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Demise of A Schoolgirl

Alexis Rukia is an 18 year old girl, she is 5"2 with large blue eyes, auburn hair, slightly defined curves - enough to get boys and men to look twice but not enough to be sexy. Her breasts have only begun to develop and she doesn't yet need to wear a bra.

She lives in a city that is removed from civilization - Loliville - in a world filled with numerous mysteries of science and fantasy. Alexis is an only child and lives alone with her father in a small house atop a hill. After the death of her mother when she was 12, her father became cruel, bitter and cold towards her.

Alexis attends the local high school, Avalon High, and is in the 12th grade. In spite of the fact that her class is small(15 students), she has not managed to make any friends and in fact has made a few enemies who hate her because she is pretty, athletic and doesn't to too bad in class.

We start our journey with Alexis after she has woken up from a deep sleep. She is preparing to head to school when the earth begins to shake, the sky becomes dark and all the furniture in the room along with Alexis' nude frame are lifted into the air and a shrill voice speaks out, "Alexis, you are, from this moment on, cursed to suffer in the worst ways imaginable" The voice fades and all is returned to normal but Alexis is shaken and she spends her time getting ready for school wondering if it was all an illusion.

After Alexis has had breakfast and a cold greeting from her father then she heads of to school.

What's next?

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