa slid a finger into me. She pushed it in deep then pulled away before doing it again. It reminded me of yesterday. Soon a second finger joined in. Before long I came. My legs trembled as pleasure passed around my body. I became very aware that a girl had just satisfied me. I stood up and try to cover my intimate areas with my hands. Teresa smiled, turned around and started showering. I, embarrassed at what just occurred showered quickly and went into the changing room. Natalie and Kris were dressed. I was getting changed while listen to their conversation.

"So it's a date." Kris said. I was surprised. When I was changed, we said goodbye to the girls and left. As we approached the car Kris started to speak

"Sorry Dawn. I didn't really want to get into that situation in there. When you're in an undercover situation it's difficult. Just forget about it. When you left to shower Teresa didn't try anything did she?"

"No, of course not" I replied.

"O.K. We've got a double date tonight, is that cool?"

"That's fine". I was happy Kris didn't know about what happened in the shower. A date seemed strange but Kris insisted it would get us into Natalie's apartment.

I left Kris and spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about the morning's events. I wondered if all undercover work was like that. As the evening approached, I selected a dress. It was red and very short. I selected red panties just in case. Then it would match the dress. Kris arrived about eight and we headed to the restaurant.

The restaurant was very quiet. We sat in a very isolated corner booth. It was very intimate and there was little room to move. Natalie wore a black dress that showed almost her entire chest. She sat one side of me with Teresa on the other side. Teresa wore a white dress that looked more like a sheet. Kris wore an off-white colour top and a short brown miniskirt and brown boots. The drinks were following and the talk was becoming increasing sexual. Teresa whispered into my ear "Take off your panties." Reluctant at first I eventually agreed. I discreetly slid them off. Natalie then placed her hand on one thigh and Teresa placed her hand on the other. They began to move their hands up my thigh and rub my pussy. I, shocked and tense at first, started to enjoy it. We continued the conversation, Kris unaware at what as happening under the table. My pleasure was increasing when Kris went to the bathroom. As soon as she had left the intensity of their touch increased until I felt an orgasm. I put my head on the table and groaned in pleasure as I came. My cum soaked the seat (luckily I had pulled up my dress) I sat there half feeling wonderful, half feeling disgusted at what had just happened in public, in a restaurant. Teresa and Natalie took napkins off the table and cleaned up the mess I had just made under the table. "You can have your panties back when you return the favour" Teresa whispered quietly to me. Kris returned we finished our meal and walked back to Natalie's apartment. As I walked, I thought about how exposed I was. A few centimetres above the end of my dress was my pussy on full display.

We entered the apartment and opened a bottle of wine. Natalie started kissing Kris. "You're so beautiful Dawn. Take off your dress honey." Teresa said looking lustfully at me. I slowly unzipped my dress let and let it fall to the floor. Kris looked over, she seemed shocked. I realised I had no panties on, so she knew I had received some sexual gift during the evening. Teresa removed her dress and moved over to the couch it was clear what she wanted. I was not only going to go down on a girl for the first time but two other girls were going to watch me. Natalie sat down on the couch opposite so she could get a good view. Kris sat between her legs facing me. Her gaze fixed firmly on me. Natalie began caressing Kris's breasts. It was going to be their foreplay. I kissed the crotch of Teresa silk panties before sliding them off her legs. She spread her legs. I kissed her thigh gently one side then the other I moved slowly towards her cleanly shaven pussy. I started to lick her intimate area. I played with her clit a while as she moaned in pleasure. I looked up quickly to see that Natalie had her fingers between Kris's legs. Kris's pussy was on full display. I took a moment to capture the image then went back to business. Kris stood up. Natalie took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Teresa suddenly sat up and spoke.

"Stop, shall we go to bed now?" I nodded and we went into her bedroom. She looked at me with desire.

"Will you finger me off honey?" She begged. I sat on the bed. She moved over to me and unclipped my bra. She turned around with her back against my breasts. I decided I would finger her as how I liked it when I masturbated yesterday. Just, this time putting my fingers in her not myself. Not long after I began, her body began to jolt. She screamed loudly. I was delighted I could make a girl orgasm. After she got her breath back, she turned to me

"Now it's your turn. I've got just the thing for you." Teresa moved over to the closet and removed a blue dildo. I had little experience with a dildo. I borrowed a friend's once but that's a story for another time. Teresa looked at my pussy it was wet.

"Your ready now" she said. She pulled me up off the bed and positioned me so I was standing facing the bed. She told me to bend over. I did with no resistance. Slowly she began sliding in the dildo. My vagina offered stiff resistance. However, after a few movements the dildo slid into me. The dildo pressed against my walls firmly. It was overwhelming and slightly painful at first. My nipples had swelled more than I had ever seen them before. As the dildo moved in and out of me, I groaned in pleasure. I was very near to climaxing. I bit a pillow to stop me from screaming uncontrollably as my body shook and spasmed in an all body orgasm. I was in a total daze. It was a few minutes before I realised were I was or what just cause this mighty orgasm. I touched my wet pussy; I was ashamed of what had just happened. I turned around and put on my clothes as quickly as possible. I had just had a lesbian experience. I went into the main room to look for my panties. Then it occurred to me, It would be a good excuse to look for the documents I searched the around the room. The documents were not there. I went back into Teresa's bedroom.

"Can I have my panties back please?" I asked. She laughed.

"I'll just them honey." She left the room. I quickly searched round her room. No documents there either. Teresa returned with my underwear. I put it on. I began to leave.

"Will I see you again?" Teresa enquired. I turned around.

"Maybe." I replied trying to look cool.

"I know where you live." I said, smiling. I turned and left the apartment.

One hundred thoughts entered my mind on the walk home. I decided not to think about it. I arrived home. "Did you have a good night?" Dad asked. I nodded. What else could I say? I took a shower before heading to bed.

The next day I heard the sound of Kris's car outside. I got in and we headed to work. She pulled the car over after a few minutes.

"I got the documents." Kris pointed to them on the dashboard.


"They were on Natalie's desk in her room. After Natalie had fallen asleep, I got up and took them before she woke up. Easy really."

"Easy!" I replied.

"Undercover work is dangerous and I don't really talk about it unless it's necessary. However, Dawn you had a sexual encounter last night. Are you O.K. with it?" She asked sincerely.

"I didn't do anything I didn't want to." I replied. I smiled. Kris smiled back and we went to work. Another day, another case.
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